Horny guy gets to bang hot jessica

Horny guy gets to bang hot jessica
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Chapter Seven part 2 - - Author's note to readers. Nothing about this story is meant to portray any of the characters as under eighteen years of age. Also this story features themes of rape, slavery, bestiality, and incest. It is intended as fantasy and nothing else. If you do not like such stories or are one of those individuals that can't distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality STOP reading now. Also don't fill up the comments section with posts about how sick the individuals in the story are or about the people who read or write this style of story.

This is meant for those looking to take some enjoyment out this tale and not for those looking to recreate the circumstances of the story. For those that fall into the first category please enjoy yourselves. - - Also due the evolution of the story the names of characters have been changed. To help the reader from being confused by these changes here is a listing of the changes.

- - Brothel Whore 3567-A is now Pleasure Slave 3567-A for this part of the story - - Brothel Whore 3567-B is now Pleasure Slave 3567-B for this part of the story - - Pleasure Slaves 3567-A and 3567-B when together are also simply referred to as the Sisters.

- - Unnamed redheaded twin sister formally Brothel Whore 3569-A is now Pleasure Slave 3569-A for this part of the story - - Unnamed redheaded twin sister formally Brothel Whore 3569-B is now Pleasure Slave 3569-B for this part of the story - - Pleasure Slaves 3569-A and 3569-B when together are also referred to simply as the twins.

- - Head Madam 3613 is now Pleasure Slave 3613-A for this part of the story - - Brothel Whore 3612 cousin of Pleasure Slave 3613-A is now Pleasure Slave 3612-A for this part of the story - - Brothel Whore 3382-B2 cousin of Sapphire is now Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 - - Mistress 3397 last seen in chapter 5 part 2 is now House Mistress 3397 for this part of the story - - Brothel Whore 3621 also last featured in chapter 5 part 2 is now Pleasure Maid 3621 for this part of the story - - Since keeping track of the characters identification numbers can be difficult they will be referred by their twin or sister and cousin monikers whenever possible but unfortunately it will not always be possible.

As mentioned above most of the other slaves have had their classifications changed but these will be explained as the story progresses.

- - Chapter Seven part 02 A Slave's Wedding - - Pleasure Maid 2382-B2 jumped slightly as the hand brushed her bare bottom under the extremely short skirt of her maid uniform. Looking for the person attached to the hand she saw her cousin Sapphire lifting the lacy fabric that hardly covered her pantieless crotch.

Before she could do anything Sapphire pulled her into an embrace. This had have been the greatest perk of Pleasure Maid 3382-B2's change in status since leaving the brothel. - - While you wouldn't think being her cousin's personal slave would be the thing she valued the most but it was. Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 would take satisfying Sapphire's sexual needs in a heart beat over having to pleasure the customers.

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Still like the others she did miss the contact at times. Though unlike them she didn't get sent back for six months out of the year. Still those organizational parties master threw where the guests would get to trade slaves for the night helped scratch the itch. Plus master had taken her doggy master also. So she still got fucked by him fairly constantly. - - The thought of her doggy master also made her brake the embrace with her cousin.

Since he roamed freely throughout the house so he could fuck Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 at will she needed to be careful. She didn't want to give him any extra encouragement by walking around anymore sexually aroused then usual. Not that she minded him fucking her anymore but she also had her maid duties to take of and failing to complete those could result in punishment for both her and Sapphire.

- - "Sapphire please stop. You're going to get me so aroused that Master Lighting will end up fucking me half the day." - - Sapphire's playful response of maybe she should work her up some more so it would be all day.

If Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 hadn't of seen the humor in her cousin's eyes it would've pissed her off. That and the image that comment placed in her head made Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 go a little weak in the knees as she felt her pussy to moisten. Now she had to really calm herself down as she shooed Sapphire away.

- - The cousins ingrained nymphomania curbed for the moment they proceeded to the master's study. Once they stepped into the room Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 knew that she would have to think of a way to play Sapphire back for working her up like that. For now that she could see the room's furnishings controlling her arousal became practically impossible.

- - Now the fine wood furniture and bookshelves were the most commonplace of the furnishings. Though they also wasn't the focal point of anyone entering the room. What the first thing anyone saw were the twelve slaves bound throughout the room.

Now that alone was enough to draw attention but master had taken it a step further and incorporated the bound slaves into various pieces of furniture. - - Despite all of her training Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 had never heard of fornphila until she arrived at the master's home.

Though she probably should've considering how many times she had been put on display as a slave. Still none of those previous instances could compare to what these slaves were enduring for hours on end. - - Now she would have assumed that a lifetime of servitude in a slave brothel would of been enough for the master. Yet former Brothel Whores 4080-A and 4080-B were ball gagged and hung from the wall behind his desk like trophies.

They stood on the tips of their toes with their bodies bent backwards slightly while hanging by their wrists. To help them blend in to the bookcase special panels had been incorporated on each end behind the two. These panels were what the two of them were bent backwards by. - - Now besides the wrist and ankle shackles holding them in place there were several camouflaged straps. These were hidden under handcrafted metal fixtures.

These wrapped around their bodies and gave the illusion the two were wrapped up within a rose vine branches. Now this touch was carried over to all the others but those two's looked the most uncomfortable with sharp thorns protruding all over the fixture. Especially where it crossed above and below their breasts.

There was also the one going between their legs that also held in the dildos that looked especially dangerous should they should make the slightest movement. - - Now they weren't the master's only trophies on display.

The daughters of the two female board members from "Gimp Bitch" 4080's former company were here as well. Their mothers had opposed the master's take over and ended up being enslaved along with their personal assistants and their daughters.

Now the mothers ended up being used as living urinals in the brothel before eventually being sold as Kennel Bitches. While the assistants became "Brothel Whores" slash bookkeepers for the brothel. After all while the sexual use of their bodies was a definite value to Master Sanders their educations still had some importance to him after all. - - The daughters were now part of two lampposts for eight hours each day.

While still being upright they were still basically hog tied. Their arms and legs were bent behind their backs. Now straps disguised behind the metal rose vines held them in place against the five foot lampposts.

Now the straps just held them in position their weight was actually supported by brackets shaped like leaves under their knees and by the dildos protruding from their pussies and ass holes. - - The working lamp fixtures were actually part of the penis gags the two wore again concealed by the metal rose vines.

Now since the lampshades were not only beautify intricate but heavy the backs of their heads were supported by special brackets. Again these shaped like leaves at the ends of the vines. Their faces then were forced to face upwards by a camouflaged strap across their foreheads. - - Now like the other slaves on display they kept their eyes closed. Yet in their case it was necessary to prevent going blind from staring into the lamps all day. Even so once released each night they had to be helped to their cages before their eyes would work right.

Ironically these two were actually nice compared to the "Gimp Bitch's" spawn. So they got better treatment from the other slaves and master. The spawn on the other hand spent their nights in the master's kennel being raped by his guard dogs.

- - The next two slaves were the tables at each end of the master's comfortable sofa. These two were rejects from the brothel do to a lack of sexual skills. Though they were still quite adept at giving pleasure their skill set just wasn't up to the standards master required of his Brothel Whores.

Now rather than sale them off he gave them to his other slaves as their playthings. Yet since these same slaves also had furniture duty they were also expected to serve along side of them. - - These two looked like they were on all fours with a glass table top resting on each of their backs. However they were actually secured in intricate devices that really supported the tabletops. As with the rest of the slaves the straps restraining them were camouflaged to look like rose vines and the brackets the slaves rested on resembled leaves.

Also like the rest their pussies and ass holes were impaled by dildos. However since the dildos weren't part of the structure supporting them and the most visible they were actually made out of metal. They looked like a polished stainless steel cock was coming out of a blossoming rose with their stems rising from the vines wrapping around their bodies. The rose dildos in their mouths had an identical look only their stems came from the vines wrapping around their breasts.

- - The next two slaves were Pleasure Slaves 3612-A and 3613-A. Now besides their change in classification they had undergone and identification number change. This was due to their fathers had their mothers enslaved. Now their mothers had taken to the erotic arts quite well and had become very popular Brothel Whores.

While the two asian cousins made a fantastic statue in the center of the study. They knelt with their backs against one another's and with their arms shackled behind their backs.

- - They still had the metal rose vines wrapping around both of their spread legs and their bodies but these were more for decorative porpoises then for restraint concealment. As was customary with the master's furniture all their orifices were being penetrated by the metal rose dildos. Though they still proudly wore their uniforms from the brothel most of the time today they only had on garter belts, stockings, and high heels.

- - This trend continued for the Sisters and Twins who now resided in the corners of the master's desk. The sisters made up the front corners while the twins were the rear. All four of them were kneeling with their legs spread and bent forward slightly at the waist. Their arms were raised with upper arms bent backwards.

With the palms of their hands pressed against the bottom of the desk's top this made it appear as they were actually the legs of the desk. - - However those were actually curved stainless steel tubing behind the four that the rose vines wrapping around their bodies seamed to be sprouting from. These included the rose vines that branched across the front and sides of the desk and the ones connected to the metal rose dildos in all of the four's orifices.

Now like all the other eight slaves on display the four of them had their standard slave collars and shackles replaced with ones that looked like the vines had been wrapped around their necks, wrists, and ankles. - - Pleasure Maid 3382-B2's attention was suddenly forced from the twelve slaves when she felt a feather duster tickle her bare bottom.

Looking suddenly at her cousin holding a pair of feather dusters and a mischievous smile on her face. Pleasure Maid 3382-B2's face takes on it's own mischievous look. Though it's the whimpering of the twelve slaves that spring up as her cousin speaks that makes Pleasure Maid 3382-B2's pussy wetter. - - "Shale we start dusting cousin?" - - Looking back at all of the other slaves shows worried expressions on all of their faces.

Along with the fact the two scantily clad Pleasure Maids were now the focus of all twelve of the other slaves attention This and the looks of terror in all of their eyes only stroked the fire burning in Pleasure Maid 3382-B2's loins.

While she didn't like inflicting pain Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 did like to tease and torment the lesser slaves from time to time. - - Suppressing the urge to giggle she took the offered feather duster from her cousin. Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 then followed her to their first victims of the weekly dusting duties.

For the next two hours the two Pleasure Maids ran their feathered tools of torment over the helpless bodies of the bound slaves.

Buy the time they finished all twelve of their bodies were covered by a sheen of sweat and were breathing heavily like they had been being fucked during the whole experience. While none of them had moved a muscle save for their eyes several including the Sisters had struggled to suppress orgasms.

- - Now this had worked up Pleasure Maid 3382-B2's arousal that Master Lighting easily found her in the study. Though unfortunately for the other slaves he chose to focus his attention on their exposed pussies before seeking out his bitch. Knowing what was expected of her Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 drops to her knees. She then lowers her upper body until she's resting on her forearms and spreads her legs.

Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 was just getting mounted when Master Sanders walked into the study and looks her in the eyes. - - Pleasure Maid 3382-B2's eyes are torn from her human owner's as Master Lighting's cock finds her pussy.


Less than a second later Pleasure Maid 3382-B2's pussy was subjected to the usual brutal pounding. Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 knew this was Master Lighting's way of reminding her who she belonged to. As such she focused her complete attention maximizing his and her pleasure.

- - Oblivious of her surroundings Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 failed to notice what the others were doing. Granted they way Master Lightning was having his way with his whimpering bitch it was difficult for her to pay attention to what was going on around her. Master Sanders had bent Sapphire over and was now fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

Now after the earlier teasing the other slaves were forced to listen to the moaning of the two Pleasure Maids as they satisfied the desires of their masters. - - Now the torment of not allowed to move for hours on end was something the most of slaves were still having trouble getting used to. They all had served in the brothel at some point so they were used to sex acts happening all around them. Though they also were used to being sexually active themselves during these occasions.

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Furthermore most of them had been conditioned to be easily sexually aroused by the slightest stimulus and all of them were accustomed to frequent sexual use of their bodies. Only now they were getting only getting the stimulus without the following sexual use and to many of them this was even worse than the most brutal of beatings. - - While they all had experienced the torment of climax denial. They had never really undergone this sort of torment.

After all whenever they had become aroused in the past they had been able to satisfy themselves somehow. However now they knew that they wouldn't be able to relieve this sexual tension until they were released that evening. Even then they would have to wait until after they had been locked in the kennels with their canine masters. - - Something that actually was a nightly cause of concern for Pleasure Slaves 3612-A and 3613-A since they were now the human slave bitches of both Master Brutus and Master Titus.

Apparently after "Gimp Bitch" 4080 was sold to the kennel that trained the pair of dogs Master Brutus was given ownership of the two asian cousins again. While he would share the pair with their other canine master Master Brutus quickly established himself as the alpha male.

This also meant that whenever he took either of the cousins he had to brutally demonstrate his dominance over them. - - Each time they were shoved into the kennel the pair of dogs would immediately pounce on the cousins. As the alpha Master Brutus would get to fuck each of the cousins first. Master Titus would then get his turn with the asian slaves only once his counterpart had left them whimpering and sobbing wrecks. Unfortunately for the asian cousins Master Titus would then have to fuck them with the same brutality as the alpha.

Not that was the end of their suffering. For once one of the dogs had finished with them the other would then be ready for another go at their helpless bodies. This would only end several hours later with both of the cousins curled up in the corner exhausted.

- - Now they were each struggling internationally between their desire for release and their dedication to their ultimate duty to satisfy the desires of their owner. This meant that while they feared punishment they dreaded disappointing their master worse. This was especially true of the Sisters.

Who had a fanatical dedication to their master even going as far as pleading to be bred so they could produce daughters for the master to sell. Or since they had overheard their master talking about breeding Sapphire and Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 the sisters' firstborn could be slaves to his sons.

- - They even went as far as to make the argument that with the slave breeding knowledge of the Organization they each could produce several sets of twin daughters with each breeding.

He could then give their first litter to his son's as a coming of age present and sell the rest for a tidy profit. Hell even if he kept their daughters for Brothel Whores he would still end up profiting in the end. After all it was due to the demand for their services that they had to return to the brothel every six months. - - Sure they should've been horrified by the prospect of serving as breeding stock.

Let alone the fates they would be condemning their daughters to. In fact when they had first heard about slaves being bred they were horrified but now it was a different story. For now they saw being bred as showing the next to last level of dedication to their owner with giving up their lives being the final level of dedication. Thankfully that last level was one thing they knew their master would never require from them.

- - Now this view definitely wasn't shared by the others. Just as the Sisters offer wasn't that popular with their fellow slaves with the obvious exception of Pleasure Slave 3613-A. She was so loyal if it meant satisfying her owner she would willingly submit herself to anything probably even death if necessary. Now both her cousin and the Twins were naturally horrified by the Sisters' offer. Just as Sapphire and Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 were about the prospect that started this whole discussion in the first place.

Though in the case of those two it had more to due with what was done to the slaves that birthed male sons during the son's coming of age ritual. - - Apparently when the son reaches adulthood he is initiated into the organization through a series of tests. One of these involves brutally dominating their own mothers or in certain circumstances their sisters. This domination is expected to show the sons will not be swayed one day by one of their slaves.

As such they are to subject the women they are closest to growing up to various tortures and humiliations that I can't go into at this point in the story but I will later when it's more relevant.

Needless to say it's not a pleasant experience for the mothers. Not that it's any more of a pleasant experience for those slaves bred for female children during their daughter's enslavement ritual but yet again this is part of the story that comes later on once I become something other than the narrator of the story.

- - Now to get back on subject Sapphire was bent over being fucked by her master while Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 was on the floor being fucked by her canine master. Meanwhile the other slaves were struggling to remain both quiet and motionless as the Pleasure Maids were being fucked.

Already sexually aroused the bound slaves' craving for sexual release would only intensify as they watched and in the case of the two secured as lamps listened to the Pleasure Maids being fucked. Several of them longed to be back in the brothel. While others wished they were in the kennels. Yet they all desperately desired to be fucked at that moment even the spawn of "Gimp Bitch" 4080. - - In the short time they had been Brothel Whores they had become accustomed to near constant use of their orifaces.

Mostly due to the fact that once they earned their way out of the stocks they were loaned to the bouncers when not servicing customers. They were probably the only Brothel Whores that spent more time in the bouncers quarters then in the brothel itself.

Granted most of that time they were being used by the bouncers and the rest they spent passed out exhausted in a corner or cages. Even as dispised as they were by they other slaves this treatment did garner them some sympathy. Though their bitchy nature tended to put a quick end to any kindness they would receive from the others. - - Now eventually the bouncers did get bored with the two of them and they become the playthings of the other slaves.

When that happened it was common to see them on their knees with their faces buried either in the crotches or between the ass cheeks of the other slaves. In fact their mouths and tongues were commonly used to clean the other slaves' orifices after the dogs and customers used them or as convenient restroom should they needed to pee while on duty.

Of course this also lead to them serving urinal duty for the customers until they were replaced by the two female board members from their mothers' former company. - - Now those twos' daughters were a different case entirely. Pleasure Slaves 4092-A and 4093-A had already been enslaved by their own mothers. So after their mothers' enslavement they just got a new owner. They even had already been fully trained in the erotic arts in advance.

So they quickly fit in as first Brothel Whores then as straight Pleasure Slaves. In fact they were so obedient that Master Sanders granted them special privileges that only Sapphire had.

Plus they were the only ones besides her that were exclusively used sexually by Master Sanders now. - - Now the final two bound slaves in the group were Pleasure Slaves 3552 and 3547. These two are the rejects from the brothel mentioned earlier. These two also served as personal slaves to the others with the obvious exception of Pleasure Slaves 4080-A and 4080-B. Also with the exception of those two Pleasure Slaves 3552 and 3547 would probably have the longest to wait for sexual release due to their status within the hierarchy of the household.

Even so this was still a more preferable fate then other brothel rejects have suffered. For those unfortunate slaves a best case scenario is to end up as Kennel Bitches. While the worst case usually ends with the untimely demise of the slave. - - A fate these two would have suffered even if the organization hadn't enslaved them. See they both were runaways captured through a runway shelter operated by the organization. Once they had reached adulthood they were offered a choice.

Be cast out on the street and end up Crack Whores or become slaves within the organization. While both options were unacceptable the later was the only true choice they had. Unfortunately for them they ended up being sent to one of the lower quality training facilities before being given to Master Sanders as payment of debt.

Then for some reason when they failed as Brothel Whores he had mercy on them and assigned them to a task they were better suited for instead of something worse. Needless to say these two showed great dedication to their duties do to the mercy shown to them. - - Even if that duty was being a table or giving the others pleasure they now put their heart and soul into it. For doing otherwise was to tempt a fate they dared not imagine.

This left them with no regrets save for one and that was they hadn't shown such dedication sooner. Still in this moment this had proved a blessing by the fact they were probably the least aroused of the lot and were enduring no where near the torment the others were.

- - Among the ones suffering the worse were Pleasure Slave 3613-A and the Sisters. They desired nothing more than to be thrown to the floor and have the living shit fucked out of them. This was especially true once Master Lightning knotted with Pleasure Maid 3382-B2.

Combine the fact as the dog turned ass to ass with his human bitch Master Sanders deposited a load of cum deep in Sapphire's pussy got the three of them so turned on their pussy juices were flowing. Their pussies would remain that way for hours until they were finally freed from their bondage. Only once they were locked in their kennels for the night would they get they fuckings they so desperately wanted. - - Of course that wasn't the only thing that would work them up that day.

They would still have to suffer through Master Lightning having his way with Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 three more times. Along with Master Sanders fucking Sapphire an equal number of times. Then there was the two of them having a couple of lesbian trists in between their fuckings. While enduring all of this stimulus there was no way they were truly able to get their hormones calmed by the time they were released early from their bonds. - - They all had hoped this meant they would be allowed to return to the kennels to relieve the sexual tension before passing out in exhaustion.

However it turned out they were going to have to wait a while longer to receive any satisfaction tonight. For as soon as they were released each of them were fitted with a chastity belt and ordered clean up. All of them were holding back tears as they were lead to the showers but as soon as they were joined by Master Sanders's other slaves they were told what was happening.

- - Now besides Sapphire and Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 they were joined by a couple of old acquaintances. First was the House Mistress 3397. Some time after they had left the facility Master Sanders had purchased the her as a Pleasure Maid. Due to her skills as a Mistress he had also placed her in charge of disciplining his other slaves.

While she performed her Pleasure Maid duties she was expected to search out any sort of disobedience from the other slaves and then provide whatever punishment that was required. So her presence at first wasn't a welcome sight.

- - Even when they saw the timid form of Pleasure Maid 3621 obediently following behind her on a leash they were nervous. While the rest of them had been sent to the brothel the shy strawberry blonde had suffered a different fate. She had been first been made a variation of a Kennel Bitch called a Puppy Slave. Yet at some point while the others were in the brothel she was made a Pleasure Maid and the personal slave of 3397.

- - Even after becoming a Pleasure Maid much of her old training had taken hold. Pleasure Maid 3621 would hardly ever talk and when she did it was mostly inaudible or just a few words. Mostly usually yes or no followed the customary titles of master or mistress.

Another side effect of her earlier classification was she tended to act subservient to all of the other slaves even those she technically outranked. Now since she was mostly around the other Pleasure Maids that outranked her this wasn't usually a problem.

Yet she tended to get herself in trouble when she was around the lower ranking straight Pleasure Slaves especially the five she had been trained with. - - The final and most obvious issue she was having with the transition was her unwillingness to wear clothes. Even the scantily maid uniforms or most lingerie was nearly unwearable by her.

In fact her maid uniform usually consisted of just the apron the fishnet stockings and the customary stiletto shoes unless the master was expecting guests. So the fact she was currently wearing a full uniform told them what was going on quicker than any explanation.

The master was expecting guests and odds were they would be servicing them. - - Their suspicions would be partially confirmed by House Mistress 3397. Yes there was to be a gathering of masters and mistresses and yes they would be serving the guests. Unfortunately other than a few of them putting on performances they were to be having limited sexual use. To make matters worse this use was to be exclusively giving pleasure orally until the guests headed to their rooms. So save for three of them intended to entertain the crowd by being repeatedly ravaged by the most aggressive dogs the master owned the rest would have to suffer the agony of be denied sexual release until the guests went to bed.

- - Now with the exception of explaining their duties before and after the orgy started nothing else was explained. With the notable exception that the ones used orally by males were not allowed to provide orgasms. They were only to maintain the men's erections and to lubricate their cocks and nothing else. - - They were initially envious of the spawn and Pleasure Slave 3613-A since they would be the performers.

However once it was known that the of the performances were about their helpless bodies being brutally violated by the dogs any envy disappeared. To keep in character they would be forbidden from taking any pleasure from the experience. In fact they were to be tortured should they have the smallest of orgasms. Not that it was unexpected once the three were told of their duties. This was now the spawn's lot in life and Pleasure Slave 3613-A had pretty much been condemned to such performances due the popularity of them in the brothel.

- - With as much of an explanation for the night's activities as they were going to get fourteen slaves set about preparing themselves. While the rest showered quickly before doing their hair and makeup the three victims of the performances were granted a slight mercy. They were quickly released from their chastity belts and allowed the opportunity for an orgasm. - - Pleasure Slave 3613-A's fingers quickly found their way into her pussy.

While the spawn fell to the floor and proceeded to immediately plant their faces into each other's pussies. As their moaning quickly filled the shower the others intensify their own efforts to complete their washing to avoid anymore unwelcome stimulus. Still by the time they finished Pleasure Slave 3613-A had collapsed to the floor after a massive self induced orgasm that left the usually reserved Asian sex slave squirting cum all over.

While the spawn typically defied orders and refused to stop after having their one allowed orgasm. Probably in response to the knowledge that they were facing torture regardless of their behavior. - - While House Mistress 3397 set about separating the spawn Pleasure Slave 3613-A quickly went about washing herself. By the time she had joined the others they had pretty much finished dressing in their outfits for that night's activities.

Looking at her and the spawn's makeup stations Pleasure Slave 3613-A could see besides their different tasks their outfits were different from the others. - - Pleasure Maid 3621 and the other's outfits consisted of just stockings, high heels, garter belts, along with their fanciest slave collars, and shackles. They then had a few additions once they finished. These were mostly metal belt that had attachment points for serving trays and ring gags.

Their hands were then secured behind their backs before the trays were attached to the belts and strings running to their nipple piercings before a short hobble chain connected their ankle shackles. - - The others had began to file out as the spawn were finally herded from the shower by House Mistress 3697. By this time Pleasure Slave had finished her hair and makeup and was examining her oufit as she figured out the scenario she would be entertaining the crowd with.

Strangely she was kinda envious of the outfits of the spawn when she had first seen them. Though she wasn't that surprised since they still acted like the hateful spoiled bitches they started out as so it was only natural they were dressed the part for the show. Everything they had been given was designer from the lingerie to the dresses. They even had been allowed the rare privilege of wearing expensive bras and panties.

Only while servicing a few customers in the brothel had she been able to wear panties and in every one of those cases she spent more time with the panties shoved in her mouth than on her.

- - Granted this envy was short lived when she remembered the meeting Master Sanders had a week ago. It was between Master Sanders and the Kennel Master that trained Master Brutus and the other dogs that routinely fucked them.

Master Sanders wanted at least four dogs that would rival if not surpass the aggression and brutality that Master Brutus showed a while fucking a bitch. Pleasure Slave 3613-A had trimbed in terror throughout the meeting believing she was going to be the bitch in question. Yet now based on the part where they had discussed what the dogs would do to a bitch wearing panties she understood who the bitches were really going to be.

- - If it had been any other ones of them she would feel inclined to worn them. Yet with the spawn there was no such inclination to worn the two. Not only never shown the slightest sign of changing their ways but they had become even more conceited bitches since their enslavement. Besides they were in the room the day of the meeting so they should be able to connect the dots too.

- - Pleasure Slave 3613-A decided she needed to focus on something else at the moment. Her forte in her performances had all ways been her brutal rape by a dog. Her owner knew this and wouldn't be making her perform otherwise. She couldn't to focus on the spawn's coming torment when everything pointed to the fact she had her own to worry about.

- - So she silently began to slide the various pieces of her wardrobe into place. First was the knee socks with lacey frills along their tops. Then came the short plaid pleated skirt.

Next she slipped the blouse on being sure that it showed as much of her midriff and cleavage as possible before tying it closed just below her breasts. - - At the very bottom of the box sat several pink ribbons. Usually she wore her hair in a ponytail but she decided to borrow the twins hairstyle for the night. If she was going to be using their personas during this performance then why not their look as well. With her hair now redone she finished dressing by putting her shackles and collar back on.

Pleasure Slave 3613-A then hooked a leash to her collar as she dropped to her knees to wait as House Mistress 3397 finished putting on her sexy teacher outfit over her standard mistress apparel before tending to the final touches on the spawn's outfits. Once the spawn had their arms shackled behind their backs their collars were chained together. - - With the spawn bringing up the rear Pleasure Slave 3613-A crawled ahead of House Mistress 3397 on all fours and a leash.

With the sounds of the waiting crowd growing closer every second Pleasure Slave 3613-A began to prepare herself. The sight of the dogs waiting in the cages guaranteed her preparedness. Thoughts of a pack of horny dogs waiting to violate her provided just enough encouragement for her to take on the terrified demeanor that was expected from her. Though the sight of Master Brutus and Titus sitting off to the side by themselves gave her just enough piece of mind to just be afraid but not in state sheer panic.

- - A small part of her had been concerned about the mastiffs getting ahold of her given their size. For each one was considerably larger than the two great danes that owned her cousin and her.

Throw in the fact her preparations included lubing her ass hole told her taking it up her ass if not being double penetrated was a possibility. She could only pray it was Master Titus that would be fucking her in the ass. For Master Brutus was just to aggressive for the small asian to handle anal with him solo let alone having her pussy knotted by another dog at the same time. - - The spawn on the other hand were horrified by the sight of the six Bull Mastiffs growling in the cages.

They have primarily serviced Dobermans in groups and the occasional pair of Great Danes. They had never been fucked by a single dog this size let alone six.

If the size of the balls on the beasts were any indication their cocks had to be equally massive. Any confidence they could have had about being able to handle whatever was planned for them instantly evaporated.

As they knelt waiting for the coming on slot they began weeping. - - They couldn't have known these same dogs had been routinely raping their mother at the kennel. The ferocity of their fuckings even surpassed those of Master Brutus and had been instrumental in destroying the final bit of their mother's humanity.

Thoroughly broken the defiant woman that had been enslaved alongside them was now gone leaving only a obedient Kennel Bitch in her place.

Granted even with her new found obedience Gimp Bitch 4080's lot in life hadn't improved. She would spend the rest of her life being fucked by the largest and most aggressive dogs the kennel had to offer. The spawn would never learn of most of this other than their mother had passed away after a particularly brutal dog finished raping her a few years later.

- - Of course by then they were whores in a South American brothel reduced to doing daily donkey shows. But this fate was after years of brutal use by both humans and dogs with a horse or two thrown into the mix.

That night their concern was the six dogs that were easily twice their weight eye-balling them as their new bitches. - - As the three slaves nervously waited for their performances to start they got a look at their audience.

Besides Master Sanders there had to be a dozen men and half as many women seated in the master's dining room. That was not counting their slaves kneeling at their feet. Or their companions walking amongst them serving drinks.

Several of the masters and mistresses Pleasure Slave 3613-A had met and serviced in the past including Master Reeves and several bigwigs from the organization. She even saw the master that had purchased her services in the auction. She was almost envious of the way they were groping the others as moved amongst them serving dinner and drinks.

- - Though the others actually weren't enjoying themselves that much. While they actually liked displaying themselves to the crowd and the the way they kept grabbing their asses and breasts wasn't a problem either.

The thing that was driving them nuts was the fact none of these men or women were going to fuck them. Pleasure Maid 2382-B2 had informed them of the purpose of this gathering and now they were faced with the same torment they had suffered earlier in the master's study. - - They all were so aroused they were soaking wet behind the chastity belts. Though the Sisters were actually leaving a trail of the pussy juices dripping down their thighs.

In fact their wetness had resulted in them being singled out for more attention than the others. This included several of the mistresses actually sampling their juices and complimenting Master Sanders on the tastiness of these two slaves' pussies. Once the guests had eaten and were relaxing with a drink Master Sanders got up and announced the reason for this gathering. - - "My fellow masters and mistresses I've called you all together to announce my attention to marry my prized slave 2382-C3 or as I call her Sapphire.

Now this news isn't the only reason for this gathering. For it is my attention to begin breeding her and her cousin 2382-B2 immediately upon completion of the ceremony. Now this will require a special consideration in regards to the customary gang rape of the bride following the ceremony." - - Master Sanders paused while his guests quietly discussed what he had in mind for these considerations for the tradition. Many theories were thrown out from the use of the bridesmaids to the bride getting her gang rape once she was already pregnant.

The only one who was silent throughout this was Master Reeves. He was the one to go through the organizational bylaws and found the solution to this problem for Master Sanders. - - "Now as you are probably aware I have to either allow the guests to use the bride's orifices either during or after the day of the wedding but there is a third option. That is to get the entire guest list together before the wedding. Now I'm sure many of you have just figured out this is the real reason for this gathering.

But don't worry about the wedding day I'll be making the bridesmaids available to the wedding guests while I began breeding the bride." - - Pausing again for the news to sink in Master Sanders signaled for Sapphire to stand up so the crowd could see her.

She was wearing a white teddy with matching stockings and high heels. Her long strawberry blonde locks hung freely over her shoulders as a look of fear was plainly visible on her face.

This fear was understandable to all of the other slaves due to the fact that Sapphire had only been fucked by Master Sanders and other slaves. That night would mark the first time she had been with more than one male at a time. Let alone with a group of men sexually charged by her master's next announcement. - - " Now before I let you all loose on my bride to be I felt there should be something to get you all in the mood.

So I've arranged a little entertainment for you all. I've got four slaves just waiting to put on performances to work up your libidos." - - Even as he finished talking House Mistress 3397 took hold of Pleasure Slave 3613-A's leash and lead her into the room.

Whistles and cat calls went up as the terrified asian sex slave crawled into the room on all fours. Once she was on a platform in front of the crowd Pleasure Slave 3613-A was made to turn around in circles a few times. This gave the guests a great view of her body especially her bare ass.

Finally when they had gotten a good look at Pleasure Slave 3613-A in her skimpy schoolgirl outfit House Mistress 3397 addressed the guests. - - "It seams my slutty little student here is a horny bitch. Not only has she seduced and fucked half of the boys in her class but many of her female classmates as well as most of the faculty of the school. So if she is going to run around fucking everyone like a bitch in heat why don't we make it official." - - As she finished speaking House Mistress 3397 bent down and tied Pleasure Slave 3613-A's leash to a ring in the platform.

She then left the Pleasure Slave 3613-A kneeling on the floor only to quickly return with both Master Brutus and Titus. Seeing the two dogs Pleasure Slave 3613-A began to frantically pull on the leash as panic over took her.

Evan before House Mistress 3397 released the dogs Pleasure Slave 3613-A was begging for mercy. Even going as far as to beg to pleasure House Mistress 3397 before her pleas reached their most desperate when the dogs were released. Yet as Master Brutus mounted her Pleasure Slave 3613-A's desperate pleading turned into frantic screams. - - "OH GOD NOT THAT!!

PLEASE NO! OH GOD NOOOO!!!!AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" - - As was normal once he got ahold of his favorite bitch Master Brutus fucked her with maximum aggression. Pleasure Slave 3613-A' body was thrown about with each powerful thrust of the dog's massive cock. Now this was where House Mistress 3397 decided to take a more active part in the performance. With in seconds her blouse and skirt had been discarded. New cheers arose as the auburned haired beauty began removing clothing.

- - Her thigh high boots and fishnet stockings had already been visible with her short skirt. Yet once it was gone the guests got their first look at the bare crotch and ass it partially covered.

This continued with the blouse that had been left open enough so tantalizing amount of cleavage was visible. But now that it was gone her breasts were on full display for them.

Now as her corset remand in place there was a bit of disappointment. Yet as she squatted in front Pleasure Slave 3613-A their excitement had overriden most disappointment they felt for not seeing her completely naked.

- - Pleasure Slave 3613-A didn't need to be told what to do once the pussy was shoved in front of her face. Without hesitation she went to work eating out House Mistress 3397's pussy. Even as a look of satisfaction took hold of her face House Mistress 3397 kept a watchful eye on Master Titus.

While the crowd would've probably loved to see the dog to take her unawares they would have to settle for the violation of Pleasure Slave 3613-A at that time.

Not that being taken by a dog was an issue to her given her past experiences but her duties for the performances took precedence to any desires she had either way. - - Besides if things went as planned it was Pleasure Slave 3613-A that needed to worry about Master Titus.

Not that she wasn't the way she kept shooting the dog nervous looks as she desperately licked House Mistress 3397's pussy. None of the three pleasure slaves knew the plot of the performances. Yet Pleasure Slave 3613-A had been involved in enough of these things to be able to guess what was coming once Master Brutus knotted her.

As soon as Master Brutus turned ass to ass with her Pleasure Slave 3613-A's suspicions were confirmed. House Mistress 3397 gave Master Titus the cammand Pleasure Slave 3613-A had been dreading. - - A shiver went through Pleasure Slave 3613-A's spine as Master Titus climbed on to her back. She could feel the dog's cock gliding across ass cheeks as he sought out her ass hole. Each time he missed he would began to growl at her. Until finally her found his mark. Within seconds her rectum was suddenly filled by the thrusting member forcing a series of desperate pleas from her lips - - "Please don't let him fuck my ass.

I'll do anything you want mam. I eat your pussy out and lick your ass hole whenever you want. I'll be your slave and lick your pussy whenever you want. Please anything but that pimp me out as your whore. But please god don't let the dog fuck my ass." - - Pleasure Slave 3613-A's pleas had just enough genuine fear and desperation in them to be convincing.

Though Master Titus had fucked her in the ass enough times she wasn't to concerned about much more than then the pain from him knotting her.

Yet just as in the brothel it was her discomfort and humiliation the crowd liked. To this end she had to she needed to draw on some the acting abilities she had picked up. - - In particular she needed to cover up the fact dispite the pain she was in she could feel a powerful orgasm building. Doing her best to suppress the orgasm proved a little easier once she felt the knot slipping in and out of her ass hole.

While this was still a new experience for her she wasn't totally unprepared. Thankfully she had gotten more experience in the previous weeks with anal sex with her canine masters.

Now she still couldn't handle anal with Master Brutus though he seamed to prefer using pussy anyway. While she could take Master Titus up her ass without the slightest concern anymore. Which also seamed to be his preferred orifice on the bitch. - - Well almost without the slightest concern would probably be the more accurate description. Since she had been getting regularly ass fucked by Master Titus it was never in combination with a fucking by Master Brutus.

So this performance marked her first ever double penetration by dogs. Strangely enough once she got past her initial fears she enjoyed just as much as if she was sandwiched between two humans. With her only regret being there wasn't a third dog for her to suck off while the other two ravaged her.

- - This regret would have to wait though as her only true fear about the situation was painfully shoved up her ass. Never being tied by two dogs at once she didn't know what to expect and had been dreading that moment. Yet she also had admit this was the most pleasure she had received while being fucked by Master Brutus. Her arousel tended to be linked to being publicly humiliated and she had no doubts about the fact she was an exhibitionist.

- - She loved being paraded naked in front of as many people as possible. Then being fucked in the process just added another level to her arousel. This was why she really choose to handle the customers in the brothel they way she did and not as serving as a example like she had told everyone.

Though it wasn't until this moment she realized the truth. - - Now making this realization was one thing but it didn't mean that she had forgotten about her dedication to her human master. She was preforming in a show for not only his guests but his closest friends. This meant that the orgasm she was unable to suppress any longer was unacceptable in her role as a rape victim.

Unless she could pass it off as something she was ashamed of. So channeling several past experiences and the pain she felt from the two knots locked inside of her she cried out. - - "Oh god not that please! I'm not like that! Oh God no!! No please no!!!" - - Pleasure Slave 3613-A then buried her face in her arms as she pretended weep in shame.

All the while her body was rocked by a massive orgasm that would forever change the asian sex slave. Not that the act she was putting on was lost on everyone. Both Master Sanders and House Mistress 3397 had seen the signs long ago with her and already knew this fact about her. - - Though House Mistress 3397 had also decided to incorporate on what had just happened for their performance.

Grabbing a handful House Mistress 3397 pulled Pleasure Slave 3613-A's head from it's resting place. Forcing the humiliated asian slave to look her in the face. She then went through a series of tirades about how big of a slut she was and the fact she had such a massive orgasm proved it. - - "Ha I knew it! Your not only a slut that will happily fuck anything walking on two legs but everything on four legs as well. I'm willing to bet if I brought even more dogs in you would not only fuck everyone of them but enjoy every second of it.

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Don't even try to deny it slut!" - - Pleasure Slave 3613-A quickly realized what was happening and played along. First she tried to silently deny it by frantically shaking her head side to side. Next she began to wheep hysterically as she continued her denials. Finally unable to deny it any longer Pleasure Slave 3613-A admits to getting enjoyment out of being fucked by the dogs between fake crying fits.

- - "SOB!!! I SOB!!! Enjoyed SOB!!! Being SOB!!! Fucked SOB!!! By The SOB!!! DOGS SOB!!! Like SOB!!! A SOB!!! Nasty SOB!!! Slut SOB!!!" - - With a final humiliation inflicted upon her victim House Mistress 3397 moves to put an end to the performance.

Releasing Pleasure Slave 3613-A's hair House Mistress 3397 allows the asian slave to drop her head back to it's previous position of shame. Then to be better able to demonstrate her dominance over her House Mistress 3397 stood up. Leaving the violated slave whimpering on the floor still knotted with her canine rapists.

Then as final touch she decided to play on Pleasure Slave 3613-A's earlier comment about becoming her slave. - - "Don't you worry about anyone finding out about your sick perversions. See I know these fine gentleman that will not only take you off my hands. But sale you to a special brothel where your slutty little body can make someone else a lot of money." - - With the final insult thrown in House Mistress 3397 gave the crowd a bow.

Then after a round of applause she picked up her clothing and walked away. Pleasure Slave 3613-A was left there for the crowd to gawk at as she waited to be released by the knots securing her to the dogs. Though they then got an encore performance when she licked both dog's cocks clean once she was released. - - Now while the other slaves brought out beverages House Mistress 3397 returned and lead the dogs from the room.

She then briefly took Pleasure Slave 3613-A away. Though this was for a quick clean up and wardrobe change. She would then be brought back in her old Head Madam uniform. - - She would then get to watch the spawn's violation from the comfort of a cushion at her master's feet.

Like the others Pleasure Slave 3613-A felt nothing but disgust for the spawn. Still watching as the large cage was set around the platform she just preformed on gave her pause.

Especially since she had seen the size of the animals being turned loose on the two did make her momentarily feel some sympathy for them. Though the condescending looks they were giving the other slaves as they were brought in pretty much wiped away any pity she had felt for them.

- - This point was brought home during their performance as they threatened House Mistress 3397 and everyone else with law suits and even physical violence. Though these threats turned into pleas after they were locked in the cage with the mastiffs. They pleaded about their rich daddy paying whatever ransom they wanted. Especially when the growling dogs surrounded them and began tugging at their clothes.

- - It didn't take them long to realize what the dogs wanted and a new found desperation was added to their pleas. Naturally no help was coming as they were backed into a corner. Yet even this would save them from the fate that awaited them. A pair of the mastiffs latched onto their skirts and drug them from the corner they had sought shelter in.

- - As they desperately struggled against the massive beasts pulling towards the center of the cage they lost track of the other four. Two of the others came up behind the spawn at the exact same moment their skirts were unexpectedly released.

Now off balance the dog behind them brushed against the back of the spawn's legs knocking them to the floor. - - Even as the spawn rolled into their stomachs the growling mastiffs were moving on them again. Only this time they didn't just grab ahold of their skirts they went after their blouses as well. Then as the spawn's panic stricken screams filled the room the dogs proceed to rip the expensive garments from their bodies.

Their skirts and blouses ripped to shreds the spawn attempted to crawl to safety. - - Yet this would prove fruitless once each of them would be stopped by a massive set of jaw latching ahold of their necks. A quick but subtle shake from the pair holding them put a final end to any resistance the spawn could think of.

- - From that moment on they complied with whatever the mastiffs wanted. For instance a growl as they had their bras and panties nipped at had the spawn not only removing them but the remaining shreads of their skirts and blouses.

The dogs holding their necks then began to make them crawl across the cage. The others would provide additional encouragement by nipping at the spawn's exposed asses.

- - At first it was unclear what the dogs' objective was. Though it would become plainly apparent once they could see the other dogs laying on their backs directly in the spawn's path. They just seamed to be waiting with their massive cocks proudly protruding from their sheaths. Being shook by the dogs holding their necks combined with a few angry growls had the spawn crawling on top of the prone mastiffs. - - Once they were on top of the two dogs the spawn received another shake and a growl combination.

Fully understanding what was wanted each of the spawn reached beneath themselves for the canine erections. The next growl wasn't really necessary but the dogs did it more in likely to keep intimidating the spawn as they inserted the cocks in their pussies. - - As they felt their dicks in their new bitches the dogs began fucking the spawn.

Not to be left out the two remaining dogs stepped on top of the spawn. They barely had time to register what was about to happen when those two drove their hips forward. A pair of ear splitting screams rung out on the dogs' third or fourth thrust. While the spawn was to small for the two to hold onto like true bitches. They still were able to hold them in position by pinning their shoulders behind their front legs.

- - Still the two dogs holding their necks didn't release them until both of the spawn's ass holes were fully impaled. At this point the spawn knew it was hopeless to try and get away anyway.

Still the final two mastiffs had a final method of keeping the unwitting bitches in place. Bringing their hindquarters to the spawn's faces brought the final humiliation to bare. - - Knowing resistance was futile the spawn timidly opened their mouths and excepted the final violation. They could only cry as the massive cocks were powerfully shoved down their throats. The spawn's triple penetration being completed brought a series of applause from the guests.

Though this was nothing compared to when their muffled screams rang out as the knots were shoved up their asses. - - Once the dogs finished with them they would curl up in fetal positions and cry like babies.

Yet even though the dogs had finished with them they were faced with the greatest fear of any slave. That was their owner having no further use for them. Now to the spawn this was the equivalent of a death sentence.

Especially when Master Sanders thanked everyone for baring witness to the spawn's humiliation and announced he was selling them to a South American brothel. While the spawn were curled up weeping about their futures of doing daily donkey shows everyone else was cheering.

- - Even as the spawn were dragged off to be shipped to their new home. Workers began to disassemble the cage. At the same time Pleasure Maid 2382-B2 began to clean up the mess left behind in preparation of her cousin's gang rape. Then once a mattress was placed on the platform Sapphire was lead to it on a leash with her arms shackled behind her back. As Sapphire nervously knelt on the mattress Pleasure Maid whispered a few encouragements into her ears before giving her ass a quick pat before returning to her master's side.

- - While Pleasure Maid 2382-B2, Pleasure Slave 3613-A, and House Mistress 3397 maintained their current positions next to Master Sanders the rest of his slaves took up positions surrounding the platform.

The male guests on the other hand began to make their way to the platform as they began removing clothing. Sapphire fearfully looked from the approaching crowd and her master with a look of desperation. Though there could be no reprieve for her if Master Sanders wished to marry her under the organizational bylaws and spare her from the standard slave breeding bylaws. With what she would go through in his mind he gave her a final sorrowful look and made the announcement everyone had been waiting for.

- - " With our other entertainment concluded it is time for the main purpose of this gathering to take place. So feel free to sample the charms of my lovely bride to be. " - - With that said the crowd descended on Sapphire. She gave her master a final pitiful look as hands began exploring her helpless body.

Even as the top of her teddy was pulled down the first cock was shoved into her mouth. Sapphire began to choke as a set of hands held her head in place as the dick was shoved deeper down her throat. Her only concern at the moment was taking her next breath so she was nearly oblivious to what the others were doing to her. - - Sure she could feel her breasts being squeezed and the fingers probing her pussy.

Even as her nipples were painfully twisted it only prompted a minor reaction. Though once the cock was pulled from her mouth she began to show a bit more attention to what the others were doing to her. Still that was between gasping for breath as she waited for the cock to be quickly replaced. - - Unfortunately the wait was almost terrifyingly to short. As she had barely gotten some air in to her lungs when a second cock took the place of the first. This man though showed her a little mercy by just fucking her face.

Instead of shoving his cock down her throat and holding it there. Even so he was quickly replaced by yet another man. That barely gave her chance to recover from the first two before passing her off to yet another man. - - During the process of being passed back and forth Sapphire was able to regain a little bit of her composure. Though it wasn't until her gang rape progressed to the next stage that she was fully able to catch her breath.

Strong arms began to lift her off of the mattress as she felt someone slipping beneath her. Sapphire let out a grown as she felt the cock rubbing along her pussy. Looking down she saw fingers spreading her pussy lips as the cock was being positioned. - - Sapphire was grateful for the mercy her master had bestowed on her of letting her cousin lube her orifices before hand. She was even more grateful that these men slowly lowered her on to the cock instead of dropping her.

Unfortunately the one spreading her ass cheeks wasn't interested in being gentle. Not long after she felt his hands on her ass he shoved his dick painfully up her ass. Her scream of agony then seamed to be the signal for the two to start pounding away.

- - Her screams were soon silenced using the customary method of shoving a cock in her mouth. Strangely she was thankful for this as well. Since she couldn't breath her focus was on the cock being forced down her throat and not the one in her ass hole. Unfortunately it also meant she wasn't able to think of the advice Pleasure Maid 2382-B2 had given her until after the three had painted her insides in cum.

So as each of the cocks were quickly replaced in her tender openings it proved even harder then she had figured to relax. - - Though by the time the third trio started fucking her she had been able to put what she had learned from the others. Plus a few of her own tricks in play to get these men off as quickly as possible. Not that this was really a blessing considering each man was supposed to get at least two turns in each of her orifices.

Part of her hoped this was just meant to make her as terrified as possible so her violation met with the organizational brutally standards for bridal gang rapes. Yet based on what she had overheard she had serious concerns after the next few groups had finished with their first turns.

- - These concerns were starting to look well founded hours later as the men seamed to keep coming back for more. It was like as soon as one group finished with her another was taking their place with no end in sight. She had already lost track of the number of times each man had fucked her. Hell she was having trouble even telling when a fresh fucking started and when one of them just temporary pulled out of her. She couldn't even tell how many times they had repositioned her.

While she had started out laying on top of the men on her stomach. This soon changed from her being on her back between two men. Then she was being held up between two men as they fucked her standing up. - - Sapphire wasn't even sure when she finally passed out. Or if that had been when the gang rape finally stopped. Part of her was certain the men had continued fucking her once she lost consciousness but there was no way for her to tell.

She just couldn't bring herself to ask Master Sanders or the other slaves. Though based on several comments she heard at the wedding and later parties she suspected it only ended once they grew tired of fucking her. - - Sadly when she did awake afterwards the men were all gone.

In fact the only one with her was Pleasure Slave 3613-A. Apparently all of the others were servicing the guests. Even her cousin was off servicing Master Sanders and one of the mistresses. So it was just the timid asian slave with her when she woke up in the monstrous puddle of semen. - - Strangely Sapphire didn't even like Pleasure Slave 3613-A. Partially due to the fact she blamed the former Brothel Madam for her cousin's servitude to Master Lightning.

Then there was how submissive Pleasure Slave 3613-A was. She would willingly subject herself almost anything and Sapphire was very threatened by the thought of being replaced. Being fucked by other men singly or in groups and even getting fucked by dogs were things Sapphire never did. Sapphire was even excluded from pleasuring other mistresses. So Pleasure Slave 3613-A's willingness and skill at performing these duties Sapphire herself wasn't performing gave her good reason to be at least uneasy about her presence in household let alone being in her owner's possession in the first place.

- - The kindness that Pleasure Slave 3613-A showed everyone was also a concern. She couldn't be seam to be angry with anyone. She even seamed to be kind to the spawn even though she knew better than anyone they didn't deserve any kindness whatsoever.

- - The kindness was only surpassed by the gentleness Pleasure Slave 3613-A showed towards everyone. Sapphire had seen it countless times already but it wasn't until this moment that she experienced it for herself.

Pleasure Slave 3613-A was just so gentle throughout her post rape cleanup and physical inspections she couldn't believe it. Pleasure Slave 3613-A even gently held Sapphire as they laid naked in bed together until she finally fell asleep.

- - For the remainder of the weekend Pleasure Slave 3613-A took care of Sapphire. From feeding her to helping her to the restroom to giving her several hot baths.

Granted during the baths Pleasure Slave 3613-A had Sapphire on her lap as she washed the both of them. Strangely other than holding Sapphire as they slept and the fact both remained naked the whole time there was nothing sexual about their interactions. - - Technically saying there nothing sexual wasn't entirely correct. Pleasure Slave 3613-A did fondle Sapphire's breasts a couple of times in her sleep. Then she did give Sapphire several passionate open mouth kisses in her sleep also.

But considering Pleasure Slave 3613-A also called Sapphire by another name in her sleep told her these actions weren't intentional. - - This attention actually had Sapphire wanting to initiate some sort of interaction herself but whenever Pleasure Slave 3613-A was awake she seamed to have no interest in her that way.

She did get to cop a feel of Pleasure Slave 3613-A's breasts and pussy during one of the baths they took together. But Sapphire's attempts for further contact only ended with her being frustrated by Pleasure Slave 3613-A's lack of interest in her that way. - - This frustration would be continued until two days before the wedding. Not only would Master Sanders not touch her but neither would any of the other slaves including her cousin.

To make matters worse she had been fitted with a chastity belt so she couldn't even masturbate. Besides being incredibly horny and having no one willing or able to give her the relief she so desperately desired. - - Sure she knew the reason didn't have anything to do with her personally. But with the normal sexual stimulus combined with that from the rehearsals was driving Sapphire into a sexual crazed state of mind.

The stimulus from the rehearsals had to be the worst part. - - Over and over she was walked down the aisle naked until she reached the alter. Each time she would drop to her knees next to Master Sanders her eyes kept going to her bridesmaids.

Everyone of them were bent over and locked in stocks to her right. The eight of them wasn't that kept drawing her attention but the workers fucking them throughout the rehearsal. - - Her cousin was the only one not with them but that was due to the fact she was to become a lesser wife. So she didn't have bridesmaid duties like the others. Now the Sisters, Twins, the asian cousins, Pleasure Maid 3621, and House Mistress 3397 didn't seam to mind the attention they garnered from the workers setting up for the wedding.

But it was the attention that Pleasure Maid 2382-B2 got from Master Lighting midway through the first rehearsal that set things in motion that Sapphire had been dreading. - - Pleasure Maid 2382-B2 was sucking the pastor's cock when the dog had tracked her down. Everyone but the pastor knew what Pleasure Maid 2382-B2 would do once the dog had made his intentions known. But rather then be surprised when Master Lighting began to fuck his human bitch the pastor made a suggestion that forever changed Sapphire's life.

- - Apparently a few other masters had taken Pleasure Slave 3613-A's idea of being enslaved by a dog and combined it into their own weddings. The bride was walked down the aisle behind a dog. Just as with the performances that inspired this was done via a chain between the bride's collar and the dogs. The dog then positions the bride in the proper location and then sits down behind the terrified bride. - - Now in those cases the dogs patiently waits until the guests had gang raped the brides before they got their turn with them.

But the pastor was able to suggest a different variation for this ceremony that Master Sanders took a liking to. Before the next rehearsal he acquired one of Master Brutus's siblings. Then a terrified Sapphire was repeatedly lead down the aisle behind the dog until the two had the routine down perfectly.

- - Now the part that filled Sapphire with terror they wouldn't be performing until the actual wedding. Leaving her shaking with fear as the day of the wedding got closer and closer. Now she had resolved to change her routines so she was less threatened by the others. But she wasn't prepared for that possibility. Sadly she had been more focused on being shared with other masters when she talked to Master Sanders about her issues that she'd completely overlooked his bestiality fetish.

- - So as her cousin was helping her try on her outfit two days before the ceremony her thoughts were focused on these fears. She desperately wished she could talk to her cousin about it but something was preventing her from saying anything. So focused were her thoughts she didn't even notice when they were suddenly joined by the bridesmaids in their outfits. That is until Pleasure Slave 3613-A tweaked one of her nipples to get her attention.

- - Sapphire barely had time to register her surprise before Pleasure Slave 3613-A pulled Sapphire into an embrace. With no warning whatsoever Pleasure Slave 3613-A locked lips with Sapphire. Sapphire was in a state of total confusion as her mouth instinctively opened to allow Pleasure Slave 3613-A's tongue access.

Between the surprise and the passion of the kiss left Sapphire a little breathless but she soon recovered and began to return the affection. - - With Sapphire now distracted Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 began bringing items out of hiding places. To further distract Sapphire as soon as she was released from the embrace by Pleasure Slave 3613-A one of the others would instantly pull her into one of their own. Even timid Pleasure Maid 3621 got into the act.

Going as far as copying the Sisters' actions by giving Sapphire's ass a groping while she kissed her. - - Now once she had been replaced by one of the others Pleasure Slave 3613-A quickly went to work helping Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 getting things set up. They had just finished smuggling the last few items into the room by the time House Mistress 3397 stepped up to do her part.

Each of the slaves had to suppress their laughter at Sapphire's reaction to House Mistress 3397's passionate kiss. But nothing could stop them from giggling as Sapphire went weak kneed and House Mistress 3397 had to hold her up until she recovered. - - Finally released from the series of kisses from her bridesmaids a breathless Sapphire looked around the room and was shocked by what she saw.

Besides the pile of gifts there was a couple bottles of wine and some very sexually suggestive snacks. She had barely registered what was happening when they all shouted in unison. - - "SURPRISE!!" - - Sapphire could only look at the other slaves in disbelief as she realized what they were up to. Granted how the group of sex slaves had managed to get her gifts. Let alone that they would've even bothered to do anything special for her in the first place.

Yet here they were throwing her a bridal shower. - - Though the key that House Mistress 3397 was holding told Sapphire there was going to be another aspect to this party. While Sapphire was still concerned about the wedding she was able to put them aside for the moment and have a little fun. As the first bottle of wine was opened the others got Sapphire to model her bride's outfit for them. - - While it couldn't be called a wedding dress it was as close to one as a sex slave like Sapphire would be allowed to wear.

Her hands, arms, and shoulders were covered in white lace sleeves and gloves. An intricate pattern of flowers and leaves crisscrossed the material that seamed to perfectly confirm the her body but still allowed much of her skin to be visible. A similar pattern was in the lace on the corset wrapping around Sapphire's midriff.

It started just below her breasts and continued down to just before the top of her hips. It's integral garter belt then held up the matching stockings. - - Of course she then wore white high heels and a veil since she was a bride after all.

But there were other touches in her outfit that also were a variation of a traditional bride. For example while her stockings were technically held up by the garter belt but there was still a single garter around the top of her left stocking. Now even though this was a wedding of a slave the traditions of the bouquet and garter toss remained. Though in the case of the bouquet toss the slave that caught it usually suffered a brutal gang rape during the reception.

The garter toss then decided who got first dibs on the orifice of their choice during the ensuing gang rape. Even so the girls couldn't help themselves but to joke around about which one of them it would be. - - The most obvious parts of the outfit that told everyone this wasn't a traditional wedding was the slave collar and shackles.

While Sapphire normally wore a fairly fancy set of restraints as it was they didn't compare to what she had on now. Each of the bands of metal were the highest quality silver. With beautifully intricate patterns engraved into them and inlaid with gold. Though the collar had the addition of incorporating precious jewels namely sapphires with several large diamonds in with the inlays. Now it wasn't just these that were replaced with jeweled variants. - - Her the nipples on her exposed breasts were adorned with new piercings with diamonds and sapphires dangling from them.

Just as a matching one had taken the place of Sapphire's clit piercing. Though it was the traditional pearl necklace and diamond earrings that the others were the quickest to notice and the most envious of.

Though the jewel incrusted hairpins holding her hair up was the only reason these were as noticeable. - - Once Sapphire's outfit was displayed they others began to take turns. First was Pleasure Maid 3382-B2. As a lesser wife she was the only other one allowed to wear white. While not as intricate or beautiful as Sapphire's the teddy she wore was still quite expensive. With tons of fine and delicate lace though out it's surface and allowing a fair amount of skin to be visible especially cleavage.

As was standard her stockings and high heels matched perfectly. Though her slave collar and shackles were just the fancy ones inlaid with colored resin matching her outfit like the others were wearing. Still like most of the others her outfit was mostly just a fancier version of a Brothel Whore's uniform. - - Pleasure Slave 3613-A as Maid of Honor had the one uniquely colored outfit. Her teddy was a Jade toned lace garment that had been custom made.

It was practically transparent with strategically placed patterns in it's lace that slightly afforded her some modesty while still perfectly conforming to the contours of her body.

Even then she had plenty of flesh on display for all to see. Though her outfit also varied by the lack of stockings do to no garter belt being incorporated into the garment. She was also the only one besides the bride wearing any jewelry.

She had on a beautiful jade necklace and matching earrings. - - Pleasure Slave 3613-A wasn't sure what it was about this outfit she liked so much.

If it was how the silky garment felt against her skin. Or if it was how incredibly sexy she felt in it. She loved the outfit so much she ended up begging Master Sanders to have other ones made after that one was destroyed when she caught the bouquet. These reproductions would then become her standard uniform in the brothel. - - House Mistress 3397 and the Sisters all wore matching light blue teddies, stockings and high heels.

While Pleasure Maid 3621, Pleasure Slave 3612-A, and the Twins were wearing light blue baby dolls with the usual matching stockings and high heels. While the types of garments varied depending on the ranking of the slaves they all still had one thing in common.

The fabric they were made out of was so transparent nothing on their bodies was left to the imagination. - - With the impromptu lingerie show concluded they began to pass around glasses of wine as they formed a circle on the bed. As each the slaves sat with their legs folded beneath them the pile of presents was hard to miss. Now these were all just sex toys for them to use on each other but a few of them had Sapphire's new status in mind.

Though before they could even take a drink from their glasses Pleasure Slave 3613-A decided to start things out with a toast. Looking at the others as she raised her glass in the air she said. - - "While we probably be too busy getting fucked at the wedding to do this then. I want to wish the best to our sister slave Sapphire as she makes our master the luckiest man in the world. May her tight pussy and ass provide him years of sexual satisfaction." - - Immediately after she finished speaking Sapphire brought her own glass up as Pleasure Slave 3613-A's use of the phrase slave sister made her think of her own history.

While with the exception of her cousin she has never really been close to any of them. But in probably the greatest moment of her life she came to a startling realization.

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This realization would shape not only her future but what she said next. - - " As someone who never knew my mother or my siblings you all have earned a special place in my heart and helped fill that gap.

You may not be my family by blood but we have been bound together by something stronger. So to my new found sisters in slavery I wish to thank you for kneeling by my side on my wedding day." - - With the toast out of the way the slaves each took a drink or their wine.

Soon afterwards gifts were being passed to Sapphire. As I said before they were mostly sex toys so as they were unwrapped the orgy was set in motion. It began with a gift from Pleasure Maid 3382-B2.

The strap-on and bottle of lube was one thing but the paddle confused Sapphire. At least until Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 explained it as she laid across Sapphire's lap. - - "As the Lesser Wife my naughty ass naturally needs to be kept in check.

So it's important that you not only have the tool to give it the frequent reamings it requires. But also the means to paddle it when I get out of line." - - Then Pleasure Maid proceeded to offer up her ass to the first of these paddlings. Sapphire gave each ass cheeks ten swats from the paddle before allowing her cousin to get up. Though she soon learned the others were going to get a turn also.

For once her cousin was off of her lap Pleasure Slave 3613-A took her place. Even as Sapphire was fondling the exposed pussy of the asian sex slave Pleasure Slave 3613-A started her own explanation. - - " It's not just the ass of the horny Lesser Wife that needs kept in check.

But your nymphomaniac bridesmaids need to be put in their places as well." - - So once Pleasure Slave 3613-A took her ten swats to each ass cheek Sapphire got to try out her new paddle on each of the others.

Though a submissive like Sapphire wasn't contented just to administer paddlings to the others. She also gave several of them the chance to return the favor. So each of the slaves then took turns tanning Sapphire's ass before Sapphire tried out the strap-on several of them. - - An hour and a bottle of wine later they had completely abandoned the pretense of a bridal shower along with their scantily clothing save for Sapphire and Pleasure Slave 3613-a. They were in the midst of a full blown lesbian orgy being filmed by cameras set up through out the room so their master could give copies out to his guests after the wedding.

The Sisters were currently busy scissoring their pussies together. While Pleasure Slave 3612-A and Pleasure Maid 3621 were enjoying eating each other out in a sixty nine position.

The Twins were currently ass to ass with a double-dildo buried in their pussies. House Mistress 3397 and Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 were both feverishly working the silver bullet vibrators in their pussies as they watched the bride and her made of honor going at it. Their lips were locked together as their hips gyrated together. With each gyration of their hips worked the double-dildo within in their pussies. As the two of them reached orgasm their lips briefly separated as they cried out in climax.

- - Pleasure Slave 3613-A had already eaten out Sapphire after her paddling but as she basked on the aftermath of her climax she desired to sample the bride's wet snatch again. Only this time as she began to go down on Sapphire her own snatch had garnered some attention of it's own. With her face firmly planted between Sapphire's legs and her tongue probing the depths of the pussy before it Pleasure Slave 3613-A felt Sapphire began to lick her own pussy.

- - Once Pleasure Slave 3613-A had positioned herself between Sapphire's legs her own glistening pussy had proven irresistible to the bride to be. Sapphire then quickly positioned herself on top of the asian sex slave as her tongue worked over her pussy. Soon they were making each other moan into their pussies as got each other closer to another orgasm. The wet snatches in front of them became their primary focus as lapped up more and more of each other's juices. Until neither one could take anymore and they flooded each other's faces with nearly simultaneous climaxes.

Left in a state of exhaustion Sapphire's body went limp as she lost consciousness. Pleasure Slave 3613-A wasn't in any better shape as she shifted from under Sapphire's limp body.

- - Both House Mistress 3397 and Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 had abandoned their solo efforts and had gotten together when they had seen the two start eating each other out.

Their pussies we're now firmly pressed together and their hips were grinding away. While their pussies were rubbing together their breasts began a similar dance as the two of them gazed into each other's eyes.

The sensations they were feeling were so intense they hardly noticed the orgasmic screams not five feet away. They sure as hell didn't notice Pleasure Slave 3613-A crawl from under Sapphire's dazed body or the asian sex slave role the limp bride on to her back.


It was until they had undergone massive orgasms of their own that they saw Sapphire just beginning to recover as Pleasure Slave 3613-A laid on top of her sucking on one of her nipples. - - Sapphire had barely recovered enough to nudge Pleasure Slave 3613-A enough to get her to focus her attentions to her lips. Not that it mattered to Pleasure Slave 3613-A that Sapphire could only weakly kiss her back as she straddled her body. The intensity of their passion fading Pleasure Slave 3613-A became more aware of the screams and moaning of the others even though the majority of her attention was still focused on the slave beneath her.

- - Soon though she felt the bed shifting as her unconscious cousin was laid down beside them by Pleasure Maid 3621. Looking at the pair she saw the timid strawberry blonde crawling on top of her cousin in to a similar position as herself. Pleasure Slave 3613-A could only give the timid strawberry blonde a mischievous smile as she began to suckle on one of her cousin's breasts. Soon they were joined by House Mistress 3397 as she collapsed on the opposite side of Sapphire.

Even as Pleasure Maid 3382 B2 was climbing on top of her it seemed like a pull had been felt by the others as both the Sisters and Twins laid down on each side of the group. - - This was mostly just a rest break more than anything. For as soon as their strength had returned they switched partners and were at it again. Both Sapphire and Pleasure Slave 3713-A would get their own incestuous lesbian action with their cousins.

While the Sisters and Twins would swap out with each other. Though the biggest surprise had to be Pleasure Maid 3621 sodomizing House Mistress 3397 with the strap-on.

They both seamed to take great enjoyment out of being able to switch roles if only for a night. - - They weren't the only ones that got to switch roles Pleasure Slave 3613-A and Sapphire both let their cousins dominate them including getting sodomized.

Now both Pleasure Maid 3621 and Pleasure Slave 3612 realized they preferred being on the other end of the leash. Still that didn't stop them from enjoying themselves in the process. Especially when their respective partners eat them out giving them both earth shattering orgasms. - - Eventually their lust began to wain as they exhausted themselves until the lot of them passed out in heap of naked flesh.

Now in the morning they had barely got in the shower before the orgy started back up. They seamed totally insatiable making love non-stop only pausing to eat lunch and dinner. Though even these breaks were doused with a fare share of sexual activity. Since half of them sat in the other half's laps getting their pussies fingered. - - Now by the night before the wedding they had calmed down some what. They even managed to get to sleep early. Though they did take this final opportunity to all dress up in their outfits and team up on Sapphire for a final part of their master's video.

With each of them on leashes and their arms shackled behind their backs they took turns eating her out as she held their leashes until she passed out.

Still having gone at each other the way they had they kept having to bat away wondering hands as they redressed each other for the wedding. Sapphire probably had it the worst since the others were out to get her as aroused as possible that morning. - - Now technically there wasn't a dry pussy amongst them as they shackled their arms behind their backs. While they had gotten some control over their urges as they knelt waiting. Even as they were lead to the alter all of them desperately wanted to be fucked.

Thankfully their wait wasn't going to be that long. They just needed to get through the ceremony while being on display for the guests first. - - Now as the bridesmaids were lead into their positions the guests took every opportunity to grope their bodies. In fact only Pleasure Slave 3613-A made it to the alter with both of her breasts still covered. Now since Pleasure Maid 3382-B2 was crawling on all fours in front of Master Lighting as he held her leash in his mouth they left her alone.

Now the wondering hands of the guests were the most problematic for Sapphire. - - Every time one of them stopped her the dog would violently jerk her forward with the chain connecting their collars.

Combine the way she was struggling to keep up along with the way the dog kept growling had Sapphire terrified to her core by the time she reached the alter. The terror she felt was only intensified as the dog moved her into position next Master Sanders by barking and growling at her. He even gave her a final growl as he sat down behind as his way of saying you will be my bitch shortly.

Or at least that's what Sapphire felt the dog was implying with that last growl. Needless to say she was to scared to even look up at the pastor as he started the ceremony. - - "Masters and Mistresses we are gathered before god and these witnesses to join in holy matrimony Master Robert Sanders and this human slave bitch of a dog Number 3382-C3." - - Tears filled Sapphire's eyes the way the pastor referred to her.

She had thought she was prepared for the insults but being called a slave of a dog had brought the terror and shame she was feeling to the surface with a new found urgency.

Now strangely him using her number instead of her name didn't bother her more than the implication of what the dog would be doing to her shortly. A small part of her wanted it to be over with sooner than later.

However as each stage of the ceremony progressed the terror gripping her only seamed to increase. - - Even as Master Sanders knelt down to put the ring on her finger or as she slipped his ring on with her mouth one thought kept popping into her head. Even though the others hadn't been allowed to warn her Sapphire still knew what to expect. She felt more helpless then ever in her lifetime as the moment got closer and closer. Until finally the pastor pronounce them man and wife.

Though he actually called her his bitch instead of wife. Then as her cousin began her duty of servicing the pastor he said the words she had been dreading. - - "You may now have your way with the bride." - - Granted Sapphire's pre-enslavement fantasies of her wedding didn't include most of what had happened so far. Nor did they include having to suck her husband's cock in front of the wedding guests. Granted the guests lining up to ravage bridesmaids wasn't part of these fantasies either.

Though the irony of her wishing to change places with them as she felt her master cum in her mouth wasn't lost on her either. - - Sapphire quickly went to work keeping him hard for the fucking that would mark the beginning of her breeding.

Not that it was truly necessary since he had taken one of those blue pills that had become the bane of every sex slaves' existence. Before Sapphire knew it her new husband was kneeling behind her as he prepared to consummate their union and start her breeding. - - Until the dog had been introduced to the plans she had actually been looking forward to the cock that was thrust into her pussy.

But now it meant that the part she was dreading the most was just one step closer. Sapphire was so filled with dread she couldn't take any enjoyment out of the fucking she was receiving. Each time she did feel some pleasure a quick look at the dog waiting for his turn wiped it away. - - The sight of him sitting there with his tongue hanging out was bad enough but between the look in his eyes as he looked at her and the sight of the tip of his cock sticking out of it's sheath made it even worse.

Each time Sapphire would look at him her eyes would automatically go to his cock resulting her being filled with more dread as more of his cock became visible. Until the moment she had been dreading so much was upon her. - - As Master Sanders's cock erupted deep within her Sapphire began weeping.

Even though she would later learn this was the moment she was impregnated she would always cry as the memory was brought up. Not that it mattered to her at the moment. Her concern was sucking their shared fluids off of her husband's cock while desperately wishing she'd wake up from the nightmare she was experiencing. Yet try as she could she couldn't escape the fact this was really happening and no matter how much she cried nothing was going to stop it.

- - Not that any one could tell where the tears flowing out of her eyes even started the way her makeup was running down her face. She was quite the sight looking up at him with the vain look of pleading on her face.

She firmly believed if it hadn't been for the presence of the guests he would've reconsidered. But the look of doubt on his face slowly faded as he looked at the crowd watching them. After talking a few deep breaths Master Sanders said the command Sapphire had been dreading.

- - "Have at the bitch!" - - The dog was on her quicker than anyone could have imagine with the exception of Pleasure Slave 3613-A. She had gone with Master Sanders to the kennel to pick up the dog and had been used as the test subject to gage his sexual aggression.

So she was the only one there that could possibly come close to knowing what Sapphire was feeling as the dog grabbed ahold of her hips. Still even that would involve a lot of guess work on her part. But anyone could easily read the look on Sapphire's face as she felt the cock thrust into her pussy. For the first time in her life as a sex slave Sapphire screamed in panic during a rape. - - "PLEASE MASTER!!! PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN!!!OH GOD!!! NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" - - Pleasure Slave 3613-A would have loved to have warned Sapphire about this part but she didn't know the words to describe the ferocity this dog showed a new bitch he was claiming.

To make matters worse for Sapphire this dog knew she now belonged to him and was going to fuck her into submission as brutally as possible. The way her body was being violently shook with each thrust of his cock was a demonstration his dominance of the bitch. He was showing her no mercy whatsoever as it felt like Sapphire's insides being jarred lose until he finally knotted her.

- - With his bitch now tied with him the dog turned ass to ass with her as he waited for his knot to shrink. Sapphire on the other hand collapsed into a heap as she cried in shame over what had happened to her.

This was not satisfactory to her new canine master as he began to growl angrily at her to make her get back in the same position she was in when the whole thing started. - - Even as she struggled back into position Sapphire began bracing herself for what was coming next.

Sapphire instinctively knew the worst was yet to come and these suspicions were confirmed once the dog's cock was freed from her pussy.

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Sapphire was disgusted as the dog walked around in front of her and presented his cock for her to suck clean. Even as hard as she had already cried before this didn't compare to the way the tears were flowing from her eyes as her lips wrapped around the dog's cock. - - Sapphire had always believed her wedding day would be one she would never want to forget. However she never could've imagined it would actually be the one moment of her life she would most want to forget.

Now this shouldn't have been that surprising of a revelation to her but her new husband was ready to go another round with her. Even as she was fighting the urge to vomit as her tongue swabbed down the cock in her mouth she felt her master's being shoved up her ass.

- - Normally Sapphire would be loving having her anal canal reamed out like that. Yet after being traumatized by the dog she could take little enjoyment out of it.

The only satisfaction Sapphire felt was after he'd filled her rectum with cum and she was sucking is cock clean as she realized it was finally over. Sapphire longed for nothing then to crawl in to her cousin's arms and cry herself to sleep but unfortunately that would have to wait.

- - Hours later the reception was winding down. Master Cesar had just finished raping Sapphire again and the guests had just about finished gang raping Jade. Sapphire would've been happier for Pleasure Slave 3613-A for earning a name. Yet the fact she was on the brink of passing out from exhaustion and she was still knotted by the dog had dampened any such emotions. Strangely enough she was almost happy to see them finish with Jade and secure her and the rest of the bridesmaids in stocks.

Now she would've liked to been able to have said goodbye to them before they were marched from the room in a line on their way to the brothel. But she couldn't do anything the way she'd been thrown over her master's shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Sapphire didn't even care anymore about the way her body was on display this way as they wished everyone goodbye and headed off for the honeymoon.

- - She was thankful once they were in the limo headed for the airport even if both her and her cousin would be kneeling on the floor of first the limo then the master's private plane.

Though it was still embarrassing as hell for both of them not to be allowed to sit in a seat while the dogs could. This did afford Sapphire one mercy Master Cesar couldn't fuck her until they got to their destination. Yet given their destination was a private resort for members of the organization she wasn't counting on being showed any discretion during her next rape. - - The thought that Master Cesar wouldn't able to rape her died a quick death not long afterwards however.

The airplane's wheels were barely off the ground when she was shaken from her thoughts by the familiar sounds of a cock being sucked and Master Cesar growling at her. Sapphire had first believed that her cousin was sucking their husband's cock but what she saw horrified as much as it sickened her. - - Her cousin's head was bobbing up and down on Master Lighting's cock.

To make matters worse for Sapphire Master Cesar's cock was now fully extended from it's sheath as he looked at her with a domineering look in his eyes. She fully understood what he wanted as he first look at her cousin then growled at her again. Even as her tears flowed harder than ever before Sapphire was moving into position. She could only think of an ten word phrase as her lips slid around the waiting cock.

- - "This is really going to be an long flight now." - - Thanks for reading and I'm sorry for the wait since the last part of the story.