Boys gangbang cute women hard

Boys gangbang cute women hard
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After spotting this handsome 30ish guy sitting there alone with a drink in his hand, I walked up to the bar next to him and started talking to him. His name was Frank. After a couple minutes of small talk I told him, "My husband and I are here because he wants to watch me get fucked by another man.

Can I interest you in helping me put on a really good show for him?" A big smile came over his good looking face, "I'll fuck you so good that he will never forget watching us and will wish he could do you half as good. Reach down there and feel the big cock that is about to give you the best fucking you have ever had." I put my hand between his legs. It was big and really hard. I licked my lips. My name is Sue.

I'm 28, 5'6" and weigh 118 pounds. I've got firm C-cup tits, a trim body, pale skin and shoulder length brown hair. I've been married to Jim for almost three years. I was not a virgin when we married. I lost my virginity up at our lake house, to my uncle who was fifteen years older than me, when I was 16. I had been with several boyfriends before getting married to Jim and had enjoyed good sex with each of them, but I had decided that I would be happy to settle down and be the loving wife and be only with my husband after our wedding.

Jim is a good husband and very good in bed. Within months after the wedding, Jim started talking to me in bed about swinging and being with other men and couples. It was usually in a joking tone but sometimes he sounded serious. He liked to play sex games where he pretended to be someone else. Sometimes he would be the plumber who came to fix a leak in the kitchen but wound up fixing my leaking cunt too. Sometimes he was my doctor who inspected my female parts with his male parts.

That was quite a tongue depressor. We both enjoyed these games but I was not sure if he was serious about me doing it with another guy or not. Finally, one day I said OK and that is how we got where we were that night. We had rented a room in the hotel and then gone down to the bar. I was about to find out if he would really go thru with it or stop the game before it went to completion. I took Frank by the arm and led him to our table.

"Frank, this is my husband Jim.


Jim, this is Frank. He's going to our room and fuck the shit out of me while you watch." I wondered if this would be the end of our game, but Jim reached into his pocket and took out the room key. "I'll follow you." I put my arm around Frank's waist and he put his hand on my ass as we walked to the elevator.

On the ride up to the tenth floor, Frank pushed me back against the wall of the glass elevator and kissed me deeply while grabbing one of my tits in his hand.

It made my pussy tingle. Jim did not stop us. We reached our floor, exited the glass elevator and headed down the hall to our room. Frank had his hand under my blouse and squarely on one of my tits. Jim was looking around to see if there was anyone coming. We spotted another person at the end of the hall just as we entered the room and closed the door behind us. I gave Frank a big kiss and grabbed his crotch before going over to my husband.

"Take my clothes off so another man can fuck me in front of you and don't play with me while you do. Just undress me for him." Jim had a slightly troubled look on his face.

This was another point where he could have stopped everything but her didn't. First he pulled my blouse over my head. My bra was already up above my tits.


Frank had pulled it up as we walked down the hall. Jim took it off next. Frank stood there, "Now, that's a great set of hooters. I'm looking forward to playing with them." Jim unzipped my short skirt and pulled it and my soaking wet panties down at the same time, exposing my freshly shave cunny to all. I stepped out of them and Frank whistled. I told Jim to sit in the chair and take his cock out and enjoy the show. When I turned around I saw that Frank had gotten out of his clothes and was standing there smiling, with his cock at about three-quarter mast.

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Frank was about six two with a great body and a nice allover tan. He either worked out or played a lot of sports. I walked over and dropped to my knees in front of him. I saw his prick twitch in front of my face. "Remember Jim, this was your idea." This was my husband's last chance to stop our game if he was going to, but he said not a word.

I reached out and put my hand around my prize. After a couple strokes and licking the big drop of pre-cum off the tip, his fuck stick was at full hardness. It was a little longer and a little thicker than my husband's, but not much, at almost eight inches. The rim of the head was a little wider than the shaft and almost purple from all the blood that had rushed to it. The inner shaft seemed as hard as a quartz crystal but the soft outer skin slid up and down on it easily.

More pre-cum appeared at the tip. "OK you pretty little bitch, suck my cock and suck it good." I opened my mouth and moved forward. My lips clamped around his cockhead and I rapidly stroked his shaft. Frank took my hand away and put his behind my head and pulled me to him.

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"No hands, just fuck me with your mouth. Do it fast and deep." Then he took his hand away. I put my hands on his ass cheeks and started bobbing up and down on his prick. "Deeper and suck harder." I took all I could. I was never able to deepthroat but I took it till it touched the back of my throat.

If fought off the gag reflex and sucked till my cheeks pulled in. I took one hand and used it to message his large ball sack.

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I looked over at my husband in the chair. He had a blank look on his face and was slowly stroking his fully erect Johnson as he watched us.

"Oh, fuck man. Your wife is a great cocksucker. This is the best blowjob I've had in a long time. I hope she sucks you half as good as she's sucking me." After several minutes I felt his ball sack tighten and his prick start to swell.

"Agggg, I'm cumming in your wife's fuckin' mouth, Man. Suck that cum, Slut. Take my load." I locked my lips around the head and sucked just as the first strong blast hit the back of my mouth.

Frank put his hand on the back of my head and tried to pull me to him but I resisted as three more ropes of his thick, salty, wonderful spunk filled my mouth to where I could not hold any more and some leaked out around his shaft and dripped down onto my chin. Even after no more came out, Franks cock twitched several more times in my mouth.

A thought went thru my mind about all those millions of little sperms swimming around in my mouth trying to find the way to swim to my eggs.

Sorry guys. "Oh shit, that was great. Show it to me and then swallow it," Frank moaned. With his cum dripping down my chin, I shook my head, no, and got up and walked over to my husband. I leaned over and gave him a big kiss. He tried to pull away but I didn't let him. I forced my tongue between his lips and into his mouth along with some of Frank's cum.

Then I let out more of it on his face. It ran down onto Jim's chin.

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I saw that he continued stroking his manhood as I did this. I walked back to Frank and showed him what cum was left in my mouth and then swallowed and again showed him my mouth. This time it was empty. "Damn Babe, that was hot. Now it's my turn to return the favor." He picked me up and tossed me on the bed. I pulled my knees up and spread them wide.

My pussy lips parted and you could see how wet I was. Frank dove head first between my legs. His tongue pushed deep into my fuck hole. He spent the next several minutes licking me from ass hole to clit and tongue fucking me. My hands either pulled on his head or squeezed my tits as he ate me out. He brought me to two strong orgasms before he stopped. I screamed out in pleasure and my body jerked uncontrollably each time.

When it was over his face was covered with my juices. I looked over at Jim.

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His pants were now around his knees and I could see puddles of his own cum on his belly and his wet cock head still in his hand. Frank got up on his knees between my legs. I could see that he was fully hard again. "Fuck me Frank. Shove that big stick in my cunt and fuck me hard and fast. I want you in me. NOW! Frank put my legs over his shoulders and lined himself up at my cunt. One hard push into my soaking wet fuck hole and Frank was buried fully in my belly.

His pelvis hit my clit and I felt his balls hit my ass. OH, Fuck." I think we both said it at the same time. Frank fucked like a bull. He pounded me hard and deep and fast for what felt like hours but was probably about ten minutes.

He brought me to several orgasms, both big and small. When he finally emptied his balls deep in me I was weak and limp but I shuddered as I felt his big load of hot seed fill me. I was glad I was on the pill so we did not have to use a condom or he did not have to pull out. Taking his cum covered shaft out of my well-fucked pussy, he brought it to my face and I happily sucked him clean.

Frank reached down and rubbed my clit. Little electric shocks raced thru my body. "I can spend the night and give you a couple more good fuckings if you want, Babe." I told him that it was tempting but that we had better call it a night.

While he dressed I told him how much I enjoyed being with him and he gave me his number in case I ever wanted to get together again. As he left he told Jim, "You're a lucky man, Dude. Your lady is one hot fuckin' bitch.

I hope you appreciate her and keep her cunt and throat satisfied." I walked over to Jim. I could see that more cum had been added to the puddles on his stomach. "Well Darling, is that what you wanted. Did you enjoy it like you thought you would?" I wasn't sure if he would say yes or no but I expected him to say that once was enough. But what he said, with a smile on his face was, "Next time I want you to pick up a black guy." I thought about it for a couple seconds and replied, "OK, but only if you come over to the bed and eat me out while I sit on your face.

I need to cum one more time." 1212