Lots of pornstars have favorite actors to work wit

Lots of pornstars have favorite actors to work wit
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My wife has always been a hot lady and from what I heard she really wasn't in High School. Oh she dated a few guys and never fucked any until her last boyfriend. She told me she just thought that was it when they fucked and she really never had an orgasm. She said she had sucked his cock but wouldn't let him cum in her mouth.

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She didn't really like that part either…&hellip.Then she met me&hellip. I was divorced and 9 years older than her and she knew me and always wanted to date me.

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Our first time together was the night we met at a party. She was in my way all night until we introduced ourselves, both got a bit drunk and me being the cad I was led her upstairs to a bedroom where we began to make out hot and heavy.

I opened her blouse to reveal some very adorable 36C's with ½" hard nipples. God I loved sucking on them and she actually came while I was doing it. I was amazed at this and thought what has this girl been missing.


We continued the heavy kissing and I unsnapped her jeans and rolled them down as her legs were kicking them off, her breathing was hard and hot, she was making these moans that would make you envious. I sneaked a finger inside the leg band of her panties and found a very wet and hot pussy.

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As we kissed I traced my finger along her pussy lips and found the hardest little clit I have ever experienced. I teased her clit with my finger tip going all around it in circles as her hips were moving back and forth and her pussy was actually seeking my finger. Her hands were tearing at my belt and unsnapped my jeans and pulled my 8" hard cock out and was manipulating it to end all. I thought wellllll lets see how she likes this and I began to edge myself down from her lips to her nipples again, then along her stomach.

I traced my lips and tongue all over her stomach and into her curly brown pussy hair. The aroma was erotic as hell. Her legs spread and bent at the knees as I positioned myself between her legs.I could see her face in the semi darkness as she moaned and tossed her head from side to side.

I placed my fingers on each side of her pussy and spread it slightly at the same time my tongue touched her clit…&hellip.She yelled so loud I thought everyone would've heard her downstairs.


Her hands grabbed my head and pulled my tongue into her wet pussy. Being the guy I am I sucked her clit between my lips and tongue licked it causing her to cum and yell louder.

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God she was wild and I was thinking where has this girl been all my life. Every movement I made with my fingers and tongue caused her to moan louder and twist her hips seeking more of the feelings she was getting. This went on until she gasped and came again and collapsed with me still working on her pussy……I said "Hey how was it?"&hellip.she looked down at me and said "That was something I never felt before"&hellip.We laid in one another's arms, kissing and talked.

I asked if this was really her first climax and she said "I guess it was because my old boyfriend never made me feel that." I asked if she was up for some more loving, she acted surprised and actually said "More?"…I laughed and laid her on her stomach as I kissed her neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs and back up again. When I got back up to her waist she opened her legs slightly and I traced my finer along her asshole causing her to jolt and say, "that feels different".

I did this for a few minutes more and went up her back to her neck, she suddenly rolled over and pushed me back on my back. My cock was standing tall and hard and she got down close to it and said "yours is nice his wasn't" I said for her to take her time and just examine it.

Oh boy she surely did, she stroked the length, traced around my sack and rolled my balls in her hand as she actually appeared to be studying it. She asked if she could kiss it and I asked, "haven't you ever done that before?" and she replied "yes but I didn't like it with him." I told her to take her time again and ask it she didn't know what to do.

She knelt between my legs and I was thinking "oh god I must be dreaming" She took it between her hands and slowly licked the head of my cock causing some pre-cum to appear. She asked if she was supposed to lick it and I said "OHHHHHHHH Yes"……She took the tip of her tongue and licked the pre-cum from the head and exclaimed, "That tasted good" and the next thing I knew my cock was deep in her mouth and prodding the back of her throat…She would withdraw and then pull my cock deep into her mouth.Shit I couldn't take much of that and said " I am going to cum" thinking she would pull back but NO she took it deeper as the first spurt launched from my cock.

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It took her by surprise but she swallowed and let the cum flood her mouth, some edging from the sides but she gulped it all down making me withering this time on the bed. She looked as if she was a champion or something by the look on her face when she saw me cumming and climaxing.

We again snuggled and I swore she was never going to leave my life.

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I was prepared to fuck her eyes out but she informed me she was not using birth control so I ceased that plan for another evening. She was still anxious for some new adventures so I gave her a really 1st long time eating out and she cummed several more times. I did get to slid a finger in her ass while eating her making her squeal in delight and her asking for more later.

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The girl started to really like the taste of cum guess so she blew me several more times and even licked the cum from my cock after cumming in her mouth. I never let her go either and she still loves tasting cum and even being fucked in the ass&hellip.I am a lucky man.