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Sexy grandma shower having fun with young cock old and young and momswithboys
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When we got back to the den, I had my brother stand in front of me again. This time though, I was the one doing the slow stroking on his dick. "God, Sis, that feels incredible." "You just let me know when you think you're getting close. Remember, better early than late." "Yes, Ma'am" So we each sipped our drinks while I slow stroked his hard dick.

I was so horny, it was all I could do to resist putting my mouth on it. I knew if I did though, he'd cum too quickly. I didn't want that. . yet." When my glass was empty, and even though he hadn't warned me of him getting close to cumming, I stopped stroking him and applied the squeeze again.

I squeezed for almost two full minutes until I was sure it was safe to release it. Then I had him go mix us fresh drinks. When he returned with our drinks, I patted the sofa next to me, "Sit with me." He complied, so I said "Let's give your dick a rest for a little while." "Okay" "Take a drink and then hand me your glass." When he did, I sat his drink on the side table, turned slightly toward him and said, "You can touch my tits." His eyes shot open.

"Really?" I giggled, "Yes, really. I know you've been wanting to ever since I picked you up at the airport.

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So go ahead. They're all yours." God! I almost came when his hands first touched me. A minute later, my breathing was labored, "You can kiss them." He wasted no time putting his mouth over my near nipple. His tongue was driving my crazy. "Suck my nipple harder. Pull on my other nipple with your fingers and pinch it a little." When he did, I had my first orgasm.

It wasn't powerful, and I'm sure he didn't know it, but it was welcomed nonetheless. "That's it, Eddie, suck and lick my nipples. Ummmm, that feels wonderful." I couldn't resist any longer. I slid my hand down and started rubbing my pussy. I kept going through the tremors of my second orgasm. "God, Eddie, I just came.

Don't stop what you're doing. Suck them harder. Pinch my nipple harder. Pull on it and twist it. Ummm yes, that's it. Keep doing that." I paused long enough to put my drink aside so I could use both hands. I put two fingers of one hand into my pussy and used my other hand to rub my clit.

"Oh God! I'm going to have a good one. Oh God! Harder, Eddie, harder." And then my pussy exploded. I pushed my brother's head and hand away from my tits and let out a loud strained moan. "Ummm, oh fuck! Oh fuck!" I practically screamed. I felt my cum bathe my fingers so I pulled them out of my pussy, and as was my practice, I immediately put them in my mouth and sucked my cum from them.

"Wow!" I said when I could, "That was a great one." When I looked at my brother, he was just sitting there with his eyes and mouth open. I showed him an appreciative smile. "Thank you." "You're very welcome. That was awesome." An idea came to me, so I stuck my fingers back into my pussy and collected a good amount of my slick cum.

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Then I offered them to my brother, "Here, have a taste of girl cum. It's really slick." Eddie didn't hesitate sucking my fingers into his mouth and licking them clean. "Ummm". "Oh, you like that, do you?" When I pulled my fingers out of his mouth, he said, "Yes I do. It tastes sweet." I giggled, "In that case, next time you can lick it out of my pussy. Would you like that?" "Hell yeah!" "Well okay then.

Next time it's all yours. Now, it's your turn. I want you to stand up and slow stroke your beautiful hard cock, but this time, you can cum. Just go slow and don't rush it." "Okay." My brother did as instructed. He stroked his hard cock slowly, sipping his drink as he stroked.

I sipped mine and watched. I was impressed that it took him almost ten minutes to announce, "I'm close." "Okay then, you can speed up and jerk it like you normally would." "I'll need a towel to catch it." I scooted to the edge of the cushion, "No, you can cum on me." "Where?" "Anywhere you want." His voice was strained when he asked, "Face and tits too?" I chuckled, "If that's what you want." A few seconds later, huge ropes of cum started flying out of his hard dick.

The first landed in my hair, the second and third squarely on my mouth and cheeks, and the rest on my neck and tits. I couldn't believe how much there was. I'd never seen a man cum so much. The last of it oozed out onto my legs. I looked right at him, making sure he was watching as I licked his cum from my lips and used my fingers to clean my cheeks and lick them clean.

"Wow! Do you always cum that much?" "Maybe not quite that much, but close. It depends on how long it's been since I jerked off. Sorry about the mess." "Eddie!" I scolded him, "Don't you ever apologize for cumming a lot.

Any girl worth her salt loves it. I love it." "I'll go get you a warm wash cloth." "No need." And I began massaging the copious amount of cum into my skin. A few minutes later, I sent him off to bed with the admonishment, "If you jerk off in the morning, slow stroke, squeeze for a long time, and then repeat that at least three times before you cum." "I promise." * * * "I did it." Eddie said without being asked when he entered the kitchen the next morning.

He was beaming with pride. I started clapping, "I'm very proud of you. I knew you could do it." He was wearing a pair of his new white shorts, and he wasn't hard. I was wearing a white sheer sleeveless blouse that was almost totally see-through. "I'm going swimming after breakfast" he told me. "Do you want to join me?" I giggled, "You just want to see me naked again." "Yeah, and your point?" He said with a chuckle.

After getting myself another cup of coffee, I walked over to him and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, "Since you were such a good boy this morning, I'll join you in the pool. I just need to do a few things and start a load of laundry first. You can help by bringing me your sheets and pillow cases." An hour or so later, I walked outside and let my brother watch me undress. Then I dove into the pool and came up right in front of him.

I threw my arms around his neck and pressed my tits into his chest. I looked him right in the eyes and asked him, "Have you kissed Sandy yet?" He shook his head, "No." "Have you kissed any girl?" "No" "Then that's something else you need to learn.

You can practice on me." His eyes got wide, "Don't you think that would be too weird?" "You'll just have to forget I'm your sister and think of me as your kissing coach. Now kiss me before I change my mind." He tentatively brushed my lips with his, so I put my hand behind his head and pulled him to me for a proper kiss.

It wasn't a French kiss, but just a nice semi firm lip to lip kiss. "Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" I asked him. "No, not bad at all." "Good, so now we're going to French kiss. This time, when our lips touch, part them a little and open your mouth some. I'll do the same, and you can slide your tongue into my mouth. Ready?" "Yeah, I guess." He was a little awkward, but soon we were enjoying a nice French kiss.

When we parted, he asked, "Was that okay? Did I do it right?" "You did good for your first try, but you need a lot of practice. Next time, put your hands on my ass and pull me to you firmly. Whenever you're ready." This time he was more confident. When his tongue was in my mouth and I was playing with it with my tongue, he slid his hands down my sides and moved them to my ass. Then he immediately pulled me to him firmly.

"That was a lot better." I told him when we broke the kiss. "You'll be a pro by the time you have to go home. So, don't be shy about practicing whenever you get the urge. You have permission to kiss me whenever you want." Hearing that, he immediately kissed me again. I could feel his dick getting hard between our bodies. When he finally backed off, I said, "Now kiss my tits and then kiss me again." He didn't have to be told twice.

God! If he only knew what it was doing to me, he might have taken me right there in the pool. . and I would have let him. When he finally abandoned my tits and kissed me again, I used my hand behind his head to pull his lips to me even harder.

I pushed my tongue into his mouth and kissed him passionately for a long time. Finally, I knew I had to put a stop to it so I pushed myself away and said, "Whew!

That was totally fucking hot. You're really getting the hang of kissing." He beamed a smile, "Thanks." "It didn't weird you out too much kissing your old lady sister, did it?" He chuckled, "Honestly, I forgot all about that." "Great.

I'm glad to hear it." And then Eddie shocked me by saying, "I need to piss. You coming?" "I'm right behind you." This time, when he stepped over into the grass, I walked up and stood beside him. I put one arm around his waist. "Let it fly." It took him a while to get his stream shooting out into a high arch. I put my other hand on his and waved his dick back and forth. "Move your hand." I purred.

He didn't hesitate, and a second later, I was holding his hard dick and waving it all around. I loved doing that.

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I always had. When he was finished, I squatted and peed too. And then we both went back into the pool. My brother wasted no time pulling me to him and kissing me. It was a very hot French kiss, and his hands went straight to my ass and pulled me to him, smashing my lower body to his hard dick.

The minute he broke our kiss, Eddie immediately lowered his head and began licking, kissing and sucking my tits. I was floating on the clouds. He was definitely catching on to the whole kissing thing.

He still had room for improvement, but he was a lot better than when we started. While he was sucking my tits, I couldn't resist reaching down and holding his wonderful dick.

I didn't stroke it though. I just held it and enjoyed the feel of it in my hand. Out of self defense, I finally had to put a stop to it and get out of the pool. "Remember, slow stroke, squeeze for a long time and repeat it three times before you cum." "Yes, Ma'am." * * * When Eddie came downstairs for supper, I was at the sink peeling potatoes.

I didn't protest when he hugged me from behind and put both of his hands on my tits.


He kept kneading them until I was finished peeling potatoes, then he spun me around and immediately started kissing me.

Finally, after three really hot kisses, I pushed him away, "Whew!" and I fanned my face with my hand. "You're getting good at that." He showed me a big smile, his face beaming with pride.

"I love kissing you." "I'm really enjoying it too, but I have to slice these potatoes and I don't want to cut off a finger, so you need to go find something to do while I finish getting supper ready." "Okay, I'll go watch some TV in the den." "No booze until after supper, young man." "Spoil sport." He said in a teasing tone as he was leaving the kitchen.

* * * Now, I know that I haven't mentioned it, so you may be thinking "what a slut, doing all those things while her husband is out of town," but that's not the case at all.

Mark called me every night, and I was totally honest with him about what I was doing with my brother. We weren't swingers or have an open marriage or anything, but I had my loving husband's blessing to do whatever I thought was necessary to help my brother over his shyness around girls. Mark really appreciated my honesty, and he trusted me totally. That just served to make me love him even more. * * * After supper, I led my brother into the den and let him fix us each a drink.

I sat on the sofa still dressed in my sleeveless blouse and a thong. When he handed me my glass, he asked, "So, what's the lesson for tonight?" I giggled, "I'm not going to tell you, but I can guarantee you're going to love it. Now, take off your shorts." When he had, I told him to step up closer. I reached up and slid my hand around his already hard dick and began slow stroking it.

Then I looked up at him and said, "What I'm about to do is going to make it more difficult for you to concentrate and let me know when to squeeze, so you're going to have to really concentrate, okay?" "Okay" That said, I scooted forward on the sofa, my knees on the outside of his legs. When I was close enough, I licked along the length of his shaft. "Oh wow!" He exclaimed.

"Concentrate." I admonished him just before putting my lips around the head of his dick. I made sure to go very slow. I didn't want him to cum yet. After only a minute and before I'd even slid much of his dick into my mouth, Eddie said "Squeeze". So I quickly removed my mouth and applied the squeeze. After holding it for well over two minutes, I patted the sofa beside me. "Let's give it a rest for a bit." My brother sat and immediately began kissing me and kneading my tits.

"Can you take off your blouse?" I giggled, "No, but you can." He fumbled with the buttons but finally managed to get them all unbuttoned. I leaned forward and he pulled it off me. Then he immediately began kissing and sucking my tits.

I could feel my juices begin to flow. I moved one of his hands down and pressed it to my pussy. I just held it there without moving it at all. He kept alternating between kissing me and sucking on my nipples until I finally stopped him and told him to stand back up. "Concentrate" I said and then took half his dick into my mouth. I kept moving my mouth down until I felt the head of his beautiful dick slip into my throat. "Wow", he said when my lips and nose were buried in his pubic hair.

I let his dick plop out of my mouth and grinned up at him, "You like that, do you?" "Hell yeah! It's awesome!" After deep throating him a couple more times, I got worried that he wasn't concentrating on stopping me soon enough to squeeze his dick, so I sat back on the sofa. We'd forgotten all about our drinks, so I picked mine up and took a sip. Eddie did the same, so I told him to slow stroke his dick until he needed to squeeze it. When he finally stopped and applied the squeeze for a very long time, I had him fix me another drink and then I told him, "Okay, now get on your knees and lick my pussy." And then I proceeded to give him exact instructions on how to do it.

I had him start by kissing my inner thighs and then gently licking my outer lips. After a little of that, I had him spread my lips open and lick up and down my pussy. After a couple of minutes, I told him to stick his tongue in my pussy as far as he could.

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Finally, I showed him how to insert two fingers, crook them, and massage my G-Spot. While he was doing that, I had him lick circles around my swollen clit. When I was ready, I had him suck my clit into his mouth and flick it with his tongue. I came almost immediately, but I'm fairly certain he didn't notice. My second orgasm was a little stronger, and I let him know with a low moan and thrust my hips up, smashing his mouth harder on my pussy.

I was holding his head in place with my hands when I felt a much better orgasm building. I started moaning and bucking up to meet his mouth. Finally, I couldn't control myself, I was moaning loudly and thrashing about.

To his credit, he held me tightly and kept at it. When that orgasm hit me, I had to push him away. "OH FUCK! FUCK! GOD! I'M. . I'M. . OH FUCK!" I screamed. When I finally calmed a little and opened my eyes, my brother was just staring at me with his eyes wide and his jaw agape.

I showed him a loving smile, "If you want to taste my cum, I have a pussy full of it." He didn't hesitate. He lowered his mouth to my pussy again and spread it open with his fingers. Then he stuck his tongue in me and lapped up my cum. When he finally withdrew, I had to giggle when I saw his face was covered with my cum. "Well?" I ask him.

"I love it!" "Then come up here and hug me for a few minutes." * * * When I was ready, I sucked my brother's hard dick again until he had to squeeze it. After that, I told him, "Okay, this time you don't have to concentrate on when to squeeze it.

I'm going to make you cum in my mouth." "Really?" he asked, sounding astonished. "Yes really." "But there's going to be a lot of it." I giggled, "I know. I've seen it, remember? I'm not sure I can take it all, but I'm going to give it the good ole college try." "Okay" And then I set about sucking his wonderful dick in earnest. "Do you want me to warn you?" He asked me. I shook my head, "I'll know." "Okay" Sure enough, it was only a couple of minutes before I felt his cock swell and his thighs tense up.

I immediately pushed the head of his dick into my throat and took the first couple of shots of his cum straight into my stomach. Then I backed off a little and took the rest of his cum in my mouth. There was still too much of it. It was gagging me and even oozing out of my nose, but I didn't care. I was determined to take it. I was about to think it would never end, but it eventually did. When I'd milked the last of his cum from his dick, I stood up and kissed him passionately.

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He didn't protest. When I broke our kiss, I looked him right in the eyes and told him, "Tomorrow night, you're going to fuck me. Now let's go for a swim." * * * When my brother came downstairs the next morning, he was all over me, feeling me up and kissing me. "Can I fuck you now, or do I have to wait until later?" I giggled, "Down boy. You're going to have to wait." "I squeezed it off three times this morning." He said with a great amount of glee in his voice.

"Nice" I told him, "I'm proud of you." And then I unwrapped my legs from around him and slid to the floor. "Now, if you don't mind, I need to finish fixing breakfast." "Okay, but I'd rather fuck you than eat." I laughed, "Down boy. Good things come to those who wait." * * * I was putting the dishes in the dish washer. When I turned around, my brother was standing there.

He immediately lifted me off the ground and kissed me, so I put my legs around his waist. After several really passionate kisses, he carried me into the den and sat me on the sofa. He untied my halter and pulled it free, and then he pulled my thong down and off. Without saying anything, Eddie slid to the floor and crawled between my legs, spreading them wide. When he began kissing my inner thighs, I pulled my feet up to the cushion. Without any coaching from me, he began licking my pussy lips.


He spread them with his fingers and he started licking the inside. After he dove his tongue into me several times, he moved to my clit and licked circles around it for quite a while.

"Ummm" I moaned. Finally, he put his lips over my clit and sucked it into his mouth, immediately flicking it with his tongue. I came twice quickly and felt myself building to a good orgasm. A couple of minutes later, I was yelling, "OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" and pushed his head away when my body exploded in orgasm. When I opened my eyes and showed him a smile, he didn't hesitate returning his mouth to my pussy and lapping up my generous cum.

When he was finished, he grinned at me, "I love that." I giggled, "Then come share it with me." He stuck his tongue in me once more and then moved up onto the sofa and kissed me passionately. When we broke that kiss, I told him, "I think you've earned a blowjob." He stood up and I scooted to the edge of the sofa.

I began stroking his hard dick slowly before licking and kissing it. Then I put it in my mouth and pressed down until the head of his dick slipped into my throat.

I stayed like that, breathing through my nose for as long as I could, then I backed off and applied the squeeze. I repeated that again, and then on the third time, I began sucking his beautiful dick in earnest.

This time, I didn't stop. When I felt his dick grow in my mouth, I pressed down until his dick was in my throat. Just as I'd done the first time, I took his first two hard spurts down my throat. And then I backed off and took the rest of it in my mouth. When he was totally spent, I kept a good portion of his cum in my mouth, stood up and kissed him passionately. He didn't protest. * * * That evening after supper, we repeated much of what we'd done that morning.

"Did you jerk off like I told you to?" "Yes, Ma'am." "Did you squeeze off three times?" "Yes, Ma'am." "Good, then you're going to fuck me now." I told him. I had him lay on his back on the floor.

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I squatted over his face and had him eat my pussy for some time before I went down on him. When I was ready to fuck him, I admonished him, "I'm going to go slow so you can squeeze it when you need to." "Okay" And then I held his dick straight up and began lowering myself on him. His girth felt wonderful inside me, but I forced myself to fuck him very slowly. Despite his almost constant moaning, he managed to stop me and squeeze his dick off twice. After waiting an appropriate time, I eased back down on him and began fucking him for real.

I came like I hadn't in a long time, screaming "OH FUCK!" over and over. He just held on to my waist and let me continue riding him. After I came for the third and very powerful time, he rolled me over and began slamming his hard dick into me. I came again soon after that, "OH FUCK, OH SHIT, FUCK ME!

FUCK ME! FUCK, DON'T STOP. FUCK ME HARDER", and he complied. It must have been fifteen or twenty minutes before he came deep inside me with a loud "Arggggg". When he got off me, all I could do was curl up into a ball and whimper like a baby.

I did manage to mumble, "Wow!


That was the best I've ever been fucked. You were amazing." * * * For the next few days, Eddie and I fell into a routine. After breakfast, he'd eat my pussy until I had a great orgasm, and then I'd give him a blowjob.

We'd go swimming after that, making out almost the whole time. When we'd return to the house, we'd fuck. He fucked me from behind, standing up with my legs around his waist, and he fucked my ass several times after lubing it up with his tongue. After supper, we'd fuck some more, but I stayed on top for a long time. And then he'd roll me over and fuck me like there was no tomorrow. I screamed so loud, I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the police.

Mark was to fly in one day prior to Eddie flying home, so the night before, my brother fucked me several times. We didn't go to bed until almost four a.m. Eddie didn't want to go to the airport with me to pick up Mark, but I insisted.

Mark and I had a little joke to play on him. We waited in the cell phone waiting area until Mark called and said he was outside baggage claim. After getting in the car and giving me a kiss, Mark turned in his seat, "So Eddie, I hear you've been fucking my wife." I didn't have to turn around to know that my brother was freaking out. After a long minute, Mark and I burst out laughing. Finally, Mark said to Eddie, "It's okay, son.

She's been giving me a rundown on your progress almost every night. I spoke up, "That's right, Eddie. You don't think I would do all those things with you without my husband's permission do you?" "I guess not." He finally managed to mumble.

That night after supper, Mark told Eddie, "I'm really tired from my trip. I'm going to make myself a drink and go to bed. This is your last night here, so enjoy yourself." I knew Mark didn't close our bedroom door, so I made sure to be extra loud while Eddie was eating my pussy. Sure enough, I saw him peek around the corner. He showed me a wide smile and watched until my big orgasm started.

I had to close my eyes. When I opened them again, he was gone. I didn't give my brother a blowjob that night. Instead, I had him lay down on the floor. I made sure the top of his head was pointing toward our bedroom. Then I mounted him and began slow fucking him.

When Mark reappeared, he was stroking his hard dick, so I crooked a finger at him. Poor Eddie almost jumped off the floor when my husband stepped up beside us. I sat up on Eddie and began sucking Mark's hard dick. When I glanced down at Eddie, his eyes were wide and his whole body was tense. I pulled my husband's dick out of my mouth long enough to smile down at him, "Relax, Bro.

I'll start fucking you again as soon as finish with Mark's dick. Just let me know if you need to squeeze." A minute later, Eddie practically yelled, "Squeeze." I quickly got off him so he could squeeze his dick, but I didn't wait. I went right back to sucking Mark's hard dick. After somewhat over two minutes, Eddie told me it was okay, so I slid back down on his dick.

While doing that, I didn't miss a lick or suck on my husband's dick. We had trained Mark's dick really well, so it was a very long time until he came. He didn't have as much cum as Eddie, so there was no need to take it down my throat. He liked me to keep plenty in my mouth to share with him.

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When Mark was drained, he leaned down and kissed me passionately, sharing his cum. And then he walked over to the wet bar for another drink. I began slow fucking my brother again until he had to squeeze a second time.

This time, while he was squeezing, I got up and joined my husband at the wet bar. He handed me his drink. After I took a big drink, I sat the glass on the bar and we began making out. When Eddie announced that he was ready, I returned to him. He only let me slow fuck him for a minute or so before rolling me over and mounting me. He fucked me hard and fast for a very long time. I was a lot more vocal for my husband's benefit. "God, Mark!

He's fucking me so good. OH GOD! OH FUCK! Fuck me faster! Fuck me as hard as you can." Sure enough, Eddie sped up his pace and began really slamming to me. "God, Mark, "I'm. . I'm. . OH GOD! Almost there. Don't you dare stop. OH FUCK! FUCK!

FUCK! YES! FUCK ME, EDDIE, FUCK ME. FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!" And I came harder than I'd ever cum in my life. Still, I wouldn't let Eddie stop. "Don't stop! God, please don't stop. Keep fucking me hard. I didn't expect to cum hard again so soon, but I did, screaming to my husband at the top of my lungs while I was cumming.

I couldn't take any more, so I finally had to stop Eddie. He seemed disappointed until I rolled him onto his back and began sucking his beautiful dick.

It only took me a couple of minutes to make him cum. When I got to my feet, Mark had a drink waiting for me on the bar. "Mix one for Eddie." I told him. And then I looked back at my brother.

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I could tell he wasn't sure what to do, so I told him, "Don't turn shy now. Come over here and have a drink with us." When he joined us, Mark said to him, "Wow, that was quite a show.

The squeeze thing is already helping, huh?" "Yes, Sir" Eddie mumbled and took a big gulp of his drink. "Well good for you. I wish I'd have learned it at your age.

I did the Wham Bam thing way too many times before I met your sister. I'm sure you'll be able to show Sandy a real good time when you get that far with her." Hearing Sandy's name, Eddie shot his eyes to me. I just grinned and winked at him. It surprised me when I heard my husband tell Eddie, "Well, if you need a refresher course before school starts, you're welcome to come back for a few days." "Hey!" I jumped in, "Don't I have anything to say about that?" Mark chuckled, "After what I just saw, I knew you wouldn't object." * * * The End Thank you for reading, and please vote and leave a comment.