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The Adventures of Captain Bliss Julie strolled through the rain seemingly unaware of her clothes being soaked through. Her shoulders were hunched and her arms hung very limp by her sides. Her beautiful face showed only agony and desperation.

After 12 months of involuntary celibacy and suspecting her husband was cheating on her she had discovered that it was true. To make matters worse it was her best and only real friend that had betrayed her. Stephen and Julie had hit it off when Stephen arrived from Sydney, Australia on a university exchange program. They started dating almost immediately and Julie was so in love with Stephen that she had agreed to return with him to Australia on the completion of their education.

She was a very attractive girl but did not make friends easily. Stephen hung out with a bunch of guys he knew from Uni before heading to The States and Julie tagged along and soon became friends with Jennifer, one of the gang who had happened to also go through most of grade school with Stephen. The two became close which was good because Julie did not have any other family or friends in Sydney and could not afford to go home and visit the few family she had back home.

Julie contemplated life and more so death as she looked for a spot on the bridge where she would hurl herself to her death. She soon found a spot and climbed through and stood looking at the water that had many times carried Stephen and her around the Harbour on many of the romantic outings Stephen had taken her on.

She considered Stephen to be a rare and wonderful catch. Not only was he very romantic but he was an incredible lover. His awareness of her wants and desires was uncanny, almost instinctive and they both adored sex greatly. Julie was truly convinced that that she could see no more happy days and that she would never feel as loved or desired as she did with Stephen.

She lifted and held her arms up to steady her balance and closed her eyes. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh. Something hit her in the side and she was being carried through the air by, by, a flying man????

Her head ached and spun in disbelief and awe as she gasped for breath and tried to find something she could fix her eyes on. The suddenly the ground raced toward her. She felt herself gently place on the ground and lowered to her side as the shock of what had just happened mad her pass out for a couple of minutes.

When she came to things were a bit of a blur but there was a bright orange image somewhere in front of her that she tried to make out. As her eyes adjusted she gasped once more at what she saw.


It was a man, a hooded man with a cape and a mask. He stood powerfully in front of her with his clenched fists dug into his sides and his elbows sticking out. His chest puffed out in true super hero style and then he spoke in a deep powerful voice not to dissimilar to the likes of James Earl Jones.

"Not a very good night for a swim my dear" "I was. but I. "And what is a spectacular lady like yourself doing out alone on a cold rainy night by yourself? You should be at home in front of a nice warm fire with some undeserving shmuk feeding you fine chocolate and freshly cut fruit and kissing your feet my fine lady" He boomed. His kind words began soothing her aches and pain as he spoke. "If I may be so bold as to suggest, we need to get you somewhere warm and get those wet clothes off of you before your magnificent body takes ill" Oh my god he was so bold and direct.

She nodded submissively as he stepped toward her. She gasped as he picked her up in his incredible strong arms and took off.

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As she flew she noticed his bare chest, smooth and strong and she looked up at his thick square jaw and to her surprise began to fantasise about kissing his lean Sharp lips and tasting his thick strong tongue. She also made note of the more than ample bump against her left buttock as he held her across his powerful chest and flew to his bat cave or wherever it was he was taking her.

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Finally he landed and set her down on a beautiful rooftop garden. Julie was astounded at the beautiful setting before her. It was like the finest hotel room she had ever stayed in or seen for that matter yet set in a garden bursting with bright colours and lush green plants.

She looked out at the rain and walked over and stuck her hand into it to see if she was dreaming. She turned to look at her saviour of sorts and for the first time in a long time smiled at him.

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"Who are you?" She whispered. "I am captain bliss. I am here to ravage your amazing body and make love to you through the night. When you awake you will feel no more sadness or pain. Your mind and body will be far more satisfied than it ever has been before." She wanted to ask him who sent him or why he was saying such nice things to her but her eyes just fluttered as she stood mesmerised by his strength and beauty.

She noticed the bulge in his kilt and try as she might she could not stop wondering exactly what that kilt was hiding. "Oh dear" Was all she finally mustered up the courage to say. "Now let me do something with those wet clothes" He said moving toward her. There was a flash of light and Julie must have lost consciousness as when she opened her eyes she was completely naked in front of the stranger. "Oh gosh" She gasped covering her large dark nippled breasts with one hand and her neatly trimmed pussy with the other.

"Do not be ashamed!" He boomed. "You're beauty is simply breathtaking and intoxicating. Your beauty is my weakness, my kryptonite if you will.

Your breasts beckon my greedy lips and my loins groan to satisfy your delicious womanhood." She said nothing for she could say nothing. He put his strong left arm around her back to support her weight and squashed her right breast in his powerful hand as he kissed her passionately on the lips.

Her legs gave way and she was now supported only by his strength as his lips and tongue ravished her neck, shoulders and breasts. Finally he picked her up and walked to the bed placing her across the width of the bed with her legs from below her knees dangling over the edge.

He gently but tantalisingly kissed his way from one knee up her smooth tight skin of the inside of her thigh stopping immediately before touching her now well moistened pussy. In disappointment she let out the moan of a little girl refused a lolly as she was desperate to feel his tongue on her expectant pussy. He trailed his way somewhat slower up the other side again stopping just short of her sopping pussy.

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"Oh my god eat my pussy, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease" He moved up slightly and placed a tender kiss on her lower stomach just above her slit and then reaching under and around her body brought his hands up to squeeze her tits hard. Using the very tip of his tongue ever so delicately he circled her opening once and then twice and began a third lap when she screamed "Make me cum or I'll die" Music to his ears as she had only minutes before wanted in fact to die.

He thrust his thick long tongue deep inside her and brought his top lip down over her throbbing clit causing her to erupt in orgasm immediately. Her body shook and shuddered violently as a stream of her sweat nectar continued to squirt into his open mouth.

"You taste so sweet; I could feast on your fruit all day and night" When the last drop fell from her lips to his tongue he kissed her glistening lips and then stuck a finger inside of her. He slid up beside her with his finger searching for her G spot and kissed her hard on the lips so she could taste her own juice. They tongue wrestled in a frenzy as he located her magic spot and started rubbing ferociously and she was no longer able to concentrate on their kiss.

Her head thrashed from side to side as the captain began to suck as though feeding on her marvellous breasts first one then the other. When her breasts were reddened from his attack he continued to trail down her flat stomach toward her pussy.

When he got to her pussy he flicked her swollen clit back and forth with his tongue. He continued to circle around it, pushing it and flicking it skilfully driving her crazy and also driving her toward another orgasm. He felt her pussy quiver and started rubbing and licking like a man possessed as her back arched pushing her clit up inside his mouth.

She howled as she came and squirted a stream of cum all over her own tits and stomach and even in her own face. She whimpered like a little schoolgirl as she lay helpless against the sexual prowess of this.superhero.

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He spun her around so she was lying down the length of the bed and could see him and removed his cape leaving the hood and mask on. She watched intently with eager anticipation as he reached for the clasp of his kilt.

'Snap' it dropped to the floor leaving his cock standing straight out from his body. It definitely put Stephen's 7 inches to shame standing an impressive 10 inches out and was nice and thick as well.

Not only was its size captivating to Julie but the all over perfection of it. The head was big and round and a deep purplish blue and the shaft had lumps and bumps in all the right places ensuring extra pleasure for her ride Julie thought. In a trance she sat up and took hold of his cock exploring its shape and size with her fingers and the palms of her hands.

She held the knob in the palm of one hand as though trying to guess at the weight of the knob alone. She then licked the precum from his slit and groaned in pleasure. "Oh yum it's fantastic" She blurted out not meaning to speak but thinking out load. She put her head down over his knob as she blushed for a second before he placed a strong finger under her chin and lifted her face so that he could see her pretty face as she pleasured his cock. "My divine enchantress this is surely the last picture I wish to see if I ever die" She held the shaft in one hand and the knob in the other still and the sunk the knob into her throat.

She moved up and down him experimenting with how much of him she could take in and then found a comfortable rhythm.


He watched her face the whole time never taking his eyes off her. She had just started to notice an ache in her jaw from stretching to accommodate his size when he said "It is time" He scooped her up in one arm and grabbed his cock with the other and drew her toward his cock placing the bulbous head at between her sodden lips.

She closed her eyes and waited for her impaling and bit her bottom lip. Seeing that she did not hesitate or request a slow entry the Captain thrust her down on his gigantic cock. She hugged him near to her and made delightful little 'ooh' sounds with each thrust. "Your sweet voice is music to my ears" He plunged into her over and over until her legs which had been wrapped around him began to straighten forcing to cup her ass cheeks in his strong ands and support her weight.

She shuddered once more and came. He placed her on all fours on the bed and lined her up from behind and drove into her and found a nice steady pace. Her beautiful breasts rocked back and forward in time with his thrusts and she dropped down onto her elbows. He grabbed her firm round ass cheeks for leverage and began to pound her relentlessly.

In one move he picked her up turned her over and laid her on her back with his cock still inside her.

"Now I can watch your exquisite ecstasy as I draw another orgasm from your magnificent body my love" Julie supposed she could make her cum with his words if he wanted to. She watched his muscular body rock back and forward and then felt her pussy tingle, the first indication of another climax. His balls churned and her pussy quivered, her body convulsed as his cannon fired round after round of warm creamy jizz deep inside her firm belly.

When Julie stopped shaking, she lay spent as he held her tight. She felt like the most beautiful, most desired woman in the universe.

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Good job Captain. When Julie awoke in the morning in her own bed she reached over and grabbed the mask the captain had left her she knew she would find love again and today was the perfect day to start looking. Stay tuned for the further Adventures of Captain Bliss.

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