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Black stockinged tgirl tugs after stripping
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The Ghost-Boy Chronicles 5 Sam paces around in the basement of Fenton Works impatiently. There's an annoyed look on her face as she folds her arms over her chest. At the other end of the room is Tucker, who's standing beside the open Fenton Ghost Portal. "What could be taking him so long?" Sam asks.


"I'm going to find out." She walks over to the Portal wanting to peek through and check out what's going on, only to have Tucker step in front of her, blocking her path. "Look, you can't just journey into the Ghost Zone." He tells her.

"It's dangerous." "Tucker, we've been in there dozens of times, remember?" Sam says. "Besides, Danny might need our help. We'll use the Specter Speeder." "No!" Tucker says, with his voice showing a hint of panic. "Uh, Danny's handling the riot situation in the Ghost Zone.

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I'm sure he's finishing up right now." Meanwhile… In the Ghost Zone, Danny is handling a situation…that being he's giving it to Spectra hard & fast. The Succubus Ghost was trapped by Danny some weeks ago, but only after a deal was made.

She agreed to willingly go back to the Ghost Zone, so long as Danny entered every week and "provided" her with the means to stay youthful. "OH GOD, YES!!!" She screams. "I FEEL SO YOUNG!!!" Danny's starts to feel exhausted as he continues to pound her pussy ruthlessly.

"And I feel like she's sucking the life out of me!" He thinks to himself. "But it still feels good!" Spectra wraps her legs around him and begins to grind her hips onto his, wanting Danny to go as deep as he can inside of her. After a few more minutes of this intense action, Danny feels himself on the edge. "Oh…Spectra…I think I'm…" "YES, DANNY!!!" She yells.

"LET IT GO!!! SPRAY IT ALL INSIDE OF ME!!!" Danny does let go, and blasts his load deep inside of Spectra.

"Yes…I can feel it inside of me." Suddenly, her body begins to glow. Dull at first, but quickly becoming brighter. The light becomes blindingly bright, as it appears that she's going through a transformation of sorts. A moment later, the glow fades, and Spectra looks like the young woman she was went Danny first met her. "Good, you got your fix." Danny says as he pulls out of her and zips himself up. "Now I can get back to…" Before he continues, he feels Spectra's lips pressed hard against his.

She puts her hands on his chin and draws him in closer, sucking his lips off all the while. She finally pulls back and grins. "You should be happy, Young Danny." She tells him. "Now I don't need to venture out for the life energy of humans, with you so readily providing it." She runs her finger under his chin before floating off deeper into the Ghost Zone, feeling rejuvenated.

Danny, on the other hand, is feeling drained of power. "I know I shouldn't do this," he says to himself, "but I am keeping her away from innocent humans.

Plus the sex is fantastic. Just can't let Sam find out about this." He turns around and slowly floats over to the Ghost Portal exit leading back to Fenton Works. As he steps through the portal to the other side, he sees Sam & Tucker in the Specter Speeder, ready to drive through the portal. "Going on a Road Trip?" Danny asks.

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Sam opens the door and rushes over to hug Danny. "Danny!

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Thank goodness you're OK." She then realizes she's showing too much emotion and backs off a bit. "I mean…uh, you were in the Ghost Zone for a long time…" "Uh, yeah." Danny replies nervously. "The Riot in the Ghost Zone. Nothing I couldn't handle." "So you up for a trip to the Nasty Burger?" Tucker asks. Danny takes a long yawn. "Can't do it today, Tuck.

The battle just wore me out. I gotta catch some Z's." Danny transforms back to his human form and climbs the stairs out of the basement. Sam & Tucker stay behind. "You know, Danny's been more exhausted ever since he's stepped up his ghost hunting." Sam says.

"And his weekly trips into the Ghost Zone…" Tucker interrupts, not wanting her to figure out what's going on. "I'm sure it's nothing." Tucker says. "It'll all blow over, then everything will be back to normal." The Next Day… At Casper High School, Sam has just walked into the locker room after her gym class. She takes off her sweat-drenched T-Shirt to reveal a very Goth-like Black Lace bra. As she wipes her face with a black towel heads to the girls' shower, she overhears a conversation between Paulina & her friend Star.

"So, you really did it with him?" Star asks. "Yep, at the concert, in front of everyone." Paulina brags. Sam sighs and continues on her way to the shower. "What a slut." She thinks to herself.

"It's true." Paulina continues. "I had sex with Inviso-Bill!" Sam stops in her tracks once she hears this. She hides behind a group of lockers and listens in closely to the rest of their conversation. "I don't know what came over me." Paulina says. "I heard the music, then I saw him…and then we just went at it like animals." "So how was it?" Star asks.

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"Well, I'll tell you this, girlfriend." Paulina tells her with a devious grin. "You've never had sex until you had it floating in the air with a Super powered Ghost-Boy." The two begin to giggle and laugh about the experience, as behind the lockers, Sam is fuming with anger and rage.

She stomps into the shower with only one thing on her mind…revenge. 20 Minutes Later… The cool shower hasn't cooled off Sam, as she storms through the halls looking for only one man, Danny Fenton.


She reaches his locker, but finds only Tucker standing in front of it, trying to get it unlocked. "Damn. Why did I leave my PDA in his locker." Tucker asks himself as he searches for the right combination.

He's interrupted though, as Sam turns him around and slams him against the lockers, looking for answers. "Danny…location…NOW!!!" She demands.

"He's off doing the ghost thing." Tucker says. "Yeah, I'll bet he is." Sam says. "What's the matter with you?" Tucker asks. "What's the matter with me?" she says. "I just found out that our friend used his ghost powers to bang Paulina. I mean, who knows who else he could've done it with?

All of the girls in Casper High could've been…" She stops in mid-sentence when she notices Tucker becoming more & more nervous. "You've known about this all along, haven't you?" Tucker begins to panic.

"Uh…no I didn't?" He says, lying through his teeth.

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Sam moves him out of the way and puts in the combination to Danny's locker. She successfully opens it and pulls out Tucker's PDA. "What are you planning to do with that?" She says nothing; instead she walks outside with Tucker following after her. She finds an open manhole and hovers the PDA over it as Tucker gets on his knees. "NO! NOT THE PDA! IT'S INNOCENT!!!" "Tell me the Truth, Tucker!" Sam demands.

Tucker finally breaks down. "OK, OK, It's true. He told me a week ago." Sam growls in anger & frustration. "I can't BELIEVE he would do this. With Paulina! As Danny Phantom!" She stops her fuming and looks back at Tucker, thinking he might know something else. "Who else did he do it with, Tucker?" Tucker stands back to his feet. "No. I'm Danny's best friend. And I won't betray his trust." She dangles the PDA over the manhole, causing Tucker to break down and fall to his knees again.

"OK! He did it with Desiree!" Sam's jaw drops. "With a Ghost. He actually did it with a ghost. How could you stand there and let him do it with a ghost unless…" She puts 2 & 2 together and realizes Tucker joined in. Tucker smiles innocently, trying to avoid her wrath. Sam clenches her fists and screams towards the heavens.

"IS EVERYBODY GETTING LAID BUT ME???" Tucker stands back up and walks over to her, as everyone in earshot turns in their direction. "Calm down, Sam. I know you're angry." Sam cuts him off. "Oh, I'm way past angry, Tucker. I'm vindictive." Tucker gets confused. "Vindictive?" She grabs Tucker by his collar and pulls him close. "If you think that you & Danny are gonna be the only ones having wild sex around here, you're sadly mistaken." With that, she starts walking down the street towards her house, dragging Tucker along behind her.

30 Minutes Later… The door to Sam's bedroom gets kicked open, and Sam drags Tucker in by his collar. She turns and tosses him on her bed. Tucker looks around, surprised that he's in her bedroom for the first time. But his attention turns back to Sam, as she begins to unbuckle his pants. "Wait, Sam…what about your parents?" Tucker asks.

"Heh. They're off protesting against a Goth Concert coming to Amityville." She says as she takes off his shoes and begins to pull down his pants.

"They'll be gone for hours." Tucker starts to think twice about this situation. "What if I'm wrong for doing this?" He thinks to himself. "I know that Danny has feelings for her.

This is almost like I'm backstabbing him." Those thoughts go out of the window as he feels his boxers being slid down his legs. Sam takes off her top to reveal the Black Lace bra again, then grabs firm hold of Tucker's manhood. "I've been wanting to do this for a long time." She says with a sly grin, before running her tongue along his shaft, then inserting the head of his cock into her mouth.

Tucker develops a goofy grin on his face. "On the other hand, Danny's not actually dating her." Tucker thinks. "And he did have sex with Paulina & Spectra." He places his hand on her head and lies back on her bed. "I never took you for a meat eater, Sam." He jokes.

Sam stops working on his Cock and looks up at him. "If you keep making stupid jokes like that, I'll stop." "Sorry. I'll shut up." She goes back to work, inserting his member back in her mouth, and this time pushing as deep as it can go. Her lips touch the base of his rod, causing him to tremble with pleasure.

"Damn, how'd you get so good at this?" Tucker asks. She releases his rod from her mouth again, and works her tongue on the shaft. "I'm an Ultra-Recyclo Vegan. I've have a lot of practice on cucumbers." Sam slowly works her hand downstairs, under her skirt and inside her panties to reach her freshly shaven snatch.

She delves two fingers inside and begins to finger herself. Tucker notices this and gets even more aroused. This goes on longer, until Sam has finally had enough. She leans in close to Tucker and kisses him deeply. They fall onto the bed and embrace each other in a moment of passion. She lays down on her back as Tucker slowly pulls her skirt and panties off of her, leaving on her combat boots. He slowly spreads her legs open and begins to gently tongue her love lips.

"Oh yeah." She moans in approval. "Nice to see that your tongue has more uses than talking." Tucker shoots her a look of disapproval before continuing. He puts his arms under her legs and wraps around them, as he goes deeper.

His tongue penetrates through he inner walls, which causes her to shake violently for a second. She grabs the sheets on her bed and tightens her legs around Tucker's head.

She doesn't notice until he taps on her thigh. "Oh! Sorry, Tuck." She says as she loosens her hold. Tucker climbs onto the bed with her. "That's OK. I think it's time for the main even anyway." He positions himself in front of her, holding his Cock, ready to enter. He's a little hesitant about moving forward, until Sam reaches out and grabs his shaft. "Just…be gentle. OK?" Sam asks as she takes off her bra, revealing her soft round breasts to the daylight.

Tucker nods his head and takes off his T-shirt, before he pushes himself into her. She groans and winces a bit, then accepts him into her pussy. He slides about halfway in, not wanting to go too deep. He then begins to start a steady rhythm, pumping her love box gently, so that she can handle it.

"Tucker, you don't have to be that gentle with me." She says. "I have a dildo." "OK, you're the boss." Tucker replies, and he speeds up his stroke a little.

Sam lets out a moan of pleasure, as the bed slowly begins to rock and shake.

Small beads of sweat begin to form on her forehead, as she bites her lip. She's never gone quite this deep with a dildo, and it's a little overwhelming to her. Tucker continues his motion, knowing she's feeling every inch of him. "Looks like you're working up a little sweat, Sam." He says smugly.

"I told you…Goths don't sweat…we Simmer!" Sam replies, clenching the sheets tightly, trying to handle all of Tucker's manhood. Suddenly, her jaw drops and her body tingles and tightens. She locks her legs in a vice grip around Tucker and screams out passionately. "OH YES, TUCKER! FUCK ME!!!" she cries out. Tucker's just hit her G-spot, and now he knows it. He speeds up his strokes even more, now slamming his balls against her wet pussy. The bed is bouncing and squeaking loudly now.

Sam's hair is out of its ponytail and now spread all over the bed. The two of them are breathing hard, with sweat pouring off of both their bodies.

They keep at it, for what seems like an eternity for the two. Sam closes her eyes, as she feels herself on the verge, and getting closer. "OH YES! OH GOD, I'M GONNA…" She's not able to finish. Instead she yells out in a moment of pure bliss as she hits her orgasm. Tucker pulls out his Cock just as he hits his orgasm, and sprays his load all over her stomach & her breasts. He kneels over her and tries to catch his breath, with his manhood lying limp on stomach. "Heh…still feel like your left out?" Tucker asks Sam.

"Not anymore, Tuck." She replies.


Tucker falls out on her bed exhausted, as Sam continues to lie there, basking in the glow of her first true orgasm. The Next Day… Danny, Sam & Tucker are all making their way to Fenton Works. They pass by Tucker's house as Danny tries to apologize for abandoning the two. "Then Vlad trapped me in a Fenton Containment Unit that he modified." He tells them. "If it wasn't for my ghostly wail, who knows what would've happened." Sam puts her hand on Danny's shoulder.

"No need to explain, Danny. We understand." "Yeah, man." Tucker adds. "We know it comes with the whole, half-kid half-ghost territory." They all have a good laugh, but it's interrupted when a familiar enemy makes an appearance, startling the residents in town. They look up to see that it's Technus causing the trouble. "HA! I, Technus, have once again been freed from my Anti-Virus prison." He announces.

"Now, with the information I have, I will be able to bring the world to its knees! Take me to the one called 'Bill Gates'!" Danny looks back at Sam & Tucker.

"This could get dangerous." "Go, Danny. Save the day." Sam tells him. Danny looks around for a second, the ducks into a nearby alley. "I'M GOING GHOST!!!" After a brief flash of light, he transforms into Danny Phantom and flies up to confront Technus. From the ground, Sam & Tucker watch on with a grin.

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"Hmm, this battle could take a while." Sam says. "We'll need to do something to pass the time." A large grin forms across Tucker's face. "You don't need to ask me twice." Sam grabs him by the hand and leads him into his house, and up to his room.