Teen slut gets jizzload in her mouth

Teen slut gets jizzload in her mouth
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Dog Day Morning She wakes up, rolls out of bed and heads down stairs to make some coffee. She lives alone now her son has been gone and her husband divorced her.

This house is too big for just her and her three golden retrievers. She lets the three big dogs sleep in the bed with her every night, taking up most of the bed. She pours herself a cup of coffee and heads back up stairs to get ready for work.

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Undressing to take a shower. The water is good and hot and as she washes herself, she gets somewhat excited when she washes cretin places. She turns off the water and reaches out for her towel. Drying herself off as she steps out of the shower stall.


She grabs another one for her hair and is drying her hair when she feels the wetness of a dog's nose sniffing at her crotch. She looks down to see the biggest of her dogs, with his nose in her crotch and then his tongue licking out at her pussy. She pushes him away and yells at the dog, and she feels the wetness of her pussy from the few licks across her clit.

She yells at Clyde and watches as he walks out of the bathroom. So she continues to dry herself off, meanwhile Clyde does a u-turn and heads back into the bathroom. She has her foot up on the toilet seat to dry off her leg, which spreads her legs apart more as Clyde once again shoves his nose into her crotch.

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Clyde begins licking her pussy again making it even wetter. She yells at the dog again and smacks the dog this time turning and walking into the bedroom to finish drying and to get ready for work. As she approaches the bed Clyde following her jumps up with his front paws and knocks her forward onto the bed. Clyde jumps up and starts humping her from behind as she is laying face down across the bed with her feet on the floor.

She feels the dog trying to hump her, when all of the sudden she feels the dog dick enter her pussy about 2 to 3 inches. The dog starts pushing his dick in her hard and fast. She screams at the dog to get off her, but it does no good.

So she rolls over knocking the dog off her and out of her pussy. She smacks the dog again and yells more at the dog. As she feels the wetness from the brief dog fucking, she wonders what it would be like to let the dog fuck her. Then she thinks that is sick. So she walks over to the walk-in closet, when all of the sudden she feels the dog jump up again.

Clyde's paws knocked her forward, tripping her over the laundry basket. Falling forward over the basket she bangs her head on the floor and passes out.

Her waist is across the basket leaving her ass sticking in the air. Clyde quickly mounts her from behind, stabbing with his dog dick trying to find that tight spot again. As he pokes at it his dick finds the wetness and enters into her pussy again.

Clyde is rocking inside her wet tight pussy, driving in a half inch each stroke. Then as Clyde get most of it in her, the knot is caught and won't go into this tight pussy. He repositions his legs to ram it harder and drives into her with a violent force. He feels the knot force in her and with each pump into her pussy it goes deeper.

As the knot moves in her deeper it is ripping and stretching her tight pussy. She awakens just in time to feel pain from the bang on her head and the tearing of her love canal.

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She yells out in pain at the dog as she feels about 7 or 8 inches of dog dick inside her. But the worst part is the big knot slowly moving further up inside her. She tries to move to get it out of her, but it causes her more pain as she is stuck in this position at the mercy of her dog and no strength left from the blow to the head. She feels the knot being driven deeper yet and the pain is unbearable to her. When all of the sudden she feels the dog explode inside her.

She starts screaming louder at the dog, with no relief because the dog won't listen. She feels the knot going away and the dog dick shrinking inside her. She is feeling relief from the pain and thinking soon she was going to kill her dog. Knowing that her dog just attacked her and raped her.

She feels the dog dick come out of her and tries to push herself up with her arms still half weak from the blow to the head. She feels another dog jump up on her from behind.

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She turns her head to see this time its JD up behind her trying to get his doggy dick in her. As he is stabbing and poking at her it finds its way into the wet sweet spot he was looking for. And JD keeps banging away inside her with each stroke driving it deeper and deeper.

She feels the second dog fucking her and feels the dog dick going in her harder. She feels the pain from the first one ripping her pussy as it went in with the knot. Knowing this will happen again, she tries to push herself up with her arms again.

Then she feels something above her head. Clyde meanwhile isn't done yet, for three years he's never gotten his rocks off, cause she keeps them where they can't ever get to any female dogs. And right now several dogs in the neighborhood are in heat and these dogs can smell it. So now they have to get off with however they can.

So Clyde lies across her head and shoulders so his weight will keep her down. When he lies down across her head his dog dick is right there at her face.

She feels the knot of JD's dog dick entering her pussy opening and ripping it even more. She turns her head to the side to try and get more air thinking how could this happen. And lets out a scream as the knot rips into her. She feels something in her mouth and weight push her head down onto the floor as this wet thing is in her mouth is going further and further as it grows.

Clyde feels her head turn and when her mouth opened to scream he just inched forward, pushing his dog dick into her mouth. While lying down across her head he had the perfect position to drive it and keep it in her mouth. With a slow rocking and pumping of his body, his dick was in a wet warm place that felt good to him.

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So he continued to force it in more and more. She could feel two dogs now raping her body, one ripping her pussy into and another shoving his doggy dick into her mouth.

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She could feel the dog dick right at the back of her throat, and she felt the knot at her lips. Thinking oh my god he's going to choke me with this thing. JD was driving his dog dick into her pussy with such a force that it was causing blood to come out and run down her legs. He was 5 and never got laid and was going to enjoy this first time fucking of his owner. He started feeling the knot move to the end and Bang he busted loose inside her with a smashing force.

Doggy cumm shooting into her hard and long squirts. She could feel the dog dick inside her explode like she has never felt before.


Loads of dog cum pumping inside of her. While another dog dick was going down her throat, causing her to gag each time it came out and re entered. She could feel the big knot inside her mouth inching closer towards her throat, thinking she would die from this if it tries to go down. As JD's knot shrank and dick went down he pulled it out of her and freed her pussy from his violent fucking.

Meanwhile Jr mounts her from behind and pokes for the same hole. His dog dick has no problem finding the hot wet hole and he starts pumping his dick into this pussy fast and hard. She is lying there helpless with the third of her three big dogs fucking her cunt. She wishes she could wake up from this nightmare. Again she fells the knot in her mouth being forced to the back of her mouth at her throat.

With deep gagging coming from her insides, she feels the dog dick down her throat and the big knot pushing its way into her throat. She also feels the dog dick fucking her pussy again like twice before.

The gagging is making her throat muscles contract tightly around the dog dick. When all of the sudden she feels it explode down in her throat. She feels the hot cum gushing down into her belly. Filling her up, like she just ate a meal.

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She feels it throbbing in her throat until the knot is gone and the dog dick comes out to just her mouth. She feels the dog pumping her pussy hard and feels guilty because she is having an orgasm. Oh God how can this be happening. I'm being doggy gang raped and liking it. She feels an orgasm like never before and feels the dog dick in her mouth.

She begins sucking on the dick hard, but soft. She tries to move her head back and forth but the weight of the dog won't let her. But at least she can just suck on it. She feels big waves of cum flowing from her pussy with each pump the dog is forcing. The knot inside of her is going deeper and causing her orgasm after orgasm. Clyde just lies there as she is sucking on his dog dick. Enjoying this like nothing he has ever felt before.

Meanwhile Jr is pounding away at her pussy so hard and deep until he busts his load completely inside of her. She begins to think its over and I can punish these dogs. When all of the sudden she feels another dog from behind.

What she thinks how can this be possible, how can these dogs fuck so much? JD jumps back up behind her and starts poking away at her again. This time he's at a different angle and the hole he finds isn't the same one. This hole is a bit tighter and dryer then the other one.

So he just keeps forcing it in more and more. She feels the dog behind her and poking his doggy dick around for seconds. Then she feels the sharp stabbing pain from her ass hole. The dumb dog stuck it in the wrong hole and oh God it hurts really bad.

So she tries to move and pull it out, but she can't. By now this dog has 6 inches inside her ass just ripping it into. Oh My God I can't take this, she thinks and knowing that the knot is not far away from going inside her ass.

She feels the dick in her mouth getting harder again and wonders what's going to happen next. Then she feels the knot up tight against her ass hole. She squeezes her ass not wanting to let it in. as the pain is unbearable already and knowing the knot entering her ass will surely rip her into. She squeezes hard and harder trying not to let it in. JD is pumping hard into her ass with all his force, as he feels his knot against the opening of this tight hole.

He moves his legs forward to thrust harder and bang it enters and it is so tight around his knot as he pumps harder and deeper.

The knot moves in further and further. She feels the knot being forced into her ass and tries to scream, Oh my God it hurts, please get it out of there she is thinking and praying to God to help her end this ordeal. Then she passes out from the pain. Jd is pumping faster and harder now and is about to blow his load. Boom he pops his load into her ass and her muscles are contracting all around his dog dick. Causing it to suck his dick more.

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He fills her up so much that it is squirting back out her ass hole. Once his swelling goes down he pulls out of her ass and Clyde pulls out of her mouth and jumps on her from behind. He hits the tight ass hole too pumping and forcing his dick deep into her ass also.

He keeps this up for several minutes until he busts his load into her ass also. Feeling the anal canal contracting around his dick, sucking like motion draining his doggy dick dry. All three dogs head down stairs for water and food to fill up the energy the have lost fucking their owner. She wakes up ½ hour later, feeling her pussy and ass burning and hurting like hell.

She tries to get herself up but can't seem to find the energy or the strength. She lay there wondering how this could have happened to her, She takes good care of her dogs, so why did they gang rape her like that.

She finally gets herself up and back into the bathroom. She shuts and locks the door this time so the dogs can't come in there. And from now on she is going to make sure she dresses before she comes out of the bathroom. Never again will she walk around the house with no clothes on. [b]