Real teen thief gets railed

Real teen thief gets railed
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Chapter I "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…" Jonah McClain, 22, average build, pretty handsome, black hair, brown eyes, very social, well liked, hung 9 inches and still a virgin… Yes, you read this right. Such a waste of potential? To be a pornstar? To satisfy women? He didn't think so. You see, Jonah was a very kind person with a good heart. He was always kind to his neighbors and treated others the way he wanted to be treated.

He loved his enemies. He was that filled with kindness. He was so peaceful, he couldn't even hurt a fly. His way of getting rid of a fly would be to open up a window to let it out. Now what does this have to do with Jonah's virginity? The very reason why he was such a good person is the very same reason he was still a virgin. It is something many believe is the source of many problems… religion.

Jonah had so many opportunities to lose his virginity, but he turned it all down saying 'It's a sin' or 'We must stay pure'. Eventually, all the girls in high school lost interest and stopped pursing him. Once he graduated from high school, he was torn between many careers: Engineer, Biologist, Computer Technician. The list could go on. He eventually decided to pursue priesthood after two years in college doing Gen Ed classes.

Some of his interests deteriorated during college, but what stayed with him was his religious faith. Jonah was very devoted to staying a virgin until marriage.

What helped was that he never quite dated too much during high school. If he did, she would want sex and he would refuse. The girl wouldn't stick around long after that. He then decided that priesthood would be the best option for him. He thought 'Eh, well, people are too sinful now, there's no such thing as an abstinent laity anymore.

So here he is now at his local church praying. "… and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen." "My son, you will make a fine priest" said Father Andre, the priest of the parish. "Thank you father, I can't wait to take my vows" "Yes my son, you are two more years away from finishing your schooling" "I'm sorry father, but I have to go to the airport, my step-sister is going to be moving in with me. My dad remarried my step-mom and my step-sister's school is right next to mine, so the family decided it would be best for her to live with me" "I see.

Then go my son, we wouldn't want her to wait all day" "Thank you father" "Bring her to church some time" "I was already thinking it" "I'll see you later Jonah, take care" "Thank you, you too father" Jonah left the church and headed for his car. He looked in the back seat to see that his sign reading 'McClain' was still back there. He then started his car and drove to the airport. As he was on the freeway, he thought back to when he last saw his step-sister, Alyssa.

It had been ten years. He was nine and she was seven when they first met. They would always play together when they were kids. Life was good for them until their parents' marriage was going downhill. After three years of marriage, their parents divorced. Alyssa left with her mother and he stayed with his father. They were both devastated, but Jonah recovered after time had passed. As Jonah was thinking back to the memories of him and his step-sister during their childhood, his phone was going off.

RING! RING! RING! Jonah answered his phone, but put it on speaker so it didn't distract him while driving. "Hello?" "Hey son, are you with Alyssa?" "No not yet, I'm still on the road, I'm heading to the airport as we speak" "Oh okay, just call me when you're both home, I'm just checking on you two" "Thanks dad, I appreciate it" "No son, thank YOU, you saved us a lot of money by agreeing to let Alyssa stay with you while she goes to school" "Hey, it's no biggie.

I am going to be a priest after all. I can't turn my back on my own enemies, let alone, my own family" "I know son, I'm grateful. But don't expect me to call you father once you're ordained" "I won't 'father'." Jonah joked. They both laughed and said their goodbyes. Before Jonah knew it, he was already at the airport. He got out of his car and took the sign out from the back, excited to see his step-sister again.

He entered the airport and got the area where everyone arrived. He was standing there holding a sign for Alyssa to see. "Jonah?!" Jonah turned his head slightly to his left to see a beautiful woman with long dark hair and hazel eyes.

She looked very happy to see him. Was it really Alyssa? Maybe. Alyssa did have the same hair and eye color. He didn't expect to recognize her right off the bat, the last time he saw her was 10 years ago after all. If it was her, she looked very different. She was now a beautiful mature young woman. The woman approached him. "A… Alyssa?" "Jonah!" Alyssa ran up to Jonah and gave him a big hug. He smiled and hugged her back. Finally, they had been reunited after so many years.

Jonah then took her bags and they both left the airport. Jonah put her bags in the trunk they both got into the car. As Jonah was driving, Alyssa started to speak. "So, is it true that you're gonna be a priest?" "Yeah, I'm almost there" Jonah smiled. "Oh, so are you gonna be a stick in the mud from now on then, huh?" "Hey! I can still be fun, we'll still have fun together, you'll see" "Okay" Alyssa said cheerfully. It started to feel like the good old days being able to talk to each other.

As they got home, Jonah helped unload Alyssa bags from the car and showed her her new room. Alyssa was not displeased at the slightest. She was very grateful for even having a place to stay.

She then turned to Jonah and gave him a hug. "Thank you Jonah" Chapter II The two socialized for the rest of the day. "Did your dad ever tell you how he and my mom ended up together again?" "He said he saw her at the mall and greeted her. They apologized for all that happened and the fire rekindled. Something like that" "Yeah, I was with her at the mall, but not when your dad approached her" "Oh okay, so you were living with her?" "Yeah… It's a bit embarrassing, I've never left home until now.

This is the first time I've been away from my mom. I was very nervous about traveling alone and living alone. Until you agreed to let me stay with you" "Hey that's what family does. They look out for each other" Alyssa smiled happily at his sense of virtue. The two continued to talk and before they knew it, it was already night time. Jonah went to the kitchen and started to make them some dinner. Alyssa just stood there and watched as Jonah was making some delicious stir fried chicken and vegetables.

"Mmmm, that smells good" "Don't worry, it'll be ready in no time" "Thanks" The two ate and then got ready for bed. Alyssa went to her room and Jonah went to his. As he laid on his bed. He just remembered that he forgot to give Alyssa a blanket. He quickly grabbed one and headed to her room.

He opened the door to find Alyssa wearing her pajama pants and only her bra on top. "AHH!" "Oh my Gosh, I'm so sorry Alyssa!" "Knock first!!!" Jonah quickly closed the door and waited for Alyssa. He then thought to himself, 'Wow, did that really just happen?' 'I can't believe I walked in on Alyssa wearing only her bra on top' 'That's embarrassing' Jonah then started to think about Alyssa's bra.

Then her large C's… 'NO! What am I thinking?! This is your step-sister for crying out loud!' 'It's sinful! I cannot be led astray from my path' The door opened. "Oh hey Alyssa, sorry about that, I just wanted to give you this" "It's okay, just knock next time" "Will do" They both smile at each other. Jonah felt that their current bond may one day become stronger than it was 10 years ago. The next day, Alyssa had finished getting ready for her first day of school.

Jonah dropped her and went to his school. She was quite excited to meet the new people, both faculty and staff.

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Her first class was English. She enjoyed it and met new faces. She continued the day until it was after lunch. She had general biology. Alyssa thought to herself, 'Haha, talk about Jonah's worst enemy' She then sat down, expecting some old lady or old man like all her other classes. However, she was quite surprised to find the opposite. She was a younger woman in her mid 30's maybe.

She was a brunette with long hair that wore glasses, giving her this hot, cute nerd girl look. However, Alyssa quickly noticed, along with all the boys in her class, that this professor was also different from what she expected in another way. She stared at her breasts. They were D's for sure. Alyssa then thought to herself, 'For some reason, I'm starting to not like her…' She had a cold stare.

Like she was some kind of killer. It scared Alyssa. She then remembered overhearing people talk about this professor. 'Sally? Swanson? Simmy?' '……' 'Summers!' 'Angela Summers' the board read. She wrote her name on the board and began to speak in an intimidating firm tone, "I am Professor Summers, I am here to do one thing only.

Teach you the basics of biology." Alyssa was already not liking this class. The concepts were hard, every guy was too preoccupied with the professor, and worst of all, the professor herself. She said she was teaching them basics, yet she's never heard of things like a null hypothesis. What the fuck is that? She knows what a hypothesis is, but why complicate this by giving different types. She thought this was general biology with basics, not the advanced stuff.

The professor gave out a pre-test for the course. Alyssa looked at the first question and already lost all hope. She began to read in her head, 'What is the difference between Mitosis and Meiosis?' 'What the fuck, I don't know! Next one' 'Where in the body are Carbohydrates, Proteins and Lipids first digested?' 'Okay, I know what carbs and proteins are. Lipids… fats! Uh…' Alyssa then wrote 'stomach' for that question, feeling a bit more confident in herself.

She began to think, 'Yeah, that's it!' 'Next one, what are the two main components of a virus?' 'Uh, next, what is the difference between Evolution and adaptation?' 'Next… Next… Next…' Alyssa began to feel discouraged again.

She was going to die here in this class. After the class had finally finished, she quickly exited out while all the boys eagerly approached Professor Summers. The rest of her classes were pretty much as easy going as her other classes prior to general biology. She was happy about that. At least she only had to worry over one class.

After the day had finished, Jonah picked her up and she told him that she had become very popular in school. Jonah was happy for her. He knew she'd be fine. As they got home, Jonah asked Alyssa, "Would you like to come to church with me?" Alyssa didn't hate religion, she just wasn't much of a religious person.

She decided to make up an excuse not to go. "Oh, sorry Jonah, I already got lots of homework and I wanna get it out of the way ASAP" "Oh, okay, no worries, I'll be back" "Okay" Jonah then left their place and Alyssa had it all to herself. She liked her new living arrangement.

She didn't have to worry about her mother being so nosey about her business. She trusted that Jonah wouldn't be like that. She was happy she finally got to see him again. He was really the only person she admired in life. Her mother would always move from place to place after she and Jonah's father divorced. So she never got a chance to meet new people and bond with them as much as she did with Jonah. She couldn't even date too much because of all that. For the past ten years, she always thought about him.

She couldn't believe she was not only reunited with him, she was also living with him. "Jonah…" Alyssa then opened her eyes and realized that she was sitting on the couch with her hand in her pants.

'This can't be good' she thought to herself. She always thought about Jonah, but not in that way. Now being in an aroused state, she decided to continue masturbating. But she did not want to have Jonah in her thoughts. That was her brother. Step-brother technically, but she did not want to think about him. She started to think of other arousing thoughts, but she still had Jonah pop up in her head. Alyssa figured that it was because she had not been touched by a man in so long.

She then started thinking to herself, 'Okay, I'll just do this once and it's not like anyone will know' 'Yeah, I'll just play for a bit and relieve some stress from all the excitement today' 'Besides, Jonah won't be back 'til who knows when' 'Church probably takes an hour, doesn't it?' 'Jonah's not my blood brother' 'Also, he IS a very attractive man' Alyssa then began to strip, feeling naughty for doing so.

It added to her thrill. She was now completely naked stroking her clitoris. She put the finger of her free hand into her mouth and pretended it was Jonah's cock. "Oh yes… Jonah… stroke my clit…" Little did Alyssa know, Jonah forgot his phone. He drove back and opened the door. He walked in with haste to get his phone and not be late.

He completely forgot to call his dad yesterday. He decided it would be best to talk to him and apologize while driving to Church. He then saw Alyssa naked on the couch masturbating. She then opened her eyes and they widened. "AHHH!!! Jonah!

What are you doing here?!" "Ah! Sorry! Sorry!" Jonah quickly covered his eyes and turned around. Alyssa snatched her clothes and quickly put them on.

She was bright red from the embarrassment. She couldn't believe that Jonah had seen her naked. He had seen everything. He saw how lovely her bare breasts looked and she was sure that he also saw her small patch of pubic hair down there.

"Okay, you can look…" Jonah noticed that Alyssa was too ashamed to look at him. Her face was facing downwards as a means to avoid eye contact. Jonah didn't have time for this. He quickly walked to his room and got his phone. As he was leaving, He accidentally bumped into Alyssa, who was about to explain herself and apologize to him. She looked him in the eyes and cowered her face away from making eye contact.

She looked down, but then noticed that Jonah had an erection. She just stood there and stared at it. He looked down to see what she was looking at. "Oh!… A… Alyssa! I'm, I'm gonna be late for church, gotta go, I forgot my phone!

See you after!" Jonah rushed out the door and turned on the car. He rushed out to the road hoping to get the image out of his head. His head was telling him no, but his other head was telling him otherwise. As he was driving, dialing his father's number on the phone, he noticed that his erection was still full. Was he actually getting aroused from the sight of his step-sister naked? 'NO! I will not be led astray!' he thought to himself.

"Hello?" his father said on speaker. 'Oh thank the Lord, now it can stop' "Hey dad, sorry for not calling earlier…" Chapter III Meanwhile, Alyssa went to her room and locked her door. She cursed herself for being so idiotic, 'Fucking dumbass! He saw you!' 'He'll always remember you as some sex fiend' 'I'm sure that's what they're teaching him over there' It then hit Alyssa, 'Wait! He had an erection…' 'Did he think I was… hot?' 'Why else would he get one?' 'A big one!

It was huge! I wonder how big he is…' 'Oh my God! The thought of it going inside…' Alyssa noticed that she was touching herself again. She then said, "Ah fuck it!

Since my door's locked and I'm really horny…" Alyssa began to stroke her clitoris more. She then stopped and took off all of her clothes and continued. She stroked it tenderly and then moved her fingers down to her opening. As her fingers pressed at her lips, she began to fantasize saying, "Jonah! You naughty boy! Trying to peak at me!" She then began to finger herself saying, "Oh yeah!

Fuck yeah! Fuck me!" Alyssa then put one of her nipples in her mouth to suck while her free hand caressed the other. She was close to climax.

She licked and sucked on her nipple, enjoying the sensation while pinching her other one. She began to finger her pussy more vigorously. She leaked onto the bed from what she was doing. The thought of her and Jonah doing things was arousing because it was so taboo.

"Oh Jonah! I'm cumming!!!" Alyssa kept her fingers in while she was climaxing and then she finally pulled it out after to find them soaked in her juices.

She put her fingers to her nose, sniffing her naughty scent. She opened her mouth and put her fingers in. She cleaned them with her tongue and imagined it was Jonah's cock after he had just freshly fucked her. She then said, "Okay, now I can concentrate on homework" As Jonah returned, he approached the living room with caution, not wanting history to repeat itself.

Fortunately, he found Alyssa reading a book for class. She then looked up and greeted him, "Oh, hey Jonah!" Jonah didn't want to bring up what had happened earlier, so he decided to bring something up to talk about. Anything. It was then that he noticed a picture of DNA in Alyssa's book. He began to speak, "Hey, are you studying biology?" "Yeah, the professor's a killer, I have to read 4 chapters by Wednesday" "Ouch" "I don't get any of this.

DNA this, RNA that. Guamine, Thynine!" "It's actually Guanine and Thymine" "You know biology?!" "Yeah, I love it" "All this time and I thought you would hate it" "Why? Just because I'm practicing to become a priest?" "……" "Do you want me to help y…" "YES!" Jonah went up to Alyssa and sat next to her on the couch.

He explained the difference between DNA and RNA and how it relates to protein production. He tutored Alyssa until it was dark. He looked out the window and finally noticed that it was dark outside.

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"Oh my gosh, what time is it?!" Alyssa checked her phone, "Oh, wow, its 7:00pm already" "I better go start making dinner" "Okay…" Jonah got up from the couch to head to the kitchen, Alyssa then said, "Hey Jonah…" Jonah turned to face Alyssa. "Yeah?" "Thanks" "You're very welcome, ask me for help anytime" The two smiled at each other and Alyssa was now at ease with the science class.

Things were looking bright. There was no way this professor would wreck her academic career now. Chapter IV Angela Summers was a bright young woman with beauty that could not be matched by most students and co-workers alike. Her female co-workers loathed her out of envy and her male co-workers loved her out of lust. It was okay, however, she liked it that way. She was both beauty and brains. She wasn't some ditz of a woman with 'huge bazongas' like how most people would perceive her at first glance.

She had a natural D cup, a beautiful face, and a killer ass. Her legs and gut were nicely toned too from the daily exercise she'd do. Angela really was so lucky to have 'such a smokin hot body' as she would overhear most of her male colleagues say about her.

She really could have any man she wanted. Yet, here she was now, on her bed, taking a break from grading papers. She was stroking her clitoris with her fingers, easing her mind off of dealing with these dumb kids. She was an intelligent woman who had standards. Although many men would kiss the ground she walked, she did not have any interest in any of them because they were just a bunch of horny idiots.

All the men she came across were either too dumb, too ugly or too loose cannoned for her. It was rare that she would let a man touch her. The last time she let a man touch her was almost 3 years ago. She was basically a female equivalent of a blue balling man.

She touched herself to relieve some stress caused by the idiocy of these kids and the lack of sex in her life. She stroked herself, pretending it was the perfect man licking her clitoris. "Oh yes!

Lick my pussy!" She then stopped the stroking and desperately looked around for any phallic object. She needed to have something inside her. She looked around the bed and found a pen… 'Nah, too small' She thought.

She then found her hairbrush. She decided to take off her clothes, since it would be more convenient to her. It also made her feels so naughty being naked. She aimed the handle of the brush towards her wet opening and put only an inch in. Teasing herself, pretending that it was the perfect man teasing her. Making her want it more. "Oh please baby, don't tease me! Look how wet my pussy is!" She then shoved the whole brush handle in and cried out in ecstasy. She fucked herself at a medium rhythm while using her other hand to stroke her clitoris.

She could smell her aroused scent and felt so hot from it. However, this wasn't enough tonight. She needed more. Because her male co-workers and students were being extra dumb today. She decided to relieve her stress in an extra naughty way tonight. It was something she just recently got into doing while masturbating.

She turned her attention to the pen. She stopped masturbating and grabbed the pen. She took out the brush and put the pen in its place to lube it up. She spat on two of her fingers and moved her hand down below her vaginal opening.

She rubbed her anus with her saliva coated fingers. She then pulled the pen out of her pussy and pressed it against her anus. "Oh, feeling kinky today are we? Yeah baby, put your finger in my ass!" Once the pen entered her rectum, she held it there while using her other hand to pick up the brush and reinsert it into her pussy.

She began to moan, "Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! That's it baby! Fuck me while you finger my ass! I'm such a dirty girl!" She started moving the brush at a fast rhythm and the pen didn't take long to catch up with the brush's pace. Angela fucked herself fast with her brush and pen as she kept thinking about her perfect man being the one doing all this to her.

She was ready to climax. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yeah! Fuck the shit outta me!!! Oh yes! I'm cumming!" Angela's body tensed up for a few seconds, then she relaxed on her bed. Satisfied. Perhaps one day she would find someone worthy of fucking her. Perhaps… It had been a whole week since Alyssa moved in.

Jonah notices that Alyssa wasn't exactly the tidiest person. She made the place messier than it ever was before she came. He let it slide because she was still new and he was too overjoyed knowing that they were bonding again. They even started to call each other 'bro' and 'sis'. Despite this, he had to put his foot down and let her know to clean after herself. He approached Alyssa's room and knocked. KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! "You can come in" Jonah opened her door. She was laying on her stomach on top of her bed looking on her laptop at something.

He quickly noticed that Alyssa's jeans were really hugging around her ass. Jonah gulped and thought to himself. 'My gosh, the way woman dress during my generation' "Hey sis, look, I need you to do a better job of cleaning after yourself. It's just, things are lying around and plates are stacked at the sink.

There's even hair tumbleweeds around this place. It's been a whole week" "Oh, sorry bro, I'll get it done" "Thanks sis" Jonah left Alyssa's room and drove to church. Alyssa just went back to her laptop. It was true, Alyssa wasn't the neatest person in the world, but who was?

So she made the place a bit messy. She'll clean it in no time. Eventually… Jonah parked his car and locked it. He entered the church and immediately went to confession.

He needed to repent for his sins. He had been masturbating a lot lately. More than usual. He was usually good at abstaining from it, but for some strange reason, he'd been doing it now more than ever. He went inside the confessional and Father Andre was in there allowing him to confess his sins.

"Forgive me father for I have sinned, it has been a week since my last confession. As of late, I have been giving into masturbation now more than I ever had before. I can't explain it. I try, but I fail at abstaining most times" "I see, well my son, sexual desire is something within all of us as human beings. Man has been given the gift to reproduce, but we must not abuse that gift by wasting that that has been given the ability to create life.

Has there been major changes in your lifestyle perhaps?" "Well, my step-sister lives with me now, but I know that it's not her. She's my sister and nothing would ever happen between us" "I see, perhaps a woman you have been talking to more so than before?" "Well I have been talking to this cashier more than usual, maybe it's her" "Well my son, there is nothing wrong with socializing with other people, but you must fight against the temptations of the flesh.

Just keep working at abstaining from lustful desires. For your penance, pray three Hail Marys and find the strength to fight the urge. I hereby absolve you of your sins, go in peace my son" "Thank you father" Jonah left the confessional to kneel and pray for forgiveness. He had a feeling things would be better. That changes were to come in the future.

Chapter V Back at home, Alyssa was still on her laptop. She had not even touched the dishes in the sink, nor the broom to sweep her hair. She did not even lift a finger to clean the place up. All she did was remove her jeans to make herself more comfortable on her bed. About an hour had passed and nothing was achieved in the house. She then heard the front door open. Jonah had returned home only to find the dishes still unclean and stacked in the sink and the hair messy all over the floor.

Alyssa's stuff was still lying around as well. She did not even do anything to clean the place up. She had a whole hour to do something that took less than 30 minutes max. He quickly went to Alyssa's room to talk to her.

He had to assert himself now, before this gets out of hand. If she's already getting this bad during the first week, he couldn't imagine the next year or two.

He opened the door without knocking and he saw her in her underwear. Alyssa then got mad at him. "Knock!!!" "Sorry!" She took the blanket and put it over herself and then told Jonah it was safe to come in.

She was a bit embarrassed and got a bit bitchy towards Jonah for not knocking. "What do you want?!" "Look sis, I need you to clean the place. I can't keep cleaning after you. I ask you again to please clean after…" "I'll get to it, now leave!" Jonah was starting to get a bit angry at her tone.

She had messed the place while he cooked for both of them. He even helps her with her biology homework and yet, this is how she repaid him? He wanted to raise his voice at her, but he knew better than to do so. He controlled himself saying calmly, "Thanks sis" "Alright" Jonah closed her door and he walked to his room to change. 'Alright'? He didn't care too much for such a tone. He's being patient with her, but if this continues, he's going to have to crack down on her. Alyssa just realized that she did not even do any of her studying for biology.

She would most likely have a pop quiz tomorrow from that bitch of a professor, Summers. She quickly put on some jeans and grabbed her biology book. She headed to Jonah's room and opened his door. She saw him shirtless with only jeans on.

He quickly grabbed a shirt and put it on. He didn't like that she just got mad at him for not knocking, yet she barges into his room. However, he wasn't one to lose his temper so quickly. He just calmed himself from all negativity and said, "What is it sis?" "I need your help with bio again bro, pleeeease?" Jonah had no other choice.

It was the good person inside him. He couldn't turn his back on his sister if she needed help. But before he could answer her, she tossed her book aside and got down on her knees to beg. Alyssa knew that she had not done anything Jonah asked her to do and she still needed to ask him for help. She didn't want him to think she was taking him for granted, so she got to her knees. "Alright sis, but I need you to clean up once we're done with this" "Yes!

I will! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Alyssa was so overjoyed by Jonah's patience that she gave him a hug while still on her knees. Her face rubbed into his groin. Jonah started to feel that same feeling before he would masturbate. His cock was erect in a few seconds after Alyssa removed her face from his groin. She got to her feet, but then bent down to get the book she tossed to the floor. She then noticed his erection. She put her fingers to her mouth and had a look of shock on her face.

Jonah was embarrassed and tried to explain himself. "Sis, I… uh…" "Uh… we can do this later" "Sorry, I…" Alyssa started to walk hastily into her room. "Sis, wait!" She ignored him and closed her door and locked it. Jonah went after her, but soon stopped. He knew that talking to her wasn't the best option. He figured that it would be best to just leave her alone. He decided to just stand outside her door and tell her, "Hey sis, look, I'm sorry.

How about I make dinner for us? I'll be outside. You can come out when you're ready" Jonah then walked away from Alyssa's room and started to prepare dinner for the two of them. Alyssa just sat on her bed. She was starting to get those arousing taboo thoughts again. She told herself just this once, but now the urge was coming back. She needed to touch herself while thinking of Jonah again. She opened up her laptop and started searching up 'step-brother' or 'step-sister' in her porn websites.

A video started up on '' and it was about a man who was lying around doing nothing. He apparently did something and now his step-sister is mad at him for it. She yelled at him and commanded him to go onto the bed. This of course was obviously fake, but it still turned Alyssa on to watch.

He started to take off his clothes as she commanded and she pulled out a whip. Alyssa reached into her jeans and found her now swollen clitoris. She started to rub it as the woman's step-brother followed her commands so submissively. She started to fantasize that that woman was her and the man was Jonah.

That she had Jonah completely in her control. That she was now going to punish him by forcing him to eat her pussy. Alyssa then removed her jeans and underwear. She watched as the man's cock was constantly being teased. She imagined doing the same thing to Jonah after he made her lose her temper.

'Alyssa, I'm so sorry' 'I don't care, you're gonna eat my pussy and like it!' 'Please!' 'NOW!' Alyssa stuck two fingers in her wet pussy imagining it was Jonah's cock. She began to imagine herself climbing on top of him and being the one in charge. That Jonah was being forced to do whatever she wanted him to do. She started to finger her pussy faster.

It was really leaking from the fingering. She had not leaked this much since the last time she masturbated thinking about Jonah. Especially now that it was a femdom fantasy. Alyssa has always been the dominant in her two relationships.

It just turned out that way, so dominant was all that she knew. Either that or a more mutual setting with no dominant or submissive. Alyssa began to moan softly while she was fingering herself close to climax, "Oh Jonah… I'm getting closer!

Don't you dare cum before me!" Alyssa began to finger herself faster as she saw the woman begin to get on her knees. The man was stroking himself and she was opening her mouth.

He began to cum into the woman's mouth. Alyssa imagined Jonah shooting his load all over her face and in her mouth. It would be his reward for not cumming first. Alyssa began to climax. She felt the muscles in her pussy constrict around her fingers. She rubbed at her G-spot as her climax was at its peak and now descending. She relaxed her body onto her bed and did not move for a while. She was enjoying the after feeling of a strong climax. After a couple of minutes, she got up and put her jeans and underwear back on.

She exited her room and went outside to find Jonah eating alone. He put down his fork and looked at her. Alyssa initiated, "Hey…" "Hey, sis, I…" "It's alright, can you still help me?" "Of course, get some food first so it'll be easier to study" "Okay, thanks bro" Jonah smiled at that.

It relieved him to know that things might just go back to normal. They ate dinner together and things weren't awkward. It was as if nothing changed. When he tutored her, it was normal as well, putting Jonah at ease. It was like Alyssa had completely forgotten about earlier.

Alyssa turned to him and smiled. "Hey Jonah, you should come to one of my classes. I'll even ask if you can take an exam with us. I think it's in three weeks or so. I'll have to double check" "Haha, sure" They both smiled at each other and were quite fond of the idea of him taking an exam with the class. After he finished tutoring her, she cleaned the house and made everything tidy like it should be. Jonah felt that this was a new start for her. One that would benefit not only him, but her as well.

During the next three weeks, Jonah helped Alyssa prepare for her exam. They studied together and Alyssa would at times, find the courage to tease Jonah. She would wear short shorts or something with moderate exposure of her cleavage. Jonah would glance and quickly turn away, doing his best to resist temptation. Despite this, he still thought it was the pretty cashier that was the source of his excess masturbation.

With being preoccupied with his school work and Alyssa's tutoring, Jonah did not even have too much time to notice how much Alyssa cluttered the house again. It was a pigsty. Alyssa knew that eventually, Jonah would not put up with it anymore. She could tell that his patience was already starting to fade when she was being constantly reminded to clean after herself during the three intense weeks of studying.

She would always say she'd clean after the exam. But little did Jonah know, Alyssa had devised a plan that she hoped would work. Something that would not make her have to clean after herself anymore. Chapter VI Angela was late for her General Biology class. She had overslept and was now scanning copies of the class's first exam. It was bad enough that she was already late. Her still needing to print these copies just made her morning worse.

She quickly stapled all of the copies and gathered them. She forced the door open and all of her students looked at her. "Sorry for the wait, are you all ready?. Because I'm late, I'll be fair and let you choose one of two essay questions, instead of doing both due to time constraints" All the students seemed very pleased with her last statement. She passed out the exams, but then she saw someone she didn't recognize.

Was he a part of her class? She spoke to him. "Uh, excuse me, are you in this class?" "I'm so sorry, my name is Jonah McClain. I'm Alyssa's brother. I was hoping to ask if I could take an exam with the class prior to it being given out, but I'll leave if you'd like" 'Oh my God! What a hottie!' Angela thought to herself. "Oh that's right, she did ask me about that and I did agree, please don't leave.

Stay and try out my exam" "Thank you" The exam began and everything was back in order with Angela. She had all the kids taking her exam and now the whole stress of being late was completely irrelevant. What made the day better was that she was now looking at a young stud taking her test who may also be intellectual as well. Alyssa was doing great in her class and she was a killer of a professor. She hoped that the intellect ran in the family. She really made sure that she'd make her class as hard as possible.

'Oh boy! I can't wait to see what potential he may have!' The time passed and few people left after 40 minutes.


The next ten minutes, a huge number left, with the exception of Alyssa's brother. He gave his exam, but didn't leave. Angela supposed that he just wanted to wait for her.

The remaining few finished in the next ten minutes. She collected the exams and put them away. She wanted to talk to Jonah, but he had already left with Alyssa. 'Mmm, a sexy young guy like that! Let's just hope he has some brains too' Angela gathered all her things and headed to the door to go to her office. She opened the door and noticed Alyssa and Jonah sitting on the bench outside, talking about the test.

She was not noticed by the two. "Hey, what was the answer to that extra credit question about which vitamin was less harmful to exceed daily intake?" asked Alyssa.

"It was Vitamin C. Vitamin A is fat soluble, so it stays in the body much longer than C. Vitamin C is water soluble, so it just goes out with your urine" Jonah responded. "Exactly right!" Angela butted in. The two looked at her. Jonah smiled at her reaction.

Alyssa was surprised to see her behind them, listening to their conversation. "Oh don't worry, I wasn't eavesdropping. I actually just left the classroom. Jonah was it? You wouldn't happen to be a Biology major, would you? "Haha, no, I actually am going to be ordained a priest in the next few years. I just love science is all" "Really? That's… wonderful… see you two later" "Bye professor Summers" Alyssa said.

"See you later miss" Jonah said. Angela walked to her office, happy with Jonah's sign of intelligence. She thought she had found a new playmate. Someone worthy of relieving her of her sexual frustration. That all went down the drain the moment he said he was becoming a priest. 'Such a waste of a handsome young hottie' she thought.

She made it to her office and started to grade the exams. There was the usual trend of those who did average, the few that did poorly, and the few that did great. However, when she got to Jonah's exam, she noticed that he had got 100% of the questions right on the True or False, Fill in the Blank, and Multiple Choice.

He got the extra credit question right. Now all that was left was the essay portion. "Oh my God!" Angela was impressed. Jonah had answered both instead of just one. She read them and they were both right. He had gotten a perfect score! With limited time! Angela was really getting turned on now. She wanted Jonah.

The fact that he wasn't a student made it less dangerous for her to try and get involved with him. The only problem was him becoming a part of the clergy. Angela sighed, "So close, yet so far" She began to imagine the humorous depiction of Jonah dressed as a priest. How laughable to see such a hot stud be a priest. She would go to church just to look at him. She could see it now. She would be kneeling in church, admiring how handsome he was. He would then stand in front of her and whip out his cock for her to 'receive the bread'… "What am I thinking?!" Angela snapped out of it and the moment she moved, she could tell that her pussy was soaking wet.

She might have wet her panty a bit. She would have to go to the bathroom and check. She stopped grading the exams and went to the faculty bathroom. It was always well maintained and smelled nice. She quickly locked the door and sat on the toilet.

Instead of checking her underwear, she began to rub her clitoris. "I need this! I need it NOW!" Angela started to fantasize about all kinds of bizarre scenarios. She imagined being in the confessional, kneeling to confess her sins to Jonah. 'Oh father! I've been a very naughty girl! I've been touching myself so much thinking about your hard cock!' 'Please, go on' 'I have also been using a hairbrush to get myself off' 'I see, is that all of your sins my child' 'Well… it's embarrassing, but I've been doing things to my ass as well father!' 'Oh?

Whatever do you mean?' 'Oh father, it's so embarrassing, I've been shoving things in there like carrots, pens, my fingers and even my toothbrush. You need to punish this bad girl for all of her sins' Angela stroked herself and began to finger her pussy while thinking about all of this. She then imagined there being a gloryhole in front of her face where she kneeled, inside the confessional.

She imagined Jonah sticking his cock in it and offering it to her. She fingered herself while imagining putting it in her mouth. She imagined sucking his cock as her punishment and then standing up and turning around. Bending over to insert it into her. She imagined that her pussy was being stretched by his cock. Angela began to moan, "Oh Jonah! Make this bitch pay for being such a dirty girl!" As intimidating as Angela was, she actually quite the submissive.

Angela continued to finger herself, then imagined Jonah cumming inside her tight pussy and filling her with his hot cum. Angela then climaxed on the toilet. She came all over her fingers and then pulled them out after she was done. They were all slimy from her secretions.

She put them in her mouth, tasting herself. She sighed contently saying, "I needed that" She quickly washed her hands and went back to her office to finish grading the rest of the exams. Chapter VII The day was finished for Jonah and Alyssa.

They returned home and the house was an even worse mess than before. It had been a couple of days since Alyssa was told to clean after herself after the exam. Jonah kept his patience with her and did his best to remind her kindly. She just didn't do what he asked her to do. Now that the exam was over, Jonah expected her to clean the place as promised.

The poor house had Alyssa's belongings scattered everywhere. The place Jonah worked so hard to maintain had been undone of all his efforts in a matter of days. It was already almost a month and Alyssa still didn't clean after herself. He was already beat from the day and decided that it wasn't worth his trouble to scold Alyssa. Jonah headed for the shower. He figured that the best way for him to just wash away all of his stress was to take a nice hot shower. Alyssa had a devious thought in her head.

She was ready to act on the plan she had completed a week or so back. She saw Jonah going to the shower. She followed him and went into the bathroom with him. For the past three weeks, Alyssa had been purposely giving Jonah peaks at the figure of her body. She let him glance at her breasts, legs, butt and anything else she could use.

She felt that it was time for her to act now. Jonah had removed his belt and was about to remove his pants, but when he turned to close the bathroom door, he was startled by Alyssa.

He didn't expect her to be behind him when he was in the bathroom. "Ah! Sis, you scared me!" "Hey bro, look, I…" Alyssa said in an extremely nervous tone. Alyssa's plan had all gone out the window when she was with Jonah in the bathroom. She had been planning to seduce him and 'service' him if he would do the cooking and cleaning. However, she was shaking and couldn't even finish her sentence from how nervous she was.

She turned around from the anxiety she was getting, facing away from Jonah. She then took a deep breath to calm herself and began to strip. She kept telling herself in her head, 'You can do this! You can do this!' Jonah began to panic saying, "Whoa! Wait! What are you doing?! Alyssa! Sis!? Sis!" However, Alyssa ignored him and had taken all of her clothes off except for her undergarments. She then turned back to face Jonah. She couldn't even look him in the face. She just shied up and looked at the ground.

She decided to use her nervous tone to her advantage and said with a semi-firm tone, "Jonah! I might have a lump on my breast!" "What?! Where?!" "I'm gonna have to take off my bra, just feel it, it's on my left breast!" "Uh… I'm sure you don't have to…" Alyssa removed her bra before Jonah could even finish that sentence.

He began to panic again. He had seen a pair of bare breasts once with a woman he dated, but he quickly told her to cover up. However, he knew that this was an emergency, so he let this one slide. Alyssa purposefully did not cover up and exposed her breasts to Jonah. "Here, touch it!" Jonah was extremely nervous. He looked away, shutting his eyes, not wanting to be tempted. He understood why she exposed her breasts, but why was she being so nonchalant about it?

Furthermore, why did she have to take the rest of her clothes off?! "Jonah! How can you reach out and feel for it if you look away?!" "Just… just guide my hand!" Alyssa then grabbed his hand and put his pointer to her nipple. She then said, "There! You feel that?!" "Whoa! That's a huge bump!" "I've noticed that it helps to massage around the area, can you do that for me?" "Wait!

You're not supposed to massage something that hurts!" "It helps with the pain, it's like a painkiller. Also, mom had it and the doctor said to massage it! Massage it!" Jonah retracted his hand and opened his eyes to face Alyssa. He saw her C's exposed to him and he turned away again, closing his eyes.

"Uh… look sis, I don't think I should do that!" "Oh please, please Jonah! I'm begging you! Please, I'm in pain! I really need the area to be massaged again! I don't like massaging it myself because of my long nails, they dig into my skin" "Why don't you, I don't know, go to a doctor or something!" "No!

I don't trust that he won't touch me inappropriately. I just don't trust strangers. Please Jonah, I'm only asking you because I trust you" Jonah was not sure how to get out of this. Alyssa was in pain and he understood how a woman could fear molestation from a doctor she doesn't know.

He did hear about a doctor who recently raped a woman who put all of her trust into him. He wasn't about to have that happen to Alyssa. "Okay, I'll do it, but you have to guide me while I close my eyes" "Thank you Jonah!" Alyssa said overjoyed with a big smile. She guided his hand so he could feel her nipple again.

She then put the rest of his hand's surface around her breast and said, "There, this area is where I usually massage" "Okay, just tell me if I'm hurting you" "Don't worry, I will" Jonah began to massage Alyssa's left breast. Alyssa was extremely horny from his touch. She decided to caress her right breast with her right hand while using her left hand to stoke her clitoris.

Since he wasn't even looking, she figured, 'What was the harm if he won't see?' "Mmm, that feels good Jonah, keep doing it like that" "…Okay" Alyssa then stuck a finger into her pussy and found that it was wetter than she expected. She then noticed that Jonah was actually rock hard. She craved for his cock. She just wanted to have it inside her wet pussy.

It was so wet that it actually leaked a bit onto her panty. She closed her eyes and imagined how nice it would be to put it in her mouth, then her pussy or between her breasts. "Sis! What are you doing?!" Alyssa opened her eyes and saw Jonah looking at her in horror.

She had her hand on her breast and her other hand in her underwear. She was caught. How would she get out of this? "I… I…" "I think I should leave you alone for a bit…" Alyssa then stopped Jonah and decided to just get straight to the point. "I've noticed the way you've looked at me" "What?! No I haven't!" "Don't you find me attractive?!" "Uh… you… you're an attractive woman, but your my sister!" "Not by blood!

Also, I know you're lying! I can see how rock hard you always are and even now" Jonah looked down at his pants. She was right. He tried to explain, "This?! I… uh…" Alyssa had Jonah right where she wanted him. She then removed her underwear and showed it to Jonah. He didn't turn away this time.

He was too in shock from what Alyssa was doing that he did nothing but stare. She then began to fondle her breasts, putting on a good show for Jonah. "Are my breasts okay?" Jonah was silent. He just continued to stare. He was aroused from what he was seeing. He felt the same way a teenage boy would when first seeing pornography. This was the first time he saw a naked woman's body. Alyssa just smiled at Jonah's dumbfoundedness. She then turned around and bent over, exposing her pussy and asshole.

She then spread her ass and pussy, exposing both holes even further. Jonah was too lost in the sudden increase of lustful desire he had. He could do nothing but stare in amazement. He had never seen a woman's vagina before. It was all so new to him. Especially seeing it from behind, being spread open. Alyssa then stood up and took a couple of steps towards Jonah. She then grabbed his hands and guided them to her breasts. His hands were cold and sweaty.

She smiled at how cute she thought that was. She then squeezed his hands so they would squeeze her breasts. She kept squeezing and releasing for a while and then eventually let go of his hands.

Jonah did not even notice that he was just squeezing her breasts all on his own. Alyssa just smiled at Jonah with a devious lustful look. She then put her hands on his head. She closed her eyes and kissed his lips. Jonah just closed his eyes and kissed back. Alyssa then begged, "Oh Jonah! Please suck my nipples!" Jonah was already lost in his lust, nothing mattered at this point except Alyssa. He put his mouth to her left nipple and began to suck on it.

Alyssa began to moan from the pleasure. "Oh Jonah! Yes! Just like that!" She then put her right nipple into her mouth and began to suck on it.

Before Alyssa knew it, her hand was down to where her clitoris was. She stroked herself to orgasm and cried out, "Oh Jonah!!!!" After she had finished her climax, Alyssa smiled deviously again at Jonah. Jonah was not only seduced by Alyssa's body, but also charmed from the way she acted. He also liked looking into her eyes. Their hazel color that he found to be very beautiful.

Alyssa decided it was time to repay Jonah. She pulled down Jonah's underwear and pants and got to her knees. She then backed away, suddenly intimidated by Jonah's size. She was speechless. She thought that he may have been 7½ inches, maybe even 8, but 9?! "What's wrong?!" "It's! You're! It… IT'S HUGE!!!" "What?" Alyssa was actually scared. Could she really take such a monster in her mouth? Then again, the thought of its size penetrating her tight pussy wasn't scary to her, it actually made her more excited.

Why not. She'd give it a try. "Okay Jonah, I have to go slow, this thing is humungous" "Uh, what are you gonna…" Alyssa opened wide as she was determined to take this whole thing in her mouth. She got a couple of inches in. She just hoped it wasn't too much for her to handle.

She's blown only two men in her life and they were both ex-boyfriends. However, this was bigger than both of them combined. Alyssa was having a bit of trouble getting all of it in. She just told herself, 'Well… you wanted his cock… you got it' Jonah had never felt anything like this. It was warm and wet inside Alyssa's mouth. It was completely new. The inside of her mouth was much better than his hand for sure, in terms of softness and warmth.

As well as more lubricated. Jonah knew that this was all wrong, but he just froze and let Alyssa do what she was doing. Alyssa took her time and she eventually got seven inches in. Her eyes were tearing and she was drooling a bit.

She just swallowed up her salivation and continued. Jonah was just quiet. He watched as his cock was going in and out of Alyssa's mouth. Her beautiful hazel eyes looked back at him. 'What am I doing?!' 'This feels so good' 'Is this really happening?!' 'So this is what it feels like' All these thoughts stuck in Jonah's head. He couldn't think straight from what was going on. Part of him thought that this may just be a dream. He was so filled with guilt, worry, excitement and sexual desire & ecstasy.

Alyssa had eventually gotten all of Jonah's cock in her mouth. She was deepthroating him at a medium pace now and Jonah felt that he was about to cum.

He knew it. He tried to warn Alyssa, "I! It's gonna!!!" Alyssa knew what was going to happen thanks to Jonah's warning. However, she did not stop, she wanted his cum. She was going to swallow whatever Jonah squirted into her mouth. Jonah tried to grab onto the shower curtain. It was the only thing he could grab onto. He began to ejaculate into Alyssa's mouth. Alyssa stopped moving her head and used her tongue to massage Jonah's glans.

He just kept squirting into Alyssa's mouth like a fire hose. Never had Jonah felt pleasure this great in his whole life. He felt wonderful as he watched Alyssa gulp down his cum after each squirt. Once he finished and had calmed down from his strong climax, Alyssa smiled at Jonah and began to speak, "Mmm, you taste so good" Jonah remained silent with a smile on his face from the sensation she had just given him.

What added to that was the fact that she smiled at him cutely after he just did what he did in her mouth. She then continued with a neutral face, "Hey, so uh, look. You already know this by now. I'm not that great with cooking and cleaning. If you do all the cooking and cleaning, I'll do this for you every day. Is that cool?" Jonah was speechless.

All he could do was nod his head in approval. That was the first time he got a blowjob, the first time a woman had ever done something sexual with him. The most he ever did was kiss a girl, but it was in no way supposed to be sexual, purely romantic.

Alyssa just smiled at Jonah, knowing she had won. It was a double win. He'd do the cooking and cleaning and she could taste his cock every day. Chapter VIII Alyssa excused herself, needing to do a paper for her English class. Jonah was left to shower by himself. As she opened up her laptop, she couldn't help but giggle in happiness and excitement at what had just happened. She then opened her word document to continue her paper.

She couldn't get the thoughts out of her mind, 'Oh my God! I did it!' 'I don't have to cook and clean!' 'I tasted Jonah's sweet cum!' 'This has got to be the best day of my life!' Alyssa just laid down and sighed happily. As a way to reward herself of her victory, she decided to hold off on the paper and just relax on her bed and think about what she could do with Jonah next. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Jonah washed his daily filth off of himself.

However, he could not wash away his shame. He gave into temptation. To his own sister no less. How could he have stooped so low? He had to go to the confessional and ask for forgiveness.

Jonah felt great getting a blowjob for the first time, but he felt extremely guilty afterwards. He had to repent. He turned off the shower and wiped himself down with a towel. He changed into a fresh set of clothes and got out of the bathroom to talk to Alyssa. He was about to knock on her door when he noticed it was open.

He moved it slightly and saw that she passed out on her bed doing her paper. He decided to not wake her and went to his room. He could talk to her tomorrow. The next morning, Jonah sat Alyssa down and began, "Look sis, we shouldn't have done what we did last night" Alyssa figured that this might happen.

She already had a plan to counter it. She took Jonah's hand into hers and said, "Jonah, what we did was not wrong! It was beautiful and wonderful! Even if it was wrong, I can't help but think about it. Also, it would be more wrong to deny ourselves happiness" "I understand, but we have to stop this" Alyssa stared into Jonah's eyes and quickly attacked his lips with her own. Jonah tried to fight back, but before he could push her off. She grabbed his hands and guided them to her breasts.

He broke the kiss. "Please! We can't!" He then pushed her off and said, "Look sis, we can't do this! What would our parents think?!" Alyssa quickly began to strip saying, "Mom doesn't care who I end up with as long as I'm happy!" "Whoa! Sis! Put your clothes back on!" Alyssa was now fully naked and started to walk closer to Jonah. He closed his eyes and turned away. She then grabbed Jonah's head and attacked his lips again. She was back to kissing him and he soon gave in once she put his hands back on her breasts, bare this time, and she put her hand on his groin.

They started to make out on the couch and as they kissed, Alyssa began to strip Jonah. To her surprise, Jonah was helping her.

He was pretty surprised too. To him, it was like his hands had minds of their own. Once his shirt was off, he quickly assaulted her nipples. Alyssa could say nothing, but moan, "Oh Jonah…" As he sucked her nipples, she reached down and unzipped his pants. She worked around his underwear and his cock quickly sprung out.

She then grabbed it and began to stroke it. As she stroked it, she looked at him saying, "It's not very fair that only I'm completely naked" Jonah quickly removed the rest of his clothes to reveal his body to Alyssa. She never saw him fully naked before, but she was liking what she was seeing. She then got to her knees and began to suck his cock. He did nothing but stare at his step-sister giving him a blowjob. He enjoyed looking at those hazel eyes stare back at him.

Alyssa then popped his cock out of her mouth and said, "Why don't you lay on the couch, so it's more comfortable" "Okay" Jonah then got on the couch and was expecting Alyssa to just suck him off while he laid down, but he was wrong.

She began to climb on top of him and grabbed his cock. She aimed it at her pussy and began to sink her body down. "Oh no! Alyssa wait!!!" His cock sank in and Alyssa cried out in pleasure. Jonah had so many emotions going through his head.

He couldn't tell if he was afraid, relieved, happy, angry, remorseful, but all he knew at this point was, his cock felt really good. Alyssa's pussy felt very warm as it clung around his shaft. She moaned, "Oh Jonah! Jonah! It's in! You're inside me!" Jonah couldn't believe he had just lost his virginity. He already felt like he was going to cum once Alyssa began to ride him. He decided to warn her, "I'm gonna cum!" Alyssa then got off and Jonah squirted in the air.

It landed on his gut, on Alyssa's hair and shoulders, and the couch and floor. Jonah rested his head on the couch trying to calm down from what just happened. Alyssa then got a brilliant idea. Jonah had his eyes closed, but then opened them when he felt something on his gut. He found Alyssa licking his cum off his body. By the time she finished, she moved closer and opened her mouth to show the cum inside it. She then closed and swallowed and reopened to show Jonah in hopes of arousing him.

She did. Jonah didn't even notice it, but he was still rock hard. However, Alyssa did. She then turned around and got to her hands and knees. She wagged her ass begging Jonah, "Oh Jonah, don't you wanna stick it in" Jonah could only say "Okay" and fulfill her request.

He kneeled behind Alyssa and aimed his cock at her pussy. He began to press it in. Alyssa could feel his cock reenter her sopping wet pussy. "Mmm, yes! That's it, fuck me! Fuck me!" Jonah just kept fucking Alyssa from behind. He grabbed onto her hips for more balance and support. Alyssa kept moaning the dirtiest of things and Jonah just kept going at her using her dirty words as encouragement. He then decided to join her in moaning, "Oh Sis! This feels so good!" "Ew!

Don't call me that when we're having sex!!!" "Oh, sorry, what did you want me to call you then?" "Just call me Alyssa when we have sex, okay?" Jonah smiled at her, "Okay Alyssa" Jonah began to move again and continued for a couple of minutes until Alyssa started to cry out, "I'm gonna cum!

Keep fucking me!!!" "Alright" Jonah started to pump away as Alyssa was moaning his name while she was cumming.

She told him to stop. Alyssa then moved forward so he would slip out of her. She turned around to suck his cock. She guided him to lay down now, instead of kneel on the couch. As Jonah laid down having his cock sucked, he couldn't help but look at Alyssa suck him off. He liked the sight of Alyssa putting his cock in her mouth. It took a couple more minutes of a handjob and blowjob combination and Jonah was now ready to release. "Alyssa, I…" "I got it" Alyssa stopped stroking Jonah's cock and put it in her mouth.

She deepthroated him and let him cum while his cock was already down her throat. She really didn't have to try to swallow it because his cock was so far down. When Jonah's cock had ceased to squirt, Alyssa lifted her head and his cock slid out covered in her saliva. Alyssa sighed happily and laid on top of him on the couch. She rested her head on his chest.

Once all the arousal had faded, Jonah felt so much guilt for giving into temptation like this. He wondered if he would ever be the same again. He now knew what it was like to have sex.

He signed in distress. One thing a good friend of his in high school told him was, "Dude, sex really is like a drug, once you start, you never stop" Jonah feared that he would become addicted to sex. That he may, in fact, want it if he abstains… NO! WHEN he abstains. This was bad. Jonah was already considering doing it again. Despite all the guilt, he still thought about doing it again.

He had to go to confession and repent! He just had to! Alyssa looked up at him and giggled, "Hehe, that was fun, I'm gonna go take a shower" Jonah looked at her and gave a forced smile. Once Alyssa left the living room, he sighed, "It's one thing to be a virgin and abstain, but it's going to take true strength and courage to abstain when you've already experienced sex…" Chapter IX Jonah and Alyssa continued their secret relationship.

They continued to have sex at home and one day, Alyssa asked Jonah to come to school with her during a Saturday evening. She wanted to try having sex in her Biology lab since she knew the place was always deserted compared to other times. She wasn't confident enough that Jonah would agree to this, so she lied and cleverly said it was an exam review, when the second exam was in the following week. "You ready to go sis?" "Yeah, I just hope I don't miss anything, we are running a bit late" "We'll make it, don't worry" The two got in the car and headed off to school.

Jonah really didn't want to go, but it was something Alyssa felt she needed. He was already tired from the day that had just passed. He really wasn't in the mood to drive, but if it helped Alyssa, he was willing put up with it.

Even though he felt a little used at times with Alyssa, the good heart that he possessed enabled him to press on and put up with it all. As they got to school and headed for the laboratory, Jonah couldn't help but notice that the parking lot and area outside the lab was empty.

Where was everyone? Alyssa opened the door and let Jonah in. The room was dark. Why was it dark? Something suspicious was going on here. Jonah entered the room and saw that no one was in there. He was about to turn to Alyssa to ask where everyone was; however, the first thing he saw was Alyssa's bare breasts.

She started to walk to Jonah. "Hey, wait! Here?! We'll get in trouble!" "Oh relax, we just gotta keep our voices down" "Alyssa!…" Alyssa then grabbed Jonah by the belt around his waist and tugged him forward slightly. She then got on her knees and unzipped his pants. Jonah was still very wary about the situation. "Please Alyssa, not here, what if we get caught… ah!" Alyssa had put Jonah's cock in her mouth before he could even finish his sentence.

He could feel Alyssa being a bit more enthusiastic than usual. He could do nothing as his cock was in her mouth and her breasts were exposed. Alyssa popped Jonah's cock out of her mouth and said to him, "You know, I've always wanted to try fooling around in school late at night. Just like this" Alyssa then put Jonah's cock in between her breasts after that statement. She squeezed her breasts together as his cock slid in and out of her cleavage.

Jonah was helpless and soon gave in to his desires. Over at the laboratory across, Angela was working late in the labs on campus. She was doing research and experimentation pertaining to Antibiotics and Bacteria. She smiled to herself, quite proud of her progress, saying, "I've done it!!!

Now all I need to do is present it to my colleagues and then the Dean… Why not, I can put up with the experiment one last time" Angela decided to give the experiment one more trial. She quickly hurried to the adjacent lab where the incubator was being kept. She was about to open the door, but then she made out some figures in the lab with the lights off. The only source of light within the room was the moonlight from the window.

"Larry? Denise? Who's in there?" The figures appeared to be moving in a motion that was… 'OH MY GOD!!! Are they having sex?!' Angela thought to herself. This got Angela curious. She wanted to know which of her coworkers were screwing around in the labs late at night. She turned the knob of the door slowly and silently. As she opened the door slowly without making noise, she began to hear, "Oh Jonah! Jonah! Yes! Fuck me!

Fuck me harder!" Angela began to pull out her phone as she questioned in her head, 'Jonah… there's no one here at work with that name? Students? Who do I know with… NO!' As Angela squinted her eyes, she realized that she was right. It WAS Jonah. The intelligent young man that she touched herself to the thought of. Who was he screwing?! She aimed her phone and saw who it was through the phone… 'His sister!!!

He's fucking his own sister!!!' Angela suddenly hatched up an extremely evil scheme. She started to take pictures with the flash off. She made sure to get their faces when they changed positions. Once Angela got enough shots, she slowly and silently closed the door.

She then hurried back to the lab she was in. 'Did I really just see that?!' Angela looked at the pictures she took. Then continued to think to herself, 'Yup, there's no denying it. I have dirt on Alyssa and her brother' Angela knew exactly what to do with the pictures she took. She hooked up her phone to the computer and saved copies onto her USB. She then printed physical copies of the pictures. Angela was going to show these to Jonah and then blackmail him into having sex with her.

"As disgusting as it is to know that he screws his own sister, I'm still very attracted to him…" Angela began to rub herself again to the thought of Jonah. Meanwhile, "Ah! Alyssa! I'm cumming!!!" "Shh! Not so loud! You never know if someone's here" Alyssa whispered. "Sorry" Jonah whispered back. Jonah then shot his cum into Alyssa's open mouth, which leak out onto her breasts. She then rubbed what cum had leak onto her breasts all over them.

She applied it like lotion and swallowed whatever was still in her mouth. "Mmm, I can never get enough of your cum" "Come on, let's get out of here before someone catches us" "Oh alright you worry wart, I'm telling you, no one saw us, even if they did, they can't prove it" Chapter X No matter how many times Jonah tried, he always found himself giving into temptation.

There were often times when he would find himself thinking, 'Hey?

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Why can't priests marry? Other religions have them. And it's not like it's some sinful relationship, it's a beautiful love between him and his wife' Jonah had become a sex addict.

He went to church, but it only made the weight on his shoulders heavier. Father Andre knew his voice and was the only priest hearing confessions, so he was afraid of telling him of his new found relationship with his step-sister. Every time he tried to talk Alyssa for them to stop, she would seduce him. He kept giving into temptation. If not this, she would cry and fear for her life that she'd fail her biology class, forcing him to comfort her due to his good heart. Alyssa would then seduce him after as a thank you.

Of course Jonah was too ignorant to realize just how much Alyssa was manipulating him. However, today was different. He was going to fight it more than he ever did before. He had strayed away from his path for too long and he was tired of it. He walked up to Alyssa and said, "Hey sis, look, I have to go to church, I NEED to go" Alyssa again tried to seduce Jonah saying, "Oh, but Jonah, don't you want me? I'm really horny right now, look" Alyssa stuck two fingers in her pussy and held them up for Jonah to view.

He could clearly see that she was wet. However, he had to be strong. He resisted, "I'm sorry, but this has to stop! No more!" Jonah quickly turned his back and started to walk away.

"Jonah please wait!" Alyssa began to tear and grabbed his wrist before he left. He turned to see her tears flow from her eyes. "Please Jonah, could you at least help me with bio, I'm scared I'll fail" "I've been tutoring you since the first one up to now.

You'll be fine. It's all just review at this point" Alyssa was dumbfounded. She really didn't know how to counter that. Jonah turned and left for the car. She began to chase after him; she didn't want what she had with him to end.

She knew that once he went to church, he'll be all 'Oh no! What we had was sinful!' and not want to have sex with her anymore. This would result in her doing housework.


'C'mon Alyssa! Think!' '……' '……' '……' 'I GOT IT!!!' She then yelled at him, "I'll go with you!!!" Jonah then stopped and turned to face her. "What?" "I'll… I'll go to church with you" "You… you will?!" "Yes, maybe it'll do me some good" Jonah felt like crying tears of joy.

He walked to Alyssa and hugged her. "I never thought I'd see the day!" Alyssa just awkwardly hugged back, not knowing what to say next. However, Jonah was too overjoyed by what Alyssa had said that he didn't even bother to think about it. As they got into the car and drove on the road, he kept telling her how she won't regret it or that she'll really turn her life around for the better.

However, Alyssa was planning to seduce Jonah again somehow. Once Jonah parked the car and they both entered the church, the confessional was to their left and Jonah asked Alyssa, "Do you wanna go first or me?" "I dunno, I guess me" "Okay" Jonah was thrilled to know that he would finally stop the sinful act he was committing with his step-sister and on top of that, she was coming around. Curious about the faith he followed, unlike most people in his generation.

Jonah put his hands together and thanked God, "Thank You Lord, I feel that there will be much change in the future that will better my situation" Alyssa was in the confessional and looked at the window where the priest should be, but there was no one there.

She checked if there was anyone, "Hello?" No response. 'Goddamn it! Lazy fucks!' 'Hey wait a minute… No one's here' 'I think I have an idea" Jonah turned to see Alyssa come out. He smiled at her, but he saw a look of unease on Alyssa's face. "What's wrong?" "There's no one in here and I think someone graffitied the inside" "WHAT?!" Jonah marched right into the confessional to see what Alyssa was talking about. How could anyone do such a vile disrespectful act?

Were they possessed? He stepped in and saw nothing. He looked up to the top and saw nothing. The bottom was clear too. The door? Jonah turned to look at the door, but Alyssa was right behind him. She closed the door and exposed her breasts to him. "Alyssa! NO!!! Not here! I thought you said that you'd turn over a new leaf" "Oh Jonah… I lied. Now… Gimme your hard cock!" Alyssa grabbed his groin and began to press her breasts on Jonah's chest.

She began to take off all of her clothes. "No! I… We can't do this" Alyssa pulled out Jonah's erect cock from his pants. She tried to stroke it, but Jonah found the willpower to resist this time, being in the one place he felt he was at his peak for being moral in body and mind. He couldn't do such a sacrilegious act in church. He then began to push Alyssa off and leave.

Alyssa knew she was losing him. 'Desperate times call for desperate measures. I'm sorry Jonah…' she thought to herself. "If you leave, I'll yell rape!" Jonah stopped. "What?!" "Don't believe me? Try it!" Jonah could see the look on Alyssa face. She wasn't kidding. The moment the police are called, he'd be thrown in jail and shunned by everyone. Everyone is always quick to believe the woman first.

He may have been naive and oblivious to how Alyssa had been controlling him, but he was smart enough to know that everyone would automatically believe Alyssa over him if she claimed rape, especially because of where they were currently located. What was he to do? There were people out there. How did things turn out this way? He had no other choice. "Fine" Alyssa then said in an aggressive tone, "Now take off your clothes and get on your knees!" Jonah obeyed, not wanting her to cry rape.

He took his clothes off slowly, too in shock to accept what was happening. Alyssa was in complete control and she liked it. Enough of this mutual bullshit.

She wanted to be the dominant when they had sex, but she felt he wasn't ready for that. However, now was the time to try it she thought.

He'd follow every single command she'd give him. "Hurry up! Take them off faster!" Jonah sped up and then got to his knees. Alyssa then put her pussy to his face and commanded him, "Now eat my fucking pussy!" Jonah began to lick at Alyssa's clitoris. She grabbed his hair and forced his face into her groin. Jonah continued to lick Alyssa's erect clitoris. She then let go after and decided to use both hands to spread her pussy. Jonah tried one last feeble attempt to beg Alyssa to stop.

"Alyssa, please, sis we got…" SLAP! "Shut up! I told you never to call me that when we do this! As punishment, you're gonna shut the fuck up and lick up whatever's juices come out of my pussy!

Now lick it up!" Jonah submitted and began to lick the inside of Alyssa's pussy. Her pussy was leaking out and Jonah licked it all up. Alyssa moaned, "Mmm, yeah, that's it. Eat my fucking pussy! Lick up my fucking juices and swallow them!" Jonah just closed his eyes and licked away, pleasuring his now a dominatrix of a step-sister.

She moaned softly, trying not to be too loud and alert anyone outside. She grabbed Jonah's head and forced it into her groin again, enjoying her domination over him.

She had finally tried having a dom/sub relationship with Jonah during sex and it was wonderful. It made her extremely excited. Her pussy kept leaking and Jonah was forced to keep swallowing. Deep down, Alyssa felt that this was somewhat wrong, but if Jonah was going to stop the sex and make her do house work, she was willing to do whatever it took to sustain her current situation.

If persuading him was not going to work anymore, she was going to have to force him now. She kept telling herself, 'It's for his own good' 'He'll have a better life because of this' 'He'll enjoy this, men love anything sexual' 'It'll all work out in the end' 'He'll thank me in the future' She completely disregarded how wrong her actions were.

She was in a state of denial and just closed her eyes to enjoy the pleasure. She then commanded Jonah, "Get back on your feet! I'm gonna fucking ride you and you're gonna fucking like it!" "Yes Alyssa…" Jonah stood back up, but to his surprise, he was erect.

He didn't enjoy being forced like this, but his cock said differently. Perhaps it was his body's natural reaction. Perhaps he really did enjoy this deep down inside.

He wasn't sure. What he did know for sure was that he was not enjoying being forced to go back into the life of sin he had participated in the last few weeks when he was trying desperately not to.

He didn't appreciate the slap in the face either. However, what bothered him the most was the fact that she forced him to do this in church, the one place he felt his safest at. He was extremely angry about that, but he couldn't lash out at her. She could just yell a four lettered word and life would be all over for him.

He thought that things had finally turned around, but he was wrong. Alyssa walked up to Jonah and he lifted her up. She grabbed his cock and aimed it to her opening. It then entered and she moaned softly trying not to be too loud again. She decided to dig her nails into his back, frustrated from not being able to moan loudly. She drove her nails in hard.

Jonah did not expect the sudden rush of sharp pain and cried out, "OH GOD!!! JESUS!!!" Alyssa's eyes widened and she quickly put her hand over his mouth. They both kept quiet. They heard footsteps right outside, then a voice. It was Father Andre. He began to speak in a calm tone, "That's it my son, if you truly repent like so, God will forgive you" The two then heard him walking away.

Alyssa continued. She rode Jonah's cock for the next few minutes. She would degrade Jonah and he would submissively respond back. "Who's cock is this?!" "Mine?" SLAP!

"Wrong answer!" "Yours!" "Hmm, good boy. Tell me how much you love my pussy!" As Alyssa said this, she clenched her vaginal muscles around Jonah's cock. "It… ah! Uh… uh… Alyssa, I'm gonna cum!" SLAP! "Don't you dare!" Jonah tensed up and tried his best not to cum.

He succeeded. Alyssa continued to verbally assault him. "Now tell me how much you love my pussy!" She decided not squeeze his cock this time. He answered, "I love it, it feels so soft and warm" "Mmm hmm&hellip. Keep going! Tell me how it tastes" Alyssa was riding Jonah's cock faster, she was getting turned on from his complimenting. "It tastes so wonderful! It's something I've never had before, it's so good" She began to moan and cum.

Jonah was holding in his cum as if he were hanging on for dear life. As Alyssa finished, she then decided to degrade Jonah, "If you're a good boy and beg me, I'll consider letting you cum" Jonah begged. He was lost in his own lust and pleasure from the sex. "Oh please… please, please let me cum" She then whispered in his ear, "That's a good boy, I'll let you cum" She got off of him, but then they heard a choir sing. Alyssa was scared that there may have been too many people.

So she began to put her clothes back on and said to Jonah, "Put your clothes back on. We have to go. There are way too many people here. Let's leave before it's impossible for us to leave" Jonah really wanted to cum, but he understood. He grabbed his clothes and started to redress himself. Once they were both fully clothed, Alyssa said to him. "Let's go home now" The two got their clothes back on and cracked open the confessional door to scan the perimeter.

No one was looking. The two quickly slipped out and left the church heading home… Father Andre entered the door to the back chapel and found Father Rick praying. He had come from another parish for a visit. "Oh… Rick… I thought you were hearing confessions" "No, I've been here all this time" "What? Then who was in the confessional?" Chapter XI On the drive home, Alyssa got an idea. "Hey Jonah, whip out that huge cock of yours, I wanna see it" Jonah pulled it out, expecting her to touch it.

He had not cum yet. She began to stroke his cock. "Is this what you wanted?" "Ye…Yes!" He wanted to cum, but then Alyssa stopped stroking him and slapped him with the back of her hand. SLAP "Uh uh, don't cum before me" Alyssa put her other hand in her underwear and started to stroke her clitoris. She then returned to stroking him. For the whole driveway home, Alyssa stroked him and herself.

She then came as he parked the car. Once she pulled her hand out, Jonah got more excited and needed only a couple more strokes. However, she stopped stroking him and giggled as she got out of the car. Jonah was confused. Did she really just deny him to cum a second time? He REALLY didn't like that. Alyssa was beyond a tease. She liked denying Jonah his ejaculation. It was just another femdom thing she's always liked. She then saw Jonah going to the couch, putting both his palms on each of his respective temples.

Jonah was rubbing his temples in despair and anger. He couldn't resist Alyssa's body and to make things worse, even if he could, he had no choice. What he did was sinful, the most sinful act he could have ever thought of. He actually got an erection despite all the sin pulsing though the situation.

He hated the fact that Alyssa made him have sex in church. He also hated being denied to cum, twice. He wanted it, but once the arousal died down a couple of seconds ago. He didn't want it. He just wanted to abstain from sex. Alyssa saw Jonah's stress and sat next to him. She simply hugged him from the side and did not say a word. Jonah was even more angry, but due to his good nature, he decided to control his emotions.

However, he was extremely close to lashing out at her. Alyssa was beyond inconsiderate already. He just leaned back and let his body rest on the couch. It kept bothering him that Alyssa didn't even say sorry once, for anything. She just kept taking from him without truly giving back. It was true she gave him sex, but he wanted to stop it. Every single time he tried, she'd just put him back where he started.

"Jonah?" Alyssa called him. He started to think to himself, 'There's only one way for me to stop this. It may be drastic, but it has to be done…' "Alyssa, I'll teach you how to cook and help you with becoming a less messy person. So that way, you don't have to keep having sex with me. If I fail, then you'll have to live somewhere else" "WHAT?! No! I like things the way they are!" "It's just better for you and also, what you're doing isn't the most moral thing…" "Fuck You!

What I'M doing?! Last I check, sex was between us NOT me!!! You're calling me a whore?! I know what they teach you about women who have casual consensual sex!!! They're all whores! Well fuck you!" "I didn't say that…" "NO! Shut the fuck up!!! You fucking dick! I don't need you! I never needed you! I only had sex with you because I felt sorry for you! I didn't want you to end up being a child molester so I gave you my body out of sympathy!

This is the thanks I get?! I'll cook and clean myself! This 'whore' will show you! No more sex for you! Fuck you!!!" Alyssa was yelling at Jonah's face. He was already angry during the drive home. He even controlled himself when she showed a complete lack of understanding and remorse. She manipulated him in church of all places!

He began to release the pent up anger, "SHUT UP!!! I cook and clean for you and you repay me by ruining my celibate life! I WISH WE NEVER MET AGAIN!!!!" Jonah had snapped. He had had enough of Alyssa's bullshit. He was kind enough to let her live with him, cook for her, clean after her and even offer to help her to better herself despite the fact that she did not respect his wish to become a priest. She wrecked everything that he worked towards.

Now he was just a sex addict. At least, that's how he felt. He also didn't appreciate her calling him a 'child molester'. Right after that last statement, he saw that it hurt Alyssa. He quickly tried to undo the damage of what he said, "Alyssa, I'm sor…" Alyssa began to cry, "Fuck you! I fucking hate you!" "I'm sorry, sis!" Alyssa ran to her room and locked it. Jonah ran after her and tried to open the door. She then yelled to him on the other side.

"I'm not your sister!!! I don't wanna know you! It was a mistake coming out here! I hope you fucking die!!!" All Jonah felt was guilt for saying what he said. He had hurt Alyssa with those words. He blamed himself for all this. 'This is all my fault. If I had been stronger to resist, we wouldn't have ended up like this' Jonah kept trying to talk to her for a while, but she just remained silent.

He kept apologizing to her and telling her that it was his fault, but she never said a word. He decided to just wait outside her door, sitting on the floor.

After Alyssa heard Jonah stop talking, she started to ponder on what her next action should be. She never thought about whether this was love or just lust between them.

She could only think about what had just happened and it made her not think straight, but then she thought to herself, 'Why did I react like that?!' 'Why should I care what he thinks about me?' 'He's going to be a priest, he thinks any woman who has sex is a whore, that's religion poisoning his mind' 'Can it be?! Am I… having feelings?!!!' 'No! It's just sex, that's all!!!' Alyssa started to think about something her mother once said, 'Alyssa, don't try to find love so quickly.

Go out and have fun while you're still young. Then when you're older, you can get all lovey dovey with someone' She gave herself to two previous boyfriends. Her heart, her everything, only to be returned with mistreatment.

Jonah would just be the same. It was decided. She'd just have sex with Jonah only. There was no way she could fall in love with him. She then started to feel uneasy by that notion. She began to think to herself, 'No! I… I… I have feelings for my step-brother!' '…I can't tell him… I just can't… or anyone else' 'He wouldn't understand, no one would understand, I don't even understand' 'It'll just be sex' Alyssa quickly got up to talk to Jonah, but when she opened her door, she saw that he had passed out on the floor, waiting for her to open the door.

She checked the time, it was already midnight. She knew Jonah wasn't much of a night owl. "You waited for me…" She was really touched by his commitment to fix things with her. It was all over an argument that she started because she let her emotions get the best of her. She knew Jonah would never think she was a whore, yet her emotions still got the best of her. Alyssa felt extremely guilty. So he let his emotions take control too, but she kept pushing his buttons.

He had every right to. She was being a top notch bitch. Knowing that made her very upset when Jonah had been nothing but sweet to her.

'Do I want to get serious with him? Or should I just keep it simple with the sex?' Alyssa turned around and had finally decided… 'I'm still young, mom's right. It's just my emotions getting the best of me' 'I felt like this with my previous relationships and I gave my heart. Look what that's gotten me' 'I'll just get hurt if I allow myself to fall in love again' 'Besides, after what I did to him in the confessional… I wouldn't want to date me either' Alyssa then returned to her room and went to sleep.

The next morning, Jonah was cooking breakfast. Alyssa had woken up and could smell it. She got up to talk to Jonah. He turned his head to look at her and said, "Hey…" "Hey, look, about last night…" "I'm sorry Alyssa, it's all my fault, I'm completely to blame for this.

It's all my fault for not resisting temptation from you…" "Just stop! Look, it's fine, I overreacted. I just wanted to tell you that this is just sex between us. Nothing more, it's not some kind of romantic thing going on.

Don't get it confused" "Oh… okay…" Jonah looked back at the food he was cooking. He felt crushed by those words. Alyssa noticed a bit of pain in Jonah's eyes the moment she said that. It was obvious that he had feelings too. She coldly brushed it off and remained silent. She shouldn't be getting serious with anyone. She just has to go out and have fun while she's young. "Alyssa, I can't do this with you" Alyssa was Jonah's first and that meant something to him.

Being his first made her special to him. She decided it was probably for the best if they stopped this. Continuing the relationship would only serve to further hurt him.

Besides, she could have any guy she wanted. She was young and beautiful and she felt she'd be wasting time trying to fix something she felt she really fucked up on.

She finally decided to agree to Jonah's terms of stopping the sex between them. She attempted to take up the role of the tough girl.

"Fine, but don't come crawling to me because you need a fix" She may have come off as more of a bitch than a tough girl just then, but there's no changing it now. She stuck by her attitude. Jonah just replied kindly to her, "Thank you" Alyssa turned away and thought to herself, 'It's for our own good' Chapter XII Angela came prepared for class this time. The second exam was about to commence and she was very happy to see Jonah in the class.

Before the exam started she came up to Jonah and said to him, "Hey Jonah, I need to talk to you after class, could you meet me in my office? It's a science thing" "Oh… okay, sure" Jonah said happily. "Thanks, you're a doll" Angela said with a smile. Angela then turned to look at Alyssa, who had a very angry jealous look on her face. Angela just smiled at her saying, "Good luck Ms. McClain" Alyssa then thought to herself, 'I don't know why, but I wanna fucking punch Dr.

Summers for some reason…' As the exam went on, the same patterns occurred. Some finished early, some finished late, most finished in the middle.

Angela was dying of anticipation. She was going to have Jonah. Once the class had finished, she and Jonah walked to her office. She smirked at the obvious look of envy in Alyssa's face. As they both entered her office, she closed and locked the door behind them. Jonah got a bit nervous. "Uh… Professor Summers, uh… what's with the door?" "This has to remain a secret between us, so I had to close and lock the door" "Uh… okay… so, what did you want to talk to me about?" "About a certain a couple who happens to be siblings" "Uh, what?" "Don't 'uh what' me, there's no denying it!

I know what you and Alyssa have been up to as of late, no wonder you two know the human anatomy section so well" "What?! Are you suggesting…" "I am not suggesting, I am simply speaking the truth" Angela then pointed to the closed door behind Jonah. He saw a calendar. He was confused. Angela told him, "Look inside the calendar" Jonah lifted the calendar off the door.

He admired the beautiful artwork, but soon felt his heart race when he opened it. He saw pictures of the time he and Alyssa had sex in the lab. Jonah had so much fear within him as if his life was in danger.

Angela smiled, knowing that everything was going as she wanted it. She then continued, "Wouldn't it be a shame if everyone found out about you? A man saying he's becoming a priest, was actually having pre-marital sex and with his own sister. Also, what would that do for your poor little sister? Why, she'd be shunned upon in this whole campus, not to mention the family" "She's my step-sister!" "Here's what I propose, you pleasure me whenever I call you and I'll keep your sick relationship under the table" "What?!

That's blackmail! This… this is wrong! We don't even have sex anymore, everything's back on track and I've been good!" "Do you really have a choice? It's this or the reputation of you and your 'step' sister are ruined. Besides, you say 'we don't have sex anymore', but who'd believe that over photos?" "Please, I actually just lost my virginity. I can't get it back, but I can fight lust and abstain again" "You were a virgin… uh, well it makes sense.

Someone as hot as you trying to be a priest.

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It's plausible" "So you'll let me go?" "Nope" Jonah already knew where this going. The truth was, he was scared for himself, but being the good person he was, he was worried more so for Alyssa. As much stress that she had caused him, he still loved her and cared for her.

As he looked at the pictures, he decided to just get straight to the point, "So, what now?" "It's simple really, I want you to be my little boy toy" Jonah gave Angela a shocked expression.

Angela continued, "You heard me, you can start by taking off your clothes" Jonah paused and gave it some thought. He couldn't find a way out. He had finally gotten back on track with his celibate life and now it was being wrecked again. There was only one thing he could do. He began to strip. "Mmm, baby, yeah, that's what I like" Once Jonah was completely naked, Angela was completely silent.

She gasped, "Oh my God… It's beautiful" Angela felt like drooling from the size of Jonah's cock. It was bigger than she had hoped for. She couldn't stop smiling at how large his member was. Angela removed her shirt and bra.

She cupped her D's and commanded Jonah, "Come suck my nipples" Jonah had never seen a pair of breasts so big. He thought Alyssa's C's were huge, but this outdid them for sure. He walked up to Angela and he put her right nipple into his mouth while playing with the other one. He was surprised at how fast he was to follow her orders.

Perhaps it was the fact that he had not had sex in a while. Jonah had been blue balling since the incident with the confessional. Since then, he had been going to church, confessing his sins, abstaining from sin. He felt that things were getting better, but Angela was taking that away from him. Just like Alyssa did. However, he wanted Angela's body because he was blue balling.

It overrode all that. That's what frightened Jonah the most. He REALLY enjoyed sex. He never truly noticed until he and Alyssa had stopped having sex. Angela began to moan from the sensation. She had not been touched by a man in a long time.

She was completely overjoyed to feel this sensation again. And much more that was to follow. She gently stroked his head and moaned in his ear, "Oh Jonah, you drive me wild!

Keep sucking them, you're so good!" Jonah continued to suck Angela's nipples, he alternated between sucking the right and left nipple. Although Angela was blackmailing him, Jonah was really enjoying this. His last sexual encounter with Alyssa was an abusive one.

He really liked her stroking his head gently instead of slapping his face. He liked that she wasn't being too rough. Angela spoke again, "That's good, now show me how good you are with your tongue" Angela removed the rest of her clothing and stood in front of Jonah completely bare.

Jonah got to his knees and began to lick away at Angela's pussy. She stroked his head softly again and moaned to him, "Mmm, you're tongue feels so good" Angela leaned back and sat on her chair and put her legs up in the air, exposing everything to Jonah. Jonah could see Angela's pussy fully and he loved the view. There was not a single pubic hair to be found.

Not on her pubic bone area, not on her lips, not even on her anus. It was completely smooth. Alyssa had a small patch above her clitoris.

Angela saw that Jonah was just staring, she demanded his response, "What's wrong?" "Oh sorry, I… it's just… you, you look so clean down there" She smiled at his compliment, "Aww, thank you" Jonah got back to eating Angela's pussy.

He switched between licking her clitoris and licking her vaginal walls. "Mmm, oh yes! That's it baby, that's the spot, keep licking me there! I'm already gonna cum!" Jonah continued to lick at Angela's clitoris. He then stuck two fingers in her pussy and doubled her pleasure. "I'm cumming!!!" Jonah started to lick Angela's clitoris faster and he could feel her pussy contracting on his fingers. Angela was having the time of her life. She was having an extremely strong orgasm.

She clamped her hands to the arms of her chair and moaned loudly from her climax. As her orgasm was beginning to subside, she told Jonah to stop licking her. She was getting very sensitive now. She'd go crazy if he continued any further.

Jonah got back to his feet and picked up his clothes to leave. Angela then hugged him from behind and said, "Just where do you think you're going? You still need to cum" Chapter XIII Jonah dropped his clothes as he felt Angela's hand stroking his cock.

Her warm body felt so soothing touching his back. She even smelled nice too. She had a fruity smell, some sort of citrus scented perfume. Angela began to kiss the right side of Jonah's neck and then moved her kisses to his right shoulder. Jonah put his left hand on top of Angela's left hand, which was on his abdomen. His right hand was pressed against the wall.

He never tried this before, but it felt nice. He turned his head to look at Angela. He warned her, "Dr. Summers… I can't control myself, please stop…" Angela smiled and said, "Shh, just enjoy, and call me Angela" "Angela… I… I…" Jonah turned around to stop Angela, but he was met with a kiss.

She attacked his lips and then continued stroking him. She then got to her knees and began to put his cock in her mouth. She took the first seven inches in.

"Ah! Dr. Sum… Angela! It… It feels so good!" Angela popped his cock out of her mouth and responded, "Moan for me baby, tell me how good it feels" She then put it back in her mouth, this time, taking the whole thing in. She gagged briefly but soon regained control of her gag reflex. Angela was experienced. She knew what she was doing. During the time her sex life was on hiatus, she'd often practice on sausages and bananas.

When the time came for her to pleasure someone she found worthy, she'd be ready. And she was. "Angela! It… feels… so… amazing!" Angela appreciated his compliment. She popped his cock out of her mouth and put it between her breasts. She squeezed her breasts together and stroked him. Jonah enjoyed the softness of Angela's breasts.

He really liked that beautiful smile that she gave him as she suffocated his cock with her huge twins. She was better at giving a blowjob and titfuck than Alyssa. Jonah moaned, "Angela! I'm gonna cum!!!" Angela then kept Jonah's glands in her mouth as he was shooting his load. She swallowed by every squirt. When she let his cock out of her mouth, there were no traces of cum left to be found inside. "Oh my gosh that was amazing!" Angela smiled at Jonah and said, "I hope you're not done yet, my pussy is dripping wet" Jonah gulped at the statement of this woman.

Perhaps what he agreed to was something he bit off that was more than he could chew. Either way, he had no choice. Angela giggled at the nervous look on Jonah's face. "That nervous look on your face, hehe. You just look like 'please don't rape me'." Jonah looked uncertain on how to respond to that. Angela caressed Jonah's face and spoke again, "Don't worry, all you have to do is satisfy my sexual needs and desires for a bit longer and I'll let you go" "O… okay" Angela looked down to find that Jonah was still hard.

She smiled at the site. "Mmm, looks like YOU'RE ready. Be a dear and sit on my chair for me, would ya. I'll do all the work, is that okay?" "Sh…sure" Jonah obeyed and sat on Angela's chair. She then turned around and sat on his cock.

It slowly moved in. It had a different feel to Alyssa's but it was still just as good in his opinion. It was just different was all. Angela moaned from the penetration, "Mmm Jonah, I love your big fat cock! Play with my tits!" Angela grabbed his hands, too impatient to wait for him to respond or obey on his own. Once his hands made contact with her breasts, Jonah started to squeeze and fondle them.

She started to move up and down his cock as she had her breasts played with. "Fuck yeah! That's it baby! Just like that" Jonah started to really get into it. Angela's breasts were huge, soft and warm. He admired her toned body too. He figured that she must work out because her body looked spectacular. He not only found her large breasts to be arousing, but her hip to ass ratio as well. Looking at her back and moving his eyes down to the crack of her ass.

The voluptuous curves that really stood out when his eyes moved from her lower back to her butt cheeks. All this while squeezing the voluptuous melons for breasts Angela possessed on top. Jonah was in heaven. Ironically, this is what would send him to hell. Angela was finally experiencing Jonah's cock just like she wanted. She'd touched herself to sleep so many nights after they'd first encountered each other. The feeling of his hot hard rod entering her lonely pussy.

She was enjoying it so much that her pussy leaked onto his cock, down to his balls, coating them, and then dripping onto her chair. She already felt herself coming to a climax, then she heard Jonah's warning, "Angela! I'm gonna cum if you keep doing this!" "Cum with me! I'm gonna cum too. Don't worry, I'm on the pill! Please, fill me up!" Jonah began to paint Angela's inner walls with his seed.

The moment she felt the first shot of warm fluid hit her insides, she started to climax with him. She just kept moaning his name, "Jonah! Jonah! Oh Jonah! I'm cumming!!!" Jonah had a really strong orgasm and he could feel his cum leaking out of Angela's pussy while he was still inside her. Once she got off him, it all spilled out onto his pubic mount. Angela turned around and saw the mess on him. "Oh, we can't have you walk around with all that on you.

Here, let me clean you up" Angela got to her knees and began to suck and lick up whatever cum was on Jonah, both his and hers. She even licked up their cum that was on her chair. She then got up and asked Jonah, "So, you ready for round 2?" Jonah's eyes widened from her question.

Angela giggled at his gullible reaction. "I'm kidding! I won't keep you here any longer. Give me your number and I'll text or call you when and where to meet me again" "Okay" Angela and Jonah put their clothes back on. He left her office and left with Alyssa at the end of the day. Angela sat in her chair and sighed contently. She was quiet satisfied with what just happened in her office, but the truth is, she still wanted to try other things out with Jonah.

She was quite excited with what the future had in store for her. Chapter XIV As Jonah was driving home he kept thinking about what he just did. Alyssa caught a faint whiff of perfume. She was starting to get suspicious, but then let it go. As they got home, Jonah let Alyssa cook for herself. She just heated up some ramen with water.

She still did not cook up to now. She really didn't clean the house much either. Jonah saw the mess and wanted to bring it up many times, but there was just too much tension between them as it was. Alyssa spoke to him without so much as facing him, "See ya" "Okay…" SLAM!

Alyssa slammed her door and got on her laptop. Jonah really didn't appreciate her attitude towards him since they established the agreement not to have sex. Things weren't going very well between them.

He wanted to fix things, but she always told him to go away when he'd knock on her door to talk to her. Jonah sighed unhappily and began to cook dinner for himself. Alyssa was lying on her bed doing her lab report for Dr. Summers, sad about how she treated Jonah. She figured that it would be best for her to be a bitch towards him.

That way, she'd push him away and he didn't have to like her anymore. She truly felt that she was over him. She wanted to make sure that he was the same and if it means being a bitch to him, then so be it.

She said in her head, 'I'm sorry Jonah, but it's for the best' 'Now the question is, how will I do better in my biology course?' 'I hardly knew anything that you didn't cover with me' 'Summers is gonna rip my exam up' Alyssa hit her face into her bed in frustration.

She wanted to get help, but she didn't want to ask Jonah. Not after the way she treated him after the agreement and everything else prior to that. She figured it was time to man up. Jonah wouldn't be there for her forever anyways. Alyssa started to study and do her best to do better in her biology class. The next day, Jonah got a call from Angela after he finished school for the day.

"Hello?" "Hey sexy, I need you, meet me in my office" "Okay" "Thanks, see you here" Before Jonah knew it, he was already in Angela's office with both of them naked, having sex. "Angela, I'm cumming!" "Me too!" Angela's stressful day of stupid students and stupid coworkers all went away with that squirt of cum inside her.

She was really loving this. To decrease her chances of having her plan jeopardized, Angela had planned to let Jonah chose every now and then what sexual activity he wanted. It was her way of making sure he enjoyed it.

She wanted Jonah to like their relationship because she believed that sex should be enjoyed by both parties. Her other reason for doing so was to ensure he was having just as much fun as her, which would make him happy, thus decreasing his chances of trying to end their secret relationship. She decided to let him chose what to do next this time by asking, "So, what has Alyssa never done for you, I'll let that wish come true" Alyssa… What was Jonah going to tell her?

Her heart would be broken by what he was doing. He then thought about the things she said to him earlier. 'I just wanted to tell you that this is just sex between us' 'It's not some kind of romantic thing going on.

Don't get it confused' 'Don't come crawling to me because you need a fix' Although those words and logic told him that nothing was wrong. His heart was telling him differently. The truth was, he did have feelings and they recently have been locked away. He kept telling himself that she didn't want anything to do with him romantically.

There was still some residue of his feelings for her that currently existed, but day by day, he was healing. With all these thoughts, Jonah just looked to the floor and had a distraught look on his face. Angela saw it and knew she did wrong mentioning Alyssa's name. 'Shit, I hit a touchy subject' She got a hold of his face and apologized, "Hey, Jonah, I'm sorry, I won't bring up her name anymore, okay?" Jonah looked at her face and could see sincerity.

He really appreciated that, he smiled at her responding, "Thank You" She then gently caressed his right cheek and gave him a reassuring smile saying, "You're welcome, I just wanted to give you something that you've always wanted to try. Anything" Jonah was quite perplexed by her kindness. One day, she was blackmailing him, the next, she was offering any form of sexual gratification.

He then saw Angela lean over her desk and put her right hand on it. She took a deep breath and spread her left butt cheek with her left hand asking, "Have you ever tried this hole before?" Jonah was stunned by such an offer. He could see how pink her anus was. It was very small and frail looking. Like a precious little flower. Was she really offering her anus for his pleasure? Sodomy? He didn't know how to answer her question. He just answered honestly. "No" "Would you like to try it?" "I… uh…" Angela giggled, "I'll take that as a yes" Angela opened her desk and pulled out some lube.

She put some on her left hand and tossed it to Jonah. "Put some on your cock and just wait for me to stretch it out first. There's no way I can take that monster right from the get go" Jonah always believed that sodomy was sinful. He wanted to refuse Angela, but the sight of her asshole aroused him for some reason.

It was just so tiny and cute with its wrinkly pink texture. The only word that came out of his mouth was, "Okay" He applied the lube to his cock and made sure to cover everything. He was starting to stoke himself from the sight of Angela shoving three lubed pens up her ass. She then used a forth and then a fifth. He already felt like cumming and it didn't help that she was moaning while doing it too. Angela was excited, but nervous at the same time. She was always curious, but never got the chance.

She'd only taken her fingers and small objects in there. She moaned on purpose to give Jonah a good show. She looked back and saw that he was already stroking himself. She smiled at her success. She then got a sixth pen and shoved it in. She was enjoying it just as much as Jonah was watching, if not more so. "Okay, let's try it" Angela laid on her back on top of her desk and put her knees to her chest. She still had the pens in her ass, so she pushed them out and they all fell to the floor.

Jonah got into position and began to press. He could see a look of worry in her eyes. He asked in concern, "What's wrong?" "Nothing, I'm fine" "You look worried, I just don't want to see you uncomfortable" "What?

You're… concerned? For me?" "Well… yeah, I mean I care about everyone" No matter how much wrong someone has done Jonah, he never held a grudge. It was a Christian upbringing. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Love thy enemy. Forgive those who have afflicted you. The concepts of love and forgiveness. One he felt many Christian of today didn't follow. Angela was quite touched by his caring nature. She really liked and appreciated it. She decided to be honest with him. She didn't take him for the asshole type who would laugh at her.

"I've… never done it back there before" "Oh, did, did you wanna stop then? We don't have to do this" "NO!!! Please, I wanna try it. Please" She gave Jonah begging puppy dog eyes, "Pweety Pwease" Jonah could not resist. She was turning him on. There was something about the woman being submissive that he enjoyed. Angela couldn't help it either.

She WAS a submissive. She was blackmailing this man and now she's begging him for his cock instead of commanding him. She found it so funny. She said that she wanted Jonah to be her toy, but deep down inside, she wanted to be Jonah's toy. However, she was not ready to share that with him quite yet. She'd let him know later, but not today. Jonah found Angela's sudden change of demeanor to be quite attractive. She could tell that he enjoyed her coyness.

Perhaps he may one day just come visit her and have sex with her without her requesting it. She smiled at the thought. "Okay, but please let me know if you wanna stop" Jonah said, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"I will" Jonah began to press into Angela's sphincter. She relaxed and the head started to enter. She gasped at the sensation and she caressed his face, giving him a smile. Jonah stopped penetrating her.

He was worried, but then her smile calmed him. He started to press in again. So many thoughts were going through Angela's head, 'I'm actually doing it! I'm getting fucked in the ass!' 'I'm glad he's not trying to fuck me right away' 'He's so caring and sweet' Jonah held her hand as a means of comfort to show that he would halt his sexual desires if she were uncomfortable.

Angela really liked that, especially because she was a bit nervous right now. Despite the blackmail from Angela, Jonah found her sudden timid look to be quite cute. It wasn't exactly something Alyssa was good at.

"Mmm, Jonah, you're putting it in such a dirty place. It turns me on so much" Jonah pressed in more, encouraged from what Angela said. Angela moaned as they continued to hold hands. Jonah looked into her eyes and she looked back.

Jonah got this strange feeling that it wasn't just lust in her eyes. Like it was some form of affection. He then looked down and saw that his cock was completely buried in Angela's ass. Before he could start moving, Angela said as she smiled at him, "Leave it like this for a bit, it feels so nice" "O…kay…" Angela closed her eyes and rubbed Jonah's hand sensually.

She then used her other hand to rub her clitoris. Her pussy was already leaking down onto her ass and Jonah's pubic area. The feeling was wonderful. She knew it was going to be good, but she didn't think it would be this good. The thought of Jonah's cock being so invasive to her most forbidden virgin hole was what got her off the most. After having Jonah wait and watch her touch herself, Angela felt that her asshole had enough time to get accustomed to the stretch.

Angela opened her eyes to look back at Jonah. "Alright baby, you can start moving" Jonah moved his hips backwards, making his cock pull out slowly. It was like nothing he'd ever experienced before. Angela's tight ring clung to him as if it didn't want him to go. It was snug around the base of his cock. In contrast, the inside was warm and soft. He loved it. Jonah could do nothing but moan to her, "Angela!… it feels… so good!" "Same here!" Angela was enjoying this just as much as Jonah.

She always felt so dirty and kinky when she shoved her fingers or pens back there, but this was a whole other level of anal pleasure. She felt her asshole stretch and her rectum filling. It turned her on so much to know that Jonah was 9 inches deep inside her dirty back door. She stroked her clitoris faster as she released all tension back there. "Yes! That's it! Yes! Fuck me!

Fuck my tight ass!" Jonah only responded by moving faster. Despite his opinion on how sinful anal sex was, he was really enjoying it deep down. It turned him on that he was committing an act so taboo. He grabbed Angela's breasts and caressed them.

He switched between giving her breasts a squeeze and giving her nipples a rub. Angela stopped rubbing her clitoris and used her fingers instead to insert into her pussy.

She kept her other hand with Jonah's. Her pointer and middle slipped in with ease. She thrusted her fingers in and out, trying to match Jonah's rhythm with her ass. This beat a hairbrush and pen any day. With the new sensations that both were experiencing, it wasn't long before, "Jonah, I'm gonna cum!!!" "Me too!!!" "Cum with me!

Cum inside my ass baby! I want you to fill it up 'til I can shit nothing but cum for a week!" That last sentence, oddly enough, did not turn Jonah off, but rather on.

"ANGELA, I'M CUMMING!!!" Jonah began to shoot load upon load into Angela. She was cumming with Jonah. Her vaginal muscles hugged her fingers as she had her strong orgasm. She could feel Jonah squirting a lot of cum inside her. It was so dirty to her and she loved it. There was no way it wouldn't leak out once he pulled it out. Jonah had experienced his cum leaking out every now and then with Alyssa, but the anus was a much tighter hole.

It gave a different feel. He pulled out and immediately, some spilled out onto the floor. Angela could feel some of it running down the crack of her ass, so she tightened her butt cheeks and her sphincter.

She wanted to keep his cum inside her. She always fantasized about having cum inside her ass for a whole day. "Jonah… That was incredible!!!" "Are you okay? It doesn't hurt or anything does it?" "I'm fine, don't worry" Angela appreciated Jonah's continued concern post anal.

She really liked that in a man. She had had too many asshole boyfriends and fuck buddies who were inconsiderate narcissistic bastards. She once had a guy who actually made her vomit because he was too rough with her mouth during oral and he had the nerve to blame her.

"Okay, I'm just making sure, wouldn't want you in pain or even discomfort" Angela couldn't take it anymore, she then said to herself, 'Alright, this guy deserves it' She got to her feet and put her hands to Jonah's cheeks.

She moved her face closer to his and gave him a sincere kiss. Jonah shut up right away, not expecting that. She smiled at him saying, "Thank you Jonah, you're so sweet" Chapter XV After getting dressed and leaving Angela's office, Jonah was driving back home, he couldn't help but get strong anxiety for what he did… again.

He couldn't get the scary 'what if' thought out of his head. 'What if Alyssa found out?!' 'Why can't I stop having sex?!!!' 'Why does it have to feel so good?!' 'No!

I'm doing this to protect me and Alyssa' '……' 'From a woman who just kissed you and gave you googly eyes?' 'Maybe I could talk her out of it' With all these questions of hypotheticals and doubts, Jonah was already home, parked. He opened the door to find Alyssa studying on the couch. Despite Alyssa's recent bitchy attitude, Jonah never gave up on being kind to his step-sister. "Hey" He said kindly and casually.

"Hey" she said in a quick bitchy irritated manner as always. Jonah walked into the living room to check for papers he had worked on, only to find it wasn't there. Alyssa got a quick whiff of that fruity scent again. She got more suspicious now. What exactly was Jonah up to? The idea of Jonah with another woman was something to disregard at first, but she smelled that scent again. 'This is fucking crazy' 'He's not screwing anyone' '……' 'Why do I even care?!' 'He's my step-brother for crying out loud, nothing more, nothing less!' Alyssa got up to go to her room to study.

She couldn't concentrate out in the living. Jonah saw her walk away without saying a word and then heard her slam her door. He didn't understand what her problem was. Why was she so bitter about ending their sexual relationship? Jonah just signed in depression and prepared dinner for himself.

The next day, Angela called upon Jonah's "help". Jonah would often say to himself, 'I'm doing this for me and Alyssa' 'I have no other choice' However, what he failed to admit was that he really did enjoy what he was doing with Angela.

That woman really could please a man. She was better than Alyssa at pleasuring him. Although, even if Jonah did notice this, he'd never admit it out of respect for Alyssa.

He also liked the way she treated him. It was way better than the way Alyssa was treating him. Once Jonah met with Angela again, he thought to himself, 'Maybe today would be a good day to try and persuade Angela to stop the blackmail' Angela began to remove her clothes. '…or not' Jonah was completely torn. He felt like he could still try to be a good priest, but at the same time, he didn't want the sex to stop.

His abstinence flew out the window already, he had confessed his sins a couple of times, but he only confessed masturbation. It also didn't help that every time he confessed, it was only followed by the return of sexual activity. First by Alyssa, then by Angela. He wanted his old life back, but… Angela was not completely naked. She cupped her breasts and winked seductively to Jonah saying, "Come and get it" …but he couldn't resist Alyssa's body, nor Angela's.

He was completely hopeless. He once again, gave into temptation. He sucked on Angela's nipples, but then noticed that Angela had a look of uncertainty on her face. He asked her, "Is everything okay Angela?" "Yeah… yeah… hey Jonah, could you do me a favor?" "Uh, okay, sure" "I kinda have this fetish" "Yeah?" "I… I like asking science questions while getting fucked.

Can you answer them for me while you fuck me?" Jonah found that to be quite weird. But he agreed nonetheless. Angela was being very nice to him, so he figured he'd return the favor. For someone who was blackmailing him, she was quite charming and cute when she's being so coy and submissive. Jonah removed all of his clothes and was inside Angela's soft pussy feeling her warmth in less than ten seconds. He began to fuck her and then she began to ask him questions.

"Mmm Jonah, let's begin, I'll start off easy" "Okay" "What's the difference between bacterial transformation, conjugation, and transduction" "Transformation is…" THRUST "…bacteria getting DNA from the…" THRUST "…environment. Transduction…" THRUST "…is getting DNA from…" THRUST "… a virus. Conjugation is…" THRUST "DNA from bacteria to…" THRUST "…bacteria!" "Mmm yes!

Fuck yes! Fuck, oh Jonah, you're fucking turning me on!!!" Jonah wasn't really getting turned on, but he didn't mind it either. It was making Angela feel good, so it didn't bother him. If anything, it just made him last longer. She continued to ask him questions on cell permeability to things on the Nernst equation, to macromolecule digestions and the enzymes that are involved.

He kept answering her questions correctly. "Oh God, Jonah! Fuck! I'm cumming!!!" Never, had Angela ever come across a man willing to do this for her while still maintaining an erection and still answering her questions right.

Jonah truly was a unique person. Someone she never knew truly existed. She always thought that a man like him was just a fantasy prince like any other white knight on a magnificent ivory steed.

She was starting to like him more than she usually would a fuck buddy. It was starting to frighten her. However, she put that aside and sighed happily after her climax subsided, "My God you're amazing!" "Thanks" Jonah smiled in reply. Angela smiled back at him and assaulted his lips. She then said to him, "Really, thanks for that, I honest never thought you weren't capable of fulfilling this fantasy of mine.

I'm sorry for doubting you. You're the first to actually do this for me and actually stay hard while answering correctly. You've been very patient with me.

So, thank you, I mean it" "I just wanted to make you feel good. You actually asked me what I wanted and you completely accepted it. I wanted to do the same for you" Jonah smiled and continued, "No matter how weird it is" Jonah truly appreciated Angela's consideration for his sexual desires. With Alyssa, it was always about her commanding him. She was a real dominatrix and at first, Jonah was aroused from it, but after a while, he got tired of things always being her way. He wanted to be asked what he wanted and Angela did just that.

He noticed that Angela wasn't smiling at his last comment. She had a very serious look on her face. He indirectly called her weird.

He was worried that she may have taken offense, so he asked her, "Angela? What's wrong?" Angela silently kissed Jonah again. She kept giving him several small affectionate kisses. She then stopped and said to him, "You are so caring and sweet! You are such a wonderful man! You are completely selfless and deserve every ounce of happiness!" "I'm not…" "Yes you are!" "I'm just weak and give into sex.

I'm a monster. I've been irresponsible. All I think about is sex. I'm selfish, I'm a terrible person…" "No you're not!!! Every guy always thinks about sex. You just recently started having sex. It's only natural to want sex after abstaining for so many years! It's sexually liberating for you, enjoy it!" "There's no excuse. I got sex from Alyssa in exchange for doing housework for her" "It's my fault, I blackmailed you and you were seduced prior.

Alyssa should have respected your wanting to be a priest and I should have too. It's our fault. We were selfish, not you! Also, it's only human to want sex! Do you honestly believe only men enjoy sex?!" "……" "Alyssa enjoyed it too. Sex should be enjoyed by both partners! It's mutually beneficial. A woman should never treat sex as a task. Alyssa's treating sex as if only you liked it. I'm sure she liked it too. She… she tricked you into thinking that you benefited equally with her!" "Please, don't make excuses for me Angela" "No!

You are an amazing man and I'm really starting to li…" "You're starting to what?" Angela was so amazed to find that there was someone with such a pure heart. He may not be perfect, true, but he was still a hell of a lot better than other men she knew. If she had dated a man as wonderful as him earlier in life, she'd probably be a better person than the blackmailing bitch she was now. "…look Jonah, if anyone's going to heaven, it's you.

No one's perfect. Try not to be too hard on yourself, okay? It's just not healthy for you" "…okay, I'll try" They got dressed and Jonah left. She watched him through the window as if every second of seeing him counted. Once Jonah left, she thought to herself, 'Why did I almost tell him that I liked him?' 'I don't like him' 'I don't have those feelings for anyone' Angela then heard a text from her phone.

She anxiously checked it, thinking it was Jonah. However, it was her coworker asking about the petri dishes in the incubator of the school laboratory. She sighed in disappointment and replied to the text.

She then admitted to herself, 'Oh who am I kidding, I DO like him' 'I like him…' 'This… is… not… good…' 'I can't actually 'like' like someone, can I?' 'I can't trust my heart to a man, he'd just abuse me' 'He'd just be like all the rest…' '…but he's not, he's kind, caring, considerate, genuine and even able to answer fucking biology questions while you fuck' Angela groaned in frustration, "Why Jonah?

Why do you gotta do this to me?" Chapter XVI As the rest of the week passed, Angela and Jonah continued their secret meetings. Angela became a lot more pleasant to be around by each passing day, while Alyssa became the opposite. The more Jonah had sex with Angela, the more it became apparent that she was more of a submissive than a dominant.

Jonah started to realize that he was really into that. For the couple of times he tried to resist her, she didn't even threaten him with the blackmail. She simply used her coy charm to seduce him. Friday was the night that would change everything.

After Jonah and Alyssa got home, his phone went off. Alyssa wore an extremely jealous look on her face. Jonah answered it and looked at Alyssa's face. "Hello?… Oh, I'm sorry, you have the wrong number, bye" Alyssa just rolled her eyes. She could smell that fruity scent again. It was all too familiar to her.

That was the last straw. Jonah had been going out every night, smelling of perfume when he'd get home. He had to be seeing someone. Alyssa snapped, "Who is she?!" "What?" "Don't fucking play dumb with me.

I know you're fucking someone" "No, I swear I'm not" "You're fucking lying! There's no way you can go this long without sex and not want my body! Unless there's someone else! Now fess up!" Jonah was fed up with Alyssa's attitude.

By every passing day of this pass week, Alyssa's attitude just escalated. She became worse, turning into an extremely jealous girlfriend. He was already to the point where he didn't care if Alyssa was mad. She was always mad at him for something. He just turned and walked away from her. Going to his room.

"Hey! Don't walk away from me!" Jonah just continued to ignore her. Alyssa felt helpless. She really couldn't force him to talk to her, so she let him go. She just realized the way she acted. Despite telling him that there was nothing romantic going on between them, she was acting as if there was. She fled to her room, feeling like she was about to cry.

She was ashamed of how she acted. Jonah just laid on his bed and began to call Angela back. He thought about what Angela told him. 'If I ever call you and she's right there, just say 'you have the wrong number', got it?' Angela answered the phone. Jonah's heart was beating fast. He was getting nervous. He was actually developing feelings for Angela now. Never had he had such a complex love life, if you could even call his situation love. "Hey handsome" "Hey Angela, sorry about that" "It's cool, can you come over right now?

Do you have time?" "Yeah, I'll be there, just give me a few minutes to shower" "Okay, I'll see you here" "Okay, bye" "Bye" Meanwhile, Alyssa was sitting on her bed, curled up with her knees to her chin. She began to say in her head, 'Why did I lash out like that?' 'He's not my boyfriend, he's not my lover, he's just my step-brother' 'Maybe I'm just sexually frustrated' The truth was, after she agreed to not have sex with Jonah anymore, she attempted to have sex with classmates at school, but in the end, she declined.

'I don't understand!' 'Why does the thought of him with another woman upset me?' Alyssa has not been very happy recently. She had been quite depressed over the past few days and she didn't know why. Then, the obvious finally hit her on top of the head. "I still have feeling!" That very statement was the truth that set her free.

For too long she had been denying her true feeling and now she was willing to bet that it was too late to fix things with Jonah. She had been a bitch to Jonah for so long and she told him that no romance was possible between them. She began to think to herself again, 'Okay, how do I do this?' 'He's gonna leave to God knows where' 'I… I'm gonna sneak into his car and find out where he goes!' 'That's final' Alyssa left her room and noticed the shower running. She took advantage of the situation.

She grabbed his keys and unlocked his car door. She then returned them to where they were and hopped in the car. She locked the doors from the inside and hid in the backseat. 'I'm crazy for doing this!' 'Why am I doing this?!' 'This is fucking crazy' 'Goddammit!' Jonah got out of the shower and changed quickly.

He was a bit concerned for Alyssa, so he knocked on her door. KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! "Hey sis, I have to go, if you need me, please call me" Silence "Sis?" Silence "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you like that earlier, please call me if you need me. See you later" Jonah considered opening her door, but he figured that she'd probably yell at him, so he refrained from doing so. He left the house and got into his car. He turned it on and drove away.

Chapter XVI Jonah had arrived at Angela's house. He quickly got out of his car and locked it. Alyssa peak her head out to see a medium sized house.

She wanted go after him, but she was cautious. The last thing she wanted to do was to get spotted. Once he entered the house, she unlocked the door and got out of the car. She then notice a very familiar car parked outside.

"Is that? It can't be… No!" Alyssa desperately tried to find a way to look into the windows but all the curtains were covering them. She then moved to the back door to find it unlocked. She hurried in and panicked in her head. 'Please let me be wrong! Please God! Please!' Alyssa made it into the living room. She was right.

There in front of her was Jonah having sex with her biology professor. Angela moaned from the fucking she was receiving form Jonah. She then noticed Alyssa. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!!" Jonah turned and his eyes widened. "A… Alyssa!" "Jonah! Why did you bring her here?!" "I… I didn't!" Alyssa fell to her knees feeling defeated. She began mumble, "You fucking bastard…" Jonah pulled out of Angela and began to walk to her. "Sis, what are you doing here?!" Alyssa got back to her feet and tears started to pour out.

She yelled at him, "You fucking bastard!!!" She began to pound on his chest and it soon turned to her sitting on the floor and holding his left hand with both of hers. She wept as she looked down to the floor, "I'm sorry… I'm sorry Jonah!

I'm sorry for everything! You've been nothing but good to me! I've just been nothing but a bitch! Please Jonah! Please come back to me! I… I LOVE YOU!!!" She had finally let the truth out. She felt like she had just lifted a huge weight off of her shoulders, but now a new one was about to be put on her by Angela. Angela wanted to say something along the lines of 'how pathetic' or 'stupid bitch' but she refrained. She knew for a fact that Jonah would not take kindly to that.

Instead, she was concocting ideas on her next move. "Get up sis" Alyssa got to her feet and Jonah hugged her. He smiled at her, "You're my sister, of course I forgive you for everything you've done to me" "I don't want you to be my step-brother! I want you to be my lover!!! I'll do anything! You can slap me, take me as you please, I'll learn how to cook and clean after myself! Please! Just please come back!" Angela was analyzing Jonah's situation with Alyssa simply by the words she was crying and using what limited knowledge she had.

She got an idea of how fucked up their relationship was. "You were protecting someone like this?! Someone who mistreats you and underappreciates you?!" "What? Pro… protecting?!" Alyssa asked, confused. "That's right, two step-siblings committing such indecent acts. I caught the two of you that night in the lab. I have pictured proof. You're selfless step-brother agreed to give me his body if I kept it a secret and this is how you repay him, huh?" "Jonah… is this true?" "…yes" "Jonah!!!

Why didn't you tell me?!" "I… I just didn't wanna burden you with that knowledge, you already have enough to worry about in school as it is and…" "Jonah! You stupid, stupid, stupid&hellip. Come here!" Alyssa grabbed Jonah by his head and began to kiss him. She was touched by his extreme act of selflessness. Little did she know, he did enjoy himself. Alyssa felt so happy to finally taste his kiss again in such a long time.

Angela became jealous saying, "Hey, hands off!" "Fuck off bitch! He's mine!" "I don't think so, he's staying with me, right Jonah?" Jonah looked at Alyssa who had given him pleading eyes. He looked back at Angela who soon did the same. Jonah still had feelings for Alyssa, but he wasn't sure if she'd change.

He had feelings for Angela too. She was a much more responsible woman, but he wasn't sure if she really wanted to be with him or if it was just sex. He wasn't sure who really wanted to be with him and who wanted just sex.

Angela then confessed to Jonah, "Jonah, I really… I really… like you. I wanna be your girlfriend, not your fuck buddy, please be with me. I'll even give you threesomes with other women" That just made things more complicated for Jonah. Alyssa saw the confusion on Jonah's face and quickly took the initiative. She kissed Jonah while caressing his cock. "Come on Jonah, let's show this old bat how young people fuck!" Angela became extremely jealous again, but then she got an idea in her head.

One that may even prevent any form of violence. "If you think I'll let you degrade me like this, then you've got another thing coming" Angela began to walk up to the two making out.

Angela would normally start a cat fight, but then she saw a golden opportunity… Alyssa had her eyes closed while kissing Jonah, she felt him caress her sides tenderly, but then she felt something else. She yelped and opened her eyes to find Angela groping her left breast with her left hand and using her right hand to rub her pussy.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" "You broke into my house. I could report you for trespassing, burglary, take your pick. I'm willing to let it slide if you let me do a little something to you" "What?! No!" "You either agree to my terms or its jail time bitch" Alyssa felt helpless and cornered.

She was quite afraid. Was her professor going to rape her? A woman rape another woman? Jonah wouldn't let that happen! Would he? She quickly contemplated her decision accordingly with her situation and could see that she had no other choice. She agreed, "…fine" "Wait, Angela, please, just let her go" Jonah joined in.

"Sorry Jonah, but…" Angela saw the look on Jonah's face. His face was too adorable for her to say no to. She wanted to take it back and make Jonah happy, but at the same time, that would mean instant defeat from her rival.

She then found a brilliant compromise. "Ms. McClain, I have an interesting proposal for you instead" "Wha… what is it?" Alyssa asked nervously. "I'll let you join us, but you have to be my little slave tonight and I'll let this whole trespassing business slide along with giving you a good grade in my class.

The better you pleasure me, the higher your grade. Now does it sound fair?" "……" Silence from Alyssa. "……" Silence from Jonah. "It's a deal" Alyssa finally said. "Sis! You don't have to…" "Enough Jonah, I fully agree to this, it's killing two birds with one stone" Angela smiled saying, "All right, now that the three of us got that out of the way, how about we get this threesome started" Class was in session… Chapter XVII Alyssa gulped.

She had no idea what she just got herself into. She agreed to the terms because it immediately became more beneficial, but then she just realized that she was going to become a sex slave to her own professor. She also put some of the blame on her bi-curiousness. She was starting to get cold feet. Angela spoke to Jonah, "Jonah, I really meant it when I said I'd be willing to have threesomes with you and other women, let this be my proof to you" Angela then commanded Alyssa, "Go make out with him slave!" "Ye… yes ma'am!" Alyssa said as she flinched, obviously intimidated.

Both Alyssa and Jonah were puzzled by Angela's command, why would she willingly let Alyssa kiss him? Despite the suspicious nature of Angela's command, Alyssa kissed Jonah and closed her eyes filling comfort from his lips and his warmth. However, she then felt Angela put her tongue in her ear and wiggled it around as she assaulted her clitoris again with her fingers.

Jonah couldn't tell if they were fighting or loving each other. All he knew for sure was, he found it very arousing. Alyssa pushed Angela off out of natural response. Angela then said, "Are those police sirens I hear?" "I… I'm sorry… ma'am" "Just call me Angela, don't call me 'ma'am', it makes me feel fucking old" 'At least we agree on something' Alyssa thought to herself. "Okay, Angela" "Ew, that doesn't sound right when you say it…" Angela began to put on a deviant smile and then said, "… call me Mistress instead" Alyssa couldn't believe what she just heard.

However, she didn't want to go to jail and fail her biology class. She decided to just go with it. She was about to call Angela 'Mistress', but Angela was too impatient to wait for her. She began to touch Alyssa for a third time. She found Alyssa's left nipple and began to pinch it. She found her erect clitoris and rubbed it in a circular motion. She then spoke to Jonah, "You know Jonah, I never told you this, but I'm quite skilled in pleasing women too.

Let me show you" One thing nobody knew about Angela was that she was bisexual. She always wanted to try a threesome with a woman and a man. That's what made her dilemma with Alyssa a perfect opportunity for her.

If it weren't for that fact, she'd most likely just tie up Alyssa and fuck Jonah in front of her to enjoy the pain on Alyssa's face. Another factor that made the decision much more easier was that Angela found Alyssa to be quite attractive, so she decided a threesome would be the most beneficial situation for everyone. Angela began to kick the pleasure up a notch and Alyssa moaned from the sudden increase of stimulation, but soon snapped out of it.

"This is crazy" Alyssa whined, still refuting the pleasure. "THIS is crazy? I'd say denying your true feelings is crazy. Denying that you love someone is crazy, which means denying yourself happiness!" Funny enough, Alyssa and Jonah thought back to that very line Alyssa said to him, 'It would be more wrong to deny ourselves happiness' Alyssa was ashamed of herself to be so hypocritical of a saying she truly believed in.

She did the complete opposite of that statement. If she had only toned down her forcefulness with Jonah then… Angela broke up those thought by giving Alyssa a hickey on her shoulder while rubbing her breast and clitoris.

Alyssa did nothing but moan from the stimulation Angela was giving her. "Admit it slave, you love this!" "I. I don't like it!" "Just shut up and enjoy!" Angela let go of Alyssa's breast and grabbed her head.

She tilted her face so they could look each other in the eyes. Angela then pressed her lips against Alyssa's. Alyssa's eyes widened. She couldn't believe she was kissing another girl. Angela began to stick her tongue in her mouth and she instinctively started to tongue her back. Angela liked that. Alyssa really didn't wanna bite her tongue off.

She'd go to jail for sure. Not to mention the fact that… 'It feels… kinda… nice' Alyssa thought in her head. 'What am I doing?!' 'Why would I kiss her out of all people?!' Jonah just stood there enjoying the show. He decided not to stop them because he saw Alyssa kissing back and he found the sight so erotic.

Once Angela broke the kiss, she could clearly see that Alyssa had turned red. The truth was, it did feel good, but she wasn't about to admit that, not to her rival. She always was curious about being with another girl, but she didn't want it to be her college professor/rival. Sure she was sexy, but it just felt weird.

She couldn't let Angela sway her, could she? Angela then stuck her fingers in Alyssa's pussy while she was distracted and found it to be quite wet. She smiled at the results saying, "You can say 'no' all you want, but your body will tell me the truth" Alyssa turned even more red. Angela was right. She was enjoying it, but she couldn't bring herself to admit it. She was horny, but it wasn't only from Jonah.

She turned to Jonah and they began to kiss again. "You know, Ms. McClain, if you stop resisting, it'll all go along much more smoothly. Just close your eyes and enjoy my caresses. That's an order from your Mistress! Stop resisting!" Alyssa broke her kiss from Jonah. She finally gave in, taken over by lust, tired of resisting. "Yes…… Mistress" Angela smiled in approval, "Good girl" Angela then started to rub Alyssa's asshole through her clothes.

She pressed at it and Alyssa's eyes widened. She gasped and raised her voice, "Ah! What are you doing?!" Angela smiled at her reaction and asked, "Are you a virgin back there?" Alyssa was speechless, she couldn't answer her.

Angela immediately knew Alyssa's answer to her question. She then slipped her hand into the back of Alyssa's underwear and found her asshole. It immediately clenched at the touch. "Ah! Please, please Mistress!" "Shut up! You have no right! You hurt Jonah on so many levels, if it weren't for him, I'd give you far more severe punishment. Consider yourself lucky!" Alyssa really thought about it and she had to admit that Angela was completely right there. She had put Jonah through so much.

She couldn't deny that she treated him poorly, but did she really deserve to become her professor's sex slave for the night? "Haha! You fucking virgin!" "Hey, Angela, please tone it down, you were a virgin back there not too long ago" Jonah said in Alyssa's defense. "Jonah! Uh! I! You don't just! Don't say that in front of her!" Alyssa smiled and chuckled softly at Angela's embarrassment.

Angela then turned to Alyssa and began to rub her finger around Alyssa's tight virgin pucker. She then said to Alyssa in a defensive tone, "What are you laughing at?! Huh?!" Alyssa gasped and clung to Jonah.

The sensation was completely new. It felt very strange at first, but then Angela began to pleasure her clitoris at the same time. Once she did that, she was starting to like it. Her pussy was leaking from the new sensation. Alyssa was about to cum. She closed her eyes and accepted that she was getting off to the caresses of her archrival. She moaned into Jonah's ear, "Oh Jonah! I'm cumming!" Alyssa began to imagine Angela's finger going inside her asshole.

That thought was actually turning her on. Angela felt Alyssa's body react to her caresses. Her asshole was convulsing as she was cumming. Angela continued for a few more seconds while Alyssa was climaxing, then stopped once Alyssa recovered from her orgasm. Angela felt victorious knowing that she made Alyssa cum.

She decided to rub it in her face, "Yeah bitch! How does it feel to know that you got off to my touch?" "I… it… I wasn't enjoying it!" "Sure you weren't, now how about we take this to the couch. What do you say?" "Do I even have a choice?" Alyssa asked. "Nope. Now get to that couch. Now it's my turn. You better make me cum!" Alyssa frowned as she was forced to do what Angela suggested.

Angela sat on the couch and spread her legs. She then curled her finger at Alyssa, signaling her to come to her. Alyssa and Jonah walked over. Jonah was unsure if Alyssa liked this. She was being forced to be a sex slave, yet she had an orgasm.

He decided to be sure, "Sis, how are you doing?" "I'm fine, don't worry, I'm gonna do this. I'm not complaining, and Jonah…" "Yeah sis" "I thought I told you not to call me that when we're in the middle of sex" "Oh… yeah that's right… sorry" "That's okay, but please think about it though" "Think about what?" "Being my boyfriend.

I want us to be something more" "……" Angela could see Jonah and Alyssa having a secret conversation. She wanted to break it up so they wouldn't hide any thoughts from her and also because she wanted to have her pussy eaten already. It had been a while since a woman had eaten it. She couldn't wait. She yelled at Alyssa, "Hey!!! What the fuck! Get over here and eat my fucking pussy slave!" Alyssa jumped at Angela's sudden raised voice, "Yes Mistress!" She and Jonah walked up to Angela.

Alyssa kneeled in front Angela and put her face in her groin. She could smell Angela's arousal. Alyssa thought to herself, 'Wow! She has a REALLY nice pussy!' '……' 'What am I thinking?!' 'Why would I be complimenting my enemy?' Alyssa inhaled the air and began to think, 'I can't believe I'm about to do this…' 'Well… at least she cleans it' 'It doesn't smell bad' Angela asked Jonah to sit next to her and watch Alyssa eat her out.

Jonah complied and sat next to her. He found the very notion of a woman licking another woman's pussy to be extremely arousing. Alyssa began to lick Angela's pussy and she moaned in response, "Play with yourself while you eat my pussy!" Alyssa followed her order and began to touch herself while she tongued Angela's wet pussy.

Jonah was rock hard and Angela could see it. She began to stroke him and talk dirty to him. "Mmm, you like seeing me get eaten out by Alyssa?" "Yeah…" Jonah moaned. "Look! Look at her! She loves it! I love it! Mmm I'm so dirty Jonah, I love having my wet pussy licked by another woman!" "Angela!" Jonah moaned.

"Jonah! I'm a fucking dirty bitch!" Angela then started to stroke Jonah faster. "Angela!!!" Jonah moaned louder. Alyssa had mixed feelings.

She felt so degraded watching her man kiss another woman while being stroked off by her. What made it worse was the fact that she had to eat that woman's pussy while she watched.

She had a feeling Angela planned that. However, what didn't add up was that she was super wet too. She was actually enjoying it. She liked the taste of Angela's pussy and was actually getting off to it while masturbating.

She couldn't explain it. "Oh Jonah!!!" Angela was unexpectingly starting to have an orgasm. She squeezed Jonah's cock hard and held Alyssa's head in place firmly. She immediately began to feel the warmth of her climax as Jonah held her and Alyssa kept tonguing her pussy. After a few moments, Angela released her grip on Alyssa's head and Jonah's cock.

Jonah was a bit disappointed, he was very close to cumming. However, Angela changed that when she said to Alyssa, "Suck his cock" Alyssa had become a complete submissive. She obeyed and moved over to where Jonah was sitting. She took his cock in her mouth. She thought to herself. 'I missed this huge beautiful cock' She looked up into Jonah's eyes as she bobbed her head.

She was anxious about the fact that Jonah had gotten his cock sucked by Angela. Was she better than her? She couldn't let Angela outdo her. She forced his cock into her mouth and completely ignored how harsh the rush was.

They looked into each other's eyes until Angela kneeled on the couch next to him. She guided his face to hers and kissed him. She then grabbed his hand and led it to her pussy. She whispered to him, "Feel how wet I am" Jonah stuck two of his fingers in and Angela moaned from his entry. Alyssa did not want to be outdone, so she grabbed Jonah's other hand and put it behind her head.

She guided his hand to push down on her head. Jonah moaned, "I'm! I'm gonna cum!" "Stop sucking!!!" Angela commanded Alyssa. Alyssa didn't like that, but she followed her command. Angela then got on her knees next to Alyssa and started to stroke Jonah while she asked her, "You want some of his cum?" "Of course" "You're gonna have to eat it out of my mouth then" "WHAT?!" "He's gonna cum in my mouth and you'll have to kiss me in order to get some" "That's… that's gross!" "It's either that or no cum at all.

Besides, it's not like you haven't kiss me before" "… yes… Mistress…" "Good" Angela and Alyssa then turned their attention to Jonah. Angela deepthroated him and he soon came inside her mouth. Once he finished shooting his load, Angela grabbed Alyssa and began to make out with her.

She stuck her tongue in Alyssa's mouth and gave her some cum. Alyssa took it and found herself kissing back again. She questioned herself, 'Why am I doing this again?' '……' 'Well, I never thought I'd actually do this with another girl' 'Who would have thought it would have been my college professor' 'I fucking hate her' Angela stuck her tongue deep into Alyssa's mouth and their tongues wrestled inside.

She was super wet from the many taboos her and her professor were committing. 'I hate her, but it feels so fucking gooooooood!' Angela got up and left for a few moments. Alyssa thought that leaving now would only get her in trouble, so she could do nothing but stay put. She looked to Jonah, who was staring forward at nothing, obviously in disbelief of what had just happened.

She was about to call to him when she heard Angela walking back. She came back wearing a big strapon. It was almost as big as Jonah. She had an evil grin while saying, "That was nice slave, now I'm gonna fuck you" Alyssa gulped out of fear while her pussy leaked out of excitement.

Chapter XVII "Get on top of Jonah and make out with him. I'm gonna fuck you right in front of him. I'm gonna show him how much of a dirty depraved bitch you are" Alyssa was speechless. She wasn't sure if she should be wet from that. It was Jonah's cock she wanted and no one else's, but she couldn't really object due to her situation.

All she could do now was obey. She walked to Jonah and climbed on top of him with her knees on the couch. She closed her eyes and kissed him. Then she felt a sudden intrusion between her legs.

She began to moan, "Mmmm! Mmm! Oh! Oh fuck!" She began to feel the strapon slide into her wet pussy. Alyssa held onto Jonah's shoulders as she enjoyed the plastic cock inside her. "You're a sick pervert who enjoys this aren't you? You like getting fucked by another girl don't you?" Alyssa blushed and then said passively, "&hellip.

no" Angela thrusted into Alyssa for every word she spoke. "DON'T! FUCKING! LIE! TO! ME!" Alyssa did nothing but moan in ecstasy. Jonah was concerned for Alyssa, but he wasn't sure if he should be. She was obviously not in pain. He found Alyssa's behavior to be quite eccentric. She said she didn't like it, but her moaning and her face told the complete opposite. Angela then stopped thrusting and said, "By the way, you need to be punished.

You need a bit of discipline slave, for cumming earlier without my permission!" Angela stuck her pointer finger in her mouth and put it to Alyssa's asshole. "Hey!!! Wait! No! Not there!" "Shut up and take your punishment!" Angela added some force and her finger went in.

"Ahhh!!!!!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh my God! It's inside!" "Now what do you say to your mistress?" "You're fucking crazy&hellip." "Do you like prison food?" "……" "That's what I thought, now what does a good slave say to her mistress?" "Th… thank you… thank you Mistress&hellip." "For what slave?" "Please don't make me say it…" Angela stopped fucking Alyssa and raised her voice, "Say it!

She needs big dick in her mouth

Or it's no more fucking with the strapon!" "No! Don't stop!" Angela was quite surprised by Alyssa's words and Jonah as well.

Alyssa immediately gasped at what she just begged from Angela. Angela smirked and responded, "Okay, if you tell me what you're thanking me for, then I'll continue" "…it's embarrassing" "Say it" "Thank you mistress for putting your finger in my ass…" Angela began to thrust again saying, "Good girl, see, that wasn't hard now, was it?" Alyssa's moaning picked up again and she began to let go of whatever little resistance was left.

She genuinely liked what Angela was doing to her. The strapon fucking was nice and the finger in the ass was new and exciting to her.

However, she kept denying it to herself, 'It's because I have no choice' 'I don't actually like getting fucked by another woman' 'She's forcing me' 'She's… dominating me' Angela continued for a few more seconds and Alyssa was about to cum again.

However, Angela then pulled out and Alyssa turned to see why she had stopped. Angela could see the look of disappointment on her face. She sat on the couch next to Jonah and commanded Alyssa, "Okay slave, ride my cock!" "Yes Mistress" Alyssa put her knees on the couch, spreading her legs with Angela's legs in between hers, beneath her body.

Alyssa sank her body down and moaned in pleasure from the penetration. Angela then grabbed Alyssa's breasts and caressed them. Alyssa put her hands on the couch to keep her balance stable. Jonah felt a bit left out and wondered what he should do. However, Angela quickly grabbed him and pulled him to her for a kiss. They began to make out while Alyssa bounced on Angela's strapon. Alyssa felt jealous of Angela. However, she noticed that Angela began to move Jonah's hand to her ass.

She was frightened, yet excited by what Angela was planning. Angela then told Jonah, "Hey baby, can you do me a favor and finger her ass for me?" It was what Alyssa had feared, yet hoped for at the same time oddly enough.

She thought to herself, 'Oh my God! I was right!' 'He's gonna put his finger in my ass!' 'It's gonna be Jonah's finger! I can't wait!' '……' 'Baby…' 'She's calling him that?! I haven't even called him th…' Jonah inserted his finger.

Alyssa yelped in complete surprise. Angela then swat Alyssa's ass hard. SMACK! "Alright, now that we're all participating, let's get this started" Angela played with Alyssa's left breast, while kissing Jonah and using her free hand to stroke his cock. Jonah kissed back while fingering Alyssa's ass and fondling Angela's breasts with his other hand. Alyssa rode Angela's strapon as she enjoyed Jonah's finger. Alyssa felt like she was already going to cum.

She couldn't take it. Her arousal was too overwhelming for her. She couldn't believe she was getting fucked by her professor who's a woman while getting a finger in her ass. It was so dirty, so taboo, but that's what was turning her on the most. She never thought she'd ever participate in a threesome with another woman. Jonah had his eyes closed as he felt Angela wiggle her tongue in his mouth while he wiggled his in hers.

He enjoyed the sensation of Angela stroking his cock and the feeling of Alyssa's virgin asshole clenching around his finger. It was VERY tight. The inside of her ass was soft and warm just like Angela's. He wanted to know how it would be like to have his cock in there.

Angela decided to give Jonah what he wanted. She pulled out of Alyssa and she groaned in response, "Mistress! What are you doing?!" "Quiet slave, Jonah dear, can you please put your cock in her wet cunt? Don't fuck it, just put it in" Jonah was confused by this, but he followed.

He got up and stood in front of Alyssa and Angela. Alyssa looked back in anticipation. She had been waiting to have his cock in her. Jonah pressed his cock at Alyssa's lips and they opened for him.

He slid in with ease as it had been just fucked by an object plus the fact that she was extremely wet down there. Jonah wanted to move in and out, but he remembered Angela's instructions. Angela asked him to pull out and he did so. Alyssa was upset from that and Angela could see it. She enjoyed that look on Alyssa and was going to enjoy what was to come next. She reentered Alyssa's pussy with her strapon and reached back for Jonah's cock and aimed it to Alyssa's ass.

She then said, "So slave, you want Jonah's cock, huh?" "YES!!! Yes Mistress, more than anything!" "Very well then, Jonah, press your cock in and fuck her" Chapter XVIII Jonah, without looking, began to press at Alyssa's anus.

She immediately screamed, knowing damn well what was about to happen. She was about to tell Jonah to stop but then he pressed in one last time and her anus was not able to fight back anymore.

Alyssa screamed as Jonah violated her most taboo place. She had just been double penetrated. "AHHHHHHH!!!! JONAH! FUUUUUUUUUCK!

FUUUUUUCK! FUCKING FUCK FUCK! AHHHHHHH! MY ASS!!!" Jonah was clueless of what he just did. However, he wasn't that dense to know that he was hurting Alyssa. He apologized, "Oh, sorry Alyssa!" He began to move back and pull his cock out.

Alyssa clenched her asshole in natural response. She yelled, "NO!!! DON'T MOVE!!!" If he were to move, she'd be in more pain than she already was. Jonah stopped being a sexual partner to Alyssa for a moment and switched back to being her loving brother, "Sis, are you okay?" "Stop calling me that!!!" Alyssa screamed at him out of response from the pain. Angela smiled as she could see Alyssa's face as she had just been raped up the butt. She enjoyed seeing that she was very uncomfortable at the least, if not in pain.

She began to fuck Alyssa's front door saying, "Oh put a sock in it!" "FUCK YOU!!!" Alyssa yelled at her, still being in pain. Her ass was feeling extremely sore.

Jonah remained silent, not know what to say at this point. However, Angela kept fucking Alyssa and she could do nothing but keep still to make sure that the pain in her ass didn't increase. As she waited for the pain to subside, she couldn't help but enjoy Angela's fucking. She felt so ashamed to know that she was actually enjoying getting fucked from another woman while being raped in her ass by her own step brother.

The fucking from Angela's strapon mix with the pain in her ass was starting to become more pleasant to her. The pain in her ass was just adding to the pleasure she was feeling at her pussy.

"Mmm, Jonah fuck my ass, but do it slowly, okay?" Alyssa blushed as she thought to herself, 'My God, what have I become.

I'm actually enjoying this. I've become a masochist' "What?! I put it in your butt?!" "Why the do you think I kept screaming?!" Alyssa said, irritated by how dense he was. "Oh! Alyssa, I'm so sorry, I thought it was aimed at your other hole" "It's okay, I'm glad you're my first back there. Just please go very very slow" Alyssa said, now more calm. Jonah followed Alyssa's instructions and went slow. Moving less than half an inch and then waiting a couple of seconds and then moving again.

He repeated this until everything but the tip was out. Alyssa was enjoying her very first double penetration. She felt so dirty for taking it in her ass, but she loved it. She moaned to Jonah, "Mmm, fuck my ass faster. It feels so good!" SLAP! "Don't forget about your Mistress who has been more than generous with you!" Alyssa wanted to respond angrily to Angela, but she had a bit of confusion.

She actually liked the feeling of being slapped and degraded by her professor. She remained quiet. Not sure of how to respond. Angela didn't like being ignored. She spoke to Jonah, "Jonah, now it's your turn! Slap her!" "I can't slap her!" "Not her face…" Jonah knew immediately what she meant. However, once he held his hand up, it froze in place. He then told Angela, "I… I can't do it…" "Spank me!

Please Jonah, I've been so terrible to you…" "It's okay Alyssa, I forgive you for…" "SPANK ME!!! I want it! Please Jonah, I wanna feel you spank my ass!" Jonah looked at Angela. She threw her open hand in the air to simulate a spanking motion. Jonah knew she was signaling for him to do it. He still hesitated however. Alyssa began to grow impatient. "SPANK MY NAUGHTY ASS!!!" SMACK! "AH!!! Mmm! That's it Jonah! Spank this dirty girl's ass!" Jonah was starting to like this.

The sight of Alyssa's ass jiggling after he swat it really turned him on. Deep down inside, Jonah enjoyed the fact that this was a sexy way of 'punishing' Alyssa and getting his justice for the mistreatment. What allowed him to continue was that Alyssa wasn't uncomfortable with it. As Jonah swat her ass, Alyssa began to notice that she really was enjoying being the sub for the first time, to both a male and female dominant. As time progressed, Jonah switched off between each butt cheek.

As he saw one of Alyssa's cheeks start to get too red, he'd switch to the other. He also started to fuck her ass faster while Angela picked up her pace as well. Alyssa only cared about one thing at this point. Cumming. "Mmm, Mistress, Jonah, please, fuck me faster! I'm gonna cum!" Alyssa then remembered what Angela said.

She continued moaning, "Mistress, may I please cum! PLEASE!!!" "Cum you fucking dirty masochistic bitch!" "Thank you!!!" Jonah could feel Alyssa's asshole clench around his cock. He wanted to cum with her, but then Angela said, "Jonah, I want your cum in ME" Jonah decided to hold it in.

Alyssa was upset, but she couldn't complain. After all, she did have a very strong orgasm. Jonah dismounted and he saw Alyssa's asshole immediately close shut.

Looking as if it had never been violated by him. He stood up and Angela said to him in a seductive tone, "Lay down and relax big boy, I'll do the rest" Chapter XVIV Alyssa got off Angela and the two stood up off the couch. They let Jonah lay down. Angela then commanded Alyssa, "Clean his cock" "Yes Mistress!" Alyssa started to walk to the kitchen to get a paper towel, soap and water.

However, Angela stopped her. "Where the fuck do you think you're going?!" "I… I'm getting stuff to clean him" Alyssa said nervously. "Why?! You already have something to clean him!" "I… I do?" "Get the fuck over here, NOW!!!" "Angela… please tone it down" Jonah begged. "Jonah, please, you won't complain after this" Alyssa came back fast, not wanting to ruin her chance of a bright future. Once she was in front of Angela, she was commanded by her, "Open your mouth and clean it" "You…you don't mean!

I! I can't! It's dirty!" Angela was extremely angry, she then said to her in an angry intimidating tone, "CLEAN. IT." "Please Mistress… AHH!!!" "Angela!!!" Jonah raised his voice. Angela grabbed Alyssa by the hair and forced her face to Jonah's groin.

Angela grabbed Jonah's cock with her other hand and aimed it to Alyssa's mouth. She then let go of Alyssa's hair and used her fingers to apply pressure on Alyssa's cheeks, forcing her mouth to open. "Angela! Sto… Ah! Oh!!!" Before Jonah could finish, Angela had successfully forced his cock in Alyssa's mouth. She then raised her hand and had it come down to Alyssa's ass. SMACK! "Mmm" Alyssa moaned through Jonah's cock. Angela then got behind Alyssa and stuck the strapon in her pussy.

She began to fuck her hard and yell at her, "Clean it good! I want it nice and clean for me. I refuse to have his cock go inside me, while still tainted by you!" "Yes Mistress!" "Alyssa, you don't have to!" Jonah said, trying to fight Angela's bullying. However, Alyssa didn't listen to him and continued to clean his cock. Alyssa's legs were sharking in fear. Angela enjoyed that. However, what Angela didn't know was that Alyssa was enjoying this deep down inside.

Alyssa felt tormented by that fact. 'Why am I enjoying this?' 'Getting fucked by another woman while being forced to clean the cock that was in my ass?!' 'God! Why am I so fucked up to actually like this?!' Once Angela felt that Alyssa had done enough, she pulled out and told Alyssa to stop.

She obeyed and stood there. She then asked Jonah in a kind voice, "So baby, which hole did you wanna put it in?" Jonah was about to tell her that he wanted her pussy, but then he felt that it would be less sanitary for Angela.

It was already bad enough that Alyssa did what she did. He decided that staying with anal would be best. Besides, he was planning on doing that tonight. "Uh&hellip. well, if it's not too much to ask. Can I put it in your butt again?" "You wanna do anal again?" Angela giggled. "I'm sorry, we don't have to…" "Hey, don't apologize, I'd love to.

Let me stretch out first" Angela then removed the strapon and put it inside her pussy to lube it. She then pulled it out and pressed it against her ass. It went in, stretching her ass. After taking the whole strapon in, she then said to Jonah, "Okay, I'm ready now" Alyssa found Angela's change of character to be quite peculiar.

Like she was Dr. Jekyll to Jonah, but Mr. Hyde to her. She watched as Angela pulled out the strapon and grabbed Jonah's cock. She aimed it to her tight pink asshole and sank her body down.

Alyssa could do nothing but watch as Jonah was fucking this other woman in front of her. However, Jonah could see the look on Alyssa's face and it gave him a distraught look.

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Angela had finally got all nine inches in her ass. She was ready to bounce on Jonah; however, she couldn't help but notice the troubled look on Jonah's face. She turned to see the sad face on Alyssa. She wanted to shoo her away, but she knew Jonah wouldn't approve. So, she came up with another brilliant idea.

She commanded Alyssa, "Sit on his face" "What?" "Don't make me repeat myself" "Yes Mistress!" Alyssa said happily.

Alyssa got on the couch and put her pussy in Jonah's face. Jonah was about to lick her pussy, but Angela called him, "Jonah, take this" She tossed the strap on to Jonah. He caught it and was about to stick it in Alyssa's pussy, but then Angela added, "Put it in her ass while you lick her" Alyssa remained quiet.

Angela, spoke to her, "What are you doing there?! Eat my pussy while you're at it!" "Yes Mistress!" Angela was quite happy with the results of the night. She had truly turned her rival into her sex slave. The only reason why Alyssa could even have Jonah touch her was by his will. Jonah had no idea that he had more influence on her decisions than he thought he did. Angela also felt that the fact that she was bisexual had its part on her decisions as well. What could she say? Her rival was pretty cute.

Angela watched as Alyssa put her face to her pussy, ready to lick it. She then heard Alyssa squeal. She looked back to see that Jonah had shoved the strapon in Alyssa's ass and was already licking her pussy.

Angela smiled and commanded, "Eat my fucking pussy slave!" Alyssa responded by assaulting Angela's clitoris with more intensity. Angela moaned, "That's it slave! Eat it! Eat it! Eat my fucking pussy!" Angela rode Jonah's cock faster, which in turn, caused Jonah to work harder on Alyssa's pussy and ass. It was an endless cycle of pleasure for the three. Jonah could feel and taste that Alyssa's pussy was leaking.

Her pussy juice was leaking abundantly down into his mouth. Jonah was more than obliged to swallow it. He had not tasted Alyssa in a while. Alyssa could tell Angela was leaking just as much as her. Her cum was getting all over Jonah's pubic area.

Alyssa just licked it clean and enjoyed the taste. Angela was on cloud nine from the pleasuring by her two current partners. She always wanted to try getting her pussy licked while getting fucked in the ass.

What turned her on more was the fact that it was a woman who was eating her pussy, her slave. Once a few more minutes passed, Jonah was about ready to cum.

He warned Angela and she moaned to him, "Do it baby! Fill me up with your cum! Slave, you have my permission to cum!" Alyssa laughed to herself in her head. She knew that there was no way for Angela to tell that she had cum a couple of times prior, but that wasn't going to stop her from doing it a third time.

Alyssa came in Jonah's mouth, which was the last straw. He started to squirt his cum up Angela's rectum. Angela felt her insides getting washed with Jonah's cum. That same warm sensation of his ejaculation sent her over the edge as well and she came into Alyssa' mouth. The three took in each other's cum and the threesome had finally finished. Epilogue The next morning, Jonah woke up on Angela's couch. He felt someone on top of him. He opened his eyes and pulled off the bed sheet.

'Alyssa?! When did she…' Jonah then remembered that he had had sex with Alyssa and Angela for God knows how long, but he couldn't remember when he passed out.

Alyssa awoke and smiled at Jonah. 'There's no way I can be a priest now!' '…&hellip.' 'No! I'll repent and then I'll…' "Good morning honey" Alyssa greeted him happily. 'Honey?' She gave him a gentle peck on the lips. Jonah wanted to tell her to stop tempting him and being so sinful, but he refrained. 'Oh what's the use?' Jonah thought about all that had happened recently in his life.

Who was he to tell her to behave? He was trying to join the priesthood, yet he had sexual intercourse. He not only participated in vaginal and oral intercourse, but anal as well. He considered that to be just pure sexual pleasure. Even if a priest were to marry and have children with the woman he loved, he still couldn't excuse the fact that he had premarital sex AND with more than one sexual partner. Not to mention the fact that one of them was his step-sister.

That's something some people may see as borderline incest. "Hey Jonah, about all that love stuff I said…" "Hmm?" "Well… I really meant it, please think about it" "……" "I was afraid to love again and it ended up screwing me over.

I really do love you" Jonah remained silent, unable to answer her. He then heard Angela behind him. "The same goes for me" "Oh great!" Alyssa groaned. "Shut the fuck up! You're lucky that I was being nice!" "You stealing Jonah away from me and then blackmailing him to have sex with you is what you call nice?!

Oh! And there's also you blackmailing me and then calling me a slave and tricking Jonah into taking my anal virginity!" "You enjoyed it didn't you?" "Fuck you! Jonah's mine!" "No! Fuck YOU! He's choosing me! Jonah, if you choose me, I'll let you fuck other girls!

Just get my consent before hand!" Alyssa gasped. She knew Jonah wasn't like that. He was a one way man. However, fear got the best of her, "Jonah, if you choose me, I'll let you do the same. As long as you let me know, I'll let you fuck other girls!" Angela wasn't expecting that. She then gave Alyssa another proposal. "Hey, if you're gonna be like that, then why don't we share him?" "What?! No!" "Um… girls, please… you're not even considering me…" Jonah said passively.

"SHUT UP!" Both girls yelled at him. "You bitch! Why would I agree to that?! I know you'll try to steal him while I'm not looking. How could you even benefit from it?!" Alyssa yelled. Angela smiled and answered her question, "Think about it. Why would Jonah let me steal him away from you when that would mean not being able to have both of us. Agreeing to this means more pussy for him. As for me, that means I get Jonah AND I get to do more things to you" Angela put on her all too familiar devious smile and Alyssa began to blush thinking about all the dirty things she and Angela did last night.

She began to feel self-conscious of what she did and made a futile attempt to cover herself from Angela's view. Angela decided to press further. "Just admit it! You loved the touch of another woman!" "……" "You loved kissing me, you loved the taste of my pussy and you loved getting fucked by me, especially if it's at the same time Jonah's fucking you.

Admit it! I know you're curious about trying more things with me" "…Mmm…Err…f…fff…FINE! I admit it! I've always been curious about girls! So what!?" Angela smiled, knowing that she was getting closer to persuading Alyssa. She decided to give Alyssa a bonus to her offer to ensure that she would agree. "I'll tell you what, if you agree, then I'll give you an A in another class I teach. It'll count as an elective credit. Doesn't that sound reasonable?" "What?…" "Don't make me repeat myself, take my offer now or risk losing Jonah along with the opportunity to use me to 'experiment'." Alyssa was unsure.

She started thinking to herself, 'Well it IS college. Girls do tend to experiment. She does make valid points… Mom… what do I do?.' 'Ah! Fuck it!' "Okay… I agree…" "Hey! Don't I get a say?" Jonah said trying another unsuccessful attempt to get a say in the matter. "Good" Angela smiled, completely ignoring Jonah.

"Well… now what?" Alyssa responded, obviously ignoring Jonah as well. "We could have him stay with one of us for a bit and then switch off" "He lives with me already!" "How can I trust that YOU won't try to steal him? Look, the easiest way to settle this conflict is if we have him switch off between our homes" "I guess that's fair…" Again, Jonah made a fruitless attempt, "Uh… actually the place where Alyssa lives is mine…" "I'll have him first" Angela said interrupted Jonah, not paying attention to what he had to say.

"No! Fuck you, he's coming home with me!" "Fuck you! He's been with you at home all this time, it's about time he stays with me!" 'This is getting out of hand, I gotta stop this now!' Jonah thought to himself. Angela grabbed Jonah by the arm while yelling at Alyssa. She ended up pressing her breasts in his face in the process accidentally. Jonah was about to speak, but then he was too distracted. 'Before it gets out of hand, I gotta…' 'I gotta…' '…man, Angela's breasts are just so warm and soft' Angela's breasts mesmerized him.

Alyssa noticed this and grabbed Jonah's other arm. Once this happened, Jonah broke out of his hypnotized state. However, his face ended up in Alyssa's breasts instead. All that was in his mind was, 'Okay, I have to stop thi…' '……' 'Alyssa's breasts are so nice too' Angela grabbed back Jonah and the two both tugged on him.

They eventually noticed that he wasn't budging from all the fighting. They then both sat closer to him and began to unintentionally suffocate him with their breasts. With both their breasts smothering his head in the middle, the two began to argue more about who would be the one to spend time with Jonah first. Jonah sighed, unsure if it was a troubled sigh or a happy sigh. Maybe both. His last thought at that moment was: 'Goodbye priesthood…'