Medical bondage gay first time Kieron Knight likes to blow the

Medical bondage gay first time Kieron Knight likes to blow the
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During the next couple of weeks, I paid quite a few visits to Paul and Jane's house, sometimes with them both there and sometimes just Jane. On each occasion we invariably ended up in the bedroom with Jane commanding whatever happened between us.

She knew what she wanted and certainly knew how to get it. I only saw Sarah briefly to shout hello at or to wave as she left the house and I only saw Lizzie once during that time. They had told Jane and Paul what had happened at the stable and Jane made it clear to me that there would be much more to come from those two seductive little teens!

As another weekend approached, Jane told me that she was having a party on Saturday night to welcome her sister from Canada. I could get to meet some of Paul's work buddies but I would also be able to meet her younger sister Jackie who apparently came over every few months or so on business but always called round for one of Jane's parties.

Sarah would again be staying with her friend Lizzie and in some ways I felt a little disappointed at that but I was pretty sure that sooner or later there would be a family get together with me that would involve her as well.

"Is this the sort of party I'm thinking of?" I asked her. "Of course," she replied, "what other type of party do you think I'd throw?" "Well, it's just with you saying your sister was going to be there. You surprised me with yourself and Paul and then with your acceptance of what Sarah does and now you say your sister gets involved too! It's just taking me a little adjusting to get used to the surprises your family throws up." She laughed, "Oh come on now Tom, you know how we live so why be surprised to hear I have a sister who also likes sex as much as we do.

You don't think I grew up all prim and proper and then suddenly became a nymphomaniac on some birthday or other, do you? Jackie and I had all sorts of fun when we were growing up and we are not the first generation in our family to do so.

Where do you think we got these desires from? If she hadn't moved to Halifax in Nova Scotia we'd probably still get together every week. We'll see you Saturday, usual time, and be dressed ready to party." I knew what she meant by this. We were going to get more or less straight down to some sexual encounters so I needed to be dressed with clothes that made me 'easily accessible'. When Saturday evening arrived, I could see a couple of cars pulling into Paul and Jane's driveway as I finished getting dressed.

I just put on a loose pair of slacks and a light shirt. I didn't bother with shorts as I guessed from Jane's comments that they would only be seen as a hindrance and, grabbing a bottle of scotch and a bottle of brandy, I headed over there.

As usual, Jane opened the door to let me in and, also as usual now, she reached down and stroked my cock as she kissed me lightly in greeting. She looked as fabulous as ever, tonight she was wearing a deep green velvet dress which was cut low to show of her curves and which had a thigh length slit up the centre. I guessed she wore nothing beneath it and my guess proved to be correct a little later on.

She led me into the lounge room where Paul was handing drinks out to three men. He saw me and called, "Hi Tom, come over and meet everyone." I walked over to the group with Jane linking my arm. The other men all worked with Paul and were clearly in the know of what was to happen during the evening. Jane took me to meet Hassan first, a tall handsome Arabic looking man with deep smouldering eyes.

Next she introduced Adam and then Mick who were both fairly similar to each other in being tall, thick set and good looking. As we began to get to know each other, Jane joined us and squeezed herself between Mick and I and she began to slink herself between us so that we were in full contact with her body from both sides.

Jane shimmied herself to rub against us and then leaned over to give Mick a heavy kiss as we rubbed up against her. Paul handed out drinks and then the doorbell chimed. Jane extricated herself from our attentions to answer it. "That will be Jackie," she said as she left the room. My curiosity was fully raised and I eagerly watched the door, waiting for sight of this younger sister. When she entered, I was not disappointed.

She entered the room and took command of it with her presence as soon as she crossed the doorway. She was every bit as beautiful as Jane. She looked about five years younger and her hair was a lighter auburn brown and cut in what seemed a very expensive style. Wearing a deep blue figure hugging cat suit with slits around the sides to reveal her ribs, she looked stunning. Her breasts were full and bobbed gently with each movement and her hips swayed with sexual certainty as she moved.

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She scanned the room and nodded recognition to everyone else and then settled her gaze on me. She fixed me with her eyes and seemed to glide over the floor as she came up to me saying, "So, you must be Tom. Jane has told me all about you and I suggested she invite you to one of our parties so that I could get to meet you myself, in the flesh, so to speak!" Jackie seemed to turn her Canadian accent into a hypnotic chant and for a few seconds I just stared into those eyes as I thought of something to say.

It couldn't be as lame as a chat up line used on meeting someone for the first time at a party but then again, what else could it be, know where this party was likely to lead.

"Your friend seems stumped for conversation Jane," she mused and for a moment I thought I'd blown it but her flashing smile then put me at ease again as she continued to me, "come on Tom, get me a drink and lets sit over here and get to know each other better." "Oh Jackie," said Adam, "here we all are just waiting for you and you ignore us all and grab Tom. What are we going to do with ourselves now?" he asked with a fabricated sense of drama.

"What are you trying to say Adam? Don't you think I'm not enough of a woman for all of you? Anyway, I know how magnetic Jane's lure is for you all." This raised a few chuckles around the room and Adam replied "I know you are more than enough woman for us Jackie but I just wanted to make sure you were for sharing again tonight." "Wouldn't have it any other way now would I?" she bounced back with a gleam in her eye and she cupped and jiggled those magnificent breasts.

I got Jackie that drink and just let myself get pulled down into those deep blue eyes of hers. I was caught alright and she knew it. As she slid her hand along my thigh, I was stroking the flesh through the slits in her cat suit top and the atmosphere was already charged with sexual tension throughout the room. She gazed over my shoulder and nodded and I turned to see Jane already stroking Adam's unleashed cock as Paul stood behind her cupping her breasts in his hands.

Mick was also paying a good deal of attention to Jane as he slid his hand beneath her flared skirt to reveal the flesh at the top of her thighs. Hassan however had fixed his gaze on Jackie and I and he came across to join us. Jackie stared straight into Hassan's eyes and said in a loud clear voice so that he knew it was also meant for him "He has such a lovely long cock you know Tom, that I could fuck him all night and still want more.

He can hold out longer than anyone I've ever known not that I always want to have to wait for my man to cum for me." "It's good to see you again as well Jackie," he laughed and he extricated his cock in front of us, "now why don't you start me off and let's see if I can go all night." She reached out and took his cock in her hand and began to milk it slowly and deliberately, all the time gazing straight into his eyes with a sort of challenging look on her face.

"Maybe tonight I'll play some tricks of my own and see if you can keep your night long reputation intact" she said to him as she then slid her mouth over the end of his cock and began to pump with her cheeks so that they popped in and out around his cock head.

I watched her performance and saw the length of Hassan's cock as it grew to an incredible foot long or so. It wasn't very thick but it was the longest cock I've ever seen. Jackie began to reach behind her to the zipper in her cat suit and I took the hint and slid it down to reveal her nakedness down to below her waist. I then slid her out of the sleeves and watched her breast as they swayed on being released and then I slid the rest of the suit off her to leave her naked before us. She was beautiful and Hassan and I quickly joined her in removing our clothes.

As she continued to suck on Hassan, she reached around to begin stoking my cock and I, in turn, sank my fingers into a gloriously moist pussy. She was slicked with a stream of mucous which I smeared around between my fingers and then I bowed my head to taste her. At first I let my tongue softly stimulate along her pussy lips and around up to her clit and then I made my tongue rigid and began to fuck in and out of her with it.

She tasted wonderful and began to ooze even more fluid out onto my face. Meanwhile, Jane was similarly engaged across the room, sucking furiously on Mick's rampant cock as Paul stood alongside stroking his own to hardness waiting his turn to dip into her mouth.

Adam had already entered her from behind and was thrusting up into her at a ferocious pace as she backed herself onto him. She looked over at us and seeing we had all stripped she took hold of her dress and peeled it off over her head.

Soon no one was clothed and we all began to merge into the centre of the room. Adam renewed his rapid fucking of Jane and she reached out and began stroking Hassan's lengthy cock into her sister's willing mouth. I had revelled in Jackie's taste and now wanted to feel her insides and as she lay on her back I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and began to probe her entrance with my cock head.

She felt so incredibly hot as I slid myself fully into her. When I had buried my cock to the full and my balls slapped into her buttocks I held her there and twitched the end of my cock high up across her womb as she moaned in pleasure.

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"Hey, when does your loving brother in law get a kiss?" Paul asked as he slid his cock alongside Hassan's to compete for the attentions of her mouth. Reaching up to him she grasped his cock and slid it in her mouth alongside Hassan's as she mumbled her pleasure to us all.

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Looking over, I saw Mick inserted in Jane's mouth and realised that at this point we were all in one giant fucking knot with everyone taking their pleasure regardless of what else was going on around. Jackie quickened her breathing and deepened her groans and I knew she was reaching her first orgasm as I held my cock in her to its full extent and felt her rhythmic contractions as they squeezed along it like a small powerful fist and she began to milk me with them.


The sensation was fantastic and I began to cum high up into her and I pulsed spurts of hot spunk across the opening of her womb. Adam had also cum in Jane and was pulling out to leave a shiny trail across her thigh.

Mick moved him away and plunged into Jane for a few frantic thrusts and he then pulled out to cum across her buttocks as Jackie swallowed Paul's cum down her throat. Hassan was still as rigid as ever and looking like he would retain his reputation as he moved round and lifted Jackie's hips to place her on all fours as he entered her from behind.

Strangely enough, this was something we all stopped to watch as he very slowly buried this lengthy cock fraction by fraction. It was an amazing sight to see all of this disappear into that beautifully tight little cunt but disappear it did. As soon as he reached his depth he began to pull out, right to the tip and then he would slide in again with the same slow pace. He was like some sort of machine and Jackie clearly did not want him to be switched off just yet as she howled in another orgasm.

Meanwhile, Paul was checking the video camera he had been filming us with and he re-adjusted it on the tripod to be sure it captured all of the action. He then moved to the low table and placed rows of cushions along its top and then gestured to Jane and Jackie. They both crossed to the table in what seemed to be an expected development from both of them. "Who is under this time?" Jane asked Jackie. "I think it's your turn she replied with a sultry grin" and Jane lay on the table with her dripping pussy lips over one edge and her head resting over the other.

Jackie straddled her in a traditional '69' position and began to lick her open cunt and lapped the cum from her. Jane in turn had wrapped her arms around Jackie's waist and was reaching up to lick her. We watched as Jackie slurped around the inside walls of Jane's cunt whilst Jane slid her tongue up and along the full length of Jackie's slit to give her clit a little flick at each end stroke.

After a few minutes of shared pleasuring, Jackie eased herself from above Jane and lay down beside her to give her sister a long deep kiss as they intertwined their tongues in each others mouths and stroked each others breasts. Now Mick placed himself between Jackie's legs and slid his cock straight into her to begin another rhythmic fuck. Hassan had done the same with Jane and Adam was squatting over her head to sink his cock into her eager mouth.

I moved above Jackie's head which she tilted fully back to give me clear access and I probed my own cock into her sensual mouth feeling her wet tongue licking along my undershaft as I pushed back down to her throat where she gagged slightly and then continued to let me fuck her head. My cock felt wonderful as it hit the back of her throat. She flicked my balls with her tongue with each in stroke and when I pulled back she did the same to the small join of skin just beneath my cock head.

She was expert at sucking cock and she knew just how to move her tongue and adjust her pressures to give maximum pleasure. Mick was watching this as he fucked into her and alongside him, Adam was also watching Jackie's technique, despite the fact that he was getting his cock sucked by Jane.

Hassan was slowly ploughing into Jane and on each out stroke, he would withdraw to allow Paul to take hold of his long thin cock and bury it into his mouth. With one suck of Hassan's cock, he would then withdraw it and guide it back into his wife's cunt and the sequence would repeat itself. Paul, in his usual fashion, was seeking the pleasures of cock as well as cunt. "I'm cuming again", howled Mick as he ploughed into Jackie and with this signal she began to rock faster to meet his thrust and she crashed through another orgasm a second or so before he did.

As Mick pulled out to shoot his cum across her belly, I felt her tense and add a furious suction to my cock and I too exploded into her mouth. She reached behind me to stop me pulling out and I emptied my balls deep down the back of her throat as she greedily gulped my spunk into her stomach. Adam pulled his cock from Jane's mouth and with a couple of frantic beats he shot his load over her face and hair and she stuck her tongue out and licked around her mouth to capture some of his drips.

Hassan was still showing no sign of reaching his climax as he pulled out of Jane's cunt and moved his rampant cock across to sink it into Jackie's.

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Jane had been jerking Paul's cock whilst he had been engaged in the alternate sucking of Hassan's and now she worked up a furious pace top let him shot across her belly with such force that some of his spunk also landed on Jackie's. Paul, Adam, Mick and I rested as Jane and Jackie kissed each other again whilst rubbing the cum into each other's skin. Hassan simply continued his long slow strokes, proving the reputation that Jackie had given him earlier.

He seemed in no hurry to cum and was just taking constant pleasure form having his cock rigidly fucking either Jackie or Jane and having it sucked or stroked by them and Paul. So far, I had given all of my attention to Jackie and now Jane reached out to me and took my cock in her mouth to start it's rise again.

When she got me hard, she took it from her mouth and raised herself on all fours saying, "Now Tom, fuck my ass hole.

I want to feel your cum in there as the first cock tonight to fuck my ass." I moved behind her and began to wipe the head of my cock and her tiny ass hole with the slick cum from her cunt. I inserted my fingers and slid them in and out of her ass and then placed my cock head at her opening and pushed slowly into her. I bridged her sphincter with ease and then began to fuck deep into her as she moaned and rocked back onto me.

Mick now took his place at her head and she opened her mouth to take him in.

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Hassan now lifted Jackie on his cock and then lay down on his back with her straddling him. Paul held Adams cock and guided him into Jackie's ass hole and then he moved to take up position and place himself into her mouth.

Jackie was in ecstasy with three cocks buried in her and she rocked backwards on Adam as she bore down to increase her feelings of Hassan.


She was cumming in multiple orgasms and with each climax her suction on Paul's cock would increase in ferocity. "Together!" Jane yelled out, "let's all cum together" and we all began to increase pace to meet her command as we roared out in unison with the women's shrieks of joy and the men's howls of pleasure. The two cunt's were twitching together as three cocks shot their spunk into their relevant orifices. Paul into Jackie's mouth, Mick into Janes as Adam deposited his cum in Jackie's ass hole and I shot mine as high into Jane as I could get.

We all had to rest now and we lay in a tangled heap, with Paul, Adam and Hassan all buried in Jackie and Mick and I in Jane. Even Hassan was still as he caught his breath but we all knew he had not cum yet. Jackie was the first to speak, "Ok, Hassan" she gasped breathlessly, "you've proved your point again but I want to feel that lovely cock of yours cum. We know you are too much of a gentleman to shoot just into me so, as usual, we will share it." "Now Tom," said Paul nudging me, "you are going to see an expert cock at work here." We all untangled ourselves and then Jane and Jackie got up on all fours next to each other.

Hassan stood behind Jane and slid his cock into her gasping cunt. He then withdrew and slid it into Jackie's. Then he repeated his double fucking of these two sisters. He retained the same slow pace he had all night and just simply ploughed into them with alternate strokes.

They were both experiencing fabulous sensations from Hassan's cock as he dipped into them in turn.

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They both had their eyes screwed tightly closed and Jane was chewing on her knuckle whilst Jackie's buttocks and thighs trembled with the tension she was pushing through them. After what seemed like ages, Hassan raised his head back and began a deep low groan which increased in volume as he slid from one hole to the other and then, as he dipped into Jane, he began to cum. His first spurt shot high into Jane as he pulled out to deposit his second deep into Jackie's gasping cunt. From where we sat and watched we could see him dip into these two sisters in turn.

His cock seemed to remain that long thin rod he had fucked with all night but we now knew he had begun to cum and was ensuring both sisters had an equal number of spunk squirts.

As he was now dipping into cunts already filled with his cum, they seemed to be foaming at their entrances as they bubbled this cum with their twitching muscles. He clearly had shot his load into them both but showed no sign of changing his rhythm as he now began to slide into each ass hole in turn, just as he had done with their cunts. They were both in states of delirium now as he ploughed into their second holes with the same steady rhythm as before.

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"See," said Paul "told you he was good but I bet you didn't think he would be this good and he won't be finished here yet." Adam and Mick were yelling encouragement to Hassan and to the girls but none of the three needed any extra help. Now, after ten or so minutes of steady strokes, Hassan began to cum into them and again he swapped from one to the other, still drilling into their asses as he deposited his second load of cum into them both.

This time, when he finished, his cock did at least seem to be losing some rigidity and he moved around to take his final pleasure from their mouths as they began to suck on him together. First Jane took his cock head into her mouth whilst Jackie slid her mouth along the length of his shaft.

As she reached the base she would lick his balls and then begin her shaft nibbling again.

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They were both tired by now and were not intending to prolong this and their mouths produced the desired effect within a few minutes and Hassan went for his third cum in the past half hour or so. He again began with that low groan and then pulled his cock from Jane's mouth to begin a final furious pump with his fist and produce streaks of now thin watery cum in long fast jets which he sprayed over the faces of these sisters.

As he finished, Jackie reached out and gave his cock a final cleansing suck and then she turned to her sister to give her a long, deep, tongue twirling kiss as they began to bring themselves down from their ecstasy and we started to recover from this frantic bout of sex.