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Curvy teen Marina Angel dicked all the way in by a huge rod
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NOTE: These Christmas Stories have nothing to do with one another.

Each is an individual story of it's own. According to Webster's New World Dictionary: Aureole is the radiance encircling the head or body of something as in halo or the illuminated area around the sun as seen in a mist or during an eclipse. Areola is a small ring around something as the dark ring around a nipple. Christmas Story One The Christmas Angel I was your typical good looking college graduate working my way up the corporate ladder. I was twenty-eight years old and single because I worked all of the time.

It was not uncommon for me to work ten hours a day seven days a week. It had paid off in my opinion. My boss had made me a promise of yet another promotion with a pay raise of course if I worked through the Christmas holiday to get his latest request accomplished. I had a very nice house, a brand new car, and everything that I had ever wanted…except a girlfriend…and I didn't have time for one of those.

When everyone else left work early on Christmas Eve I stayed behind. About nine o'clock that night I finally decided to go home. I needed to get a good night rest and come back in first thing in the morning…yes on Christmas Day.

I parked my car in my garage and went into my house. There was about three inches of snow on the ground to walk through. All I was wondering was if I would have to shove snow in the morning so that I could get to work on time. I opened a nice bottle of wine and took a long hot bath before going to bed and falling asleep.

+++++ I woke up with my doorbell ringing. I looked at the clock and realized that it was one minute after midnight. Who could possibly be here at this time of the night? I grabbed my robe and tied the belt closed as I walked to the front door. When I opened the door up there was an angel standing before me. Literally an angel. She was dressing in a white gown, she had beautiful fluffy wings, and she had a halo over her head.

She told me that she was the Christmas Angel and that she was here for me. Of course I laughed at her and started to close the door. She just pushed right past me and came into my living room.

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As a kid I had seen "Scrooged" with Bill Murray. His angel smacked him with a toaster to get his attention. My Christmas Angel said, "I am here to give you your Christmas present." I just laughed at her and said, "Oh yeah!

Right!" Then my Christmas Angel kissed me. It was just a simple little kiss on the lips but it felt like the best kiss in the whole world.

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I could feel the texture of her lips on mine, I could feel the moisture, and I could the warmth. Soon I could not resist her. My Christmas Angel took me up to my bedroom and then she removed my robe. She tucked me back into my own bed and then climbed in with me wings, gown, halo, and all.

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As I ran my hands down her wings they were the softest things in the world. Her wings were not feathers and there were no wires in them either. I couldn't even feel any straps holding them on either. They felt like a cloud in my hands. Then she snapped her fingers and the lights in the room went off.

In the darkness of the room her halo glowed brilliantly. I slipped my hands inside her gown and found her bare flesh. She was nice and warm all over. Her ass was smooth and firm. Her breasts were soft and round. As I went for her nipples with my lips I could see a faint glow around her nipples too. In stead of being surrounded by her areolas my Christmas Angel's nipples were surrounded by aureolas.

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I was drawn to them like a moth is drawn to a candle. Somehow I felt like I was sucking life itself from her wonderful nipples. I had a feeling of euphoria. It was like a wonderful dream or something. I was lost in time and space as I melded with my Christmas Angel. I was sure that I was making love to her but there was nothing specific about it. Every fiber of my being tingled with sexual pleasure as my Christmas Angel made love to me.

It was a joy and a pleasure that I had never felt before. I swear that my penis kissed her vagina before he entered her. She even sucked him into her pussy and made him feel welcome.

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Her wonderful glowing nipples caressed my chest. Her hands roamed over my body like a set of those vibrating fingers that those very expensive chairs have. She relaxed me more than I had been in years.

I wasn't even sure that I had ever been that relaxed before. I was sure that I had cum and not just once either. I was also sure that she had several orgasms too but it was as if it were in a dream. It was magical.

She completely drained me of every sperm in my body. I could even watch them attacking her precious egg and impregnating her. I was actually watching the miracle of birth unfold before my eyes.

Then it appears that I skipped forward in time. My Christmas Angel and I were cuddled up on a couch surrounded by our twelve children, six girls and six boys.

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They were singing "The twelve days of Christmas" and standing before a huge well decorated Christmas Tree. Then my alarm clock went off and my eyes opened. It was Christmas Day! I was all alone! Had it all been a dream? Could it have really been a dream? Was my Christmas Angel ever really there? I dismissed it as a strange dream and got ready for work. As I left my driveway on my way to work a woman stopped me. She was the spitting image of my Christmas Angel from my dream the night before. She said, "Hello!

My name is Christmas Angel can you please help me. My car won't start." I looked at her in disbelief then I replied, "Christmas Angel?" She laughed and said, "Yes!

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Really! I blame my parents for it. I was born at one minute after midnight on Christmas Day twenty-five years ago and of course our last name is Angel. My friends just call me Chris." I smiled at her and said, "Hi Chris.

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Please don't take this wrong but you look like the girl in my dream last night." Chris looked at me real well and then replied, "You know, you look like the man that was in my dream last night too." I asked, "Were you by any chance in need of a boyfriend for Christmas?" Chris smiled at me and said, "Yes I was, were you in need of a girlfriend?" I replied, "Yes I was." Then as if by willpower alone she melted into my arms.

As we embraced our lips met. We kissed just like my angel had kissed me in my dream. Then I whispered in her ear, "Do your nipples glow?" My Christmas Angel answered, "Yes they do but how could you possibly know that?" I said, "You were in my dream.


Remember." Chris said, "But I only got the glow in the dark latex paint for them last night at a Christmas party. I couldn't help but try it out last night. But how could you possibly know that?" I asked, "If I don't go to work and stay home today would you spend it with me?" Chris looked astonished at me and asked, "You were going to go to work on Christmas Day.

What are you a doctor or something?" I said, "No I am an account manager for an advertising firm. If I get the project finished I could become the next vice-president of marketing." Chris said, "If you really are the man from my dream, suppose I come to work with you. Then you can get your promotion." I asked, "Really?" Chris replied, "Well if our dreams really were true then we will need that promotion to help pay for all twelve of our children to graduate from college." Then my Christmas Angel kissed me very passionately.


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