Beautys sensational wang riding pornstar and hardcore

Beautys sensational wang riding pornstar and hardcore
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I suppose the only excuse I've got is that I was horny. I can't say what it was that day that made me so hot. I swear I had a hard-on all day. I even jacked-off that morning, twice, once before getting out of bed and again in the shower.

I was so horny that even though she wasn't my type, she was a bit younger than I normally go for, too skinny and she barely had any tits, it didn't matter. It didn't matter that I didn't even think she was really that cute.

In fact, when I first saw her I thought she was a boy. Yet, when I noticed how she was looking at me, when I saw the puppy-love in her eyes, my cock throbbed. Lust took over and, for some reason, I just had to have her. Hell, I figured she'd be better than jacking-off yet again.

She was all over me the minute I started talking to her. Looking back, I realize she didn't have any idea what she was getting herself into. I'm sure that if she had a clue as to what I was going to do to her, she'd never have come to my room with me.

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But she did. All it took was a couple kisses and a few dishonest compliments to get her to follow me upstairs. She was a horrible kisser, but I didn't care. Up in my room, we sat on my bed and kissed some more. That's when she told me that she'd never been kissed before. Well, let me tell you that made my cock throb. Not because it was her first kiss, but I realized that if she'd never been kissed before, surely she'd never been screwed.

It didn't even cross my mind that she might be a virgin, though as young as she was I shouldn't have been surprised. It was actually sort of cute, the way she blushed and got all nervous when I started rubbing her barely-there tits through her t-shirt. I thought she was going to try to stop my pawing hand, so I kissed her a bit harder and shoved my tongue into her mouth, then started pinching her tiny, little nipples.

Her whines were muffled by my kiss and she started to wiggle, but I kept my arm around her, my face tight against hers, as my hand went from one little titty to the other. I took a bit more time than I might have playing with the mosquito-bites on her chest through her shirt.

For some reason, the way she whined and tried to cry-out over my sloppy, deep kiss, and the way she wiggled in my arms, like she was trying to get away from me, yet pushing herself against me at the same time, was making me hotter and hotter. I stopped kissing her before I started reaching up inside her shirt and looking her right in the eyes, I silently dared her to try and stop me. Her eyes were wide and there was a pink tinge to the smooth skin around her mouth from where my scratchy stubble had been rubbing while I kissed her.

Her eyes went wider and she let out a little squeak when my big hand found her little tit. They went even wider yet, and the squeak she made was even louder when I found her tiny nipple and gave it a skin-to-skin pinch. With my hand up her shirt, moving back and forth between her teeny-weeny tits, I asked her a couple questions, wanting to know exactly what I was dealing with. "So, if this was the first time you've been kissed, is it also the first time anyone's played with your tits?" Her face got even redder and she nodded.

I gave her nipple a quick, sharp tweak. She responded with a high-pitched yelp. Then my hand moved down her tummy and came to rest in her crotch. I couldn't believe that her eyes got even wider, but they did. I could feel her warmth through her shorts and I gave her mound a little squeeze. I don't know if I can describe the sound she made then part whine, part moan and maybe part gasp. "Has any boy ever touched you here before?" She shook her head a bit and I almost thought tears were going to start flowing from her eyes.

I started gently rubbing her crotch through her shorts, feeling her body twitch and wiggle in my grasp. Her head drooped, so that we weren't looking eye to eye anymore, as her wriggling and her cute groans intensified. I swear I could feel her crotch getting hotter and, was it my imagination or was I also feeling moisture emanating from between her legs too.

"You ever played with a boy's dick before?" She shook her head and mumbled something that sounded negative. "Even seen one, up close?" She responded in a quavering, soft voice, "Only my little brother's when I used to give him baths." My cock was so hard and throbbing so much it was painful.

I knew I'd have to get it out of my pants soon, otherwise I might just cream my jeans. But, I didn't want to freak her out too badly. Not just yet anyway. If she was telling the truth (and by the way she was acting, I'm sure she was), I was sure that seeing my thick, throbbing eight-inches would scare the shit out of her. Now, normally I'm not a patient man. Especially back then and especially when I was all horned-up like I was.

Yet, I didn't want to rush this. Who knew if I'd ever get myself another young, blushing virgin and I wanted to make this encounter as memorable as possible. So against everything my body was telling me, I took my time. I moved my hand from her hot crotch, back to her tiny tits and I kissed her some more. I loved feeling her grunt and groan into my mouth as I tweaked and pinched her little nipples. After a bit, my hand went south again, only this time I slid my hand inside her shorts.

Fuck, she was hot. And I was right, I had felt moisture through her clothes she was getting wet for me. I went as slowly as I possibly could, stopping a moment and running my fingers through her scant bush, which felt more like cotton fluff, than like pubic-hair. She started wiggling more and her cute, little sounds came higher-pitched.

I pushed down her pants a bit more, feeling her moist mound, and she let me know when I'd finally gotten to her pussy. Well, actually my fingertips came in contact with the very top of her gash, right where her clit was. Again, it's hard to say what the sound she made was.

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Part cry, part scream, or was it a whimper and a sob. And at the same time, her legs clamped together, trapping my hand between them. It took me a moment to get her to spread her legs again, so that my fingers could continue exploring. Her slit was so incredibly smooth, hot and wet, I could barely stand it. I wanted to strip her naked right then and there. I wanted to bury my face in her young pussy and eat her out for all I was worth. I wanted to pull my cock out my pants and use her mouth to get it wet, then ram it up her virgin cunt, rip her hymen to shreds, then fuck her as hard as I could until I blasted my wad deep inside her.

That's what I wanted to do and it was what I planned to do soon. Real soon. But first, I played with her tight, little twat, gently pushing a finger inside her, not deep, just enough to feel how hot and wet she was. Just enough to make her noises become a bit louder and a bit higher pitched.

Just enough to get her body really wiggling and twitching against me. She was so tight it took me a couple minutes to worm my exploring finger deep enough inside her to feel that she was telling me the truth.


She was a virgin. My finger was barely inside her past the first knuckle when I felt the barrier inside her cunt. And the instant I touched it, she let out a squeal that reminded me of a suckling piglet being ripped from a sow's teat. At the same moment, my cock throbbed so hard I thought I was going to pop-off in my pants. Fuck, I couldn't believe how turned-on I was getting over this girl.

Like I said, she looked more like a boy than a girl.


And as young as she was, well, I usually went for older girls who had more curves. I loved big tits and nice round asses. Hell, I usually wouldn't even jack-off to skinny girls in porn-mags, unless they were really getting reamed by some dude's huge cock. Yet, there I was, sneaking my finger up the all-but hairless, virgin pussy of a girl who had no need for a bra, and who's hips weren't wide enough to hold-up her pants without a belt. That's when it hit me.

As I was sitting there, holding the girl as still as possible with my left arm, my right hand digging into her shorts, with the tip of my middle finger prodding at her hymen, not able to go any deeper into her pussy, I realized why this time was different. I'd only popped one other girl's cherry.

It happened years ago, back when I was no older than the girl I was with now, back when I was a virgin myself. We were both virgins, my first time. Neither of us had any clue what we were doing (in much the same way the girl who's pussy I was now fingering has no clue what she had coming), and I'm not ashamed to admit that it was a humiliating experience. There was barely any foreplay, we kissed a bit and I played with her tits a bit (they were even bigger than this young girl's are), then while she stroked my hard dick, I played with her pussy never thinking to feel for her hymen.

Then I got on top of her and shoved it in way too hard and way too fast she started screaming and struggling under me and… Well, I'd buried myself balls-deep in her cunt and even though she thrashed around like crazy, she couldn't buck me off her, or pull her cunt away from my dick. It was only ten, maybe fifteen seconds before I erupted. I came so hard that instead of squirting out in spurts, it was like one huge, continuous spray of cum, more than I'd ever sprayed before (or since, for that matter), in one long jet.

It was like I was pissing, rather than shooting a load. It was so intense, I think I might have blacked-out a bit. All I remember was her screaming and me looking down to see that both of us were covered in blood between our hips. Ok, so the orgasm was great but the rest of my first fuck still makes me cringe a bit when I think about it.

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She thought she was going to bleed to death and called her mother and, well&hellip. Anyway, all the girl's I'd fucked since were sluts. They'd all been well-used before I got to them. So now, with twenty-some years of experience below my belt, I had something I hadn't had since that first time, when I was clueless.

And I wasn't going to waste it this time. Shit, just thinking about my cock sinking into her tight pussy, the idea of her cherry trying to resist… Fuck! I don't think I'd ever felt so close to popping a load with my pants still on. After all these years, I had another cherry to pop, and this time I wasn't going to waste it.

I needed to calm down a bit. Slowly, I withdrew my finger from her slit and my hand from her shorts. As I did, I felt her body relax a bit in my arms. I knew it wasn't the best idea, but I couldn't help myself, and raised my finger to my nose and took a deep sniff. Fuck!! Now that was the closest I ever came to creaming my jeans. I was hesitant but again couldn't help but take another big sniff. Thoughts of popping that cherry were put to the back of my mind when I smelled her scent.

At that point, all I could think about was getting a taste. Which is exactly what I did. My mouth was already open and my finger slid right in. Fuck!!! I'd never tasted pussy like this before and I wanted more. And I wanted to taste it from the source. I guess I was so wrapped-up in slurping as much of her pussy-juice as possible from my finger, that I hadn't realized that she was looking up at me again. But when she spoke, her soft voice shook me back to reality, "What are you doing?" she asked.

I focused on her and couldn't tell for sure what emotion her face expressed. Confusion, fear, excitement, wonder, I don't know. Maybe all of those, maybe none of them. But I can tell you that once I answered her, there was fear on her face. I told her like it was, "I'm licking your cunt-juice off my finger, but I gotta have more baby…" I drifted off a moment, slurping a bit more on my finger, then continued, "So what I'm gonna do is strip you naked, then I'm gonna eat your pussy out, until you're screaming and begging me to stop.

Then you're gonna suck my cock and get it all wet, to make it easier on you when I slide it inside your cunt and pop your fucking cherry. Oh baby, I'm gonna fuck you long and hard and deep. You're never gonna forget your first time, I'll promise you that. " Like I said, there was no denying that she was afraid.

I could see the horror in her eyes (which were beginning to well with tears) and for the first time, she made a serious attempt to get away from me. But all it took was for me to tighten my grip around her with my left arm and there wasn't any way she was going anywhere. Shit, I was at least a foot taller than her and outweighed her by at least sixty or seventy pounds. I didn't even have to take the finger I'd had inside her out of my mouth to make sure she couldn't get away from me.


Now, before I go any further and in my own defense, I have to say that she never said, "No," or told me to stop. She wiggled and squiggled and pushed and pulled, but other than grunts and groans, she never said a word. I finally did pull my finger out of my mouth and used both hands to subdue her.

I laid her flat on her back and, after fighting a bit with her kicking legs, got myself on top of her. When I started kissing her, she still struggled a bit. Holding both her wrists in one hand over her head, my other hand started moving over her face and through her hair as I slobbered in her mouth and tried to see how deep I could get my tongue down her throat.

I stopped kissing her when her body finally went limp (except for a bit of trembling) and she stopped struggling. I pulled my face back from hers and it took me a moment to realize that all the wetness on her face wasn't from our sloppy kiss.

She also had tears flowing from her tightly-closed eyes, wetting her cheeks. She was quietly weeping, I could barely hear her whimpers. And whatever it was happening that night, seeing her crying under me only made me hotter. She was so much smaller than me that laying there, chest to chest, my crotch was pushed into the bed between her legs, rather than pushing against her body.

That was probably a good thing, because I'm sure that if my cock were pressed against her cunt, even through her shorts and my jeans, I'd have blown a wad when I saw her spit and tear smeared face under me. Having long since passed the point of being able to control my actions, I followed the urge and leaned down a bit and licked her tears from her cheek.

Her eyes flew open and there was still fear behind them. "Don't worry, baby," I cooed, the salty taste of her tears on my smooth tongue, "You're gonna love it.

I'm gonna make you feel better than you've ever even dreamed of feelin'." Her scared expression seemed to ease a bit as I talked to her. At the same time I gently ran the tips of my fingers over her wet face, my other hand still holding her wrists over her head.

"It felt good when I was playing with your titties, didn't it?" I raised my chest a bit more and moved my hand from her face back to her tiny tits, just as a reminder. "And, when I was fingering your pussy?

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Didn't that feel good?" She still didn't speak but I could tell by the look in her eyes, more fear evaporated and I saw a glimmer of something… that I'd gotten her thinking. So I laid it on thick. "Oh, god baby, you're so beautiful," I said, then I licked her lips. "I ain't never seen a more perfect girl," and I licked her lips again and pinched one of her nipples. She gasped. I put my nose in her hair and took a big sniff, letting the air out with a loud sigh. Then I licked her lips again, this time digging my tongue into her mouth a bit.

"You're so fucking hot I can't stop myself," lick, "I'm gonna make-love to you all fucking night." That did it. The moment the words, "make-love," were out of my mouth, her eyes went wide and her expression showed more puppy-love than fear.

Before I realized I'd said it, the words, "Oh baby, I love you so much. I ain't never loved another girl like I love you now." That was it! I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of telling her I loved her before that. It was a lie, of course, but she didn't know that. More tears were pouring from her eyes, however I knew that they weren't tears of fear this time. I kissed her again and this time, rather than just laying there, letting me slobber all over her and shove my tongue in her mouth, she kissed me back.

It was slow at first, but before long, she was trying to lick the inside of my mouth out. I broke the kiss and stared down at her a moment. She still looked a bit scared, but I could see much more powerful emotions in her expression, which told me that if I released her arms, she wouldn't try to get away from me. I was right too. As soon as I let go of her wrists, her arms flew around my neck and she pulled herself up to me.

This time, she kissed me. And I knew it was time take the next step. I pulled up and rolled to my side a bit, so that I was no longer pinning her body to the bed. I looked into her eyes, knowing it was the moment of truth.

This could happen one of two ways, but it would to happen. She could either let me take her clothes off her, or I would rip and tear them until she was naked. "I love you so much…" I was going to say her name, but I couldn't remember it, so I went with, "…baby.

You've got me so hot, I can't take it any more. I gotta see you naked." And with that, I started to lift her shirt up her torso.

It went easier than I'd thought. She raised her back off the bed so that I could remove her shirt and I got my first look at her bare chest. Ok, I know I'm an asshole, but I can't help it. I almost started laughing when I saw how small her tits really were. Shit, I'd seen fat boys with bigger titties than she had. So, to cover my laugh, I dove in and started sucking on the closest little tit to me, a hand going to the other one to fiddle with it.

Her hands went to my head and as one pulled my face tight to her chest, the other tried to push me away. The little gasping and groaning noises she made kept me going, bouncing back and forth between her bitty-boobs with my mouth and hands. Then one hand moved south again and slowly, trying to see if I could do it before she noticed, I started unbuttoning her shorts.

Well, she did notice. Both her hands tightened in my hair and she pulled my head off her chest. The look in her eyes was once more fearful than any other emotions. One of her hands went from my head down to my hand and she tried to wrap her fingers around my wrist.

"Please baby," I cooed, still working at her shorts even as she tried to stop me. "If you love me as much as I love you…" I let those words settle with her a moment, just as I popped the button at the top of her shorts.

Then, as I started to pull her zipper down, I went on, "I promise all I want is to make you feel good." Her hand still pulled at my wrist, but without interfering much. Slowly, her zipper came down and I could see she wore light-pink, cotton panties. Oh fuck! I wanted to shove my nose right into those panties and get a good sniff of her snatch. I wanted to run my tongue over them until they were so wet I'd be able to see her lips through the thin cotton.

But, even more than that, I wanted to get another taste of her virgin pussy. Keeping her fingers wrapped around my wrist as best as she could, I finally got her zipper down as far as it went.

I rubbed my fingers lightly over her light-pink covered mound. She seemed hotter through just her panties (and damper too) than she had through her shorts too. I was getting too hot to take much more, so when I got to my knees and managed to get her to lift her hips from the bed, under the pretense that all I was going to remove from her were her shorts, I grabbed her panties too and with one quick tug, the girl was completely naked.

I stared down at her. Like I said, she was too skinny and there was almost no meat on her bones. Shit, naked she looked five years younger than what she'd told me. There was even less hair between her narrow hips than I'd thought and I'd never seen such a tight slit between a girl's legs.

Maybe it was because there was almost no hair, other than a small puff right at the top of her pussy, but there was something else. Her lips didn't protrude from her gash, like all the other girls' I'd been with. It was just a crack, a smooth, pale slit.

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Fuck! My boner throbbed so hard I almost cried out in pain. I could even smell her pussy! Wait… I had a hand at my face my hand that was still holding her shorts and panties and that's where the smell of her pussy was coming from. I was in seventh heaven. My next step was to touch her pussy again, so after taking another few deep sniffs from her clothes, I started to reach down to her.

But before I got there, she started giggling. My eyes finally moved off her tight, smooth pussy and I looked to her face. She was smiling and pointing to my face. "You're sniffing my under-panties," she giggled.

I took one more big sniff and replied, "And you smell fucking incredible." Then, before she could react, I threw her shorts and panties across the room and dove down, planting my face in the crack between her legs and taking a deep snort of her scent directly from the source.

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I have no idea how long I sniffed her crotch before I started licking. And I don't know how long I licked before I started all-out eating her virgin cunt.

Fuck!!!! She tasted incredible. I'd never eaten such a tasty twat. That there was no hair around her gash to get stuck in my teeth made it even better. And at one point, I swear I had my tongue so deep up her pussy that I could feel her hymen with it. Again, I have no idea how long I ate that girl's cherry-cunt. I only stopped when she'd wrapped her legs so tightly around my head that I could barely breathe, and she was pulling my hair so hard I could feel some of it being ripped from my scalp, and I realized that she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

Her pussy was dripping wet when I finally pulled my face out of it. I wondered how much of that wetness was my saliva and how much was her cunt-juice.

Not that it mattered. All that really did matter was that her pussy was good and wet for what I had in mind next. She pulled her hands out of my hair the moment I stopped eating her pussy and her legs clamped together the moment my head was out of her way. "You liked that, didn't you?" I asked. She was panting and wouldn't look me in the eye.

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I wiped my face with a hand licked the goo from my palm. "Fuck, you taste so good," I said, licking and sniffing that hand, while my other hand went to the button of my jeans. It was time for the girl to meet her first big, hard cock. Let me know if you want more.RogueRambler -