Milf hunter harley raine big apple pie

Milf hunter harley raine big apple pie
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I was up in Oregon with my family. It was our yearly vacation. It was me (14) my sister (12) my dad (42) and my mom (38). A week earlier I had walked in on my dad and my mom having sex. My mom say me and winked at me. The next day my mom walked up to me and started to get naked. Me being the horny teenage happily followed her lead.

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My mom is about 5'8 130 pounds and nice D cup perky tits. My mom went down on me and started to suck me.

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She was a pro because she made me cum within 5 minutes. On the ride up to Oregon I couldn't play with myself at all. I sat right next to my sister jani who is the most beautiful red head I have ever seen.

She barley has bumps for tits but has a nice ass from her baby fat. I have always wanted to fuck her little pussy.


I have seen it before when I walked in her showering but I quickly walked out. About 3 hours into the trip she fell asleep and her head was on my lap. I was hard and i didn't know if she felt it. My mom looked back and she saw me hard and kinda giggled. Jani was wearing a pajama skirt and it rode up and I saw her my little pony underwear. I could see the outline of her pussy and I was harder than a rock.

We got to the beach house after 2 hours of torture.

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She woke up and grabbed her bag and went to our room. I followed her with my bag and when I walked in the room she was naked putting on her bathing suit. I almost fainted right there. She walked out and I quickly got naked and started jacking off.

Right when I started cumming I looked over an saw jani staring at my dick in amazment. I tried to hide it but she begged to see it again. My being horny I pulled it out and she asked if she can touch it and I said go for it. Her soft tiny hands felt amazing and she started to suck it. I asked if she ever did this and she said she tried it on our dog who is now dead.

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I felt my balls aching, wanting to fuck her I started to rub her pussy through her one peice swimsuit. She started to get wet and I slowly undressed her. I stared at her preteen pussy that was pink and juicy. I started to rub her clit and she moaned in ecstacy.

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I probed her little hole with and finger and gently slid it in. She moaned pretty loud and I thougt for sure mom heard. I sucked on her little nipples and they got hard. I asked if she wanted to become a woman. She nodded in agreement and I told her it would hurt tho and she said it's ok. I laid her down and started to eat her out. I slide my tounge in her hole and it was a tight fit.

I had no idea how my dick was gonna fit but I wasn't gonna stop now. I started to finger her ass while I ate her out and she started to shake. I knew she was nearing her first orgasm and I kept up the speed. She started to moan loud and I knew mom would hear.

After she squirted her juice I positioned my dick in front of her little love hole. I started to slide my dick in where I heard the door open and mom saw me about to deflower her little girl. She said to continue and without hesitation I rammed my dick in jani and she screamed in pain. 1 because I was to big and 2 because I just popped her cherry. My animal insticnts took over and I rammed my dick in her like it was the last day on earth.

Right before I came I pulled out and cummed all over her face. She laid there cum covered bloody and in tears but had the biggest smile on her face. That's when I knew I had a great family. I took a shower with jani so I could wash her off and maybe get some more action.

I rubbed her nice ass and I guess she liked it cause she bent over to give me a full view. I got on my knees and started to lick her little ass hole and finger it. My dick got hard and I felt a tiny hand grab it. I thought to myself that I was the luckyiest guy in the world. I spat on her ass and got my dick and started to push it in. Jani started to whine but I wasn't gonna stop. I was to close to my prize. The head popped in and she started to whine louder.

I slide my dick half way in, thinking that she would never be able to handle the whole thing.

I started to pump her full of my dick when I forgot to not go all the way and I shoved it in till I got to the hilt. She screamed and I covered her mouth and told her everything is ok.

She reached back and grabbed my balls and started to rub them. This pushed me over the edge and I came deep in her ass. She collapsed on the shower floor and I got out dried off and then picked her up and took her to our room.

I put her to bed and kissed her goodnight. I went outside and stared into the stars. My mom walked out and said that I really gave it to jani tonight.

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I laughed and told her she was the best thing he ever had. My mom sat on my lap and said that she could make it better. I smiled and grabbed her ass.

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I reached up her skirt and started to finger her and she grinder against my pants. I quickly pulled my shorts down and inserted it in her pussy. For giving birth to 2 kids she was still very tight. I fucked her in every position and cummed in her 3 times.

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I never knew I had so much cum before. Right when I finished dad came out.


He was wearing a towel and I thought to myself, this is gonna turn out good.