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Thick Asian Squirt and Anal Play
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The clumsy yet funny boy, known as "Louie" by friends, short for Laureate, visited a particular place regularly ever since he met Lily.

Lily was the girl behind the counter of his favorite venue, Elegant Entertainment, often referred to as the E.


Louie was 25 years old, with black hair and tan skin, a full goatee, and almost 6 feet tall. They were good friends and talked about everything from literature to sex.

She smiled at him with her perfectly white teeth, brushing her long black hair out of her face as he walked in time after time.

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"Hello gorgeous, where is everyone?" Louie replied to her smile. "Hey rock star," Lily paused, "Dan just called, and we have to cancel tonight." Louie was immediately crushed; he had been waiting for this event all year. The E always hosted a freestyle night to raise money for charities around Christmas time.

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Freestyle night often leads to a competition, anyone who wanted to perform could, a dance, a poem, a song, but the last round was strictly poetry.

Louie won last year (by the audience's judgment) against Lily. "That means I won't be able to beat you again." Louie joked. "The audience doesn't realize that I am your polar opposite, that I am your equivalent if you had boobs. The important part of tonight was to raise money, not gloat." Lily insisted. "I know." "Well what are you going to be doing tonight?" "I'm thinking' I'll just head back to my place." "Oh." "You're welcome to come if you want." "Why would I want to?" "To tell me what you were going to freestyle about tonight." "I can tell you now; I was going to freestyle about you." "Me?" "Yes, about you for you." "Now I want to hear it, come on I'll help you close up." "Fine, I'll walk with you." After closing up, Louie and Lily headed back to Louie's apartment, a few blocks from the E.

He held open the door for her. Louie sat on the couch and turned on the television.

Lily sat next to him, quickly making herself at home, taking off her black leather boots as well as her socks. As promised, she began to freestyle about him.


He was astonished and thought to himself: She would have beaten me tonight, badly. "How was that?" Lily asked after showing Louie what he wanted. "I don't want to attempt to perform after that. I'm speechless, I wouldn't change a thing, and it was perfect." "Then don't." "Ok." "I want you." Louie repeated what she had just said in his mind, twice. Though he would never admit it, he had fantasized about Lily since the first time he saw her at the E.

She was busy running around, giving orders, but he couldn't help but notice how she wiggled her butt ever so slightly when she was being pressured. He pictured her naked, he wondered how her dark skin felt to his hand and most of all wondered if he would have a chance with someone like that.

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"I think I like you, too." Louie said after a momentary awkward silence. In response, Louie and Lily turned to each other and embraced in a passionate kiss, at first his top lip on top of hers, and then hers on top of his, and then their tongues met and flirted with each other. They moved to the bedroom. Under the blankets, Lily stripped herself of her clothes while Louie stood at the door and stripped down to his boxers that obviously housed an excited candy for Lily.

As Louie got in the bed, Lily immediately submerged herself under the blanket, on all fours, and pulled Louie's boxers off. She began to suck his manhood, pumping his shaft with her mouth while also massaging his balls. From there, she began to spit on his member and jack him furiously. Louie moaned in appreciation. Lily then threw the blanket to the floor, foreplay was over.

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Louie still lay flat on the bed with his penis erect and ready for Lily to really show him why she wrote about him. She sat down on him and rocked herself back and forth at first and then up and down. Louie attempted to go up and down as she did. They were in unison after trial and error.

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Their rhythm became one, as did their desire and love. Up and down, both bodies rocked constantly throughout the night. Louie was turned on by the way Lily curved her back as she rode him like a bull and the way her breasts lagged behind the rest of her body.


He loved the way he could feel her nipples grow when he sucked him. Lily began to pant as did Louie. "I'm coming!" she yelled at the heavens. Momentarily after her warning, Louie could feel her juices drench his cock while he was still inside her. In turn, he came as well. They continued for only a minute, in which Lily achieved another orgasm. Louie was deep in her and gripped at the sheets covering the mattress with her toes. Still breathing heavily, Lily dismounted from Louie, and lay beside him.

They turned and stared at each other without speaking until they began to breathe evenly again.


Lily spoke first, "That was fantastic." "Yes it was, you better be on the pill because I just realized we didn't use a condom. I must have been too caught up to remember." "Don't worry, I am." "Thank God." "I totally won, but if it makes you feel better, your dick did great work." Louie smiled as Lily nestled her head onto his chest.

He stroked her hair and held her tightly by the arms. She put her legs between his, gently brushing her knee against his sack and her feet would play a rubbing game with his, constantly battling for the top position.

They made love more that night but at that particular moment, they were not opposites as Lily claimed, but compliments. They were one, eternally.

Louie and Lily awoke tangled between each other, and shared a delightful morning kiss.

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Louie whispered in Lily's ear, "Go ahead and tell them you won." "I will." "It was a charity and not a competition, after all." "Yeah, yeah, I won't gloat." "I think I love you." "I think I do too."