Mature hungry interracial sluts take turns

Mature hungry interracial sluts take turns
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THE LIMO DRIVER part 3 Bonnie woke up and went through her normal routine and was thinking about a week and a half ago. She was thinking that if it keeps going like this she is going to have enough money in a year to buy a house. She drinks her coffee and heads out the door, on her way to work. The weekends are the busiest times for her. She gets requests for her to drive all the time, and she wonders what it is about her that people seem to like.

At work, Don (her boss) tells her she has a busy day ahead of her. She thinks to herself what else is new. And gets the paperwork from her slot and reviews it. She has a normal day picking up and dropping off people she has seen before. And she hoping that it gets more exciting with the next one she is going to pick up.

At about 5pm her cell phone rings and Don is telling her there is a change of plans. She thinks again, what else is new. He tells her she has 5 passengers to pick up at the airport and drive them to a conference. That she might be having another all-nighter again. So she drives to the airport for a 6pm pick-up, not knowing whom she is getting. Bonnie hopes she doesn't get a bunch of geeks or idiots, cause she's had her share of them too. At 6:20 she calls on her cell to the airport information desk, to find out the flight has been delayed.

She is thinking that she is loosing money cause she knows the fares she would have got would have tipped really well. About seven pm she sees a face that she knows, but can't place it. He is smiling and waving at her. Then she gets out to help with the luggage and she remembers.

Oh my God she remarks it is Jack from three weeks ago. And she hugs him and gives him a big kiss. Telling him she is so happy to see him. One of the other guys sees this and says I'm glad to know our driver is very friendly, can I have a kiss too. She throws her arms around Daniel and says Hi I'm Bonnie and gave him a big kiss too. Jack helps her load the luggage and off they go to the Wiltshire Hotel.

Bonnie was talking to Jack the whole way to the hotel and told her he was in town for the weekend. But the other 4 have a flight out tomorrow night. She first thinks God this is great, and then she remembers the date she has with a guy tomorrow night.

She thinks the hell with it; I know what I'm getting with Jack. They arrive at the hotel and she unloads the entire luggage onto a cart. The bellboy takes the cart and follows the men inside. She takes the car over in the parking lot and parks it. She walks into the hotel to find Jack waiting for her and they head up stairs to the suite.

Once in the room Jack tells her that they have a meeting at 8 and then the night is free from there. She says that's fine; whatever they need she will do for them. Jack then introduces her to the other guys. Daniel of course you met. Jake, Sam and Tommy, that's who these clowns are, he says in a joking voice. Now Jake was an older man in his mid to late 40's, Sam was about 25, Daniel was a cutie about 25 or younger and Tommy was nearing 30 but still looked like a young man. Jack told her to find out what's happening in the area and let them all know after the meeting.

But for now they wanted to go to dinner and invited Bonnie to join them. They went down stairs to the dinning room and had expensive dinners. Bonnie was glad she didn't have to pay for hers, because it was $185 and she would never spend that much on a meal.

Afterwards they went to the bar for a few drinks before the stuffy ol' meeting. And they all were in a circle around Bonnie at the bar. Asking her questions about the area and things to do. She told them she would show then the best night of their lives. And would let them know after their meeting what is happening around town.

They said great and they headed out the door. They were all walking behind Bonnie and talking about how beautiful she was and how she has a great looking body. She heard them and turned around saying I hear you all talking about my ass. And she shook it for them and made them all smile. She dropped them off at 7:45 and parked the car. She got into the back and put a DVD in the player.

She figured she has time to watch a movie before they are done. About 9:30 they came out laughing and carrying on about something and Bonnie didn't know what it was. They climbed into the back as Bonnie got out and asked her where she was going to take them. She said trust me I will show you a great time. And Jack chimed in saying yes she will, she's a doll.

She drove them to a bar on the other side of town, thinking that they might enjoy this place. And they headed inside to begin their night. They got a big table where they could see the whole place and watch everything from. They ordered drinks and began talking about the place and of course Bonnie.

Talking just how great she is for being a sweetheart and dealing with them. Jack asked her lets go dancing tonight and she told him they will, but the band doesn't start until 10.

So they watched the big screen TV's and talked and drink. About 10 Bonnie told them it's time to head to the club for some good old dancing.

They all jumped up saying yeah let's go. And she drove them to the club. Once inside they ordered drinks and right away Jack asked Bonnie to dance. And Daniel said to Jack as he led Bonnie to the dance floor, lucky bastard, you got the best-looking woman here. They danced for two songs and went to get a drink.

As they got back to the table Daniel said dance with me sweetie. Bonnie took a big drink and headed back out to dance. During the night she danced with all of them a lot. She felt they didn't give her any time to rest.

So she declined to dance the next few so she can catch her breath and drink too. They thought yes she should drink and rest herself, cause they were all hoping that what Jack told them was true.

Jack had told them on the flight out that she was wild and loved sex and didn't turn anyone away. That she took on all three of them at once. So these guys were looking forward to maybe a night like that with her. As Bonnie drank more she started getting a good buzz. And the guys kept buying her more drinks and she had seven in front of her now. She kept drinking them down one after another.

Until she had one left, but now her head was really swimming from the drinks. Daniel again asked her to dance and she thought it might be a good ideal to get up and move around.

So she went up and while they were dancing Sam joined them. The Band was playing fifties music and now they started playing a song from Dirty dancing. Bonnie started grinding up against Daniel and then Sam from behind started grinding up against Bonnie's ass.

They were having a great time now and the guys were all hoping that she would be willing to do it with them all. Just like they were told she did three weeks ago.

As the Band started playing their last song of the night. Jack asked Bonnie for the last one, of course she said.

And they went to the dance floor one last time for the night. They finished the song with a kiss and Jack telling her Thanks for the night. Bonnie looked puzzled and asked Jack aren't we going to party in the room when we get pack to the hotel. Jack said I didn't know if you wanted to or not and I wasn't going to ask you to come there with all 5 of us.

Bonnie said to Jack that she can take care of herself and she wanted to hang out with them and party. Jack cracked a big smile and said I want to take you home with me. Bonnie laughed and said that you'd get tired of my bitchiness after a few days. Jack shook his head and said never as they walked back to the table. When Bonnie sat down she noticed that someone bought her more drinks. There were about fifteen of them sitting there waiting for her. So she began to drink them down but not as fast as before.

As she was drinking them down, Daniel and Sam slid their chairs closer to hers. And they were joking with her about being the only woman with five guys. And she told them that she could wear them all out. Jack overheard this and told them that all five of them couldn't keep up with Bonnie. They all sat quite for a while but all smiling. They finished their drinks and all got up heading for the door. And once outside they piled into the limo. Jack asked Bonnie if he could drive back to the hotel.

She said it wouldn't hurt anything, so she let him drive. She sat up front with him in case anything did happen. When they got back to the hotel Jack parked the car and Sam said Hey your supposed to drop us off at the front door. Jack replied to him saying walk you lazy prick. Jack and Tommy were sharing the suite together and when everyone was in the room Jack said let the games begin.

They had a wet bar stocked full of every kind of liquor you wanted. So Jack started making drinks for everyone. Tommy helped carry them to the others and handed Bonnie hers saying I had to bring the best drink to the best-looking lady of the night. She then told him that there are a lot of better looking women out there then she is. They all disagreed with her. She then told them your just saying that to get down my pants. They drank for a while and Jack turned on some music.

And Bonnie was swaying to the music. Then she wanted to dance more. Bonnie jumped up and started dancing around the room like she was on fire. They all just watched her as she went all around the room dancing in a sexy way. She said can anyone hand me my drink and they all jumped up trying to get it to her.

And she started laughing at them because it did look funny. She grabbed Tommy by the hand while taking a sip of her drink and said don't anyone want to dance. And then she started unbuttoning her shirt after throwing her jacket over Tommy's head. They guys were watching her as she danced around taking off her clothes. And by now she was in her bra and panties only.

Daniel and Tommy both started dancing with her at once, rubbing their hands all over her body.

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Everyone was getting excited from this, even Bonnie. Bonnie took both hands and placed them in Daniel's crotch and started rubbing. While she backed her ass up tightly against Tommy's crotch. She was rubbing and rocking and making everyone in the room horny. Bonnie undid Daniel's pants and dropped them down along with his boxers.

Then lowered her head onto his cock, which was fully erect at this time.

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Then she motioned for Tommy to drop his too. It didn't take a long for Tommy to drop everything and start rubbing his cock around on her backside.

And Daniel was by now holding her head with both hands, pumping his cock into her mouth. Tommy pulled Bonnie's panties down and off of her so he could fuck this sexy woman. And drove his cock into her pussy very gently trying not to hurt her. As Tommy stuck his cock in Bonnie, she let out a loud moan letting everyone know she is enjoying this. And Tommy started banging her harder. With this the others in the room started undressing and were waiting for their chance to fuck this beautiful piece of flesh they are watching.

Daniel knew it was close to shooting it's load, but didn't want to quit yet. He was holding back as hard as he could when all of the sudden it blow like a pipe bursting. As he came in her mouth he shoved it in very deep and he heard Bonnie start to gag. He told her he was sorry but he couldn't help it cause she was too damn good at this.

Now about this time it made Tommy so horny, he couldn't hold back either and he let it rip into her sweat love box. While he drove his cock into her pussy deeply, he was shooting his spunk into her.

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When they finished Jack told Sam and Jake to go next, that he will wait until their done to have some of her again. Sam just grinned at Jack and went over to Bonnie. Jake being older went to her backside and wanted to fuck this sweat young pussy. He drove his member into her with such a force that it almost toppled her over. But Jake kept his hands on her hips and she didn't fall. Sam went to her head and told her he had never had a blowjob before.

She told Sam just relax and your going to enjoy this. As her mouth covered his cock almost all the way.

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He could feel her mouth sucking on his cock and he thought God this is great. With Jake being an older man and Bonnie being this hot young chick, it didn't take him long to unload his spunk into her pussy. While she was making Sam moan like he's never done before.

The other guys were starting to laugh at Sam. With the way he was moaning and that he's never had a blowjob before, it was just funny to them. Sam put his hands on Bonnie's head, rocking his hips forward and back.

He began to sound like he was praying and the other guys knew he was soon Cumming. Sam felt like everything he had was shooting out of his cock. And Bonnie knew that he wasn't lying about never having a blow job before by his actions. He was filling her mouth with loads of his cream and it was so much she wasn't sure if she could take it. Bonnie kept sucking until it was all dry for him and released his cock from her mouth.

And realizing that she had cum running down her chin. She took her finger and wiped it off her face, only to put her finger in her mouth and suck it off her finger. This was a big turn on to the guys in the room. That she didn't want to waste one drop of their cum. Jack had Bonnie come over to the sofa were he was sitting and climb on top of him.

Straddling his legs, she lowered herself onto his cock and back up again. This went on for 10 minutes or so before jack felt his cock rocking inside of Bonnie's pussy. Daniel then pulled her over onto him, causing her to be sitting on his lap. He then took his cock and pushed it up her pussy. Then he pulled it out and moved it back to her ass hole. She told Daniel to let her do it and it won't hurt her. First she put about half of it in her ass and waited a few minutes.

Then she started rocking back and forth slowly at first. And then she was driving her ass down onto Daniel's cock fully. Tommy couldn't wait another second, he had to get a blowjob from her and see why Sam was moaning about so much. He climbed up on the back of the sofa and shoved his cock into Bonnie's face. She of course took no time to put her mouth around it and suck it violently.

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And about this time Sam was hard as a rock and decided he was going to fuck her now. As Sam slid his cock into Bonnie's pussy he could feel Daniel's cock in her ass. They were rubbing their cocks against each other through a thin piece of skin. And it felt strange to him, but also felt good too.

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All three were rocking their bodies with Bonnie as they were fucking and filling her with their cocks. First she could feel the cock in her ass explode with such a mighty force, then in her mouth, as she drank down every drop of it, and then in her pussy she felt the rush of hot jizz being pumped into her pussy.

Then she got up to have Jake push his hard love stick into her face and Jack pushing her legs up to get to her ass. As these two began ravishing her body she rocks back and forth to help them drive it deeper. Jake was now standing there straddling the back of the sofa, while trying to shove his cock into Bonnie's throat.

Meanwhile Jack is banging her ass hard and she feels it deep in her canal. Jack started dumping his load in first and then Jake while pushing it down her throat, started pumping wad after wad down her throat. Until both men felt satisfied with their performance. Bonnie then got off the sofa and lay down on the floor, making an inviting gesture towards the men to come and get more.

Tommy said yahoo as he rushed over to tap one of her holes again. And as he pushed his cock into her ass. He sees Sam and Daniel gathering around her too. Like vultures circling around a dead carcass, these five men were around Bonnie. With a cock up her ass, pussy and mouth. Her hands reached out for the other two cocks. And now she had all five men where she wants them. They kept up until 4 in the morning before they retired for the night.

With Jack telling them She will be revived fully in the morning. And he also said you better rest up too. When ten o'clock came, Bonnie woke up to this feeling someone between her legs. She looked down to see Jack eating her pussy and it was feeling really good to her. As she was lying there feeling great when she felt something at her lips. And opened her eyes to find Tommy there with his cock at her mouth.

She said Oh good breakfast and proceeded to gobble up this cock into her mouth. While Jack was licking and sucking on her cunt. He would lick across her clit and then throw his lips around it and suck on it. Causing her to buck her hips up into the air looking for some relief.

Then Jack started running his tongue down to her ass hole and run his tongue around the ring. Then thrusting his tongue into her anal core spreading the ring apart. Driving his tongue as hard as he could into the canal.

This was exciting her a lot and made her suck on Tommy's cock even harder. Causing him to feel more pleasure then he's ever felt before with a blowjob. He rocks and jerks and cum starts flowing out of his opening like someone had turned on a spigot.

He's dumping his load of spunk into her mouth and she is loving it, he thought. Bonnie takes all their cocks and sucks each one off, then tells them they need to satisfy her also. As each one takes turns in her different holes until they all were spent and couldn't do any more.

Bonnie told them that they were all weenies, because she isn't satisfied yet. She gets up and goes to the bathroom.

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She jumps into the shower and starts washing herself. As her hand glides over her clit she squats down and begins playing with herself. One hand is rubbing her clit and the other is pushing her fingers into her pussy. While she is doing this, Jack comes into the shower with her and lifts her up. Saying he is sorry and wants to get her off.

He drives his cock into her pussy and starts banging away at it. Meanwhile Tommy comes in the shower too and wants to give her the satisfaction she wants. After all she sure did satisfy all of them. He then pushes his cock up her ass and begins to pound her from behind. As the two are pounding her and rocking her back and forth.

Bonnie feels the mounting pressure building up inside of her. When all the sudden she feels a hand go down her belly to her clit and start massaging it. Bonnie opens her eyes to see Sam standing there with his hand rubbing her clit. Then it starts hitting her, her body starts jerking and bucking.

Bonnie is having a great big orgasm and WOW it feels sooooo good. Her legs are getting weak and the only thing holding her up is the two cocks inside her. As they continue to pump their cocks in and out of Bonnie, she feels another one Cumming. Her head goes back and she lets out a half scream and half moan. Letting the men know she is having another big one. They continue to rock her back ad forth pounding their cocks into her holes with such a great force.

That she keeps having orgasms one after another. And Sam is still massaging her clit making her climax again and again. Then she felt both men drive their cocks hard into her, she could feel the jizz pumping into her ass and pussy. She rocked back and had another big one and by now she is all out of energy.

Jack, Tommy and Sam all held her up while they washed every part of her body before turning off the shower. Then they dried her off and helped her to the sofa. Jake had ordered room service and had a lot of food and coffee for all of them. And Bonnie was very happy cause she needed to replenish the energy in her body.

They ate and drank coffee and orange juice for a while and then got dressed. As bonnie was half dressed, her cell phone rang and she answered it. Don wanted to know how long she was going to be tied up. She turned to Jack and looked at him. He walked over took the phone from Bonnie and talked to Don. He told Don that he needed the driver and limo until Sunday night.

And that he would be paying for it now with his credit card. He gave his info to Don and told don to charge double for His services. He handed the phone back to bonnie then she talked with Don again. She told him she was eating right then and had to drive the gentlemen around town. She hung up the phone and said that sometime Don is a pest. And finished getting dressed Bonnie told the guys she needed to run home and get clothes to wear.

And it wouldn't take her long to do that if they didn't need to go anywhere right now. They told her to go ahead and hurry back cause they will miss her. And Jack and Tommy agreed to ride along for kicks.

Plus Jack said to Bonnie I can find out where you live. They drove to Bonnie's apartment and she gathered a few outfits and Jack told her to get a swimsuit too.

Then headed back to the hotel to join the others. When they were back in the room Jack made a suggestion to go swimming in the pool. They all agreed and got changed.

At the pool they all felt jealous, because other men were staring at Bonnie and she was theirs. They stayed close to her all the time and in the water they kept a circle around her. They swam for a few hours, and then went back to the room to order more food and drinks.

Once in the room Sam said lets just take off these wet swim suits and stay naked. Every one thought it was a good ideal and they all did it. Tommy was on one side of Bonnie on the sofa and Daniel was on the other. They both started rubbing her thighs and trying to get their hands in between her legs.

And Bonnie was playing a little hard to get right now. They were still trying to force their hands to get to her pussy, when Tommy bent down and began licking and sucking her tits. With this and not to be out done Daniel rolls off the sofa and buries his face in between Bonnie's legs. She willingly opened her legs to allow Daniel access to her now wet pussy.

As his tongue began licking back and forth over her clit, she could feel the pressure mounting once again. Bonnie slid her hips down towards the end of the sofa to allow Daniel easier access to her wet love box.

And Tommy was rubbing her tits and sucking on them soooo good. By now Sam was horny from watching this and wanted to satisfy himself with her mouth. He began jerking his cock off in her face and every time she tried to put her mouth around it, he would pull it back. Teasing her with his cock and making her want it more.

Bonnie felt the surge of cum flowing from her pussy and could feel Daniel lap up every drop she had. And with Tommy still sucking and licking on her tits, she was still horny. She tried feverishly to reach Sam's cock with her mouth, but her was teasing her with it. Bonnie wanted to suck this cock so bad that she started begging for it to be placed in her mouth.

And with the lips and tongues on her tits and pussy, she was almost to the point of grabbing it and shoving it deep down her throat. About then she heard someone say something and half turning her head, not wanting to miss the chance to get this cock in her mouth.

Seen Jake with his cock erect nearing her face also. Both Sam and Jake stood in front of her with their cock heads touching each other. Bonnie leaned forward, pushing Tommy and Daniel away. While her mouth ventures towards the two waiting cocks. Bonnie grabbed both the hard cocks and pushed her mouth over both at the same time. Leaving her ass wide open, hoping that someone will be smart enough to fill the empty holes. As Bonnie forced both cocks into her mouth her tongue was licking at one then the other, moving her mouth up and down on the two shafts at once, she was sucking them both equally.

Her mouth moving faster and faster up and down the shafts. Her head bobbing with the help of two hands, rapidly onto and off of the cocks until she could feel one then the other explode in her mouth. This was too much cum and too strong of a force shooting into her mouth. She rocked back coughing and choking on one big mouthful of cum.


It was running down her face and the two guys moved closer to finish their loads onto her face She could feel the two cocks still pumping the hot sticky goo all over her face, but she didn't care. She almost chocked on that one and doesn't want to try that ever again. Jack handed her a towel to wipe off with while he turned her around.

Then he planted his cock at the entrance of her ass and pushed. Jack forced his cock into her ass for a good ass fucking. And didn't stop pounding even thou Bonnie was still reeling from the choking.

All the men took turns in and out of her ass, pussy and mouth. Just being careful not to hurt her or do anything to make her choke again. When they were done they realized that it was close to the time to leave and go back to the airport. So the guys all gathered their things and they all headed for the car. Bonnie asked Jack if he was staying there or was he going for the ride. He told her he wanted to ride along and keep her company.

So they loaded up the luggage and she drove them to the airport. Jack rode in the back with the guys on the way there to talk to them about something.


And she could hear them but could make out what they were talking about. Maybe making plans to come back again real soon she thought with a smile. When they got to the airport, Jack told Bonnie that the guys all want to say goodbye to her and that he would get the luggage out for her. Bonnie walked around the back of the limo and first Tommy hugged her and kissed her then handed her a tip.

Then each one took their turn in saying their goodbyes and tipping her. After they had left, Jack asked her what she had got from the other guys. Because he had told them to make sure they tip her well. That a woman likes her is a rare commodity. Bonnie told Jack she didn't know, cause she never counts it until she gets home. That she feels it isn't proper for her to count it in front of the customer. He agreed with her and told her he would drive while she counted her tips.

As they drove back to the hotel she counted seven hundred dollars. And Jack pulled his wallet out and gave her a stack of hundreds and told her it was his tip to her. She counted the money that Jack just gave her and was very surprised to see it was two thousand. She threw her arms around Jacks neck and hugged him tightly as they drove back to the hotel.

When they were back in the room, Jack took Bonnie in his arms and began kissing her. He told her now he now has her all to himself. Bonnie smiled and said but can you handle me all by yourself. They go into the bedroom and take off each other's clothes. Jack pushed Bonnie back down across the bed and lowered his head between her tits. Working on each one with the same attention, while his hands found other places to explore.

He started kissing up her neck to her ears. Nibbling on them as he found them. His mouth comes around to hers and they begin kissing violently. His one hand fondling her breasts, while the other is searching for an open and awaiting hole. And all the while her hands are caressing his balls and cock.


They continue to play with each other for a long time. Then Jack turns his body upside down to hers. He begins to nibble at her hairs and goes down further to her waiting clit. As he nears it he can feel her shiver with anticipation. As Jack is doing his thing with her, she on the other hand is now licking at the head of his cock and running her tongue down the length of it to his balls and back up again.

Jack could feel her lips go around his cock and take the entire length of it into her mouth. He knew if he wasn't careful, he would spew his load before its time. And he wanted this time to last for as long as he could make it. Bonnie could feel the tension building with every lick and suck of Jacks mouth and tongue.

She would shutter every time his tongue would flick across her clit. But she wanted to be careful as not to cum too soon and ruin the night. She wanted this time to last forever. They were licking and sucking at each other for almost an hour when Bonnie started sucking Jacks cock really hard and he could not control it any longer.

Bonnie pushed on Jacks ass cheeks hard to make him drive it deep into her throat. That way she wouldn't be gagging on his cum and make him feel bad. At the same monument she felt the eruption exploding in her cunt. She tried to control it and not let it cum yet. But she couldn't hold back either. As both of them were Cumming together with them feeling the other jerking and bucking, they both knew it was perfect. And he lay there on top of her still lapping her juices.

While she was still feeling his hot jizz run down her throat. After the juices stop flowing on both of them, they continued to lick and suck on each other.

Trying to revive the other to life again. Once they both were ready to go another round. Jack turned and Bonnie rolled him over. She told him she wants to take control this time and fuck his brains out. Bonnie mounted Jack and drove her pussy down hard onto his cock. She got onto her feet in a squatting position and rode him like he's never seen. Jack wondered how long she could keep this up. So he grabbed her hips and helped her guide her pussy up and down over his shaft.

Up and down they worked together banging her cunt hard down on his cock. He knew she had already had several orgasms during this but didn't say a word to her. He just kept up the rhythm of being fucked by this great lady. After an hour of this Jack began pushing his hips upwards towards her as she moved her body down onto his cock. He plunged it as hard as he could back into her every time. Until he was ready to let go of another load, it was a special delivery for her pussy, as he shot his load wildly into her banging pussy.

Bonnie rolled over and lay on the bed beside Jack, with them both breathing heavy and out of breath. She just wanted to fall into a deep sleep. When they woke up it was Sunday morning and Jack remembered he was supposed to be at the meeting last night at 8.

And got on the phone and called the company to see if he could reschedule for today. He said great and hung up the phone, as he turned to Bonnie. He told her that the guy he was to meet with last night couldn't make it then either. So it worked out just fine for both of them. Jack told Bonnie he had to be at the company at four and then head straight to the airport after that. Bonnie felt a sadness fill her when she heard Jack tell her that. She wanted to tell him take me home with you, but knew he couldn't.

Cause she had searched through his wallet while he slept and found a picture of his wife and kids. She still didn't want him to go away from her. Jack seen that Bonnie was sad and put his arms around her. He pulled her close and kissed her several times and asked what's the matter. She explained how she didn't want him to go and she will miss him very much. Jack knew he could never tell Bonnie now that he is married, cause she is falling for him and he knows it.

But he doesn't want to break her heart cause in a way he is falling for her too. How could he have let this happen to him he wondered. Then thinking that hey she's a sweetheart, but she fucks everyone. Still he has feelings for her and doesn't want to lose her or let her go. So he tells her he will be back in a few weeks. And he smiles at her and kisses her again. Bonnie drives Jack to the Meeting all the while thinking she doesn't want to see him go.

And waits for him to come back out again. She thinks about what if he misses his plane, maybe he will stay another night. But then she thinks no, she can't do this to him.

He has kids who he wants to see. So she cries thinking she can never be happy. After the Meeting and a good one to boot, Cause he will have to come here once a week for a while now. Jack returns to the limo to see that Bonnie has been crying and asks her why. She says she is sad that he is leaving and she will miss he dearly once he's gone. He kisses her and tells her the good news that he will have to be here in town once a week for a very long time with the deal he just made.

Bonnie looks up at him and half smiles and Jack says really, while looking deep into her eyes. She is smiling now and feeling happy that he will be there more often now. Bonnie takes him to the airport and they say their goodbyes and he goes into the terminal. Bonnie is thinking about how she can't wait until next week when he returns.

And she drives back to the shop and parks. Bonnie turns in her paperwork and heads for home. Stay tuned for more adventures with Bonnie The Limo Driver.