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Gyno exam porno
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My first story ( didn't go so well so I got help for this one. Let me know what you think. My mother Helen divorced my dad when I was 16 years old and I chose to live with her. I am now 17 and just graduated from high school. Everything seems to go well and normal until one time I noticed my mother standing outside the bathroom spying on me while I masturbate with her panties.

It's funny because I spy on her when she masturbates in her bed at night, too. I have always wanted to take my dad's place in my mother's bed ever since she left him because I have been sexually attracted to her since I was 14. My mother is 38 years old but still has a gorgeous sexy body of a 20 year old, with nice big round breasts and a well trimmed pussy.

So one night I intentionally leave the bathroom door half open while I start masturbating hoping that my mother will walk by like she usually does at this time. Only this time I will get the courage to catch her and confront her. Not long after, my mom walks by the bathroom and starts spying on me again while I do my deed. Within seconds mom starts playing with her pussy through her panties.

I wasted no time. I rushed forward to open the door fully and pulled my mom in the bathroom and close the bathroom door behind me. "Mom, I know you have been spying on me for many nights now." I said. "I don't know what you are talking about, son." Mom answered. She tries to leave the bathroom, but I hold my ground in front of the closed door.

I close in on her backing her to the sink counter-top. Mom's heated body shakes with fear and sexual hunger with my arms cornering her at the counter-top. "I don't know what you're trying to do, but you better stop." Mom demanded. "I know that you have been lonely and horny. And I am getting hornier everyday knowing that my mother needs a man to please her in bed. And I want to be your man, mom." I said passionately. "Son, you wouldn't dare fuck your own mother. And if you do anything to me I will scream for the neighbors to hear." Mom said.

I reach up her skirt and move my hand into her panties and start moving my fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She opens her mouth trying to scream but I quickly wrap my lips around hers to close her mouth and begin kissing her passionately.

And as I keep my lips on my mom, I continue finger fucking her pussy, and I can tell she enjoys the pleasure from my fingers. But mom comes to her senses again, and moves her lips away from mine. "Please stop, it is wrong for having my son's fingers in my pussy." Mom cried.

I pull out my fingers and showed mom how wet her pussy is. "Are you sure you want me to stop, mom? Your pussy is wet. I know you wanted this too." I asked. Then I pull out my hard dick from my pants, pull down her panties, and put my hard dick on top of her well trimmed pussy. I started rubbing my dick back and forth on top of her pussy. "Please stop, I beg you, son.


My pussy is already dripping wet, and it is so wrong for my pussy to get wet from my own son." Mom begged. "I can help you sleep better tonight, mom. I know you can't possibly sleep well at night when your pussy is always wet and horny. I have seen you try to masturbate yourself to sleep.

I am a man and you are a woman, we both have sexual needs. No one needs to know about this, it could be just a secret between a mother and son." I persisted. And without waiting for an answer from mom, I push my hard dick inside her wet pussy and fuck her standing up while she leans back against the countertop in a doggy-style position.

"I… can't… believe that I am letting this happen. I… am so… sorry for being such a bad mother. Ahhh…" Mom cried. Mom didn't resist me and starts enjoying my hard dick in and out of her pussy while moaning out sounds of pleasure. After fucking for a couple of minutes, I flip mom around at the sink countertop.

"I want to make to love to you from behind doggy style." I said. Mom then bends over at the countertop and welcomes my dick into her pussy again. I look at her pink pussy, staring at it for a couple of seconds before inserting my hard dick in. I start my strokes nice and slow, and then increases speed with each thrust.

Mom can't help herself but moans out pleasure. "Ahhh… I hope we are not fucking too loud.

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Oh… god… forgive me, I'm such a bad mother for letting my son fuck me. Ahhh… I am so sorry, son…," Mom said while moaning loudly.

She repeats herself apologizing to me for being a bad mother for letting me fuck her while she enjoys the pleasure. "I am going to cum, mom." I cried. And fear of getting pregnant knowing that I don't have a condom on, she said, "Pull out, son, and cum on my back instead. Don't cum inside me!" I realized that I wasn't wearing a condom and that I could probably impregnate my Mom.

But I decided to pull out from my mom and I shot my load onto her back, and then collapsed on her. Mom then turned around and kissed me on my lips. "Thank you, son, you are such a good lover. I haven't felt like a woman for months. I need to go back to bed now but you must keep this a secret which no one should know about. And we can't do this again. I am your mother for god sakes. We will forget this like it never happened. So please forgive me." Mom said.

Mom puts her hand on my face like I was still her little boy and kissed me on my lips. She cleans herself up and then leaves the bathroom.

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I knew she would never have sex with me again. For the next few days I try to seduce her in the house to have sex with me again, but mom resisted all my advances. I got very upset from that because I really wanted to take my father's place in her bed. I love my mom so much.


So I decided to make love to her one night while she is asleep. That night when I saw her masturbating herself to sleep again, I patiently wait for her to fall asleep. She fell asleep after she finger fuck herself to orgasm. I quickly got naked and entered her room quietly. I crawl up in between her legs from the end of her bed and move my mouth close enough to suck her pussy.

Her pussy was already wet from her orgasm, and it tasted so good with her juice. I can feel mom's body shiver as I suck on her pussy. Eventually mom is awakened by my tongue in her wet pussy. I quickly move up on top of mom and shove my hard dick inside her. "Ahh… Son, are you crazy?

I told you we can't have sex anymore. Pull your dick out of me and get off of me. Ahh…" Mom yelled. "Ahhh… Stop it, get off of me now, NO, son, stop it! Ahh… Ahh…" Mom demanded She tries to push me off of her but I kept her down firmly on the bed and increased speed on my strokes on her pussy. Mom couldn't resist me any longer and finally gave in to her pleasure and started moaning out sounds of enjoyment.

"Ahhh… I can't take it anymore.

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I really want you so bad. Fuck me harder, I am so horny." Mom screamed. I slow down my thrust and asked her "Do you really want your son to fuck you, mom? It is so wrong, isn't it?" "Please don't stop fucking me!

I want you to fuck me, son. I know it is wrong, but your dick feels so right inside of me. Fuck me, son, please…!" Mom demanded. I begin pumping her again, pounding faster and harder on her wet pussy. I feel like I have to blow, and I know I have to pull out knowing that I don't have a condom on agin. But I couldn't pull out in time and ended up cumming inside my mom's pussy unprotected and collapsed on top of her. We felled asleep together in her bed.

Next morning, I woke up finding myself alone in mom's bed and so I wondered where Mom went. I found mom in the kitchen wearing nothing but an opened robe making coffee. "Would you like some coffee son?" Mom asked.

Before I could answer her, Mom walks up to me and kissed me on my lips with her arms over my shoulders and wrapped around me. "Now that your dad is gone I guess I do need a man in the house. I've been thinking while you were still sleeping in my bed, that maybe I could get use to having you being the man of my house and take your dad's place from now on.

After all, you did fuck me in my bed you naughty young man." Mom said. Mom releases her wrap around me and takes a few steps back from me, then drops her robe in front of me revealing her naked breasts and pussy. She is like a gorgeous goddess in front of me. "Make love to your woman right now in the kitchen son!" Mom said.

I quickly remove my boxers to the floor. I grabbed her and turned her around against the countertop and fuck her doggy style. "Oh, you feel good inside me son!" Mom moaned. After fucking her from behind for a few minutes mom said, "Ahh… son, you fuck your mom a couple of times already, I want to know how it feels to fuck you.

Ahh… Pull out of me and bring me a chair, son. I want to fuck you on the chair." I got so excited I quickly pull out and ran to the dining table to bring in a chair.

"Sit down on the chair! I want to see how it feels to fuck my own son. Mommy is going to sit on your cock son!" Mom said. She ran out the kitchen while I sat on the chair, and then she came back with a condom in her hand.

She removes the packaging, takes the condom out and rolls it down on my hard dick that is currently pointing up the ceiling. "Let's not forget to play it safe. You are the man of the house, but I am still your mother. You cum in me last night already and I am still praying that I don't get pregnant from that. I can't risk getting pregnant with my son's baby." Mom said with a firm voice.


"Dad doesn't fuck you with a condom." I answered. "Well, your daddy is not my son. Now stop complaining and let me sit on your dick. My pussy is already dripping wet and I need you inside me." Mom replied. Mom sits on my dick in the reverse cowgirl position and starts riding me moving her hips up and down. "Ahhh&hellip. Oh god son, your dick feels so good in me, so hard and deep. If only I can tell my girlfriends about you, they would be so jealous of me.

Ahhh… You know, they haven't had a dick in them for months now. Ahhh… Their husbands are always too tired in bed. Ahh… And now I have you all to myself.

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AHHH… AHHH…" Mom said while moaning loudly. What she said to me turned me on so much that I started to move my hips up and down slightly.

Mom starts grinding me more aggressively, and moans louder and louder. "Ahhh&hellip. Oh god I am going to cum. Oh you're making me cum son." Mom screamed. The sound that my mom's butt makes when she smacks my balls is so arousing that I begin to feel like I am about to blow too.

"Oh no son, hold it now! Ahh… I am almost there. Wait until your mom cums." Mom yelled. "Oh I'm cumming now.

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Do it son, I'm all yours. AHHH…" Mom screamed. "Oh shit…" I yelled. I cum right after mom stops riding on my dick. Mom pulls away from me and her pussy juice is practically dripping down on my dick as she moves out of me. She kisses me on my lips and said, "I am always so horny before I go to work. You were wonderful, son. I have to get ready to go to work." Mom picks up her robe from the kitchen floor then walks out the kitchen.

But after taking a few steps, she turns her head back to me and said, "I love you sweety!" Then she blows a kiss to me and leaves the kitchen.