British Chick Gets A Creampie Point Of View

British Chick Gets A Creampie Point Of View
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Another day in hell. Welcome to high school right? Same shit everyday right? Well it was my normal craptastic day. Going to class doing homework hanging out with friends, nothing out of the ordinary and I was ok with it. Well, that was until Sara moved from across the street. I lived with my mom my two sisters and well that's it my parents got divorced end of story. I wasn't to bad of a looking kid, curly black hair dark brown eyes about 5'7 and brown skin, nothing great nothing bad. BUT Sara on the other hand was amazing, she had dark red hair beautiful ocean blue eyes perfect peach skin and a slight curve only adding to her nice proportionate tits.

Yet I hated her. Why? Because she was nice, and I hate nice people because next thing you know they stab youn in the back and take everything from you.

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Oh shit forgot my name, it's Andrew. Let's get onto the story then no? I was on my way to school with my cousin, a junior, he looked like me just.300 times better, every girl wanted him, he was athletic and strong yaddah yaddah yaddah, we all know the same story of the older sibling being better. I was in his shadow, but I didn't mind because he was a brother to me and I looked up to him.


Usually the ride is silent but he kind of just started a conversation out of nowhere. Lewis: so have you been laid? Me: *spits his breakfast o the dashboard* w-what? Lewis: really?

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Whatever, answer me. Me: we'll no, in only a sophomore, and like I said I don't see a point in a relationship till I have a car.

Lewis: doesn't mean you can't get laid. Me: we'll would you look at that were at school bye. *hops out and closes the door* Have fun with the mess man.

Lewis: whatever go burn in hell Me: where do you think I'm going?! I started walking across the front building of my school then hear footsteps behind me.

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Me: Alex I swear to god if that's you I'll kill you and your family. Sara: Kinda harsh no? Me: what. Who are you?

Sara: my name is sar- Me: know what I don't have time I have to get to class bye.

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Sara: wait where are you going? Me: language department, room 1506 Sara: that's where I'm going what a coincidence! Me: yeah I'm sure. Sara: what's your name? Me: Andrew Martinez Sara: I'm Sara Woodrow Me: yeah whatever lets go I'm guessing your new so come on I'll show you where to go Sara: yay! I made a new friend! Let's go! Had I not said those words I would not be in the damn mess I am now.

After the day was through I headed to the lot to see if Lewis was by the car, of course he wasn't, he was always late. I heard a couple of yells and shout by the new gym so I headed over. I walked in and closed the doors as quietly as I could. Sara: get off!

Aaron: oh but why you smell sooooo good. I peered over and see the football captai, Aaron, 6'3 blonde shaggy hair and his slightly heavy build, if one word could explain him I t would be douche. He also had Sara in a corner. I was thinking about leaving but I couldn't I wanted to but I just couldn't. Me: Aaron! Aaron: hey there fucktard Me: oh that's new why don't you leave her alone? Aaron: why your her knight in shining armor?


Me: look just back off and I wont say anything Sara: Andrew just go I can handle myself Me: what? No! I cant just go and lea- Aaron: aw is the damsel going to protect short stack?. Me: what did you call me?

Aaron: you heard me, actually maybe not since im up here and your down there! I was about to blow up, my face was red and I was trembling with anger, while Aaron just sneered and showed me those hungry eyes of his for Sara. Me: I'll give you 5 seconds to leave Aaron: oh how scary Me: I just ran and ran yelling and screaming I jumped up and slammed into Aaron and knocked him down, I covered his arms with my knees and just started pounding his face in, his nose gushing blood and the skin on my knuckles splitting, was all I could see, our blood mixing on the gym floor until one last punch and his nose cracked and was bent sideways.

I saw his eyes dropping almost going lifeless. Thankfully I could hear his breathing, I got up and walked off. I checked my phone and saw 1 new message Lewis: took to long left with out you, your walking.

Seeing that I threw my phone at the wall and then stomped on it, after releasing my anger I slid down and just wanted to start sobbing, what kept me from that was seeing Sara across the room looking at me fearfully and terrified Sara: are you?.

Me: .yeah I'm.ok I could hear her gentle foot steps heading towards me, once she reached me she looked at me and then kneeled down I front of me Me: you should go I'm just Gunna walk home.

Sara: stay for a bit ok? Me: um.ok. I looked at her and took an eyeful of eyecandy while she searched for her bag, I noticed she was 2 inches talked then me which ticked me off but I just blew it off for now.


Sara: hey I'm right here! Me: huh? Sara: let me wrap your knuckles Me: oh um ok then.that explains why you were going through your bag. After she wrapped my knuckles she hugged me tightly but her being taller my face went into her delicious breast, I could have stayed forever but soon she pulled away and I came back into reality.

Sara: are you ok you look kind of dazed. Me: uh yeah I'm fine. She looked at me curiously and then knelt towards me. Me: what are yo- She was kissing me, I was just staring at her dumbfounded taking in the flavors of her cherry lipstick, she shoved her tounge into my mouth and toyed with mine after a bit she pulled away with a small line of saliva proving the bond we just made.

Sara: it's no fun if you dont play too. I was to busy trying to figure out what happend until she yelped Me: what's wrong? Sara: something poked me it was so hard and I could feel it throbbing I felt my cheeks burn red until she looked at me and smiled Sara: oh my is it your cock?

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Me: eh. Sara: can I see it? Me: I uh.guess She hurriedly unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick while i was still too stupid to figure out what the fuck was going on, I looked at her and she had a sly grin. Me: what's with the smi- ahhh.ah I felt her gentle tounge swirling around my dicks head and her warm saliva dripping around the rest, she slowly moved back and forth while I was trying to keep my hips from giving out, she started to move it deeper into her mouth until I felt my cock in her throat, I felt the muscles tighten around my dick as I shivered in delight, I couldn't help it so I let my lips go and felt my balls hit her lips as she let out a quiet seductive moan she sucked harder and I let out an almost primitive growl and released my load into her mouth and she pulled away leaving nothing but saliva.

Sara: mmm.

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So thick n creamy.yuuum Me: why that? Sara: I felt like where do you live? Me: greens ridge park why? Sara: I just moved there! Me: wow what a coincidence. Why couldn't I hate her for being nice to me? I couldn't tell why.she just felt like she was there for me. Like a sister.