Lucky stud gets a killer handjob from sassy legal age teenager

Lucky stud gets a killer handjob from sassy legal age teenager
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My name is Edwin Williams and I served four years in the United States Army. I started doing things around the base to earn cash and boy were they paying me well. I was enjoying the fact that I was getting money until I was shipped off to Afghanistan. I ended up developing PTSD from seeing a lot of evil shit that took place there. I also started getting angry which ended in me getting into a lot of fights.

Resulting in me getting kicked out of the military. when I got kicked out I contacted my girlfriend Lenay and she came to pick me up. I told her what had happened and she got me some help.

2 years later we ended up getting married and she died giving birth. she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I named her Samantha. Before Lenay's inevitable death, she told me to take care of Samantha. It has been 16 years later since she's been gone and it's still so rough.

I am a slight build man who is in his thirties taking care of his 16-year-old daughter. Like most teenagers, she went out and hung out with friends. Sometimes I had to get on her about coming home late.

I and my daughter were very close just because she's a daddy's girl. We told each other a lot of stuff but there is one thing she never told me. Since the day she was born, it was determined she was going to be a daddy's girl. I can tell by the way she was smiling at me and how excited she was.

even when she was 4 or 5 years old she always wanted to be around me. Everywhere I went she followed behind me. Smiling and giggling even to this day she still giggles and likes when her daddy tickles her. when she reached 14 for the first time I've noticed her behavior towards me changed. It's a different kind of behavior and I don't really know what it is.

I have a hunch but I don't want to assume things yet. I can't say that she's in love with her daddy because I don't know for sure. I've just been noticing she always loved to give her daddy kisses. And she gives me kisses quite often. My daughter has long black hair medium sized tits and a nice firm ass. the things she says to me was kind of like wow but at the same time, we talked about everything.

When I told her she could talk to me about anything she went full blast. Whatever she wants to talk about she doesn't hold back. I didn't mind it at all I like talking to my daughter and helping her grow.

I love the fact that we can sit there and talk about maturity things and have an intellectual conversation. I Spend most of my day working and bringing in ends meet while my daughter was at school. I never told her how beat down and tired I really was from work.

I never showed her but she knew I was stressed out because I'm her daddy. A child always knows their parents. plus she's been around me for many years she knows when I'm not acting myself or if I'm worried about something. She doesn't need to worry about me she just needs to get an education. Education is key to getting a good job. now and days you don't need a college degree to be successful.

I never went to college so it would be nice for my daughter to go. whatever she decides to do with her life I support her all the way. little did I know that my daughter spends a lot of time in her room masturbating to her father. Late at night, I started to hear noises but I didn't really think anything of it.

I was the type of parent who never intruded or barged into my daughter's room. She's been attracted to her daddy ever since she was 14 years old.

She has never given her virginity to anyone yet so she's pure. my daughter was kind of hot so I would be lying if I said I never had dirty thoughts about her. a couple of days later I heard the noise again. This time I knew exactly the type of sound was I was hearing.

my daughter was in her room moaning so I knew what she was doing. Oh God her moaning sounds kind of hot. I don't know why but that thought came into my mind. Thinking about how my daughter would sound if she was getting fucked. Okay, I'm talking a little too much time to get this story started. So I was in the kitchen cooking with my daughter slowly approached me.

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She quickly hugs me from behind. I turned around as I gave her a serious look. "damn it! Samantha, I told you how dangerous it is to hug me from behind!

you could have pushed me into the pot causing me to burn myself! I know I'm sorry daddy I just really wanted to hug you." I looked at her a little upset but I quickly shake it off.

"look baby Daddy doesn't mind you hugging him just not around the stove. Okay, Daddy. Good girl now are you hungry? Yes, I am Father. Okay coming right up." he went over to the counter and grabbed her a paper plane fixing her white beans. Samantha just stayed quiet observing her father. He went over to the table and placed her food down on the table. I grabbed my plate and when I was about to sit down my daughter looked at me.

"Daddy, can I ask you a question? Sure baby. Have you ever been desired by a homosexual? Can't say I have. Why what's going on? Well, one of my best friends came up to me today and told me she's attracted to me. I'm not a lesbian so how do I tell her without hurting her feelings? I don't know how to go about this!" my daughter is slightly starting to panic.

I need to try to calm her down so she doesn't get a panic attack. "Hey listen. Remember your daddy always told you to be truthful no matter what. Even if it's going to hurt someone in a process. But Daddy she might get depressed if I tell her I'm not into women. I know sweetie but you can't control how someone is going to take something." she starts fidgeting with her fingers getting nervous trying to come up with something to tell her friend.

telling her friend that she wasn't a lesbian was going to hurt her and Samantha didn't want that. There doesn't seem to be any way to tell her without hurting her feelings. She looks over at me as her eyes lit up knowing I can help her. "hey Daddy can you help me out? Course I can I am your father. How do I tell her I'm not a lesbian?

well, you can let her down easy just know there isn't any way to do this without hurting her feelings. No matter what words you say to her it is going to hurt her feelings no matter what.

I know Daddy but I'm trying to avoid that. Some things you just can't avoid sweetie. No matter how much we want to it just never happens. I don't know how many conflicts I get into with people at work. I tried to avoid them as much as I can but it never works. Alright, daddy well what's the best response to not hurt her. So she won't be hurting as much. Just tell her I'm flattered but I don't swing that way. Daddy that's going to make the situation worse.

Well, sweetie part of life is going through things and learning how to get through them. Some things you have to figure out for yourself." she stares at me sadly as she turns around going to her room. She wasn't prepared for tomorrow but knew it was the only way.

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she couldn't lie to her or pretend she was a lesbian that's even worse. she was just going to go to school tomorrow and get it over with him feel better. That night she stayed up late thinking about it. Hurting her friend and what might happen. Luckily about 3 hours later she was able to get some sleep. When 6 in the morning came she got up and quickly got in the shower getting ready to go to school. I was already gone to work because I wake up earlier than she does. When she got to school she confronted her friend and let her down.

She didn't take it too well but she understands. Samantha was sitting in class thinking about her daddy. one thought led to another and she started thinking about her daddy being naked. Thinking about how big his dick is and how rough he is in bed. She quickly Shakes It Off knowing those type of thoughts is sinful. She's always had a thing for her daddy. And just the thought of having sex with him was going through her mind. Her lust for him was growing every time she's around him.

Or fantasizing about him. Just thinking about him being inside her was driving her crazy. She was slowly getting turned on about to rub her pussy in class. She looks down noticing her pussy is getting wet. She can see wetness around her crotch which isn't good.

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She Whispers under her breath in embarrassment and fear. "fuck it's happening again. Now is not the right time for this. Okay, calm down Samantha. The class is almost over you just need to hold on a minute longer." her face was going red out of embarrassment as she looks up at the teacher and raises her hand. He looks over at her as she started squeezing her legs together. "yes Miss Samantha?

May I go to the bathroom? Yes, you may." she quickly got up from her desk walking out of the classroom door. She made her way to the bathroom going in there taking care of business. she went into the bathroom and played with herself for about 10 minutes and then came out. But by that time class was over and she was headed home.

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20 minutes later she got into the house went upstairs going to do her homework. Before she went upstairs she greeted her father. "how are you, sweetie?


I'm good Daddy! Just a little sleepy from school today. Well go take a nap and when you wake up food will be ready. Okay." she walked upstairs going into her bedroom to crash. 2 hours flew by and Samantha woke up from a wet dream. She quickly ran to the bathroom to go clean up. She had a wet dream about her father plunging her pussy.

The dream was so erotic and it only increased her desire. Her lust increased dramatically from this arousing dream. Samantha took out a paper tissue and lightly started rubbing it. She moans lightly because of how sensitive the female vagina is.

She starts rubbing a bit faster because it feels good. "ahh fuck it's so good!" Samantha was rubbing around her sensitive spots so it was creating pleasure. As pleasure was increasing she was rubbing faster and faster. Getting closer and closer to an orgasm. At that moment she remembers that her daddy is downstairs so she had to keep her voice down.

She puts one of her hands in her mouth to try to soften the moans. She had no choice she was getting a bit loud. nothing is more embarrassing than your daddy coming to your bathroom and knocking on the door to see if you're okay.

Samantha says quietly "oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" she kept rubbing faster until her orgasm. She squirts a huge amount of liquid on the toilet. The pleasure was too much so she screams uncontrollably. Causing her daddy to go over to the stairs. "is everything alright up there? Yes, daddy. Everything's okay." she said while starting to clean the toilet. It was at least going to take about 5 minutes.

"alright well dinner is ready. Okay, daddy Be down in a sec. Just got to take care of something real quick." I walked away from the stairs going back into the kitchen.

I didn't know why she was screaming and hollering but of course, I had a hunch. If it was someone who was in the house screaming and hollering. It will just make Edwin paranoid and grab his gun.

But because it was him and his daughter he wasn't so nervous. PTSD constantly puts him on edge. Edwin has an AK-47 under his bed and an Uzi in his closet. He always carries his pistol everywhere he goes. Nowadays you need a firearm because of this crazy world. When his daughter got done she came down and sat at the table. I gave her food as she looks at me embarrassed. "umm daddy you don't know what I was doing right? What do you mean baby? I mean the noises? Oh no, are you okay?

Oh good then. Why were you doing something?" she freaked out for a moment coming up with a response. "N-no, daddy! I was not doing anything. Ha ha ha. Boy, are you acting strange baby? No, I'm not daddy. Say, daddy, when one does something is it okay to talk about it? Sure honey" she spoke embarrassedly under her breath. "I umm. I was touching myself daddy." she stayed quiet looking away.

There is nothing wrong with one wanting to please himself or herself. I looked at her and gave her the look that it is alright. "listen, baby, if you're feeling bad about it don't.

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You are a teenager. That's normal so don't worry about it." she looks at me and smiles relieved. I was still wondering why she even told me this. Perhaps she was feeling worried for whatever reason. It's a possibility maybe she was feeling guilty.

She could be thinking that masturbation is wrong. That a young lady shouldn't be touching herself. Could it be that she was feeling guilty because she was masturbating to me?

Maybe she was trying to tell me she was doing it thinking about me. There is a high chance that she is in love with her daddy but I'm not sure.

Honestly, it's a hunch. "umm Daddy what do you do when you have feelings for someone and it may be wrong? Try not to think about it or remove those thoughts from your mind. But what if this person can't. Where is all this coming from? It's just a friend of mine she likes her brother and I wanted to know how you feel about that.

I mean it's not right but it's not my business. I can't judge anyone only God can do that. I don't have any power or anything like that. I can't place judgment on anyone. I understand father." Samantha started eating her food and things about what her daddy just said. Now she wasn't too sure if she could tell him about her feelings.

She was also having a hard time eating because she was lost in thoughts.

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She stopped eating altogether and eventually her plate of food got cold. He looks over noticing that something is troubling her.

"sweetie you didn't eat the food that's unlike you. Yeah I know Daddy I'm just thinking that's all. Don't worry about it I'll just put it in the microwave." she slowly walks to the microwave and for a brief second I took a look at her nice ass. I had to quickly Look Away remembering that she is my daughter. she puts the plate in the microwave and closed it behind her and started typing the numbers.

A couple of hours flew by and Samantha was sitting in her room thinking about sex with her daddy. "That does it! I'm tired of waiting. I want Daddy inside me! Tomorrow when I get home from school I'm gonna get it on with my father. Hehe I want to please him and I'm not giving up!" she goes to sleep and dreams about her dad plunging her once again. She knew these feelings were sinful but they need to be released. she figured she was already going to hell for having those thoughts. So she might as well let out her sexual desires towards her father.

She's been experiencing sexual desire towards him for a long time. just thinking about him for more than 5 minutes was enough to get her wet. a couple more hours flew by and she had to get up and quickly get ready for school.

When she was fully dressed she went outside and got into her car and drove off to school. She got to her school and made it to class before the Bell. It was history class the least favorite subject she likes. She said they're being bored and she slowly started thinking about biology. She was thinking about male anatomy. She was thinking about the part between their legs and then she was thinking about her daddy's dick. her fantasies were running wild thinking about his rough cock pounding her.

she was thinking about this for too long and her pussy started to get wet as she looked down. "oh no not again! This can't be happening." she raises her hand. "teacher may I go to the restroom? No, not this time. You've been asking to go to the bathroom all week. I'm afraid you're going to have to wait until class is over. Okay." she closes her legs slightly in embarrassment hoping no one will see.

She just sat there thinking in her mind. "Shit! I just got to calm down! When I get home Daddy will take care of me!" class was finally over and she was driving home excited and horny. 20 minutes later she quickly came into the house almost forgetting to close the door. she was about to go into the kitchen to hug her daddy but she remembered he doesn't like that. So she waited until he walked out. when I was walking into the living room I saw my daughter smiling while looking at me.

She was giving off a certain look I never saw in my daughter before. It was a slight sexual expression and also determination. She walks up to me smirking and looks me in the eyes as I looked back.

"sweetie why are you making these expressions? Stop eating right now. you're giving your father strange looks. I don't like that. Daddy, can I ask you a question? Sure, Fit get you to stop making those faces. When you having sex with mother does she please you? We only had sex one time and after that, that's when you were born. That really sucks Daddy! I got a surprise for you!" she was closer to me bending down slightly placing her hands on my crotch rubbing.

I couldn't help but moan because my daughter's hands are so soft. "what are you doing! Daddy, I know you are sexually frustrated.

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I heard you moaning Some Nights. You haven't fucked anyone in a long time.

I love you Daddy and I want to please you. Sweetie, I know what you're doing but this has to stop. Why Daddy! Because I'm your Father. I don't care, Daddy! I've been thinking about you all the time and whenever I do like it so horny. Yes, I've been masturbating to you. Just a thought of you penetrating me is driving me crazy.

Take my virginity Daddy! Bust my cherry. Mmm, fuck! Sweetie, we shouldn't be doing this! This isn't right." she unzips his pants and pulls out his rock hard cock. "well Daddy your cock begs to differ. He's pretty excited." it was all so sudden. she starts stroking my cock and I was moaning while she was looking into my eyes.

"mother is gone now Daddy Let Me Be Your Woman. Ahh! You stroke me so good! Your hands are so soft! Daddy, I know you been thinking about me and in a lustful manner as well! Tee-hee you're so hard! The old saying is a dad is supposed to take care of his child.

that may be true but a daughter is also supposed to take care of her father. Sweetie stop! This is too much! Daddy let me take care of you! Come on I know you want to fuck pussy! Well. Well, what daddy? I do miss the feeling of being inside a woman. Then fuck my pussy Daddy!" she starts sucking him off and he was really starting to moan.

I wanted to push her away but it feels good. This is wrong. I need to stop this before it's too late! "sweetie you suck cock so good but we can't be doing this? Daddy, I bet my pussy is much tighter and better than mothers. That may be true but I'm still your dad. Please, daddy just. let me please you. no sex needed okay, maybe I'll go a little further but no further than that. Yay!" she smiles and Giggles while I was sucking my cock looking me in the eyes with sexual excitement.

"damn! You suck cock so good!" She pulls the cock out of her mouth and smirks. "hehe only to please you, Daddy!" She continues sucking and looks at me eager For something different.

"so Daddy are you sure you want to go a little further? Yes but after that, I can't go any further? It's bad enough I'm actually letting you suck me off.

After all, I could get in a lot of trouble for this. Anyone was to find out that would be imprisonment. Quit worrying Daddy no one's going to know but you and me. Daddy, sit on the couch and let me do the work. Alright." I went over to the couch and sat down spreading my legs. My daughter's bust was medium sized yet still good enough to give a tit job. She went over to me and bends down slowly putting my cock between her tits.

Seconds later she starts moving up and down as I was moaning. "does my tits feel good Daddy? Affirmative so good sweetie." Samantha starts giggling as she looks at her daddy surprise he said a word like that. "daddy I am not a soldier tee-hee.

I know honey it's just sometimes the soldier comes out of me. Hehe, I like it! Say, daddy, were you fucking mother in the army? No never. Would you fuck me in the army? No, because I'll be arrested." she moves her tits going faster. She was so eager to please her daddy and he could see it on her face. Her eyes were lighting up with excitement and determination. The desire to please her father and not give up until he is satisfied. She opens her mouth and sucks his cock while moving her boobs.

Curiosity was going through her head as she looks at her father. "Daddy how many girls have you fucked in the military? I mean before you met mom. Sweetie we've been over this I haven't fucked anyone but your mother. Daddy quit lying I can tell by the facial expressions you have. I'm not an idiot Daddy. I know that's all they do is fuck in the Army." she says playfully while moving faster. I had to be honest with her because now there is no point in lying. Now that she knows the truth about the Army no denying it now.

" yes I have fucked women in the military. I knew it, Daddy! But most of them came onto me. What did you do to turn them on daddy? Well, a lot of women who are in the military. Don't really have sex or they get sexually frustrated and sometimes they want to have sex so badly. They seduce the men there. I knew you fuck them daddy after all you do have a penis. Yes, sweetie, I can't lie your daddy is naughty" She giggles playfully and stands up looking at me with a serious look.

Daddy, I want this to go further. I can't sweetie I'm your daddy. Fuck the laws Daddy do you really think I care about that? No, but you should sweetie. So why did you ask about what I did in the military? Because Daddy I want to do a better job than any of those women you fucked. So please Daddy just have sex with me I love you! I love you too sweetie." she grabs my hand Softly As we were walking to the bedroom to get it on.

When we got into the room She lays down spreading her legs for me. " isn't it a beautiful pussy Daddy!


It hasn't been penetrated yet! Be gentle. You know I've never done this before. So whenever you are ready. go ahead and plunge me. " I got onto the bed and I saw the look of lust in my daughter's eyes.

I stroked myself for a moment and then slowly pushes my cock into her cunt. She painfully moans as I entered her. "Daddy it hurts but feels good at the same time." I reached so far and bust her cherry causing blood to come out.

"Oh, daddy I love you! I'm your woman now." her face was so happy as she was smiling while looking at me. I begin moving back in forth listening to her make her plausible moaning. "Ah fuck daddy! You are moving so slow but still amazing. Well, baby girl I can move faster if you like.

Want me to? Daddy, it feels good either way." I started going faster and better than before. My daughter's pussy is much tighter than my wife's. "ahh your pussy is so tight and I feel like coming! Then cum daddy! Whatever makes you happy! Cum in my pussy if you want.

I don't care if I get pregnant. I would be so happy knowing it's your baby daddy!" a few secs later she came all over me blushing. "I'm sorry Daddy I just got too excited! That's okay baby sexual explosions are inevitable! I want more Daddy! Come on and plunge my pussy with that big cock of yours!" I had stopped moving for a second before she had come.

after she squirted I started pumping her pussy once again while looking at her. Pleasure is so good as I wanted to keep going forever. I knew it was only a matter of time before I have my sexual discharge.

My daughter just sat there staring at me with lustful expressions. She looks at me and smiles. "Daddy, can I ride you? Of course, you can sweetie!" I slowly pulled out of her vagina as I laid on the bed looking at her. She gets up and gets on top of me slowly lowering herself.

After a minute or so she put it inside of her and starts bouncing up and down going from slow to fast. I wanted to do like how I used to do back in the military.

And that was to take out a cigarette and smoke while my daughter rides my cock. Instead, I just sat there taking it and she was moaning passionately. She places her hands on her pussy and rubs slightly while bouncing. "ah daddy! I love this so much! So, daddy, do you accept the fact that I'm your woman now? Yes, I do sweetie. Your daddy's little woman now." she giggles and bounces faster and harder than before.

Goodness gracious she was fucking me better than my wife ever could. I could tell how passionate my daughter is. How eager she is to please me. She is trying her best to make her daddy hot and that puts a smile on my face. knowing she is so dedicated to making her Daddy happy brings tears to my eyes. I know this is a very sinful act punishable by incarceration but like she says no one is going to find out. She moves faster and faster by the minute moaning and oh my goodness I felt like I was about to release any moment.

She looks into my eyes and she could tell I was holding it in or trying to. "go ahead Daddy! If you want to explode you are welcome to. Release whenever you are ready. I love you Daddy! And I love you too sweetie pie." I started shooting a huge amount of semen in her pussy.

My sticky goo going inside of her tight vagina. I hope I didn't impregnate my daughter. I hope she was on the pill when I shot my stuff inside her. She moans passionately saying it's so hot. After we were done we laid in bed together her. This was so wrong yet so right. I love her and I want to make her happy. My daughter is my wife's replacement. She's so dedicated to serve her daddy.

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