Magma Film erstmals für Amateur Deutsch gf

Magma Film erstmals für Amateur Deutsch gf
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Walking in my house from a run, my tight pink sports bra was restricting to my C-cup boobs. My ass needed some fresh air also.

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Running my hands through my long blonde hair, my blue eyes twinkle. Stripping off my bra, I dump water over my head, feeling up my boobs and running my fingers down my ass. Suddenly, a male clears his throat. Turning, firm tits and all, I see my brother Derek. "Dere!" I squeal, running to him. With his tan skin, athletic body, dark hair, and green eyes, who wouldn't love him?

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Derek was my older brother who I shared everything with. "Alexa!" He smirks. "Love the outfit." He shifts. Blushing, he checks me out, my firm C breasts boldly hanging out, nipples hardening. His gaze shifts down to my short tight fitting jog shorts.

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"Let me get something on,'' I speak, covering my tits. "No no. Wouldn't dream of it.'' He shifts again, and I see a big bulge in his jeans. He leans in to hug me, obviously feeling my hardened nipples through his shirt. He licks his lips. "So why are you here?" I ask, letting my hands fall. "Just here to see my beautiful sister." He has a hard time not staring. "You can stare, Derek." His eyes immediately fall to my boobs.

I shake slightly and he moans. I freeze. He does too. "Um.


Well. This is kind of awkward." He manages out. I nod, blushing furiously. "Well, since your naked, only fair I should be too." He pulls his gray shirt over his head.

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"Derek." He smirks at me. His abs are defined and totally gorgeous.

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"Might as well." His bulge in his pants grows as he pulls off his jeans, leaving his boxers. "Let's sit down," I suggest, pussy moistening.

I never wear panties when I run, so if he takes them off, my wet pussy will be totally exposed.

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"And do what?" I can hear the lust as he sees my ass. "Whatever you want." Did I really just say that? Oh God. Ever since my boyfriend went to Europe three weeks ago, I have been blowjob-starved.

He should be back in a week, but I can't wait that long. He stares intently at me, and his hands come up to feel my tits. "Mmmmmm, Alexa. This is wrong, but fuck that." He reaches into my shorts and he starts finger fucking me. "Derek." I can hear the lust in my voice as I turn to face him.

"Let's go upstairs to my bedroom." We get to my room and sit on the bed, both nearly naked. He forces me down on the bed, and rips open my shorts, exposing my bare, swelling pussy.

"Oh God Alexa." He brings his face down, and latches on to my pussy.


"Dddeeerrrrreeeekkk. Faster. OH RIGHT THERE!" Grabbing on to his hair, he goes deeper.

"Shit," he brings his face up for air and delves deeper into my clit. Right then, he starts sucking onto my clit. He brings me to my peak and pulls out. "Ass." I tease. "Lemme fuck you, till your asshole stick-dick boyfriend comes back." Realizing what he means, I start fighting.

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"Derek, NO! I'm a virgin! I'll suck your cock, just don't fuck me! Please!" He raises his dark eyebrows and says, "Fine, gimme a blowjob first, then I'll start doing what I really came here for." He growls and shoves his boxers down. "Suck it, sis.


Now!" He shoves it in my mouth and I suck it, twirling my tongue around the head. He moans. I lick it and kiss it.

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"Faster!" I move faster and Derek moans louder. I creep a hand over to his butt and stick a finger into his ass. Arching his back he thrusts deeper into my mouth, gagging me. "Alllleeeeexaaaaaaa. Shit, I'm gonna cum!" He groans and thick, pearly ropes of cum shoot out onto my face as he pulls out. 9 strings come out. I get a good look at it.

It's about 7 inches and thick and meaty, and standing at full attention. I widen my eyes and moan. "Derek, please. Don't fuck my pussy.please." I whimper. "Okay, I won't fuck your pussy, I'll fuck your ass." He easily flips me over and shoves his full length in my virgin ass. "Holy shit, Dere." He pulls out and jams it back in. The pain seared, but slowly became bearable. Soon, even pleasurable. "D-d-Derek. Faster." He increases his speed. Moaning, my name, he shoots a huge load into my ass.

I exhale, and he flips me over and kisses me roughly. "Alexa, I don't want to go to jail for rape. Do you want me to stop?" I shake my head no and he nods. "I'll go easy." Derek eases his huge dick into my swelling pussy, and I clench my toes in pain. The pain seared, but not as bad and when he fucked my asshole.

"Shh, it will be okay.'' He pulls out and slowly goes back inside. "D-D-Derek go faster." He smirks. Picking up the pace, he slams in until I feel his balls slam into my ass repeatedly. He moans my name over and over again. As I reach my peak, I scream, "DEREK!!!!" and lay limp as he screws his brains out. He cums, again and again and again. He cums approximately 10 times.

Pulling out, he spoons me. "We need to get you on the pill, Alexa." He pants. "Does that mean we can do it again?" I ask, and he laughs. His smile is breathtaking. "Babe, if I could, I would keep going until we die." Derek fondles my tits one more time, then kisses my neck and falls asleep, naked, and still semi-hard.