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Dicke titten video gratis
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When Girls Attack &hellip.It's not always a good idea to turn down a girl for sex&hellip. &hellip.I'm Darren Warren. I'm a teacher. I'm single with a cool girlfriend. My sister Dorothy (Dot as we all called her) and I were older now, and she wanted to introduce me to a sexy girlfriend of hers, Jan.

She told Jan all about me, what I liked and what kind of sex play made me hot. She should know, she tried them all out on me. … Her reward for this 'date' was to have Jan report back to her and describe in detail, how it went over the phone.

&hellip.I knew my sister well and figured it was some trick of hers. I had told Dot I already had a girlfriend, but she showed me some naked pictures of Jan, and even some of Jan's daughter Lilly, (a student of mine.) They were both real hot looking, and seeing Lilly naked perked my sexual interest&hellip.so I said, set me up with a date.

This made Dot very happy. …Dot figured If I wouldn't fuck her, she could get Jan to and get a detailed description of how it went to have sex with me. Dot had a deep resentment because I would never have sex with her…not that I didn't want to, but for all the usual taboo reasons.

Growing up she tried everything to get me to have sex with her. I felt sorry for her and sometimes I felt her up. . She had the cutest tits and ass.

I went so far as to feel her pussy and finger fuck her on her birthday. This just made it worse. I didn't realize that over time she was determined to have sex with me.

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Now she was as close as she could get, by getting first hand what it was like to have sex with me. Dot's body now had developed into a very hot woman and she still loved to temp me to have sex with her. I was getting closer and closer to wanting to now. … Dot loved to masturbate to hot stories, and a real story about me, was the peak of her fingering herself.

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Dot was good friends with Lilly also. Dot would get another hot story from her, as Lilly wanted to have sex with me too. &hellip. Lilly competed with her mom with every boyfriend her mom ever had. I ended up hooking up with both of them trying to get my attention. I had the pleasure of watching them compete for me. &hellip.Jan tells the first happenings to my sister Dot…but&hellip.it wasn't like that at all&hellip.she knew my sister liked to finger herself while listening to a hot story, so she spiced up the story, to make my sister horny&hellip.Lilly told my sister a different version of events from her point of view, just to get my sister all hot.

&hellip.Jan tells the progress this way as Dot got all naked and ready for a hot story to finger herself to&hellip. Jan&hellip. &hellip. I had been working on your brother Darren. He was responding good. I was close to getting him in bed……that's when Lilly interfered. …Lilly being 15 years younger that me,… that caught his eye. I hinted maybe&hellip.he could have us both. Lilly was all body and no brains.

I never discussed my plans with her as she had a big mouth. &hellip.Now Darren had two reasons to have 'us'. Lilly had the younger body, big tits and nice ass and shape, but I had a good body myself, and I knew how to charm and get in a man's pants.

…Whenever Darren was over, Lilly just had to parade her ass around with sexy skimpy clothes. She would sit on his lap, lean on him and she knew how to flirt, I know,&hellip. I taught her.

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&hellip.It looked like poor Darren didn't stand a chance against the two of us. It was a contest between Lilly and I, to see who could get more of his attention. It was turning into a win, win, win for all of us&hellip.but not quite.

I didn't know that Lilly had arranged for Darren to pick her up after school a few times,&hellip. until&hellip.I was in our computer and found some pictures. &hellip. I figure Lilly and her girlfriend Tara both were in on something. Tara had to have taken the secret pictures with her cell phone camera.

&hellip.The first pictures were of Lilly kissing Darren in his van. Next she had her blouse unbuttoned and he had his hand on her big tits. &hellip.I took a big breath and wasn't sure if I wanted to see the rest of the pictures. I saved a copy to a file of mine about cooking, well hidden from her. …So she was kissing on Darren behind my back. This could be good or bad. I didn't know yet how far she had gone with him, but 'if' he was fucking her, he could fuck us both.

I had not fucked Darren yet, and now Lilly, a girl like me, only in her late teens, was messing up my plan. I knew I had to see the rest of those pictures. &hellip.I waited until Lilly went to bed that night. I got up and back to the computer I went.

I began where I left off. Next pictures. &hellip. I couldn't believe my eyes. Lilly's girlfriend Tara, was now kissing Darren as it showed his hand feeling her tits. Those little shits were messing me up!

I had to step up my quest for Darren someway. &hellip.I arranged for him to come over when Lilly was spending the night with Tara.


I met him at the door and started right away feeling his dick. I took him over to the couch and laid him down and unzipped his pants. I took out his dick and started giving him a nice blowjob. I had him cuming in no time. I swallow it all.

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He looked dazed and said that was a wonderful surprise. &hellip.I could hear Dot moan on the phone as she had an orgasm listing to my progress report. Lilly called later to give Dot her progress report. Dot got ready for another hot story&hellip. Lilly&hellip. &hellip.Mr. Warren…I mean .Darren, just couldn't keep his hands off me.

He drove by Tara's where I was spending the night and parked close by. He tapped on Tara's bedroom window and said he just had to see me. Tara and I snuck him in her window.

.He has the hots for me so bad he tried to fuck me right there.


He kissed me so hot and then I made out with him as he felt my big tits and sucked on them. Tara got all horny watching us. He put his hand in my panties and fingered me until I had a big hot orgasm. I took out his cock and jacked him off. He shot cum at least 4 feet across the room&hellip.he is so hot for me he gets real excited&hellip.

Tara wishes she had a guy that was that hot for her… …Dot thought&hellip. &hellip.wow…those were a hot stories, I orgasmed again.

Jan and Lilly are supplying me with such good stories about my brother. I wish I could get in on some of that hot sex play he gives them&hellip. Darren&hellip. …Dot was divorced now and all this was just a way to eventually get me to have sex with her.

The hot stories just made her more determined to do it. …Here is the true story of how it went with Jan, Lilly and Tara… …I was fucking Lilly and Tara in my van at 'very high risk', after school, I was fucking sexy horny Jan who was a cum lover and love to suck me off. I fucked Tara outside her bedroom window in a tool shed many times. I felt up Lilly in my locked classroom at school, she loved to feel my bare erection and a quick suck me to cum, when we had time.

… I decided I was going to get together with my sister Dot. I had suppressed my sexual desires for her for years. Now everything was clear for me to get all those desires we had for each other satisfied. &hellip.I stopped by Dots place and now I didn't resist her advances. It was awesome for me to let all my desires for her loose.

She was shocked as I returned her feels with my own. We spent the whole night feeling, undressing each other, and lying naked in her bed.

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We took our time feeling, licking and sucking our bodies. I had never seen her this turned on…ever. She became a horny machine and was all over me as I was her.

I finally sucked her nice tits, I listened as the moaned with delight. I took her in the shower and made her orgasm so much she lost count. … Feeling her wet body and licking her sweet pussy, was long over due. She finally got to suck on my hard dick as I face fucked her, but saved my cum shots for her pussy.

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We continued playing with our bodies in bed until we couldn't stand it any more. I put her legs on my shoulders and finally stuck my dick in where I wanted it for so many years.

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.Damn…what a hot pussy she had as she squirmed and lost her breath. We started fucking slow and let it happen as the fury built up in us. Our bodies started slapping together and we held us tight and let my dick and her pussy have their way with us. It was one of the best feelings we had ever had as we exploded with each other with cum and juices meshing together. We finally lay exhausted for while and then it started all over again. All night my sweet sister and I fucked hard and then finally slept.

in each others arms&hellip. &hellip.We now visit each other anytime, day or night. We release our lust for each other. We like to undress each other, sometimes tearing clothes, and ripping buttons off. She sometimes runs from me, and I like to chase her naked body all over her place&hellip.then we eventually get on the floor or wherever, and fuck hard and furious.

----- &hellip. Tonight the girls all had a secret meeting. They made some shocking plans. They decided to slip me some 'hardon' pills. They set me up to go over to Jan's house that next night. … 'They…' all decided to have some sex fun with me. 'They'… all decided to wear bikini's&hellip. Little tiny pink bikini's.

…They…decided to gang bang me. &hellip.They all were comparing mental notes about me when Jan said she found out one of the things that really turned me on. I had watched a porn video with her about a guy being 'gang banged' by a bunch of women&hellip.… &hellip.Now I found myself naked in Jan's bed with four hot and horny girls. They attack me with one on each arm and one on each leg. I 'pretended' I couldn't get away. I had the biggest hardon of my life for some reason.

They took turns on me. Life was good&hellip. &hellip. I had 4 horny good looking hot women all over me. I was very dizzy kissing, getting hot pussy to fuck, and hot pussy to lick sitting on my face. Great tits to feel everywhere. They emptied me of all my cum. My dick just stayed rock hard as they went for seconds and even thirds on top of me.

…Life was not only good, but very good. … I ended up beyond spent, but still had a rock hardon and I wanted more of them. How often does this happen to a guy, so I wanted all could get. My dick was somewhat numb, but I still fucked them all I could.

I napped for an hour and right back to fucking Lilly, Tara, Jan and my sister Dot. Lilly had these wonderful big tits for her age. She liked to get on top of me and let her big tits swing in my face. …Tara liked doggy style and was a moaner. Jan like to go 69 and loved to have me cum in her mouth while I sucked her clit. Dot my sister liked everything. She was very aggressive and liked to hold me down and fuck me hard.

&hellip.Dot&hellip. …Finally I'm getting what I want, after Darren turning me down for sex all these years. He is so hot and handsome, so why not share him with my girlfriends. I love to watch gangbang videos and see the girl get all the hot sex she could want. Now he can feel like they do. We all have future plans for him now&hellip. -------- &hellip.Darren&hellip.

…It was beyond heaven…and quite an education for me. …Monday morning, with a smile on my face, (that wouldn't go away,) I went out to my car to go to the local High school, where I worked as a teacher.

I Went to my classroom. There on the front row as usual, was Lilly and Tara with big smiles.

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&hellip.They both were breaking the rules by not wearing panties. They both had their school uniform short skirts on, with their legs wide open. …Looks like I'll have to keep them after school in my van… again…… (the sign on his classroom door reads) "Sex Education 101" Teacher: Darren Warren