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This is the story of my best friend and how one weekend together, changed our lives forever. My name is Matt and for the past couple of years, I've been hopelessly in love with my best friend Linda. We've been best friends ever since high school but to me, she is the most gorgeous creature I have ever met. We've always been so close and we do absolutely everything together.

I can talk to her about anything at all, including sex, which comes up a lot. Being a bunch of high school kids with raging hormones, we were always flirting with each other and joking about sex but I've always been too chickenshit to ever make a move. I don't know what I was waiting for, but before I could find the balls the say anything to her, we had parted ways.

After graduation, I went to college here but she went on an exchange program to France for a year. Freshman year at college came and went and although there were some wild parties and random hookups, my thoughts were ever on my best friend Linda. I know it sounds cheesy as hell but I dreamed about her almost every night.

I guess this is a good time to tell you guys about Linda. She is a beautiful girl with long, silky black hair, stunning brown eyes and a smile that takes your breath away. She's about 5'4, with a slightly athletic build; not muscular but she's definitely in shape. She's got a perfect, firm ass and gorgeous, smooth legs.

I've always been a total sucker for girls with great legs and I gotta tell you, whenever Linda busted out her short shorts in the spring, I'd be drooling after her all day. I've never been a huge fan of girls with giant, bodacious pornstar breasts; they always looks kinda silly bouncing around with every step.

Linda on the other hand had perfect, firm, B cup breasts that fit perfectly on her slender figure. She was a pretty girl, by any standard, but no one else saw her the way that I did.

After a grueling year apart, Linda was finally coming home for the summer but since her parents were still away on vacation, Linda would spend the weekend with me, in my college apartment. The days leading up to her arrival were a mix of excitement and anxiety. I hadn't seen her in over a year and although we texted each other all the time, I didn't really know what was going on in her life.

Did she have a boyfriend now? Does she still think of me as just a friend? Should I finally make a move? What if I scare her off and ruin our friendship.? She would be here in two hours and I was totally freaking out. To calm my mind, I decided to sneak in a quick workout at home before she arrived. I did a couple sets of pushups, pullups and situps; nothing too strenuous, just enough to put my anxiety at rest.

I don't mean to brag but I'm very proud of my body. This past year at college, I've been working out almost everyday in an attempt to build some confidence to finally ask out the girl of my dreams. I used to be scrawny as a twig in high school and while I am, by no means buff, I now have a fit, athletic body with defined abs and decent pecs. I was just finishing off a set of pushups when I heard my apartment door click open.

Linda never knocked, my door was always open for her to come on in whenever she pleased.

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I stood up just as I saw Linda walk through the door with a suitcase in each hand. "Oh my god Matt!!!" she squealed as she dropped her bags, ran towards me and jumped into my arms. I barely had time to react and I caught her just as she jumped into me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and my arms held her legs from below as she hugged me tightly.

My face was buried in her silky smooth hair and I realized how much I had missed the scent of her.

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After an embrace that lasted for about a minute, I set her down took a step back and took a good look at her.

She looked just the way she did in my dreams but even more beautiful. She was wearing a blue tank top and turquoise short shorts that showed off her gorgeous, even tan. In my dreams, I had always pictures a girl but it was a woman who stood before me now. "Linda, you look absolutely stunning" I said with my eyes still in disbelief at how beautiful she looked.

"You don't look too bad yourself" she said with a playful grin, "little Matt sure packed on some muscle." She glanced down at my muscular chest still rippling after my workout, then her entrancing eyes were once again on mine, "but you smell like sweaty ass crack." I laughed, "ha, sorry I was just finishing up a workout. I thought you were coming in an hour?" "Yeah sorry but I switched to an earlier flight. I couldn't wait to see you!" she replied with a mischievous look in her eye, "I hope that's not a problem." I smiled "oh not at all.

I'll let you get settled in while I hop in the shower." "That's probably a good idea," she joked, "and Matt, thanks again for letting me stay here.

You're the best." She smiled at me as she said it and it made me happier than I thought possible. I carried her bags to the spare bedroom, then headed to my bedroom. Linda had already raided my fridge and she was nibbling on a brownie. I joked, "I haven't seen you in twelve months and after five minutes, you're already stealing my food." "I regret nothing." she replied while devouring a chocolate brownie.

"Of course you don't; it wouldn't suit you. I'm gonna wash up, try to leave some food left for me." I teased as she replied with a wink, "I can't promise anything." I stepped into my room, threw off my shorts and stepped into the bathroom.

I turned on the shower and thought to myself while I waited for the water to warm up. God, she looked amazing. She's even more beautiful than I remembered. I think she was checking me out.

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or maybe that's just wishful thinking. Come on man, just find some balls and make a move already! I must have been pondering for a while since the bathroom was already getting filled with steam. I slipped out of my briefs and was about to step into the shower when I realized, oh shit, I left my towel on my bed.

Steam continued to fill the bathroom as I opened the door to my bedroom. What I saw next, made my jaw drop to the floor. I opened the door to my bedroom and I saw Linda facing me, pulling her tank top over her head, her bare breasts within arm's reach. As I stared at her, her tank top got caught in her hair tie while the top of her shirt covered her eyes. She fumbled to get it loose giving me time to stare at her incredible body while she didn't even know I was there. She was wearing nothing but a pair of black, lacy panties and a tank top over her face with no bra.

I guess a bra was too hot for her in the summertime. My eyes travelled from her feet, up her tanned, toned legs, to her hips and flat stomach and then stopped, fixed at her gorgeous, firm breasts. I didn't even realize that I was butt naked until she finally got her shirt over her head and stared at me, as shocked as I was.

Her eyes were fixed on mine but then they fell and landed on my cock, standing tall and proud as ever. I was so caught off guard that it didn't even register that I had a raging hard on.

We were both frozen in place for what seemed like hours, my eyes locked on her face and hers fixed on my dick. She was the first to react, she grabbed her shirt to cover her chest and screamed "what the fuck Matt!?" Her tone wasn't angry, just genuinely surprised. I snapped back to reality and ran to the bed, grabbed the towel to cover myself.

I could feel her eyes gaping at my erect penis as it bounced with each step. I wrapped the towel under my waist but it did little to hide the tent that was sticking out from my crotch. "Oh shit, sorry Linda. I just needed to grab a towel." I answered nervously, "I thought you were still in the kitchen. wait, what the hell are you doing in my room?

And why the fuck are you naked?" I demanded with a level of authority that clearly caught her off guard. It was her turn to explain herself, "uhh.


sorry but your spare bedroom's kind of stuffy. I was kinda hoping I could sleep here with you. sorry, I just wanted to change while you were. I didn't think you would ." she trailed off, clearly embarrassed. I softened up, "hey don't worry about it. One more funny story to tell." I could see she was still staring at the bulge in my towel. This was the first time since I've known Linda that she was at a loss for words.

In that moment, I felt that she wanted me. She could be mine and all I had to do was walk up to her and kiss her, then and there. But my courage failed me and once again, I was too chickenshit to make a move. Instead I backed towards the bathroom door, stepped in and closed the door behind me. Holy fuck! Did that just happen? I couldn't believe I just saw my best friends tits. her gorgeous, perfect tits.

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I snapped back, dropped the towel and stepped into the hot shower. By now the entire room was filled with steam and I could barely see three feet in front of me. I stepped into the stream of hot water, closed my eyes and saw Linda's sexy, naked body in my mind.

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My hand subconsciously drifted to my still raging hard cock and I started stroking myself up and down as I imagined what could have happened if I had taken two steps forward and taken her. I saw my lips trailing down from her lips to her cheek. down her neck. across her her breasts. My hand pumped faster and faster as I imagined my lips gently kissing around her outer breast, spiraling closer and closer to her stiff nipple.

I imagined her moaning under my touch and running her fingers through my hair as my tongue flicked her erect nipple.

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Suddenly, I felt something warm press against my back and a hand pressing against my hard abs. I opened my eyes and looked down to see one hand tracing out the outline of my abs while a second hand running up and down my upper thigh. "What the f-" I began but two fingers pushed against my lips silencing me as I heard a voice behind me, "shhhhh it's okay baby.

It's me." I could feel Linda's hot breath on my neck as she whispered in my ear, "you have no idea how long I've wanted to see your cock" My dick jumped up in my hand as she said that, while her hands continued rubbing along my lower abs and upper thighs. I could feel her chest pressed against my back, her stiff nipples poking me from behind.


She whispered again, "Mhmmm I love the touch of your hard, carved abs." her hands made circles around my abs, inching closer and closer to my cock, teasing it beyond belief. ".and your tight, strong legs." My cock was harder than it's ever been, the swollen head purple and ready to burst.

I wanted her to grab my dick but more importantly, my cock wanted it. ".but there's something else I wanna play with." She let out a moan as her hand finally wrapped itself around my hard, thick shaft. I gasped under the feeling of her hand on my dick. She gave my dick a squeeze and I almost came then and there.

Her hand slowly ran up and down along the length of my dick. "Mhmmmm you're so fucking hard baby. I always knew you had a nice, thick cock." She tightened her grip and started stroking faster and faster as her left hand gently cupped my balls.

"Ohhhh fuckkk." I let out a groan as her left hand playfully squeezed my balls and her other hand continued jacking me off. "You like that baby?." she whispered in my ear, "you like it when I stroke your big, hard cock?." Her nipples were hard as rocks now, almost stabbing my back while I could feel the warmth of her pussy against my ass. I let out another groan as her left hand let go of my balls and grabbed the base of my shaft, stroking the base while her right hand twisted up and down the head of my cock.

"Ohhh shit baby. Your cock feels so fucking good in my hands." she groaned as she jerked me off faster and faster.

"Your cock's so fucking big. I need both hands to stroke it all." "When I saw your big, hard cock bouncing in front of me.

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I knew I had to take it. Then I saw you jacking off. Your cock was so fucking hard, my pussy was getting so fucking wet." Drips of precum squirted out of the head of my dick as her right hand rubbed it around, coating the entire length of my rock hard shaft. She was breathing heavy and I was groaning under the pleasure of her hands. I knew I was going to cum soon and I was going to cum hard. My legs started giving in as I leaned back against her perfect soft tits.

My arms reach behind and grabbed her firm ass, partly to keep me balanced, partly because I needed to grab onto something. My hand reached under her ass and my fingers found her pussy soaking wet. Her dripping pussy against my fingers was the last straw, I couldn't hold back much longer. "Ohhhh fuck baby. You're gonna make me fucking cum!" I grunted out. "Yeah.? You want to come all over my hands.? You want me to jack you off harder until you spray your cum all over me.?" she moaned as her left hand grabbed my balls and her right hand squeezed my cock as tight as she could.

My cock seemed to swell to twice its size and I felt cum rising up from my balls. "Holy shit baby! You're soooo fucking hard." she moaned in my ear. "I want you to cum so bad.

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I want you to fucking cum for me!" I couldn't hold it in any longer. "OH FUCK!!!! OH SHIT!!!!! FUUUUUCKKK!" I groaned as I exploded in the most powerful orgasm of my life and a thick rope of cum blasted out of my cock and hit the shower wall.

"OH YEAH!!! CUM FOR ME BABY!!! " she kept jerking me off as fast as she could as rope after rope of thick cum shot out of my rock hard cock, coating her entire hand and showering the wall.

"OH MY GOD! YOU"RE STILL CUMMING!!!!" she gasped in amazement as she kept pumping cum out of my engorged cock. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, my orgasm subsided, I let out one final groan and fell back against her chest. Linda's cum covered hand, holding my softening dick as we both stood there, catching our breath.

I was the first to break the silence, "that was. unbelievable." I managed to get out between heavy pants. Linda seemed almost as exhausted as I was, "that was so fucking hot," she agreed. "You came all over the shower wall" she said and we both laughed as I leaned back against the warmth of her body. Finally I regained my senses, stood up, turned around and faced the woman that I loved. Without a word, I put my hands around her waist, pulled her body against mine and gave her the deepest kiss I could.

As our lips finally parted, she pulled back, looked up at me and asked, "how long have you been waiting to do that?" I looked deep into her eyes and replied "Since the first time you smiled at me and took my breath away. And baby, it was well worth the wait." She smiled and chuckled, "That was so fucking cheesy," she shook her head, "but I liked it." I smiled and pulled her in for another deep, warm kiss as our hands roamed around each other.

As my hands ran along her incredible ass, my penis jumped causing Linda to beak the kiss and look down at the mess we had made.

Her hand was totally plastered in cum and my cum covered cock was pressing against her stomach, leaving a patch of cum on her lower abs that dripped down to her legs. "I'm a total mess," she looked up with a naughty smile on her face, "I guess you're gonna have to wash me." To be continued.