Raunchy threesome session with two cumswapping blondes creampie big tits

Raunchy threesome session with two cumswapping blondes creampie big tits
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THE ADVENTURES OF BEN TAYLER It all began innocently enough. Our neighbour Mrs Morgan asked my mom if I would give her daughter elementary lessons in French before their 'once in a lifetime' holiday in Europe. Being 16 with time on my hands in the long summer holiday and needing the cash I said ok. I guessed it would be easy as my mom is French and so I have been raised bi-lingual. Besides Ella was a sweet 9 year old with a bright personality and quite clever. Mrs Morgan worked part-time at the local supermarket so it was agreed that I would also double as a child minder five afternoons so she wouldn't be paying two lots of fees.

I arrived promptly at 1.00p.m, just in time to wave goodbye to Mrs Morgan. "Have fun, Ben, don't work her too hard" she said over her shoulder and I went through to the back garden where Ella was playing in the small inflatable pool on the lawn.

She got out and dried herself as I made myself comfortable on the settee on the back porch, which also had an old easy chair, low table and a rug. Like all the houses on our side of the street the long gardens looked out southward onto green pasture going down to the stream in the valley bottom making it very sunny and peaceful. Ella was around 4'8", skinny with long mousy hair and her turned up nose and bright eyes make her pretty in a tomboy sort of way. She was wearing an old and slightly faded yellow and green bikini, probably last year's size as it was now a little small for her.

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The top was unnecessary as her chest was totally flat with tiny nipples, which stuck out because the water was cold and the slit of her cunt was obvious, as her bottoms were pulled up tight into the gap at the top of her legs where her thighs were too thin to touch each other.

I said hi and she came over and sat with me as I explained what we would be learning and she happily recited back single words and simple phrases, which I then asked her for at random to ensure she had remembered them. After nearly an hour it was getting really hot so I took off my shirt then my jeans as they were beginning to get uncomfortable, Ella fetched iced orange juice from the kitchen and we continued for a while until she was tired and wanted to stop. She said that she was sleepy and laid down on the settee with her head on my thigh and her legs tucked under her and drifted off to sleep.

I sat back and let the afternoon drift by but became aware that Ella had rolled over and now her head was facing me and she was breathing straight onto my cock. Try as I might I couldn't stop myself getting a boner, after all at 16 anything sets a boy off. It was only then that I began to look at her in a sexual way and thinking that when she grew a little she would have her pick of the boys.

When she woke up I put my arm over my hard-on to hide it and said that I was so hot I was going to sit in the little pool to cool down which quickly took me back to normal. After a few more French words Mrs Morgan came home and as I dressed we exchanged pleasantries and I left.

As soon as I got to my room I pulled out my cock and jerked off. ****************************************** By the end of the Tuesday session Ella was becoming bored and before I left I suggested to Mrs Morgan that we expand the lessons to include the French lifestyle and culture to put the words into context and make it more interesting and also widen her knowledge of what to expect when they got there.

During the evening I planned what I would teach her and gathered suitable material. Come Wednesday afternoon I was there prompt and explained to Ella that to make the time more fun she should also learn about the French lifestyle which seemed to please her and off we went to the study where she flopped on the sofa as I put on a video of life in France.

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She asked a few questions about Paris before the subject changed to the south and holiday topics. The part I had been waiting for came up, scenes of nudists on the beaches, parents sunbathing and children playing happily in the sand.

Ella was very quiet and afterwards we went outside and sat on the settee with cold drinks. Again I stripped to my boxers and sat back while Ella sipped her drink. Suddenly she asked. "Ben, does everyone in France take their clothes off on the beach?" "No," I replied, trying to sound all grown up, "not everyone, but lots do. They find it more fun to feel the sun and the breeze all over. They don't just do it on the beach, they have clubs they go to and lots do it at home or in the garden, it's called au naturel".

Ella pondered for a minute and then said. "Can I try it?" "If you want" I answered "but don't tell your mom because you haven't asked permission and we could get into trouble." "OK" she said, giggling as she jumped off the settee, threw off her top and pulled down her pants to reveal her pale skin and slender form before running round the garden with a big grin on her face.

"This is cool, Ben, now it's your turn!" Whilst this was what I had hoped for, I was suddenly nervous but it was too late to back down. So I stood, dropped my boxers and ran around the garden just as she had to make it appear as normal as possible. Coming back we stood looking at each other with silly smiles on our faces before Ella dashed over to the little pool and hopped in shouting "Come on". I deliberately strolled over to give Ella time to look at all of me before stepping in and squatting in the cold water.

Just as well it was cold as I had the start of a boner at the knowledge that she had been able to look at my cock. Soon we clambered out, dried and finally dressed before Mrs Morgan came home, at which point I said my goodbyes before going home to my room to have a terrific wank over my thoughts and experience from the afternoon. ************************************ Thursday came and again I was at the neighbours ready to teach Ella.

We sat on the porch and as soon as Mrs Morgan had left Ella asked if we could take our clothes off like we did the day before and we threw them in a corner. Sitting, I put my arm around her so my hand was across her flat chest and pulled her closer to look at the French books. Our thighs were touching and my hand dropped to her lap to hold the page open, my knuckle as close as possible to her pale pubic mound.

As the book lay there my cock was directly in Ella's view and it swelled slightly as I felt a slight rush of excitement knowing that she was looking at it.

Each time I turned a page my knuckle would drag up and down her tender flesh, her legs inadvertently opening under my pressure allowing me to feel the top of her slit. At one point she put her fingers in my pubic hair and twiddled it between her fingers before looking up at me with a big silly innocent grin and asking.

"Why are you so hairy?" I was somewhat shocked by her forthright action but managed to answer. "As you grow up you get hair in different places, not just down below but under your arms, and some men get hairy chests." She giggled and I tried not to think of her fingers so close to my cock.

"You've seen the people on the beach, it happens to everyone, even you." She moved her hand away and asked with a giggle.

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"Do you get a hairy bottom too?" "Yes," I laughed back, "you get a hairy bottom too." Which sent her into fits of laughter. We spent over an hour studying words before Ella declared herself tired and went to sleep on the settee with her head on my thigh, her dirty-brown hair draped over my balls.


Again she turned in her sleep and breathed gently onto my cock, which soon ached with a real hard on but I did not dare touch it. Instead I slowly reached around and touched the soft flesh of her vulva, careful not to disturb her. My heart thumped loudly in my ears as I revelled in the new and exciting texture of this innocent girl's most private area. When she started to wake up I quickly removed my hand and went to sit in the pool to shrink back to regular and not cause alarm before returning home to a great cum session.

My thoughts were turning more and more towards her and I kept getting the image of her skinny body with white and tanned areas with her tiny pink nipples and bald freshly touched slit. ********************************************** Friday was a rest day for Mrs Morgan so I whiled away the day with a schoolmate at his house. My thoughts kept returning to Ella but I kept them to myself realising that my mate would consider me a right pervert for even thinking about such a young kid.

The following Monday, we again stripped and watched a video of French home life but Ella son got bored and asked to watch the previous video again and kept rewinding to the nudist beach to look at the naked people and trying to guess how young or old they were.

We went over the French she had learned and I complimented her as she had a very retentive memory. I explained how I had absorbed French so easily as it had been spoken at home just as much as we spoke English.

When Ella went to sleep I again gently fondled her vulva but I must have dozed off too and I awoke to see Ella's eyes open as she lay on my thigh staring at my rampant cock.

I didn't know whether she was aware of my fingers on her virgin slit nor did I know what to do so I pretended to still be asleep and after a few minutes I felt her body move and I let my hand fall away as a tiny hand gently touched my cock. I suppressed a jump and my heart pounded in my head.

I hardly dared breath as she ran her fingers up its length and back before trying to close her hand around it then letting her hand fall onto my balls.

I was thrilled, it was the first time another person had touched my hard cock and I didn't care that she was only a nine years old girl. I pretended to wake up, looked down and smiled at Ella. "Why is it so big?" she asked.

"I was having a nice dream and that happens to boys when they are happy." I replied as calmly as I could. "Does it hurt?" she asked back.

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"No, no" I said quickly in reassurance, "it feels really, really nice and when it's touched I feel all tingly inside." I held my breath as Ella thought about this then she reached up and her fingers stroked my cock from top to bottom, not sexually, just in a gentle way.

She smiled and asked, "Did you tingle?" I smiled back and replied "Oh yes, you made me tingle a lot". "How do you pee-pee when it's pointing up in the air?" "I don't" I said, " I have to wait for it to go down or make it go down. Anyway, you shouldn't be talking about boy's pee-peeing". She giggled and told me "Little Robbie Booth in our class showed me how boys pee-pee. His thingy was very small.

I bet you can pee-pee a lot farther than he can." "Did you show him how girls pee-pee?" "Oh yes, that was part of the deal, but he thought his way was more fun" I suddenly realised time was pressing.

"Come on let's cool off in the pool and dress before your mom comes back." Back home I lay on the bed remembering her touch on my cock before quickly jacking myself off. *************************************** Tuesday, Mrs Morgan wanted me to look after Ella all day, to make some extra pay so I was there at 9.30. Ella was still in her pyjamas eating toast and jam with a glass of milk before going off for a shower. She called me up and explained she couldn't reach the clean towels in the top cupboard and stood there naked and dripping as I reached up for one which I wrapped around her and rubbed her dry with, paying special attention to her crotch, whilst I waited for her to leave so that I could use the loo.

"Need a pee-pee." She declared before hoisting herself onto the toilet and spreading her legs wide. She then looked down curiously to watch herself urinate before wiping herself vigorously on tissue as I looked on. "Do you need a pee-pee?" she asked. "Yes I do" I replied, stepping up to the loo. I made a display of pulling out my cock, peeling back the foreskin to reveal my head, and making a good splash into the water.

Ella was looking on just inches away and laughed at the noise I made and watched fascinated as I wiped the end of my cock with tissue before rolling the foreskin back over my head and tucking myself away. " I don't have a pee-pee hole like you, is that what makes boys and girls different?" "You do have a pee-pee hole, it's just that it's tucked away. I can show you if you like." "Yes please" she said and hopped up onto the toilet lid when I pointed and told her to sit.

I went over to the vanity shelf and came back with her mom's magnifying make-up mirror. "Sit back and lift your feet up onto the seat" I told her. Once in this position I put my hands on her knees and eased them apart and said quietly "Now, with both hands gently open your kitty." She chuckled at the use of such a rude word.

"That's a naughty word." She reproached me. Her tiny hands went down and fumbled to open her pussy lips so I put down the mirror and moved them out of the way. Hell, I thought, what am I doing? My hands trembled as I wet my fingers and ran them up and down her soft crinkly cunt lips before teasing them apart to reveal the deeper pink of her vagina. "Hold yourself like that." I told her and her fingers replaced mine, then I lifted up the mirror so that she could see inside herself.

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I put my finger inside. "Can you see your pee-pee hole now?" I wiggled the mirror about until she piped up "Is it that little hole by you finger? Gee but it's small".


I pushed my finger in a little further, feeling her warmth surround it. "Where does that go to?" she asked. "That goes to the part of a woman that grows babies" I explained. My finger went in a little further, out, then I slid it back in just to the knuckle.

"Ooh, I think I just felt a little tingly" she said. So I did it twice more and she smiled widely. "Do you know how grown-ups make babies?" "No, other boys and girls say lots of things but Miss Pritchard hasn't taught us that yet." She answered in a very serious tone. "Maybe I can help you with that, come on let's go downstairs and do some French lessons". I pulled out my finger and secretly sniffed at the faint odour on it then popped it in my mouth as Ella hopped down and went out of the door.

We sat naked outside doing French for a while before coming indoors for cold drinks, which we sipped in the den. I looked through their book collection before pulling out a home health manual with lots of pictures and with the help of the simple pictures explained the different parts of boys' and girls' bodies and how a boy put the seed into a girl.

"Don't be silly," she said. "You can't get a boy 's willy in there, it's too soft and squishy." She emphasised 'willy' to highlight the use of a naughty word. "You can if you make the boy happy and it goes hard like mine did yesterday." I explained, "Now that's enough of that, let's go play." Her favourite toys were a bunch of My Little Ponies, all of which had names and characters and she explained them all to me as she moved them about the patio floor.

I had deliberately closed the conversation so Ella would have time to ponder on it before I made my next move. That night I again gathered what I would need to advance her 'education'. I felt my excitement, and my cock, rising as I looked forward to the next afternoon.

********************************* It was particularly hot that afternoon with hardly a breeze to cool us out in the back garden. After getting naked I rigged the hosepipe onto a pole so that it sprayed water upwards which fell back down as a cold shower. We danced in and out of the cold spray before returning to the porch where I took a towel and dried Ella, paying special attention to her chilled nipples before rubbing her cunt and bum for longer than was really necessary.

Drying my hands I put my fingers on her cunt and rubbed up and down gently before cupping her entire vulva in my palm. "Is that dry do you think?" "Yes thank you, I like it when you or mom dry me, it feels so nice.

And you must like it too, look." I looked where she pointed to see my half-hard cock rising to attention without my realising. Her hand went out to it and as she stroked it said "Tingly, tingly" with a smile in her voice.

This was all happening too soon so I turned away and went back under the shower to calm it down. "Let's have drinks in the den." I said over my shoulder and Ella skipped away. "You remember you said that the boys and girls all said different things about how babies are made, would you like to see how it's really done before any of them?" I enquired, knowing full well she couldn't resist saying yes and she nodded firmly.

I had spent a lot of time selecting then downloading the softest most romantic straight porn I could find which I now loaded into the DVD player. "Now don't go telling mom, she might think you are too young to know about this." I admonished and she shook her head vigorously and pressed her thin lips closed to signify silence. The film started with scenes of a young couple meeting, talking then kissing as they cuddled on a sofa. "Mom and dad used to do that lots before dad left.

I always thought it was a bit soppy." Ella said as she watched the story unfold. Being so young she couldn't really tell the difference between acting and real life.

The couple went hand in hand into the bedroom where they stood in a low light and slowly undressed each other. "I watched mom and dad doing that once". Continued Ella "Then mom saw me in the doorway and took me back to bed." By now the couple were laid down kissing and the woman gently stroked the young guy's cock.

"Look, he's very happy." I said. "She's making him feel all tingly." I put my arm around Ella' shoulders and rested my fingers softly on her left nipple, gently playing with it as the guy licked the woman's tits. If Ella was unhappy about this she didn't say, so I carried on. The woman spread her legs and the man wet his finger and inserted it into her pussy and she moaned in response to his touch. "That's what you did to me!" squealed Ella pointing at the TV. By now my cock was at full attention and I couldn't resist giving it a squeeze.

"You're happy too aren't you." said Ella watching me grip my cock. "It's nice to watch other people being happy" I replied.

As Ella looked back at the screen the girl bent and took the man's cock into her mouth and slowly fellated him.

"Urgh, that's nasty" Ella exclaimed. "No" I replied, "it's nice, look he's ever so happy and she likes making him happy." They moved into a 69 and Ella watched as the man licked and nibbled the girl's partly shaven cunt. Ella squirmed beside me, lifting an spreading one knee and I took the opportunity to move my arm around her and let my hand rest on her young cunt.

"You're making me tingly" she said and I gently squeezed her pubic area in encouragement before slowly tracing the line of her entrance with my middle finger. Again she didn't complain so I carried on. By now the bed scene was getting really hot and the man lifted the woman's legs and entered her, all captured by the camera. Ella gasped. "See, I told you that's how it worked." I whispered. She whispered back "I saw mummy and daddy doing that but they didn't see me.

I didn't say anything because I was supposed to be in bed." The couple changed positions a few times before he pulled out for her to take the inevitable money shot in her mouth.

"Yuk" Said Ella "What's that?" "It's the man's seed. They are making love because it's nice to do and if the man left his seed inside they might make a baby and they don't want one yet." I explained.

Now my cock was aching fit to burst and I couldn't help stroking myself. Ella watched then put her little hand out and started to wank me off. "Mmmm, that's nice, just like the woman on the film." I moaned and put a finger just inside her cunt, moving it in and out in rhythm to her hand movements.

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Ella was leaning very close so I could feel her warm breath passing over my cock until it exploded and my semen shot all over her hair and face. "Oh!

Stop it! Stop it! She exclaimed. " I can't once I've started." I groaned as my spurting cum subsided. "Lovely," was all I could say.

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Ella's excited face looked up at me, cum dripping from her hair, forehead and chin and laughed out loud. "I made you do that, didn't I?" she chuckled before putting a finger in a puddle of cum and putting it tentatively to her mouth. "It's not yuk, like I thought, just kind of warm and sticky." I bent and kissed the trails of spunk from her hair and chin then kissed her tenderly on the mouth.

She didn't know how to respond and simply pouted her lips slightly open and I let the tip of my tongue enter.

"Well let's get cleaned up before mom comes home, and remember, not a word." ********************************************