Alle natürlichen stunner connie carter gefickt und jizz gestrahlt

Alle natürlichen stunner connie carter gefickt und jizz gestrahlt
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The World's First Futa Futa's Naughty Hitchhiking Chapter Two: Futa's First Sinful Delight By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 April 17th, 2047 "Did you know there's a convent in the middle of the Nebraska cornfields?" I asked Adelia, the delicious and fun woman interviewing me on my forty-eight birthday. We were talking about my life as the world's first futa while across the world people were watching the broadcast streamed live over the internet.

"Really?" Adelia asked, blinking those soft-brown eyes of her. She pursed those delicious lips that had sucked my futa-cock not long ago during the last commercial break. "No, I didn't know that. So you found this while. wandering?" "Bumming around America," I said, "with my futa-dick in hand." I shivered, enjoying talking about that time in my life, right after I graduated from the University of Washington, when I hitchhiked across America for awhile, aimless.

I didn't know what to do with my life. Besides breeding horny women. "After my fun with the Pelley family, and the rest of their interesting church community, I kept heading east until I hit Dallas.

I had some fun there but ended up wandering north up I-35. I met this female trucker." I gave a wicked giggle. "She had a strap-on in her cab and, well, I made her late for her delivery, but left her with my own package." A great giggling laugh rose from the studio audience. I could feel their eyes watching me in the shadows beyond the stage light, an amorphous sea of horny women with a scattering of my grown-up futa-daughters.

"She dropped me off in Wichita. I kept going north up I-135, moving through Kansas, enjoying those devout Christian wives and daughters." I shuddered, my futa-cock throbbing. "There was a lot of crying out to God." "More virgins deflowered?" Adelia asked.

"I was becoming addicted to it," I said and shivered. "By the time I was in the middle of Nebraska, I-135 had become Highway 81. I was surrounded by corn somewhere south of a place called York. It was muggy. I never thought it would be so humid in the Midwest. It was like I was in a swamp or something. Apparently, corn sweats." "Sweats?" Adelia asked. I nodded my head. "It adds a ton of moisture to the air and makes the summers just suck." I shook my head.

"I was dying, wanting to find a nice, cool place to rest up and a friendly woman to love, when the thunderstorm hit. It came out of nowhere.

The floodgates of heaven opened up. In a heartbeat, I was soaked. "And then the hail started." "Oh, no," Adelia gasped. "I heard hailstones can get big out there." "I was just starting to panic, thinking I was in trouble," I said, glancing to the left where my wife, Sharron, watched from the side of the set, her blue eyes wide. "And then the van pulled up.

I just hopped in and had one naughty surprise." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ August 15th, 2021 "Holy shit!" I screamed, holding my worn backpack over my head. The hail thundered down around me, the size of pebbles and growing larger. They bounced off my backpack and pelted my naked calves and thighs.

I whimpered, my t-shirt soaked to my tits, my skirt clinging to my legs. My shoes felt like a sodden mess. The drainage ditch to my right already ran like a river.

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The rain just started. "What the fuck is going on?" I shouted, the corn rustling beside me as torrents of rain swept through, carrying more of the stinging hail. I was in trouble. My head cast about, searching for a structure to take shelter in when rubber squealed. A van screeched to a stop by the side of the highway.

I barely absorbed what it looked liked—gray, boxy, some sort of logo on the sliding side door. I just sprang at the passenger door, grasped the chrome-plated handle, and wrenched it open.

"Oh, thank Christ," I gasped as I hurtled inside, water dripping down my face. My clothes clung to me, squishing against the seat. The hail pounded on the roof. Ice chucks the size of marbles drummed on the hood, leaving little divots in the metal. A small crack splintered across a corner of the windshield. "You okay?" a woman asked. "Boy, you got caught out in it, didn't you?" "Yeah, I." My words trailed off as I glanced at the driver.

I blinked. I blinked again. A nun in a black habit sat in the driver seat, her plump lips pursed. She had a round, youthful face, her dark hair mostly covered by a black veil that draped across her shoulders. A crucifix dangled down her chest over the swell of her breasts. They rose and fell as she stared at me, a look of such concern filled her hazel eyes. "You're a nun!" I blurted out. "Yes, I am a nun," she said as the van drove forward. "We exist still.

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I'm Sister Chastity Hope of the Benedictine Sisters of Undying Devotion." "A nun," I said again. "That's not a Halloween costume and.

No, no, that would be a lot. uh." "Lewder?" she suggested, a touch of color blossoming her cheeks. Her eyes glanced at me, flicking at my breasts outlined by my soaked shirt.

My braless tits bled through the white cloth, my pink nipples prominent points. "Yeah," I said, squirming. A tingle raced down to my girl-dick and pussy. My shaft gave a twitch as the blood began flowing. There was something so. enticing about her. She was a nun, wrapped up in the bulky, black robe to hide the beauty of her body, sworn to purity.

Was she an actual virgin? My dick hardened faster. My pussy grew juicier. "Well, thanks for the ride," I said, the hail drumming faster.


"You came along just in time." "The Lord's providence was with you today," she said. "I've seen the hail get as big as softballs and. Well, that would not be a good thing to happen to a young woman to do out here all alone." She glanced at me then at my bag. "Are you in. trouble?" "No, no, just seeing America," I said.

"I'm Becky Woodward." My smile grew. "Yes, yes, that Becky Woodward." She blinked at me and tilted her head. "I'm sorry, but. I've never heard of a Becky Woodward." "You haven't?" I didn't realize how big my ego had swelled until I felt the sharpness of her words puncture it. I thought they entire world had heard of me.

"I'm the first futa." "Futa?" she asked, glancing at me again. Her eyes flicked down to my breasts. Then they darted back up to stare down the road. "Yeah, I've been interviewed like a hundred times. I've been all the news networks, all the morning shows, the evening shows. Kimmel, Colbert, John Oliver, Conan, Jimmy Fallon." "Oh, well, we don't have TVs or radios at our convent." "And no computers, either, huh?" I asked, my shoulders slumping. "The only news we get comes from the diocese," she said.

"We're a cloistered order, cut off from the world." She patted my leg for a moment, her touch so warm compared to the wet skin. The heat rushed up to my pussy. My snatch clenched and my dick swelled harder, tenting the front of my sodden jean skirt. "I'm sure other people know who you are, though pride like that is not a good thing. It won't be fulfilling for you." "Yeah," I said, her touch electric.

She drove one-handed for about a minute, stroking the other up and down my bare thigh. It felt wonderful. I leaned back into the chair, not minding my blonde locks clinging to my face or my clothing molded to my body. Her touch warmed me up, my girl-dick aching to have some fun. With a nun. Could her vow of purity hold out against her womb begging to be impregnated.

Then Sister Chastity Hope gave a squeak and jerked her hand away. She shifted in the seat, both gripping the steering wheel. Her knuckles went white as she stared ahead. Her entire body went tense.

She leaned forward, almost trying to hug her steering wheel. She looked so cute. She couldn't be more than a year or two older than me, in her mid-twenties. "So, where are we going?" I asked. "Hmm?" Sister Chastity Hope asked, her cheeks blushing redder. "Oh, yes, the convent. I was just buying supplies for our garden. We try to grow as much of our own food as we can." "The convent?" I said, a wicked smile spreading across my lips.

"How utterly delightful. I wouldn't mind getting a tour. Exploring every little crevasse of your convent.

Seeing what it's like. I bet it's. interesting." She shivered, licking her lips. "I. well, maybe. It's not really a place for outsiders. I can just drive you to York and." I touched her thigh. Her words trailed off as I stroked her through the fabric of her habit. I felt her flesh. She felt sleek and warm. She glanced at me, her pupils dilated. She swallowed as I stroked up and down her. "W-what are you doing, Becky?" Sister Chastity Hope asked.

"Just returning the favor. It felt soooooo nice when you stroked my thigh." I gave her leg a squeeze before sliding a little higher, passing the halfway point of her leg, reaching towards that naughty apex. "Doesn't that feel nice?" "I. I shouldn't have done that," she said. "I'm sorry. I don't know why I did. I'm feeling. out of sorts." "Mmm, me, too," I said, squirming. "But if you don't want me to touch you." I pulled my hands away. Sister Chastity Hope bit her lower lip. Her hands writhed on the vinyl covering of the steering wheel.

A squeaking sound echoed through the cab. She squirmed in place, her breasts rising and falling as she shook her head. She looked so tense. So nervous. I loved it. She made a turn off the highway, passing through a sign that read, "Convent of Undying Devotion." I shivered, peering ahead for it. What would a convent look like. Would it be this stone, Gothic structure out in the middle of the fields? It wasn't corn here, but wild grasses that grew waist high.

The van's wheels crunched on the gravel as we drove down the lane. It followed the curve of the land, a little folded here and not as flat as it appeared. Sister Chastity Hope squirmed the entire way. Ahead, a wooden structure appeared. It looked like. a very large house. It was clear it was meant to shelter more than just a family. It had several wings thrust off of it and rose three stories high in the center, the entire structure covered in wood siding painted a robin blue.

The lawn around it was neat and orderly, a dark-green compared to the yellowish grass around us. There were rows of trees, a small orchard, and an orderly garden that looked bigger than my parent's house back in Seattle. She drove the van to a large carport with several other vehicles, including an old pickup truck, parked in it.

She turned off the ignition and undid her seatbelt. She squirmed there for a minute, her breathing coming fast and quick. "Is something wrong?" I asked her, my girl-dick so hard. "Yes, something is wrong," she said. "I. I." She stared at me, such a pleading look in her eyes. "I've never felt like this in my life! This can't be happening. Not here. Not with a woman." "It's my tits, right?" I asked. "I should have worn a bra. You just can't stop looking at them." The nun flinched.

She swallowed. "Oh, Lord, why have you beset me with such temptation?" I felt kind of bad for her. She thought sex was wrong. Her head was all screwed up. But even as she prayed, Sister Chastity Hope stared at me with such hunger brewing in her hazel eyes.

She licked her plump lips as she shuddered. "But it's more than my tits, isn't it?" I said and peeled up my damp top. The cloth clung to my tits for a moment, the fabric stretching, then sprang over them. My round tits quivered as I peeled off the wet t-shirt, glad to be out of the soaked garment. "And it's more than my hard, pink nipples that's got you squirming." I tweaked one as she stared at my naked tits with such hunger in her eyes.

"It's that hot hole between your thighs," I told her. "That naughty, itching pussy that's the problem. It's aching for you to do things with me." She just whimpered. "I know," I told her. "It's okay. This happens to every woman that meets me.

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Don't be alarmed. You're going to enjoy yourself so much. You're going to be thoroughly satiated by my futa-cock." "Futa. cock?" She said the words slow.

Then her eyes flicked down to my crotch, and she noticed the bulge. "Oh, Lord, what is that?" "That is my clit-dick," I said. "That's the other word I used for it. It used to be my clit and." I gave her a look. "You know what your clit is, right? Your clitoris?" "I had health class," she said, her eyes so wide. She leaned her head, staring at my bulge. "But. you can't have that. You're so. womanly." "Because I am womanly," I said, pulling up my skirt.

Sister Chastity Hope gave a squeak and jumped back at the sight of my cock popping out. It thrust into the air and quivered there, twitching and throbbing. I smiled at her reaction, then at the way she leaned back closer, eyes locked on my large shaft. "See the pussy lips wrapped around the base," I said. "Notice my lack of balls. I'm a futanari. The world's first. That's why I'm famous. Every woman—" Sister Chastity Hope sucked the tip of my cock into her mouth.

I gasped in shock. She moved so fast. The nun's head shot down, her black veil draping over my lap. My breasts bounced before me as I groaned.

Her warm mouth engulfed my dick. It was heavenly. A nun was giving me a blowjob. I leaned back in my seat, just savoring this delicious moment. Her lips sealed about my base. The suction reached down my shaft and into my pussy. My futa-dick throbbed in her mouth. She sucked again and again, moaning about it. "Sister Chastity Hope," I gasped. "Ooh, you naughty nun, I love it." My breasts jiggled above her as I squirmed. Pleasure rippled through my body. My pussy clenched every time she suckled.

My juices flowered hot, trickling out of me. I squirmed on the seat, my ass rubbing into my wet skirt. "Yes, yes, yes, such a naughty nun. Mmm, just suck on my girl-dick.

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Ooh, yes, but." I frowned. All she did was suck. "Is this your first blowjob?" She moaned what sounded like a yes about my dick. Some reason, that just made my ovaries clench. The ache swelled at the tip of my dick. "Ooh, you are an innocent thing, Sister Chastity Hope." She sucked again on my dick. "Well, you got to move your tongue around my cock and. Yes, yes, like that." I shivered as her tongue stroked back and forth along the bottom of my crown.

"Swipe it all around the tip, really stimulate me and. That's good. Ooh, you do that, and I'm going to cum." She whimpered and danced her tongue along the tip of my girl-dick. The pleasure flooded through me. My hands found my tits, still wet from the rain, and squeezed my round mounds. I shook my perky boobs, my nipples so hard on top. I stared down at the nun, loving her demure veil draped over my lap, hiding her naughty act. "And bob your head, too," I said. "Slide those pretty lips up and down my cock while you suck.

Ooh, just like that. Mmm, I liked that. Yes, Sister Chastity Hope. That's good." Her mouth slid slowly up and down my cock.

She took more and more of my shaft in her mouth, her tongue swishing back and forth, before she slid back up. She sucked the entire time. My body squirmed, my pussy clenching. The ache grew at the tip of my cock, my girl-cum eager to spurt into her hungry mouth. "And your fingers." I shivered. "Your fingers need to stroke my pussy lips. Don't be afraid of my cunt. It's so wet and eager to be touched." Her sucking stopped for a moment as her hand slid down my thigh.

Her fingers felt. nervous. There was a twitch to them. She whimpered about my girl-dick, her tongue hardly moving at all as her fingers neared my pussy. "Don't stop sucking," I groaned. "Keep blowing me as your fingers touch my pussy and. Oh, yes!" She sucked hard just as her fingers found my pussy folds. She slid through my bush to stroke up and down my slit.

She tasted my petals, pleasure racing up to build in the tip of my girl-dick buried in that warm mouth of hers. She bobbed again, tongue moving, stimulating me. "Oh, Sister Chastity Hope, yes. That's how you blow a futa's cock.

Mmm, you're getting so good at it." I shifted in my seat as the pleasure built and built in me. Her sucking mouth and stroking fingers brought me closer to my eruption with ever passing heartbeat.

My fingers dug into my perky tits as she pleasured me. She slurped as she blew me, her head moving, twisting, her passions building.

Then she jammed two fingers into my pussy. "Sister Chastity Hope!" I gasped, loving her initiative. Her fingers plunged in and out of my pussy, stimulating my inner depths. Pleasure rippled out of my cunt and flowed to my ovaries and the tip of my futa-cock. I whimpered, my snatch squeezing down on her digits, increasing that wicked friction.

My orgasm built even faster. This naughty nun gave me such delight. My fingers dug so hard into her tits. The passenger seat creaked as I squirmed. My booted feet kicked forward, striking the floorboard. It was so good. "I'm going to flood your mouth with so much cum, Sister Chastity Hope," I moaned.

"Just drown you in jizz." She sucked harder. Her fingers plunged harder into my cunt. "Ooh, yes you want that. You're just a cum-hungry nun. Mmm, yes, yes, yes!" It all happened at once. My futa-cock erupted. The driver door wrenched open. I screamed out, "Sister Chastity Hope, drink down all my cum!" "Oh, my Lord!" a new voice gasped in shock.

"What devilry is this?" Pleasure boiled out of my girl-dick. It pumped into Sister Chastity Hope's hungry mouth. She gulped it down, swallowing it while her fingers wiggled in my spasming cunt. Pleasure rippled out of me as I squirmed on the seat. It shifted beneath me, the pleasure racing through my body. It was incredible. I was drunk on the bliss. It boiled through my mind. My head tossed from side to side as the dual delights drowned me in ecstasy.

My girl-cock kept erupting, spurting blast after blast of my futa-jizz into the nun's mouth. "Sister Chastity Hope, swallow every drop!" I gasped, my pussy spasming harder about her fingers. "You're so wanton." "Sister Chastity Hope!" the new voice gasped again. "Stop this perversity right this instant!" My eyes fluttered.

Through the stars dancing across my vision, I saw the stern face of an older nun glaring at me over Sister Chastity Hope's shoulders. I shuddered, my fingers kneading my tits as I fired the last blast of my girl-cum into the nun's hungry mouth.

"Mmm, you have such a friendly nun," I moaned. "She's just making me feel so welcomed at your convent." "You filthy, lesbian hussies!" the woman shouted. She seized Sister Chastity Hope and hauled her bodily out of the cab, ripping the nun's mouth off my girl-dick. My shaft waved back and forth, glistening with my passion. "And you, you." The older nun's jaw dropped. "M-Mother Superior," Sister Chastity Hope sobbed. "I. I. don't know what happened.

I was. was overcome by the need to. to suck her." "Tranny cock?" finished the Mother Superior, her eyes locked on my dick. A sneer spreading across her tight lips. Her green eyes glazed with righteous fury. "Tranny cock?" I demanded. The way she said those words, with such sneering contempt, angered me. I wrenched open the door of the van and hopped out, my naked tits bouncing, my girl-dick thrusting before me. I marched around the van to face the angry Mother Superior.

She stood gripping the cringing Sister Chastity Hope, waiting for me. "You think this is a tranny cock?" I demanded. "This is a futa-cock! I have a pussy and a dick. Your nun there was having a great time fingering it, too, weren't you?" "Well. I. Yes." Sister Chastity Hope's cheeks burned scarlet. The nun shuddered, kneeling beside the Mother Superior. The fingers of her right hand glistened with my pussy juices. "What are you?" the Mother Superior asked.

"A demon given flesh? A walking perversion?" "Maybe," I said. I didn't know how I became a futanari. It seemed to defy all the known laws of how cells grew.

Appendages just didn't grow in seconds to sizes a hundred times their original size in a minute. Nor did they develop all the necessary internal structures so fast, like the vas deferens that ran from my ovaries to the tip of my dick.

"Maybe I am a naughty futa-demon sent here to breed every last virgin cunt in this convent." Sister Chastity Hope moaned, "Breed." before she thrust her pussy-coated fingers into her mouth.

She sucked on them, fucking them in and out like they were my futa-cock. Her cheeks hollowed. She shuddered, squeezing her hazel eyes shut.

"Breed us?" the Mother Superior demanded, her hips shifting. "You think you're going to breed us? We are Brides of Christ, demon, not wanton whores who will satiate your perverse lusts." "Oh, then what was Sister Chastity Hope doing when you caught her sucking my dick and fingering my twat?" I asked, my hand fisting my futa-cock. My other slid past my shaft to finger my cunt. "A momentary lapse in judgment," the Mother Superior said. She grabbed her crucifix and brandished it before me.

"Get thee gone, Satan." I flicked my eyes to the wooden cross and the man carved on it. I lifted my eyebrow. I waited for the trumpets of heaven to resound, for an angelic chorus to sing, and for holy light to strike me down and drive me away. "Care to try again, Mother Superior?" I asked, thrusting my fingers into my pussy. I groaned, my cunt so juicy about my digits. My hand stroked my girl-dick faster. A bead of jizz, trapped in my urethra after my orgasm, beaded the tip.

Sister Chastity Hope froze in her finger sucking. "I might have felt a tingle ripple through me," I purred. "But that may have been my fingers plunging into my cunt." Her face tightened.

She fixed her eyes on me and shook the cross again. "In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to flee, Demon!" Her voice resounded with such authority. It crackled with such power. Lightning flashed in the distance. Thunder rumbled a moment later. I shivered this time, my pussy clenching down on my fingers, my dick throbbing. But it was just the storm. I stroked up my dick again, my tip aching and throbbing.

"Well, I don't think that did—" With a moan, Sister Chastity Hope lunged forward and sucked on my girl-dick again. She sealed her lips around half of my crown, nursing on the tip. Her tongue fluttered up, brushing my slit, gathering that drop of precum beading there. "Damn," I groaned. "Ooh, damn, you're just a little nun-slut." "Sister Chastity Hope!" snapped the Mother Superior. She seized the horny nun by the ear and hauled her off my cock, bringing a gasp of pain from her.

"I'm sorry, Mother Superior!" gasped Sister Chastity Hope. "It's just. that cock. That cum. Ooh, girl-cum taste so good. It's so salty and wonderful.

And. And. I want to be bred by her. I want her demon-cock to fuck me." "It's not a demon-cock," I said, remembering what the Christians of West Texas thought. "It's spreads miracles.

Futa-daughters. I'll give you a gift. God sent me here. I'm the new direction of humans. The new Eve." I didn't really believe those words, but they just spilled out of my mouth. This Mother Superior was annoying me.

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It felt so good having Sister Chastity Hope sucking on my girl-dick, and now her mouth was gone. I needed to cum so badly. "God didn't send you," sneered the Mother Superior. "Oh, yeah," I smiled. "Then why is your pussy getting so hot.

Why is it begging you to let my futa-cock breed your pure depths. Unless. God sent me here. What if I'm an angel spreading my miraculous girl-seed everywhere? Imagine your entire convent blessed by me." "No!" she shouted even as Sister Chastity Hope whimpered, "Yes!" The Mother Superior gripped her crucifix tighter, knuckles whitening. "Your lies may be enticing, but I hear the Adversary in them. You tell me what I want to hear.

You think to flatter my ego with your words dripping venom." "Dripping futa-cum," I said. "Mother Superior," groaned Sister Chastity. She leaned forward, but the older nun kept a firm grip on her ear. "Please, please, we need her to breed us. She is a miracle. Can't you feel it? She was sent here to give us such passion." "That is your sinful body lying to you," the Mother Superior said. "You have to fight it.


You have to stay pure." "Do you want me to breed you, Sister Chastity Hope?" I asked, staring down at her. "Yes!" she moaned, her face twisted with rapture. "Then you need to eat the Mother Superior's cunt. If you want my cock, you have to lick her pussy." "She would never do something so perverse," the Mother Superior said.

I smiled at her. "Oh, you would be surprised what a woman will do when she wants to be bred by my futa-cock." "Yes!" Sister Chastity Hope moaned. The Mother Superior held the nubile nun's ear to keep Sister Chastity Hope for my girl-dick. It did nothing to keep her from whirling around and attacking the Mother Superior. I shuddered as the younger nun pressed the older back against the side of the van.

Sister Chastity Hope struggled to draw up the Mother Superior's robe. My pussy clenched on my probing fingers as I watched. Pleasure rippled through me as shock rippled across the older nun's face. She shook her head from side to side, struggling to push away Sister Chastity Hope's hands.

"What are you doing?" the Mother Superior groaned. "Control yourself, Sister. Remember your calling." "But I want to be bred," moaned Sister Chastity Hope. "Just stop struggling and let me eat your pussy, Mother Superior." "No!" the older nun shouted, her cheeks red. "This is filthy! Vile!" "It's the Lord's will!" I said. "That's why it makes your pussy so wet. It is, isn't it?" I asked, a big grin spreading across my lips.

"Ooh, yes, the Lord's will has your cunt dripping." "No," she groaned, her head shaking back and forth. "I would never want this. It's lesbian sex. It's fornication and." Her words trailed off as Sister Chastity Hope managed to get her head beneath the Mother Superior's black skirt. I couldn't see what the younger nun was doing, only witness the movement of her head disturbing the fabric as she rose up between the older nun's thighs.

"Sister Chastity Hope!" the Mother Superior gasped. "No, no, stop that at once. This is vile! No, no, stop pulling down my panties!" "But if I don't eat your pussy," came the muffled reply of Sister Chastity Hope, "then Becky won't fuck me with her girl-dick.

She won't breed me." "Nope," I said, fisting my futa-dick faster. "You'll just have to suffer with that itching, aching pussy." "Ooh, she's wet, too, Becky," groaned the younger nun.

"She's like me." "No, no!" the Mother Superior's green eyes bulged. She shuddered. "Sister Chastity Hope, stop this right now. You can't do that." "Oh, Mother Superior, you taste as good as Becky." The nun made a purring sound while the Mother Superior shuddered. "Just delicious. And your silky bush. It's tickling my face." I shuddered, picturing the younger nun's tongue sliding through the Mother Superior's hot pussy, the nun's pubic hair spilling about Sister Chastity Hope's youthful features.

It made my pussy squeeze down on my pumping fingers. My girl-dick throbbed in my stroking hand. This was so exciting. It made me ache and throb. I wanted to join in on the fun. The Mother Superior shuddered. She writhed against the side of the van, her body trembling, her breasts jiggling beneath her top. I licked my lips while the younger nun moaned her delight as she plunged into lesbian passion with such enthusiasm.

She wiggled her hips, her black robe spilling over her rump, molding to that cute asses. "Mmm, I'm going to fuck her so hard while she devours you," I purred. "Doesn't that sound hot, Mother Superior?" "It sounds sinful, demon," she groaned, her head tossing from side to side. "I know," I said.

"That's what makes it so much fun. Sinning." I shuddered. "Sinning is what makes life so worth living." I drew up Sister Chastity Hope's robe. I exposed her slender calves and her lush thighs. Her flesh was so bare.

She whimpered in excitement, moaning into the Mother Superior's cunt. The older nun groaned, her face twisting with passion. She tried to look away as I threw Sister Chastity Hope's robe up and over her rump, exposing a pair of plain, boring granny panties.

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Those cheap kind you get in a ten pack from Walmart. I tugged those down, the Mother Superior licking her lips, her head craning forward.

I smiled, looking up at her as I leaned down and kissed at Sister Chastity Hope's rump. The nun groaned and wiggled her hips, rubbing her butt-cheeks against my face. "Mmm, I know, Mother Superior, she's got a cute ass," I purred. "Demon!" the nun hissed, but it lost a lot of her bite. Instead, it contained a throaty quality. She jerked her eyes up even as her hips rotated, grinding her hot cunt across Sister Chastity Hope's mouth. "Mmm, and she's got a cute bush, too," I said, my fingers stroked up and down the nun's virgin flesh.

"Black and thick. Ooh, yes, you're going to love eating her pussy out when it's full of my cum." "I will not!" she hissed. I grinned at her. "Of course you will. You won't get bred until you eat her cunt out full of my spunk." I brought my girl-dick to Sister Chastity Hope's pussy. The nun moaned her excitement into the Mother Superior's snatch. The older nun shuddered. I could only imagine, hearing the naughty licks and slurps coming from beneath her habit.

Sister Chastity Hope ate pussy with the same gusto she sucked my cock. I pressed against the nun's hymen. I groaned in delight at the feel of her maidenhead stretching before my cock. I grinned at the Mother Superior as I took her nun's cherry. Sister Chastity Hope squealed in delight as I ripped through the thin membrane with a hard thrust and buried into untouched pussy.

"Praise the Lord!" I moaned as I sank into the nun's silky embrace. I was the first cock to ever be in her. The first to ever sample her depths. It was incredible. Like with Scarlett and the other virgins of West Texas, it was a spiritual moment. I transitioned Sister Chastity Hope into a new world, ushering her fully into womanhood and soon into motherhood. Those Christians were right. I was a new Eve, the mother and father of a whole new gender of humans. I shuddered, gripping the nun's hips as I fucked her hard and fast.

My tits heaved before me. My pussy clenched as I enjoyed this delicious delight. She moaned and gasped into the Mother Superior's pussy, her hips stirring in circles, stirring her pussy around my dick.

It was incredible. I groaned, drinking in the pleasure. It surged through me. This wondrous heat. I groaned, a deep thrill rippling through me. I bit my lip, thrusting with all my might as I fucked my girl-dick over and over into pussy, stirring her up, making the nun whimper and moan. "Sister Hope Chastity!" I moaned. "Ooh, yes, yes, yes, your pussy. Your pussy is heavenly. I'm going to plant a holy daughter in you!" "Yes!" she moaned into the Mother Superior's pussy, her head moving beneath the older nun's robe.

"Oh. oh, my," the Mother Superior groaned. Her green eyes fluttered. "Oh. This is. This is so sinful. She's. she's." "Driving you to an orgasm?" I asked, my hips pumping hard and fast, working my girl-dick in and out of the deflowered nun's pussy. "Yes!" the older nun moaned. Her face scrunched up in pleasure. "Oh, no, I can't. I can't surrender to this. but. but." "It feels so good," I panted, my dick aching inside of the nun's tight pussy.

My tip drank in every silky inch as I pumped away harder and harder. My naked tits heaved before me. "It's okay. Surrender to your pleasure. Cum on her face and inspire me to breed her!" "Cum on my face, Mother Superior!" whimpered the nun, her pussy clenching on me. "Then she'll breed you, too." The Mother Superior's eyes bulged. She gasped, her body heaving. Her head tossed from side to side. Her brown hair spilled out from beneath her veil.

Her head tossed back as her body shuddered against the gray van. "Oh, Lord, yes!" she cried out in rapture. Ecstasy crossed her face as she came on her nun's mouth. I shuddered in delight, thrusting hard into Sister Chastity Hope, loving the look of bliss bursting across the older nun's expression. She shook her head from side to side. Her eyes fluttered. Her body heaved as the pleasure raced through her. Sister Chastity Hope's pussy went wild about my cock.

Licking hot snatch, drinking the Mother Superior's cunt cream, sent the younger nun over the edge into ecstasy. Her twat writhed about my dick. Her spasming flesh massaged me. It felt incredible I threw back my head, moaning in delight, welcoming this amazing treat. It left me shuddering and whimpering. It left me dazed, my head lolling from side to side. My eyes blinked as the pleasure burned so hot through me. This wondrous bliss burst in the depths of my cunt.

I rammed into her pussy. And bred the deflowered nun. "Sister Chastity Hope," I moaned, my tits heaving as my cock unloaded into her. I pumped blast after blast of jizz into her. "Yes, yes, yes, breed her!" the Mother Superior shouted. She reached out and grabbed my tits. She squeezed them, kneaded them. She leaned to me. We kissed while the younger nun quivered between us. Sister Chastity Hope's pussy milked my dick as I devoured the older nun's mouth.

I shuddered, hearing women gasp, noticing other nuns watching us on the periphery, shocked by what they saw. It made me shiver. My dick spurted a final time into the younger nun.

I ripped my shaft out of her cunt, unveiling my futa-cock to all the nuns. I licked my lips as I stepped back, tasting the Mother Superior on them. "Now it's your turn to be bred by my holy cock, Mother Superior!" I moaned. "On your back. Let Sister Chastity Hope ride your face while I plant my holy daughter into your cunt." "Praise the Lord!" the Mother Superior called. Sister Chastity Hope's face emerged from beneath the older nun's robe, her flushed cheeks smeared with pussy cream.

She held a pair of balled up panties in her hand, plain and boring white. Without hesitating, the Mother Superior stretched out on her back, her thighs spread wide, her robe sliding down lush, toned legs to reveal a brown bush darkened by juices, thick, engorged pussy lips peeking through.

"Plant your blessed seed in me, futa!" she panted. "Futa-angel!" The watching nuns gasped and shuddered as I mounted their leader. As I guided my cock to her pussy, my hands lifting up the nun's rump. Sister Chastity Hope ripped off her habit. Her round breasts bounced in a boring, white bra. That came off a moment later, her tits firm with her youth. Her hair fell black down her face, her veil lost with the rest of her nun's habit.

Cum matted her bush, my seed leaking out of her. She settled on the Mother Superior's face as I thrust. My dick sank into a second nun's tight pussy. It was virgin tight, but it still felt incredible around me.

Hot and silky. My back arched, my naked breasts bouncing before me as I slid into her depths. "Oh, yes!" the Mother Superior moaned even as she pulled down Sister Chastity Hope to sit on her face. I wasn't sure which excited the older nun more: my girl-dick plundering her tight cunt, or the creampie she was about to devour. "Mother Superior!" squealed the younger nun, her firm tits bouncing as she squirmed on the older nun's hungry mouth. "Yes, yes, eat Becky's holy futa-seed out of my bred pussy!" The other nuns fell to their knees as if to pray, but their hands rubbed at their pussies through their habits.

They stared with feverish eyes as I pumped my girl-dick in and out of their Mother Superior's tight snatch. Sister Chastity Hope moaned out her worship, grinding her cum-filled muff on the Mother Superior's hungry mouth.

As I fucked her, I watched her tongue lap out, vanishing into Sister Chastity Hope's black bush and cum-smeared labia. She gathered my cream and the nun's pussy juices. It made me ache.

It propelled my hips to thrust so hard and fast into the nun. "I'm going to plant babies in all of you!" I moaned, my hips thrusting away hard and fast. "Oh, yes, you're all going to be bred by my futa-cock!" "Hallelujah," a nun with lush-brown skin moaned. "Yes, yes, yes!" Sister Chastity Hope moaned. Then she ducked her head down and sucked on my pink nipple.

The sensation shot right to the tip of my girl-dick buried in the Mother Superior's tight pussy. I shuddered, my hips thrusting faster and faster as I fucked my futa-cock hard and fast in and out of the nun's snatch. Her pussy clenched down hard on my shaft while she moaned into Sister Chastity Hope's pussy. It was so delicious.

The young nun worshiped my nipple. Her tongue danced around it between her hot sucks. Her hands fondled both my breasts, squeezing them, her fingers teasing my other nipple. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. My juices flowed down my thighs as I pumped away hard.

I slammed my girl-dick so hard and deep into the Mother Superior's cunt. "Oh, I'm going to breed you all!" I gasped, the pleasure coursing through me. "Your pussies will all overflow with my seed." "Hallelujah," the brown-skinned nun moaned. Others echoed her. I shivered, the air brimming with passion. Sister Chastity Hope sucked even harder at my nipple. She loved my nub. I groaned, my pussy clenching so hard.

My ovaries grew tighter and tighter with another load of skin. Then the young nun squealed. Her mouth popped off my nipple. Her arms flew around my neck, pulling my face close to hers. I could smell the spicy musk of the Mother Superior's pussy adorning her face. "She's sucking on my clit, Becky and. and." Her face scrunched up with pleasure. "Yes! I'm cumming! Praise the Lord!" She kissed me. I melted into her lips, thrusting hard into the Mother Superior's cunt.

The spicy flavor adorning the younger nun's lips sent a wave of heat through me. I slammed forward hard. The silky friction surged around my futa-cock.

I came. My futa-spunk pumped into the Mother Superior's pussy. I bred her while the pleasure surged through me. My eyes squeezed shut. I whimpered and moaned. I clung to the younger nun, our nipples caressing as our tongues danced.

The other nuns moaned around us, their masturbatory worship reaching a moaning peak. Then the Mother Superior joined us. She cried out her rapture into my Sister Chastity Hope's pussy. Her cunt spasmed around my cock, milking my shaft, drawing out every drop of cum in me. I shuddered, my eyes squeezing shut. She milked the last drop of my cum out of me.

Buzzing in rapture, I broke the kiss and rose. My dick plopped out of the Mother Superior's cunt. It dripped pussy juices as I faced the other moaning nuns. I grinned at them as they stared at my cock with such hunger in their eyes. "Who shall receive my blessed seed next?" I moaned, lost to the naughty fantasy, drunk on the pleasure of these nuns. They all cried out for my seed. I grinned and knew I would enjoy my stay at the convent. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 17th, 2047 "They renamed their convent The Devoted Sisters of the Futa Becky and called themselves Futanarite Nuns after my visit," I said.

"I've never heard about that," Adelia said. Genuine interest shine on her face, not the cultivated look she used while pretending what I told her was new information. "They keep to themselves, but they are still devoted to doing good. They only accept girls pregnant with my child. They raise my daughters who have gone out to found new convents around the world, starting their own harems of nuns devoted to serving the God in their strange, Catholic way by helping the faithful understand sex is wonderful." "That is so fascinating," Adelia said.

"Religion has always been a large part of the human experience, and it's remarkable how you've affected them, especially those more. repressed." "Yeah," I said nodding my head. "I wish I had been more active about it when younger. I could have done some good during my wanderings with I really thought about it." "By being a missionary spreading free love?" I nodded my head.

"But I was young." "Well, your actions once you become president bore fruit," Adelia said. "But we're not there yet in your story." "Not yet." "So I understand that it was during your hitchhiking period that you ran into the cult for the first time." "Now that was surreal," I said.

I could feel the studio audience growing hushed, ready to hear my tale. To be continued.