White slut sucking and fucking big black cock

White slut sucking and fucking big black cock
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One more part for my story. i'll work on more soon (i hope i will) cause i think it will leave a lot of you wanting for more. Also next part will return to Harry who will have some fun with Cho and Luna! Good Read! Harry Potter and the ring of Salazar part 11 The First Weekend: Hermione's Weekend part one Hermione Granger woke up on saturday, first weekend of the year. Her sheets where soaked, her finger lodge in her pussy.

And she clearly remember dreaming about being fuck all night by Goyle. But all sexual thought about the boy were gone replace by hatred as soon as she got scent of her body odor.

She reeked of shit. She could remember last night like it was in her dream but she knew it was real. Goyle had used her mouth as a toilet and she had eat it all! Thinking about it made her stomach turn up and she puked in her trash basket.

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She ran to the washroom and wash her teeth then she hop in the shower but realise she could not turn it on. As much as she wanted it, as much as she tried it, she couldn't turn up the water up. She tough about asking Ginny to turn it up for her.

Last time she couldn't do something, in fact cleaning cum up her face, it happened Ginny could do it. Unfortunately, her friend was no where to be seen and, Hermione had to get out of the dorm still smelling like a dumpster under summer sun. She would have stay in her dorm but she could not even stand her own smell. She had to clean herself. She passed through the common room and saw every eyes on her, some student pinching their nose while she past by them.

She could only see disgust in their face. She was the used to be the point of focus from boys and their lustful eyes. Not this time. They look at her like they would to used her as a toilet. In the corridor, she realized she had no where to go. She was planing to find Ginny but, the school was big and she didn't know where to start.

Getting down to the main hall to see if she could see her friend eating breakfast, she came past student from lower grade going to the library, and on one's school agenda she saw a pictures of her deep throating a horse cock. She cursed Malfoy out loud. Now every boys at Hogward must have one of those. Still on her walk to the main hall she taught about Firenze cock and how must she would like to taste it back and remember it this time.

Then she wonder where those taught came from. She needed to make her excuse to Firenze. She felt like she had rape him even if she knew she was the one being rape. Firenze was the nicest of all centaur from the forbidden forest.

But first, she needed to get clean. At the great hall entrance, she look inside to the griffondor table for Ginny but, she was nowhere to be seen. -Where are you Ginny when i need your help? Cursed the girl for herself. If she had knew that Ginny was starting to suck Kingsley Shacklebolt right now she might have not felt a spark of anger for her best friend. She looked for Luna Lovegood at the ravenclaw table but, she to was absent this morning. Harry wasn't there to, but Ron was eating like a pig all alone.

She could not go see him. Not like this. He would dump her right there with that smell. -So what if he dump me, i could have Firenze!

He's much more a man than Ron Weasley. What the fuck. Why i'm think like this, she taught. She saw Malfoy and Goyle getting up and walking in her direction but, they had not seen her yet and, she ran outside to evade them.

Once on the school yard she stopped. She saw Hagrid's hut a little much far from her. Hagrid had a shower in is back yard. The kind you find in camping ground, with panel to cover the body part. Hagrid was so big that those panel could cover her all. And, she could ask hagrid to start it for her. She ran to the hut and knocked to the door.

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- i'm coming, said the loud strong voice of Hagrid from inside. The door opened to the half giant. Seeing Hermione, he smiled. The young girl was hit with a flash of memory. The last time she saw Hagrid was yesterday and, he had his cock out and was ejaculating more than a litter of sperm on her face.

-About yesterday Hagrid, i was not myself when you saw me in the great hall. - Hermy, i think your mistaken. I was in the forest all day yesterday. I was hunting the accromantule back to their lair. Since Aragog's death they became a nuisance.


I off in the forest right now. I must be sure they didn't come back, explain Hagrid. Suddenly, he got caught of her scent. He made a grimace then ask - Hermione! It's you who smell like this? It's worse than my half-brother's poo. What happened to you. -Long story Hagrid. I don't want to talk about it.

I came here because shower in my dorm are broken again, can please use your's? She request while doing doe's eyes. -Sure Hermy! It's in the backward. You know where? -yes i know but could you please make it work for me? -It's not really complicated but, sure come with me! They make the turn around the little house and walk up to the shower.

It was like she remember it. The panel where so big she would be invisible in here. Only her foots would stick out from under them. Hagrid turned a rusty nod then a switch and hot water was pouring down. Here you go Hermione!, said Hagrid, i will go search my crossbow inside and i'll go hunting.

Take all the time you want then, close this switch. And he was gone. Hermione Granger stepped inside the big camping shower. It was so big she could stand inside next to the panel an stay dry. She closed the door and got naked. She blushed a little when she heard the giant pass next to the cabin of to the wood but, he said nothing. Finally when she was about to enter the water she froze.

She could not make another step. Even with the water just pouring in front of her she could not go in. Nor take the hand size soap bar. She could not wash at all. She was frantic and started to cry. -Why! She screamed out loud Then, she heard a scratching sound on the door panel.

She opened it a little to check outside.

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It was Fang, Hagrid's dog, who was panting, looking at her. His tail was moving happily. -Not now Fang.

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Back boy. Go back siting in your dog house, told him Hermione.


The dog looked at her with intrigued eyes, then turn around and walk up to his little box of a home. Unfortunately for Hermione Granger, she watched him walk back and when he turned around she got glimpse of his balls. Every thought about cleaning up was gone in her mind, she didn't even smell the foul stench of her scent anymore.

All she could think was sucking on Fang's balls, make them produce a lot of cum so she could suck it all up after. Hermione got out of the shower completely naked. And walk up to Fang who was sniffing something on the ground, his back turn to her. She got down one her hand and knees the reach with one hand a grab hold of Fang's balls. They were black and cover in fur but this made her want them more. She put one in her mouth. She was able to glob it all.

She licked it inside her mouth. The fur made it a weird feeling she was loving. She switch ball and continue her dutiful licking of his testicles Fang first jump up at the touch of her hand on his nuts but, when she started to suck and lick at them he became docile and horny.

The pointy tips of his cock got out of it's furry enclosure. For a hole five minutes, Hermione Granger suck one dog's ball with delight on her face. Fang was horny as hell now. His cock was almost all out and now he needed to fuck to get it full. He could not turn around since the little bitch behind him was holding is balls.


Hermione Granger needed cum. She needed Fang's cum. And she would never get it by licking his ball. She reached from behind to take hold of the big dog cock and was amazed by what she could feel in her hand. It was huge. The third biggest cock she ever had after Firenze and Hagrid. As soon as she let off of his balls to take hold of his penis, Fang try to turn. By doing so, his cock, still in Hermione's hand, made a 180 degree turn between is back leg and pop in full view of the girl.

Feeling the little hands on him move to take hold of the base of his cock and a mouth starting to suck him, Fang stopped from moving and started to enjoy this totally new feeling on his dick.

Hermione was amazed by the sight of the dog cock. All red with big purple veins on it, she couldn't resist and dive in. Less then a second later, she was deep throating the cock with pleasure. She didn't have any gag reflex and could take it all in her mouth. It tasted so good, she could not wait to taste his precious cum. Hermione Granger had never seen a dog cock before nor she knew anything about them. If she had, maybe she wound not have deep throat him all the way.

If she could have stop herself from doing it. The big black dog was ready to cum.

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He only needed to to bury his dick down that sweet pleasure hole and lock in. Hermione bottom the cock another time, keeping it down her throat and lick it with her tongue. Suddenly, the base of the cock expanded into a round ball the size of a baseball. Her mouth was full. It pushed her cheek round, it was hard to breath since the dick was still down her throat and the base of the knot was pressed against her teethes. She could not get the cock out from he mouth without breaking her jaw or all her teethes.

She was stuck with a dog cock down her throat. She didn't care. All she wanted was his cum. Fang was now stuck in this hole. He could now impregnate the bitch. The first shot of cum were about haft a litter.

But, he continue to cum little jet of cum after it. And he knew he would do it for sometime now. It was his first go in the past 7 years. Hermione felt the to first cumshot fill her belly with hot goo. She would have love to taste it but it was shot directly to her stomach.

The poor girl then came back to herself.

All the sudden, she could taste the cock in her mouth without her mind forcing her to like it. She started to gag since her gag reflex returned. She choke and choke. She had to concentrated to breath from he nose. Each time she did she got the dog and anus scent up her nose. The dog ass was all she could see. The dog was still cumming down her throat every 5 second or so with little jet of cum. -Hagrid are you home? It was Harry Potter's voice from the front of the hut.

Her heart stopped beating. Harry was here to see Hagrid. Then her worse fear came.

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Fang who loved Harry barked then trotted his way. Dragging her by the mouth with him.