Zwei Mädchen großen schwarzen Schwanz reiten

Zwei Mädchen großen schwarzen Schwanz reiten
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On Patrol It was a warm night. The West Texas sun was brutal and unforgiving throughout the day and as night fell, the air remained heavy and unmoving. As I drove past the Bank of America on Bryant Blvd, the digital clock under the bank's logo flashed between 9:47 and 92 degrees. I'd been on patrol for almost 4 hours tonight and was bored shitless! I hated working the mid-shifts and the lack of calls tonight made me regret covering the last four hours of my ex-partners shift.

I normally worked the 10 P.M. to 6 A.M. shift but had started at 6 P.M. tonight so Denny could attend his daughter's jazz concert at the high school. Having been on the force for over 17 years, I could have moved to the day shift at any time.

All I needed to do was put in the request. However, I enjoyed working nights. All of the exciting calls happened during the nights and I was hooked on the adrenaline high.

Other than a four year stint as a narcotics detective, I had spent my entire career working the street. During my first years on the force, I started taking college classes and eventually earned my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice.

I was promoted to Sergeant at age 29. Now, at 38 and having completed a Master's Degree last year, I was recently promoted to Lieutenant. Other than the shift commander, I was the ranking officer on duty most nights. As I reminisced about my career, I listened to the dispatch center as they relayed information to other units throughout the city. Most of them were routine calls; a couple minor domestic disturbances, a shoplifting at the HEB, a possible drunk driver involved in a minor traffic accident.

The radio chatter was busy but nothing that warranted my involvement. Normally on slow nights like these, I'd work my way to the local college campus and embark on a foot patrol. As a police officer, these "walks" created opportunities to engage in community policing; a term developed by some fat-ass bureaucratic politician that basically amounted to "kissing ass" with civilians. As a divorced 38 year old male, it gave me the opportunity to check out the young college girls.

I'd learned early in my career getting laid was simple for a cop. Even the ugliest cops on the force were able to land some young piece of ass that were enamored by the badge and the authority. I considered myself fairly attractive for my age. At 38, I stood 5' 6" tall and weighed 195lbs. I kept in shape by running at least 20 miles per week and lifted weights religiously.

I started shaving my head completely bald about 5 years ago and loved the look and the convenience. I considered heading to the university but really didn't feel like walking tonight. It was too damned hot. I continued to drive around town with no particular destination in mind. It was Thursday night and nothing was going on. "Maybe I'll head back to my office and work on a few of the annual personnel evaluation that are due" I thought to myself. To be honest, I didn't feel like sitting in front of a computer all nigh either.

Bored shitless and it was only going on 10 P.M. I still had eight hours to go. As my mind wandered, I soon found myself on the outskirts of town. I decided to drive up the highway and check on the park and recreation area.

All the local teens loved to use this area as a party location since it was somewhat secluded. After making the 5 minute drive, I spotted the turn-off ahead and began to slow down. As I made the left turn into the road to the park entry, I killed my headlights, driving with my amber lights only. Even though I didn't expect to find much, tactically it was always smart to maintain the advantage; as a cop alone in a park at night, my tactical advantage was the element of surprise.

I slowed my Crown Victoria to 4 or 5 M.P.H. and allowed the engine's idle to slowly pull the vehicle along. As I scanned the area, I allowed my eyes to adjust to the darkness. I continued down the winding road and surveyed each picnic pavilion as I passed. Dead. Nothing. Nobody.

The park was vacant. "Shit!" I said aloud to myself. Not even a young couple making out; a common occurrence and always an opportunity for some humor.

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As I completed the park loop and reached for the headlight switch, I caught a glimpse of a reflection from my left side. I slowly applied the parking brake, a common technique used to stop a police car without illuminating the brake lights and allowing an officer to maintain stealth and surprise.

As the vehicle halted, I opened the door and exited. Our department's vehicle maintenance shop disabled the interior light switch that turned on the dome light when the doors were opened. I gently closed the door and withdrew my large Mag-Lite. As I walked through the dry, brittle grass, I discovered the reflection belonged to a newer model vehicle parked on the grass behind a picnic pavilion.

Whoever parked there did so with the intent on not being seen from the driveway. Had I not looked back for a moment when I was coasting through the park, I would have missed it. Instinctively, my right hand unsnapped the thumb-break of my holster and assumed a strong grip on the pistol grip of my Beretta 9mm service pistol.

Cautiously, I approached the vehicle. As I did, I realized I recognized it. It was Denny's 1999 Chevy Tahoe. I immediately recognized the "48" Jimmy Johnson sticker in the back window and the "Fraternal Order of Police" sticker on the bumper.

"That bastard!" I thought to myself. "I'm working for him tonight and he's out here getting a piece of ass!" I laughed to myself as I decided to pull a prank on my former patrol partner of 6 years. I reached down to my service belt a withdrew my department cell phone. As I slowly approached his truck, I intended to take a picture of Denny in a "compromising position" with the cell phone camera.

I knew Denny and I knew he was NOT at this park fucking his wife of nearly 20 years. He had to be hitting some sweet little cutie from the college. I laughed as I thought of the fun I could have with him and this picture. Denny and his unidentified girlfriend were totally oblivious to my presence as I stood next to the driver's side window. Looking in, I saw Denny fully reclined in the driver's seat and a woman's head bobbing up and down, obviously giving Denny one hell of a blow job.

I raised my camera phone and snapped a picture. I wasn't sure how good the picture quality would be since there was no flash and minimal light outside and in the vehicle. As I raised the camera phone again, I was shocked with what I saw next. Before I could react, I heard a scream inside the car, "Daddy!" Denny was startled and I saw his body flinch as his eyes met mine.

I immediately withdrew my pistol and trained it on Denny. "You sick fuck, get out of the car!" I commanded as I yanked the large door open.

"Jesus Christ Jim, you scared the shit out of us!" Denny replied. His face was frozen in terror as his hard cock stuck out from his body. "Denny, shut the fuck up and get out NOW you sick mother-fucker!" I ordered. "I can explain.


I…" Denny began. I interrupted, "How can you explain fucking your own daughter you sick fuck?" I was shocked. I had just stumbled on my ex-partner and best friend getting a blow job from his 15 year old daughter Denise.

I had known Denise from the time she was born. I had watched her take her first steps; I was there as she and my daughter started kindergarten together. I attended her concerts, soccer games, softball games, and cheerleading competitions.

I had watched her grow from a clumsy toddler to a stunning young woman. Denise was now a truly exquisite young woman.

Standing 5' 2" tall and weighing 105lbs, Denise had developed into a perfectly toned beauty. Her muscles were well developed and ripped from years of junior high and high school sports. It would have been easy to mistake Denise for 18 or 19 years old. Denise wiped the mixture of her saliva and Denny's pre-cum from her soft lips. She was trembling with fear as I spoke, "Denny, get outta the truck now!" Denny slowly stepped out of his truck and quickly shoved his erection down into his underwear.

"Jim, take it easy and let's work something out…" Denny said nervously. "Put your hands on your head and turn around Denny. You're under arrest!" I ordered. Denny complied. I slowly approached my ex-partner and applied my handcuffs. I walked Denny to the front of his truck and pushed him against the front fender. "Stay here!" I demanded. I then walked back to the open driver's side door, "C'mon Denise. Come out here!" As she exited the truck, her skirt slid up her tanned thighs and allowed me to catch a glimpse of her pantiless pussy.

As I glanced down to the floorboard, I saw her wadded-up pink lace panties in a ball by the gas pedal. Denise stepped out of the truck. I leaned inside the truck to conduct a cursory examination.

I shined my Mag-Lite throughout the cab of the truck. As I did, I discovered a crack pipe and small piece of foil on the dashboard. "Who's been smoking this Denise?" I asked. "Umm…Me and umm, me and Daddy!" she answered hesitantly. "Fuck Denny, what were you gonna do? Get her high and fuck her?" I asked rhetorically. Denny didn't answer. As a cop, he was aware the worst thing anyone could do in these situations was to talk to the police.

As I finished my search of the truck, I quickly surveyed the items I found: (1) Sig Sauer 9mm pistol, (1) plastic baggie with what appeared to be 10-12 ecstasy pills, (1) crack pipe, (1) foil pack with crack residue and (10) nude Polaroid pictures of Denise and some of her girlfriends in various sexually suggestive poses.

I escorted Denny to my car and placed him in the back seat. As I did, I read him his Miranda rights and told him he was being arrested for drug possession and lewd acts with a minor female. Denny sat silent, almost stoic as I walked back to the truck to talk to Denise. "Hunni, how long has this been going on?" I asked. Denise was sobbing as she answered, "Daddy's been smoking with me for about a year now" "What about the abuse?" I asked softly.

"He doesn't abuse me Jim! Me and Sherri made the first move on him around Christmas. Please don't arrest him" she begged. As angry as I was at Denny and as confused as I was about how I was going to handle this situation, I found myself drawn to Denise's beauty.

She was dressed in a pink half-shirt which buttoned in the front and a white tank top underneath. Her denim skirt was skin-tight and her feet were clad in short white socks and Nike running shoes.

Her medium length brown hair was somewhat disheveled but still beautiful. "I don't understand Denise," I said. "Sherri always thought he was hot. One night we were talkin' and she said I should set it up so she could fuck him." She said. "Yes, go on?" I replied. "So Sherri started flirting one night.

Next thing I know, she's giving him a blow job in the living room in front of me. Me and Sherri started messin' around with each other and, well& thing led to another and Daddy, well, um, he was doin' me and Sherri!" "That doesn't make it right Denise!" I replied.

"Are you taking him to jail?" she asked quietly. "Fuck, I don't know!" I said, half speaking to her and half speaking to myself. I honestly had no idea what I was going to do.

Denny was my best friend and my partner for many years. In fact, Denny and I had once tag-teamed my ex-wife when I was still married. But his 15 year old daughter?

That was a line he should not have crossed. Suddenly, I knew exactly how I was going to handle this situation. It was crystal clear and I acted immediately. "Denise, put your hands on the hood of my car and spread your feet.


You're under arrest for drug possession!" I ordered. "W-W-What, No, please?" she begged. "Denise, turn around and put your hands on the hood of my car NOW!" I said more in a much more stern voice. Denise hesitated for a moment but complied. She looked magnificent.

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Her muscular yet very feminine legs were spread apart slightly wider than shoulder width. Her arms were straight and taut as she supported her weight against my patrol car. Her perfectly round ass stuck out as she leaned forward. I walked up slowly behind her and began to search her. I placed my left hand firmly on her left shoulder and ran my right hand down her back and her right side.

I then moved around the top of her skirt to the small of her back. Denise flinched as my hand cupped her perfect ass and worked outward to her left hip. Slowly, I worked my way down the outside of her thigh, feeling her perfectly smooth, soft skin. My mind raced as I absorbed how fantastic she felt. I slowly worked down her lower leg to her sensually muscular calf and then up the inside of her leg. The farther up her leg my hand traveled, the warmer she felt and the more my head was spinning.

My hand brushed against her firm ass. I pushed my hand forward between the crack of her ass until I felt the warmth of her young pussy.

Denise flinched as she pulled her hips to the side. "Stop!" she screamed. Sensing her resistance, I tightened my grip on her shoulder, pressing my fingers into the pressure point beside her neck.

"Don't move Denise!" I ordered. "Owwww, that hurts" se cried out. "Then stop moving!" I demanded as I lightened my grip. As I felt her body relax, my right hand resumed it's probing of her pubic region.

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I gently patted my hand along her pussy and allowed my middle finger to penetrate between the folds of her tight pussy lips. I felt her body quiver with fear. As I withdrew my hand to search down the inside of her left leg, I made sure to allow my finger to quickly enter her tight pussy hole for an instant.

After I finished searching her back, I stepped into Denise and pressed my body against hers. I was certain she could feel my erection as it pressed into her ass. I slowly pulled her upper body back towards me and began running my hand down her chest. Feeling the tangled mess of her pink shirt, I grasped the material with both hands and tore it away from her body. As I resumed my search, my hands began to fondle and caress her breasts.

Her nipples were fully erect and poked through her thin tank-top. I can only assume this was a physiological reaction to her fear and not excitement or arousal. I pressed harder into her petite frame as my hands groped her large tits. "God damn it Jim, STOP!" I heard Denny yell from the back seat of my car.

I was fully aware Denny had a clear view of what I was doing. I ignored him. I then allowed my hand to work its' way down her flat, rock-hard abs and began to pull her tank top up her belly. When it reached a point I had access, I slid my hand under the fabric and up to her tits. Denise tried to resist but I had my body weight pressed into her. Her arms were shaking as I cupped her breasts in my hands.

I allowed her nipples to fall between my fingers and then closed my fingers, gently pinching them. As I did, I slowly pulled my hands from her body, her nipples clenched between my fingers. I was fully aroused and was no longer in control of my actions.

Something deep within had taken over and I felt my heart beating as my violated my best friends little girl. Her skin was like silk and I became more aroused each second I touched her. I felt myself transforming into something evil. I had somehow crossed a threshold for which there was no return. Denny would pay for his crime and his slutty little daughter would finally be the recipient of the fucking I had wanted to give her for such a long time.

After all, how could either of them ever report me? I had pictures of him sexually assaulting his daughter. I would never be punished for committing rape. My lust now consumed me. I felt my hands grab her tank top and rip it from her body. Denise screamed as the searing hot pain from the material cutting into her skin coursed through her body.

With two powerful tug, she was now standing topless, her shoulders reddened from the friction of the cloth. "You fucking bastard!" Denny screamed. My cock was throbbing as it pressed against the confines in my pants. Reaching up, I grabbed Denise by the throat and spun her around effortlessly. Denise was now facing me, her beautiful breasts exposed and vulnerable. I moved my hand around the back of her head and grabbed a handful of hair.

Using her hair as leverage, I pushed her to her knees and began to remove my cock. "Undo my pants you dirty bitch!" I demanded. Denise's shaking hands struggled to undo my service belt. Finally able to figure it out, Denise unbuckled my service belt and I allowed it to fall to the ground and placed my foot on top of it to prevent her from lunging for my weapon. Denise then slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.

"Take it out!" I ordered her as I yanked violently on her hair still clenched in my fist. I felt her tiny hands as they worked their way down my pants. Finally, her hand wrapped around my thick cock as she pulled it free. With my free hand, I worked my pants and underwear to my knees. My cock, all erect 8 inches, hung in front of Denise.

"Don't do this Jim, please" I heard Denny begging from my cruiser. Not at all distracted or persuaded otherwise by his pleas, I pushed my hips forward until my cock pressed against Denise's full lips.

I expected to have to tell her what to do. I was wrong. Denise grasped my long shaft with her hand, opened her lips and slowly placed my cock inside her mouth. Her mouth was warm and her tongue felt so soft as she caressed my cock. I looked in amazement as my best friend's 15 year old daughter expertly worked my dick in and out of her mouth.

Her head moved back and forth as she tried to take my entire cock into her mouth. My body trembled with pleasure. So many times I had fantasized about Denise sucking my cock and now, here she was, blowing me while her dad, my best friend, sat handcuffed in the back seat of my patrol car. Denise stroked my cock firmly as she continued to suck; her tongue occasionally teasing the tip of my cock.

As she continued to devour me, I reached down and started playing with her tits. Denise moaned as I pinched her nipples. "You like that?" I asked as I pinched her nipple harder. "Umm hmmm" she mumbled and shook her head up and down in acknowledgment.


Sensing she was now a more willing participant only energized my lust. I began to tightly squeeze her nipple harder and harder.

The harder I squeezed, the more furiously she began to suck my cock. Occasionally, I would hear Denny begging me to stop but I simply ignored his requests. "Fuck this" I said as I pulled my dick from her mouth. "What's." she began to say. I cut her off before we could finish.

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"Take your fucking skirt off and bend over my car!" Denise stood and quickly wiggled out of her skirt. I felt a surge of excitement as I stared at her nude form before me.

She was the perfect woman; perfect yet young and illegal. Her pussy hair was closely trimmed in a "landing strip" pattern and her engorged clit protruded between her tiny pussy lips. Her waist was tiny and her hips accentuated her athletic figure. Her arms were lean and muscular and her stomach was perfect. Denise turned and put her hands back on the hood of my car.

As she did, she moved her feet outward and spread her legs. Leaning forward, her young pussy was exposed beneath her beautiful ass. I stepped forward and placed my middle finger on her ass hole. "Daddy, watch him fuck me, please?" Denise begged. "No, no, please, no" Denny begged. I truly could not understand how he could possibly be this upset. Not 10 minutes ago, his daughter was sucking his cock and yet, he was adamantly opposed to me fucking her.

"Twisted logic!" I thought to myself. Denise moaned as I teased her ass. Slowly, I slid my fingers down her ass until I found the opening to her young pussy. I applied pressure and found my finger easily entering her soaking wet pussy. Denise moaned, "Oh god yes, you like that little pussy Jim?" "You're so warm and wet baby. Is that for me?" I asked. "Uh huh" she replied. I withdrew my finger and grasped my cock, slowly guiding it towards it's' target.

My body shuddered as the tip of my cock pressed into her pussy. With eager lust and anticipation, I entered her. Her pussy was extraordinarily tight as it stretched around my cock. Inch by inch, I entered her. Every inch or so, I would withdraw my cock and then plunge deeper into her, ensuring my cock was fully lubricated with her silky juices.

Once I felt my cock buried deep inside her young twat, I began to slowly fuck her tight hole. As much as I wanted to pound her tiny cunt, I knew I couldn't. It was all I could do to keep myself from cumming simply by knowing I was fucking a 15 year old. It was wrong and I knew it but I didn't care. I would have fucked her when she was 12 if I could have got away with it and although nobody on earth knew it, I had always fantasized about fucking young teen aged girls.

I placed my hands on Denise's narrow hips and slowly increased the speed and ferocity of my fucking. I could feel her tiny pussy lips stretching around my shaft with each stroke. I tried to imagine Denny's view. Was he watching his little girl's tits sway with each stroke of my cock.

Was he wishing he was the one buried inside her pussy? Was he turned on? As a matter of fact, I hadn't heard him say a word in several minutes. I was now pounding Denise hard. I could feel my balls strike her clit with each stroke. Denise was moaning, "Uhn, uhn, uhn, yes, yes, yes" with each powerful stroke. I felt my orgasm building and knew I wouldn't last much longer. I leaned forward, pressing Denise down onto my car and then put my hands in the small of her back.

Firmly, I pressed down on her as I pounded my throbbing cock as hard and deep as I could. "OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD, YES, YES, YES, YES" she screamed. Hearing her scream in ecstasy sent me over the top. My cock swelled as my body prepared to ejaculate. "Oh, you little fucking whore! I'm gonna cum" I moaned deeply. "Fuck yeah, do it, do it, do it" she grunted with each stroke.

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Denise must have sensed I was ready to explode. I felt her tighten her pussy muscles as I buried my cock deep inside. It felt like a surge of electricity shot through my body as I came. "F-U-U-U-C-C-K"! I yelled as I began to fill her cunt with my hot cum. I continued to pump my cock into her as wad after wad of cum coated the insides of her young pussy.

I felt my body tighten as I grabbed her hips and pulled her backwards into me, burying my cock as deep as I could get it. "Ooooooo, oooooo, ooooooo" Denise squealed. Sensing the last of my cum seeping into her, I removed my cock. I stepped back and gazed at her. She was bent fully forward, her ass spread open and her pussy fully exposed.

What was once her tight pussy was now a gaping hole; a hole drilled from my thick cock.


Sticky cum oozed from her cunt and ran down the inside of her leg. Satisfied for the moment, I pulled my pants up. Denise remained bent over my car for a moment and then tried to stand. "Wait! I'm not done!" I said as I pulled my PR-24 Police Baton from my service belt. "It's time to teach the little slut and her daddy a lesson!" - To be continued -