Russische busty reifen Omas am Strand Amateur

Russische busty reifen Omas am Strand  Amateur
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Darren positions the tv, so I can see the screen.


The video camera has been rolling from its tripod, giving a good view of me tied onto the bench. Robb gets the camera and swings it around so my face is in full view. "100 loads, very good slut. Did you enjoy taking all these big cocks in your ass." Darren asks.

"yes sir" "Which position was your favorite? In the sling, tied doggystyle?" "I love it all sir, love being fucked by your cocks." I tell him.

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"If I had to pick a position, I would say doggystyle." "Great, what size cocks do you like?" "Sir, if I had a choice, bigger is better." I eagerly respond. I am definitely getting aroused even more, trying to figure out what he has planned for me. "I like the way the bigger cocks feel as they open me up." "Boy, come here." Darren calls over to someone. A white boy, maybe in his 20's, thin, naked, comes walking over. "Slut, I have found a cock in this house that has not fucked you, and it is pretty big.

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Boy, how big is that cock you were just playing with?" "Sir, as you asked, I measured it, and it is 13" long." The slave tells him. The slave leaves.

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Darren turns back to me "Great, go back and keep him hard. 13 inches, "would you like that big cock in your ass?" "Yes sir, of course sir." I tell him eagerly. 13 inches I think to myself is probably bigger then any of the guys that have used me so far.

"I would love to get fucked by this big cock" "Great, not that you have a choice, but glad you are begging for more." He tells me.

Darren looks up at the crowd.

"Slut here would love to get fucked by our big friend." The crowd cheers their approval. With that, the other slave walks in with a large Great Dane on a leash, his massive cock erect. He is led over to me.

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I can't believe they are going to have a dog fuck me, and not just any dog, the cock on this dog is enormous. This is the ultimate humiliation, and the crowd is going to love it. I am excited, scared and humiliated all at the same time. "Do you wish you still had a safety word?" Darren asks.

"No sir, use me as you wish." The dog knows exactly what to do, and places his paws around me, as the slave places the head of the dogs cock against my ass. The dog rams his cock into me. I am already so loose, the dogs knot also goes into my ass. The dog hammers my ass, ramming hard in and out repeatedly. The guys are all crowded around watching. I can see on the TV, the side view of me getting fucked by this big dog and his cock.

It is filling me up, and the knot is going in and out of my ass, it is easily the size of a baseball. The dogs keeps fucking, hard and fast. I never knew they could last so long. It must be 20 minutes or longer and he is still fucking.

After a long hard fuck, the dog finally cums inside me. His cum is hot, and I did not expect that little surpise and I call out a little. Since I am so loose, the knot does not stay in me. The dog gets down and walks away. "Did you enjoy your little surpise slut?" Darren inquires. "Yes sir.

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I enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed watching." I tell him. Exhuasted from all the fucking. "Yes, we did. Would you want to get fucked doggystyle again?" He asks. "Yes sir, as you wish." I reply. "I am not so sure you want more." He begins.


"There are four other dogs, just as big or bigger. Do you deserve to have them put their seed in you? Prove to me you want them, or I will consider the safety word used, and we are through." Four more?

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And they are bigger then this one? I want them, but at the same time, can I take more? I need to, as I want to please master. "Sir, I must have those dogs in me. Please allow them all to fuck me in the ass and cum deep inside me. I must have more dog cocks, I must have big dog cocks." I hear myself blurt out.

With that, another dog is brought out. This ones cock seems bigger. Again, the slave helps the dog mount me. As the cock slides into my ass, I can tell it is a little larger, but still goes in easily.

The dog rams me hard. I am thinking to myself they sure last longer then most guys, as this one rams his cock and knot into me repeatedly. This dog cums inside me, but I am ready for it.

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After that one is led away, a third dog is brought out. His cock is close to the same size as the previous ones, maybe slightly smaller.


The fourth dog is bigger then the previous three, and fucks even longer. The fifth and final dog is the largest of them all. The slave tells Darren that this one is 14 ½ inches long.

It feels good having the entire length of that dogs shaft buried in my ass. The guys can tell I am enjoying myself, getting fucked by these huge dog cocks. The dogs fuck very hard, and fast, but last a very long time. It takes over 2 hours for the five dogs to each fuck me once. I am untied, and led over to the mattress on the floor. I can barely move. I pass out.