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Must see this hot asian babe watch her on smutty cams com tube porn
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Captured in Ajikistan 2 - Musad's Slaves Somewhere in the tiny, war-torn republic of Ajikistan, four beautiful young girls working for a humanitarian aid group were captured by sadistic soldiers. General Aamir and his two bodyguards, Kasim and Musad, were now enjoying the use of their newest playthings. The beautiful blonde with the huge breasts was Sandy. She was naked, straddling a saddle-shaped contraption with a tall, cruelly ribbed dildo, humping it hard with her pussy as one of the soldiers looked on.

Then there was poor Mira, the lushly curved, lithesome brunette. Spread-eagled and bound face-up on a table, her nipples and clitoris were wired. Electric jolts shot through her most sensitive parts. Her tortured pussy was sore from being fucked multiple times, and her rapists' cum was still oozing from between her swollen cunt lips. The other two girls didn't have it much better. A paler and even more slender brunette named Layla was doubled over on her hands and knees, as naked as all the others.

The hilt of a knife was wedged into her ass, and she'd been ordered to stay still without moving. Lastly there was Arianna, a gorgeous Latina. Her chest was almost as well-endowed as the blonde's. She had just finished fucking herself on Musad's lap. Still feeling her rapist's sticky seed inside her, she could only sigh after lapping at the mixture of her own juices and his as she cleaned off his cock.

Sitting up, she licked her chops and waited for his next command…just hoping that whatever it was, she wouldn't be tortured as badly as the others. "Such a well-behaved slut. Come over and kiss me," Musad muttered. Arianna obeyed. Leaning over, she kissed him deeply as his hands slid down to the curve of her buttocks. She could feel his hot breath as his tongue molded to hers.

His hands slid upward, gliding across the smooth skin of her back as the depraved soldier enjoyed the lingering taste of her cunt juice and his own cum from her mouth to his. Finally, he sat back with a sigh, lightly petting her pussy as he stared at her with smoldering eyes.

"General Aamir, thank you again for gifting me this slave. I will definitely make good use of her." The General Aamir grunted his approval. Arianna tried not to shudder.

Musad glanced at Kasim, who had been dialing up the electric current on the torture device they've been using on the poor girl, Mira. The brunette's naked body lay completely limp. Only the slight rise and fall of her chest indicated that she was even still alive.

"The stupid cunt passed out again," Kasim complained. "What should we do now, Sir?" The General Aamir clapped his hands with finality. "That's enough. We will clean up Slave Layla and Slave Sandy and take them to camp to share with the men so that they can have their fun." The naked blonde and the pale brunette both blanched as they heard the General's awful promise.

Now the General turned toward Musad. "You will stay here with the other two cunts. My gift to you." Aamir nodded at the unconscious young brunette. "Let Slave Mira rest, if you wish. That little bitch has certainly been well used.

In the meantime you can play with your newest young pet, Slave Arianna, yes?" Musad's grin broadened even as Arianna felt a cold prickle of fear. Musad's fingers sped up their strokes against her pussy as she bit her lip, stifling a traitorous moan.

"Yes, General. I think I can handle two helpless bitches for a few hours while you attend to other matters," Musad says. The General nodded as he pulled the knife hilt out of Layla's ass and dragged her to her feet. The sexy brunette tried to protest.

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"Please, Sir, don't give me to the other soldiers. Please, let me just serve you! I'll fuck you, I'll be such a good fuck for you. I'll suck your cock. You can even fuck me in the ass. I would love it if you would fuck me in the ass, Sir. Please! I'll beg for it, I'll do whatever you want!" Her babbled pleas fell on deaf ears. Even worse, they angered her sadistic host.

"Quiet! American whores do not speak unless being TOLD to speak," the General roared. He took a ball gag with a cock-shaped head and stuffed it in Layla's mouth, fastening it tightly to her jaw. The girl's protests turned into a muffled "Mmmpphhh!" as the General swatted her jiggling breasts and, gripping her by the back of the neck, shoved her roughly forward toward the waiting truck.

Meanwhile Kasim had the blonde Sandy lifting up off of the giant, cruel dildo embedded in the 'saddle' on the floor. The huge phallus was strongly scented in her juices. Her body had already betrayed her several times, each cruel orgasm forcing the young blonde to coat it in her fluids. "Lick that clean, you lazy slut. Then we go," Kasim ordered. Sandy quickly smothered the huge dildo with her mouth. She felt Kasim's hand on her head, pressing down until she was nearly gagging.

Her mouth had taken almost all of the huge dildo down her throat.


She was now gurgling, drooling on the massive shaft, straining to take in air through her nose. "Come on, bitch, suck that cock good. Pretend it's a real cock. Let me see some effort." Slurping loudly, she cleaned it efficiently with her tongue, tasting her own cunt cream until she'd slobbered all over it, making the giant red rod glisten with her saliva.

Kasim pulled her up by her hair as she yelped. Then he smacked her ass and shoved her toward the truck. "Keep moving, pussy. We have dozens of cocks for you to fuck once we get back to camp.

Yours is the only cunt that hasn't been broken in by a REAL cock. You're in for a special treat." Sandy shivered in dread as the soldier took her outside, shoved her into the back of the truck, and proceeded to bind her hands and feet. Next, the General Aamir and his man Kasim took sanitary wipes and wiped down their two captives to an approximation of cleanliness… the best they could do without a proper water supply.

The General drove the truck. Kasim rode in back with Layla and Sandy. Their wrists were bound behind their backs, their ankles bound together as they lay in the back of the truck, feeling every jarring bump as it trundled over the poorly maintained dirt road toward the rebels' main camp where nearly 100 soldiers wait. Kasim fondled and groped both of them as the truck lurched down the hill. "We're going to have an easy ride together, little cunts." He leaned over, sucking on Layla's nipples as the poor girl groaned.

Finally, as the roar of the truck's engine receded in the distance, back at the General Aamir's tent, Musad turned to his captive, Arianna. 'Hmmm. What am I going to do with my new pussy?' he wondered. And right then, a beautifully wicked idea slipped into his head. But first…a little break was in order. After all, his testicles needed a chance to rejuvenate their supply of cum. "Come here, little slut. We'll take a nice little nap together." Pulling her to a mattress in the corner, which was covered with a smattering of pillows, Musad made room for the two of them.

He then tied Arianna's wrists behind her back. He lay on his side and forced Arianna onto her back. He spread her silken thighs, his fingers caressing her clit as the girl's jaw slackened, her eyes glazing over with the forced pleasure. "Uhhh…Please Sir. No…" "Call me 'Master,'" Musad growled. "Please Master," Arianna begged. "Don't." "Shut up, little cunt.

I own this pussy. I will play with it when I want to." He kept stroking her, relishing the play of emotions that splashed across her strong, beautiful face. The Latina's body slowly responded to his touch. Her pussy gradually began to drip onto his fingers…and soon the drip became a steady trickle as he plunged his fingers in deeper, gripping the insides of her cunt with his fingertips and rubbing with firm, thorough caresses as her moistening heat excited him.

He pinched her sensitive labia, enjoying each time she shivered or twitched. Eventually he was pounding his fingers hard inside her, teasing her clit with his other hand, watching as she responded to his dual-assault. The Latina's legs opened wider for him, giving him total access. Her juices dribbled onto the mattress. He watched as her clit swelled up, firm and hungry, begging for more even as his captive begged for him to stop.

"Please Master…oh god…" Arianna sighed. "Cum for me, bitch. I can smell your love juice already. See it staining the mattress? Come on, American whore.

Do what your body commands you to DO." He thrust his two fingers roughly into her snatch, hitting her G-spot. Arianna moaned, her legs thrashing wildly as she spurted onto his hand.

Her cunt cream coated his fingers as he kept pumping them inside her, waiting for her to ride out the orgasm as he finger-fucked her to a satisfying finish. Finally, sagging like a puppet with its strings cut, Arianna turned to putty in his hands as he pulled her in close.

He draped an arm around her, nestling her naked body against his. He kissed her hair softly. "Now, do not say your Master is not kind and merciful, bitch. Very good. Let's take a nice little nap." So saying, Musad pulled Arianna taut against his body. As his warmth enshrouded her, the girl tried to fall asleep.

With Musad's stiffening cock pressed against her ass, somehow Arianna managed to slip into unconsciousness. *********** Arianna awoke an hour and a half later to Musad's cock gently prodding at her lips.

"Wake up, bitch. Open your mouth.

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I have a present for you." The beautiful Latina girl abruptly opened her mouth. Immediately she felt a hard, engorged shaft plunge between her lips. She nearly gagged, gurgling loudly as the Islamic fighter gathered her long dark tresses away from her pretty face to better fuck her sexy mouth.

He pumped his hips forward, groaning with pleasure as her jaw rippled, as she tenderly sucked him…her tongue cradling his shaft lovingly. She sucked him as hard as she could, desperate to please him.

'If only I had my hands free, I could fondle his balls and make it even better for him. Maybe then he wouldn't torture me,' she thought bitterly. The big-breasted Latina had other fleeting thoughts as Musad worked his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth…until, amazingly, he had his wrinkled scrotum bopping gently against her chin. She was gurgling fervently, her nose pressed up against his pubic hair as she moaned, breathing frantically through her nose.

'Can't…breathe…' she thought, nearly blacking out as pain exploded in her chest. Then he was pulling out, groaning as what seemed like a gallon of cum shot from the tip of his penis. "AAHHHH!! Take my seed, infidel cunt. Open that cute mouth and do your best to SWALLOW or I will shove the sharp end of a knife up your ass." Arianna quickly opened her mouth wide, letting the thick ropes of cum shoot between her lips and onto her waiting tongue, which she stuck out with feigned eagerness.

The taste of his acrid cum made her shiver, but she didn't dare resist. She waited obediently until every last burst of cum had coated the insides of her mouth. Excess jism hung from her upper lip, slowly oozing down to her lower lip. More jism glistened on the girl's chin. "Not bad, bitch. You only wasted a few drops.

Here, let me help you," Musad growled. He took his finger, gathered up the glistening splotch of seed along her chin and then fed it to her. She slurped his finger clean. She looked at him. She waited for his next command. Musad nodded. "Very good, little cunt. You are smarter than your friends, I think, and that is very fortunate. Especially since you are my fuck-toy, and the longer you please me, the longer you stay ALIVE." Musad turned and walked over toward Mira.

The beautiful, lithesome young brunette was finally awake.

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She had gotten some much needed rest after having her pussy and nipples tortured so cruelly with electroshock that she'd passed out earlier. Now, seeing the tender attentions of Musad coming her way, Mira began to tremble. 'Oh god, what's he going to do to me!' she wondered. Her heart thudded violently in her ribcage. She just wanted this nightmare to end. For a split second, her eyes and Arianna's eyes met.

The pleading in Mira's face struck a nerve deep in Arianna's core, but what could the Latina do? She was just as helpless as her friend. Musad leaned over Mira, taking out the girl's ball gag as she coughed.

"Welcome back, slut. Did you have a nice nap?" Musad said with an evil smirk. "Are you ready for NEW and even more EXCITING games?" Mira shook her head. "Please Master. Please, don't hurt me. I just want to rest, that's all. Please!" Musad gently pinched each of the girl's nipples and then slowly felt up the rest of her body as she squirmed and moaned. "Please stop!" Mira wailed. "Sorry, bitch. Your sexy little body is too tempting to resist…plus my cock's already getting hard again, thanks to you…and I have just the idea for how to make it grow even HARDER." So saying, the stocky, scar-faced rebel soldier strode over to a table on the far side of the tent.

From inside a 'toolbox' of sorts, he withdrew a long black shaft which was attached to a ball-gag. It was maybe 9 inches tall, with lots of ribbed bumps along the sides. Musad walked back over to Mira, whose eyes were bulging as she stared at the obscene contraption.

"What're…what're you going to do with that?" she whimpered. Musad grinned. "You haven't figured it out yet?

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Stupid bitch. You'll see soon enough." Next he went over to Arianna, dragged her to her feet, and undid her bindings.

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He handed Arianna the tall ebony phallus. "You know what to do with this, Big Tits?" The Latina tried to ignore the degrading new nickname her captor had given her and shook her head. "You fasten this to her mouth. Then she'll have a nice, long cock sticking up out of her face. And guess what? You get to ride it with your pussy!" Arianna felt her insides clench up. This was so WRONG. Part of her felt absolutely disgusted.

Revolted beyond belief. Yet another part of her…some of her insides were clenching up for a very different reason. Her core felt a twinge of anticipation. Her cunt muscles tensed. Her pussy warmed. 'Oh god. Does this sick bastard really expect me to impale my pussy on this huge dildo shaft while it's embedded in poor Mira's mouth?' she thought. Seeing the serious, smoldering look in Musad's eyes left no doubts.

Slowly, biting her lip, the big-breasted Latina nodded. "Y-yes Master. Please, I'll do what you wish. Can you show me…how to put it on her?" She couldn't believe she was actually saying those words.

Closing her eyes, she shuddered as her captor took her by the wrist and led her over to the table where Mira had been tied spread-eagled, face-up. Next, Musad deliberately, intricately instructed Arianna on how to affix the ball-gag with its towering dildo to Mira's mouth.

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Arianna did as he instructed. She tried to ignore Mira's muffled pleas as the ball gag filled her mouth. The leather straps swung down the sides of her jaw and buckled together firmly behind the girl's head.

The awful sex toy now marred Mira's beautiful face. A huge, 9-inch-tall ribbed shaft now sprung obscenely from Mira's once-innocent face. "Not bad, slut. Now before you hop on and pump that wet pussy on your girlfriend's face, we need to add one more finishing touch." Musad grinned as he took out a bottle of lubricant and began pouring a strawberry-scented oil along the tip of the black shaft.

"Now, no need to thank me, bitch. As you can see, I'm ensuring you maximum pleasure as you fuck your friend's face. Now I'm expecting a really entertaining orgasm, Big Tits. I don't want you stopping. I want you moving those hips and grinding that pussy until you gush ALL OVER your girlfriend. Am I clear?" Arianna nodded quickly.

'This sick maniac…he's going to force me to orgasm in Mira's face! Ughh…' Instead she found her vocal cords saying these hideous words: "Yes, Master. It will be as you say." Once she'd watched Musad finish coating the dildo in the oily lubricant, Arianna climbed up onto the table.

She stood over her helpless friend. Looking down at the cock springing up from Mira's face, this seemed more wrong than ever. The naked Latina slowly knelt over her friend's face. She was facing toward her friend's feet at the moment.

"Straddle her. Plunge that pussy down on her fucking face. Let's see some action," Musad urged. "Come on, you lazy slut. Get your pussy DOWN on it," he growled. Arianna bent her knees more until she was straddling the shaft coming up out of Mira's face. The girl's jaw was probably already aching from having the ball-gag cruelly shoved into her mouth and fastened so tightly to her jaw. Arianna felt sorry for the poor girl as she slowly positioned her pink opening above the awful phallus.

Then, inch by agonizing inch, Arianna lowered her pussy onto the waiting shaft. She felt every graze of the shaft's ribbing caress the inner walls of her pussy, and it felt…strangely good. Which made it only worse, because shame bloomed in her chest with every inch deeper her cunt sank down onto the obscene cock. 'I'm sorry, Mira. I'm so sorry.' Finally, when Arianna had it all inside of her wetness, with the lube only adding to the budding sensations of pleasure, the sexy Hispanic girl began moving her hips.


She began grinding her pussy, pumping it gingerly up and down. Accommodating the girth and length of the ribbed shaft wasn't easy, but somehow Arianna managed. Meanwhile, Musad watched with mounting eagerness. His cock had sprung to life, fully elongated as it saluted her naked form. He watched with a keen eye as the Latina beauty's light fuzz of pubic muff bobbed up and down in time to the motion of her sinking pussy.

To the rebel fighter, watching this helpless naked captive fuck herself on her fellow captive's mouth was a thing to behold. A work of art. "That's so good, little cunt. You're doing really well," Musad grunted. He walked up to the table. His fingers gently found Arianna's clit. He began stroking her joy nub as she fucked herself, as she bottomed out her pussy on the obscene ebony cock protruding from Mira's mouth. "Uhhh!" Arianna moaned. Her hands were spread out on either side of her as she leaned slightly over Mira's torso.

Arianna's nipples hardened with arousal as her cunt continued to envelope the shaft. Plunge. Pump. PLUNGE. PUMP. The girl's ample breasts jiggled wildly as she fucked herself with a firm, soon-to-be frenzied tempo. She fucked her girlfriend's face as if her very life depended on it.

As if slacking for even a moment might enrage her captor and doom them both. Arianna could hear Mira's muffled pleas for her stop. She ignored them. She had no choice.

Instead, the gorgeous Latina kept plunging her sex down harder and harder onto Mira's face. The loud slap of her cunt lips bottoming out on the base of the dildo, just below Mira's nose, soon echoed throughout the tent. Arianna tried to ignore the delicious shiver of pleasure that shot through her pussy, making her cunt muscles clench around the shaft as Musad stroked her clit more attentively.

The glide of his fingers left her mouth dry, her jaw going slack. Arianna's eyelids grew heavy as she moaned a deep, heartfelt sound of sheer, mounting bliss. "OH Master! Oh god…" Arianna's words trailed off, swallowed up by the return of her heartfelt moans as she rode the shaft affixed to Mira's face toward what would be a fantastic climax.

Beneath Arianna, the helpless, naked young girl could do nothing but look up in horror as Arianna's ass bounced up and down…as Arianna's pink pussy plunged down onto her face.

Mira's disgust and revulsion couldn't do a thing for her as she had to just lay there and take it. She just laid there as Arianna's sex fluids began trickling down the shaft, filling her nostrils with the smell of her friend's arousal. It was wrong on too many levels to fathom. And yet… "Are you getting close, bitch? I can see your fluids glistening on that fucking cock.

Is your pussy HUNGRY, slut? Does it want to gush all over that cock and know true pleasure? Hm?" Musad roared. He pinched Arianna's clitoris lightly as the girl's high-pitched moan went up an entire octave.

"AHHH!! YES Master! Fuck! Oh god I want to cum so badly. Please, may I CUM?" Arianna couldn't believe the ridiculously servile words coming out of her mouth. She was talking like a damned sex slave. Yet instinctively she knew that this was the safest way to stay alive - in other words, to stay in her captor's good graces.

Her gaze flickered over to study Musad's reaction. The rebel soldier was stroking his chin thoughtfully. "Asking for permission to come. Smart girl." Musad returned to fondling Arianna's clitoris. Instead of pinching it, this time he gently stroked it and battered it tenderly, creating an inferno of building pleasure that could end with only one result. His other hand meanwhile reached down, lightly petting Mira's sex. He was soon stroking Mira's cum-encrusted pussy and the nerve bundle between Arianna's thighs at the same time.

"Yes…keep riding her face. Impale that cunt like a good little slut," he growled. The rebel soldier watched with satisfaction as the entire black shaft vanished inside Arianna's snatch.

It stretched her pussy almost unbearably, slamming up into her cervix as Arianna grunted. She felt an explosion of pleasure right then. WHAM. It blindsided her like a train running off the rails. Her heart somersaulted in her chest. Her cunt muscles twitched and clutched at the artificial penis thrust deep between her legs. Her fluids gushed - a torrent of feminine lust that slid down to mingle with the oily lubricant in a messy, sticky quagmire.

Mira meanwhile had the unfortunate fate of having all her friend's cunt cream and strawberry-scented oil slide down into her mouth. She tasted the unusual cocktail of cunt cream and oil as she drooled with the ball-gag still fixed firmly in her mouth. Completely helpless, she could do nothing except swallow this strange mixture of fluid and wonder how the nightmare she now found herself in could be remotely real.

'No!' Mira thought. 'Arianna, stop helping this monster rape me!' But Arianna was still too preoccupied riding out the wave of her orgasm and hoping to please their captor.

Gradually the gorgeous Latina stopped shuddering on top of Mira's face. Arianna's legs felt like jelly. Her hips ached from her constant grinding. She attempted to get up off of the tainted dildo, but Musad stopped her. "Did I tell you that you could get up, bitch?" Quickly Arianna shook her head and settled back down on the dildo.

She felt Mira's tiny breaths underneath her sated sex as the girl was forced to breathe in the scent of her friend's cunt.

She settled down on the dildo, the fullness of it making her bite her lip. This thing was stretching her pussy like no man's cock ever had… "Now, look at this?" Musad growled. He lifted up his fingers - the same fingers he had been using to pet and fondle Mira's snatch. They glistened in the light. Wet. Soaked. "Your friend needs some relief, bitch. Since she helped you get off with the strap-on dildo in her mouth, I think it's time you returned the favor.

Get over here." As he motioned between Mira's legs, Arianna stood up from the dildo. A loud sound of resistant suction filled the room - SHLORP - as Arianna's cunt slowly came up off of the giant dildo. The Latina's cunt oozed with some of her leftover fluids. Now she crawled over on the table, turning around so that she faced the exposed pussy of the lithesome brunette still tied spread-eagled on the tabletop. She gaped at Mira's sex - sticky with so much nasty dried cum - the cum of her most recent rapist.

Musad gripped Arianna by the nape of the neck and shoved her face into Mira's crotch. "Get in there, Big Tits. Start LICKING PUSSY. I want to see this girl thrashing in the throes of a big orgasm. Get BUSY, bitch." Arianna began licking frantically at Mira's slit. She tasted the salty flavor of so much dried jism inside Mira's love hole, but she kept licking fervently like the sex slave she'd now become. She slurped loudly, twirling her tongue around Mira's tiny nerve bundle.

The brunette squirmed. She even moaned through her ball gag as the strap-on dildo swayed a little. The scar-faced soldier watched the pussy-licking for a few minutes, hardly impressed. Then he retrieved a crop from the nearest side of the tent and wandered back to the table. "Is that the best you can do, bitch?

I said to get BUSY. I want to see you FEASTING on that pussy like it's the finest delicacy you've ever tasted. Lazy whore." So saying, he slammed the riding crop against Arianna's perfectly-sculpted buttocks. The Latina beauty groaned, her tongue tunneling between Mira's thighs as the sting of pain hit her unexpectedly.

"MMmpph!!! Please Master!" Arianna groaned.

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"I'm doing the best I can." "Then you better try HARDER, bitch. Or I'll leave this ass black and blue." The cruel soldier continued to swat Arianna's ass as she slurped on her girlfriend's quim. She tried to withstand the hits to her ass, each merciless stroke making her flinch, and instead she focused only on giving poor Mira some pleasure. 'I'm so sorry Mira…at least I can do this for you. At least I can give you a shred of joy in this awful hellhole,' Arianna thought.

This gave her a renewed sense of purpose. Soon the big-breasted Latina was slurping enthusiastically, her tongue laving out every surface it could reach. She then sucked firmly on Mira's clitoral nub, relishing the softness of her friend's sex even as the wrongness of what she was now doing lingered in the depths of her mind.

'This is so nasty,' Arianna thought. 'I don't like girls…I would normally never, ever do this in a million years …' And yet, part of her almost welcomed doing this right now. Part of Arianna saw her friend Mira's exposed sex as a beautiful, delicate flower, needing some tender affection after all of the abuse it had suffered. After the awful electroshock torture that had made Mira pass out, being able to suck on her girlfriend's clit and make her reach orgasm seemed like a special gift.

Twisted as the reasoning was, it made a certain kind of sense. So Arianna upped her attentiveness. She feverishly sucked, licked, and cajoled Mira's cum-encrusted, badly abused snatch until the girl was squirming constantly. Mira's moans were now loud and clear. Her hips were spread even wider than her bonds required as Mira now seemed to welcome Arianna's gentle, tongue-fueled caresses. Arianna slowly inserted two fingers into the girl's sex, probing her snatch lovingly, stroking the girl's insides as she finger-fucked her with gentle, loving thrusts.

"Ooohhh babe," Arianna purred. "You like that?" Mira could only reply through the strap-on dildo and ball gag with a muffled moan of affirmation.

Musad took notice. "Would you like me to take that awful gag out of your mouth, bitch?" Musad said to Mira. He stopped swatting Arianna's ass, but not before giving Arianna's exposed pussy a parting, firm smack with the riding crop.

The big-breasted girl flinched with a loud yelp as the sting hit her cunt without warning. Now Musad sauntered over to the other end of the table. With a cavalier, deceptive tenderness, he unfastened the gag. He removed it from Mira's mouth and tossed it away. The girl sputtered and coughed. She took in a deep breath. Her body shuddered, her breasts quivering as Arianna resumed eating out her sex.

The lust on Mira's face was unmistakable. She couldn't hide it - especially not from the intent captor leering at her from just above. Musad stared into Mira's delicate face. It was more finely chiseled than Arianna's, more beautiful in a way. He whispered huskily as his fingers traced the girl's lips. "Do you like Arianna's tongue on your pussy?

On your clit? What do you say to your Master?" During her increasingly heavy breathing, Mira recognized that there was only one right answer here. "Th-thank you Master.

I love having my…pussy sucked. Thank you. This slave doesn't deserve such…such generosity," she said, improvising, hoping she'd said the right thing. "Good girl," Musad growled. "Now CUM for us. I want to see you GUSHING in your girlfriend's face.

I want to see your cunt juice dripping down the bitch's chin. Do you hear me? DO IT or I'll re-attach the electrodes and fry your tits and pussy even worse than Kasim did." The threat galvanized the poor girl beyond belief.

Mira could only think, 'I must come. I have to reach orgasm. Oh god!' She ground her pussy into Arianna's face, imagining that the tongue and fingers tenderly stroking and pumping inside her cunt were her boyfriend's instead.

'I just have to pretend it's David licking my pussy. It's David's fingers in my pussy right now,' she thought, willing her mind to drift into the fantasy that could serve as a refuge from the nightmare. Arianna could taste her girlfriend's gathering fluids. She slurped and sucked frantically on Mira's slit. Her fingers thrust with firm, plunging strokes as she sucked hard on Mira's clitoris, pulling the little nub between her teeth gently as she gave it her all.

And then it came - the pulverizing orgasm. Euphoria coursed through Mira's loins. The slender brunette squealed, her body shuddering violently as cum spurted from her sex. Arianna's eyes widened. She wasn't prepared for the sheer volume of fluid.

'Oh god,' she thought. 'Mira's such a squirter!' She lapped desperately at the cum surging from Mira's loins. She could only get maybe half of it down her throat before Musad grasped her by the nape of the neck and forced her back to a sitting position on her knees. Sweet-smelling cunt cream slid down her chin. Arianna couldn't believe it. 'Mira's pussy juice is in my mouth. I swallowed one of my best friend's fluids.

I licked another girl's pussy and brought her to climax.' A knot of shame and disgust twisted inside Arianna's heart, but she also felt a tiny sense of satisfaction. 'At least I gave Mira some relief.' Given their awful circumstances, a few fleeting moments of pleasure didn't seem so bad.

She risked a glance down at Mira. The two captives' gazes met. There was a shared, unspoken exchange of thoughts. 'I'm so sorry, Mira. I had to do it,' is what Arianna's eyes seemed to say. In Mira's face Arianna thought she could read her girlfriend's feelings too. 'It's OK. I forgive you.' As Mira closed her eyes, sagging with exhaustion from the power of her orgasm, Musad walked back to the 'tool box' of sadistic sex toys.

"Very good, little cunts. Now THAT was just a preview for the main event. We have many more hours until my General Aamir returns. I have MANY more fun games to play with you two before I tire of you. Then, once you two pussies are no longer needed…" Musad's dark chuckle made both girls freeze in terror. "Then, we shall see what to do with you, shall we not?" Arianna and Mira's eyes met once more.

Just when they thought this nightmare couldn't get any worse, it had… ************* THE END…For Now… ************* I hope you enjoyed the story. Remember, indulge your fantasies, the darker and kinkier the better. Please comment if you'd like to see more. Disclaimer: I do not in any way support or condone the fictitious acts depicted in this story.

This is a fantasy based on countless desires :) ~gaggedKitty