Rough gay gangbang in prison

Rough gay gangbang in prison
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I let him do it. I let him touch my cock. I suppose I gave in for my cravings to want to cum no matter what the cost even though I had no desire for him any person of my sex whatsoever. I laid on my back and let him have his way with me. It's not like he was a stranger. He began gently stroking me. Long, soft strokes with the tip of his finger up and down my shaft.

It seemed very surreal that my best friend was stroking my cock.

He noticed that there was pre-cum easing from its tip. He leaned his head down and took it away with his tongue gently then slid it all the way to the bottom and back up to the top before taking it all the way in his mouth.

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It was a warm and wet. This was the first time anyone other than myself was handling my cock. He worked it so well, it felt so good even though it was awkward that my best guy friend was going down on me. I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't enjoying it. My virgin cock was so sensitive which made the juices from his mouth feel almost unbearable.


The twisting of his tongue around and underneath the head made me feel ecstatic. Even though he must have felt it stiffen up even harder right before I was about to explode and even though I told him I was going to shoot my load, he just kept slurping on my cock faster and faster.

I let out a loud moan and shot my cum in his mouth. He kept at it even though he slowed down. He swallowed every last drop not leaving any mess. He had his hands on my hips to contain the quaking. He let me just lay there catching my breath and he started lightly stroking it again until it's semi soft after state got rock solid again. It didn't take as long as I thought. He then opened up a bottle of baby oil and proceeded to coat my cock with it giving me an intense hand job.

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I laid there watching him oil up his cock and stroke it a few times before he gently laid it down on top of my shaft.

We cock fucked each other for a good 5 minutes. With both of us ready to cum, he pulled away to avoid a big mess. I didn't think he'd want to do it. I wasn't sure that I would let him do it. But he flipped me over and lubed up my asshole. He put more oil on his cock and slowly began to stick it in. It went in easier than I thought. It felt kind of strange for like 30 seconds as it penetrated deep inside.

But as he worked up a rhythm it became a sensation that was hard to describe. Never in a million years did I think my best friend would be fucking me in the ass! He told me to lie on his back after slowly taking it out. He penetrated me again as I began to stroke myself. It wasn't long before he pulled out without leaving his cum inside me.


We both just sat there panting before deciding it was time to hit the shower. We both got in the shower together and started off rubbing soap on each other's cocks. We were jerking each other off at the same time. I then began to lube him up from behind and slowly slid it in.

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I began with slow and even thrusts while stroking his soapy cock. The thrusts got faster and faster as did the stroking. Barely able to contain himself he put his hands against the stall of the shower and I came in his ass first and a few seconds later he came in my hands. We cleaned up and got out of the shower. As we were drying ourselves off with our towels I noticed he got hard again.

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I told him to sit down on the toilet seat and began to give him the best blow job I knew how to give. I worked him good for at least 5 minutes before he shat his load all over my face and in my mouth.

Noticing I was hard again too he gave me a head job and worked it with his tongue really well.

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I shook uncontrollably before I shot my load in the back of his throat as he swallowed every bit of it again. We went back to the bedroom and was about to turn in for the night. Before we said anything to each other we just sat there and a few minutes later talking how crazy it was that we just had sex with each other and that it was especially weird considering all we agreed up was a little cock and mouth play.

Both of us fell asleep on opposite ends of the bed naked. In the morning we satisfied each other orally when the morning wood came on. Since then the two of us repeated our sexual escapes sporadically for about a year until we started getting steady pussy.

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Usually fucking each other only took place during sleepovers and when we really needed a release. I learned that when it comes to having my cock pleasured, you don't have to be sexually, physically or in any way emotionally attracted to the person doing the pleasuring.

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I felt safe with my best friend because I knew him for years. I doubt that if there had been someone other than him I would have even attempted to explore gay sex.

Cock is cock. It like to be pleasured. By anyone. But sex is also visual. Visually speaking I just prefer tits and pussy over the sight of a dude's cock.

Anal sex isn't also my cup of tea.

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It just felt not normal to me (Psychologically) even though it was physically pleasurable.