Foxy dames pleasure boners in an orgy

Foxy dames pleasure boners in an orgy
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Ever since I was a little girl, around the age of eight or nine years old, I knew I would grow up to be a sex addict. Sex was never discussed at home and family life was very conservative. It was taboo to even think about premarital sex. But I was always curious and I thought about it a lot. I loved to explore my slender and small petite frame in the privacy of my room. I would sit there on my bed with my legs spread open and touch my hairless slit.

It wasn't long until I discovered the pleasure from rubbing my clit. I would feel my pussy juices flowing out of my cunt, wet my fingers and rub away on my little bud until I came.


I didn't really know yet about what it would feel like to have a cock inside me, but I'd always feel the need to spread my legs and I had that yearning and hot feeling in my pussy that I wanted something inside me. I started to finger myself for a while too when I masturbated, and then I began putting things inside of me, like the smooth handle of my hairbrush.

I thought about sex all the time and I wanted so badly to know what it was like getting fucked. Some moments during my private times alone, I found myself riding my large stuff animals. I just stripped my clothes off in my bedroom and sat on a stuffed bear and rubbed my pink pussy and clit over it over and over again trying to get something up inside my wetness.

The first time I was ever with a boy was when I was thirteen. He was sixteen and Caucasian. I would go over to his house often and we would stay in his bedroom with the door shut and locked for hours with no one bothering us.

Within a few minutes of shutting the door, he had my clothes off immediately. He liked it when I lay on the carpeted floor of his room naked with my legs spread. I was a B cup by then, my tits were nice and perky and I had puffy pink nipples.

At 5'3" I was petite and slim at 110 pounds. I kept my black hair long down my back the way the boys like it.

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I knew I looked good because all the boys my age wanted to fuck me, but I wanted my boyfriend, Patrick, to take my virginity. They all thought I was so exotic looking. I always shaved my pussy and Patrick loved it. He told me I had big dark brown almond shaped eyes that were just mesmerizing. I felt myself getting wet just lying there with my legs apart, so I reached down and started rubbing my cunt.


"God you look so good, Vivian. I want to fuck you today," he said to me as he watched me. He always told me he loved how innocent I looked when he watched me do anything. It was the hottest thing for him to see me naked and touching myself because I looked like an innocent little girl experimenting for the first time. It seemed like there was something about me he wanted to steal or ruin, and I wanted him to do it. But I didn't feel ready because I was scared being a virgin still and I didn't know if it was going to hurt.

I knew he had already slept with two other girls in his high school. I hesitated for a second before saying anything back and then I said, "But you don't have a condom, do you?" "No…but let me just have a feel then.

Just in and out, that's it." I nodded and readied myself as I waited for him to enter me. He positioned the head of his cock at my hole and started to push in between my pussy lips. I was already very wet so it was easy for him to slip his seven inch cock inside of me.

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When he pushed himself in, at first I moaned. It felt so good inside me filling me up in a way I had never felt before. "Holy fuck you're so tight," he said into my ear as I felt his thick cock shoved all the way inside of me.

I thought he was going to split me in two. "Your cunt's the tightest cunt I've ever fucked." He kept on pumping in and out of me. I felt him tear through my hymen and the pain burned inside my pussy feeling his hard cock stroking in and out of me. "Patrick, please stop, it hurts!" I cried underneath him as he continued to pound his dick in and out of my cunt.

"Oh, Viv, you feel so good. Just a little while longer, baby, oh fuck just give it a sec, you'll like it. It'll feel real good. Trust me." Tears came to my eyes as he continued to thrust himself inside of me.

He reached up to my tits and squeezed my nipples really hard. It hurt but I didn't say anything except I moaned at the feeling. I started to like what was happening, but I was afraid to show it or say anything. I thought maybe there was something wrong with me.

"Please…please…" was all I could manage. "I love hearing you beg me. Are you begging for my cock, Viv?" he whispered in my ear. Patrick slammed his hips forward ramming his dick into my now slippery wet fuck hole as I continued to moan underneath him. My tight pussy sucked and slurped hungrily at his meat rod as he continued to pound harder and harder deep inside me.

I rocked my hips upwards and lifted my legs higher off the floor so he could penetrate further deep within me. I could hear the sounds we were making as I felt his shaft move in and out of me, his balls slapping against my ass.

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"God you're such a little whore. I knew you would like it. You want me to fill you with my cum?" "No, please, Patrick, don't," I said weakly. But I was already cumming on his cock the juices flowed out of my hole and down to my ass it felt so good. And at that moment he shoved himself so hard inside of me exploding his hot cum deep in my cunt.

I kept cumming on his dick as I felt him twitching inside me. When he finished, he pulled out of me and I felt his cum spill out from between my pussy lips. I was so sore between my legs. "Man, you have no idea how good you made me feel. You look so good like that, baby." I lay there naked still with my legs apart, my pussy red, sore, and throbbing glistening wet with my juices and his cum dripping out. "Stay over this Saturday night, okay?

My parents will be away for the weekend. No one's going to bother us." Everything that had happened was so exhilarating and upsetting at the same time I had no idea what to think at that moment.

I had never felt so much pleasure like that before. But he forced me. He raped me. I felt so humiliated about it, but I liked it at the same time. I decided to come that Saturday after all. That evening arrived and I went over to Patrick's already shaved and showered with black lace panties on underneath a sexy black skirt and red tube top. We sat down at his kitchen table with some screwdrivers to drink. I wasn't used to drinking alcohol so I started to feel tipsy rather quickly.

He leaned in close to me and kissed me. I closed my eyes and savored the warm wet feeling of his tongue in my mouth. I could feel the heat already rising in my pussy thinking about him fucking me again. Just then, the doorbell rang. "Oh, I hope you don't mind, some of the guys are going to stop by and hang out for a while." "What?" I was surprised.

I didn't think we would be interrupted at all that night. "It's just for a little bit. Since I'm at home alone this weekend I thought it would be cool to have a couple people over.

Don't worry, you'll like them." "I guess it's okay." Patrick answered his front door. Two guys came walking into his kitchen right behind him. I didn't know who they were. "Viv, this is Rob and Mark. They're in my gym class." They both said hello and I returned the greeting. I felt a little uncomfortable because I thought I wore too provocative clothing and they seemed to eye me up and down.

But they were cute. I blushed. Both of them were tall around Patrick's height of six feet tall. They had blonde hair and were really muscular, but Rob was much bigger in size than Mark and Patrick. I was quiet for a while as the three of them talked with each other about things I couldn't really follow. I continued to sip my drink and I felt really drunk and dazed.

They kept looking over at me and my drink. "You okay?" Patrick said as he smiled at me. "I feel dizzy," I said raising my hand to my head. Everything went black after that. Sometime later I woke up to find myself on the living room couch.

My tube top was pulled down around my waist with my tits out for everyone to see. My nipples were erect. My skirt was lifted up and my thong panties were pushed to the side, my legs were pushed apart, and Patrick was shoving a huge black dildo inside of my wet hairless fuck hole for his friends to see. I pushed his hands and the dildo away from me weakly, "What's going on? What are you doing?" I felt my face getting red. I felt so embarrassed but really hazy at the same time. What had Patrick put in my drink?

I could barely hold myself up or move around my body felt so heavy for me to move on my own. "Look at you, Viv. I wanted my buddies to see what a nice fuck you are. I just want to share. It's all good.


You'll love it. I know how much you love cock. Just relax and let it happen." Patrick said this to me as he continued fucking my cunt with the dildo. It really felt so incredible. As I looked down, it seemed a little blurry, but I could make out juices squirting from my pussy as he pushed and pulled the thing in and out of me.

I kept moaning again like I was when I had first woken up. It felt so good I didn't want it to stop. But then he pulled it out of me. He pulled my panties down and tossed them aside.

I drifted out a little but I could still feel him shoving his cock inside of me and I heard his buddies holler as he did. A while later, I woke to find Mark ramming his hard dick inside my wet tight hole. He had his hands at my waist and he was looking down watching his cock slide in and out of my slippery pussy.

I screamed. "What? Please, don't, please." I was already so sore from losing my virginity a few days earlier. It felt like Patrick had already finished fucking me just moments before, too.

"Don't worry, Mark, she loves getting raped." I heard Patrick from somewhere behind Mark. Mark didn't seem worried as he kept fucking me as I lay there with my skirt pushed up and my tube top still down around my waist. He grunted as he pounded into me and I felt his dick thicken as he released his cum inside my cunt. Rob was right behind him when Mark pulled out to take his place. He positioned himself at the entrance of my hole.

I held my head up and I saw how huge Rob was. He had to have been ten inches long. He pushed his cock in me stretching me wide. "You weren't kidding; this is the tightest pussy I've ever fucked.

What about her ass?" Rob said as he pushed all the way in. I screamed louder this time as I felt his dick splitting me open. "Please! Don't, it hurts. Please, please." Rob looked down at me with a sly smile on his face and a lustful look in his eyes, "Yeah, baby? Come on. Ever feel a cock this big before? You love my dick don't you. You are such a whore." He continued to pound furiously into my tight hairless slit. I saw him watching his cock disappear in and out of me, his whole shaft shoved into my little hole now soaking wet slurping hungrily at his swollen meat rod.

I came like I had never cum before. My body shuddered and I felt the pleasure sensations coursing through to my fingers and toes.

I moaned and shouted in ecstasy as he plowed his thickness into me. Patrick and Mark watched. My pussy kept squirting juices out and down the big shaft of his cock. I was shaking still drunk and in a drugged dazed as I felt his hot spurts of cum shoot inside me. As he pulled out, I felt so much of my juices and his cum spill out of my pussy lips and down onto my ass. "Her virgin ass is mine first. Then you guys can have a taste." Patrick moved towards me again his dick hard just like before as he reached for my legs.

"Patrick, no! I'm not ready. Please, no." I felt so weak still from whatever he gave me and after having been fucked three times by three different guys.

"Oh, Viv, you're going to love it in the ass, baby. Let me show you. You're my little Asian whore, you know." He pushed my legs apart and back again further towards me.

My ass was exposed upwards and towards him. Patrick rubbed the head of his cock with juices from my cunt and then rubbed the it against my asshole. I felt him tracing it with his fingers covered in my juices and I shivered from his touch.

He pushed his cock a little inside my ass. "Shit. You're asshole is so small and tight." He grunted as he shoved a little harder inside my ass. "Ow, please!" I cried as he hurt me forcing his cock in my virgin asshole.

He pulled out and pushed his cock into my pussy pumping it in and out. When his cock was slippery from head to the bottom of his shaft, he pulled out and pushed it into my ass again. I screamed and he moaned.

He then began fucking my asshole slowly moving his dick inside and out for a few minutes, then he pulled out and pushed it inside my cunt again pounding it some more.

Then he pulled out again and shoved it back into my asshole stretching it out wider around his thick cock. "Oh, look at that. I love watch myself fuck both of your holes." I felt Patrick now; he just kept going back and forth between my asshole and my cunt hole fucking me.

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It made me feel so good I couldn't stop panting and moaning now. The guys were laughing while they watched. With every pump into my pussy I couldn't help but squirt juices out. And with every pump in my asshole Patrick rubbed my clit making me cum harder and harder on his fuck pole. My holes were so sore. They were wet and red, swollen from all the fucking and I enjoyed it. Then he pulled away and came up to my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock into my mouth.

He was so rough it scared me so I started sucking on his dick right away as he face fucked me. When he came he held my head down hard thrusting his cock in my mouth and down my throat I nearly choked and spit his cum out.

"No! Swallow it you fucking whore." Patrick shouted at me as I tightened my lips around his shaft swallowing and choking on his cum. "That's a good girl.

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Taste your ass? That's my pussy whore. Tastes good mixed with my cum, doesn't it?" He said stroking my hair as I coughed. "It's my turn this time," Rob said stroking his cock as he aimed it at my ass. Patrick pulled away and Mark came up to my mouth forcing his dick inside. I began sucking on Mark's cock. He reached his hand down to grab my tits as his other hand held the back of my head.

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I felt Rob pushing his huge dick inside my tiny asshole. He rubbed my clit as he fucked my ass and I moaned it felt so good.

His huge member felt amazing pumping in and out of my asshole. I felt myself shaking and cumming as I slurped hungrily at Mark's cock as he fucked my mouth. Then Rob switched back and forth fucking both of my holes with his big dick. The sensation of his thick swollen member slipping in and out of my wet ass and pussy was so heavenly I felt myself cumming and squirting cunt juices with every pump.

Suddenly, Mark was cumming in my mouth and he pushed my head down on his cock. Mark's cock bumped the back of my throat and I choked as I felt his warm seed fill my mouth.

I swallowed, moaning as Rob continued to ram his huge meat stick in and out and back and forth between my holes. I felt my cunt slick with pussy juice streaming out over my asshole when Rob's dick pushed apart my cunt lips. Then he pulled out and pushed his head into my asshole taking my juices on his cock and pushing it up and into my ass. I saw how he watched himself switching back and forth between my tight wet fuck holes. "Get down on your knees and stroke me. I'm gonna cum on your tits." With all the strength I had, I got down on my knees and put my hands around his huge purple cock and stroked his shaft while he shot streams of cum across my perky tits.

His dick tensed and twitched in my hands, he had so much cum in him still as I leaned forward and sucked on the head of his cock. I let some of his cum drip out of my mouth and onto my tits as I put my lips around his head some more and swallowed the rest of his cum. "Holy fuck!" Rob shouted when he was finally done blowing the rest of his load in my mouth.

"You're the best fuck I've ever had. You're a cum hungry Asian slut aren't you?" He said smiling at me. I nodded never feeling so used and dirty like that before.

I loved the feeling, loved feeling like a cheap whore these guys could just fuck and cum in when they wanted to. I rubbed Rob's cum all over my tits. "That's a good girl," he said to me. For the rest of the night, they took turns fucking me in my pussy, ass, and mouth cumming in and on me. When that night was finally over, I had been gangbanged at the age of thirteen by my sixteen year old boyfriend and his two friends.

I admit it was such a turn on to think back on, being forced to lose my virginity, and then getting raped by a group of boys. I always knew I loved fucking, I would become a sex addict after that time. I secretly loved getting fucked and ass raped by strange boys that night.