Hot Babe Fucks While Father Is Away

Hot Babe Fucks While Father Is Away
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Traci's Abduction and Rape 3 Traci wakened to the noise in the vast barn as he opened the large door and entered. As he approached her he noticed she had removed the rope from her legs and ankles during the night. The collar was padlocked on her neck with the chain attached to the collar was still securely attached to the metal head board with a padlock. She could move but could not get up from the bed.

He smiled and told her he would punish her for freeing her legs from the ropes. She trembled like a rabbit in a snare as he approached her like a hunter stalking his prey.

He sat on the edge of the bed and she started to sit up when he slapped her face knocking her back down. She screamed from the pain and fear.


Eyes blinking she tried to look at him. Grabbing her by the hair and arm he roughly flipped her onto her stomach. Pulling her arms behind her back he tied her wrist together before tying her elbows together with rope just above the elbows pulling her shoulders painfully back. Removed the padlock holding the chain on her metal collar and pulled her to her feet by the hair of her head.

She scream and pleaded for him to stop as she stumble behind him bent at the waist to a spot below a cross beam of the barn. Pulling a rope threaded through a pulley attached to the beam down he tied the rope to her wrist rope.

He pulled the opposite end of the pulley rope forcing her wrist up giving her no choice but to bend at the waist with her arms pointing toward the ceiling. Traci's body was parallel to the floor arms and shoulders hurting from the strain. He kicked the inside of her ankle with the side of his boot making her spread her legs wide.

Legs satisfactorily spread he tied a spreader bar between her ankles to keep her spread open making her pussy open wide for his use. He moved to the front of her and attached a chain from her collar to a ring in the floor to insure she could not raise up.

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He stood back to admire his work making this beautiful young black woman totally helpless and at his mercy. Traci raised her head to look at him asking him to let her use a bathroom as she needed to pee very badly.

He smiled and told her she could hold it or pee on the floor. Traci moaned in disappointment and dropped her head to hang down eyes looking at the floor and between her legs. She was trying desperately to hold the pee in to ovoid the humiliation of letting him see her pee on the floor between her feet.


He stepped to the side of her shoulder grabbing a hand full of hair pulling her head up. He put the leather blindfold over her eyes fastening the strap behind her head plunging her into total darkness. Traci could hear him moving around in the area of the table holding his instruments of pain and pleasure. She started to tremble with anticipation and fear of what instrument of pain he would choose to use on her.

Tracie had learned he was all about pain and pleasure. As she thought about this she felt her pussy start to tingle and get wet. She had held her bladder so long it was beginning to get painful. He could see she was straining to hold the flow of piss back.

Traci jerked when she felt him lay a hand on her ass. He smiled as he slid his hand over her ass to her pussy.

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Traci moaned with pleasure and anticipation as he toyed with her pussy and clit. He started finger fucking her with two fingers making her moan as the fire of pleasure increased in her body. He could feel her pussy squeezing his fingers as she pushed back onto his fingers. She was moaning and near an orgasm when he pulled out and slapped her pussy hard making her scream and lung forward to get away from the slap. She was devastated with the denial of the orgasm and moaned with her pussy twitching unsuccessfully trying to cum.

He laughed and ask her if she knew how much painful punishment she will get if she cums without permission. She replied with a clear "NO Sir" as her head slumped. He moved in front of her releasing his huge hard cock from his wranglers pulling her head up with her hair. He rammed his cock in her mouth making her gag. He pulled out as she gagged to let her breath. She just caught her breath when he rammed his cock deep in her throat pressing her nose to his pelvic bone and chin pressing on his balls.

Traci was gagging and could not breath as he held her with his cock deep in her throat. Traci struggled with her eyes wide open gagging and face turning blue from lack of oxygen.

He pulled back to let her breath when she was about to black out. Gasping for air and jerking in her bondage her bladder released a stream of piss that she could not stop onto the floor between her feet.

She started to cry very hard from the humiliation of being forced to piss on the floor as he watched. Suddenly she screamed and tried to lunge forward as he zapped her directly on her ass rose bud with the electric zapper. He told her he had not given her permission to piss on his floor. Traci heard him moving around a short distance from her but could not tell what he was doing until the cold powerful stream of water hit he ass and pussy. The shock of the cold water made her moan very loudly and struggle to avoid the water stream.

He laughed and told her he was just cleaning up her nasty mess. He sprayed the floor forcing the piss down the drain in the floor as she hung in her bondage crying. He shut the water off and got a ball gag from the table and forced it into her mouth keeping her from making any more than a muffled noise.

He returned to the table coming back with a flogger which Traci did not know until the first blow landed across her ass making her jerk and scream into her gag.

She continued to scream and cry trying to beg him to stop as he flogged her ass, legs and back until her screams turned to moans of pain and pleasure. Traci felt the pain but also the fire of pleasure in her body and pussy. She felt if he continued to flog her she would orgasm from the pain. Was he turning her into a pain slut, she thought. He stopped flogging her when he noticed she was starting to enjoy the pain.

He ask what he was going to do to punish her if she enjoyed the pain so much. Traci heard him walk away to the table. She could tell he dropped the flogger on the table and pick something else up. She tremble with fear and anticipation as she heard him walking to her again.

Her back, ass and legs were burning from the flogging when she felt the head of the Hitachi press against her pussy and come to life with a loud buzz sending a shock of pleasure through her pussy ending in her nipples.

He moved between her pussy lips pressing up to her clit with the vibrating monster.

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Traci convulsed with an orgasm building in her body and begged through her gag for permission to cum. He told her not to cum until he counted down from ten. She moaned and struggled to get relieve from the Hitachi but he held it tight to her clit vibrating her pussy and clit. He started to count from 10 pause 9 pause 8 pause 7 pause 6 pause, Traci was in pain trying to hold the orgasm that was about to earn her more punishment, 5 pause, 4, 3, 2, pause 1.

He told her she could cum at the same time the massive orgasm exploded in her pussy with him holding the vibrator to her clit making her to keep cumming out of control. Traci went into deep sub space hanging with all her weight on her arms and shoulders with all the support of her legs gone weak from the orgasm.

He grabbed a rope and wrapped it around her upper body above her tits tying it loosely using the loose ends he pulled her up relieving the pressure on her arms and tying the rope to the pulley rope to support her body. This gave him an idea. Getting another long length of rope he tied it around her upper thighs at the hip making an "A" shape loop above her ass.

Tying a double rope to the end of the "A" he lifted Tracy with his fingers in her pussy and thumb in her ass using that as a handle to lift her. Traci moaned with the penetration of her ass and pussy causing an unusual pressure as he lifted her. He wrapped the loose end of the rope around the pulley rope at he same spot as the breast rope.

Traci was coming back from her sub space to discover she was partially suspended with her feet touching the floor. Recovered from sub space she tried to beg him to let her go. She could hear him approaching from the table. Tracie felt a light stinging tap on her ass making her struggle to avoid the little sting on her ass when she suddenly screamed and jerked in her bondage from a harder blow from the cane he was tapping her with.

The blow shot a pain through her ass that burned like fire. He struck her across one ass cheek and then the other back and for several times until she was screaming and crying so hard she had trouble breathing.

He stopped caning her letting her regain some composure. She jerked trying to close her legs when she felt the Hitachi press against her clit starting the fire building another orgasm.

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Traci was moaning and pushing against the vibrator when he pushed two fingers into her pussy finger fucking her fast with his finger hitting her G-spot. She screamed squeezing his fingers with her pussy and exploded with a powerful orgasm squirting on his hand and arm.

He stopped the finger fucking and vibrator letting her recover. Traci thought this man is good alternating pain and pleasure maybe she does not want him to let her go.

He told her she had her fun now it was his turn. He moved between her legs pulling the spreader bar up and over her hips he tied it to the pulley rope leaving Traci suspended legs wide apart giving him total access to her pussy and ass. He slapped her pussy with his open hand several times making her jerk and scream into her gag.

He laughed and moved to her side. She felt the sharp pain in her nipples as he attached clamps to each of them. The pain was like fire but bearable until he hung small weights on the chain attaching the two clamps . The renewed pain to her nipples made her scream and beg for him to take them off. He smiled and went back to between her legs lubing her ass and his cock he slowly pressed his big hard cock deep in her ass.

Traci felt the intense pleasure in her ass mixed with the pain in he nipples sending mixed sensations pain and pleasure through her body ending in her twitching pussy. He started to fuck her ass slowly in and out making the weights on the nipple chains swing causing pain in her nipples as he gave her pleasure fucking her ass. Traci felt like she was loosing her mind with the intense pain and pleasure confusing her body.

As he increased the speed and depth of the ass fucking Traci erupted with a massive orgasm sending her back into deep sub space. She was jerking with spasms in her body with her pussy twitching as he fucked her ass. He felt his on orgasm approaching and pulled out of her ass before he orgasm.

As she was recovering he removed the gag from her mouth.

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She started to recover her senses moaning from the pain in her nipples and the hot juices of pleasure in her ass and pussy. She thought again the pain and pleasure is so good. She was so exhausted she ask him to let her go. He pushed his hard cock in her mouth and told her to clean her ass off. As he fucked her mouth the weights on her nipple clamp chain swung back and forth renewing the pain in her nipples with each swing.

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Traci was moaning with nipple pain as she gagged on his big cock pushing in and out of her throat. As he was about to cum down her throat he pulled out and reached under to remove the clamps from her nipples causing a fire of pain as the blood rushed back into her tender nipples. Traci was screaming an ear piercing scream as he rammed his cock deep in her pussy and started brutally fucking her hard and deep.

He kept fucking her as her scream of pain became a moan of pleasure. He felt her pussy squeezing his hard cock alerting him of her orgasm. He slapped her ass hard and reminded her not to cum without permission as he continued to fuck her hard and deep.

Traci started begging for permission to cum thinking she could not hold back again but did not want to be punished any more. He felt the stress she was in squeezing his cock tight making it hard to hold back his own cum.

He told her to cum as he zapped her ass hole with the electric zapper send a shock to his cock. She screamed and erupted with an orgasm as he shot a large load of cum in her pussy. He continued to shoot warm cum in her pussy making her squirt pussy juice on his front.

He pulled out letting the mixture of her juices and his cum dripped from her cunt to the floor. As she recovered her composure he untied her and let her stand without the spreader bar. She rubbed her arms and tender tits to soothe the pain. She seemed to recover and started to beg him to let her go promising not to tell anyone about the abduction or rape. He told her he cared not if she told anyone since she ask and enjoyed for what happened to her and he had videos her begging to cum and enjoying the pain inflicted on her proving it.

She hung her head and cried embarrassed and humiliated that he was right. He put the cuffs on her wrist behind her back and tied her ankles and knees together. As she stood motionless to keep from falling he tied rope under her tits around her arms wrapping it around her body passing it over her tits.

Passing one strand around the two wraps between her arm tightening the two ropes over and under her tits. Passing the other rope between her other arm and body he tightened the two ropes pinning her arms to her sides.

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He tied a knot in the loose ends in the middle of her back passing the extra ropes over each shoulder looping them around the ropes between her tits pulling them tight he tied the ends between her tits effectively making her tits bulge. She watched him pull the pulley rope down and tie it to the body rope pulling the opposite end of the pulley rope pulling her up straight until her feet were barely touching the floor.

He put the blindfold and gag back on her. Traci standing bound, gagged and blindfolded she trembled with fear of what he was about to do to her. She did not think she could take any more pain or pleasure. She just wanted to go home take a hot bath and go to bed. Traci jerked in her bondage when she felt him grip her left nipple between his thumb and finger. Her nipples were swollen and very tender from the earlier abuse. She felt the nipple clamp bite into her nipple and screamed with the fire of pain shooting through her nipple.

Before she could become accustom to the pain in her left nipple pain shot through her right nipple making her struggle pulling her knees up with her feet off the floor. She hung suspended twisting and turning trying to stop the pain in her nipples.

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She finally stopped struggling and stood on the floor. The pain in her nipples became bearable and she stood breathing hard. Just as she was about to calm down he struck her across the ass with a single tail whip making her scream and jump from the stinging pain on her ass cheeks. He laughed that sadistic laugh of his and struck her again across her inches below the first red stripe on her ass.

Again she jumped and tried to scream as he struck on several more times on her ass and legs. Traci was crying and screaming at the same time from the torture. He stopped whipping her back side and struck her across the stomach and front of her legs. Traci was wishing to pass out to avoid the pain but it did not happen. He finally stopped whipping her and walked away as she hung from the cross beam sobbing and jerking spasmodicly wanting the fire in her body to stop.

Traci felt his hand on her ass as he rubbed her whelps making her feel some compassion from him. She was feeling the feeling when he rubbed some lube in her ass hole. She tensed as he inserted a finger up her ass.

He told her to relax and take the butt plug he was about to put up her ass. She moaned and tried to relax as he pushed a plug in her ass. He buckled a leather strap around her waist passing a dangling strap between her legs. He pulled the strap up tight against her clit and buckled it to the strap in the back over the butt plug to hold it in place.

He then turned on the vibrating plug in her ass. She jumped and squealed as the pleasure surged through ass and pussy. He laughed and untied her draping her over his shoulder carrying her to his van parked out side the barn. It was dark as he laid her down and tied her to the van floor. He drove her back to her car. Before taking her out of the van he checked her purse she had left in her unlocked car. He took her driver license and walked back to the van.

Opening the side door he released the rope holding her stationary and pulled her from the van sitting her on the ground he removed the rope around her upper body and placed the handcuff key in her hand. As he walked away he told her he had her address and knows where she works. He told her he would come for her when he needed more fun and drove away leaving her tied up on the ground. Traci started trying to find the key hole to the cuff release. As she drove home she thought back over the events of the past two days and felt her pussy getting wet.

"Wonder when he will take me again." she thought with a grin on her face.