Te gustaria coger a mi esposa

Te gustaria coger a mi esposa
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"Riley, do you want us to wait? Or are you guys going to walk home?" Henry asked as he pulled into a parking spot at the high school they attended. "Henry it's fucking eighty degrees outside and the walk back to our house is thirty-minutes!" she exclaimed. "Ri, watch your mouth, it's a yes or no question, answer it," Jake roughly said. That tone made Riley feel three inches tall. She turned he head to look out window, she could feel his gaze beating down on her and she was afraid to look up, he's never talked to her like that before, and it pissed her off.

"Yes, I would absolutely love a ride home." "Lose the fucking sarcasm, Riley" Jake said. Riley opened the door, got out and slammed it. Anna cleared her throat. "Well, that was interesting, wasn't it Henry." "Quite," Henry said looking at Jake.

"Babe, why don't you guys come watch us?" Anna enthusiastically asked Henry. Jake wanted to laugh, she was only that way when things were about to get awkward. He couldn't blame her; he didn't know what just happened or why he even did it. "You go ahead; we'll be there in a few minutes." Henry softly said. Henry wasn't taking his eyes off Jake; he could feel his questioning gaze.

He didn't know what to tell him. He sure as hell hoped he wasn't mad at him, for how he treated his sister. "Ok," she smiled. Jake could see her reflection on the window he was looking at. She pulled her self up on the driver's seat and hovered over it waiting till Henry turned his attention to her, and then they kissed each other.

Jake wanted to look away but he couldn't bring him self to do it. The way they kissed each other, how they looked when they did it, it was love and he wanted that with Riley, has always wanted that with Riley for quite some time now.

He watched Henry kiss her nose, watched a shy smile appear on her face. "Go easy on him babe, you once felt how he does, ok." And with that she got out of the car and followed were Riley was heading. Henry watched her till he couldn't see her anymore and turned his attention back to Jake. "You going to talk about it?" Henry firmly said. "I kissed her, and it was better then what I expected and now I don't know what to do." Jake sighed as he looked out the window Henry grunted at that.

"I think she did a little bit more then kiss you, you went into the house and then you came out of it with a hickey on your neck and I know you didn't put that on yourself." Jake laughed; he forgot the little mark Riley made on his neck. Then he sighed. "What am I going to do?" "I don't know what to tell you, all I can say is don't fight what your feeling. And break things off with Elizabeth, you owe that to Riley and if your not then don't even bother with her, I'm not going to have my sister hurt.

Figure out what you want and take things very slow with Riley until you do know, you lead her on and then decide you don't want to be with her, there's no going back, I can tell you that right now, she won't forgive you." Henry was right, he knew it himself, Riley wouldn't forgive him if he hurt her that bad.

He'd be honest with her, completely honest, he could do that. "Let's go, before we miss both of their tryouts." They got out of the car and walked towards the gym where they held the tryouts every year. When they walked into the gym he cursed, he forgot Elizabeth with going to be here. "How am I going to avoid Elizabeth with this thing on my neck, god, I'm going to kill your sister." Henry grunted, "Hey, you should have kept your mouth to your self." They sat down at the very top of the bleachers, away from Elizabeth.

"You think Elizabeth will vote against Riley?" Henry asked. Elizabeth probably would, she had this idea that he had a thing for Riley, which he did but he didn't think he made it obvious.

Apparently he did, and Elizabeth was determined to prove it, he had no idea why you would want to prove that to your boyfriend. "I don't think so, she's considered the old captain, she probably has some say in it but I don't think it's entirely up to her.

I think the couch and the new captain's say is what's going to determine who makes the squad." He said. Riley was up first, she walked up with a group of girls. She looked damn cute in what she was wearing, her usual clothes but she wore it with Valley High spirit, and she had a VH painted on her left check and a big red bow above her bun.

She had nothing but a smile on her face, you wouldn't have thought she was pissed, she could have fooled you. They started off with a few cheers and then did the dance. Riley only had eyes and a smile for Elizabeth. He could just imagine the look on Elizabeth's face right now. He wanted to groan, she was really pushing it considering they didn't like each other. Two months ago Elizabeth made it her business of who I always took quick glances at, one day catching him staring at Ri.

From then on she kept an eye on him, and noticed how he always avoided going somewhere she was. For a good year he kept their relationship from Ri, always avoiding her so she wouldn't see him and Elizabeth hand in hand, Elizabeth noticed and then soon was flaunting their relationship in front of Riley's face.

He didn't know why Elizabeth didn't like her, Riley was sweet, nice, smart, and she had a lot of friends. I guess to a girl that would be a competition, but Elizabeth always seemed to want to do something more to her but never did. He tuned out his thoughts and paid attention to Ri. The dance was almost done, the song coming to an end.

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Riley was damn good, the best out of the group and he knew how hard she worked for this. He seen her at all the football and basketball games and when he came over she was outside practicing the cheers. Henry helped to when he could; actually helped her as being a base. The group was doing as Jake found out a basket toss. Riley was the flyer, and he hoped to god if she got the position on the squad that she would always land right and not lose her balance.

She did a perfect toe touch. They did one more move giving Riley the position of doing a liberty. "Ok, girls that's it, unless you girls have something to show us that wasn't in the lessons." Riley hand shot up and waved. "I do, I do, I've been practicing the needle and I've done it a few times in the air." The couch was serious now as she considered this as she looked at Riley. Riley kept her enthusiastic smile. "Ok, I want five girls from the varsity team last year; I want three as a base and two spotters just in case she doesn't lock it," the couch yelled loud enough so all the girls could hear.

The couch looked at the girls that just tried out. "You girls can leave; if you make the squad we'll let you know in an hour, keep your phone next to you." Five girls ran up to Riley and the other girls got there stuff and walked out of the gym.

The girls got in a ready position to lift Ri. "Riley are you sure you want to try this?" "Yes, I'm sure." she smiled as she got ready to be lifted. "Ok, go head" They did a one, two and lifted her, and Riley brought her leg up and held it over her head, letting one arm out and pointed with a huge smile on her face and held it for ten seconds before letting go of her foot, they gave her a small boost and caught her as she fell.

"That was amazing, thank you very much" the couch said as she clapped her hands. Jake looked down at Elizabeth and she had her arms crossed over her chest, no doubt giving Riley the look she gave anybody she hated. "Riley can I talk to you for a few seconds?" the couch asked as Riley headed to where her duffle bag laid on the bottom of the bleachers.

Jake had no idea why she had brought that, what could she possibly need, that she'd have to carry her duffle? "Sure" Riley smiled though you could tell she was nervous. Riley didn't know what the couch wanted and she hoped it wasn't anything bad.

"Yes?" she asked as she stood a couple of feet in front of her. "That was amazing," she smiled.


"I know you've been working on that and your toe touch, I've seen you at all the games watching the girls and this whole week you had no trouble what so ever with learning the cheers and dance routine. And I know I don't have to think twice about this because you've worked so hard for this and it shows, so you're on the squad." The couch said.

Riley couldn't believe what she just heard. She was actually going to be on the squad, Oh My God! She let out a little squeal and hug the coach "Thank youthank you, thank you," she let go of her and ran across the bleachers and up ten steps to where her brother and Jake were. "I'm on the squad!" she yelled as she climbed the last two steps. She didn't bother looking at Jake because she was still mad at him. She walked past him and hugged her brother something fierce. "Congratulations," Henry laughed in her ear.

"Thanks, I know I couldn't have done it with out your help with the last move I did." she laughed. "Let's go out after this, ok, I'm buying," she let go of him, and she squealed. "I'm so happy right now." And started walking down the steps and grabbed her duffle bag after she hit the bottom steps and headed towards the exit door of the gym. "You better go talk to her now while you have the chance of being forgiven because she's in a pretty damn good mood and I don't know how long that's going to last." Henry said as he watched his sister walk through the exit door.

"Yeah your right about her mood, she has an extra kick in the way she's walking right now." Jake laughed as he got up and followed Riley. As soon as Riley got into Henry's car she took off her shirt and shorts and kicked her shoes off pulled her clothes out of her duffle bag.

She was hoping she would be able to change in the locker room in the gym but the doors were locked and now she was in her brother's car. She put on her low rise jeans and her half shirt that rested right above her belly button.

She put on socks and pulled on her beige Ugg boots, man did she love her boots, she knew it was eighty something degrees outside but she wanted to wear her boots. She put her other clothes in her duffle bag and got out of the car and took off her bow and undid her bun, there were so many bobby pins as soon as her hair was down she ran her fingers threw it still finding them.

She grabbed her duffle and put her hair stuff inside and went around the small SUV and threw it in the back.

She closed the back and looked up and saw Jake walking over to the SUV. She waited for him as she leaned against the car with her phone in her hands, pretending to text.

She looked up and watched him hesitated as he approached her from a few feet away. He turned her attention back to her phone and was surprised she actually had a text message and frowned when she realized who it was, Duke had texted her and wouldn't stop texting her, he wanted to take Riley out and despite her saying she was always busy he never gave up he was a persistent fool.

She texted him back and told him she was busy, which she kind of was or would be as soon as her brother and Anna came back. "Duke?" Jake asked casually, liked nothing happened. Jake knew Duke was after Riley, he'd seen the boy plenty of times staring at her, and trying to make small talk. "Yeah," she murmured. He cleared his throat. "You ever going to go out with him?" he had to know, it was a stupid question. But Riley never said no to him so was she keeping her options open?

Riley's face saddened when he asked that.


"No," she murmured. She pushed up off the car and turned to open the door. "Ri, wait, please," he grabbed her arm and let his hand slid down to her wrist before pulling her to him. She wouldn't look at him, fuck she was still mad at him despite her making the squad.

"I'm sorry, for earlier, I didn't know what happened. I'm just so…confused and I snapped at you. Please forgive me," he begged on the last part. Still nothing, he gently tipped her chin up, nothing. "Riley, look at me, please." Finally she looked at him; he saw such sadness as he looked at her blue eyes. "I'm sorry," he whispered, he bent down and brushed his lips against hers.

She kissed him gently; the feel of her lips against his was wonderful. They were so soft and warm. He felt her tongue shyly lick at his lips; he adjusted his head to get a better angle and flicked his tongue against hers. He slid his hand into her hair and cupped her head and angling her just right he slipped his tongue into her mouth.

Her tongue was slick and warm. He moaned, he slipped his other hand down her back and cupped the middle of her butt, bringing her closer. Fuck, he shouldn't be doing this out in the open. He slipped his other hand down to her butt and cupped her.

He chuckled as Riley eagerly wrapped her legs around his hips when he picked her up. He turned and eased up on to the back seat of the SUV pulling Riley along with him. He laid back on the leather seat and Riley quickly turned to close the door. He looked up at her, her blues eyes shining, "Come here," he told her. She bent down and kissed him. He eased his hands back to her bottom, needing to feel the soft lush skin and couldn't because of the jeans, she giggled and straightened.

She undid the button of her jeans and eased them down; she couldn't really get them down because she was straddling him. "What the fuck happened to your damn shorts?" he growled. "I changed," she laughed.

He was quite cute like this, she thought.

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"Take those damn jeans off and put your fucking shorts back on," he demanded. She awkwardly laid on top of him, her back to his chest as she shucked off her boots, she lifted both her legs and eased off her jeans off, stopping and gasping as Jake ran his hands down her thighs onto her butt.

He must be a butt kind of guy, she thought. He lightly ran his finger tips against her bottom making her shiver. She took off her jeans and gently got up, trying not to hurt his dick. She leaned over the seat and tried to reach her bag it was just two inches from her fingers tips. Seeing Riley half naked, made him damn hard. He smoothed his hand over her ass and gave it a squeeze. She was wearing a cute red lace thong. He slowly got up and looked out the window to see if Henry was coming, he wasn't which meant he was either giving him time to make sure Anna didn't see him and Riley fighting or he had his tongue down her throat somewhere.

He was betting it was the second one, he couldn't keep him self off Anna, and it damn bothered him when she came over and he couldn't touch her because Riley was right there. He looked down at her ass; she had such a tempting one, she had two dimples above it. He moved what long hair was on her back and ran his finger down her spine and watched her stiffen and relax.

She shivered as he went lower; he did a Z as he trailed his finger across her bottom. This was to tempting. He eased her panties off, and took one last look to see if Henry was coming and he wasn't, he turned his attention back to her delectable ass.

He bent down and brushed his lips against her right cheek.

Riley moaned, god, why was he teasing her? Her pussy was clenching in anticipation, she felt it getting wetter. He was giving her open mouth kisses on her butt, taking his sweet time, man he really was a butt guy. "Jake, please," she breathed.

She couldn't take this anymore she needed to feel his tongue on her. "Please what? Ri, what is it you so desperately want?" he teased as he breathed against he pussy. His hot breath made her pussy clench causing more of her juices to come out. Good god. Why was he doing this? Didn't he know that girls just couldn't wait that long, the ach was almost unbearable. Was he really going to make her say what she wanted?

Jake was dying to taste her but he loved the teasing a little bit more right now. Would she beg? He noticed she could barely keep her butt up anymore, she was withering beneath his touch and he loved it. He kissed her right beneath her cheeks, kissed all the way down near her bare pussy, just mere centimeters from tasting her sweet essence.

He blew over it, hearing her breathing coming faster. "Jake, please," Riley panted. "What do you want me to do?" he roughly said.

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"Do you want this?" he let his finger ease down between her folds, feeling the warm slick wetness, stopping right before touching her clit and removed his finger to place it to his waiting mouth, he let out a low groan as he tasted her sweetness, god, she tasted amazing. "Yes," she moaned.

"Baby, is that all you want?" he whispered, against her pussy, letting his lips lightly brush against her smooth bare pussy. "No!" she whimpered. "What else do you want? Tell me, Riley, what does this sweet pussy want?" He started kissing a trail back up to her butt. What? No, no, no, no. "Stop," she exclaimed.

"Stop?" he whispered. He stopped where his mouth was at; he kissed the curve of her ass and then gave it a little love bite. She couldn't help but moan, but that's not where she wanted his mouth. "No, move your mouth down more." "Where?" He brushed his lips against her soft skin, making Riley shudder beneath him as he moved his way back down to where her pussy was. "Here?" he breathed. "Yes," she panted.

"What do you want me to do here, Ri." He blew against her pussy. Jesus, it was taking all his fucking control not to fuck her. Oh God, she couldn't take it anymore, she was about to freaking come and he hasn't even put his mouth on her. "I want your mouth on my pussy," she panted. "I want you to lick my clit," she moaned with anticipation. He quickly looked up and saw Henry, he was a distance away but walking slow as he talked to Anna.

He probably had five minutes. That was enough time to get her dressed and composed. "Baby, I'm sorry, you took to long to tell me what you wanted." He sighed, "But I'll tell you what, maybe we can finish later." What?

No, no, no, no! "No, Jake, Please, I'm so close, just one lick, please." She begged. God, did he want a lick. No, he couldn't once he started he started. "I can't," he roughly said. He eased her thong back on, easing her cheeks apart so the material fell in between. He kissed her right above her bottom, between her dimples and gave her ass a good slap.

She moaned so loud, he almost came in his pants. "Forget about your fucking shorts and put your damn pants back on, I don't need your brother seeing you naked again." He smoothed his hand on the part he slapped and gave her a little peck where the red was beginning to reveal it's self.

Riley whimpered as she eased down the leather seat, she grabbed her pants and quickly put them on, her pussy was so swollen the damn jeans were making her uncomfortable but she dealt because she didn't have enough time to grab her shorts. She quickly put on her boots and looked at Jake. He was gazing at her, god, what she would give just to know what he was thinking right now. "What?" she softly asked. "I was just thinking how cute you look when you pout." He smiled at her as her pout deepened.

He eased closer to her and brushed his lips against her pouty ones. "Will you ease my unbearable ach later?" she whispered as she looked up at him with pleading eyes. "Maybe," then he gave her a soft quick kiss. Henry opened the door just in time to see them casually sitting next to each other, Jake's arm around her shoulders, Riley watched her brother roll his eyes.

Anna eased in and he closed the door for her, odd, he never did that before. He was probably just being nice. "Hey Anna, are you on the Squad?" she asked. "Yes, I'll be a flyer just like you," she beamed. "That's great." Wow that was great. She and Anna would work on the same stunts. "So where do you guys want to go since Riley is buying," Henry asked as he got into the SUV.

"How about we do one round of bowling," Anna suggested. "Yeah that sounds like a good idea," Jake said. Riley didn't say anything, she didn't really care. The only thing on her mind was sex, Jake's tongue on her pussy. She sighed as she snuggled closer against jakes side and leaned her head against his shoulder. When they got to the bowling alley, Jake suggested Henry and Anna go ahead of them, which left her alone with Jake right out side the car. She was pulled up against him in an embrace.

"How about you show a little more enthusiasm when we bowl, I mean it was your idea to go out, you were so happy and now your mad because I didn't put my tongue on that sweet pussy of yours." He whispered against her ear. "If you want my mouth on that pussy tonight you better be a little more enthusiastic," he nipped her ear, making her moan.

She cleared her throat. "Maybe I don't want it there, I'm not sure you want me. Maybe I'll just ask someone who does." She whispered against his chest. God, he smelled incredible. Whatever colone he used she loved it, she inhaled it again taking as much as she could before he pulled away from her.

He snorted, "You want freshman Duke to lick your pussy then go ahead and ask him. But I'll tell you this, he'd be sloppy, yours would probably be the first one he actually tastes, he won't know what he's doing, so if that's what you want then go ahead and be my guest, give him a call." The way he was talking to her was making her shiver.

"But if I did it, I'd do it just right, I'd lick that pussy nice and slow, teasing you, licking around your clit, give it a nice wet kiss, suck on it, fuck you with my tongue, have you moaning so loud, and after you come, it'd lick you clean. But if you want freshman Duke, then that's what you want," he whispered against her neck, as he inhaled her scent and nuzzled her neck.

And with that, he turned and walked away. She stood there, frozen. She didn't know what to do, but damn she wanted him. She didn't doubt how good he could give it to her, he had her withering beneath his touch from just teasing her and she was so close to coming.

She wanted more of it too. Damn him, she mumbled as she started walking towards him. When she entered the bowling alley, she beamed, "Who's ready for bowling?" she said in the best excited voice she could muster up.

Henry and Anna both looked confused, was she really killing the mood in the car? Jake's lips curved into a small smile, bastard was trying not to laugh at her.

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She ignored them and went to go pay for there shoes and lane. Thank god it was only one game. If she was lucky, the game would be over in thirty minutes. She had to fake her enthusiasm that damn long, she sighed. She guessed it would be worth it right? When she came back to the group she told them what lane and then watched them leave to get there shoes. She looked around as she walked to their lane.

There were a lot of people here; she guessed there would be since it was Saturday night. She sat at the little round table and picked the chair closet to where the balls came out. She twisted in the chair as she took off her boots and put the really worn bowling shoes on. She didn't know why she couldn't wear her boots, they looked cuter.

Fifth-teen minutes later and they were half way done, god, could they be any slower? The whole time though she's been watching Henry and Anna flirt and give each other knowing glances like there was a secret the other knew.

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There were little touches here and there, if she didn't know any better she'd say they were together but not showing it. Jake was sitting behind her, occasionally stealing a quick peck when the other two weren't looking. "Ri, if you get a strike, I'll spend twenty seconds on licking just your clit." he whispered into her ear. She considered this, "It's not much time," she whispered back, as she watched Henry and Anna waiting in line to get hot dogs.

His hand was on her lower back, they were defiantly together. Why wouldn't Henry tell her? Why wouldn't her best friend tell her?

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Jake grunted, "Trust me, it's plenty of time," he nudged her forward off her chair. "I think you've waited long enough for your turn, go ahead and try." She got up and picked up the plain lime green ball she's been using the whole time and gave it her best try. Jake knew she wouldn't make it, she hardly went bowling, she down right sucked. After she threw the ball she watched it roll and barely it the two in the back right side.

She turned around and saw him smiling. "No worries you still have three more turns before the game is over." She rolled her eyes and sat in her chair and watched him take his turn. Jake was damn good, he's already gotten three strikes, Henry had five and if she wasn't wrong they were secretly competing. On the ride home, she was pissed she didn't get any strikes and she came in last. Even Anna was damn good, although she didn't know how she got good.

Then it hit her Henry probably took her bowling a lot, how long have they been together? Can't be very long, she what have noticed.

She noticed they passed Anna's house, she also lived down the street from their house, well a few blocks, it was a good fifth-teen minutes away while walking. When Henry pulled into the drive way she got out first and headed towards the back to get her duffle bag out.

She noticed Jake still in the car while she walked up the porch stairs. She looked around for the spare key; it was suppose to be here somewhere. "I'm taking her to the cabin tonight, and mom isn't coming home tonight, she's "sleeping in her car"," Henry laughed.

Jake laughed at that too. "Sleeping in the car" meant she was spending the night at the guy she's been seeing house. There was no doubt she was working late tonight and that being her excuse she used the "sleeping in the car" act to spend time with the guy and then go to work earlier the next morning.

Occasionally she had shifts like that, and she no doubt actually used to sleep in her car not bothering to come home. But one day Henry and I followed and found out she started sleeping at this guy's house. Tonight she was defiantly not coming home and wouldn't be home till later tomorrow when she got off of work. "When are you bringing Anna back," Jake suddenly asked. "Not till later tomorrow probably around six at night, meaning you have practically the whole day alone with my sister so don't do something you'll regret." "Have fun, and drive safe." With that he got out.

Henry had a two hour drive to their family cabin, it was already dark. He opened Anna's door suddenly, "Hey, text me when your almost there," he said. Anna looked at him, and lifted her hand to his check, "We will," she smiled.

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He smiled in return. "Take care of her," he watched Henry nod and he closed the door.