Two guys fuck one girl hardcore blowjob

Two guys fuck one girl hardcore blowjob
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the night time air sent a chill over my shaven legs and my little balls moved inside me to find what little warmth they could. daddy took my hand and walked in front of me at a pace that tested my ability to walk in heels and i could see his car lights flash as he pressed the button on his keyring. i felt so exposed in the open, my free hand didnt know where to cover but it settled behind me desperately trying to avoid all of daddy's cum leaking out of me onto the ground.

"this way sweetie, were nearly at the car.the nights not over just yet" my heart was pounding a mile a minute and i couldnt stop thinking back to the moment when his cock first slipped inside me and i became a sissy forever, his sissy. it brought a smile to my face and i walked just a little bit taller and more confidently. when we reached the car he spun me round and kissed me deeply non the lips, his tongue drawing mine out and intermingling with his. his manliness was practically glowing and i wanted to be anything and everything he ever wanted.

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i felt his finger slip over my ass and invade my passage bringing out a soft moan from me into his mouth. the finger swirled slowly but it was nothing compared to his cock, nothing compares to it.


once the finger slipped out i felt a small plastic tube be placed inside me and then a little pressure. when my face had registered the tampon inside me he gave the most mischevious grin "cant have you leaking on my seats.

youre gonna need to keep a supply of those for the future" "i cant believe how prepared you are daddy, how much of this have you got planned out?" i received no reply beyond that same grin before he opened the car door and took my hand gently to help me glide into the car. when i sat down i felt the toll the events of the evening had taken on my once virgin ass and i knew for a fact i would always love this ache i felt the car ride was quieter than i expected.

daddy knew what he was doing, he knew that talking would only distract me. with the silence i could mull over all of the things that had just been done to me. how my little clit was now barely reacting in the cage as if the cage was always on and it knew any pleasure it could give me was insignificant compared to what his cock would.


how my corset was locked into place and i couldnt go anywhere without showcasing the slight cleavage it gave me. how my ass was full of a mans seed and how wonderful it made me feel and most dangerous of all, how i possibly loved my daddy.

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daddy reached over and ran his hand up my thigh "were nearly there sweetie, just around this corner" daddy lived in a nice neighbourhood, a perfect little place not far from the city where. the kind of place where a neighbourhood watch wouldnt be unexpected. he pulled into his driveway and gave my only bits of masculinity a small squeeze through the cage before kissing me again.

when the kiss stopped he opened his door and my heart near exploded again. did he really expect me to walk outside like this in such a lovely place. my questions were answered when he opened my door and helped me out, careful to keep my legs close together and avoid showing off my cage i hurried to the door and he seemed to talk delight in dawdling, leaving me looking around frantically to find any eyes watching me "relax sweetie, everyone will be sleeping this time of night.

they surely dont expect such a naughty sissy slut to be outside anyway" "daddy please get me inside, i cant take this exposure" "sweetie you have no idea what exposure is yet" he gave me a wink and let me inside. the decor was just as lovely as the outside and i have to admit i felt right at home. "where are the keys to the hotel room safe daddy? im gonna need my clothes back at sound point" "i lied sweetie, the only keys here are the ones to that clit cage and corset.

do you really think the hotel would let me take a key home with me?

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no no. when i spoke to room service i gave them all the keys and told them to keep what they wanted in the safe but to send me your wallet and such. i dont want you to lose everything but ill be holding onto them when they finally get here a few days from now.

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until then i have some clothes prepared for you, certainly not the kind of clothes you could try to go home in and certainly not the kind you could wait on a locksmith to get into your house while wearing" i was dumbfounded.

i had been completely caught out by eagerness to be a sissy i hadnt thought everything out "daddy how am i supposed to go home?" "youll just have to wait and run in girly clothes. until then i think youll be more than happy to stay here and have some fun" he pulled me close to him and kissed me deep.

my legs felt weak and i fell into him, his strong arms holding me up and pulling me closer. he reached behind me and pulled the tampon out and let it drop before sweeping me into his arms and walking me through to what i guess was his living room.

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there were some clothes bags laid out waiting for me "theres a few days worth of girl clothes in those, i had a good friend of mine go shopping with me and help pick those out. you might meet her at some point.

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i spoke to her a while ago about you and she was very supportive" "can i take any of these clothes off daddy?" "i dont see why not, just get dressed in something sexy for me" he felt unlocked the corset and i removed it, the skirt and the heels so i was naked except for the clit cage.

i felt a sense of loss for the boobs and cleavage i had lost with the corset i leaned over and started immediately rifling through the clothes, marvelling at all the wonderful things i was seeing there. they were all so cute and sexy.

i felt daddy's hands on my hips and a moan escaped my mouth without realising it, the moan go louder when i felt his tip at my entrance "i couldnt resist sweetie, as soon as you bent over i was lost. im gonna top your ass up with my cum" "fuck me hard daddy, i need this so bad" i pushed back as he pushed forward and my ass gave way so easily and within a blink of an eye i was full of cock once again.

daddy pressed me down to the ground on all fours and started pounding me hard. i couldnt help but moan like a slut because thats what i had become.

his right hand left my hip and struck my ass hard ringing a noise around the room. "spank me harder" he didnt disappoint. "youre my sissy slut now sweetie, im gonna make you mine forever soon" the pounding was relentless.

he pulled me up from the front without leaving my ass and tweaked my nipple causing me to shudder hard and to feel multiple simultaneous contractions and relaxations of my muscles my little clit spurted whatever it had left in it, dripping out of my cage onto the floor.

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"mmmm sweetie, youre loving my cock arent you. i can see by the puddle, youre ass got so tight when you came so i might keep using that" he twisted my nipples some more and i kept cumming over and over again. the puddle of sissy cum underneath was slowly increasing as was the rate of daddys breathing. i could sense that throbbing from before and knew i was about to be marked again. he pulled me close tweaking my nipple with one hand and gripping my clit cage with the other we finished at the same time, his cum spraying deep inside me.

i fell forward onto the floor with his cock making a popping sound as it left my ass. i lay there breathing heavily with my ass gaping "turn around sweetie" i turned around, biting my lower lip with a smile on my face 'click' i saw a flash of a camera.

i couldnt believe it, he now has a photo of me naked, my ass gaping and dripping cum while i have i a big grin on my face "this isnt the only photo i have sweetie, dont worry i installed a camera in the hotel room to capture your special moment, or moments.

a lot happened there" "daddy please what are you gonna do with them?" "nothing sweetie, theyre for our own enjoyment, for now anyway" after we recovered i picked out some underwear from the bags. a nice matching set of pink panties and a bra followed up with a black mini-skirt and a pale pink tank top.

the bra was push up and i was ecstatic to see my boobs return me and daddy settled onto the couch and i fell asleep very quickly "Nikki, come in here for a minute!" i awoke to daddy yelling from the other room and i wiped the sleep from my eyes. i walked slowly, it felt strange not wearing heels though i was too sleepy still to fully contemplate what that meant for me daddy was on the computer with his phone plugged into it i could see a porn site on the screen and could hear some loud moaning coming from it.

my clit twitched in its cage "what are you watching daddy? that girl sounds like shes being fucked really well" "she is, isnt she" he swivelled the computer round so i could see jaw hit the floor. it was me he had uploaded that video of us to a porn site "daddy what the hell" "its ok sweetie, i just put it up.

only a few people have seen it and the comments are very positive. 'that slut can really take cock', 'i wish i was her', 'she looks really familiar' and so on" he gave a chuckle "i was joking about that last one dont worry.

youre unrecognisable when youre dressed up like your true self sweetie. all these people are probably touching themselves while thinking of you" "i cant say that doesnt turn me on daddy" "i knew it would sweetie, which is why i also set up this" he moved to a different tab.

it was a craigslist tab with pics of me all over the top, headed by the one he took earlier of me just after being fucked. 'this is my sissy slut nikki, shes not new to being a sissy but shes only recently been deflowered and made a proper sissy. im interested in finding another man who will help me with managing her and exploring fantasies.

if we get on well i will forward you details containing her male name, address and so on that i have saved so that you too will be able to own her like i do' "sweetie as you may guessed in that little sissy head of yours i own you and i want to make you into the sissy you have always wanted to be but i understand that you will be scared.

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ive got your details to ensure you cant back down. im going to treat you well but i know you will need a push and that push might be down on the button to your parents to let them know all about you, so please behave yourself" my clit cage had started to feel tight for the first time in a while, i was so turned on by this real man.


i knew he was going to own me and make me what ive always wanted to be and i knew i wouldnt turn him down now, with or without those pics