Male models William dreamed to empty his wallet too but we

Male models William dreamed to empty his wallet too  but we
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Fbailey story number 201 Strip Poker Fun I just had to smile when Alexandra, my eleven-year-old sister, suggested that we play Strip Poker. You see our two cousins were spending the entire night with us.

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Brooklyn was thirteen years old and her sister Trinity was fourteen years old. I am just your typical horny fifteen-year-old boy.


Our mothers are sisters so that makes us cousins. Our parents were going out on the town for a special celebration of some kind and they told us not to expect them to come home before the bars closed at about two o'clock in the morning. It was only eight o'clock when they left a few minutes before. It was actually Alexandra that talked them into playing Strip Poker with me. She told them that she and I have played it a lot and we really had too.

What she didn't tell them was that after she looses all of her clothes to me and is totally naked that I get to poke my cock into her for additional bets. As she continues to loose I get to poke the head of my cock into her mouth, then the head into her pussy, and then finally I get to put it from her pussy into her own mouth and make her taste herself. With my cousins playing with us I would get to put in it the other girl's pussies and then into her mouth.

That thought really excited me. My friends and I have talked about girls licking each other's pussies before and I just might get to see it for myself. Alexandra got the playing cards out and had the girls sit down on the floor in the family room.

She told them that I wouldn't let her hide beneath a table or anything. Because they were new to the game I made a list of what beats what and Alexandra told them that one shoe and one sock was a bet. You just had to say what you were putting up and didn't really have to remove it until you lost. With only one winner each hand three people would have to remove something.

We started out slowly of course with the girls loosing their shoes but none of them had socks on. I won both hands. Alexandra started the next round with her blouse so the other two girls said blouse also. Again I won and Alexandra took her top off showing me her cute little titties.

She wasn't wearing a bra now but she had been before she got the cards. I smiled at her because Brooklyn did not have on a bra either.

Now I knew why my sister had removed hers, she didn't want Brooklyn to get upset about being the first girl topless. Trinity was wearing a bra and just laughed at me because I was expecting to see her tits too. I really was but I knew that I would see them soon enough. Alexandra bet her skirt. We had all seen her panties already as she had been sitting on the rug with us so it wasn't anything special.

Brooklyn bet her shorts and Trinity bet her pants.


I was still the winner but I had bet my pants too. When I won, my sister stood up and removed her skirt.

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I saw Trinity looking at Alexandra's little girl panties and smiling. Brooklyn stood up and peeled her shorts down her legs.

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Again Trinity smiled at her sister's little girl panties too. Then Trinity stood up, faced me, and smiled. I watched as Trinity lowered her blue jeans to her ankles and stood up.

She wasn't wearing little girl panties that was for sure. As she turned to get her jeans off her feet she put her ass right in my face. She was wearing skimpy G-string panties that didn't cover any of her ass at all.

I could even see her brown puckered asshole and where the string went into her pussy lips from behind. Trinity then turned back around and stuck her pussy right in my face before she sat down on the rug again.


Trinity's bra and panties were a set and they matched perfectly. My cousin looked lovely in her underwear and she gave me an erection bigger than looking at her sisters tits.

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The next bet was panty, panty, bra, and my pants again. Needless to say I won again and watched as my sister removed her panties to show me her pussy. I had seen it lots of times and even poked it a few times but once again Trinity looked at it in a different way. Next her sister Brooklyn removed her panties and sat back down. As Trinity looked at her sister's pussy, I looked at Trinity. Then Trinity reached back and unhooked her bra.

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I watched as it came off her breasts. She sat her bra on the floor next to us so I picked it up and read the label, it was a 32-B. I knew that my sister was a 30-A so I compared the difference in their sizes. Brooklyn's tits were somewhere in between. This bet was entirely different now because two of the girls had run out of clothes.

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Alexandra bet that I could poke the head of my cock into her mouth for ten seconds if she lost. Brooklyn said the same thing not knowing what else she could bet.

I expected Trinity to bet her panties but instead she bet me a poke in her mouth for two minutes if I could last that long. Wow.

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I bet all of my clothes hoping to loose but I didn't. I slipped the head of my cock into my sister's mouth for ten seconds and then into Brooklyn's mouth for another ten seconds. Trinity grabbed my cock and slipped her mouth over the head of it and started sucking. Her sister was astonished at what Trinity was doing to me and my sister just smiled. Alexandra had sucked me off before and knew what was cumming.

When the two minutes were up I was so close that Trinity kept it up until I cum in her mouth. Afterwards she opened up her mouth to show her sister and mine the big white puddle on her nice pink tongue before she swallowed it. The next bet was ten seconds in my sister's pussy, ten seconds in Brooklyn's pussy, and to fuck Trinity until I cum again. What! That was the bet and once again I won. I got totally naked and then I poked my cock all the way into my sister's eleven-year-old pussy first, not just the head either because that hadn't been the bet that time.

I had fucked Alexandra quite a few times but I sure didn't want to cum in her pussy. Then I stuck my cock all the way into Brooklyn's thirteen-year-old pussy for ten seconds. She was just as tight as Alexandra had been and she said that she was a virgin. Then I watched as Trinity removed her panties so that I could fuck her. As I slipped my cock into my fifteen-year-old cousin's pussy it felt so wonderful that I almost cum right away. She noticed and told me to think about our grandmother sucking my cock without her teeth in.

That took away my immediate desire to cum, which was what she had wanted to do. I was glad that I had just recently cum in her mouth too because that helped to slow me down a little. Our two sisters watched us fuck right on the floor in front of them.

My cock was enjoying being in her pussy. Trinity said that she wasn't a virgin but she wouldn't tell us who she had been fucking either. This bet did not have a time limit and ended only when I cum in her so I took my time and stretched it out for as long as I could.

Trinity was happy about that too. However eventually I had to cum and end it. Trinity had an orgasm at the end with me and was very happy.

As in the past Alexandra bet that I could poke her pussy and put it in her mouth and go back and forth for ten seconds, Brooklyn went along with her, but Trinity made it for a whole minute. Playing cards really wasn't necessary any more since I had won every hand so I just poked Alexandra's pussy and fed it to her over and over for the time limit.

She told the other girls that she loves the taste of her own pussy. Brooklyn liked the taste of her pussy too but Trinity said that she would like to taste other girl's pussies and suggested that I poke my sister and her sister first then let her suck my cock off. That was going to be the next bet but she had beat Alexandra to it. After the minute was up Trinity just tasted her sister's pussy directly while Alexandra and I watched her.

So I went after my sister's pussy. Trinity traded sisters with me after a few minutes. We both decided that Brooklyn tasted best but I still needed to taste Trinity's pussy so our sisters got into a sixty-nine while I ate Trinity. It probably wasn't fair since I had cum in Trinity already but Brooklyn was still the best tasting girl.

It was eleven o'clock so we put the four sleeping bags on the floor and zipped them together into two double bags. Trinity climbed in with me.

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Her parents were going to sleep in the guest bedroom but that wouldn't have left any room for all of us kids so we chose to sleep in the family room on the floor. About two-thirty in the morning Trinity and I woke up when our parents came home. They were trying to be quiet but that sure wasn't happening. Our sisters were sleeping through it though and that was a good thing. Someone came down the stairs to check on us.

Trinity and I closed our eyes but held hands. We heard her mother asked, "Do you think that they fucked each other while we were gone?" My father replied, "If I know my son, they did." Trinity and I squeezed each other's hand. Her mother then said, "I can't help but wonder if they will grow up to swap spouses like my sister and I do." Dad replied, "Only time will tell.

Now come to bed with me. Your husband is probably already fucking my wife." The End Strip Poker Fun 201