Cum swapping große Lasten creampies Kompilation Essen

Cum swapping große Lasten  creampies Kompilation Essen
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When I was 10 my brother, he was 14 and I started playing doctor, actually he started it but I willingly went along. One day when we were home alone, He came to my room and after a bit of stuttering along he asked if he could watch me pee.

He said girl's pee different than boys and he had never seen a girl pee. I didn't know boys did it differently, so I said sure if I can see you pee too. Little did I know that's just want he wanted. He suggested we go get a couple big cokes and play computer games in his room till we had to pee.

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He never let me play his computer so it was a real treat. After winning a couple games and drinking a lot I had to pee real bad.


I said OK Brian I have to pee now. He followed me to the bathroom. I pulled my shorts and panties down. As I sit down on the toilet I noticed he was staring between my legs but I had to pee so bad I didn't say anything. As I sit there and started to pee he pulled my shorts and panties all the way off.

Then told me to spread my legs so he could see better. I had to pee a lot so he got a real good look at me peeing and at my little hairless pussy. I hopped up done and reached for my panties and shorts, he said no leave them off incase you have to go again. Anyway I have to pee and you wanted to see me right. Sure I told him. I stood to the side naked from the waist down. Watching him unzip then pull out his thing.

Do you want me to do it like I do when I'm alone or with my pants down so you can see better. I said pants off like me so I can see good. In a second he was naked from the waist down too.

His thing was fat and stood straight up. He held it and said to me something like I can't pee when it's hard like this sis. I need to make it soft so I can pee. I have to pee real bad will you help me make it soft so I can go?

How do I help? Actually thinking he really needed help. Put your hand on it. I reached out and grabbed it; he puthis hand around mine and moved my hand up and down on his thing. As he did this he told me to keep rubbing it like this, he removed his hand telling me to keep rubbing that it felt real good and soon it would be better and he could pee, and let me watch. Soon he put his hand back on mine and moved my fist faster. He then got to moaning that he was cumming and not to stop rubbing.

I kept rubbing as his whole bogy went stiff and white stuff shot out the end of his thing. What was that stuff I asked him? Its cum sis, it comes out of a boys balls, I have it rub it a lot cause it hurts if I don't drain them.

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He held himself and stood there and peed. It was so kool boys can pee standing up I thought to myself. Sis can I ask you a favor? I guess so what do you want?

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Well I was wondering it felt so good when you drained my balls better than when I do it myself. I need to cum again, would you help me again? I guess I can I said as I reached for it. No let's do it like girlfriends do for boyfriends.

How's that I asked? They put it in there mouth and suck it.

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I looked at him and laughed, no way they do not. Yes they do follow me; I'll show you. We went to his room; he pulled a magazine from under his pillow. Sit down and look I sit on the bed next to him. He opened the mag and said see.

I looked a several pictures on the pages all had girls with the guys thing in there mouths sucking. Just like he told me.

Please sis I need to cum suck my cock for me. No way am I going to put that thing in my mouth. If you do you can have that computer game you like of mine. I really wanted that game but still wasn't sure about putting it in my mouth, I mean he does pee from it!!

I'll wash it first if you want. OK wash it and I will. He went to wash it off. When he came back it was just as big and hard as before. He tossed a pillow on the floor and sat on the edge of the bed. Get down on your knees like she is he said as he showed me one of the pictures.

I knelt between his legs, his thing right there in my face.

It looked clean but I just stared at it. Go on open your mouth and suck it for me sis. I shook my head no. Please you said you would. Just lick it a little so you know its OK. I stuck out my tongue, as I did he rubbed it across my lips and tongue. It didn't taste funny so I licked it more.

He was begging me to lick and suck it.


I ran my tongue up and down like he was telling me to. Then I licked his ball sac he called it. He really liked that. See its OK sis, open up and suck it. I opened up and he put the tip of it in my mouth.

Now close your mouth and suck it like a popcicle. I did as he asked and he went crazing, moaning and squirming.

He held my head and said OOOOOOOOOOh sis yessssssssss suck my cock. Yes yes yes suck my cock.


Oh sis you are soooooo good. You're a real cock sucked he told me over and over. Play with my balls as you suck he said. I reached down and held his wrinkled bag as I kept sucking on his thing.

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By now he had pushed more in my mouth, maybe half of it. It wasn't long at all when his body went stiff, just like when I rubbed it. I didn't want that stuff in my mouth so I tried to pull my mouth off him. He was holding my head and I couldn't get it out of my mouth. He kept saying suck it, suck my cock off sis. Before I knew what to do it shot off in my mouth. Big globs of sticky salty stuff. I tried to swallow there was so much. Some I swallowed some ran at and down my chin.

I didn't think he would stop squirting in my mouth, so much stuff. Finally he said wow sis that was so good he said as he pulled it from my mouth. That was so good sis, I'll come to your room next time I need to cum, you're a great cocksucker. He said I was a good cocksucker, that made me feel like I was a big girl. Ok I said and went to my room.