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Twinks with trimmed pubes and sex change dick jerking gay porn One of
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12 When Susan arrived home Michael had dinner fixed and waiting for her. He had even poured her a glass of wine and put it on the table. Susan was quiet and Michael knew that she had been thinking about Harold. When he kissed her he could smell that she had already had a few drinks. This fit right in with what he had planned for later. After dinner Michael fixed Susan a couple of more drinks. He knew that usually two or three drinks usually got Susan drunk.

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She did not drink that often and when she did she fell asleep after a few. Michael helped Susan upstairs and after undressing her helped her into bed. He did not bother with Susan's night gown. If everything worked out she would not need it. Michael then called Kathy and told her to meet him at the mall. He knew that she could be there shortly.

He also told her to bring her swim suit and to make some excuse to Jim for not returning home tonight. Michael picked up Kathy and took her to the house. When she saw Susan's car in the garage she got worried but Michael told her Susan would not be down tonight.

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Michael fixed Kathy a drink and brought it out to the pool. Kathy had never drank alcohol before but almost everything she had done with Michael was new to her. She liked the taste of the drink and finished it rather quickly. Michael poured her another making it stronger than the first. He helped Kathy get into her suit and they got into the pool. While they were in the pool Michael kept running his hands over Kathy's sexy body.

He could feel her respond to his touch. Her nipples were plainly showing through the fabric of her suit. Michael untied her suit and pulled it off leaving her naked in the pool. He saw Kathy glance towards the door obviously worried about Susan. Michael told her not to worry and handed her another drink. Kathy drained it and Michael refilled the glass from the pitcher on the side of the pool. Michael stood behind Kathy and slid his hand between her legs rubbing her pussy lips.

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Kathy shivered and spread her legs to allow Michael to have free access to her cunt. Michael slid his finger into her cunt and started to lightly rub her clit. He leaned towards her and whispered into her ear that he had something he wanted her to do.

Kathy was pretty well smashed by this time and cheerfully agreed thinking that Michael had some more games in mind for them. Michael then told her that his mother had not had any sexual release for a long time and he wanted Kathy to make love to her. Hearing this partially sobered Kathy up in a hurry. She pulled away from Michael and just stared at him for a moment.

She could not believe that he would even suggest such a thing. She told Michael that she would never do such a thing even if his mother had agreed. Michael said that Susan knew nothing about what Michael had suggested. He did not think she would approve if she did. Kathy started to get out of the pool but Michael grabbed her hand and pulled her back in. He handed her the drink and watched as she finished it. Michael knew that he was going to have to use the tapes to get Kathy to do what he wanted.

They got out of the pool and as Michael started to dry Kathy off, she grabbed the towel telling him she would rather do it herself. Michael just shrugged and told her to come into the family room. When they sat down Michael turned on the TV and there in living color was Kathy's sexy naked body hungrily sucking Michael's cock. Kathy was in a state of shock.

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She had never thought about the possibility of Michael taping their sexual encounters. Michael fast forwarded the tape and where he stopped Kathy saw herself facing the camera riding up and down on Michael's cock.

She watched as Michael reached around and grabbed her tits as the both exploded into a huge orgasm. She could even see her juices with Michael's come leaking out of her cunt and running over Michael's balls. She hated Michael at this moment, but she was turned on by the scenes that she saw before her. She also knew that she had no choice but to do what Michael wanted. Michael reached over and slid his hand up her leg shoving her legs apart he started rubbing her clit.

Kathy tried to resist but her body could not. Michael slid down to the floor and put his face near Kathy's cunt. He could hear her gasp as he spread her pussy lips and blew on her clit. She spread her legs further apart and moved her hips forward on the couch so that he had free access to her now boiling pussy.

Michael started licking Kathy's hot cunt and quickly brought her to the verge of a climax. He slowed down just a little and then brought her to a full climax. He then asked her again to make love to Susan. She knew that she did not have a choice and stood up to follow Michael. Michael pulled her naked body against his and kissed Kathy long and passionately.

She could taste and smell her pussy juice on Michael and for some reason this really turned her on. Michael led Kathy to Susan's room and opened the door. Susan was lying naked on the bed with he legs spread wide.


Michael noticed with satisfaction that the drinks had done what he had hoped. Kathy noticed that Michael did not seem bothered by the fact that he could see everything that his mother had. Kathy dismissed the thought as she looked at Susan on the bed.

She certainly did have a great body and was very pretty. While Kathy had never considered sleeping with another woman, she had to admit at least she was being forced to sleep with a very attractive one. Michael urged her forward with his hand. Kathy hesitated and told Michael she did not know what to do.

He told her to just do what made her feel good. Kathy eased herself onto the bed beside Susan and was surprised that Susan did not stir. She lightly touched Susan's soft stomach and slowly moved her hands up her soft body to the base of Susan's large tits.

She had never touched another woman's breasts before and was surprised by the soft feeling of them. She noticed that Susan's nipples had started coming erect almost as soon as she touched her tits.

She lightly rubbed the end of the nipple and Susan moaned in her sleep. This alarmed Kathy and she quickly pulled her hand away. After a moment she started rubbing the nipple again and then started nibbling on one. Michael sitting by the bed and watching this had gotten one enormous hard on.

Kathy slowly moved her hand back down Susan's body and lightly cupped Susan's mound in her hand. Susan moved her body slightly making it easier for Kathy to get her fingers into Susan's cunt. Kathy was surprised at how wet and hot Susan's pussy was as she slid her fingers in and out of the wet tunnel. Susan was moaning almost continually now and Kathy started kissing her way down Susan's lovely body until she had replaced her fingers with her tongue. Kathy had always thought the idea of making love to another woman was repulsive.

She was surprised to find that she was enjoying this and was really turned on. Susan was fighting her way back to reality and knew that someone was eating her pussy and that she was on fire. She thought it was Michael at first and almost screamed when she saw Michael standing by the bed with his cock in his hand. Susan could feel an orgasm beginning to build in her body and quit trying to figure out what was going on.

She wanted to enjoy the feeling of the tongue in her pussy lapping up her juice as she almost reached her exploding point. She grabbed the leg of her unknown benefactor and was going to suck him off as he was doing her.

She could not see in the dark, and as the leg went over her head she tried to drop the cock in her mouth.

Suddenly Susan realized that there was no cock and her scream was lost as the hot pussy dropped over her mouth and started grinding against it. Susan moved her face so that she could breathe and in doing so rubbed her chin against Kathy's clit. Kathy jerked and kept grinding her cunt in Susan's mouth Susan gingerly slid her tongue over Kathy's clit and enjoyed her reaction to this.

Kathy resumed eating Susan's cunt even faster. Susan responded her mind still partially dulled by the alcohol she had drunk earlier. Kathy and Susan both started cumming at almost the same time. Michael watching this hot scene between his two beautiful women had been jacking off during the whole scene. He straddled Susan's head and she watched as he kept pounding his cock until he blew his wad in her face and on the ass and cunt of the person on top of her.

Susan felt Michael's hot cum dripping into her mouth and mixing with the pussy juice of the woman she was eating. The whole thing was too much for her and she exploded sending her juices into Kathy's sucking mouth. This caused Kathy to explode herself giving Susan her own share of pussy juice to swallow.

After recovering for a while Susan rolled Kathy off of her and said I think I need an explanation. Michael looked at Kathy and saw that she had passed out from the drinks and the force of her climax. Michael lay beside Susan stroking her lovely tits and started to tell her the story from the beginning. Susan could tell that he was extremely afraid that she would be mad at him. He was worried that she would feel that he was treating her like his father did.

Susan just smiled and slid her hand down to his cock and started milking it. It responded to her touch and she moved Kathy a little more to the side and sat down on Michael's cock. As she started to rock on his cock she told him how much she appreciated his concern for her and that he went to all the trouble for her.

Michael could feel Susan's cunt squeezing his cock as she rocked on it he knew that everything was going to be fine. He rolled Susan over and started pounding his cock into Susan's hot pussy.

she started moaning and thrashing on the bed under Michael and Kathy woke up. She could not believe her eyes as she saw Michael pounding his cock into his own mother. Michael saw her looking at him and stuck a finger into her cunt.

He was finger fucking Kathy in rhythm to fucking his mother with his cock. He took Kathy's hand and pulled her to a sitting position in front of him. Not missing a stroke he told Kathy to straddle Susan's face. Susan opened her eyes just in time to see Kathy's pussy descending onto her face again. She was ready this time and worked her tongue in time to Michael's pounding cock in her pussy. Susan exploded into the most fantastic orgasm she had ever experienced.

Michael thought her pussy was going to squeeze the life out of his cock. Actually it did. He shot his wad deep into Susan's pussy while kissing Kathy who was coming herself. Exhausted the three of them fell asleep entwined in each other. Susan was quite shocked when she woke up and saw the other woman in her bed. She could not believe how the preachers wife had sucked her pussy last night. Kathy had always been quiet and reserved.

Susan found it hard to picture her like this. Of course she had found it hard to picture herself in the situation that had occurred in the last week also. She sat looking at Kathy in the morning light and liked what she saw. Kathy was younger than Susan and had a great body. Susan had never been attracted to women but she did appreciate what had happened last night.

Looking at Michael lying there next to Kathy she smiled.

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Her memory of Michael driving his hard cock into her wet pussy and seeing Kathy's pussy dropping on her face was fantastic. Smelling her musky female odor and tasting her pussy. She had always thought there would be a disgusting taste, but she found it quite pleasant and arousing.

Her hand slipped into her bush which was already getting wet just thinking about it. Susan leaned over and looked at Kathy's firm tits. She brushed the nipple with her fingertip and saw it stand up. Susan licked the nipple with her tongue and Kathy stirred. She saw Susan leaning over her tit and reached up and pulled her mouth down onto her nipple.

Susan started to suck harder and Kathy could feel her pussy getting hot and wet with anticipation. Michael had woken and was watching the scene unfolding in front of him. He reached over and slid his finger into Kathy's wet pussy. His touch combined with Susan's sucking was like an electric shock to her body. Michael knelt down between the two women and started to finger fuck them both at the same time. He could see Kathy's pussy quiver as he started using two fingers.

He then started a third finger into her ass hole. After getting her started he started doing the same thing to Susan. He loved seeing Susan's fantastic ass pumping up and down on his hand. He felt Susan shifting positions on Kathy and reluctantly pulled his hand from her cunt.

Kathy rolled on top of Susan so that she was facing Susan's cunt. She happily started lapping up her flowing juices.

Susan had lost no time in eating Kathy's pussy either and both women were lost in their own little world. Michael not wanting to be left out of the fun straddled his mothers head and started shoving his cock into Kathy's asshole. He could feel his mothers tongue working on Kathy's cunt through the thin skin separating her cunt from her ass. The sensation was driving him wild. He held onto Susan's ass cheeks to keep from falling off the pile of bodies stacked on the bed. Susan could see Michael's big cock stretch Kathy's asshole as he forced it into her.

She could feel his shaft sliding into Kathy on her tongue. Every time he rammed his cock into Kathy's ass his balls smacked Susan in the face.

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The strangeness of seeing her son fucking another woman's ass one inch from her face and being pounded by his balls was driving Susan wild. She could feel herself coming but could not move from the weight on her. She suddenly felt Michael ram his cock into Kathy's ass as far as he could and she could feel his cum pumping into Kathy.

She felt a small pang of jealousy just before she exploded with her own orgasm. Kathy was almost in heaven with Susan sucking on her pussy. She suddenly felt Michael ram his cock into her ass and even the momentary pain of him not waiting for her ass to adjust to his size did not bother her.

When Michael started to pump her ass, Kathy started an almost continuous orgasm. By the time that he had popped his rocks into her ass she could not even move. She had never felt anything like she had with both Susan and Michael working on her sex starved body. She just lay on the bed with her breast heaving. She had no strength for anything but breathing. Michael had gotten up and went into the shower. He also was pretty well worn out. Being naked with two beautiful willing women was work, very pleasant work but work.

Susan stepped into the shower and began to wash Michael. When she got to his cock and balls she knelt down and washed them very carefully. After rinsing them off she took Michael's cock into her mouth and started sucking on it. She alternated between his cock and his balls giving them both plenty of attention. In no time at all he was standing at attention.

Susan smiled and said I hoped you had something left for me.


She turned around and wiggled her ass at Michael. Please do it to me just like you did it to Kathy she said. Michael lathered his cock and stepping behind Susan he put the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass and shoved it in.

His lathered cock slid easily into the depths of Susan's ass and Michael started to pump it slowly in and out, teasing her ass with his cock. He could tell that this really turned Susan on because she tried to make him move faster. He held her cheeks so that he could control how fast and how deep he fucked her. Finally he could play no longer and started to fuck her sexy ass as hard as he could. Susan started to finger her cunt and this was the final straw as Michael shot his load into Susan's ass and slowly slid to the floor of the shower with Susan in his lap his cock buried in her ass.