Amia miley big tits brunette fucking hard with

Amia miley big tits brunette fucking hard with
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I crept around the corner and peeked inside your new office to see you leaning back in your chair. You were on the phone, distracted. I smiled to myself as I looked you up and down, because although you were professionally dressed in khakis and a sharp button down, I was picturing you naked. I was remembering a time when you were standing out on my porch, in dim light, with nothing on, and although you were unaware of it, the shadows in the room brought attention to every toned muscle in your body, especially your sex lines that I love so much.

I snap back to reality. ​I told the receptionist at the front of your building that I was coming to bring you lunch; she politely smiled and pointed me in your direction. You told me a few days before that you had just been promoted, and as part of the deal you now have your own office- and a door that locks. I'm not sure if you telling me this was to drop a hint, or just express excitement at having your privacy, but it gave me an excellent idea.

I had told you that I was coming, but you still hadn't noticed me peeking in your doorway. You laugh with whoever you are speaking with on the phone. You turn and I can see your smile and your beard that has started to grow back in, and I also can't help but notice how your shirt strains a little bit around your big arms.


I smile to myself, instantly aware of how quickly you can turn me on without even trying. ​I decide to make my presence known before you get off the phone. I tap gently on the doorframe, and you quickly turn around, a little startled. Then you smile again and quickly end your conversation.

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As you hang up, you turn to me and immediately look me up and down, looking pleasantly surprised. I have on my heels and a trench coat, and as your eyes work their way up to my neck, they catch a glimpse of a black lace strap on my shoulder.

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You smirk and pull me close, knowing exactly what I'm up to. You reach behind me and lock the door. ​I feel your big hands running up and down my back, pulling me closer, and grabbing my ass.

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I start kissing your neck until I feel your breathing start to get heavy. Then I take a step back and untie and unbutton the trench coat I had been wearing, and let it fall to my ankles, revealing everything else that was attached to that black lacy strap. I had bought new lingerie without telling you; my breasts are tender and overflowing out of the cups, a sheer material covers the rest of me except for a slit in the front that is lined with lace and ends with a silk bow tied at the base of my breasts.

I slowly turn around so you can see the matching underwear through the sheer material.

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By the time I am facing you again, I can see the bulge that has grown in your pants, as if your eyes weren't enough of a give a way of what you wanted. Feeling sexy, I slowly approach you, and again you pull me in close, this time with a sense of urgency, and kiss me passionately. My hands quickly find your hard member through your pants and undo your zipper, revealing your rock hard cock.

I feel your body react to being touched. But at this point you have had enough of me teasing and slowing things down; you slap me across the face, surprising me, not concerned with how loud it was or whether or not your coworkers might be able to hear you through these walls.

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You bend me over your desk and slide your hand between my legs, rubbing against my clit and feeling my soft lips, realizing that I am so wet that I am dripping down the inside of my thighs. You start massaging me up and down, and it takes every bone in my body not to let the moans escape from my lips. You move in closer to me and start teasing me with your penis, slowly guiding it to the entrance of my lips, pushing your body up against mine, and I can feel how strong you are, how eager you are to be deep inside me and to fill me up.


​Suddenly we heard footsteps and voices outside your door. You freeze, and I turn around slowly and slink down to my knees. For some reason, knowing that someone is right outside the door, and that we might just get caught, turns me on even more. I let my lips and tongue gently touch the head of your penis, slowly taking more and more of you into my mouth, sucking as I feel you swell in my mouth.

The voices and footsteps are gone; you pull me up and turn me around again, bending me over all the forgotten papers and folders on your desk. You slip off the sheer underwear, letting it catch on my heels as they hit the floor. With those extra couple inches I am the perfect height, and without warning, you slide your cock into my tight pussy.


You use one hand to pull me into you and the other to cover my mouth, not letting air in. Instantly you are gratified by a new wave of wetness that is brought on from the choking, making it easy for your dick to slide in and out over and over again.

You begin to drive into me harder and harder now, keeping your hand over my mouth to suppress the moans of ecstasy that are escaping my lips.

You slow down and turn me around to kiss me, and look down to find that my breasts have escaped the confines of the lingerie and are now bouncing with your thrusts.

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You turn me around again and start whispering in my ear as I shudder with pleasure over and over again, and as I do this I feel you swell inside me and get into a perfect rhythm, and I know you are about to fill my pussy with cum. I can feel the warm sensation as you fill me up with your cum, thrusting one last time.

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You turn me around and wrap me in your embrace, holding me tight, suddenly aware that you are still at work, and just had your girlfriend sneak in for a quick fuck- and managed to do it without getting caught. ​I put back on what little clothes I had and help you straighten up your desk, and the footsteps outside your door are more frequent. I am wanting to feel you again but knowing that I could get you in trouble makes me refrain from advancing again.

I kiss you goodbye, collect myself as best as possible, and hope that no one will notice the cum dripping down my leg as I walk out.