Beautiful bitch cum orgasm on cam

Beautiful bitch cum orgasm on cam
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Lonely Julie Chapter 8 By 10 o'clock Timmy urgently needed his shit. Sally and Julie were watching the beach through binoculars looking for the 52 year old woman they had told Timmy about.

At 1020 she arrived at her favourite spot and lay face down on a big towel to sunbathe. The girls started Timmy off to the each and watched the woman through the trees.

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Betty was 52 years old and had two grown up children by her husband a tall black Nigerian called Ken. They were staying in another cabin half a mile from Julie and Sally.


Betty and Ken had agreed to look out for potential sex contacts but so far nothing had come up. Timmy strolled down to the water and began to paddle along towards where he could see Betty lying. Betty, by 1045 needed to pee quite badly. She wore a one piece swim suit that was broad at the crotch so that she did not have to shave her pubic hair. She lay face down and thought of a stranger raping her and cumming inside her.


As her vagina began to get wet, she thought that she could just wet herself and no one would notice, She raised her head briefly and saw only a couple three hundred yards off to one side. It did not occur to her to look right behind her !!! Betty opened her legs a little and raised her bum just a fraction and started to piss. First a drible squeezed through her crotch and then she spurted urine as hard as she could, feeling it jume 2 or 3 inches back from her cunt.

"Why are you wetting yourself ?" Timmmys innocent voice startled Betty so much that she instinctively turned over to face him standing right behind her - and forgot for a moment that her urine was spirting out between her open legs just two feet in front of this boy.

She put her hand over the stream of piss and then managed to stop it temporarily. "Oh shit !! I mean where did you come from young man" she burst out. "I just had to go and I didn't know any one was watching" "That's Ok" Timmy said "Its kind of exciting seeing you piss like that" Betty was having difficulty holding the urine in. " In that case" she laughed " I can finish my pee is that OK??

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And she oped her bladder and the held-up urine spirted through the swim suit as Timmys eyes were glued to her wet crotch. Betty saw that Timmys penis was beginning to grow inside his trunks and she laughed again. "You really are getting excited arnt you?" she said "Whats your name?" "I'm Timmy" "I'm Betty -and how old are you Timmy?" "I'm almost 12" "So what are you doing right here"? Betty asked "I was just walking on the beach but I needed a toilet so I was heading up to the dunes and then I saw you" "Timmy you can just pee right here - I'll watch to see that no one notices and you've just seen me piss so that will make us even" "I have to do a big one pretty quickly actually" Timmy told her.

Betty felt her wet suit getting slippery as she said " Tell you what I'll walk up to the dune with you and then no one will think anything" "OK but I've got to be quick." Betty picked up her wet towel and stood up.


She was about 5 foot 5 inches tall shorter that Julie or Sally _ and she had a little podgier figure and hips that came with her age. She took Timmys hand and they walked the few yards up to the dipping Dune that Timmy knew was in a straight line to the Cabin where Julie and Sally were watching though their binoculars.

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In the dip out of sight of the couple on the beach Betty tried not to be too eager as she Said to Timmy. "I'll lie on the sand with my knees bent up and you can use my knees as your toilet seat it doesn't matter if you get a few bits on me". She lay down and Timmy dropped his suit to show his semi hard penis and turned to face Betty.

He lowered himself onto her raised knees - making sure that his bum was facing Julies cabin. He couldn't wait any longer and Betty almost came as she saw his 11 year old anus open wide and thick brown dung burst out landing between her thighs and one piece flopping back to smudge the crotch of her swimsuit. Then Timmy Began to piss and that splashed right onto her suit and thighs.

Without even touching herself Betty had a mini orgasm and held Timmys legs tightly. As he finished she grabbed her towel and reached to wipe his bottom. Timmy wondered how much Julie and Sally could see from the Cabin. They could see everything !! Both 29 year olds were masturbating with one hand and holding the binoculars with the other.

"He's shitting a foot from her face and oh FUCK hes pissing right onto her cunt" Julie burst out." I wonder if he can fuck her right there OH FUCK I'M CUMMING" "Me too SHIT I'M Creaming" Sally joined her friend and they collapsed against the wall of the cabin- fingers still on their Clits. Betty had wiped Timmys shitty anus with her towel and she rolled it up and took Timmys hand. "I'll have to wash this and my husband will want to hear all about you" She said. "Lets go back to our cabin and maybe we can do some other things before you go back to your friends." Julie had encouraged Timmy to have sex with the woman if he could and since her husband did'nt seem to min d, he was eager to go.

In one week he had found he could ejaculate sperm, he had fucked two beautiful 29 year old women and now this grown middle aged lady wanted him it was becoming a holiday of dreams for the 11 year old.

Betty and Timmy walked back to her cabin and she called out to her husband. The door opened to show a tallish about 5 foot 11 inches tall and very black.

Betty kissed him and said "Darling this is Timmy and I've just been helping him shit and we thought you might like to have some fun with us." Ken laughed "come on in" he said "I've just had a crap myself and now I feel like a good blow job." Without waiting, he dropped his shorts to reveal a long and very manly penis already twitching as he took of his wifes swimsuit.

Betty climbed onto the bed and Ken moved to put his dick in her mouth. She took it all and Timmy looked at her naked ass and cunt facing him.

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"OK Timmy you fuck that end and I'll fuck her mouth" Timmy was eager to try and older woman and he stepped onto the bed behind Betty, his shorts on the floor and moved to put his penis into her vagina. It was slippery and easy and Timmy instinctively beganto fuck her, pulling her chubby ass back onto him as he stared at her tall black husband thrusting in and out of her mouth just three feet away.


"I'm gonna cum quick" Ken murmured "Me too" Timmy gasped. Then it happened. Betty was being fucked in the mouith and in the cunt and she began to Orgasm violently. As her body did its first contractions Timmy looked in amazement as her anus opened under his eyes and she shit a huge thick turd and then a burst of dung followed.

It all squeezed against Timmy as he kept pushing his cock in and out and then he saw Kens prick jerk out of the mouth of his orgasming wife and white semen spirt out of the end the first spirt leaping across Bettys back and landing in the shitty area of Timmys penis.

The second spirt went on his wifes hair as she gasped for air and thrashed around still shitting and urinating as she came. Timmy was so taken up he was caught by surprise as he too jerked in ejaculating his spunk first into Bettys cunt and than as he pulled out he spunked onto her back. Betty collapsed on the bed her 52 year old legs spread wide in front of Timmy and her dung squashed into the bed and onto Timmys penis and pubic area. Ken sat on the floor They rested for twenty minutes and gradually Betty came to laughing "Fuck I've shit all over everything " Timmy said he had to get back to his friends and carefully didn't wash so that he could show Julie and Sally what had happened.

As he left Ken called out "Hey Timmy we'd like to come over and meet your friends". Timmy agreed ! Chapter 9 to follow.