Donkey fucked young girl and man

Donkey fucked young girl and man
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Cynthia and I have always been very open minded and bold in our love making. As we are into an open relationship, our extra experiences are never a secret and any activity we indulge in when we feel like it we always divulge it to one another. As she has had numerous episodes being sexually active with other males and also succumbs to anal and oral sex, as well as threesomes or more, I have never prevented her from enjoying herself.

She particularly likes giving head as she feels it is the quickest way of getting a guy off and without much tidying up to do afterwards (except when someone's load does not meet her mouth timeously) which results in a facial instead.


As far as anal is concerned, she had her anus stretchedbut the anus cannot retain sperm, she prefers ass to mouth but has no hang-up of having the sperm shot right into her ass, if at times her partner (or me) cannot withdraw in time. Having said that I had the wonderful experience the other day when arriving home, she sat down next to me and something told me that she really felt like performing a deep throat on me.

In a moment she guided my hand to her pussy area and I could feel the lubricant of fresh semen dripping down her legs.

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"Oh that's ok" she whispered, "had Mike lay me and he shot his cum inside before he could retract and fill my mouth". "It was a bit disappointing though, that I didn't get the chance to swallow him whole, that's why I just thought that I will go down on you and have a taste of you rather".

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I instantly felt my cock hardening and without even a second thought, my hand moved to the cleft between her legs. I felt the stickiness of Mikes cum and slowly I began to lubricate her with it as it was still dripping thick out of her cunt. She then asked me to do something, which she loves. To suck her cunt dry and clean out the cum that was still in there. As I had previously tasted many a times someone else's cum on Cynthia lips and in her mouth, I willing obliged and ripping her soaked panties off, I burrowed my hungry mouth into her wet pussy and slowly started licking, progressively starting a suck and eventually cleaning her out.

The taste was kinda salty, but relatively thick and tasteless.

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As her pubic hair was a bit overgrown, I had to moved my tongue around with expertise, in order to stimulate her now hardened clit.

This woman really went wild and shuddered in ecstasy, when I fingered her anal area. Orgasm was at hand and with a wild explosion she let go and literally pushed her cunt into my mouth, shouting me not to Stop. Finally she collapsed in a stage of frenzy and just lay still as I suck her clean and dry.

How wrong I was as she suddenly said that the fun is going to start now. She could see the bulge of my hardened cock over my pants zipper, and without hesitation, she started a rub. I started to extend fully, a full 8" and I instantly knew that she was about to go down on me. She unzipped my pants, loosened the top and slid the trousers down.

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I was now naked from the bottom down, with my cock protruding and starting to ooze pre-cum. I knew already what would come next, and didn't have to wait long.

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Cynthia went down on her knees, got herself comfortable and gripped my cock head with her pouted lips tightly. She sucked as hard as she could and slowly I felt all types of sensations running through my body.

She than let go and in typical head blobbing fashion, moved up and down my erect shaft. She managed about 4" without a gag and without stopping, alternating between head suck and up and down shaft movement.

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It wasn't long when she decided it's time for a little deeper thrust into her throat, and that's when she requested position change. She first made me stand astride, moved towrda the back of me and coming in from the bottom uppulled my shaft into her mouth.

This a very similar position of like sucking milk out of a bottle. She did this with such delight, but because she had to pull my shaft to her mouth, penetration was not deep, but nevertheless enjoyable.

It is after a while she decided to alternate, and but this time, I was so worked up that I felt like fucking her throat with all that I got. Cynthia got onto the couch and got her neck supported with a pillow at the edge, letting her face hang down and face upwards.

She got me to straddle her from the front of her head, which I didand pushing my cock into her mouth, I proceed to mouth fuck her.

I was amazed at the flexibility of her throat in this position and with a few thrusts I was actually thumping the back of her throat. In order for her to take a breath, I pump and and then pulled back, and this carried on for a long time. When I stopped for a while on her insistence, the gripped my cock head tightly and sucked so hard that it actually added momentum to the coming of my ejaculation.

She then would let go and I would once again pump her throat, and my balls actually touching her lipsand onto her nose. I must say that this was to me a deep throat of such great pleasure, that I slowly became overcome with such emotion, that I started pumping her and literally wrecking her throat apart. As in sex of this kind, gagging takes place, and Cynthia was actually releasing so much saliva, that it looked like she had spewed out tons of semen.


Finally I slowed down and gently and slowly, held my cock in my hand, and with a tremendous burst I shot my load into her gaping mouth and down her throat. I gripped my shaft hardnot allowing her to move it away from the position in her in her mouth. She vehemently started to suck at the same time and within a few minutes, the semen was too much for her to swallow, as she did not expect such a load.

So slowly ,she first mouthed it and then swallowed clot after clot. I was cleaned out completely. Thinking it was all over, Cynthia made a gesture to be screwed in her ass. As I had gone completely flaccid, I just shrugged. Then the idea hit me to fetch the vibrator which I quickly unwrapped and getting her on all fours, I exposed her ass hole and pushed the instrument about 6" in.


She screamed but enjoyed every moment of it.until she asked me to withdraw and push it into her pussy. Finally at full speed she writhed once again and collapsed into a relaxed state.

Kissed me and said "Thank You"