Teen masseuse avi love pounded real deep in her hairy muff

Teen masseuse avi love pounded real deep in her hairy muff
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I walk into class one afternoon knowing that we are working In the lab that day. I LOVE working in the lab. my lab partner is one of the hottest sluts in the school. She wasnt in class yet so i just went and sat down.

Two minutes later she came in. She Came over and sat down and said hi. Maybe i should introduce us. I am our freshmem football Teams quarterback. im about 5'11 and i weigh 160 pounds. Alot of the girls say that im "cute" but only a few times have i heard them call me hot, or sexy.

but thats not the point. I have blue/green eyes and short black hair. My Names Nick. My lab partners name is Anna.


She is about 5'7 and 120 pounds i would guess. she doesnt have an ounce of fat on her. She has long brown hair that goes down to the middle of her back and a pretty nice pair of tits. not to big, not too small. (rumor is she has C36) She also has the nicest, tightest ass i have ever seen. today she walked in wearing yoga Pants and a tight white Tee-Shirt that you can see through. i can see the nice outline of a pink lace bra under her shirt Being the Horny 15 year old guy i am, i always sat really close to her and put my hand right on her upper theigh or butt, depending how she is sitting.

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she never seemed to notice, or care that i did this. she Got up to go get some water for our lab. thats when i hatched a plan. i placed her pen on the floor so when she got back she had to pick it up. She placed the water on the table and bent over to pick it up.

This gave me a nice view down her shirt. I then put my plan into action. I spilled the water right down her shirt so i could see through it. she thinks it was an accident and we went back to work. She slowly starts to move closer to be and our legs are almost touching.

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She wispers in my ear then "i know that wasnt an accident" and pushed her boobs out a little. i could see her nipples clearly when she did this. I reach up to feel them and squeze them through her shirt. she makes me stop then starts rubbing my cock through my pants, which at this time was getting incredibly hard by the second.

we go back to work but she does this all hour, making me almost Cum in my my pants multiple times, but i controlled my self. ******************************** The next day was here. i couldnt wait to see what she had in store for me today. She was already there when i got there. we were the first two there that day.

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she was wearing a short skirt and another tight white shirt. i could tell that she wasnt wearing a bra. she told me that when class started to ask to go to the bathroom and wait there for her.

i said "ok" She got up and bent over giving me a nice view of that tight ass. she was wearing a white thong that i could tell was already a little wet. it was the start of the class and i walked over to my teacher to go to the bathroom. she came in 1 minute later and entered my stall with me. She instantly went down on her knees and un-zipped my pants she pulled out my 7 inch dick and started to lick the head.

She started sucking my cock like a master, making me blow my load into her mouth in just a few minutes. She licked up all my cum and swallowed it with pleasure. "did you like me sucking your dick?" she asked in a sexy voice.

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"hell yeah i did" i said back. we went back to class and i told her she should comever tomorrow(being saturday) because i was going to be home alone. She said ok and then we continued class. ********************************* It was saturday morning and i got a text from her at 10:00am that said "on my way" luckly my parents were already gone .

i got out of bed and raced to get dressed and got downstairs to let her in. she was dressed in the shortest spandex shorts i had ever seen. her top consisted of a lose pink shirt and no bra.


We sat down on the couch together and i turned on the TV. we instantly started to make out. our toungs met and started wrestling in eachothers mouths.


She broke the kiss and climbed out to my lap facing me. i grabbed her lower back and started kissing her neck. She was griding on my dick through my pants.

i couldnt take it anymore and ripped off her top. i was right. no bra.

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I started sucking on her Perfect tits and she started moaning. i lifted her up off of me and put her on the couch on her hand and knees. i pulled off my jeans and shirt and then tore off her tight little shorts and skimpy little thong.

i pulled off my boxers and got up behind her. i fingered her pussy a couple times then rammed my dick into her. it was so tight and warm. I slapped her ass many times and grabbed and grouped it as we were fucking. i started to get close to cumming and pulled out my dick and told her to spin around. she did so just in time as i started cumming on her face and chest. thats how i lost my virginity that day. and was sure happy about it. I broguht her back home and she gave me a blowjob in the car.

for once, i couldnt wait for monday to come. Sorry this was so short. If you like it, Comment and maybe i could make a longer part II?