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Bald emo whore hardfucked by two cocks
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The Way of War part 3 After breakfast I went back to my room, the others had an assigned place to go. I took a cup of coffee and sat at the table and waited. Twenty minutes went by and LT Sanders stuck his head in the door and said come with me. At the end of the hallway there were two doors to enter the T part of the building. We entered the left hand door.

There were cubicles in this room I was directed to cubicle "C" I entered and LT Sanders told me to sit down at the table. He went to the other side and sat facing me.

He picked up a deck of cards. He told me to concentrate he would hold up a card and I was to tell him what I saw. He held up a card facing away from me … I thought and said King of Clubs. He made a note on a piece of paper then turned over the card I was right all morning long we did this. I was correct every time. Each time it felt like someone was telling me what to say.

It also felt like I was telling someone else other than LT Sanders. When I entered I was met by three women. For a moment I did not recognize them then the oldest smiled .Dotty. Could it be .Carol and Louise.

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wow my first titties. They grabbed me and led me to a table and sat me down Carol and Louise filled trays for each of us. We talked over old times and caught up on the years apart. Then naturally we finally circled back to the present and why we were here.

Dotty explained.Remember the odd things that happened to you in school? I nodded my head. You and I both caused them to happen. You thought of or desired something and I caused it to happen instantly. "I don't understand" " Remember you were curious was Norma wearing panties or not. Suddenly her dress flew up showing her pink panties, I did that" "Well what about Carol and Louise." "It takes a bit more practice but they are conduits.

Think of what you have been doing all morning. Carol was looking at the card she sent it to Louise. Louise sent it to me and I sent it on to you." " But with out you it is only hit or miss with us. You are the catalyst" "They have been waiting for years for you to grow up.

But with the war they couldn't wait you are needed" "After a bit more training you will be sent all over the world to establish our distances." "The hope is that you could be dropped let's say in Germany and instantly transmit info to here." "And the reverse is true if you needed something to happen all you have to do is think it and my mind would make it happen in those cases you control my mind." "In other words if I wanted the lady at the next table's tits to pop out all I would have to do is think it." She said yes and the surprised girls tits burst in to view.

She looked around and saw me smiling and shot me the finger. Day after day week after week we worked and trained and each day at 1500 I would be taken to another building, a gym where I was being trained for unarmed combat. At 1600 it was weapons training Oddly enough I was good at both. Also an hour a day was language, I learned quickly with Dotty' s help She imprinted my Brain.

One evening in December I entered my room to find a dress uniform and a note to be up and dressed by 0630. Now if that ain't great, never enlisted and now I am going to be impersonating an Army 2nd LT, I think that is a crime. At 0530 my head went 'Ping' I got up did my bathroom thing and got dressed with 5 minutes to spare. Capt. Jonas opened the door and waved me into the hall he handed me a wallet with ID Card, Drivers license and pictures of my family and over a hundred dollars in the bill holder.

Then he handed me my orders and train tickets. I had a berth and the 1st stop was Dallas to change trains then it was on to Florida. There the next stage of my journey would unfold. We got into the car awaiting us out front. I got into the back and was pleasantly surprised to see Carol and Louise already inside. Capt. Jonas got in to the front. When we arrived at the main gate each of us had to show our ID and the guard collected a copy of our orders I saw him fold them and slip them into an envelope.

It wasn't long before we arrived at the Train station Capt Jonas saw us off and told me that Dotty would send each of us the name of our contact then we were to compare. He handed me a briefcase and informed me that our travel bags were in our berth. It was Car 'L' Berth 11 Carol and Louise were in berth 12.

After we got aboard we found that 11 & 12 was divided by a fold up door which during the day could be folded up to make a sitting room. Louise told me I needed to check in with Dotty, I cast my mind back to base and checked in so to speak.

Our gift was weird. My mind being the catalyst could not be listened in on unless I was in danger. And like now Louise had to receive from Dotty until I made contact. Louise and Carol were receivers. Only in the time of danger and with Dotty' s help could they project.

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They discovered this when they were still in high school and a football player did not want to take no for an answer and tried to rape Carol. She screamed in her mind for Louise and Dotty. They responded with a projection that threw the football player thru the drivers side window( still rolled up ) and slammed him to the ground breaking his right arm and severely bruising 60% of his body. Carol walked away leaving him on the ground.

Louise told her date where to go to pick up Carol. The football player never told anyone what had happened. I don't understand how mine works if I was in a fight of my own making Dotty would be passive even if I was getting my butt beat. But if the fight was an endangerment to me or the mission she would react to my thoughts Another thing I was curious about was if I got physical with Louise And Carol and they did not contact Dotty.

Would Dotty Know? This was an overnight ride to Dallas, may be we could found out. In with our tickets was a meal voucher. Since we left so early breakfast seemed like a good idea. We made our way to the dining car and the waiter seated us and handed us a menu.

Across the aisle was a heavy set man with an angry cast to his face, sitting with a young pale woman. She looked to be badly browbeaten. She reached for her napkin not realizing that her water glass was on its edge. As she picked up the napkin it caused the water to slosh out of the glass. The uncouth fat man reached across and slapped the young woman. With out thinking I leaned over and backhanded him hard enough to leave red fingermarks and make his lip bleed.

The conductor had stepped in the door just before the man had slapped the young woman. The fat man stood up and yelled you Son of a Bitch and pulled a gun out of his waistcoat My mind flashed Dotty.he dropped the gun and grabbed his chest and fell to the floor. The Conductor checked the man over and said he was dead Heart attack. He turned to the young woman and ask if that was her Father. She answered no he was a friend of her aunt and had graciously offered to escort her to her Mothers house in Ft Worth.

He had already tried to take advantage of her. And told her he would succeed or beat her senseless. That was the second time he had struck her. The Conductor called for a couple of porters and removed the carcass to his berth. The young lady could not go back to the berth with the body there so we asked her to join us while we ate then she could join us in our sitting room until the body was removed from the train and the berth cleaned up. We introduced ourselves and found out her name was Amy and she was 16.

Just a year younger than me but I felt older.much older. Maybe it is the uniform. I called the Conductor and asked if their was a berth available in our car. Since Amy was a minor she needed to be looked after.

There was one available berth 14, she spent the day in our sitting room and we escorted her to her berth when she was ready for bed. Amy told us her Story, how after her Father died they lost their home and had to move in with their aunt. Six months Later a cousin of her Father had offered her Mother a position as a Asst, Manager in their Boutique in Fort Worth.

Her mother had traveled there alone to begin the job and to save enough money for Amy's ticket. it had taken another four months to find a house and save the money. Mr. Simonton an acquaintance had mention that he had to make a trip to Dallas and offered to escort Amy that far. Almost immediately he began putting his hands on her. She was afraid to tell anyone. After telling him to leave her alone he slapped her then he had hit her in the stomach and threatened her. At breakfast was the first time he had hit her in public.

I began closing the folding wall while the porter began making down our beds. When the porter left Carol said are you really going to leave the wall closed … I thought about it then said for now it stays closed.

The next morning the wall opened up and Carol says rise and shine. Get dressedLouise is on the way to wake Amy. I went into the bathroom for my ablutions and dressing. I was ready for breakfast. And the girls were ready for me. I stepped out and the girls grabbed me and said lets go eat. The highlight of the rest of the train ride to Dallas was the meals. The evening meal began at 1700.

After the meal we had just enough time to gather our things together. We arrived at 1830, we left the train and stayed with Amy until her mother arrived. Then we explained what had happened leaving out that she was almost raped by her Aunts friend. Our connecting train didn't leave til 2015, we decided to wait in the Canteen.

As we neared the Canteen we noticed an Army SGT looking over the people it was obvious he was looking for someone. Then his eyes locked with mine and he gave a sigh of relief. He saluted and asked LT Lincoln? I returned the salute and acknowledged that I was LT Lincoln. He handed me an envelope and said change in orders Sir. Your Tickets and orders are in here indicating the envelope. Your train is being held on track 5. You can read your orders once you are aboard.

LT Louise Green you get off here I am to take you to the base. LT Carol Green you are to continue with Mr. Lincoln. He rushed us to Track 5we said our quick goodbyes as the Conductor rushed us aboard our train. He directed us to a 1st Class berth in the last Pullman car before the Caboose, and told us this was all that was available. The trip would take 2 weeks and there was a 24 hour layover in St Louis.

The whole train would be shuttled to a side track while a military train came through. And no he didn't know why they were being held up for 24 hours. Except for the change in Engines. When the Conductor departed I opened the envelope and pulled out our orders.

We were directed to proceed on this train to Washington DC. LT Carol Green would report to Major General Whitcomb at Fort McNair Army Base for further assignment. 2nd LT Chad Lincoln was to report to Personnel Office Fort McNair Army Base for transportation to Jump School. "WHOA I think they are rushing things.'Jump School'.wow! " "Well Carol we have 2 weeks and did you notice our berth only has one bed" I stood up and looked out the door the hall was clear.

I looked at Carol but spoke to Dotty. "Dotty what is going on." Carol looked blank for a moment then began to relay from Dotty. ' There has been a leak about us, be careful, the word is an axis agent is looking for you and has orders to kill you. He supposedly is looking for a man traveling with 2 women. Louise will be on the way to a buffer base and will move on later. Carol is your conduit until further notice. The layover at St. Louis is only a feint Some time during the lay over you will be replaced by two look alikes.

You and Carol will be taken off the train in civilian clothes and will have alternative transportation. ' The porter knocked on our door to make down the bed, When he was finished and left, Carol came out of the bathroom bare ass naked. My mouth dropped open I was so stunned I almost bit my tongue.

I did a double take and saw what she had in her hand. a condom Carol said, "I know you have a warped sense of sex from home and school and although you have had a way, We are betting you are still a virgin, well I intend to find out." We moved together in a chaste kiss at least that is how it began.

The kiss became deeper as our tongues flicked back and forth, my hands were moving over the soft skin of her back as I pulled her to me. But that wasn't satisfying, shirt, shirt is in the way I began to remove my shirt.

When I heard a KnockKnock from the compartment door. Carol grabbed her bra and panties and went back into the bathroom. I opened the door. There stood a couple who could have passed for our twins, wearing robes. I looked over my shoulder and beseechingly said Carol. Carol came out of the bathroom in a matching robe. "What!" The man who looked like me said let us in quick.

After they were in and the door closed he began to speak. They are trying to cover all bases, the two of you will leave this room wearing nothing but robes and underwear. You will enter the Caboose, there you will find new clothes, civilian, in suitcases, new wallets and documents in a brief case. Your new orders are also in the brief case but it is imperative you verify them. I was told you knew how to do this.

We both nodded. I stripped to my skivvies and noticed the Carol look alike giving me and admiring glance. I now stood 6' 3" tall and weighed in at 210 lbs. all muscle. I put on my robe and Carol and I left the compartment.

I looked around the hall insuring it was clear before entering the Caboose. Upon entering we both were shocked at the opulence of the Caboose. We later learned it was owned by a noted billionaire.


it was on loan. Both of our eyes were drawn to the round bed with plush Duvet on top of it. Some how we knew it would not get used as we wanted to use it. I opened the Brief case I pulled out the wallet and Carol the clutch purse.


We both checked the contents. I was now Samuel P Chase, hm mm a familiar sounding name I opened the bill compartment and was surprised to see in excess of $3000. I noticed Carol had discovered an equally large stash.

We introduced our selves … I said, " Hi I'm Sam. Sam Chase." She said, "G lad to meet you I am Sara, Sara White." We shook hands and giggled.

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"Dotty Explain!" Carol's face went blank. ' Some where before dawn the train will enter the siding it will stop for the Oiler to throw the switch. There is a railroad work truck following behind the train. Once the train stops you will drop off the train and board the truck. The truck will back to the last crossing where it will leave the tracks and proceed to Lambert field.

You will board a C-124 which will fly you direct to Langley Field in Virginia. You will be met there and given new orders.

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.Take care.' I looked at the clothes in the suit case made me feel almost at home. A pair of jeans a white tee shirt and a long sleeve chambray shirt.

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For outerwear there was a insulated gaberdine jacket. Carol had stylish women' s slacks and a blouse with a nice comfortable jacket. We laid out the clothes and packed everything we had in the brief case and suitcases. We lay down and took a nap not knowing when the next chance of rest would be. The train continued to race down the tracks it had had a clear track all the way to the siding no other stops at all. We rested comfortably till the train whistle sounded off … I looked at my pocket watch it was 0430 I woke Carol and we began to dress.

The Caboose was fully stocked.

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I made us a pot of coffee while Carol cooked us bacon and eggs. We were just finishing breakfast when the train whistle sounded off again .this 2 longs 2 shorts That was our signal that the train was slowing preparing to stop.

We took our baggage to the back deck. A tiny pin prick of light flashed from behind. I took out my pen light and returned the flash. I moved down the steps on the right Carol did the same on the left The train continued to slowthen the noise from each car as the brakes were applied … just before the complete stop we both stepped down with bags in hand. Seconds later the train shuddered and began to move into the siding. We walked slowly back to the bulk of the truck barely visible in this predawn light.

We reached the truck and opened the back door to the truck no interior light came on. Slowly the truck began to back away going faster and faster till it was traveling about forty mph in reverse.

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Fifteen minutes later we reached the crossing and the truck pulled off the rails. The driver got out and raised the wheels that made it possible to stay on the tracks. It was an hours drive to Lambert Fieldwe stopped at the guard shack and the driver produced papers that got us right in the gate. Another 15 minutes and the truck pulled on to the Tarmac and up to a Large Cargo plane that was loading. The driver stopped the truck and said good luck, the only words he had spoke the entire trip.

A Master Sergeant asked for our ID's which we showed him and he escorted us to plane and introduced us to the Cargo Master. There were no seats for passengers except fold down canvass benches … not very comfortable at all. But when we took off we found that they slept quite well.

It was a boring trip to Langley but a lot faster than the train. They at least fed us sandwichs so we didn't starve There was nothing spectacular about our arrival at Langley. We deplaned to be met by a 2nd LT. He saluted and said welcome to Langley Major. 'Major' What the. Here I have been promoted and I still haven't been enlisted as yet. There was a Cpl standing near the LT. He stepped forward and saluted and said LT White if you will come with me we still have a long trip ahead of us." Carol asked, "Where are we Going?" " D C " Carol gave me a hug and said"We will keep in touch." then she got in the Staff car and they departed.

Well at least she rated a staff car I thought all I got was a Jeep.and I got in. The driver drove across the tarmac to a Cessna two seat trainer. Standing was a pilot holding an extra flight suit. The LT made sure I had all documentation because if it didn't fit in my pockets it wasn't going. He said I would be re-outfitted.

again. when I arrived. I asked where was I going. He looked at me an shrugged. I got into the jumpsuit and into the plane put on the helmet ( Leather ) rigged with radio so we could talk to each other. It was really a pleasant trip, he as an instructor did what he does best. he instructed. By the time we reached our destination I was a pretty good pilot.

as long as I didn't have to take off or land. We had to refuel more than once so I guess I could have tried that also but didn't.Something about he didn't want to kill me before he delivered me. Though he did talk me thru them both. He took over the plane for the last time, we made our approach and landed. He said, Welcome to Fort Lewis GA. I deplaned and was met by a Cpl he saluted and echoed the Pilot Welcome to Fort Lewis.

We got into his jeep and he took me to the BOQ ( bachelor officers quarters) "Your Suitcase has been delivered you are in room 7 as soon as you get changed I will take you to check in." As I entered a Major came out the door he stopped stuck out his hand and introduced him self as Major Thomas 'Thom' Piper Canadian Airborne.

Instructor. I hardly knew what to do or say seems like my name and rank had been changing so often.

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I took a stab at it Major Samuel Chase as yet unattached. I just arrived. Note: 'The date was December 15 1940 the next day the 16 the 98th Field Artillery Battalion was formed Later in the war it was converted from Artillery to light infantry and would become the 6th Ranger division and would lead the invasion of the Philippines'