College Paar hausgemachte Sextape

College Paar hausgemachte Sextape
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Luke lived in a small town in the country. He lived by himself on a farm where some people would consider the middle of nowhere. He inherited the farm from his grandfather after he passed away 2 years ago and decided to leave his life in the city behind to move to the farm.


He had spent so much of his youth working the land on the farm before he moved to the city to attend law school and start his own attorney firm. He still owns the firm and makes occasional trips back to the city to check in on the firm and the staff he hired to keep it up and running for him but he has grown to enjoy the peace and quiet of the farm.

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After 2 years of running a small farm on his own Luke is a tall 6'2" man, 32 years old, built, and tan. He has blonde hair and bright green eyes with a smile that could make most weak in the knees. He recently started to get a little lonely on the farm so he adopted 2 large sheep dogs, he enjoys their company but it's still not enough. He went on a few dates with some of the girls in town but they all turned out to be no more than one night stands.

He decides it's time for one of his trips back to the city to check on his firm. The next morning; after his chores on the farm and setting up for a friend to take care of things around the place for a few days he shaves, packs his bags, and heads off to the city. When he arrives at the firm later that day he meets with Nathan the man he has entrusted to look after his firm when he moved away, also his best friend.

They go over business reports and current cases, all of the boring yet important items that need tending to. After making plans for later that night Nathan leaves Luke alone in his office to work. About an hour after reading over a few interesting cases Luke looks up and there she is, the most breath taking woman he has ever seen. Morgan; 21, 5'6", fit body with beautiful curves in just the right places, long dirty blonde hair and sparkling gray eyes with bits of blue. She was sitting in a chair waiting to discuss her case with one of Luke's employees.

"She is the one!" Luke thought to himself.

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He tossed down the file in his hand and went out to meet her. He smiles as he walks up offering her his hand and said "Hello Miss&hellip." "Morgan Brancati" she replies taking his hand softly. Even the physical contain of shaking her hand makes his heart race.

He says still smiling "Well Miss. Brancati come have a seat in my office and ill grab your file." Morgan follows him to his office and sits until he returns with her file. It is a simple easy case about a silly noise disturbance lawsuit. He talks though the case with her and then says "Miss. Brancati…" She cuts him off saying "Please call me Morgan." "Okay Morgan&hellip. Would you by chance want to go to dinner with me this afternoon?" Morgan smiles sweetly and replies "I'm sorry but it's just… you're my lawyer and I don't feel like it would be appropriate." She stands and goes to leave.

Luke stands as well and thinking on his feet says "Miss. Br&hellip. I mean Morgan. Your court date is in only a week I think we should talk about your case a lot more before then!" she stops and frowns saying "I thought you said my case would be a breeze!" He tries to hide his smile and says "Yes, if we are well prepared!" Luke and Morgan met several times over the week until and trial.

They win of course. Luke says "Morgan now that this is all over will you please go to dinner with me?" Morgan again politely declines saying "Luke I'm sorry I just don't think it would be a good idea with our age differences." Luke replies "Miss. Brancati, please no date just one drink for winning this case." "Fine, ONE drink!" she finally gives in to meet that night for a drink.

Luke knew it was a bad idea but he had to have Morgan. He got dressed and drove off to meet her at a local bar.

He got there before her and ordered two drinks. He added a pill to Morgan's glass and waited for her to arrive. He stood when she walked in and handed her the glass. "Your ONE and only drink my dear." She blushed and accepted the drink. They talk about winning the case and what was to come next. Morgan finishes the cocktail and orders a sundae admitting she has such a sweet tooth.

Before she can even take a bite of her desert when it arrives she is slurring her words and says she doesn't feel well. Luke catches her as she passes out and starts to fall from her barstool. He laughs telling the bartender "Thank you my girlfriend had a few drinks before coming and that last one really did her in!" He pays the bill and leaves a $100 tip and carries Morgan out to his waiting car.

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She had said she took a cab to the bar so he wasn't worried about leaving her car behind. Luke drove through the night back to the farm. He called his help at the farm to thank him and let him know he was on his way back and would no longer need his help tomorrow. Morgan was just waking up as they parked in Luke's driveway. He ran around to her door and helped her out.

She was very out of it and was not yet aware of her situation. He walked her into the newly built farmhouse he had built on the farm property. She said "Wwwhere are wwe?" "This is my home, well OUR home now my dear." My dear…My dear… why does that sound so familiar. LUKE THE LAWYER! "OUR HOME!" Luke frowns and says "Morgan I am a very wealthy man, I have a large farm I want to share with someone and eventually fill it with a few crazy kids." Tears fill Morgan's eyes.

"You&hellip. kkidnapped&hellip. Me?" she backs away from Luke. She doesn't know where she is or what to do but she makes a run for it. She runs out the front door and into the night. It's cold and starting to rain. She falls down over and over getting covered in mud. Luke is getting closer and closer he yells out "MORGAN PLEASE!" She keeps going but her high heels keep sinking into the mud. She stops to kick them off and she doesn't make it. Luke grabs her by the arm and says "You are a mess!

I'm sorry but I can't let you go. Besides it's a two hour drive to the nearest town." She is still trying to pull away so he has to pick her up and carry her back inside.

Once inside Luke carries Morgan upstairs through the bedroom and into the huge master bathroom. "You are covered in mud." Luke smiles and says "Actually you have managed to get us both covered in mud honey." Morgan's heart is racing. There is no way to run this time. "Pplease don't hurt me." she almost whispers.

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"We have to get clean Morgan that is all you have my word." What is the word of a kidnapper she thought? He starts the water in the huge walk in shower and asks "Shall I help you undress?" "NO!" Morgan cries as she slowly unbuttons her sweater, his eyes not leaving her for a single moment. Next she slips off her dress and says "Luke please I don't wwant this." He is getting a bit annoyed.

All he wants to do is love her and share his good fortune with her. He says "A warm shower and some breakfast will make you feel much better!" He starts undressing himself. Morgan's mouth falls out. She hates this man, her kidnapper! However, she has been seen a body that nice besides in movies and ads.

His body however was the real deal from working so hard every day. He steps closer and in a quick motion he reaches behind Morgan with one hand and undoes her bra. She rushes to cover herself. He says "Please remove those lacey little panties before I lose control and destroy them by ripping them off you myself!" Morgan does as she is told and is now standing in front of her captor with nothing left to remove.

Luke grabs one of her hands currently being used to cover herself and pulls her into the warm shower. She closes her eyes and whispers again "Please sir please don't hurt me." Luke grabs a bottle of soap and after lathering it onto his hands he starts cleaning the mud off of Morgan's sweet body.

His heart is racing as he rubs the suds into her shoulders and down to her perky breasts, a modest size C with sweet small pink nipples. To Morgan's horror her nipples harden under his touch. "I can wash myself now!" Luke is enjoying it too much, he continues. Morgan tries to push his hands off of her breasts and he shoves her against the shower wall. Her back is slammed into the soap dish sticking out of the shower wall and she cries out in pain.

Luke is brought back to reality and says "Morgan I am so sorry, I didn't mean too!" She huddles in the showers corner staring at her feet crying softly. He sighs and finishes washing the both of them.

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After their shower Luke hands Morgan a bath robe and she quickly pulls it on. He asks "How is your back honey.


I'm so sorry that happened." Morgan doesn't reply. He asks "How about I fix us some breakfast?" Morgan again just stands still looking down not wanting to see his face. He takes her hand and leads her downstairs he says "Please, have a seat." She does as she is told and sits in the barstool while Luke fixes a quick breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast. She doesn't even touch the food as she sits there thinking no one will even notice she is missing.

She has no family, she just finishes college and has not started a job yet and just moved cities to look for a job so she lost touch with her last few friends. Morgan cries "Please, I just want to go home! I told you already, you are just too old for me." Luke tosses the plates in the sink and walks over to Morgan "YOU ARE GOING NO WHERE!

Now please stop your fucking whining and crying!" He holds her face in his hands and kisses her forehead softly. He says "Let's go to bed, you will feel better in the morning." Once back in the bedroom he gives her a t-shirt to sleep in. She quickly changes into it and crawls into the bed not wanting him to see her body. He walks into his closet and come back out with a bit of rope.

Morgan's eyes grow wide "I won't run I promise!

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Please don't use that!!!" Luke walks over taking her hands into his quickly and says "I wish I could believe that." He ties her wrists together and ties them to the headboard.

Morgan is pissed "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!" Luke can't help but smile and says "Looks like I can baby." Morgan toss around only causing the ropes to tighten she spits at Luke and tries to kick him. Luke is over it and decides enough is enough.

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"Little girl I tame horses and bulls that act like you all the time! Now it must be your turn to be broken!" Morgan panics "NO NO NO!" she pulls and pulls at the ropes. Luke grabs her ankle and flips her onto her belly.

He gives her ass five hard whippings and flips her back over. For a moment he thinks about stopping when he sees the bruise on her back for the shower but when he kicks him again he is brought back to being livid with the stupid girl. He wants her to want him, but more so now he wants her. He wants to show her who is in control and who is the head of this house! Love will come later.

He takes off his robe again and pulls Morgan over the side of the bed so she is forced to bend over the bed with her bare ass showing. Every time she struggles to get away all she is doing is wiggling her tight little at him. He grabs a bottle of lube from the bedside table and slaps her ass one more time before forcing her legs apart and slamming into her with one hard thrust.

She screams out and starts to sob. He pulls out a bit and there it is… blood. He stops. He leans forward still inside her insanely tight pussy and asks "Morgan baby, are you a virgin." She just sobs and can barely spit out a "NOT ANYMORE!" It takes all of his self-control but he stays still inside her and says "Morgan calm down princess." He strokes her still damp hair.

After a few mins he starts to move inside her again. He has to hold onto her hips to keep her still and she is still crying but the screaming has stopped. She is coming to terms with the fact that there is nothing she can do. His thrusts become faster and faster until finally he stops and pull out of her with a pop, cum drips down her thighs.

All of the crying and struggling has made her exhausted, she tries hard to stay awake as she feels he has come back from the bathroom with a warm wet washcloth and is cleaning her but she cant fight it anymore and drifts into a very deep sleep…… Part 2? Comments and suggestions welcome. 