Shemale Luana Rodrigues Strokes Her Cock

Shemale Luana Rodrigues Strokes Her Cock
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From: [email protected] (ShigatsuC) Found this online & thought I'd share! ORGY Chapter 1 Ranma in his girl form, sat with Akane on the couch, watching what they had first thought would be a good drama, but was turning out to be a very good sexual drama. Ranmachan watched as the two women played endlessly with each other's bodies.

Her eyes wandered over to Akane who was watching the show as avidly as she was. The first thing she noticed was Akane playing softly with her nipples, they were very erect, pointing out of her thin shirt. Ranmachan felt her self, growing hotter as she watched Akane play with her self.

"Akane, I gotta ask this since you seem um.kinda hot would you ever try that with another women?" Akane looked surprised by what Ranmachan had said then noticed she was playing with her tits. "UM.I. guess I gotta.tell. the truth, depending on the women. Yes, I would at least try it once, after all." she added.

"Those two women seem to be having a great time." A blush covering her cheeks. "I'd love to try it with you, do ya wanna try it with me?" Ranma looked pleadingly at her. "You want to have sex with me?

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You know what will happen if someone sees us right." "Yeah, we get married big deal. I love you, I've always have loved you. So please let me lick you." Ranma looked at her with pleading eyes, as her small hand went over to her erect nipple, then gently rubbed it, so it got even harder. "Ooooooh.

.Ranma .that feels soooooo .good, please keep playing with me." Akane let her head fall back as the wonderful feeling of Ranma's hand played with her tits continued. Ranma felt herself get hotter as she played with Akane's tits, needing more then this Ranma slowly took her shirt off, pleased to noticed that she had no bra on.

Ranma took her right tittie into her mouth then sucked hard on her. Akane moaned louder as Ranma sucked, then louder as she felt Ranma's hand at her pussy. Akane suddenly stood up making Ranma worried that they we're done till she watched with glee as Akane striped off her shorts and panties. "If we're making love to each other, I want nothing to get in the way of it." Akane kneeled down in from of Ranma then slowly took her shirt off to see her erect perky tits bounce out in a way to make Akane feel even more hot and very glad they were doing this.

As she took Ranma's tit into her mouth then suckled it. Ranma moaned with pleasure as Akane sucked then used her other hand to play with her pussy.

Ranma decided to slip her fingers into Akane's pussy to feel her wet juices. She was very pleased to feel that she was soaked already. Ranma moved down to her pussy, she wanted to taste her juices herself. Akane not wanting to be left out asked her one thing.

"Ranma, could we do sixty-nine, so I too, can taste your pussy juice." Akane gave her a puppy dog look, to melt her, It worked. "Oh yeah, lets do that, it'll be great." Ranma quickly moved to put her pussy above Akane's waiting tongue, which just as quick went to lapping her juices up. Ranma moaned some more, then went into taste Akane. She pushed her face in deep to give her the best eating job ever, besides her first one ever.

Both girls moaned as they felt the other eating them out. "Ranma.ooh.your .soooooo. goooood .oooooohhh" lick lick lick. "Hhhmmmm, You taste so great too, I love your taste." Akane went back to licking her some more, while enjoying the way Ranma's clit felt against her tongue. Ranma wasn't worried about talking. She just wanted to keep her tongue against Akane's love petals and see how far she could get it into her wet pussy, Akari walked into the Tendo home, no one answered the door but she was sure Akane told her the two of them, would be home all day.

After entering the main room, she could hear the moaning sounds coming out of the living room. Akari's curiosity was going wild so she walked into the living room to, see what was happening. Akari's mouth fell open as she watched Ranma chan and Akane eating each other out with a wild abandon. Her first thought was.

*They would do this together, like that? * Akari then felt her own desire rise in her as she kept watching them. The moaning only added to her desire to eat them out too.

Akari thought for a moment. * If I do this, is it cheating on Ryoga after all, he is my fiancee but their girls so it doesn't really count, like the times I let my beloved piggies eat me out.

It was just play, so this is too. * With her thoughts straight on it, Akari quickly disrobed then walked over to the two lovers. "Hi you two, can I join in?" Akari stood before them completely nude hoping her form would excite them both.

"UM it's up to Akane." Ranma figured he/she didn't care, but if Akane did, he wouldn't do any thing to upset her. "Sure come on Akari, we're having lots of fun." Akane reached out a hand to Akari, while Ranma watched surprised but very pleased.


"Thanks Akane." Akari knelt down by Akane then started to suck on her tits. Akane kept her pussy above Ranma's mouth, while she And Akari licked,sucked, nibbled and played with each other's tits. Akane then slid her hand down to Akari's pussy so she could finger her, while Akari did the same for her. Akane came again into Ranma's mouth, so asked Akari if she'd like to be eaten now.

"Oh yes I would, Thanks Akanechan." Akari placed her pussy over Akane's waiting mouth as Ranma kept eating her, then asked if she could taste Akari's pussy, after Akari came into Akane's mouth. The three girls switched places so Ranma was eating Akari, while Akane ate Ranma. Akane suddenly felt herself being eaten too. When she looked she noticed Shampoo eagerly eating her pussy and she noticed doing a very good job at it. Akane moaned with pleasure as Shampoo's tongue, licked playfully at her clit then dove in deep to her pussy hole.

Akane moaned some more then went back to work on Ranma's pussy. Ranma noticed Shampoo eating Akane, but since she didn't mind her here, then nether did she. As she ate Akari's pussy, liking her taste almost as much as Akane's. Ranma came into Akane's mouth as Akane stuck her tongue in very deep then wiggled it around her love hole. Nabiki walked into the house, the first thing she noticed was the moaning, groaning and squishy sounds coming from the living room.

Nabiki quickly walked into find not just, Ranma and Akane, playing but Akari and Shampoo as well. Nabiki didn't realize her sister was so, well open minded and sexual, like this. She knew that she herself loved the thought of playing with other women and Shampoo, especially turn her on. A large hantai grin covered her cute face.

Nabiki ran up to her room, grab a large box from under her bed took out a couple of choice items then ran back down stairs. Nabiki walked in while taking her shirt and shorts off. Her left hand holding her two vibrators. One a long thick 8 inches the other a two-headed one she used with her friend Yuka. Nabiki looked around at all the soft glistening bodies, getting herself worked up even more she then placed herself at Shampoo's pussy, licking her lips in anticipation for the taste of her.

Nabiki started to lick her slowly to take a longer pleasure in the feel of her pussy against her tongue. Shampoo felt her pussy getting a tongue, lashing that was making her whole body shiver with pleasure. Only one thing coming to her sex filled brain was who was this great person. "OOOOOh who eat Shampoo, oooh you do good eating. I cum on you good." Shampoo looked back to see Nabiki taking her time with her pussy, as her tongue slowly slid around her lips and clit licking up her juices on her tongue.

"Nabiki you eat Shampoo, any time you want." Shampoo pushed her pussy down more to Nabiki's face trying to get more of her face into her pussy. Nabiki was only to glad to shove her face into Shampoo's pussy feeling her soft wet petal lips, against her, made her shudder with excitement.

Soon Shampoo noticed that Nabiki had a couple of vibrators next to her. One was of lots of interest to her. "Nabiki we use you big two head toy?" Nabiki grinned sexily at her.

"Sure lets play Shampoo" Nabiki grabbed her two header then gave one end to Shampoo, who promptly stuff it in her wet hole. Nabiki did like wise. With both their pussies stuffed the two girls started to pound back against each other.

Shampoo moaned even louder as she felt Nabiki's ass slam against hers. Nabiki was also moaning loudly as she rocked back and forth with Shampoo. Feeling her end of the dildo slamming in deep to her pussy. After a few minutes though the other girls noticed and wanted a turn with it. "You get turn with Shampoo first." Akari nodded her head then got down to take Nabiki's place when she reluctantly gave it up. Akari was feeling a lot of pleasure with Shampoo and the dildo.

She had always liked Shampoo, and was very happy to share this with her. Both girls moaned with pleasure as they rammed the dildo into their pussies. Ranmachan grabbed the other one up to take turns with Akane and Nabiki.Sitting between the two girls Ranmachan went to work on them both.

First she slid it in one, then taking it out fast to stuff the other one. "Ranma sit on my face while you do that, then you can have even more fun." Nabiki grinned at her. "Sure thing Nabiki" Ranma positioned herself on top of Nabiki's waiting mouth to feel her start licking her clit. A moaned left her, as she now knew why Shampoo was squealing so much with Nabiki.

Pushing her wet pussy down more she then shoved the vibrator into Nabiki's pussy. Akane felt Ranma shove the vibrator into her body then decided on another position. Akane sat up so Ranma could slid the vibrator in her pussy while she started sucking on her tits.

Ranma was feeling very good playing with Akane while she, was played with by Nabiki. The three girls were enjoying each other's bodies. Hinako, went to visit Soun, she was in her adult form so was hoping to get him today, As she entered the house she couldn't see, Soun anywhere, but could hear a lot of interesting noises coming from the living room. Once at the living room she saw several girls all playing with each other. Her heart beating faster as she watched, only one thought entered her mind.

*I gotta be apart of that.* Hinako had her very short tight, dress off in a flash. Nothing on underneath made it easier and faster to join the fun. Hinako picked out Ranma, since she had always loved her spirit. Ranma felt a new tongue licking her tits. She was mildly surprised to see Miss Hinako, licking her tits, but didn't mind since it felt good, and Hinako was stacked. So Ranma reached over to play with her teachers large soft tits.

Ukyou skipped happily over to the Tendo's, with a fresh made, okinomeyaki for Ranma. Ukyou walked in since the door was wide open. She first heard the groaning, then moaning, along with some grunts, coming out of the living room. Ukyou knew those sounds so wasted no time, to see who it was. Ukyou stood shocked at the sight of Ranma, Akane Akari, Nabiki, Shampoo, and Miss Hinako, all playing with each other and eating each other. Ukyou felt her blood run hot, the sight, of all the bare bodies moaning around with each other, and playing with what ever body part got close to them, made her horny beyond word's.

Ukyou ripped her clothes off as fast as she could. At this point she didn't care who she ate, as long as she had pussy. Ukyou went over to Akari who was eating Nabiki's pussy with a lot of head movement and wiggling from Miss Hinako eating her. "HI Akari" Ukyou, then placed her face into her pussy with Hinako. The two of them started to eat together, until Hinako moved over to Ukyou's pussy. There, Hinako tasted Ukyo's pussy with her tongue enjoying the taste and feel of her soft wet pussy, against her tongue.

Kodachi ran over the rooftops. She couldn't believe what Satsuki had reported to her, if it was true then Akane was unfaithful to Ranma, with the pig tail bimbo. Once there, she jumped through the window only to land in to a room filled with seven women all playing and eating each other out.

Kodachi had never felt a room so full of sexual passion as she did in here. Kodachi started to pant, with excitement not only was Akane in here with the pigtail girl, but several others as well. There was no way Ranma would want her now, although she thought. *What he doesn't know, won't hurt him or me hohohohohohohoho.* Kodachi quickly disrobe then fell into the melee of panting, sweating bodies.

The first available pussy was Akane's she went to work immediately, licking her already, very wet pussy.

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Tasting her juices as more ran out, from so much excitement all happening so fast. Kodachi had dreamed of this with the girls from school, but knew none of them would ever do anything this great. Her tongue making small fast circles in Akane's pussy, she soon found her self rewarded with a tongue in her own pussy. A quick peek back told her it was Shampoo, and that she knew what to do.

Kodachi moaned as she felt her pussy being nibbled on softly by Shampoo, then sucked on really hard. Her own juices, cumming onto Shampoo's waiting tongue as she eagerly lapped it all up. Kasumi walked into the house ready to make dinner for the family, her shopping done. Kasumi walked into the living room to inform them of this, when she saw many guest, here.

"Oh my, I do hope I have enough for everyone." Kasumi headed for the kitchen thinking all he way. *My, they did seem to be having fun in there.

They must be playing twister, but why were they all NUDE? * Kasumi set her groceries down, then walked quickly back into the living room. "OH MY they're all having sex, and they didn't invite ME?" Kasumi spoke out loud. "Come on in and play Kasumi." They all shouted out to her at once.

"OH Thank you, I'll be glad too." Kasumi was striped out of her dress and in the thick of things in record time. Grabbing a hold of Hinako, shoulders she went to work on her tits as Akane was eating her pussy. Kasumi noticed with pleasure that she didn't have long to wait before her pussy had a tongue in it.

Looking down from Hinako's large soft tits, she noticed Nabiki, eating her out. She moaned, with relief as she felt herself start to build up to climax.

The nine girls were having the time of their lives as they kept trading pussies. They were all having fun deciding who tasted like what. Akane was back in Ranma's pussy she had to agree with the other's Ranma had a great Tasting pussy. As her tongue licked her lips, then she used her teeth to nibble gently on her clit, then being rewarded with her cum. Shampoo, couldn't decide who she liked the best, Ranma's and Akane's pussy tasted great, but Hinako's was wonderful and she came so easy, that Shampoo was getting enough cum to keep her full for a week.

Nabiki liked Shampoo's pussy the best. She kept going back for more, never getting enough of her taste and seeing her soft puff of purple hair. Nabiki licked her hair then licked in deeper, to taste her lips against her tongue. As the girls all licked, sucked, and finger fuck each other, and played endlessly with the vibrators.

None of them noticed a samurai warrior, watching them all with a large hard on and drool pouring out of his mouth. As the endless mass of squirming, sweating, moaning, Glistening, bodies of luchiuos young women played with each other.

Kuno could only praise the heavens for his good fortune. "I have been delivered to heaven itself. To find so many women, all awaiting my loving arms, my loving body pressed against their luchious soft bodies, YES YES YES. Thank the kami's that be, who smiled upon I, who is the most deserving, of this great treasure of beauty, and lustful bodies, awaiting me." The girls heard Kuno, call out looked up briefly then went back to eating and playing.

Ranma paused in her eating of Akane to ask one quick question. "Akane, should we let him join us?" Ranma looked at her uncertainty. "Think we'll be able to stop him." Akane smiled impishly at him. "Your right, Ummm do ya mind if I change and try it as a guy." Ranma wasn't sure, but he hoped so. "HMMM on one condition, lover. That is, that you first fuck me no, you make love to me, but just have sex with the other and after wards we marry." Akane grinned impishly again.

"That's three things." Ranma pointed out. "So sue me, those are the conditions." Akane squeezed Ranma tit some more.

"I can live with those, I'll be right back to stuff it into you. Oh you have to wait for me, no Kuno first." Ranma jumped up as Kuno tried to grab her body. "Sorry Kuno, I gotta go, but one of the others will play, except Akane." Ranma ran out to find hot water. "Is there a reason I cannot have you, Akane dearest." Kuno looked at her with pleading eyes. "After you had some one else, you can have me, ok Kuno." She didn't really want him, but figured she had to be fair after all, she had Kodachi, while Kodachi had her.

Kuno nodded not sure why, but as long as he had her at sometime he could wait, then give her pleasure Kuno style. Kuno looked at all the female flesh, then grabbed Ukyou by the ponytail. He started to kiss her lips, then moved down to her chest licking her tits, then nibbling on them. Ukyou moaned with pleasure, she had never thought her first guy would be Kuno, but he was doing a great job and she really wanted more then a finger in her pussy.

Ukyou laid down with her legs wide open for Kuno. Kuno wasted no time tasting her wet pussy, his tongue long and limber he was able to slide it into her pussy, a long way. Ukyou shivered as she held his head in place while he ate her. Soon Kuno could stand it no longer, he moved up her body, licking her, the whole way then pushed gently into her waiting love hole.

Kuno shoved is hard cock deep in Ukyou's body taking in the wonderful feel of her soft pussy, tight around his cock. Kuno then started to pump away at her, feeling her, take him in, then reluctantly let him go, while eagerly taking him back in again. Ukyou moaaaaaan loudly, she felt great as Kuno pounded her body with his hard cock. This is what she had dreamed of, feeling a hard cock pound her wet pussy. Although it had always been Ranma, but she noticed with glee that she was gone.

She hoped she could be his first, but doubted it. But as long as she got him at some point, she wouldn't care right now. Ranma ran back in nude, with a hard on. Only the thought of Akane's soft wet naked body, against his male body.

Ranma ran into the living room, heading straight for Akane. He grabbed her soft body, then started kissing her face all over. His kisses moving down her body, since he wanted to taste her delicious pussy again.

Ranma ate Akane some more, enjoying her taste and feel, then he heard her sexily moan out to him. "Ranma love, pant. please, stuff. moan. your.ooooh. cock. into. me I gotta .have .oooh .yes .it." Ranma smiled at her, even if her eyes were closed, so she couldn't see it. He positioned himself over her, then pushed hard at her opening. Akane gasped as Ranma filled her body with his meat. "OH yes Ranma, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS" The other girls looked a bit envious, that they didn't have a man.

Until Akari noticed Ryoga walk by, then stop short. "What the HELLS going on here." Ryoga couldn't believe his eyes, there was well, a, orgy going on in the Tendo's living room. "Ryoga my little piglet, lets play." Akari jumped up her boobies bouncing with a life of their own.

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As she grabbed a hold of Ryoga's arm, to drag him into the living room. "Akari your part of this uh.ORGY?" The shock was evident in his voice. But, Akari was feeling too hot to worry about it. "Yes and now you are too, come on Ryoga, honey pound, my sweet hot body with yours." Akari smiled at him sweetly. "Um .well.

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what the hell, Uh .do, I get others too." He looked hopeful as he watched Akane's large tits bounce while pounding Ranma's cock. "As long as I'm first, then you can play all you want. But you marry me afterwards, with me it's love the other's its sex, OK." Akari figured that Akane had a good thing going here, she might as well get in on it.

"Sure, lets go." Ryoga felt his own hard cock, pushing to leave his pants. The hard on increased as Akari quickly striped him of his clothes.

Ryoga played with Akari's tits as she undressed him. Then he lowered himself to taste her wet pussy. Ryoga licked up her juices that were left from her playing with the girls. He felt as though life could never get better then this, as he ate her. Ryoga reached a hand up. Then pulled her down to the ground. Ryoga sucked on her tits then slowly pushed his very hard cock into her wet pussy.

Akari moaned as Ryoga started to pound her body. Konatsu had been watching for quite a while, long before the guys showed up. One thought entering his mind. *Aaaah man, if I knew guys could join in, I'd done it myself. * Konatsu sighed, as his cock was ready to rip his pants out as he watched Kuno continue to pound Ukyou's body. He felt himself ready to cum as Kuno grunted then filled her body with his seed. As soon as Kuno got up, to move over to Hinako.

Konatsu dropped to the ground to give himself some relief. Ukyou, knew Konatsu, was watching her with Kuno which only made her hotter.

She spoke in a sexy voice to him.


"HI Konatsu, I bet your reaaaaaaaallllly hard now huh." Ukyou felt so good she didn't mind, him watching her. "Come here lover, show me what kind of man you are under all those ninja clothes." Ukyou breathed heavily. "MY pleasure, Ukyou sama" Konatsu was nude then on top of Ukyou with his cock into her body so fast, she was wondering if she was dreaming.

Mousse went looking for Shampoo. She was supposed to be back a long time ago. He was worried that Saotome might have hurt her or worse yet, married her. On the way to the Tendo's Mousse ran into Dr, Tofu. "Hello Dr tofu, how are you doing today, going to go to see Kasumi." Mousse asked pleasantly to the pole, until Tofu turned him around. "Yes I am, shall we walk there together." Tofu smiled happily at the Chinese boy. "Sure let's go." Mousse, walk the last couple of blocks talking happily with Tofu.

They arrived at the house, the door still wide open. Both could hear the loud grunting, moaning with a few screams coming from the house. "That sounds like SEX." Both men exclaimed at once, as they ran into the house while Tofu took a moment to shut and lock the door behind him. Both men had hard ON's, by the time they looked into the living room where all the noises were coming from. "OH yes, Kasumi's in here, totally nude while eating your girlfriend Shampoo, there is nothing more exotic then that Mousse." Mousse could only nod his head as he watched them all, drooling at the site of all the naked bodies in one room.


"Lets go Mousse." Tofu striped, then jumped over several bodies to reach Kasumi. "Have you had any cock yet, Kasumi." Tofu gave her a big hentai grin. "NO I haven't but there is, a condition first. Kasumi knew a good thing too, when she heard one. After Tofu, agreed he soon found himself eating her while she gave him a blow, job.

Life couldn't get better then this. Kasumi was excited by Tofu showing up and instead of being disgusted by her, he was turned on. Tofu, worked his was back up her body kissing her gently all the way. Tofu lingered at her large tits suckling them, till he could no longer wait. Tofu slid his large thick cock slowly into Kasumi's waiting pussy. He felt her barrier, smiling to himself to know he really was her first.

With a mighty push Tofu broke through her virgin wall. Kasumi gasped as Tofu broke her hymen, a few tears escape her eyes. The pain was there but as Tofu slowly started to slide himself in and out, all Kasumi could feel was the pleasurable feeling of his cock in her body. Mousse was happily playing with Shampoo's pussy, his fingers dipping into her soft wet opening then out.

Teasing her till she screamed again. "Mousse . No teaaaaaaaase . Shampoo. you fuck." Her command was instantly obeyed, as Mousse jumped on to her hot glistening body. Then pounded her hard, making her screamed out, with pleasure. Kodachi was more then excited, Ranma was done with Akane, he had spent way too much time fucking her, she thought. As soon, as Ryoga came to take his place, at Akane's wet pussy. Kodachi grabbed Ranma by the balls from behind.

Ranma turned, to see a hot naked Kodachi breathing huskily at him. "My turn, Ranma Sama." "Sure" Ranma gulped a bit, then started to play with her tits. They weren't as large as Akane's but made a very pleasant mouthful.

Soon Ranma had her against the wall pounding Kodachi's hot tight pussy with his big thick hard cock. "Ohhhhh Ranma, you are truly manly." Kodachi now knew what heaven was, as Ranma grunted some more as he kept pounding her tight pussy with his cock.

Ranma smiled at her though, the great feelings of tight pussy all around his cock making him feel great. He then gave her a small peck on the cheek. Kuno was busy pounding Nabiki tight pussy, feeling as though he could fall in love with this girl.

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He also felt that way with Ukyou and Hinako, but he didn't mind, they were all wonderful women who wanted a taste of him. Ryoga loved fucking Akari, but to be able to fuck the women he had loved for so long, was a dream come true for him. Ryoga started to kiss Akane's lips, while he pounded her. Then opted to taste her large soft tits.

Akane groaned softly as Ryoga played with her tits while pounding her pussy. Soon she noticed Kuno making his way over to her, feeling a wash of excitement coming over her at he thought of another man in her.

She came hard on Ryoga's cock making him cum hard into her tight pussy. "Akane your great, your pussy is so soft and tight, can I come back for more." Ryoga asked eagerly "Of course Ryoga, your, a great friend and lover." Akane whispered softly to him, adding fuel to his already overly heighten sense's Ryoga disengage himself from Akane, to go get a little bit of Kasumi.

"Hello my tiger lily, is it now my turn with the most beautiful, of all women." Kuno smiled impishly at her. He could feel his cock growing just taking in her hot body soaked in sweat, while smelling her love juices.

"Come get me, big boy." Akane took off over the other bodies. Kuno stared dumb founded, as one of his fantasies, were coming true. Kuno wasted no time runner after her in hot pursuit. "You won't escape me, my little tiger lily." Kuno was still in hot pursuit. After a few leaps over several naked bodies, moving around in a sea of naked sexual motion Akane let Kuno grab her small sexy body. Kuno grabbed her body with pleasure, her feel was electrifying his manhood even more.

Watching her jump over so many wiggling hot bodies, fucking, while her pert little ass bounced, only made him hotter. "I have you now" Kuno whispered huskily in her small ear, adding fuel to both their fires. Kuno pushed his cock into her hot inflamed pussy, from behind. Straining to keep himself from cumming as he felt her hot tight pussy around his big fat cock. Kuno's cock continued to pound her wet pussy, until he finally had to cum so bad, that it hurt with the act, but was a good pain and well worth it.

Akane felt Kuno fill her up, she really enjoyed running like that and had noticed Shampoo was now running from Ryoga. After Kuno left her, Akane saw Tofu finish with Kodachi, so grabbed him for a turn. Shampoo had finally let Ryoga catch her, she saw Akane do this and thought it looked like fun, it was.

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Shampoo enjoyed feeling Ryoga taking his turn pounding her hot tight pussy. Ryoga was having a great time feeling all these girls, in his wildest of fantasies he never thought he would have some reality that was better.

Ryoga looked down at Shampoo's large tits bouncing with every heave of his cock into her body the sight was too much for him. With one last mighty heave Ryoga filled her soft body with his seed. Shampoo moaned as one thought went through her head.

* I do it all over, after I done. Get all men twice that way.* " Oooooooh Ryoga, so big, feel so good in Shampoo pussy" She then was after Tofu nest since she had Ranma already, and then Kuno would be next after that. Ranma's big hard cock was happily pounding Nabiki. She now knew that Akane was very lucky girl, but glad she was willing to share. "Ranma pound me harder." Moaned Nabiki.

She was very glad she didn't stay at her friends, house. Ranma was only too happy to pound Nabiki harder with his large meat. Feeling her tight pussy around his cock as he pounded harder was making him shudder with desire to cum hard into her wet pussy. With a couple more hard shoves Ranma filled Nabiki up. Nabiki came hard on his cock as Ranma pounded her harder getting even more excited as he filled her body with his seed.

"Ranma I really envy Akane to always have you pounding into her body like that makes me wish I was going to marry you." Nabiki smiled at him micheviously "Uh sorry, but I do love Akane." Ranma felt bad but he'd never want to marry her. Having sex was one thing but love that was something else. "Don't Ranma I know I'm just saying she's really lucky.

Thanks for sharing with all us girls who will never have your heart." Nabiki moved on to her next target for playing Konatsu. "Sure" Ranma shook his head then went to find another pussy to play with. Hinako was feeling more pleasure then she could ever remember. She now had her turn with Mousse. He turned out to be quite the lover. She had a hard time deciding, did she like women or men better. After Mousse was done with her body, she'd try one of the other girls again, just to make sure.

Hinako saw Nabiki walk away from Konatsu, so grabbed her up for more. Nabiki didn't mind having sex with Hinako again since the women had a body that would drive any man wild with desire. Nabiki sucked on her tits then moved down to her pussy, where she tasted her juices again licking her with great pleasure then she felt Hinako move to get a taste of her own. Nabiki was glad to sit on her face feeling Hinako suck, lick, nibble, her, clit.

The two enjoyed themselves completely until both found themselves cumming hard for the other.

"On to the next lover." Hinako walked off to get another person. She really liked both ways so decided to go male, female then over again. Ranma just got done giving Kasumi a workout with his cock deep in her ass. Looking around for more pussy to eat and fuck, Ranma soon found a glass of water dumped on his head becoming a she.

Ranma looked to see Mousse standing with a large hentai grin. "Shall we see what your pussy's like." "Sure" Ranma then jumped up with all the skill and grace she possessed to place her pussy at Mousse's waiting mouth.

Mousse eagerly ate her wet pussy, loving her taste as much as the other girls. Soon Ranma could take no more eating pleasure, sliding her pussy down to his large hard cock. Ranmachan thrust his cock into her body then pounding herself hard against him.

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Mousse moaned loudly, as Ranmachan's pussy pounded him while he held onto her small soft ass. When Mousse was done with her, he handed the small sexual pistol, to Ryoga who eagerly stuffed his face into her waiting pussy.

Ranma felt her pussy being eaten by Ryoga now, she had a hard time deciding which was better. Mousse had a long limber tongue, but Ryoga's seen to have a life of it's own, as he played with her pussy. Kuno noticed his pigtail goddess was back, so quickly made his was over to her.

While Ryoga pounded her tight wet pussy, Kuno moved his hard cock, in from behind to give her tight ass a try. Ranma moaned endlessly as she felt both Ryoga and Kuno pound her, from both directions. After Ranmachan was done with Ryoga and Kuno she figured she might as well try out tofu and Konatsu.

Finding Konatsu just starting with Akane, Ranmachan decided to join them. Ranmachan started to suck on Konatsu's cock while he was eating Akane's pussy. Konatsu was surprised to see Ranmachan doing this, but it felt so good he wasn't going to argue it. Konatsu then took turns shoving his cock into Akane's waiting pussy then Ranmachan.

Both girls were having a great time holding onto each others tits while feeling Konatsu shove hard into their pussy pump them hard and fast then go to the other ones pussy. Konatsu then squirted his seed over both girls as they squealed with pleasure.

Then he was off to another girl. Akane smiled at Ranma then started to kiss her lover.

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Ranmachan gave into her figuring Tofu could wait for a while. Mousse pounded hard and excitedly into Hinako's hot wet pussy. He never, ok well he had dreamed it, but never thought he'd get to really have sex, not only with Shampoo, but seven other girls. Mousse felt as though he died then gone straight, to heaven.

Akane soon found herself with Tofu again. He was fucking her pussy, while eating her sister Nabiki. The two sisters moaned as they played with each other's tittie's. Soon they traded places so Nabiki was getting Tofu's big hard cock up her love hole. Shampoo found her way back to Akane who was eagerly eating Ukyou's pussy. Shampoo slipped her tongue into Akane's wet pussy, licking her clit, with eagerness.

The three girls were really enjoying eating each other's pussies. Akane knew that the three of them would be great friends after this day. Kasumi loved the way Hinako was eating her pussy, while she sucked hard on, Kuno's cock. Kasumi had dreamed many times of being a sexual animal, she was now living her fondest dream, being part of an orgy.

Shampoo had really enjoyed being with Akane and Ukyou together, both girls were great at making her pussy feel great while eating her. Now she wanted a large cock in her love hole.

Seeing Ranmachan eating Ukyou. Shampoo went out fast to get a glass of hot water. When she returned Ranmachan was still eating her new friend. Shampoo dumped a glass of hot water on Ranma's head, as he was eating Ukyou's pussy. Ranma looked surprised for a second then went back to eagerly eating Ukyou's wet pussy. Shampoo started to rub her body against his hard male body. Ranma was only to glad to reach a hand over to grab her big tit, squeezing it hard. Shampoo moaned then moved to place her, pussy above Ukyou's mouth.

Ukyou's eagerly ate Shampoo's hot pussy, while she felt Ranma's big hard cock, fill her body. A moan leaving her lips as Ranma's hard cock pounded her tight pussy. Ranma felt his cock deep in her tight wet pussy making him moan with pleasure as he continued to pound her, while playing with her large soft tits.

"Shampoo, I'd. say.this. is .my. best time here in. Nerima. whachu. say." Ukyou mumbled in between licks of her sweet pussy. "Ooooooh Shampoo now know what true happiness is." Shampoo moaned some more as Ukyou made her cum in her mouth. The two girls quickly traded places so Shampoo could again feel Ranma cock in her body. Ukyou was only too glad to feel Shampoo's tongue in her pussy. Licking her clean from her cumming so hard with Ranma. Ranma was more then happy to feel Shampoo's tight pussy again, as he slid his cock into her waiting hole, Ranma thought only one thing.

I'm the luckiest guy alive to have so many women in one night. Ok so are the others guys. He added Ranma eagerly, made the rounds of girl's tasting all of their pussies, then fucking them as hard as he could. The next one was Akari again her soft, wet pussy tasted good but felt better.

Ranma happily cornered her against the wall. "My turn, on your pussy again." Ranma breathed huskily. Akari smiled sweetly at Ranma as she noticed her Ryoga going for third, maybe forth, with Akane.

"Only if you fuck me hard, Ranma." Akari had her own hentai grin going after watching, Ryoga fuck so many women tonight.

She was HOT for a lot of sex. Ranma shoved his cock into her wet waiting pussy as hard as he could. Then continued to pound her harder and harder. The feel of her pussy driving him on, while watching Shampoo, fuck Tofu's cock, while eating Kasumi. Ranma knew what, sexual excitement was now, eating, fucking, watching, many women and guys doing it all around him.

He then looked, to see Akane getting it from both Kuno and Mousse. While sucking Ryoga's cock, while he ate, Nabiki's hot wet pussy. *Yup this is what, I've always dreamed of* As he thrust one last hard time, into Akari's wet tight eager pussy, filling her with his seed.

Ranma then joined Konatsu with kodachi he slipped up behind them both. Then sliding his hard cock up Kodachi's ass as Konatsu was going at her from the front. Kodachi gasped as her ass was filled with a large hard cock. Looking back she saw Ranma smiling at her as he pounded her ass.

"Ranma Sama I'm so glad you came back for more." Kodachi was very happy he was willing to have sex with her just s much as all the other girls. Konatsu soon came into Kodachi's wet hole then left her with Ranma as he went looking for more. Ranma continued then turn her around so her could try her pussy again.

Lifting her up just under her tits Ranma moved her high then started to lick her clean. Kodachi squealed with excitement as she felt Ranma hold her up by her tits then licked her clean.

After Ranma was done cleaning her he then brought her soft body down then shoved his cock into her pussy. Ranma started to suck her tits while he held her close. Kodachi found herself cumming hard as Ranma sucked on her tits and fucked her pussy. The group kept moving from one to another, till they were all exhausted from playing with each other. Akane made her way over to Ranma, for one last go around.

She then figured she'd just sleep in his arms after that. "Hey Ranma, I have a pussy here that want's you." Akane dropped down on Ranma's hard chest then slid her pussy slowly down his hard tummy, leaving him wet with her juices. *YUP this is the best life ever. * Both young hot teens, thought at once.

Ranma's hard cock eagerly awaited his lover's pussy. Moaning with pleasure as she slowly slid her pussy, down, then took his big hard cock in. Before long, both were to tired to keep going, they soon fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms.

Nabiki cornered Kuno for more sex, then she too, fell asleep in his arms. Mousse cornered Shampoo, eagerly pounding her wet tight pussy hard, until she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer. He was happy to fall, asleep with her in his arms. Akari fell asleep, by an already sleeping Ryoga, she didn't mind though.

She was starting to get a bit sore from fucking so many men tonight. Ukyou noticed That Ranma was cuddled up with Akane, so resigned herself to Konatsu. At least she had Ranma twice, no wait three times and Akane twice maybe more for both she lost count by now.

Ukyou smiled happily this was one night she'd never forget. Kasumi was sleeping already with Tofu, who couldn't, seem to wipe the smile from his face.

Kodachi cuddled up with Hinako, until Hinako heard a gasp from the doorway. Hinako looked up to see Soun at the door with the Saotome couple. "UM I can explain." She tentatively whispered. "No need to do that Hinako dear. We knew this would happen one day, we just didn't realize it would be so soon." Nodako smiled sweetly then turn to her husband to speak to him. "Shall we go to our room and play?" Genma nodded happily, looking at all the young, hot, naked bodies.

Had given him a really large hard on. "I'll join you two, if you don't mind." Soun added. "Not at all, lets go." Nodoka walked out of the room, with Genma shooting past her. Drool coming out of his mouth, as he headed for their room. "Wait." Hinako yelled out to them. Soun turned around to look at her soft well, shaped body. His own hard on increasing a lot. "Could I join you three." Hinako looked at him with pleading eyes. "Of course my dear, lets go." Soun felt like drooling as Hinako jumped to her feet, her large tits bouncing at him, his eager eyes taking them in.

"Oh Thank you, I won't disappoint you Soun dear." Hinako grabbed his arm smashing her large tits against his arm. Kodachi sighed as she watched them leave, then moved over to cuddle up with the closest body to her.

Happosai gently jumped down, from the ceiling. Happy to have found Nabiki's video camera, then use it on the largest orgy he had ever seen. For now, he needed to use it on the other four. Drooling, all the way Happi made his way to the bedroom. Outside the window a young man (boy) was passed out on the hard cold ground. A large smile plastered to his face that would stay for a few weeks like that.

All this boy with the dark circles around his eyes had wanted was to sneak a few pictures of his beloved Akane. Finding her totally nude having sex with many other women was more then his system could handle.

His limp hands dropped his camera while his nose gush blood. Then he was flat on his back for the night maybe longer, if the group of orgy goers never found him in the morning. THE END Ranma's girl