Hot sluts suck dick in POV

Hot sluts suck dick in POV
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Hi guys this is veena and this is the story about my marriage life changed the life of my mom.My mom name is velamma and she is 42 yrs old and my father died in aRTA and my mom is a widow.she works in a mom is a typical southindian lady she is very fair and have long mom have very big boobs which is round in nature her melons are 38g sized and are huge her lips are sexy and are pinkish in colour her ass looks fatty and jiggles wen she walks over and it sized 44 and her navel is so sexy with some fatty and sexy curves any men would die to fuck her many men in our area are font of my mom i think mom is the fantasy for our area uncles and youths mastrubation icon.such a beauty is my mom many man tried and flirted with her but she negleted them and have limits with them.I m 21 yrs old and studying BE i look not as sexy as my mom but have got some curves and 34c sized boobs i hav crush in my college his name is Rahim and he is a muslim guy.we have good relationship with each other Rahim is good looking guy he is a tricky and sex addict he have fucked me several times wen we have dated and i have enjoyed that.He is awealthy guy and have 5brothers and 4sisters and his mom is no more his father is a business man.Rahim fucked me many times and he enjoyed my body i hav drank his cum many times at last our secret dating have been known in our houses and resistance from his home is more.but mom also not willing for the marriage because of muslim guy.but i conveinced mom.Rahim father name is Ali he is very arrogant and busy man.Mom agreed about to talk our matter to Ali uncle.Mom went to RAhim's house lonley his house is very big and mom waited long for Ali uncles' arrival at last mom seen uncle.Ali uncle is 65 yrs old man.He is very tall 6'9 and bald head with big belly looking like a giant.Ali uncle welcomed mom and said sorry to her about the late arrival of him.Ali uncle was shocked to look at mom.

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