Skinny Teen Sally Gets Roughly Rammed In Bedroom

Skinny Teen Sally Gets Roughly Rammed In Bedroom
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I used to live in the Ghetto. Well, it's not the worst part of town but it's not too great. Plenty of unemployed drug dealers sitting on porches waiting for someone to drive up. Plenty of hookers walking the street just two blocks down.

Generally I kept to myself and managed to stay out of trouble. I had the nicest yard in the neighborhood. That's not saying much, I had grass and a few trees.

I actually mowed my lawn and raked and stuff like that. Most of the other houses had dirt lots. I think the only reason I bothered was because I actually owned my home. I liked having a decent yard but I hated doing the work because there were always several neighbors sitting on their porches just staring at me.


It was on one such occasion that I met her. I was mowing as fast as I could and sweating pretty good. I must have been off in my own little world, trying to tune out the neighborhood because I never even saw her coming.

I sensed rather than heard that someone was trying to talk to me. Looking up, I saw a chubby little black girl standing in the street looking at me. Annoyed, I shut off the motor and looked at her.

"Uh, scuse me suh, do you have any work that I could do for you?" I just stared at her, dumb founded. What the hell was she talking about? She took a breath and started all over "Scuse me suh, do you have any work that I could do for you?" She had to be about 5 foot tall, milk chocolate complexion with kinky black hair pulled up in two little pig tail type buns. She was slightly chubby with small pointy breast poking through her grubby little tank top.

I guessed her to be about 15 or so. Her lips were dry and kind of whitish. I didn't then and still don't really know anything about drugs but I guessed her to be a crack addict. I was disgusted and concerned simultaneously. A smaller and worser part of me was immediately aroused as I wondered how I might take advantage of her. I must have been thinking too long because the girl started in a third time "Scuse me suh." I cut her off.

"What's your name girl?" I looked up and down the street and realized that against all odds, no one seemed to be outside besides the two of us. "My name is Dalonda suh, do you have any work that I could do for you?" I laughed "What could you possibly do for me?" I asked. Dalonda said she could mow my lawn and I told her I was already done.

I eyed the smooth skin of her thighs as she searched vainly around my yard for something to do. In addition to her tank top, she had on a pair of too small terry cloth shorts and some pink flip flops.

Her eyes were glazed and she seemed to be at a loss for ideas. "Why don't you come inside and I'll get you something to drink? Are you thirsty? Maybe we can find something for you to do inside huh?" The street remained empty and Dalonda licked her crusty lips apprehensively as she eyed me and my house. Finally some decision was made and she flip flopped over to me and stopped just a few feet away. I could smell her. I don't know if it was her breath or her body but she smelled like shit and sweat baking in the hot afternoon sun.

I nearly gagged and even my smaller worser part wondered if this was such a good idea. I quickly put the mower away and led Dalonda inside. In the kitchen, I seated her on a plastic chair and gave her a glass of Mountain Dew.

She drank it down quickly and sat staring at me while I tried to figure out what to do. "How old are you?" I asked her. "15" "Have you been using drugs?" She gulped nervously and looked around the room, maybe looking for an escape route.

"It's okay, I'm not trying to get you in any trouble, I want to help you." Staring at the ground, Dalonda just nodded her head. She couldn't tell me where she lived but it sounded like she had been using crack for only a very short time.

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How she got it, I was afraid to ask and she didn't tell. I told her she needed a bath and she didn't say anything. "Tell you what," I suggested "why don't we put your clothes in the laundry and get you cleaned up.

I'll get you a good meal and then we'll see about any jobs you can do." She seemed uncertain and I added "I could probably pay you pretty good for you time. Her dull eyes lit up momentarily and she nodded her agreement. I was ashamed of myself but my cock was already stirring. Into the laundry room we went and helped her out of her tank top and shorts, they stunk to high heaven.

I threw them in the laundry with her flip flops and shit stained panties with extra soap and dragged her to the bathroom.

Her little black nipples poked out of her small round breasts and her slightly chubby belly curved down to a small triangle of nappy black curls.

I could see the cleft of her pussy between her rounded thighs. She didn't seem to be very self conscious as I shoved her into the shower and turned it on. I watched as she stood under the shower for a few minutes not really doing anything. She wasn't doing anything to really clean herself so finally I grabbed the shampoo and dumped some on her hair. Reaching in from outside the tub, I lathered up her hair, working the shampoo in as good as I could before pushing her back under the spray to rinse it out.

I took off my t-shirt and threw it on the floor. Pulling her back out of the water, I grabbed the soap and started in on her back and shoulders. My cock was pounding in my pants as I ran my soapy hands across her firm little breasts and down her belly. Her pussy lips spread easily and I made sure to clean deep as she would let me. Turning her around, I spread her ass cheeks under the spray of the shower before working a soapy hand all up and down her ass and around her little asshole.

For the most part Dalonda just grunted and cooperated with me as I cleaned her as well as I could. Taking her out of the shower, I helped her dry off and wrapped the towel around her. I found an extra toothbrush under the sink and helped her brush her teeth. She didn't seem to care for this and didn't do the greatest job. I resolved to have her do it at least on more time. First, I led her to the kitchen where I made her drink some water and take some vitamins.

(the compassionate part of me reasoned that she needed a vitamin, what can I say?) I warmed up some leftover pizza and made sure she ate a few pieces.

She didn't seem very interested in food but I wanted to make sure she ate something. Back into the bathroom, I helped her brush her teeth again. My dick was aching in my pants and I was getting impatient but I wanted to do things right. Taking Dalonda into my bedroom, I had her sit on the bed and remove her towel.

I grabbed some Lubriderm from the dresser and squirted it in my hands. Her skin was dry and ashy but smooth. I started simple with her arms, rubbing the lotion along her forearms up to her shoulders.

I watched her skin turn dark and glistening. I had my cock pressed against her shins as I did this and she was staring dumbly at me.

Her eyes were heavy and she looked like she wanted a nap. "Soon, soon, you're getting tired huh?" I asked. She nodded. "Why don't you lay down on your stomach and I'll do your back?" She jumped on the bed and laid down with a sigh. I took the opportunity to remove my own clothes and climbed on the bed with her. Straddling her legs, my dick pressed into the crack of her bubbly ass.

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I rubbed more lotion into her shoulders and worked my way down. My dick felt like it was going to explode as it slid along the crack of her ass. I moved myself down her legs and began to kneed her ass with lotion. I worked it in to her cheeks spreading them apart as I did so. I stared at her puckered brown asshole as it winked at me. Dalonda shifted uncomfortably and I worked my hands down to her legs.

This seemed to be more familiar territory for her and she relaxed. I worked the lotion into her chubby thighs and felt along the folds of her soft pussy. She spread her legs a little and I knelt between them. Reaching over to the night stand, I grabbed a bottle of lubrication and put some in my hand.

I pressed my hand to her cunt and rubbed a finger along the inside of her slit. Dalonda pushed her ass up a little as I worked a finger inside of her.

She didn't seem to mind this and I was more than ready. I rubbed the excess lube on my cock and pulled Dalonda up on her knees. "Are you ready for this sweety?" I asked and she just nodded her head. I pressed the purple head of my cock against the now slick folds of her little black pussy and slid it in. She was soft and tight.

She grunted just a little as I sank my cock to the hilt inside of her. I paused a moment and just enjoyed the feeling of being inside of her.

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She must have thought I wanted her to do the work because she started moving her hips against my cock and I had to grab her hips tighter to stop her. I started working my dick in and out of her pussy and soon we had a good rhythm going. Dalonda would lean forward slightly and then back into me as I slammed my hips against her fleshy ass.

Slap, slap, and she was grunting a little. I was sweating profusely and had to wipe my face periodically to get it out of my eyes. My balls were boiling and I wanted to dump a load inside of her but I wanted to see her face as I did it. Without taking my dick out. I had her roll on her side and spread her legs so I could straddle one and hold the other up against my chest.

This is one of my favorite positions in general since it gives me an excellent view and allows me to grab and nice handful of ass while tits and clits are within easy reach of my other hand. Dalonda looked up at me with dull eyes, I imagined I could see a glimmer of lust as well. Her mouth hung open slightly and she was panting lightly. I had my left hand on her ass working my thumb up against her bunghole. With my right, I massaged her little breasts for a moment and then slid down to her crotch and pressed my thumb over her clitoris.

She moaned a little at this and that got me going pretty good. I thought about fucking her in the ass as I slid my thumb firmly against her anus.

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A lot of times that's all it takes to make me cum buckets and this time was no exception. with my hands in place, I thrust again into her pussy and unloaded deep inside of her. I collapsed on top of her and then rolled next to her. We laid there for a while and dozed off. I woke about an hour later and she was still laying there on her stomach.

I caressed her back a little and stared at her.


She was really pretty cute, it was a shame that she was already a druggy at her young age. I worked my hand down to her buttocks and rubbed them gently for a few minutes. She was snoring softly and seemed pretty deeply asleep. Working my middle finger along the crack of her ass, I began to finger her little shit hole.

My cock was growing stiff as I did this. The lubrication was laying on the bed by my knees and I grabbed it and squirted a liberal amount into the crevice of her ass. She quivered and made a little whimper noise and I realized the lotion was probably cold. I moved my hand back into position and slid my finger along her now slipper crack. I worked my finger against her asshole for a few minutes before attempting to slide it into her.

Slowly, inch by inch, I worked my middle finger into her tight little hole. She was still snoring and I worked my finger up to the second knuckle. I squirmed it around inside of her for a few minutes before pulling it out climbing up on top of her again. My cock was pulsing madly at the thought of fucking her little ass. I greased it up with more lube and pushed the head against her sphincter.

I think she was starting to wake up. I pressed against her and felt my head clear her sphincter. She lifted her head off the bed and tried to look back at me. "It's okay sweety, put your head down and relax." She tried to do as I suggested but I could feel her ass tensing up.

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I pressed against her and felt my cock slide slowly into her. Dalonda whimpered softly and kissed her shoulders reassuringly. When I was buried deeply in her ass, I paused again to enjoy the feeling.

I laid on top of her and ground my pubic bone against her clenched ass.

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Dalonda began to object, "Oh, I don't like this, I don't want." "you're ass feels so good sweety." I told her. "I'm gonna pay you real good for this, I promise." This seemed to have some effect on her attitude as she made an attempt to relax her butt cheeks and the tension in her shoulders was released. Slowly, I pulled my cock out of her ass a few inches before sinking it back in.

I pushed myself up into a 'pushup' position so I could get a view of my cock in her little ass. Dalonda buried her face in a pillow as I established a slow in and out rhythm. Just a few inches, as I was really enjoying the feeling of her ass against my abdomen and the tight ring of her sphincter around the base of my dick. I could feel the pressure building in my balls as I continued to slide in and out of her ass.

For her part, she seemed to be getting the hang of it, pushing her ass back against me with each thrust. I pulled her up to her knees to I could see her ass a little better and reached around with one hand to finger her little pussy. "Oh, yeah, I'm gonna pay you real good." I repeated and she moaned a little.


I pulled her into an upright position in front of me, her back to my chest as I began squirming uncontrollably in her ass. My right hand was flying across her pussy and my left cupped one of her small tits. Her poofy hair pushed back against my collar bone. "Oh god, your ass is so sweet. I'm gonna cum in your ass sweety. You want that?" I don't know if she even cared but she was moaning and squirming with me and that was good enough. I let loose. Her little ass was clenching again as I shot my fluids inside of her.

I collapsed on top of her and let her push my cock out like a piece of shit. After recovering for a few more minutes, I led the girl to the shower where we both cleaned up again. I finished drying her clothes and with some reluctance, let her put them back on. I also managed to get her to eat a few bites of pizza and drink some water.

I was kind of running out of things to do with her when she asked, "You said you was gonna pay me some money?" Ahhh, the things I say in the heat of the moment. I looked through my wallet and sheepishly withdrew a tattered ten dollar bill. How could I call that paying her 'real good'? Staring at the floor, I handed her the bill and waited for some kind of response.nothing. I looked up and she was just nibbling on some pizza, the money already stashed in a pocket somewhere.

Apparently she didn't know the value of fresh ass and pussy. I smiled and asked her if she liked tv, she said 'sho'. We watched tv for a while and I kept looking at her soft lips and my cock started twitching again. Finally, I could stand it no longer. I pulled out my stiffened rod and asked her if she'd ever had one in her mouth.

She nodded mutely and I thought I could see a glimmer of lust in her eyes again. I put her one of her little black hands on it and she started to stroke it softly. Grabbing the back of her head, I slowly pushed her down to my dick. There were no theatrics or parlor tricks. She just engulfed my cock and started bobbing her head up and down.

Every now and then, she would look up to me for approval and I would smile down at her. I worked her pants down around her knees and began to finger her little pussy again. She seemed to like this and increased the pace of her head bobbing. I even thought I heard a little moan every once in a while.

"Oh, god, you're a good little cocksucker, aren't you?" I moaned. She just bobbed harder, taking more than half my dick into her mouth.

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"I'm gonna fill your mouth with my cum girl". Again she just sucked harder. My legs were tensing and my toes were curling. I grabbed two hands full of her nappy hair and pulled her against my cock as I started to cum. Her eyes grew wide and her nostrils flared as I started shooting against the back of her mouth. A cry of 'Mffmff' escaped around the base of my cock as I continued to spasm in her mouth.

I could see her throat constricting as she swallowed my cum. Good, I wanted her to eat something before she left. I let go of her hair and she fell off my dick, to the floor and sat there for a minute. I asked her if she was okay and she nodded. I asked her if she wanted me to drop her off anywhere and she had me take her to a neighborhood that was worse than mine. Before I dropped her off, I asked her if she remembered where my house was and she nodded yes.

I told her that if she ever needed a place to stay or get cleaned up, she could stop by. Then I let her out of the car. A week or so later, she showed up looking pretty rough and I cleaned her up again. She stayed all day and into the next before I realized that maybe she didn't want to leave again.

I got her cleaned up, tested and back in school. Basically adopted her and all for the small price of having sex with her any time I wanted. It was a pretty sweet deal for both of us. When she was eighteen she had grown into a beautiful young woman and went on to college with a scholarship. For my part, I started looking for a new one.