Lesbian Mormon teen girls toy their pussies

Lesbian Mormon teen girls toy their pussies
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All she ever wore to bed was a tiny thong, the fabric swallowed up by her luscious ass cheeks as her hips proudly supported the thin strings. Against her skin, her thong strings seemed to be like the ribbons on a present-- just the outer wrapping waiting to be peeled off by the child so that the present inside could be fully enjoyed.


Lorraine, Rob's sister, loved her thongs at night because they made her so wet in the mornings. That, and Rob never ceased to glue his eyes onto her white globes.

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Though both were in their early thirties- Lorraine older than her brother by a year-they had longed for each other's bodies for most of their lives. Lorraine knew that he wanted her body. During the night she could hear the faint sounds of Rob spurting his cum, calling out in pleasure.

Many a nights she felt her inner walls ache passionately for him to be coming inside her, but she took a retreat to only rubbing her feather sensitive clit through the small scrap of fabric of her thong. Each night her blue eyes would open wide before being clenched shut at the rock her orgasms gave her. Maybe that's why she got so wet during the nights.

With her fingers furiously petting her cunt to orgasm, Rob had his dark eyes closed in lust as he thought about his sister's black hair sticking to her forehead from sweat, beating his thick ten inch cock with animalistic frenzy.

He could feel her frame fitting his perfectly as her tight vaginal walls gripped and rippled along his veiny shaft. As he worked his cum to a boiling point, he imagined how her voice would turn from screams and moans, urging him to pound her harder, being reduced to tiny whimpers of pure sexual bliss, the need for any other noise unfounded.

Some nights the two worked their tall frames into tense shakes as the waves of ecstasy rolled through their muscles. Their brown and black eyes would close with the rolling waves of pleasure as their black hair stuck to their perspiring skin. As spring worked its way into the year, so did a fever of lust. Months passed by as their hormones ran wild with imaginations of capturing each other in the act of pleasing before throwing themself on their sibling.

Sheets were soaked through to the mattress and boxes of tissue were used in attempts to hide their want, but the feelings blossomed as quickly as the flowers. Perhaps it was because Lorraine was older, or perhaps it had been that she was getting desperate for a warm cock in her pussy, but it was she who first broke the barrier that held the two apart.

She had been frustrated for weeks now and rubbing herself seemed to only put out a single flame in the town of Desire as the rest of the buildings helplessly turned to ash. Just as the season was turning into summer, Lorraine snapped. Her anger and frustration broke through her barriers and made her determined to feel Rob's hot, creamy cum fill her tight cunt.

With her usual thong still encasing her body, Lorraine made the trek to her brother's room in a hurry. Inside herself, she was determined not to let her frustration show too easily. She threw the door open without knocking and feasted her lust crazed eyes on her brother fucking his cock with his hand. Pre-cum dripped from the tip and dribbled down his shaft to mix with the small amount of lube he used.

Rob's cock visibly throbbed as the base of his prick continued to swell with cum, his balls raised up tight with anticipation to blow. Rob's face resonated with shock as his sister stood in front of him in her almost-nude 5'7" stature. The shock was absorbed by his body quickly with a cooling sensation on his skin, making his balls freeze in mid-jump. The connection between her brown orbs and his blue spheres pulled the two together, her D-cup breasts swaying tantalizingly with every step she took.


The movement of her waist and, what he assumed to be, 32D tits, forced Rob's blank mind to force her up against the wall. His slim 5'11" figure pinned her plump figure to the wall, her nipples scraping against the rough material of the wall causing her to mewl with happiness.

Rob's fingers slipped between her drenched folds and worked their way into her tight tunnel after ripping her thong from her body.

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As his lips ravaged her neck and back with fervor, he wondered just how few cocks had been stuffed in her hole until her moans drove the thought out of his mind. Lorraine's walls milked her brother's fingers as if it were a cock exploding inside her moist pussy as she forced herself onto his fingers with desperation. Oh how she needed his cock! "OOooooohhh fuck me you bastard!" Lorraine cried out into the wall, her legs spreading wider to entice him if need-be.

Rob throbbed at the base of his cock, his balls resuming their excited jumps as they happily made the first slap with her exposed clit. Skin slapped together as his stomach met her ass with each thrust, her clit getting tapping with his swinging balls. The sweat rolled down their backs and faces as his cock head twitched excitedly inside her rippling muscles. Moans and the musk of their lust filled the room as Rob powerfully pounded into his sister's delicious cunt.

Every few thrusts brought a small bump as he bottomed out in her cunt, bringing the cum boiling through his shaft in heat. As he continued to pump into her pussy, Rob's hand grabbed Lorraine's black hair and pulled. The roots of her hair straining to hold to the long locks accompanied her throbbing clit as her pussy tensed and shook over his hammering member.

Lorraine yelled out with passion as her hot cunt let loose a torrent of pussy juice on Rob's cock.

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The spasms in her most intimate muscles brought him over the edge as he exploded inside her womb, coating her cervix with his sperm until it ran down her walls and dripped over her slicked thighs. The two continued to fuck through their orgasms until they became too tired to continue their physical adventures and stopped.

Lorraine picked up the remnants of her thong and went back to her room to sleep. Months rolled slowly by, days seemingly flying from dusk to dawn at rapid speed as Lorraine and Rob shared furtive glances, their brown and blue eyes locking together before quickly turning in another direction. The siblings continued to live together even though both thought relentlessly of the moans and screams they had shared.

Neither mentioned the event as days turned into weeks. Lorraine still had an itch deep inside her pussy that she knew her brother could easily satisfy, but kept her distance from him. She knew that it would only be a matter of time until she was back in his bed, riding his cock with lust in both their eyes. Days were often characterized by Lorraine wearing her black locks down, with shorts and a thin tank top covering her body.

Rob would stare at her tops with wonderment, lost in the reverie of how far her nipples stood out when he had pushed her against the wall. An evening late in the season had Rob rushing into his room. Once in his room, Rob freed his limb from the confines of his pants, the tingle of lust. His fingers wrapped around the thickness of his dick and gently inched up towards the tip.

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A bead of pre-cum oozed from his piss slit and rolled down his purple head to the underside of his cock. Rob's eyes closed as he recalled how tight his sister's hole was, his hand gripping tight around himself.

More pre-cum dribbled out of his cock head and coated his skin with a thinly spread wetness, making his hand glide easier along his length. Rob's free hand helped stroke his length for a time, the sensation of both his hands had a very loose resemblance of what his sister's cunt felt like. His rubbing fingers made the veins of his ten inch cock stand out against his tightly stretched skin. The excitement he was feeling was making his cum churn and boil inside his balls.

Spit shot onto his hand, acting as lube as his fingers increased their speed. Rob let one of his hands travel to his balls to gently caress and massage them as his hand worked his prick. A low moan drifted out from his mouth as he imagined himself pounding inside Lorraine's tight, hot cunt, his ball sac slapping against her hardened, blood-engorged, sensitive clit.

As he gently massaged himself, he felt his testes jump. The thick amount of cum was visibly seen thickening the shaft of his cock and was dangerously closed to the deep purple cap that was his cock head.

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Air found itself stuck in his windpipe as his balls tightened and his body tensed. Cum was pouring out in a steady stream from his slit as his kept his eyes clenched shut in pleasure. His mind was consumed with the thought of his sister riding his cock and begging him to pound her harder until she exploded on his cock. The stream of fluids slowly stopped as small drips were forced out by his hand, his eyes intently watching the cum gathering at the head to spill over on his skin.

He stared at the cum being pumped from his body and knew that this is what it would look like inside his sister's sweet cunt. Rob cleaned himself off and threw his clothes into the hamper. He climbed into bed naked and laid there in the dark with his eyes wide open.

In the other room, Lorraine was busy teasing her own pussy through the fabric of her thong tonight a lace bit of cloth that barely contained her full, plump pussy lips. Wet spots were growing as her hand mashed the material around her mound, listening intently to the moans and groans her brother was making in the next room. Her fingers pulled the cloth aside and pushed their way through her tight, wet hole with ease. Sighs of relief left her lips as her searching fingers began to pump in and out of her, almost leaving her body until they were thrust back inside her.

Her toes curled and her back arched but she needed more; she needed her brother's long, hard cock pounding into her.

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With a huff, Lorraine pulled her fingers out of herself and rolled her thong off. She made her way to Rob's darkened room and opened the door. His eyes were opened as he lay in bed and she could see that he had no shirt on, but she was sure he was wearing boxers.

"Robbie!" she whined as she leaned against the door frame. "I can't sleep. Can I sleep with you?" Rob nodded and lifted the blankets for her to get in. In the bed, Lorraine's juices continued to drip down her slit and onto her ass until it pooled on the sheet beneath her. Her brother certainly smelled the aroma of her juices and felt the skin of his cock begin to stretch out.

Lorraine saw the tent that he was forming and her hand flew to the "V" of her legs. Her fingers furiously worked her clit as her other hand started to search for his growing cock. She was in shock as she found out that her brother was completely nude underneath the covers, making her pussy quiver with excitement.

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Her fingers began to tug on his dick as her own fingers busied themselves with her own sex. Rob and Lorraine moaned together with passion, their eyes locking together with electricity as her fingers continued to pleasure them. Her brother's fingers worked to hardening nipples, and pinched and rolled the nubs. Feeling that Rob was fully erect and that his cum was beginning to drip, Lorraine threw the covers off of them and straddled his waist with her cunt just above his cock head. Rob watched as his tip and length were engulfed by her luscious lips and groaned as he felt the rippling of her inner walls.

Lorraine bounced slowly on his stiff pole, bouncing harder with each thrust to feel him deeper inside her. Rob brought her torso down far enough to have her nipples brushing against his lips with the touch of a feather. His mouth latched onto her breast and suckled her tips with vigor, his hands massaging her ass cheeks as they bounced up and down on him.

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Lorraine moaned as her knuckles turned white with gripping the bed sheets, her face covered in a thin layer of sweat as she worked Rob deeper and harder into her tight pussy. Her rippling walls held him in lock as she shook violently on him, her cum squirting out on his skin and soaking his cock with her sweet nectar.

Rob bit down on her hard little nipples as he felt her tight cunt grip him and soak his skin with her cum. Her walls continued to milk his cock and forced him over the edge. His hot cum filled her pussy as he thrust his hips into her, slapping noises filling the room but ignored by its occupants.

A melange of their juices dripped down his balls and thighs as Rob pounded up into his sister's pulsating pussy. "Oh fuck my ass Rob! Get inside my ass and cum inside me! I want you to make my ass raw," Lorraine begged her brother. Rob smiled savagely as he freed his mouth of her nipple before placing his mouth over her neglected pink nub. His tongue flicked over her breast as he lifted his sister off his hammering prick and forced himself into her tight ass.

Lorraine howled with a blend of pleasure and pain as he pumped in and out of her hole, her pussy left gaping and hitting the soft bush above his cock. Her ass burned with pleasure as her brother bit, sucked, and licked her nipple. "Oh yes Rob! Just like this, oh you fuck me so damn good!" she screamed at him, her hazy thoughts only focused on how good she was feeling with her pussy mashed against his pubic bone, her ass filled with his fattening cock, cum traveling through his dick to the tip.

"Oh fill my ass up with your cum baby! Fill me with that hot fucking cum Rob!" Rob gave every last inch of his cock into her ass and layered her rectum with copious amount of cum. Her body arched back as she sunk him deeper inside her ass, getting more of that slippery cum inside of her. She shook and bucked as her cunt pushed out his earlier load onto his pubic hair and she fell on top of her lover in exhaustion.

That night, they fell asleep together, holding each other with their arms. The next morning, Rob awoke to the feeling of Lorraine's mouth greedily sucking his cock. He had been sucked to full erection and her eyes were gazing at him lustfully, wanting his member to enter her once more.