Xxx marathi story sexy in audio

Xxx marathi story sexy in audio
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Part 7 Honesty Beth awoke to an empty bed. Michael was up showered and shaved, sitting beside her, gently rubbing her arm.

"Time to get up, Honey, " he said gently. She sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She dropped her chin, and then jerked her head up, her hair flying behind her head. This typical female move had the unintended consequence of making her breast bounce.

Michael noticed. He looked away to avoid getting hard, but looking down, his reaction was obvious. Beth saw it too, her eyes filled with mischief. "Come here Daddy, I'll fix it. I wanted to show you this last night, but I was too tired." He walked over dubiously.


Beth rolled onto her back, her head just off the bed. She swatted his hand away as he started to undo his belt. She had been dreaming of doing this. She unlocked his belt, undid his pants and moved the zipper down. His cock sprang free as she pulled his shorts down. It was rock hard, oozing pre cum from his slit.


She wrapped her hand around the monster and pulled him forward into her waiting mouth. She caressed its head in a sloppy kiss, then reached for his ass and slowly pulled him forward, burying more and more of his cock into her warm, wet mouth. His cock had reached her throat. She wished she could see his face. She pulled him further forward. His cock slid into her throat. Michael had never felt such intense pleasure until her throat began to massage his dick. She pushed him back a little to gasp some air then forward to rebury it.

On the fourth stroke, he could hold back no more, his ejaculation as hard as he had ever felt, shooting cum directly into her stomach. She pushed back a little as he continued to cum, taking his last strings in her mouth. When he finished, she rolled over and sat on her legs, locking eyes with him. She opened her mouth and showed him the milky semen on her tongue and then swallowed. He grabbed her up in a hug and kissed her, tasting his own salty cum. When they broke away, she beamed.

"Shosh taught me that. I told her I felt so bad that I couldn't give you a physical cherry. She suggested my throat. You know those bastards never got in there." He went to hug her again and she jumped off the bed and fled to the bathroom "Gotta pee." Michael went into the living area while Beth put herself together.

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It was another rainy day. Shoshana sat in one of the reading chairs with a Kindle. Michael went over to her. She looked up, smiling. "What're you reading?" "About tomorrow. It looks like recovery time is a couple of weeks for everything but my pussy. I can't wait to be normal again!" Her eyes clouding with fear, "that is if I'll ever be normal again." He took her hand and pulled her into a hug.

"I want to thank you for teaching Beth.

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It means a great deal to her and even more to me!" She looked into his eyes and parted her lips, begging. He kissed her warmly, pressing her body against him with frantic urgency. He pulled out of the kiss gently. "Since I'm having the surgery tomorrow, can…" Beth entered the living area and called out with mock anger, "Trying to steal my man?" Shoshana let go immediately and then saw Beth smile and the laughter in her eyes.

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Hearing Beth, both Rachael and Lynne came into the room. Rachael served breakfast as the other four sat at the table. "Will Alice come?" Lynne asked.

Michael hesitated, considering what to say, then simply shook his head no. Rachael saw his eyes. "What's wrong?" "I need to confirm some things with her. By the way, you know she can't tell me anything unless you tell her she can." "Dad. What was said in that room needs to stay in that room." She was deadly serious. He held up his hands in surrender.

After filling all the plates, Rachael went to sit down. Michael held her chair, softly squeezing her shoulder. Since he could not see her eyes he had no idea the effect of his touch.

The others saw clearly. By the time Michael reached his chair and looked up, Rachael's look of pure pleasure was hidden.

"Dad, there is something we have to talk about." He put down his fork, "OK Honey, shoot." "Alice helped us a lot, but it's only words. In one night, the only man I trusted gave me back my life. We talked with Alice about it a lot. Yesterday before you got here, she said she knew of another case where one of her rape patients spent a night with a man she trusted and began to move forward." "Anyway," "We want to try with you," finished Shoshana.

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After making the connection between Rafaela and Alice, Michael suspected that this was coming. He looked at each of the women and they silently nodded.

"Shoshana would…" Beth stopped as Shoshana held up her hand. "Mom should be first. She's had the most abuse. I probably shouldn't have sex before my operation. I also don't want to be with Michael until I heal. That way, it'll all be new," she said in a pleading voice. "Michael has not said yes, girls," Rachael managed to get out. "Beth, are you OK with this?" he asked. "It's a bit crazy, but yes. Without any men other than the guard zombies, we've gotten pretty close." He searched her eyes to make sure her agreement was not out of misguided kindness.

Her eyes and genuine smile convinced him. "If we do this, are we intending it as a long term thing or one time?" He held up his hand before anyone answered, "My point is this. We'll probably be together for a long time and jealousy would destroy us." He waited.

"Dad, your harem awaits. Rachael and I can't make babies, but Shosh and Lynne can. I know its unconventional, but I don't know if I could ever trust another man enough to give myself to him, so its you or the convent for me." Rachael said softly, "I feel the same." "So do I," said Shoshana.

He looked at Lynne who struggled to suppress her sarcasm. "I'm not sure if it will be forever, but I'd like to try," she said softly. "If you guys are sure, of course I'm OK with it," Michael said smiling broadly. His harem mobbed him. "Get a script from Alice for Viagra or Cialis before she leaves," Rachael observed wryly, but with a strong hint of truth.

All of them grinned.

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As the girls went to their respective rooms to pack, Michael headed to Alice's cabin. She saw him coming and tried to compose herself. She opened her door to his gentle knock. "Good morning Michael," she said, holding out her hand. He took her hand and shook it firmly.

She looked into his eyes and recoiled, pulling her hand free. "Where is it?" He asked firmly, in a flat deadly tone. She shivered. She went to her dresser and handed him what appeared to be a vibrator and handed it to him. "You gambled with their lives. If Miguel had tried to take them they could have been killed along with those men out there.

And now, if they find out you were a spy, how do you think they'll handle having told you their most intimate secrets?" Her head was down as she sobbed her shame. "Where are your notes and recordings?" She indicated her laptop and briefcase, "Over there." He collected the items. "I was going to give them to you when I left," she sobbed. "Is that everything?" She nodded.


"Can I tell you my side?" She begged. Because she seemed to have done a great job with the girls and Rafaela, he agreed to listen. He nodded. "Rafaela was one of my first patients after her second rape.

You know she grew up in the States?" he nodded. "Anyway, last year after they dragged her over the border to the US and arrested her, I felt terrible. I visited her once, but they wouldn't let me after that." "Since I was already seeing Beth, Tim asked me to help some other rape victims flee their abusive father and brother. I didn't know anything about David Walsh or who the victims were," she paused, then went on, "then Miguel contacted me a couple of weeks before we ran.

I don't know how he knew, but he told me that, if they would put pressure on Walsh through fear for his family, he might be able to help Rafaela get out of jail. He swore to me that they would not try anything, just keep the pressure on. To do that, he had to know where they were. They gave me that, " pointing to the vibrator. Mike examined it carefully. Miniature, frequency hopping, burst transmitter / receiver. Twenty minutes of talk transmitted or received in milliseconds. The memory card was in it.

"Any other memory cards? Don't make me have you searched." His angry gray eyes bored into her, violence lurking just below the surface. She went to her purse and fished out a small box containing several memory cards.

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"Where's the headpiece?" "It's in the laptop case." "Here's how this plays. I keep the laptop, your notes, the memory cards and the transmitter." As she opened her mouth to speak, he held up a hand, "Non-negotiable." "You go say goodbye to the girls as though nothing has happened. You leave, telling them you have a tight flight connection." "Then go see Rafaela.

She and her nieces really need you and she trusts you. I'll tell her I have the transmitter. If I can't talk to her, at least I can hear her voice." She blinked in surprise. "Now go say goodbye to the girls." He turned and left without another word.

He followed her into the cabin to get his satellite phone and went outside while she talked to her patients. He dialed Tim. "We got a problem, Tim.

It was the shrink, but she was recruited nearly two weeks before the plan triggered, so someone that knew the plan had to be in on it. I know you'll run your internals, but did you check Peter?" The silence spoke volumes. "Peter suggested her." "I didn't see that one coming," Michael admitted.

"I'll get back with you," Tim said and severed the connection. When he got back to his cabin, he saw Alice leaving, the girls in a huddle, waving to her. She stared at him from the passenger window. She saw him standing rigid. "Dad, didn't you want to say goodbye?" "What's wrong?" "Sometimes Honey, people let you down," he said sadly. Shaking himself mentally, he slid his arm around his daughter and walked over to Rachael, bringing her into a three-way hug.

Smiling they went inside the cabin for their last night. His phone rang. He flipped the antenna and grabbed a jacket to go outside. "Tim here." "What'd you find?" "Seven phone calls to burn phones in Miguel's little village. Took a look at his finances. I got a forensic accountant looking into it, but it looks straight, though he got a million dollar retainer the day after the girls ran. Jesus Christ, he loves Beth!" "Keep digging." Michael hung up and returned in a black mood.

Rachael noticed immediately, "Bad news?" He nodded, then realizing she might misinterpret, he said, "I think I'm going to retire and devote myself to my harem." "I need about twenty minutes to draft a message," his mouth fell into a relaxed smile.

Rachael smiled back. He took the encrypted laptop to the far end of the living room, typing out the message he would sent tomorrow through a cell interface. Rafaela The girls have asked me to be their collective man as I am the only man they trust. Beth seems happy to share me with them. I have not yet asked her to share me with you, but if you ever want to be part of my family, I am sure you would be welcome.

As two of the girls are fertile, there would even be babies! By now, I hope Alice is on her way to you. Your two nieces need some help and I think Alice could be that help. Perhaps she would help you as well. I kept the transmitter, so I can leave you messages and keep in touch. I also kept all her notes, memory cards and laptop so if her part in this is ever discovered by one of the girls, she can say that she gave me all her materials.

I never want the girls to know they poured their soul out to someone who was working against them. I truly hope she is with you soon. The beautiful, sensual woman I came to know in two days deserves all the happiness her heart can hold.

I have to learn how to operate the vibrator / transmitter. At least I can hear your voice. Love, Michael Beth came out of the bedroom holding Rafaela's letter and package. She'd forgotten about it. Michael had finished preparing the message for automatic send. He closed the laptop, put it carefully aside and went to meet his daughter. "Go ahead. It's addressed to you," he said softly. Beth You don't know me, but my name is Rafaela. I am older than you, but like you, I am a victim of rape.

Your father will explain who I am, but I wanted to tell you about the past few weeks. Many people wanted you and the Walsh women dead. I was not one of them, but your father did not know that.

I only wanted his help. Your father came to my family's compound in Mexico, alone, unarmed, without protection to bargain for your life and the lives of the Walsh women. Where I live, there are many armed men. He did not care. He offered to trade his life for yours and theirs. As part of the bargain, he saved my life and then gave me a reason to live. The enclosed is yours and the others to remind you of his courage and love. Cherish this man. He is unique and has proven that he loves you and the Walsh women more than life.

I hope one day to find such a man for me. Perhaps one day we will meet. Your sister Rafaela "Dad?" "Get the girls," he said firmly, "I only want to tell this once." His harem sat in the living area, anxious to hear about "Rafaela". "Rafaela is head of a drug smuggling family. She was abducted by DEA agents and brought to the US where she was arrested and put in prison. The case was shit, so they claimed "Patriot Act." I looked into it and it was just total bullshit." "Anyway, they paid David a lot of money to help get her out.

He had the goods on a lot of people and lots of influence, so they thought he would use that influence to get her out. When he took their money and did nothing, they tried to force him by threatening his family.

They never intended for anyone to get hurt, but they ratcheted up the pressure pretty good." He looked at Rachael, "You were the wild card. You and Beth bonded, so when you ran, she went with you. Since you ran together, they were threatening Beth as well." He paused to let them ask any questions.

There were none. "When Tom was killed in prison and David killed himself, the plan fell apart. Fortunately, Tim's guys got into your house quickly after David died.

They're pros and found most of the dirt David had accumulated. When the Zapatas got there, the blackmail leverage had been taken.

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Back to square one." "Then I became a target. Beth was with you. She was vulnerable." "They may have had some help identifying me as the go to guy. I went down to Mexico to negotiate a trade for your lives for the information, but before I went, Peter made a deal with Homeland Security and the CIA.

They release Rafaela and get the dirt David had accumulated." "I got down there, negotiated with Rafaela's brother and she was released that night." "She was mutilated the second time she was gang raped." "Did you make love to her?" Beth asked quietly, her lip trembling.

He could see the hurt just below the surface. He nodded, keeping his eyes locked on hers. "Was that part of the bargain for our lives?" Rachael asked. "I honestly don't know. The first night, she slept in my arms, fully clothed.

Then she made up some bullshit about not being able to reach her people to call them off, so she kept me there. We made love the second night." "Let me get this straight. You went to Mexico, to the home of a Mexican drug lord, all alone, to protect us?" Lynne certainly boiled things down into a simple equation, "Are you crazy?" Beth still looked hurt, but not devastated. "Anyway, she went back to her world and I came back to mine," he said looking straight into Beth's eyes, "I'm sorry Honey.

I hope you meet her sometime. I think you'd understand." Beth just nodded and began opening her gift. Michael held his breath, hoping it would not be something that would hurt her. The box held four beautiful platinum and gold pendants in the shape of a heart fitted into a velvet form, each with a birthstone.

The box had a place for a missing, fifth pendant. "Really!" Beth said with mock exasperation in her voice, "You haven't even tried us all and you're already expanding your harem!" Shoshana had her pendant with an emerald already around her neck.

Dinner was subdued. Everything was packed and ready to go except clothes needed tomorrow. Shoshana fidgeted nervously, afraid of the operations tomorrow. Rachael worried about her "night" with Michael. Beth still hurt at the thought of her Dad with an unknown woman. Lynne fought her growing adulation of Michael. Michael replayed the discovery of Peter's treachery.

"Beth, I think you should be with Michael tonight," Rachael said softly.


It broke the spell. Beth thought, 'I'm being a spoiled bitch.' It was just after 7PM when Beth stood and walked over to Michael. "I'm sorry Dad. I'll be fine. Just no more surprises for a while. Now go take a shower. Whatever is on your mind put it aside. Tonight is for Rachael and she deserves all your attention."