Recently divorced cougar enjoys sex with a younger guy

Recently divorced cougar enjoys sex with a younger guy
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Some Guy is Fucking my Wife? __I got home from work. Stuck in the door handle was a letter. It had my name, 'Brad' written on it. I went in the house. I heard the shower running. My wife had the day off so she must be getting ready to have some hot sex tonight.

I smelled a roast in the oven. I smiled to myself. I got in my easy chair.

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It had been a long week of hard work. I looked forward to another night in heaven with my wonderful wife Silvia. She had that beautiful hair, big full tits, but with nipples so firm. She knew how to fuck me so good as she would start off sucking my cock so hot. She would then get on top of me and rock her warm pussy on my cock, teasing it and expertly delay my cuming in her. Later I would be in ecstasy with the sexist girl ever. She would bring her wet pussy up for me to lick as she liked to fuck my tongue.

I would grab her beautiful ass and make her moan so hot. I loved to lick her hot clit and make her squirm with delight. She liked to slide her hot body over mine, letting me feel all her curves. She loved to rub oil and lotion on us and get me so hot as she kissed my entire body. We were our own private sex toys to each other. She liked to roll me over on her, lock her legs around me as we let my cock find it's way in to her sexy pussy.

She knew just how to fuck me and work up to panting, squirming, fucking animals.

She liked for me to grab her tight as the we began to fuck as hard as we could. She was like fucking a wild animal that was driven by nature to reach a screaming peak.


The sounds we both made just came out. The heat generated was awesome. Our bodies were slick and we couldn't hold us tight enough. Her…"oh-oh-oh oh baby, yes- yes-oh damn…oh baby I'm cuming so good."… sounds of us fucking were driving us to heaven&hellip. I sat there thinking of the evening ahead, as my cock was already rock hard… ------ I proceeded to open and read this letter. "Sir: __I feel it's time to inform you Brad, that I have been having an affair with your wife Silvia.

The first time I ever saw her, I got a erection. It was at our work and we were doing business. As I sat and talked to her, her phone rang and I got to watch her as she talked.

She was talking to you. She turned her beautiful face to me and rolled her eyes and put her hand over the mouth piece and whispered to me: ("…It's my husband.") She held her fingers up and made like a duck quacking.

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You must have been telling her a list of thing you wanted her to do, as she kept saying: "Yes dear…I'll take care of it&hellip.mmmm…ok&hellip.yes dear." She smiled and winked at me. She began to play games with me. Pinching my leg and feeling my middle finger. She then would cover the phone and giggle. Flirting with me?&hellip.oh my yes. She started rubbing my arm and I rubbed hers back.

She kept talking but I could tell she was getting hot. She grinned and took the front of her sexy blouse and pulled it in and out to fan herself…but leaning over my way to let me see her nice cleavage.

She puckered her lips to me. Her private office door was closed, so I moved closer to her. She pushed a button on her desk and I heard the door lock click shut.

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She took a big breath and put my hand on her tits, and closed her eyes. As you know, your wife is a very beautiful and sexy woman. She reached under her desk doing something and then took my other hand and put it between her spread open legs. I got a rush as my boner went to max hard. She had no under panties on. She was having me rub her very wet pussy. She switched phone ears and put her hand on my big boner. She stroked her hand over my pants. I could hear you saying something at her on the phone.

She just said "Yes dear." She kept taking in air with her mouth away from the phone. She quick leaned over and kissed me, darting her tongue in my mouth. She said to you: "I have to go now dear, talk to you later." and hung up the phone.

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She smiled so sexy at me and said quietly: "Oh…thank you so much, I've always wanted to do that while he was ranting and giving me one of his lectures. I've also just wanted to do that to&hellip.'you'. I've been watching you for a long time now and I've gotten feelings that won't go away. I've never had &hellip.well…an affair before, but you're the one guy I &hellip.I'd have to step over the line with. I hope you understand I…I…I want to& with you &hellip.alone.

I want us&hellip." I think my smile let her know how I felt about her. I quick kissed her with all the passion I had.

Her beautiful eyes smiled like she was so pleased. This was the first time we had did anything like this, but it had been building up for a long time. It was in her eyes. That look of…wanting. We straightened ourselves up and stood up. She pushed the button and unlocked the door. She buzzed her secretary. She changed into her 'all business' mode and said as her secretary walked in: …"this is a problem that will take a lot of work to get straightened out." She whispered to me: ("tomorrow at 1pm ok with you.") I nodded yes.

(."you know I have to fire you for molesting me.") We both chuckled and I left.


I couldn't keep my mind off of her. It was effecting my work and I was making stupid errors. The next day I waited for 1pm. I had a problem 'not' getting a big boner while I worked.

I went to her office and her secretary said to go right in. I closed her door behind me and locked it. I was out of breath as I realized&hellip.she's not here. I looked around when I heard her quietly say: "In here". Her voice was coming from her private conference room. The light was off in there. I went in. She was naked as hell. She pulled me to her.

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She whispered: ( "Stay away from me, Mr.!") I whispered back: ("Get your hands off me lady!") as I pulled her towards me tight. She started undoing my pants. She tried to say: ("Your 'so' fired!, security, help. I need&hellip."). That's all she got out as our lips met. I was the longest, sweetest kiss I could ever remember. She had a private napping sofa in there as she led us over to it.

I'm sure you don't want to hear what happened on the sofa, but I will say we are perfectly matched. As you know, your wife is a wild woman in bed.

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The time flew by as I had to leave. My cell phone was going crazy. I was a walking spent man. She lay there gasping for air. That was about a year ago, and it only got better. Those nights she 'had to work late' she was with me in the back seat of my car, or at dinner, or out back of the company in the warehouse. Anywhere we could find and had the time to fuck like animals. She's the most wonderful woman on planet Earth.

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You must accept the fact that you 'must' share Silvia with me. Don't try and find out who I am, you can't. You have to calmly sit down with her and make out the arrangements for sharing…or you'll loose her all together.

Neither one of us planned this, this kind of attraction just happens. Unsigned --------- I was numb with shock, and yet I had a big hardon. The story itself was one of the hottest I had ever read, but the anger in me was way over the top&hellip. ----- * Narrator&hellip. Silvia had the day off and got out of the shower. She looked her sexist best and put on a lavender sheer night gown with nothing on underneath. Brad had come home and was in his easy chair reading the letter.

She peeked around the corner and watched as stunned and steaming mad Brad put down the letter, yet she could see a big hardon in his pants. Silvia ran in the living room and crawled onto Brad's lap. She felt his big hardon. She instantly got so horny, her pussy was full of hot, wet feelings. He stared at the wall, frozen in place. His face was red as the anger was boiling inside of him.

His mind thought of all the ways he could kill this guy fucking his wife. Choking, shooting, cutting, beating him to a bloody pulp, kicking his ass over and over. Dragging him behind his car, tying him up and torturing him for hours. He wasn't about share his beautiful wife with 'any' bastard.

He thought about all the continued great sex they were having. This asshole must be lying. That's it. He wants to drive us apart so he can take over&hellip.well FUCK HIM!!! Silvia would never do this, but the thought made him have doubts about his wife.

That son of a bitch will pay for this! He thought about running over his hands so he could never write a letter like this again. Breaking each finger completely and watching him feel the pain&hellip. Silvia&hellip. I snuggled up to Brad. I was panting with the super turned on feeling I was getting. Something had him so aroused, he was shaking. I held his hardon. It was so big and I felt the heat from his body.

His heart was beating so fast…… and that made me turned even more. I whispered in his ear breathlessly: ("Well dear,&hellip.

how did you like my little porn story I wrote and left on the front door for you ?")