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Hot sweet soft emo boy gay porn clips Share Your Toy
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The week of finals, I received a phone call from Paul, my roommate for the past two years. What he told me put me in shock. I couldn't believe it; I just couldn't believe what he said.

It seemed that Paul had gone away to a camp to act as a counselor and while he was there for the summer, he met another counselor, they fell madly in love and he was going to attend another college in another state; her college. "What about Pam", I asked him. "She took the news real hard," he said with not that much remorse in his voice. "Would I mind looking in on her during the term?" he asked. "She took it hard?" I thought. NO SHIT! I lost a lot of respect for Paul that day; not only did he screw his girl friend over, but he also screwed me because now I was going to have to get a new roommate.

I started inquiring about a new person to share the rent with until I got another call dropping the other shoe.


This one was from Mike and he informed me that Molly and he were expecting a baby so he was dropping out of school and going to work for his father as a mechanic and start his family.

He was happy so I was happy for them, but that left me with no roommates and a three bedroom apartment. I decided I was going to move. I hung around for a month until fall term had started and signed a lease on a one bedroom place on the other side of campus. I was in the process of moving when I pulled up in front of my old apartment to pick up another load and there was Pam sitting on my doorstep waiting for me to get back. I got out of the car and walked up to her and gave her a big hug.

She started crying into my shoulder as I led her back into the old place. She really was taking it hard and I'm sure that being back in the apartment brought back many painful memories. She had come for a sweater she had left in Paul's bedroom, or so she told me, but I suspect that she came over one last time when she heard I was moving. She just walked around, looking and crying, and then came up to me to use my shoulder once again for a crying pillow.

She cried her eyes out for a few minutes then she stopped, looked up into my eyes and pulled me down and gave me a kiss right on the mouth. I let her kiss me; I felt sorry for her, but when she started kissing me harder and was pulling down on my neck, I began getting a little concerned.

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I pulled free and managed to say, "Pam, what are you doing? I know you are hurting, but this is no way to make it go away." "Ben, make love with me. It won't mean a thing, I promise. I just need to go to bed with someone, please. I want to feel loved right now," she begged.

"Pam, you may think you want to make love with someone, but later you may regret it," I tried to reason with her. "I don't care what I'll regret or not regret.

I just know that I want you to take me into your old bedroom and make love with me. Ben, will you do this for me this one time?" she was pleading.

How could I refuse those tears and that sad face? I led her into my bedroom and closed the door behind us. Stopping beside the bed, she flung herself into my arms and started kissing me passionately. Her tongue went into my mouth as her arms encircled my back. She was pressing her crotch into mine and she made her way over to the bed to lie down.

Pulling me down on top of her, she continued to ram her tongue into my mouth as she started to breath deeply. I was beginning to get aroused by this time with the constant pressure of her crotch on mine. She must have started feeling my erection grow because she was grinding into it harder and harder.

I had always found Pam to be very attractive, but I had never had any amorous thoughts about her because of her relationship to Paul. But now that Paul was no more and she was here under me, kissing me and begging me to make love with her, well what could I do but comply.

I was tongue fencing with her by this time with our mouths wide open. My hands were roaming all over her squirming body and ended up down at the hem of her skirt. It had ridden up to just below her panties so when my hand made contact with her inner thigh, it was not a long slide upward until it found the crotch of her panties.

I rubbed up the entire front until I was at her clitoris and then I retraced my hand down between her legs and up into her opening. She sighed and wiggled her groin into my hand as she pulled even hard upon my back. I was prodding my finger up her vagina through the crotch of her underwear, pushing the material upward, deeper into her opening. It was getting very wet from her juices and she was vocalizing her pleasure. I suddenly removed my hand from her pussy and started ravishing her breasts on the outside of her top.

Sliding my hand under the material, I placed it upon her left bra cup and squeezed the fleshy contents hard and rough. I then slid my hand under the cup and pulled it off of the breasts onto her chest, exposing them both to my hungry assault with my mouth.

My removed her top, taking the bra with it as she assisted me by raising her arms over her head. As it came off, she tossed it aside and grabbed me by the side of the head and pulled my face back down on her breasts. I slowly stood up and looked at her. Her arms her at her sides but she slowly raised them to cover her breasts out of shyness.

She grinned at me a little and then put them back down to her sides. I eyes followed her trim body down over her tummy, over her gathered shirt at her waistline, down to the moisture laden panties and onto her slender legs, pulled tightly together.

As my gaze came back up to her face, I detected a wanting in her eyes, yet a slight sense of trepidation.

I smiled at her in a reassuring way and moved my hands down to the skirts zipper in preparation for its removal. I pulled on her skirt as she rose her hips up and slid the garment off of her body.

I knelt down at her legs, extending them upward and pulled on her panties at the waist. Sliding them off of her butt, I was removing them upward over the legs to her knees and then pushing her knees back towards her chest, I removed them off over her feet. The view of her protruding lips; open slightly and oozing her vaginal fluid down onto her anus, was too much for me. I spread her legs apart roughly and plunged my face down on her pussy and took her clitoris between my lips. I was sucking hard on her little nubbin and she was going wild.

I was alternating sucking and flicking it with my tongue as I struggled to remove my own shirt over my head. Accomplishing that fete, I turned my attention to my shorts and boxers, never taking my mouth from her pussy. I was lapping at her opening as I slid the last of my shorts over my feet and flung them to the floor. Now I was ravishing her cunt with my mouth as I prepared to enter her great unknown. Sliding myself up to her butt, I hooked her knees with my arms and penned them back on the bed with her wide open crotch exposed to my engorged cock.

Placing at her opening, I proceeded to penetrate her cavity as the walls opened up to me and allowed my intrusion. It only stopped when I bottomed out with our pubic hairs co-mingling into a mat. A gush of air escaped her lips as a loud groan followed. I withdrew it to the head and then reversed my thrust and buried it to the hilt again.

My repetition was becoming more forceful and with greater speed. Her hands were on my ass as she attempted to ram me into her pussy even harder and deeper. I was grinding my hips in jack hammer fashion now as she was building up to a gigantic orgasm.

"O yes, Paul, fuck me harder, yes, O God, YESSSS!" as she spewed her juices out of her crowded vagina. Her orgasm was immense as she relentlessly thrust her hips into mine. Slamming her wet crotch into my throbbing cock, causing me to spray forth into her cavity gallons of sperm, she rode me like a wild bull but for far longer than eight seconds.

Over and over she cried out for me to put it in harder, faster and deeper until she held her breath, stiffened and started her release.

Finally she relaxed fully and collapsed under my body, gaining her breaths slowly until she drifted off in a wonderful afterglow. After we woke up, we got dressed, she kissed me on the cheek and left. I never told her that she called out to Paul at she climaxed instead of me. I just didn't think that would be right. We stayed friends for the rest of the year until she transferred to another college. I settled into my new apartment that weekend, so on Monday, I traveled to campus from the opposite direction.

It was my third week of classes and I have yet to contact the Cross Country coach to start my work outs for the fall. I felt I was derelict in my duties, so after I finished my classes for the day, I headed over to the coaches office to check in with him. He was heading out to send the runners out when he saw me coming. "Well, it's about time you showed your face around here," he said with a straight face.

I didn't know if he was kidding or not but played it as if he was. "Yeah, Coach, I've been real busy moving and all," I said as my excuse. "I heard that you lost your roommates, Ben, I guess they couldn't take it another year with you, huh?" he said smiling.

"Yeah, something like that," I said, smiling back. "Well, I've got someone I want to introduce you to in a moment," he said with great excitement in his voice. "This runner I got here from the state finals last year and I think you'll be impressed. I want you to take her under your wing and show her the ropes…" "Coach, did you say, "Her"?" I interrupted. "That's right Mr. Morgan, I said "Her." Have you ever heard of a girl long distance runner by the name of Ann Marie O'Leary?" he asked.

"Do you mean, Annie O. from Western Central?" I asked, not believing that he had recruited her here. "The one and the same," he said, puffing out his chest. About that time, out walked the littlest thing I'd seen since Jenny back in high school. But this little girl had bright, curly red hair, tied back in a ponytail, freckles covering her smiling face and the build of a classic runner.

By Gosh, I though, what a shrimp. She must have been all of 4'10" and topped the scales at 80 pounds. And the comparisons didn't stop there. Jenny was a freshman in a 12 year olds body. Annie was an eighteen year old in a 12 year old body. My mouth must have been open while looking at her because when she approached us she said, "Yes, I'm Annie O'Leary and I'm eighteen year old. And you are?" "O, me? I'm Ben Morgan, I'm sorry for staring, but you reminded me of someone I knew back in high school," I stammered.

"She must have been a freshman," she said sarcastically. "Actually, yes she was but she wasn't as gifted and as cute as you are," I said trying to see if I could make Annie blush. I succeeded and the coach said, "Ben, now knock that stuff off.

I want you to train with her not date her," with a little disgust in his voice. "Just take her out and show her the trails and, for goodness sakes, Ben, don't get into any trouble, okay?" "You've got it, Coach," I said turning my attention back to Annie. I said with a lowering of my voice to her, I really like to pull his chain. She kind of laughed and changed the subject.

"Where are you going to take me this afternoon?" she asked. "O I'll show you the park trail that heads north from here. It is about 15 miles so we should be back before dark this evening.

Are you ready to take off?" I asked. "As soon as I stretch out a little," she said, bending over to stretch her hammies. After loosening out a little, she indicated that she was ready so we took off on a slow run. I noticed as she ran beside me that she had a fluid motion to her gait, nothing jerky, no wasted energy, just a smooth rhythm to her running.

I was impressed running next to her and I could see why she was so highly touted. We ran through the park and as we immerged out the back side, I asked her if she had been on the mountain trail yet. She said that she hadn't but that she would love to try it.

I was a little concerned because the light was getting a little dimmer and of all the trees and roots sticking up on this trail. I warned her to watch out for those roots and then it happened.

She tripped over a root sticking up on the trail and down she went. She fell to one side onto the palms of her hands and her knees.

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Both of these took the brunt of the fall and were scraped up badly. But the worst of it was when she ricocheted off the path and went head first down into a swale. I heard a sharp cry come from the ditch and then a loud thud as she landed on her face in the ravine.

I was beside her I a second, concerned for her well being. "Okay, Annie, listen to me," I took over. "Now try to relax. I've got to see if you're hurt. Did you hit your head on anything?" I asked in a stern voice. "My face, it burns, I think I've scraped it pretty bad," she whimpered a little as she fought back the urge to cry. "Okay, I see that, it's not bad," I said, trying to keep her calm. I didn't know how bad it was but I saw some blood covering her right cheek.

"Now think, did you hit your head," I reiterated. "No, I don't think so," she said, her head clearing a little. "Okay, that's good," I said, thinking of what to check next. "Can you move your legs, your feet and your arms," I was checking.

Seeing her move her extremities freely, I felt better and suggested we get her up and check out her scrapes and contusions. Gathering herself on the trail once again, she looked down at herself and she started to cry.

"O Ben, I've really done it to myself this time, haven't I?" she asked between sobs. "Annie, I don't know. It's getting dark and I can't see how bad these cuts are.

Can you run?" I asked. She took a couple of steps but yelped at the pain. "I don't think so," she said and started to cry again, big time. There were more tears of fear than tears from the pain, but they were coming in buckets now and I didn't know what to do.

So I reached down to her legs with one arm and took her by the waist with the other and picked her up and started to jog out of the area back towards town. Her tears let up a little as I jogged along and she rested her head on my shoulder with her arms wrapped around my neck. I was headed back toward campus when I thought, "I've got to go right by my apartment and I have all of the first aid there in my dresser.

So I gave her the option, "Annie, we could stop at my place and I could treat your cuts there or I could take you where ever you want." "Can we stop at your place, please, I'm not feeling very good," she said as she rolled her head against my shoulder. I wondered if she was going into shock or something and as I ran up to my apartment and opened the door, I took her over to the couch and laid her down.

I went to get my first aid kit and turned on the light to inspect the damage. There were the scrapes on her palms and knees. There was the scrape on her right cheek; it didn't look too bad. There was a nasty scrape on her right thigh running from the knee and it disappeared within her running shorts. I couldn't see anything else but I just gave her a visual assessment. "I think I can clean most of these up a little before I take you back to your dorm," I said with confidence.

"But we'll have to see how bad these scrapes are under your shorts." She didn't bat an eye but said, "Go ahead and look." And hooked her thumb in her shorts and underwear and exposed her hip to me for inspection. The contusion ran the entire length of her shorts and disappeared up into her top.

I instinctively started to pull up her top when she stopped me with her hand. "Annie, the scrape goes up to your ribs and I've seen a girl's bra before," I said with a sly grin on my face. But the grin turned to look of wonderment when she said, "But Ben, I'm not wearing a bra." Thinking quickly, I told her, "Well, just cup your hand over your breast and keep it covered while I inspect this scrape." This seemed to satisfy her because she moved her hand and covered her breast while I lifted the top and inspected the wound.

It ran all of the way up to her shoulder and was the cause of her cut on her cheek. I set about cleaning her wounds with peroxide and fresh, warm water. As I was cleaning, she was babbling. It was a complete explanation of how her breasts never did start growing. How she hadn't had a period in five years since she started training so heavily for track and cross country. How she hopes when she finally stops running competitively, her breast will grow bigger and she will start her period.

I just continued to clean and let her babble. I was gradually struck by the fact that Annie was really a nice looking girl. As I continued cleaning around her rib wound, I caught myself glancing down at her features. Her facial features were a little plain, nothing outstanding. Her carrot top hair was her main distinguishing feature; all tied up in a ponytail. It was so red and so curly; it almost reminded me of a fox's tail.

She had very fair skin covered with freckles from the exposure to the sun light, but under her shirt, her skin was normal, pale but normal. I brushed up against her hand as it cupped her breast. She responded by moving her hand just slightest bit, exposing a little more of the fleshy area. I was shocked at the sensation it caused down in my groin. "Easy, Ben ol' boy, you're offering first aid not seducing her," I thought.

I quickly finished up and pulled her jersey back down to the proper position and she removed her hand from her breast. "Now that was so bad was it?" I tried to make her feel comfortable with the idea of my touching her near her breast.

She continued with her babbling and didn't acknowledge my question in the slightest. Maybe she was in shock or maybe this was her way of getting through a very embarrassing event. I looked down at her abrasion on her leg and I thought, "O boy, here we go again with another awkward moment." The scrape was a little deeper on the inside of her thigh and it ran up her groin into her shorts.

I thought for a moment and then said, "Annie, this scrape really should be looked at by a nurse or something, I mean it's not that bad and I can clean it, but it is in an area where I think you would feel more comfortable having it cleaned by a woman." She stopped her babbling for a second and then responded.

"Is it more embarrassing than grabbing my boob because I'm not wearing a bra? Is anything more embarrassing than exposing the fact that I don't have to wear a bra to anyone, much less a good looking guy? I don't know, how much more embarrassing can it get?" "Annie, I…" I started and then she said.

"Go ahead, Ben, but if you tell anyone about this, I'll just die, right after I kill you," she said jokingly, I think. I moved my hand down to her knee and pulled on it to indicate I need some more room between her legs to get at the scrape. She spread her legs a little and bending the scraped one at the knee, she laid it down on the outside and opened up her groin area to my touch and sight. Her shorts did not cover her extended leg area and her panties showed out the leg hole.

I almost gasp at the sight of a tiny bit of curly, red pubic hair sticking out of the crotch of her panties. I tried to ignore what my eyes had seen but it was too late, the blood started coursing down to my cock. I cleaned as best I could all of the dirt out of the scrape as far as I could see, but the contusion extended up past the opening of the panty leg onto her abdomen area.

It appeared that the cuts were getting deeper as they rose up into her shorts, so I said reluctantly, "Annie, I'm afraid, if you want me to continue, I'm going to have to pull down your shorts some to get to the scrape. If you want to see a nurse, I understand, just say so and I'll quit." "O God, Ben, "In for a penny, in for a pound, huh?" O go ahead and do what ever you have to do," she said giving in to the inevitable. I started to slide them down but stopped and added, "You can use your hand to try and block the view a little." "O geez, this is embarrassing," she sighed as she moved her hand down to her crotch and placed it over the area.

I exposed the scraped area to my wound cleaning process and other than a couple of times when my hand hit her hand covering the scrape, I finished with not too much of a incident. I was relieved when I announced that I thought that I had removed all of the dirt from her scrapes and had disinfected everything with peroxide. She sat up slowly and looked at me right in the eye for a second. Then she started laughing from embarrassment. As she laughed, the tears started flowing down her cheeks and I put my arms around her shoulders and drew her in for a gentle hug.

The tears started coming down in torrents now from the release of all the tension that had been stifled for the last half hour. I let her cry and I just hugged her gently and stroke her curly red hair. She quit in due time and asked if I would see her home. I was more than ready to get her back and out of my responsibility. She said that she could walk and I was surprised that she could as well as she demonstrated. Walking her to the door of her dorm, I told her goodbye and started to leave.

She put her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug and said, "Thank you Ben, for taking care of my wounds in such a discrete manner. You handled yourself like a real gentleman and I appreciate it.

Good night," and turned and went into her dorm. I stopped by the coach's office and he was just leaving. I told him of the accident and I said that I think she will be okay but she might be sore tomorrow. I left for my apartment wondering how I managed to get into such situations.

That afternoon turned out to be the start of a very special relationship between us. As she often said, "After sharing such an intimate afternoon and not sharing anything but embarrassment, I guess we were meant to be friends." We started running together every night after classes, even when she was through training for cross country.

We shared that special bond of two people finding pleasure in the solitude of a mutual love of running. It was almost a feeling of euphoria as we would fly over the hills and dales of the countryside.

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We also got to know each other very well. She had her goals set to become a medical doctor, thus her heavy load in college.

After receiving her 4 year degree, she would apply to a medical school and after that, she would be receiver her training at a leading hospital somewhere. Anyway, that was her plan. But for right now, she was using her athletic scholarship to attend college and save her academic scholarship for medical school. She would still have to take out loans to stay alive though.

I of course told her of my plans and goals; not mentioning anything about my inheritance. To me, on the couple of times I mentioned it to people; it almost came across as if I was bragging or something, so I made a rule not to discuss it at all. We had made an arrangement where she would run to my apartment from her dorm on campus, with a change of clothes in her back sack, and we would run together from there out onto the country trails.

When we finished our run, we would stop back by my apartment, she would shower and change and I would drive her back to her dorm. It was totally on the up and up and neither of us thought anything about that relationship, neither of us until one evening when the entire relationship changed. It was an early December afternoon and a chilly wind was starting to blow out of the north.

We debated about running that day, but decided that we needed the thrill of to run. So we headed out from my apartment and started running towards the park and the mountain trail that afternoon. When we passed the spot where she had taken her fall that eventful day back in the fall, I remembered that we had discovered what had caused all of the scrapes on her body. She had literally straddled a small log in the swale and it chafed her entire front side from her knees to her cheek. We ran past the spot and were working our way off the protected trail when I felt the first of a series of sprinkles.

We speeded up our run as the sprinkles turned into a steady rain and then the rain turned into a downpour. We were getting soaked as we made the turn for my apartment but we had about four miles to go. The temperature started to drop as we hurried our pace even more.

We were almost blinded by the rain in our eyes and our hair became plastered to our faces. We were almost sprinting as we made the final turn to the apartment and we ran in and closed the door.

We were both shivering even after we had made our mad dash to the safety of the building and I directed Annie to go to the bathroom, get out of those soaking shorts and jersey and get into the shower to warm up. She readily complied and soon I heard the shower running and spraying down her body. I, in the meantime was starting to get a chill. I knocked at the bathroom door and waited for her to reply, but I heard nothing.

I slowly opened the door and tried to get her attention, but to no avail. By this time I was shivering I was so cold, so I swallowed hard, removed my running attire and walked towards the steaming shower. As I pulled back the shower curtain, I saw Annie with her head and shoulders under the shower.

She couldn't have heard me at all. Feeling the cold air hit her body, she froze as I climbed into the shower with her.

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The heat radiating from the hot water felt so good I wanted to get right in. She pulled her head out from the spray and said, "Ben?" I didn't say a word, but I walked up behind her and got some of the spray as it reflected off of her shoulders. "Ben is that you?" she asked again. "Annie, I'm so cold, I'm sorry but I just had to get into the shower to warm up," I said almost in a pleading way. "But, Ben…" she started to object, but stopped. I snuggled up to her tiny butt with my shivering body, put my arms around her waist and pulled her back into me.

Her warmness felt like heaven and I started to shake all over. "But what, Annie?" I asked nuzzling the crown of her head. She was silent for the longest time and then she said, "O that was my final, futile effort to discourage this from happening," she said turning around, "but as you can see, I'm giving up." She put her arms around my neck and went up on her tip toes and kissed me fully on the lips.

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I put my arms around her tiny waist and picked her up and returned her affection. My hand slipped down to her butt and grabbing on to it, I pulled her crotch into mine.

I could feel the hair tickling at my cock as it hardened and started making its presence known. She spread her legs around my waist and ground herself into me, rubbing her pussy directly into my cock. All the while, she was kissing me with opened mouth and seeking out my tongue with hers.


I was rock hard by this time with my raging hard cock placed right up her ass crack. She pulled herself up until she had reached the head of it and then she placed it right at her opening. I reached down with both hands to cradle her by the knees and then let her ride down upon my pole. Slowly at first, she allowed herself to be lowered until the head of my cock pried open her vagina.

Her head rolled back and her eyes closed as she gently went down on my erection. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out until it was buried deep within the hole. I felt the walls stretch wide to allow the intrusion but when I hit her cervix she let out a loud groan as she started to grind her hips into my crotch. She began riding my pole up and down as I thrust it deep into her womb. With every thrust, she would let out a little cry as she quickened her pace of urgency.

I was losing my balance from the stimulus and her position in front of me so I backed her onto the shower wall. Finally feeling secure in the fact that I wasn't about to fall with her, I began ramming my cock into her with purpose now.

Over and over, I was literally throwing her down on to my intruder and she was accepting it with all she had.

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Then she screamed at the top of her lungs and continued to impale herself upon my raging cock. We both started to orgasm at about the same time as we went at each other like two dogs in heat.

But as it started to subside, she let her head fall down on my chest as I started to deflate and eventually fell out of her. I was spent as I let go of her knees and her feet fell to the floor.


She let the water flow over her body once again as her eyes remained closed. After a few moments of silence, I tried to speak but I didn't know what to say.

I looked down at her.

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She opened her eyes and smiled up at me. I said to her, "I'm warm now," and laughed. She said, "That's good. I'd hate to think that after that you were still cold. Well, as an after thought, maybe if you were still cold, we could do it again," she said with a wry grin on her face. "I was just kidding," she said in an embarrassing tone. I reached over and sprayed the water down to her crotch and then after I had cleaned her up a little, I turned off the shower, scooped her up and carried her to my bedroom.

I finally told her, "I'm not." "You're not what?" she asked. "Not kidding," I answered as I lay down beside her naked body. "I'm not kidding in the least little bit," as I bent my head towards to small little breast. She recoiled from my presence at her tiny mounds. She slyly said, "O Ben, there's not much to see down there. My boy friend in high school didn't even go there." "I'm not your high school boyfriend Annie and I want to see and stimulate you there.

Now just lay back and enjoy," I said with confidence. As I gazed down to her breasts, I realized that she was right, there wasn't much to see down there, but what there was there was going to get my fullest attention. I moved my hand over the small swollen flesh and gently brushed her nipple. This sent a chill through her as she closed her eyes and bit the side of her lower lip. I circled my touch around and around, touching the hardening nipple with each circle. I slowly lowered my face down and flicked at her nipple briefly and then repeated it so she knew that I was there.

She reacted by cooing and wiggling her chest area. I continued to stimulate both nipples teasingly and then taking in between my lips, sucked down hard on one and her sigh turned into a gasp, then a loud moan. "O my God, Ben, that feels so good," she encouraged me onward. I had no thoughts of anything else but to continue. I was massaging her two breasts orally as I licked and sucked my way around them, occasionally biting tenderly on her nipples.

They were standing straight up by this point and she arching her back, begging me to continue. I slowly descended from the nipples and licked my way down to her tummy. Her reaction to this new stimulus was immediate and dramatic. She convulsed her tight muscles around her belly button as my tongue found its entrance and probed its depths. This caused her to pull away from the intrusion as a loud gasp escaped from her lips.

I spent just a little more time there and then proceeded downward to her abdomen. Licking her lower area, just above her pubic zone, I teased her with my tongue and lips, licking and sucking softly.

She was straining subconsciously in anticipation of my final assault. I had to tease her just a little more, so I moved down to her inner thighs. She fought off the urge to grab my ears and jam my face down to the area she wanted stimulated but merely held my head down between her legs and allowed me to excite her at my own pace.

I licked up each soft thigh, stopping tantalizingly close but just short of her quivering treasure spot. Then I could tease her no more, so I eased my tongue down between her thighs and gently, ever so slightly flicked at her firm labia lips that concealed her opening. She threw her hips wildly up into my tongue as she yelled out to me, "YES, BEN. O GOD, YES!" She spread her legs apart as far as she could manage and then, bending her knees, she brought her pussy to bear with the excitement that I had been trying to build for all this time.

I separated her lips with my tongue as I sought out her nubbin high up her canal. She exploded when I found it and recoiled then jammed her aching crotch back into my oral assault trying to reach for that emotional release that she craved.

I was not about to let her off so easily as I brought my hand up to her pussy and tenderly inserted a middle finger into her opening. Then I curled it upwards in search of that rough spot and soon I was massaging her G-spot with my finger and rubbing her clit with my thumb. Meanwhile she was building up to one gigantic orgasmic explosion. I did not want to miss out on the fun, so, leaving my manual stimulation behind, I mounted her between her waiting legs and prepared to impale her once again with my rock hard cock.

I slid it in to her wet vagina and it opened up to me as if it was begging me to enter. I had no trouble bottoming out into her cervix and started my now urgent, repetitive thrusts in and out. She was humping my cock wildly as she slammed her clitoris into my pubic bone with each penetration, bringing her closer and closer to release. I was almost ready to blow when she stopped her thrusting and held her breath in a last second effort to build it before her release and then she flooded my groin with juices as the pent up emotions flowed out through her pussy.

I felt my own explosion rip through her pulsating vagina as rope after rope of my hot sperm splattered onto her walls adding to the already thick lubrication.

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She was wildly bucking her hips with both heels jammed into the bed and her head thrashing from side to side. She was biting her lip as a low guttural sound erupted from deep within her lungs. Then she let it all out with one last moment of uncontrollable action and sound that caused the windows to shake. Finally, we both collapsed into a heap of sweat and bodily fluids that oozed out and all over the bed and its occupants.

Slumber was necessary and welcome. I awoke alone in my bed. I faintly heard the shower running and glanced at my watch. It said 8:15. I jumped out, wide awake now, and walked to the bathroom. I tried the door and it was unlocked. I entered and saw Annie's silhouette behind the shower curtain. I said out loud so she could hear me, "Annie, do you mind me getting in the shower with you? I'll be good this time, I promise." "I thought you were pretty good the first time," she answered with a chuckle in her voice.

"Come on in, I'm just about to get out anyway." Pulling back the curtain and stepping into the tub, I caught a glimpse of Annie as the water cascaded down over her trim body. She caught me staring and kind of got an embarrassed smile on her face as she looked down. Then she approached me with a slight hug and a kiss and got out of the tub.

I quickly got all of the dried juices off of me and stepped out also, but she had already gone back to the bedroom. I grabbed a towel and as I made my way into the room, Annie was just zipping up the pants that she brought over to wear back to the dorm. She glanced in my direction, but turned her attention away from my naked body. "Do you want to grab a bite to eat before heading back to your place?" I offered. "Sounds good," she answered. I got dressed quickly, grabbed my keys and led her out to the car as we made our way over to the restaurant.

She was awfully quiet as if she was in a world of her own. I wondered if she was having second thoughts about what happened this afternoon. We were sitting in a booth after ordering, when she suddenly broached the subject. "Ben today was wonderful. It was inevitable I guess; I could feel the desire building within me, anyway, for a long time. But I knew that I would feel this way and should have backed off from it immediately.

Ben, I could love you very easily, in fact, I think I'm in love as we speak. But I can't get involved with you or anyone now. I've got my entire life planned out and I'm just starting that plan. If I get sidetracked, well, I can just kiss that plan goodbye. I can't allow myself to fall for you or any guy just yet.

Do you understand?" I thought for a moment and then smiled and continued the conversation. "Annie yes I do understand and agree with you. You have your life in front of you and I have my life also. I'm going to be graduating this year and then moving out to California, hopefully, and then entering a MBA school. I frankly don't have the time to mentally give to a relationship. I mean, if I could and allowed myself to spend the necessary time to make a relationship work, my God, Annie, I'd be there in a second for you.

But right now, I don't." We sat there not speaking for a few moments. She looked up with tears brimming at the lids and asked, "Now what? I can't be your "once in awhile" lover, just in it for the sex, that's not me.

But I never thought I could be a "one night stand" either. Ben, I loved what happened tonight. I want it to continue more than anything, but I can't see how, can you?" "Damn timing," I muttered. Try as I might, I couldn't come up with a way and slowly had to agree with her. "We can still run together can't we?" I asked. "O sure, Ben, I mean, I don't want to never see you again, it's just that I don't think I should come over to your apartment afterwards anymore.

You know the showering and changing thing, it could be a little too tempting." We agreed, we ate our dinner and drove back to her dorm. We continued to run every night until the end of the term. I didn't hug her or kiss her or show her any outward affection of any kind. We became buddies again, for now.