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You can watch while I fuck a black stranger
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"Marie Curie said that scientists believe in things, not people," croaked Mrs. Carter (my chemistry teacher) from the front of the classroom. It was a wonder that Mrs. Carter was still teaching. She was the oldest teacher I had ever had the misfortune to know. She was a small, frail woman, with skin that sagged and wrinkled like old leather. However, she made up for any shortcomings in stature with a bitter personality and vindictive punishments.

She was well into her seventies and had been teaching at my high school since it had opened in 1974. One of my coaches, who had attended our high school when he was a teenager, said that Mrs. Carter had taught him Chemistry. "Science is the key to the future and it is vital that you young people grasp every aspect of it. Too often youth today are absorbed in things like reality TV and social media. The problem is that you lack focus!" hissed Mrs.

Carter, as she waived a ruler around maniacally. Oh, I was focused all right, but not on Chemistry. How could I be when the hottest girl in school was a few feet away? Jennifer Thompson seemed too gorgeous to be in high school. Her long, golden-blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and halfway down her back.

She had perfect skin, soft pink lips, and striking green eyes that had a captivating power. She fidgeted in her seat, obviously not too interested in Chemistry either, and arched her shoulders back in an effort to stretch them. This pushed her large, C-cup breasts forward into her light blue blouse. The blouse seemed as if it would burst at any moment! Jennifer was an all-around great girl. Aside from having a gorgeous face and the figure a model would envy, she was one of the kindest people I knew.

We were both 17 years old and juniors. She was the head cheerleader at our school and a member of the honor roll, as was I. Needless to say we shared many advanced classes, including Chemistry. The only saving grace of Mrs. Carter's Chemistry class was that Jennifer was my lab partner.

I found my eyes drawn to her perfect ass and long, tan legs. She was wearing some tight, short-shorts that displayed this feature even more. Jennifer was tall, roughly 5 foot 8 inches, and my mouth was watering as I surveyed her legs, which seemed to go on forever.

Jennifer turned her head and her eyes met mine. I was a little on the shy side and started blushing. Jennifer just flashed a beautiful smile with her straight, white teeth.

We were good friends and talked quite a bit, but I was still nervous around someone as beautiful as her. My cock had been growing harder by the second and I crossed my legs in a feeble effort to conceal it. Jennifer's eyes held me in some kind of trance, until the loud THWACK of a ruler across my desk brought me back to reality.

"Busy daydreaming, I see. You know Chris, if you paid half as much attention to Chemistry as you did to your little girlfriend, you'd win a damn Nobel Prize! I may just have to let Coach Douglas know about your lack of discipline," barked Mrs. Carter. I shot her one of those "I want to kill you" type of glares, at that remark. Basketball was the sport I loved and I was great at it.

I'd been on the varsity team since I was a freshman and was always committed. I was around 6 foot 2 inches and was always committed. Basketball came to me naturally and I had already received several scholarship offers.

Coach Douglas, the varsity coach, had talked regularly with me about being a leader and about making a run for the state championship. The problem was that Mrs. Carter used whatever was important you as a threat.

If you were the class genius, she threatened to fail you. If you were a jock, she threatened to report you to your coach. She used the same tactic for a variety of students, like artists, cheerleaders, goth kids, and numerous others. "Well? What do you have to say for yourself, Chris?" demanded Mrs. Carter. "Sorry.

It won't happen again." I murmured. I had long since realized that arguing with Mrs. Carter was a waste of time. "I'm sure it won't." said Mrs.

Carter, in a patronizing tone. Mrs. Carter went back to front of the room and resumed her lecture. I just sulked in my desk, with a bitter expression on my face. I turned for a second and caught Jennifer looking at me. She looked sympathetic and offered me her most reassuring smile. Suddenly, I felt quite a bit better.

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The rest of Chemistry was uneventful and the bell couldn't have rung fast enough. Chemistry was my last class of the day, and it being Friday, the bell signaled the beginning of a fun weekend. I grabbed my stuff quickly and out of that classroom like a shot, eager to go have some fun. I knew my friend, Todd, had some beers and I was trying to convince him to throw a party while his parents were on a vacation.

I hustled out into the main corridor and began heading toward the doors that opened up to the student parking lot, where old Ford F-150 truck was parked. I opened the doors and had just stepped outside when I heard a familiar voice. "Hi Chris" I turned to my left and was greeted by the awesome surprise of Jennifer.

She had her friendliest smile on and looked desirable as ever standing there. "Oh.hey!" I stammered, trying to conceal how nervous I was. I think Jennifer saw through it immediately, based on how she giggled. "I wanted to talk to you in Chemistry, but you got out of there so fast.

Do you remember the test we have on Monday?" asked Jennifer. "Yeah, I remember. I'm a little nervous about it, actually," I said, laughing. "Me too. Do you want to come over Saturday and study for it?" asked Jennifer. I was so stunned that I froze for a second.

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I had always had a big crush on Jennifer and this was like my dream being realized. "I'd love to," I said, brimming with enthusiasm. "Great," said Jennifer, "Here's my address." She handed me a slip of paper with her address written on it in graceful cursive.

"Bye Chris," said Jennifer, as she turned and walked away. "See you Saturday," I responded. I was transfixed, for a moment, by the sight of Jennifer's hips swaying from side to side with each step. Now I was really excited for the weekend and for once, excited to study. I drove back my house and texted Todd, who unfortunately had to work and couldn't throw a party. It left me with nothing to do, but that was okay. I still had going to Jennifer's house to look forward to.

Saturday couldn't have come fast enough for me. I woke up and looked at my alarm clock beside my bed. It was only 11:00 a.m.

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and I was supposed to head to Jennifer's till around 2:00 p.m. I went downstairs to get some breakfast and found a note on the kitchen counter. It read: Dear Chris, Your father and I have to deal with a client down at the law firm.

It could take a while, but we should be back by eight. Stay out of trouble. Love, Mom This wasn't anything new. Running their own law firm meant that sometimes my parents had to work on the weekends, but that was fine. It gave me plenty of time to myself. I got myself a bowl of cereal and found a college football game to watch. I passed the time this way, until it was time to go to Jennifer's. I put on a nice shirt and some jeans.

I also shaved and made sure to comb my hair. I had never thought of myself as particularly attractive. I was Caucasian, with light brown hair and considered myself pretty average as far as appearances go. I began to wonder if Jennifer was attracted to me.

She was friendly to me and it did seem like she was waiting for me near the parking lot, but that still wasn't necessarily confirmation. I quickly hopped in my truck and took off. Jennifer's address with a couple miles away, but not too far.

I pulled up to a red brick house, with a well-kept lawn and garden. I got out of my truck and made sure the address matched the one Jennifer had given me, before walking up to the front door.

I rang the doorbell and waited nervously, with my Chemistry textbook in hand. Jennifer opened the door wide and smiled at me. "Hi Chris. It's good to see you," said Jennifer cheerfully. "It's good to see you to," I returned. Jennifer looked absolutely stunning. Her long, blonde hair hung over her shoulders and shimmered in the bright, afternoon sunlight.

She had on a light pink T-shirt, but I still easily make out her large breasts. She had on another pair of short-shorts that displayed her gorgeous legs perfectly and I could feel my cock starting to come to life. "Well, lets get to it," said Jennifer, motioning me inside, "My parents aren't home, so we shouldn't have any distractions. I walked inside and closed the door behind me.

My eyes scanned the house. It was a typical American household. It was clean and spacious, with rugs adorning the floors and family photos adorning the walls. Jennifer motioned me over the large, leather couch in their living room. I placed my textbook on the coffee table in front of it and sat down. Jennifer already had her textbook on the table and she immediately sat down next to me.

We started to go over the information from the chapter on atomic structure. Jennifer did most of the talking, while I struggled to stay on task.

I couldn't really concentrate with Jennifer curled up next to me. She was actually pressed up against me, which had already gotten me to a full erection. Jennifer paused for a second.

I think she sensed my mind was elsewhere. "Are you okay?" she asked. "You seem distracted." "Uh…kind of," I said, concerned she could see my erection through my jeans.

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"Do you want to kiss me?" she asked, smiling. Okay, now that was shocking. I was so surprised that I couldn't muster a response. I sat there for a second, with my eyes wide and tried to discern if I had really heard what I thought I had, or if I had imagined it. "Do you want me to kiss you?" I asked, having finally gained control of my thoughts.

"Yes, I do. I've wanted to do this for a long time," she replied. Jennifer and I leaned forward and pressed our lips together.


I was in heaven, as I smoothed Jennifer's beautiful hair behind her ear. I was really surprised when I felt Jennifer's tongue enter my mouth, but I immediately returned the favor. What had started out as an innocent kiss, quickly progressed into the hottest make-out session I'd ever been a part of.

I felt Jennifer's tongue enter my mouth and our tongues began to duel back and forth. Our lips melted together into a slippery, wet, erotic kiss. We kissed with intense passion, until Jennifer suddenly pulled back. "Something wrong?" I asked, slightly nervous. "No, nothing's wrong. I've actually never been better. I've always really liked you and this a dream come true for me," said Jennifer, all smiles.

"I feel the same way. I just wish it hadn't taken us this long to move on it," I replied. "I know what you mean," said Jennifer quietly, leaning in for another kiss. Our lips pressed together and I was stunned when I felt Jennifer grab my shaft through my jeans.

Jennifer's beautiful green eyes met mine and offered a reassuring look. Feeling emboldened, I reached my hand forward and start to feel Jennifer's large, succulent breasts.

I could hear her moaning softly through our kiss, as my hands massaged her breasts. I had my suspicions, but I now confirmed that she wasn't wearing a bra and it only turned me on more. Jennifer pulled back for a second, and at first I wasn't sure what she was doing. I was overjoyed to see her grab the hem of her t-shirt and pull it over her head. Being a teenage boy, I had seen quite a few pairs of tits. I had seen some it parties, some from old girlfriends, and some centerfolds here and there.

However, none were as perfect as Jennifer's. Her large, juicy tits jutted out from her body like melons. Not only were they large, they were perfectly formed and sag-free. Her nipples were about the size of a quarter and I could see they were already hard. "I know this is fast," said Jennifer, settling into my lap, "but I really do care about you and I want to make you happy." At those words, I felt her start to undue the belt on my jeans.

The full realization of what was about to happen hit me and it took all my self-control not to shoot my load all over my boxers. Jennifer had worked my belt off quickly and had my jeans pulled down to my ankles. I was sitting on the couch, as she kneeled in front of me.

She grabbed my boxers and pulled them down, releasing my cock.

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All 8 inches of my cock stood at full attention. Jennifer's eyes widened a bit at the sight of it. I had always had a large cock and it was something people joked about in the locker room. Needless to say, it paid dividends when it came to girls. Jennifer licked her pink lips and put her hands on my thighs.


She moved her head down and I let out a groan as her mouth closed around my cock. Jennifer didn't waste any time as she immediately began to suck.

Her tongue swirled around my cock and threatened to make me cum. I gritted my teeth and ran my hands through her golden hair. Jennifer quickly began to pick up the pace. Her thrusts became more frantic as her head bobbed up and down. It felt like my cock was in a warm, slippery vacuum cleaner and Jennifer continued sucking.

I had felt it building for a long time and I knew I couldn't hold off cumming any longer. Jennifer could feel it coming to, as she removed my cock. I moaned in pure satisfaction as I came. I shot a load all over Jennifer's perfect tits and a second on her gorgeous face. Jennifer smiled as cum ran down her sweet face. There was a little in her hair and quite a bit around her lips. Her green eyes sparkled with cum caught in her long, elegant eyelashes.

"That was amazing, but I think I should repay the favor, " I said, feeling confident. "Sounds good to me," replied Jennifer, giggling. I instructed Jennifer to lie down on the couch. She knew exactly what to do as she removed her shorts.

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She had sexy, red panties on and her legs looked better than ever. I slid her panties off, revealing her perfect pussy. Like every other of Jennifer's features, her pussy was unbelievable. It was completely shaven, almost resembling a tulip that hadn't blossomed yet. Her labia lips were long and I could see that dazzling clitoral pink.

Jennifer's chest was heaving as I lowered my face down to her pussy. It's aroma was intoxicating and I could her Jennifer gasp as I slid my tongue into her slit. I slid my tongue all the way into Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer's sweet juices filled my mouth as I lapped away. Jennifer was writhing in lust and passion. I could feel her fingers digging into my scalp and I could hear her squealing as my tongue worked on her pussy.

Knowing it was particularly sensitive, I devoted special attention to her clitoris.

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I licked and nibbled that hard, little knob continuously, which sent Jennifer over the edge. She'd been building towards an orgasm and I could feel her body tensing up. She closed her thighs around my head, but it didn't stop me from my pussy onslaught.

Jennifer let out a scream of passion as her pussy exploded in orgasm. My mouth was filled with seemingly endless amounts of female cum. Jennifer lay back, gasping as I pulled my face back and wiped my mouth off.

"Oh god, that felt amazing!" gushed Jennifer. "Happy to do it," I chuckled. Jennifer glanced down at my cock, which was now back to full hardness. "Let's go all the way," she said, a mix of excitement and nervousness in her voice. "I'd love to, but just so you know, it's not my first time," I said.

I felt like if Jennifer and I were to have a relationship, I should tell her the truth. "Me neither, but it'll still be special. Don't worry about pregnancies, because I'm on the pill," replied Jennifer, with a dreamy expression.

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Jennifer reclined back and spread her legs wide. I got between her legs, ready to enter her in the missionary position. My cock hovered just about an inch above her pussy, as we looked into each other's eyes.

"Here we go," I said soothingly, as I thrust forward. Jennifer and I both let out moans of pleasure as I entered her pussy. Jennifer may not have been a virgin, but she sure felt like it. The walls of her hot, wet pussy clamped down onto my cock like a vice.

I could've died happy right there, inside the girl of my dreams. I began to thrust forward slowly at first, gradually picking up the pace. As the pace increased, so did Jennifer's screams. "Oh GOD! Oh GOD! Come on, FUCK ME, Please! Don't Stop, Don't Stop! Oh LORD, IT FEELS SO GOOOD!" screamed Jennifer. Perspiration built up on my brow as I continued to plow into Jennifer's sweltering-hot cunt. I brought my mouth down onto Jennifer's tits and began to suck on her nipple. This brought even more moans from Jennifer and pushed me onwards.

"OH, I'M GONNA CUM!!!!" squealed Jennifer. I wasn't far behind her. Despite her amazing blowjob, Jennifer already had me on the brink of another amazing orgasm. I could feel Jennifer's pussy tighten up as my cock began to shudder.

We both exploded into simultaneous orgasms, with the sound of our screams filling the house. I lay, impaled in Jennifer as the mixture of cum seeped out around my cock. Jennifer took my face in her hands and gave me a warm kiss. "That was amazing, Chris. It was better than I could've imagined it," said Jennifer sincerely. "I know. It was the same for me. I…I think I love you," I confessed.

"I love you too, Chris," said Jennifer as I brought her into a tender embrace. Jennifer and I stayed cuddled on the couch together for several hours. We talked about many things, like school, friends, and mostly about us.

I could've stayed in that moment forever, but I knew I had to get home. I redressed and helped Jennifer get the living room back into order. I kissed Jennifer goodbye and headed out with my belongings. The whole drive home, my thoughts were of Jennifer. When I got home, I decided to take a shower and clean myself up. After getting out of the shower, I found a new message from Jennifer. It read: Hey we should probably study again for the Chemistry test, especially since we didn't get any done today ;) Luv u!

I couldn't help but smile as I read that. I couldn't wait for tomorrow.