Me n my white bitch

Me n my white bitch
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Coach Krisby and I had sex a few more times after that, each time ending the same as before, with me wanting more and him pretending that nothing happened. I thought it was our dirty little secret, but one night, after the football players had gone and the Coach had used me as a human masturbation piece, I was alone in the locker room, cleaning myself up. "Hey." I jumped and turned around. It was Jamar, standing there looking at me with his arms crossed. "What are you still doing here?" he asked.

"Uh, cleaning up." He looked me up and down. "With your pants unbuttoned and your shirt halfway on?" I looked myself over. "I don't like to get my clothes dirty, so when nobody's here, I - " "Save it. I know what's going on." I swallowed hard.

"What are you talking about?" "Don't worry; your secret's safe with me." He sat on a locker room bench. I laughed nervously. "I don't know what you're talking about." "You and Coach Krisby." My mouth went cotton dry and I know my skin went pale. "It's okay. I'm not going to tell anybody." He looked me in my eyes.

"But you should stop messing with him." "Why?" "Why? Because what do you get out of it? He's not your boyfriend… is he?" "No." "And does he buy you things or give you money?" "No." "So, he's not your Sugar Daddy either." He paused. "Do you get off when he fucks you?" I hurriedly buttoned my shirt. "Yeah!" I didn't make eye contact.

"Hmm. Because he sucks your dick?" I was laughing nervously again. "No." "Oh, because you fuck him?" I moved the hair out of my eyes. "No." Jamar just stared at me. "Because you jerk yourself off?" I was hesitant for a moment. "Yeah." Jamar stood up. "I'm no expert on gay relationships, but I've dated a few girls before, so I'm just assuming you guys are alike. It seems to me that you're his boy toy." I looked up at him with a look of pure devastation.

"No, he's not using me. It's just sex." "To him, it's just sex. But not to you, and I can tell." I didn't speak. I didn't know what to say. "Hey, I'll give you a ride home." After that night, I never talked to Jamar again.


I saw him in passing, but that was it. I liked him as a person because he just came and gave me some advice. He genuinely wanted the best for me, but I had no idea why. Eventually, I told Coach Krisby no more. I couldn't take being used for his pleasures. After I finished speaking, he looked me in my eyes and laughed. I felt pure humiliation and I decided that it was best to try to forget about the past and press forward. Not long after football tryouts, it had floated around school that I was a raging faggot.

So of course, it wasn't a surprise that I was joked about and bullied every day and moment, especially when Jamar wasn't around. It just became easier to isolate myself. I lost crazy amounts of weight because I was skipping lunch. In high school I sat in the very first seat of the bus. I was also the last stop, so for forty- five seconds it was just me and the bus driver, Mr. Earl. Mr. Earl was always nice to me. He was an older Caucasian man about fifty or so and he had brown hair with white and gray hairs that highlighted it.

He wore a silver wedding band on his left hand and he always wore brown loafers. For forty-five minutes I had to endure teasing and random shit being thrown at me.

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But for the last few seconds of my ride, Mr. Earl would try to spark conversations and would even give me king-size candy bars or a variety of assorted snacks. But things changed when one day I was getting off of the bus and one of my candy bars dropped. I bent over to pick up the chocolate and I felt a big, strong hand rub across my ass. Not again!

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I threw down the candy and ran off the bus. I didn't stop running until my front door was locked and my back was pressed against its hard frame. For the next few fall months, I walked a little over five miles to and from school. Rain or shine, I did not care, as long as I was nowhere near Mr.

Earl. I could not be taken advantage of anymore and have my feelings crushed by another grown man. Then one day I stayed back for study hall in the library to study for my Earth Science test the following Monday. The aroma of the stale book pages filled the room. Kids with dust allergies were coughing and sneezing and the chaperone teachers, who got duped into doing this, patrolled the library.

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I chose a lonely round table in the back. I took out my Earth Science book and had begun to read when I got a visitor., "Is this seat taken?" I looked up, and to my surprise, I saw Scarlet Waters. Scarlet was a freshman like me and she was an African American female on the volleyball team. Today she had on a dark blue denim mini skirt, some leather over the knee boots, and a long-sleeved tee. I hadn't been spoken to by any of my peers in so long that I was speechless.

"Martin made me stay back for detention because I don't look presentable," she said as she sat down. She didn't introduce herself. She didn't have to; everybody knew who Scarlet was. "M-m-m-martin?" "Martin…Mr.

Martin, our principal. I refuse to put a title on his name. Anyway, what are you here for?" I lifted my book to show her the cover. "Studying," "Cool. You smart?" "Well, I guess. But then again, if I wasn't, would I tell you I wasn't?" She smiled. "You right, you right." I smiled and looked down at my book, but I could still feel her staring at me. "So you thehuh?" "The kid?" "Yeah, the one with AIDS?" My mouth dropped.

"Oh, I'm cool with it! Don't think I'm judging you or anything. I knew someone who died of AIDS last summer." My eyes got wide with the thought of the accusation. "But I'm over it now. Well, not really. You never get over - " "I don't have AIDS!" "Shhhh!" one of the teachers hushed us from about ten feet away.

Scarlet barked back at her, "Shhhh ya damn self! And keep ya shushing up dere and outta our conversation!" She gave the teacher a look and then looked back at me. "Whaddya mean you don't have AIDS? It's going all around school that somebody saw you and Gay Tommy having butthole pleasures in the gym, and - " She stopped talking when she saw my head drop, "I may be gay, but I'll never mess with a guy who calls himself Gay Tommy." Scarlet laughed. Gay Tommy was a skinny boy that was about five foot, two.

He was dark-skinned, and no matter the weather, he wore a V- neck shirt, skinny jeans, and flip flops. But he was different than me. I like being a guy, but I like men. He liked acting like he was a girl and liked men. Before he spoke, he would put on lip gloss… every time he wanted to talk. His lips were dripping wet all the time, and it was an embarrassment to gay men everywhere. "It's true what they say.


You can't believe everything you hear." We both laughed. For the next hour, I listened to Scarlet talk and occasionally cuss out a passing teacher when they shh'ed her for laughing too hard. At 4:45, all of the after-school activities were over and we both headed for the bus ramp. You would have thought I was King Kong and Scarlet was the skinny white lady. Everyone parted ways in the hallway to make room for us as if we were damned with the plague.

The rest of the school had exiled me to be the one everyone could joke, but Scarlet, she didn't participate in the taunts. For some reason she saw me as… me, not gay, but a human. "Well, I'm going to walk to the neighborhood across the street 'cause I drove." She looked at the peering eyes and then back at me.

"You want a ride?" I didn't want to overstep my boundaries, seeing as how I just met her, so I said, "No, I'm fine," "Okay." She grabbed my phone and put her in it "I don't trust these niggas," she looked at a short girl walking past, staring, "or bitches!

So call me if you ever… need to talk." I knew that was code for, call me if you ever need me to beat anybody up. Scarlet was cute, but everybody knew she could kick ass. I got on the bus, and the first person I saw was the bus driver, Mr. Earl. Oh, God, no. I turned to take Scarlet up on her offer and she was already out of sight. The sun was already starting to set and I knew I would be caught in the darkness if I started walking. This couldn't be possible. The daily bus drivers don't drive the activity busses!

I looked back at the older bus driver and he had a shocked look on his face as if he thought he'd never see me again. And then he smiled a little. I was frozen until a kid came up behind me and pushed me. "Move, faggot!" I sat in my designated seat behind the creepy, perverted bus driver.

I was so scared. Then I thought, He wouldn't touch me; he would lose his job. And in this economy, who could afford that? Before I knew it, I was asleep with my head against the window. When I woke up, the streetlights were shining brightly on me like spotlights and the sun was almost lost from the purple sky. I looked around, and I was the only one sitting in the green leather seats.

My palms and the bottoms of my feet were sweating. My heart began to beat fast when I realized we were in Chesapeake City Park, a little over three miles away from my house. We came to a complete stop under a tree and a street light in the back of the parking lot. When the engine stopped, so did my heart. I closed my eyes and listened to the leather and springs in the seat squeak as Mr.

Earl got up and stood and faced me. "You don't know how long I've waited for this," he said as if we had planned this as a date. He caressed my face, and every goosebump on my body rose and every hair pricked up. "Coach Krisby is my neighbor, and also a drunk. About a month ago, he came over and spilled a lot of delicious information." I opened my eyes and saw him sitting in the seat across from me.

"See, he never wanted to fuck a little boy. Oh, no! But even though he felt like pure shit after each time, he could not deny how good it felt. There was no way I was going to let my opportunity pass." He put his hand on my knee. "I've been checking you out, and you are one hot piece of ass." He stood up and started unbuckling his pants. "Now Krisby said you like it rough, but I'm going to treat you really good." Mr.

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Earl reached for my belt buckle and I flinched. "It's okay. I won't hurt you." I let him unbuckle my pants and I lifted my ass so he could pull my jeans and plaid boxers down.

He looked at my soft and small penis and smiled. "I know you're nervous, but I'm about to change all of that." He began to jerk me off and then he shoved all of me in his mouth. I was still soft, but his mouth was so warm. I had never had anyone put their mouth on me before, and the feeling I felt was unbelievable.

Within a couple bobs of his head, my once soft cock was now at a full seven-inch erection. I leaned back on the leather with the back of my head resting on the window. His right hand followed the path of his lips going up and down my shaft.

I could feel him wiggle his tongue around in my penis hole before withdrawing it back into his mouth to savor my taste. Looking up intently into my eyes, we both let out a sigh of satisfaction as I felt him moaning around my dick, swirling his tongue around my head as he sucked me in deeper.

"Oh fuck," I groaned, pushing my dick into the back of his throat. "I can't wait to stick this thing in your ass." Listen to me, talking dirty. My dirty words must have turned Earl on even more. He began bobbing his head up and down faster and faster. Reaching down with one hand, I grabbed a handful of salty brown hair and watched as his mustache seemed to make my cock disappear and reappear. I moaned my satisfaction and Earl stopped sucking and started jerking.

"You like that?" He sucked once. "Huh?" Another suck. "You ready for me to fuck that tight asshole?" I nodded and he lifted my legs above my head and put my knees in my chest. Then he bent down and kissed me. "I'm going to make this the happiest night of your life." I don't know why, but that turned me on. He stood up and I watched him spit on my asshole.

He slowly put his index finger in and out of my hole. "Ooh, that is tight!" He spat on my hole again, and after two tugs of his manhood, he placed it on top of my hole then he slowly put it in. "Does that hurt?" I just looked him in his eyes and licked my lips. He grabbed the back of my head and pumped in and out of me.

I grabbed at the seats moaning and groaning. He bent down and kissed me and licked my young lips. I could feel his thick mustache tickling my nose and upper lip. I grabbed my penis and began to pull at it with one hand and rub my balls with the other. He grabbed my legs, using them to aide him in forcing my hole wider and wider with his penis, and with each thrust his bottom lip trembled until he had an orgasm right inside my hole.

His whole face turned red with embarrassment. I just looked at him. I'm sure he was only inside me for five minutes. "I'm sorry, it's just… You are so cute, and I've wanted this for a very long time. But the night's not over." He pulled out of me and got on all fours in the other seat.

"It's your turn to fuck me." What? I had never been the fucker, always the fuckee. But I stood up and stared at this grown man with his face down and his ass up. "It's okay, take your time." I put my head at the entrance and he exhaled deeply. I put it in and let out a groan myself. Everything inside him was gripping my dick.


I fucked him vigorously, feeling the come he left inside me drip and spread in between my ass cheeks. I was enjoying every stroke, every thrust. I grabbed at his hips and sweat seemed to pour from the top of my head down my face until it drenched my shirt. I made all sort of crazy faces and I know I looked like a special ed kid enjoying his first time. Mr.

Earl reached his hand back and I could feel his rough fingertips reaching for my balls. Every time I went deep inside his ass, fingers danced on my naked ball sack. My toes gripped the inside of my shoes and I lay on his back, allowing his shirt to soak up my sweat as I reached my hand around and found his cock.

I began to beat his muscle and he moaned out really loud, "Ahhh! Oh, yes! Fuck!" I could feel him growing in my hand and I watched him grip the seat as he kept moaning out curse words.

His legs shook and the dip in his back got deeper. Finally, he let out an "Aaaaaauuuggh… shiiit!" He let lose an orgasm that scared the shit out of me.

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I lifted up off of his back and kept plowing his asshole while he pulled all of the come out of his dick. Watching the white goo drip off the seat and the wall, I felt my eruption coming. I lost my rhythm and just started pumping any kind of way 'til I exploded deep inside that man's ass.

I came so much that when I kept pushing in, come poured out. I removed myself and watched my come drip from his ass and down his balls. We cleaned up, and unlike Coach Krisby, he held me and we lay in the back seat of the bus. We talked and laughed and stared at the streetlight that shone so brightly on the two of us. Then Mr. Earl said, "I may be an old man, but I know I want you and need you in my life." I looked back at him. He continued, "I feel kind of childish saying this, but will you be my boyfriend?" I laughed.

"Yeah!" Then we kissed and continued talking. I liked Earl because he didn't want to just fuck, he liked to take me out, and some days, when his wife wasn't home, he let me stay over his house. Sometimes, for fun, he would sneak me into the guest bedroom when his old lady was asleep and we'd make love there. The suspense made it more exciting, so I didn't mind sneaking in a grown man's window. Then one day, after one of our afternoon rendezvous he said, "You know how Krisby told me about you?

Well, I've been talking a lot about you too, and I got some friends who would…you know… like to try you out." Try me out? As if I was a new car. I just looked at him.