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Submitted MILF Tittie Fuck Free Amateur Porn
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I have long been curious about sucking cock, but have never had the courage to do anything about it, however fate recently gave me the chance and here is how I took it with both hands. I recently went out cycling along the coast where I live, my route brought me down to a beach area, There were toilets in the car park, and feeling the call of nature I went in.

The toilets were quiet but I noticed that there was a hole in the wall between the 2 toilet cubicles (both of which were empty).

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I felt my excitement grow, I had heard about glory holes but had never seen one. I walked into one toilet and shut the door, the hole was at waist height and had a lot of graffiti written round it, boasting of cock sucking or advertising phone numbers.

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I felt my cock begin to stir with excitement, it felt dirty and forbidden to be looking at this obvious gay sex area. Then, I heard footsteps enter the toilets and go into the other cubicle!


I drew back from the hole and stood holding my breath, part excited part terrified&hellip. There was no sound coming from the next cubicle, so I leant forward to see what was happening.

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The guy was standing a little back from the hole but had his cock out and was slowly wanking it!! My own cock stiffened in response and I slowly pulled my cycle shorts down to reveal my semi erect member. He immediately stepped forward and put his hand through reaching for my cock, I gasped as he stroked it a couple of times, then he withdrew his hand and beckoned me towards the hole and advanced his now thickening cock in its place.

This was the moment of a 1000 fantasises for me, but here it was, real and in front of me. Without any further thought I dropped to my knees and licked his cock head. It was nothing like I had expected, his cock head was velvety soft but hot with the blood engorging it. I licked it again but the angle wasn't good and it was unsatisfying.

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I stood up and opened my cubicle door and softly knocked on his. He opened it and stood there with his lengthening cock in his hand and his trousers dropping to his knees. We didn't speak as I entered but he smiled at me and pushed me down onto my knees on the cold toilet floor and then offered his cock to my eager mouth.


I needed no further encouragement, I leant in and licked his cock head again, this time slowly swirling my tongue under the head savouring the texture and taste of this fantasy come true. I heard him grunt with satisfaction and felt his cock grow harder as I gave in to my Bi experience. I sucked and licked his cock deeper and as I did I could hear myself making little groans of sexual pleasure.

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It felt incredible! I was on my knees in some dirty toilet sucking another mans cock and I was loving the moment. He was clearly enjoying it and started to direct me in a whisper to lick his shaft then his balls then down under his balls. I obeyed his every instruction and he then started calling me a dirty little cocksucker and a cum slut, saying how I must love it up my ass and I was going to get it.

I just kept moaning and working his gorgeous cock. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to slap my face with it saying ask for my cum you little cockslut.

Then as if my day couldn't get any stranger, we heard someone else enter the toilet. We both froze and he stepped to block the hole with his body so I was hidden from view. The person then entered the other cubicle and my guy looked for a moment, then smiled down at me and pulled me onto his cock again. I didn't hesitate but started my depraved licking and sucking like the cocksucker I suddenly was. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the other guy watching me suck on this lovely cock and I didn't care.

Moments later, his face was replaced by a hard cock twitching in the opening! My guy stroked it ,but was now furiously fucking my face like it was a pussy (or an asshole) The other guy was clearly not satisfied as he withdrew his cock and knocked on the door.

My guy opened it and the other guy started to push in cock in hand. This was incredible here I was having my cocksucking fantasy with a guy in a toilet and now there were 2 hard cocks within inches of my face.

The first guy was now fucking me really hard in the mouth getting louder and dirtier and also stroking the other guys cock.

Suddenly he exploded into my mouth! I felt his cum spurt onto my tougue and deep into my throat it was fantastic, I have masturbated many times dreaming of the moment but the reality was so satisfying.

He groaned and pushed his cock in deeper as he spent himself in my eager cum stained little mouth, I swallowed his seed without thought, loving the salty creamy warmth of his emission. As he eased off he stepped back pulled up his clothes and simply went without a backward glance!!

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The other guy let him past then looked down at me and guided his very hard cock into my by now bruised but still eager lips. I didn't hesitate but went straight to work on this bigger and better beauty that needed my attention.

He was much more sensual, stroking my head and murmuring pleasure words as I pleased him, he was already leaking pre cum and it was on my lips and face as I licked down his shaft and tongued his shaved heavy sack. He was groaning and pushed my head lower to lick underneath lifting a leg so I could flick my tongue right up to his sexy asshole, his groans of pleasure let me know how much I was turning him on, his hand was working his cock as I licked him.

Then, he pulled me back so my mouth was once again wrapped round his member, with that he gave a final groan of pleasure and also shot his creamy cum into my eager waiting mouth. This time it was too much for me and I felt my own cock explode in my shorts in wave after wave of orgasm. He let me swallow his cum and nuzzle his cock, slowly licking the drips of cum until he was spent out.

With that he also dressed himself and left, this time with a backward glance and a shy smile for my efforts. Fantasy had finally become reality I was a cocksucker…and loved it